DECEPTION (Episode 20 – 29)

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Episode 20&21

The day that my mother in law had walked in with a different woman who she claimed was to be my husband’s new wife, I did what any wife would do to protect her marriage. I had her looked into by the computer guys at work and the things that I found out shocked me.

Last night I got a report in my mails about her full description, I opened my phone again and read it to myself.

‘Chimuka Hamoonga, 24 years of age. Married at 23 to Mr Fednard Mpashi and divorced months later because of her promiscuous ways. Put out of home by her aunty for sleeping with her uncle, well known around kabwe for adultery.’

‘Hai.’ Justin said

‘There is a loop hole in this email babe.’ I told him as I continued to stare at the mail

Let it go.’ He told me

‘I can’t, why doesn’t it talk about her background. Where did she get the courage to behave the way that she did, how did she manage to convince your mother that she is genuine?’ I asked as I banged my head on the bedroom door

‘You will hurt yourself Feli.’ Justin said as he pulled me away from the door

‘I will get to the bottom of this Justin.’ I told him

‘No you will not.’ He said handing me some papers

‘What is this?’ I asked

‘Go through it.’ He told me

I went through the papers and had to go over them again if in fact I had to believe it.

‘How is this even possible?’ I asked as a tear escaped my eye

Justin came over to where I was standing and held me really close.

‘Hush my baby.’ He said

‘This is just wrong, how can people be this cruel? What wrong did we do to them?’ I asked between sobs

‘We have dedicated our lives to the State, done everything possible to keep things running and the best they could do is betray us like this?’ I had continued

‘It’s us against the world my love.’ He told me as he patted my back

‘I can’t let this go, I need to confront them.’ I said firmly wiping my tears

‘It’s not worth it Felicia, it’s not.’ He tried talking me out

‘Nonsense Justin! Are you hearing yourself?’ I asked now angry

‘Felicia come down.’ He pleaded

‘You will not ask me to come down, these people are taking us for granted. They made you lie to me for I don’t know how long, put me on a very dangerous mission then they now send a w—e into my home? To destroy my marriage?’ I asked

‘Feli please.’ He said trying to hold my hand

‘No Justin this is outrageous, we are good people, and we have been good citizens. We do our jobs accordingly, never for once questioning the state or any of the decisions it has made but for them to do this to us?’ I said with fury

‘You need to come down if at all you want us to come up with a solution.’ He told me feeling defeated

‘Solution? And what do you suggest we do?’ I asked him

‘I am running late for work babe, can we talk later?’ he asked

‘Go and work for them, go and show yourself as a loyal worker when all they want is to ruin your marriage. Go on.’ I said sarcastically

He stood and gave me a deadly stare

‘You think I am not a victim in all this? You think I like the fact that the President and Vice President tried to use Chimuka to get to us? You think I am not hurt?’ he asked

I looked at him not sure if I should respond or not

‘Now listen to me Felicia and listen real good, if we have to wage war against the state we have to do it intelligently. You need to study your opponents, know their weaknesses, know what their next move is, and let them know about your plans but leave the final detail for the last touch. Surprise them and when they least expect it, attack.’ He said before banging the door behind him

I sat on the bed with a heavy heart, the President and his vice had sent Chimuka to destroy our marriage, but how did they know her. What exactly did they want from us? And now we had to pretend as if everything was fine.

I started removing the sheets from the bed with the last strength I had in me, to say that I was just hurt was an understatement. I wanted answers and the more I thought about it the more I ended up confused. It was going to be a long day and I worked as quickly as I could, two hours later I was done so I decided to head out to the mall because we were running out of groceries.

I got to Pick ‘n Pay at levy junction and grabbed the nearest basket, I was still lost in thoughts without realizing that Wane standing before me.

‘Felicia.’ She said casually

‘Yes ma’am.’ I responded faking a smile

‘Call me Wane, this is not the office.’ she told me jokingly

I just smiled without saying a word

‘Oh my bad manners, meet my eldest son Samuel.’

She said when he finished talking on the phone

‘You are the beautiful Felicia.’ He said extending his hand

‘Yes I am Felicia,’ I responded avoiding the beautiful in his sentence.

He let out a chuckle before walking off.

‘Pardon his manners, gets them from his father.’ She told me

‘He will come around.’ I responded

‘What he needs is a strong and intelligent woman like you by his side.’ She said seriously

‘I am a married woman ma’am.’ I told her firmly

‘Not for too long Felicia, it was a bad idea for you and your husband to pick the same career.’ She responded seriously

‘What is that supposed to mean?’ I asked

‘I see you figured out about Chimuka, I knew you would, you are an intelligent lady.’ She told me with a smile that I could have easily snatched from her face

‘That’s it? I am a resource in all this? this is a game to you?’ I asked

‘Yes it is, I understand you have a life but I have no duty to them.’ She answered

‘I have come to understand that they can only be one winner and you and your husband can’t both be victorious.’ She told me

‘Well hurray for the straight talk.’ I answered sarcastically

‘Get ready Felicia, this is just the beginning of everything, you chose this life, now you must own up and live it.’ She said before walking away


I walked into the office with the hope of not running into the President but who was I kidding, I worked hand in hand with him so it’s a must that I would.

‘Mr Kunda.’ My secretary said handing me a cup of tea

‘No thank you.’ I said declining it

‘Sir you will have to take this.’ She said as if pushing

‘And is there a particular reason why I must?’ I asked her now with my full attention

‘Sir please.’ She pleaded still holding it out

I got the cup and gave it to one of my juniors

‘Thank you Sir.’ He responded before walking off

‘No.’ she said

‘Please come to my office.’ I told her

She trailed behind me and closed the door after getting in, I had become very good with technology so I immediately switched off all the monitors in my office.

‘You have a minute to explain yourself, more than that the IT guys will notice and they will be officers coming this way.’ I told her

‘The President gave me specific orders to make you the tea each morning.’ She began

‘And he also asked me to add this and if I don’t it will be the end of me and my family.’ She said handing me an empty sachet

‘I am switching on the monitors and you will pretend as if everything is fine and no one will hear about this. Are we clear?’ I asked her

‘Yes I am.’ She said in a frightened tone

I got the sachet and quickly put it in my pockets before switching on the monitors. I was curious to see what the contents of the sachet were but I knew I was walking a difficult path so I had to be as smart as possible. I buried my head in work and soon enough I was lost in my work.

At lunch break I decided to head home so that I could check on my wife because the state I left her in wasn’t pleasant enough. On my way out I removed the sachet and started reading the words.
‘Zoloft’, it read.

I had no idea what the drug was so I typed the words in Google and what it brought shocked me.

‘Zoloft; Used to treat major depressive disorders.
Common side effects include; diarrhoea, dizziness, drowsiness, dyspepsia, delayed ejaculation, decreased libido and ejaculation failure.’

The three last side effects got me thinking, how was it even possible that this had been done to me. Was the vasectomy really performed or maybe so much was hidden from me. I decided to call Felicia and tell her that I wouldn’t make it for lunch because I had something that I had to work on.

I drove straight to a private clinic that wasn’t listed in any government files because I wanted this to be as private as possible. One thing I hated about going to clinics without appointments and being treated like an ordinary person is that one had to wait in line for the doctors to attend to them.

I had carried some money with me because I didn’t want anything to appear on my credit card which would ruin my search for the truth. After a good period of twenty minutes on the line, the doctor was ready to see me.

I walked in and found a middle aged man looking so serious.

‘Please take a seat.’ He ordered without even looking at me

I sat in the chair just opposite him and waited for him to finish what he was doing.

‘Your card please.’ he said when he put his pen down

‘Here.’ I said when I handed it to him

He got it and entered something in his computer.

‘I would prefer you do it manually.’ I said

‘That will mean charging you more.’ He said as he lowered his glasses as if studying me

I got the five hundred kwacha notes I had in my pocket and put them on the table.

‘I cannot accept this.’ He said

‘For your discretion.’ I told him

‘Alright then we can start.’ He told me

I had dealt with men of his kind and I knew just where to press

‘Mr Kunda what is the problem?’ he asked

‘I need you to do a full body scan on me.’ I told him

‘That is a bit costly.’ He responded

‘How much are we talking about?’ I asked him without breaking eye contact

‘Okay, I guess we can start.’ He said after noticing that I wasn’t moved with anything he was saying

He asked me to roll up my sleeves and put the BP machine on my arm, afterwards he asked for my urine, my stool, saliva, then he did a scan for both my lungs and my kidneys. After that he told me to wait for an hour for him to process the results.

‘Can’t you wait till tomorrow for your results?’ he finally asked after thirty minutes of waiting

‘I paid a lot of money, more than what you make in a week.’ I said bluntly

‘Well under normal circumstances results only come out a day after.’ He began

‘These are not normal circumstances.’ I responded
He sighed and got back to his work

‘Can’t you at least go outside and allow me to do my work?’ he asked after minutes of fumbling with his instruments

‘Just do your job.’ I told him

After a while he told me that he was ready to give me the results.

‘Mr Kunda how long have you suffered from depression?’ he asked seriously

‘I do not have depression.’ I told him my worst fears being confirmed

‘Well what I have here shows otherwise, why have you been on drug abuse?’ he asked again

‘Listen here Mr, if I wanted a sermon or lecture this would have been the last place I would have come to. I came here because I need to know what is wrong with me.’ I told him as I stared deep into his eyes

‘Okay fine, from what I have found, there are huge traces of Zoloft in your system which is causing your sperm count to be very low. Do you have kids?’ he asked

I was really getting irritated so I didn’t respond

‘I guess the answer is a no, well that could be the reason.’ He told me as he wrote down some things

‘And the solution?’ I asked

‘Stay away from Zoloft.’ He said as he counted the money I had paid him

I stood up to leave but then stopped half way

‘What is that you were doing when I came in?’ I asked

‘Oh was typing a report on the newest drug we have discovered for our vet.’ He responded with pride

‘What is the drug about?’ I asked out of curiosity

‘Well they are cases when pet lovers want to buy a pet that is already of age and taking it to a new home is always difficult.’ He said

‘So what we do is inject the animal with this drug, it takes away a bit of their knowledge for them to easily adapt to their new home.’ He said

‘Like amnesia?’ I asked

‘Not really that, it will have memories about where it came from but a certain degree of knowledge is taken away.’ He answered

‘Do you have a pet Mr Kunda?’ he asked

‘I am just curious.’ I told him

‘And have you tried it on humans?’ I continued

‘Yes we have, I used my secretary as a specimen. Up to now she can’t remember that we had an affair, at least she is off my back.’ He told me

‘But won’t she regain her memory since it’s not completely amnesia.’ I asked

‘Well no.’ he said with a smile

‘Uhm.’ I answered with a raised eyebrow

‘Top secret, just a little too much of the drug takes away the last memory one had.’ He told me

‘Really?’ I asked trying to get as much information as possible

‘Poor girl last had sex with me she couldn’t remember who impregnated her.’ He said before laughing

‘That is mean.’ I told him

‘It is a mean world.’ He responded

‘Can I have some? Enough to cause damage maybe?’ I asked

‘For a good client, you can have them for free.’ He said

‘Thank you, lunch is on me.’ I told him

‘Next check-up lunch is on me.’ He told me before I walked out of his office

I went to the cafeteria and ordered for a meat pie and a cold fruit squash. I got the medicine and squeezed the whole tube in it. Afterwards I walked to the counter and gave the poor secretary to take the lunch to him with a note




Episode 22&23

I sat in the office with his Excellency as we watched Justin and his Secretary in his office through the big screen. We had put secret monitors in his office that he didn’t know about the minute we discovered how intelligent he was.

‘What do you think we should do now?’ his Excellency asked

‘It’s time to take her down.’ I said with a tear at the corner of my eye

I had followed Justin when he left work, I knew sooner or later the truth would come to light and the last thing I wanted was our plans to be ruined. I hated how he loved his wife, I hated how happy they were. They were both intelligent and had the best of life. At first it was just jealousy, but then it turned into envy and malice. I wanted to have what they had, my marriage was a sham, a façade. People saw me happy but in actual sense I was falling apart slowly.

I was obsessed with everything about them, I knew I could never have the President to myself so the best way was to destroy them. I had tried more than once to ruin their marriage but it seems no matter how many times I tried they always found a way of getting back together.

I sat in the car waiting for him to leave the clinic, I pulled on my black shades and black gloves. I had told my investigator to remain inside and tell me exactly what was happening. I got that call saying he had his results, I drove to his house to end what I had started.

Felicia opened her door immediately I knocked, more like she was expecting someone.

‘Ma’am.’ She said surprised

‘Is it wrong for me to visit you?’ I asked her

‘I am just surprised because you have never stepped foot in my yard.’ She said

I wasn’t in no mood to entertain her, so right there and then I cornered her with my gun and moved her to the next room knowing Justin would be in soon.

I drove out of the clinic like a maniac, I was upset for the manipulation, the humiliation of not holding a child of my own. I was upset for the fact that I had kept Felicia in the dark, I was upset because I thought I had a problem when in actual sense the state was killing me slowly.

I got home and straight away started looking for my wife.

‘Felicia!’ I called out like a mad man

‘Felicia’. I called out again.

‘Look at what we have here.’ Wane said when she appeared with a gun to Felicia’s head

I could see that Felicia was scared, she had eye bags under her eyes which showed that she had been crying for a long time.

‘Let her go Wane.’ I commanded

‘I can see this little toy doesn’t scare you.’ She said as she licked her gun

‘Seat!’ she ordered Felicia

She obliged and sat down as tears started streaming down her face.

‘You thought you were clever right, you thought you were going to come here and tell your wife how bad the state is? Tell her that we are evil people because we took away the only thing that would have completed you as a family?’ Wane asked

I looked at her as if calculating my words wisely

‘Answer me d–n it!’ she commanded with fury now

‘What exactly do you want from us?’ I finally managed to ask

‘Are you just stupid or pretending to be?’ she asked her gun still on Felicia’s head

‘Put that gun down Wane.’ I told her knowing I couldn’t reason with her

‘And you think if I put it down I won’t come back for her? For the both of you?’ she asked before laughing

‘Tell her now.’ She said again when I didn’t respond

‘Tell her what?’ I asked her

‘Tell her that you don’t love her, tell her that you used her to get into the system, tell her about the vasectomy!’ she ordered

‘The what?’ Felicia managed to speak out

‘Babe listen.’ I began

‘Oh please, just tell her the truth Justin.’ Wane ordered again

I kept quite without saying a word

‘Is it true?’ Felicia asked her voice in a low tone

‘Babe I can explain.’ I told her

‘There is nothing to explain, this man doesn’t love you. He never did.’ Wane said hysterically

She got some files and threw them at Felicia, if he is not willing to talk how about I show you how much of a loving husband he is.

She got the papers with her trembling hands and the tears couldn’t stop running.

‘Justin but why?’ she asked when she closed them

‘Why have you chosen to disgrace me in this way? Why have you chosen to add insult to injury?’ she asked again

‘Babe you know how the system is, I had to let go of one of my weaknesses if I had to work for them. I was young and ambitious, I was determined to make something out of my life.’ I said now settling into the nearest couch

‘And me? How do I fit into this equation? Is this true?’ she asked

‘I was told to bring down your cousin, the only way was to get close to you. But I swear baby I fell in love with you. I swear everything has been true.’ I told her softly

‘Take me down now, I am ready to meet my mother.’ Felicia said

‘Babe we can work this out.’ I pleaded

‘Now Wane.’ She ordered

Wane cocked her gun and pulled the trigger. The last thing I heard was a loud blast, the only thing I saw was blood everywhere. Some splashed on my face and I smelt it, fresh raw blood.

‘No!!’ I finally managed to scream as I moved towards where Felicia was, a darkness clouding me.



‘Babe.’ I screamed out as she looked at me with blood on her face

She looked as if she was in shock, I pulled her close and held her really tight.

‘I was scared, I thought I had lost you.’ I said with tears streaming down my eyes

‘We don’t have the whole day, Felicia clean up, and Justin help me with her body.’ Chimuka said as she handed me gloves

‘What are you doing here?’ Felicia finally managed to ask

‘I will explain later, now clean up and some guys will come to do a thorough clean up once we leave.’ She said as she wore her gloves

Felicia ran to the bathroom and cleaned up whilst we picked up Wane’s body and covered it in a black plastic bag and put it in a canter that was packed just behind my house.

The guys she mentioned earlier came and cleaned up, after thirty minutes the house was back to its normal state except I had questions and Felicia looked like she was about to lose her mind.

‘Without wasting much of your time, so you have my full names and you also know that I once worked for Wane and the President. They promised to give me a piece of my little haven if I managed to bring you down but I guess since I failed they won’t hesitate to end my life.’ She began

‘I have nothing to lose, I like you two. You are good people and if at all you die I want it to be a natural death and not because someone had a hand in it. I followed Wane since the day you kicked me out and when she came here I knew it wasn’t going to be good.’ She said before pausing

‘Aren’t you scared that someone might have found out? About this operation?’ I asked

‘Her private investigator is on a ship to Asia, I paid him really well.’ She said

‘And the money?’ I asked her

‘They had paid me in advance for the job, I figured I didn’t need it.’ She said

We all kept quiet without a word.

‘So Felicia you will remain here and be the good wife that you are, tomorrow you will go back for work and pretend that nothing happened.’ She told her

‘And me?’ I asked

‘Drink this.’ She said handing me a cup with some green fluid

‘What is this?’ I asked

‘Nothing dangerous, just a drug to get you sick to the stomach. You will drive back to the clinic you did the test from, am sure the doctor jolted down some things. Make him admit you and make him also call your secretary. No one will suspect you.’ She said

‘And you, this body?’ I asked

‘I will take care of it, just prepare yourself for a national mourning.’ She told me

I did as ordered, I gave Felicia the Sachet I had in my pockets and explained what the state had been doing to me all this while. I waited for Chimuka to drive out using the back yard and I drove back to the clinic where I met the doctor that didn’t even recognise me.

I called my secretary and explained to her that I wasn’t feeling okay and I had been put on bed rest at a certain clinic and wouldn’t return to the office until the next day.

I had made a lot of mistakes in my life and I was prepared to correct them even if it meant putting my life on the line. I drove to Wane’s street and parked just a few metres away from there. It was a high profile street and had a lot of security so I had to wait till night fall to dump her body.

At exactly 21hrs, I got out slowly and lowered her body on the ground with a note written with a stick in her blood that read; ‘Evil births Evil.’

I drove out into a secluded area where I had parked my car and set the canter on fire before driving off.

May 8th, 2015. 07:45hrs
The News

I was in my office hosting a meeting with a few dignitaries when I got a call from Wane’s husband. I clearly remembered her words on one afternoon after signing a big deal.

‘You know Mr President, if you ever receive a call from my husband; consider me dead.’ She had said

‘Oh please, I am dying earlier than you.’ I had told her as I stared into her beautiful eyes

‘No, I will die earlier than you. I have made quite a number of enemies and I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone took me down today.’ She continued

‘If anyone ever dares to lay a hand on you I swear I will bring down the whole country until I find them.’ I assured her as I clinched my hands into a fist

‘No Sir, if at all someone takes me down, that person would have been smart. They would have a good reason too. Remember I am not careless.’ She replied

‘I will still hunt them down.’ I assured her

‘Listen to me, if you dare try to find my killers it will be the end of you too. The person who would have guts to kill me would know so much about us.’ She said running her hand on my belly

‘I can’t imagine a life without you.’ I said kissing her forehead

‘Just promise me that you will honour that.’ She said looking straight into my eyes

‘Can we stop talking about death?’ I asked as I got on top of her

She laughed so hard…I could still hear her laugh, so sweet and vibrant, carefree and full of humour.

‘Mr President Will you take that?’ one of the men in the room asked disturbing me from my thoughts

‘Oh sure.’ I said as I stood up to answer from the bathroom

‘Mr Musoni.’ I said before clearing my voice

‘Mr President.’ He responded leaving an awkward silence between us

‘We found Wane’s body this morning…’

I did not let him finish his sentence, the phone dropped to the ground and a darkness clouded my mind. The last thing I heard was

‘Please rush him, Mr President please try to keep your eyes open.’….


My Secretary had just informed me about his Excellency’s short illness, state house was on fire and so was the entire office. I was one of his right hand men and I knew I had to be there with his family immediately he woke up. I went to pick up the first family and we drove to the hospital which had been assigned to his Excellency.

When we got there the doctors informed us that he was not in a stable condition and anything upsetting would get him worse.

‘Daddy’, His youngest daughter screamed

He didn’t say a word but a tear escaped from the corner of his eyes. He opened his arms and she ran to him and they cried together

‘I will protect you with my blood.’ He assured her

‘Get better for me daddy, I don’t want to lose you.’ The little girl cried

‘Hush my baby.’ The first lady said patting her back

‘Justin kindly take the kids outside.’ She told me
I obliged and led them out.

‘You have never fallen ill in the past 35 years that we have been married, never anything that made you look like this.’ I told him

‘Mevis I need to rest.’ He told me

‘Rest? Since when do you want to rest?’ I asked him not giving in to the anger that was anxious to pour out

‘Pass me my phone.’ He said in a low tone

I got his phone and entered his password, it was still Wane’s birthday. Afterwards I passed it to him

‘How did you know my password?’ He asked

I felt insulted, this is someone I had been married to for a long time and I knew much about him than he anticipated.

‘I can’t find a number.’ He said as he continued to swipe his screen

‘I deleted her number, and her husband’s.’ I told him

‘Who?’ He asked without even looking at me

‘Wane.’ I responded after clearing my throat

He looked at me with blood shot eyes, his mood instantly changing.

‘Why would you do that?’ He yelled

‘She is gone and you have to accept that, you will have to get better because the press is waiting for a statement. Justin will handle all the funeral proceedings, no need to keep his number.’ I told him

‘I want to handle everything.’ He responded

‘You will behave like the President should, you will not at all give the world a reason to question your actions.’ I told him

‘you will not cry in public or any of that nonsense, leave that to her husband. I will go out there and sign your release papers, it’s enough that you are running a rotten system we won’t waste more money by keeping someone who is healthy in here.’ I said that and walked away

I walked to the doctor’s office and requested that I sign the release papers, he was hesitant at first talking about how my husband is the President and needs to be in good health but I protested.

I found Justin and the kids in the cafeteria each one in their own world.

‘Ma’am.’ He began when I approached him

‘Don’t tell me you are also buying that nonsense.’ I said

‘I don’t get you.’ He responded

‘You are too intelligent to act dumb with me Justin, both you and I know he is not sick.’ I told him

He looked at me without saying a word, one of the things I liked about Justin is how much he calculated his words before speaking

‘Wane is dead.’ I told him bluntly

‘What? The vice president you mean?’ he asked with a straight face

‘Oh you haven’t heard?’ I asked him

‘Is that why the President is like that?’ he asked me

‘His lover is down, what do you expect.’ I told him plainly

‘His lover?’ he questioned

‘Wane and my husband had history, I am glad she is out of the way. Whoever took her down was very intelligent but I have my fears.’ I told him

‘What do you mean?’ he asked

‘My husband loved Wane, he will never be the same again without her much less without avenging her death.’ I responded sadly

When Wane’s husband told me about her death, I was heartbroken and it felt like a piece of me was escaping my body. At that moment I wanted everything to be a lie, to be a bad dream that I would eventually wake up from.

I walked out of my ward with my wife by my side, my special assistant who was just a bit higher in rank than Justin had informed us that they found Wane’s body in her street with a note that read ‘evil births evil’. We were also told that the killing was done by an expert because it led to no one but I wasn’t buying that until I was sure that it was indeed thugs or anything.

But what bothered me is that it was a murder case and there was no way it could be closed just like that, she was not an ordinary person to be forgotten just like that. The drive back to state house was quiet, nobody said a thing to anyone. Immediately we got there, I was directed to my office with certain representatives from a few media houses to be present as I made a live briefing.

I wasn’t strong enough because I felt like breaking down but I had to do this in order for the person who killed my Wane to get the message.

‘I wish I could say that it is a good day but it is not, a dark cloud has befallen us as a country and as a nation. We are sorry to announce that we have not only lost a vice president, but a mother, wife and friend. Mrs Wane Musoni was found dead yesterday and details about her death are yet to be confirmed. We also wish to inform the general public that we will not rest until the perpetrators are brought to book, it is our sincere apology to the Musoni family because we know that no one ever prepares themselves for bereavement. We will honour her memory by having a one week of national mourning, all works will be at a standstill and the national flags will be lowered. May her soul continue resting in peace.’ I said as tears streamed down my face


Episode 25&26

Six days later

I stood on the mirror not sure if I wanted to let go of Wane, it had been six days since her death and my life had shifted drastically from what it used to be to something I couldn’t even recognize.

‘Do you really have to be in black?’ my wife asked

‘Mevis leave me alone.’ I said softly taking in the image that I was staring into

I had aged, for the first time I questioned my f position as a president. So this was it? I was expected to just forget her and continue leading the nation? Was it worth it? Sacrificing my love and heart? But for what? A love that didn’t even last? A love that was felt and yet experienced behind closed doors? A forbidden love?

My mind drew me to the day she cornered me in a hotel room after we had a meeting with the French ambassador

‘Wane what are you doing? I had asked her

‘We need to talk, I can’t take this anymore.’ She told me as she held the door for me to go inside

I didn’t want people to notice anything so I walked in

‘Make this short, I have a country to run.’ I told her as I looked deep into her beautiful eyes

‘I still love you and I can’t take this anymore.’ She began without even facing me

I felt my heart torn in two, I felt joy take over my being at the same time. How is it possible to hate the only person that you love? She had picked a different man from me and that had tormented me but somehow I still longed that she felt me as much as I did her.

‘Are you going to say something?’ she asked

‘What do you want me to tell you? That I have loved you since the day you chose money over love? That I have loved you since the day you betrayed me? Is that what you want to hear?’ I had asked her

‘You know I did what was the best for us.’ She said kneeling before me

‘Wane I loved you, sacrificed my life for you. Whatever joy I found I gave it to you and you took away the man I was meant to be when you left.’ I told her reliving the pain and anguish

We got so lost in tears and the next thing I remember was her giving herself to me, it was the first time and it felt right. We were so engrossed in each other’s arms without realizing when my wife walked in. she was hurt, her heart torn beyond repair. I tried to stay away from Wane but when I just couldn’t, I allowed the emotions to take over.

She was not just a great lover but a good vice president too.

I let out the tears, pouring down as I hit on the mirror. It is my fault that she is dead I constantly screamed with each punch. I should have never allowed her to be Vice President. I shouldn’t have been this close to her, now I had to leave with the fact that she was gone and her murderer was somewhere living a happy life.

I got hold of myself and washed my hands that were now bleeding due to the glass I had been hitting.

The Presidential motorcade was already waiting outside when I walked out. One of the officers came and opened the door for me when I drew near.

‘Finally accepting defeat?’ Mevis said sarcastically

‘Don’t you have a heart?’ I asked her feeling the pain in my fists

‘Don’t be dramatic hubby, I lost my heart the day you chose her over me.’ She said causing the driver to look at us through his mirror

‘We will talk about this when we get home.’ I said as I turned to look at the other side

‘There is nothing to talk about, she’s gone. Even in death you want her to give me a headache.’ She said before clicking her tongue

Mass was being held to celebrate her life here on earth at Cathedral of the Holy Cross because she was a born and bred Catholic. It was already packed when we got there, we were led inside as the first family and we sat on the left side whilst on the right her family.

The casket was put just at the entrance of the door and the Priest began with the sprinkling of the coffin with holy water as a reminder of baptism and said, ‘With this water we call to mind Mrs Musoni’s baptism. As Christ went through the deep waters of death for us, so may he bring her to the fullness of resurrection and life with all the redeemed.’

A crucifix was carried by one of the alter boys then placed on the coffin.

‘The grace and peace of God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ be with you.’ The Priest said when he faced the congregation

‘And with your spirit.’ They responded

‘Let us pray.’ The Priest said

‘O God, whose mercies cannot be numbered, accept our prayers on behalf of your servant Mrs Musoni, and grant her an entrance into the land of light and joy, in the fellowship of your saints; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.’ He had continued

He went on and read some scriptures from John 14:1-6, reminding the congregation not to be troubled because the deceased was in a better place.

A short sermon was preached and personal remembrances of the Vice President by friends and family were offered. The priest concluded mass and him and his procession walked out of the church before sprinkling the Casket again with water and having it incensed. The sprinkling is a reminder that through baptism the person was marked for eternal life and incensation signifies respect for the body as the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Body viewing was done and we all drove to Memorial park which was her final resting place. That side a few prayers were offered and the casket was laid in the earth. As this was done I kept thinking of the many ways I would eliminate the person that took her from me. As I laid the wreaths I just asked for strength to be able to avenge her death.


I held my belly again not able to believe that I was finally going to hold my own child, I had been sick the last thirty days and I was convinced that it’s because I had witnessed Chimuka murder the vice president. I took a bold step the previous week and was told that I was five weeks up. Five months since my husband discovered that his tea had been drugged for I don’t know how long, five months since I started living in fear and along the way I guess the drug must have lost its strength because how then can you explain my being pregnant.

I kept debating if at all I should let Justin know or maybe keep it to myself, we had by all means avoided the President and I had finally resigned because I did not want anything to do with the state after all the secrets I had discovered along the way.

‘You have been lost in thought.’ I heard Justin say

‘Well hai, I did not hear you come in.’ I told him as I pulled on my Jersey

‘How are you feeling?’ he asked as he came to kiss my cheek

‘I am good thank you, how was work?’ I asked him

‘It was the same.’ He answered with a sadness

‘What exactly is happening to you?’ I asked him

Justin had been acting strange of late, despite the fact that we were trying to patch things up I knew that he was not the same. And I was really getting worried

‘It’s nothing baby, I don’t want to worry you.’ He told me

‘No babe tell me, you haven’t been yourself of late and that is enough reason for me to be worried.’ I responded

‘Well.’ He began

‘I am all ears.’ I answered

‘It’s the President babe.’ He said

I sighed, I dreaded anything to do with that man, and I didn’t want to hear anything concerning him. He had turned out to be the worst nightmare.

‘You see why I didn’t want to mention his name.’ he said lifting my chin

‘We better get it over with, sooner or later I will find out.’ I told him

‘He has been giving me a hard time, I don’t know what to do to please him.’ He responded

‘Babe, I think it is high time you let go of that job.’ I told him

‘Well I have been planning to talk to you about that.’ He answered

‘It is just the right thing to do, how long are you going to suffer under the mercy of that man. We have already seen enough.’ I told him when he lay his head on my laps

There was a silence between us, we were both in our own world, I guess what happened to the vice president was hard on the both of us.

‘Yes sir.’

‘Kindly come to my office.’ I said before dropping the phone

She walked in as soon as possible, she looked scared. I had instilled fear in almost everyone I worked with because Wane’s death had been hard to accept.

‘I have been calling Justin’s phones and they keep taking me straight to voice mail, I have not seen him in here. What the hell is happening around this place?’ I asked furiously

‘Sir I thought you read your mails.’ She responded
‘What do my mails have to do with his reporting for work?’ I asked pacing around my office

‘Mr Kunda resigned a week ago, I forwarded the emails.’ She told me

I got my laptop and entered the password, it was flooding with mails and it looked like a trash can. I went to my mails and there it was.

‘I am sorry to inform you Sir that I can no longer work with your office, it has been a great pleasure serving both you and the Country. I wish you and your office happiness in your future endeavours. Mr Kunda.’

I grabbed my laptop and threw it to the ground, causing it to crush.

‘Get out of my office!’ I ordered

She rushed out and I was fuming, I grabbed my phone and punched the one number that I had dreaded.

‘Well, well. What do we have here?’ the voice said at the end of the line

I kept quite not sure if I had made the right decision by dialling the number

‘I need your help.’ I said whilst panting

‘Of course you do, otherwise why would you be calling me?’ the voice asked

‘I need you to take two people down.’ I said

‘Who?’ he asked

‘Justin Kunda and Chimuka Hamoonga.’ I responded

‘You know how I do my work, I need to know why I am doing what I am doing.’ He said

‘I am just settling an old score.’ I responded

‘Don’t bullshit me, either you tell me or you can sort it out yourself.’ He said

‘The girl took out Wane.’ I responded

‘Wane? The late vice President?’ he asked

‘Yes.’ I answered

The man let out an evil laugh

‘I thought she was the smartest woman in your office, what happened?’ he asked

‘I don’t have to explain myself to you.’ I said the laugh piercing through my heart

He kept quite

‘Make it look like a murder case, burn them to ashes.’ I said

‘Wow, someone is becoming evil.’ He said

‘I don’t want anything to remain, but make sure to frame his wife; Felicia. I will send you everything you need.’ I said before hanging up the phone

I watched as Felicia slept, I wish she could find the courage to tell me about her pregnancy. But I had promised myself that I wasn’t going to push her, her gynaecologist had called me the day she did her test to inform me about the pregnancy. I had never been so happy in my life.

I was disturbed when I received a text from Chimuka asking me to meet her at Stay easy hotel room 04, she sounded like it was an urgent matter. I pecked Feli on the lips and locked up.

I was out partying when I got a text from Justin asking me to meet him at stay easy hotel room 04, I had not heard from him since we buried the vice president and I guessed it was urgent. I got on the first cab I saw and asked the driver to take me to stay easy hotel, I was there in 10minutes because I had been at Lusaka hotel where my friend was holding a bachelorette party.

I rushed to the room and found Justin inside pacing up and down with his hands in the pockets.

‘What is the problem?’ we both asked at the same time

‘Wait what are you talking about?’ I asked him
He removed his phone and showed me the text, I also removed mine and showed him the text. We looked at each and I knew that we had fallen into the lion’s den.

‘Call your wife now.’ I ordered him

He got his phone and it was not connecting.

‘Here try mine.’ I said handing him my phone

He tried it and it also took him straight to voice mail.

‘We need to get out of here.’ I told him

We were about to leave when the door opened.

‘Well look who we have here.’ The person said


‘Mrs. Kunda, can you once again tell us your relationship to the deceased before judgment is passed’, her Lordship asked me.

I looked at her with my blood shot eyes. I didn’t know what to say to her. I had exhausted all my energy and I didn’t have anything else to say. Either to the jury, the court or the Judge herself.

‘Mrs. Kunda, this is your last chance…any last words’, she asked again.

I stood up from my seat, I could feel all the eyes crawling on me. I could feel the hate and hurt, the pain, the hunger to kill me was intense. Justin’s mum was also in the court room, she came to bid farewell to her son’s surviving widow and coming here today was the only way to avenge her son.
‘You can start by telling us your relationship to Mr. Kunda and Ms. Hamonga, both in question are deceased.’

‘Thank you Mrs. Kunda, court adjoined to Friday.’ The Judge announced.

The guards led me to my cell and locked me up. In the three months I had been here, I had cried, prayed, talked to lawyers but all seemed in vain.

Two days from now my fate would be decided, I loved Justin so much I would never hurt him and I know he would never cheat on me. What was killing me was how he got in that bed with Chimuka, I had so many questions and it seemed to me that he had died with all the answers.

Justin’s parents had refused to bury his body until they saw to it that I was behind bars; two months of my husband’s body being in the morgue. Now here I am, alone in this cell and at this point am starting to believe that maybe I did kill him.
When the world is totally against you, even your inner voice sounds like a liar. Maybe I did murder him, or maybe am just going insane.

What do you do when the man you trusted is the one that kills your trust?
When the government you trust is the one that is rotten.
Who really killed Justin?

To be continued tomorrow. Love you guys ❤😘

Episode 27&28

‘What do you want from us?’ A scared Chimuka asked looking at the figure before us

Working for the office of the President I had prepared myself for so many things but never for once did I think that I would stare at death in the face.

The man was dark, darker than my worst night mares. He had scares across the face, scares that explained the kind of fibre he was made of.
I had heard of such men whilst in the service but never once had I met one, given a chance to retell my story I would say he was worser than the night Hallows.

‘You know, I am a man of a few words. I don’t explain myself to my victims much less make small talk with them.’ The killer began

‘But the two of you intrigue me, how exactly did you manage to kill the late vice president? He asked his gun pointing at Chimuka

There was silence in the room.

‘We can be here the whole day, I don’t mind spending the last few hours of your miserable lives with you.’ He said

‘I don’t regret ending her life, she was an evil woman and deserved everything that came her way.’ Chimuka said when she gathered strength

The man lifted his gun and pulled the trigger without even thinking twice.

I watched as she battled with her life, trying to grasp for some air but the bullet hit its intended spot and the killer knew just that.

‘Now you, what do you have to say about yourself?’ He asked me

I looked at him then my eyes shifted to Chimuka’s lifeless body, a young lady that had sacrificed her life just so Felicia could live. I wasn’t going to beg this maniac, he had killed a lot of people and seeing his victims beg is what gave him zeal to kill.
He didn’t care about anything or anyone.

‘You want to act tough?’ He asked without even looking at me.

‘I have served this country right, I have no words to tell you.’ I responded Felicia’s image filling up my mind.

‘Walk.’ He ordered

‘What?’ I asked

‘Walk.’ He said angrily

I stood up and opened the door, I was half way in the corridor when I felt a bullet hitting my side; I held it and noticed the blood. I turned around and he pulled the trigger again hitting my other side.
Just then I felt a weakness in my legs, memories rushing back as quickly as they had happened. I saw my wife dressed as a bride on our wedding, the moments we had been happy. I thought of my child who was on the way, was it going to be a girl? One who would turn out to be as beautiful and intelligent as her mother? Or maybe a boy, who would carry my wisdom? Calculating his words before speaking because he knows that words spit can never be swallowed again? I smiled as I breathed my last, my child would be safe with a mother like my Felicia………….

I woke up at around 23hours because I was feeling sick to the stomach, I rushed to the bathroom and threw up. I stayed on the toilet bowl for some time before getting up, I went to the sink and washed my mouth when it suddenly dawned on me that Justin wasn’t on his side of the bed when I woke up.

I went to the living room to check on him but he wasn’t there, every other room and still there was no sign of him. The doors were all locked and his phone wasn’t in the house either. I grabbed my handset and tried dialling his line but it took me straight to voice mail.

‘This is so unlike him.’ I thought to myself

Never in the years that we had been married had he ever gone out without a word and much less his phone going off. Nerves were getting a hold of me so I decided I should call Chimuka, a part of me was worried that maybe something was wrong somewhere. I tried her number once and it gave me the same response.

Tears filled up my eyes, I for one have instincts that have never failed me and at that moment I knew that something was wrong somewhere. I sat impatiently on the couch waiting for him to enter the house and tell me that he had just gone out or something. The minutes kept ticking, turning into hours, until night turned into morning and yet there was no sign of him neither was his phone on. As the first rays of light hit the curtain drapes, I quickly opened my doors and went to stand in the street because maybe he had fallen and there was no one to help him up but there was still no sign.

I must have dozed off after an hour because I was disturbed with the sound of my phone, I looked at the caller ID and it was Justin’s number. My heart skipped a beat and I was relieved that he was finally calling.

‘Baby.’ I said immediately I picked up

‘Mrs Kunda?’ the voice that wasn’t my husband’s said at the other end of the line

‘Where is my husband?’ I said firmly tears threatening to fall

‘Please come to stay easy hotel now room 04.’ The voice said before dropping the line

I was in a state of confusion, why would someone call me using my husband’s line and ask me to meet them at stay easy hotel. I called Lindile to meet me there and drove quickly, I switched on the radio and tuned in to Hot FM where Chi and Hope’s voices were on the air waves.

‘It’s really sad you know.’ Chi said

‘Yes it is, I wonder how the wife will react.’ Hope responded

‘I hear the cops have called her and she is on her way to the hotel.’ He responded

‘What I don’t understand is how the bodies caught fire, Stay easy hotel is fully secured.’ She told him

At that moment I must have lost it because I drove like a mad person, what exactly was happening?

‘God please spare my husband.’ I whispered slowly realizing there was a greater being than myself.

I got to the hotel and there were a lot of journalists and cops, I rushed to the entrance and I was stopped by some police officers who had put a yellow line.

‘Sorry ma’am but this is a restricted area.’ One of them told me

‘I was called to come here.’ I responded as calmly as I could

‘Show me your phone.’ He requested

I gave it to him and he dialled using Justin’s phone and it rang.

‘Follow me.’ He said

I walked quietly behind him, my worst fears being confirmed. We got on the elevator and got to the second floor. The corridor was full of police officers.

‘We need you to stay strong because only you can close this case.’ He said when we got to a room
He opened the door and what I saw shocked me, laying there was a man fully bent and on the other side was Chimuka who only had burns on her sides and the stomach.

‘Can you identify the lady?’ he asked

‘Yes, I knew her. She was brought in by my mother in law some time back.’ I said my eyes focussed on the clothes that were laying on the floor, Justin’s clothes.

‘Ma’am and the man?’ he asked

I looked at the image again then something caught my eye, his ring and the watch I had bought him on his 30th birthday.

‘No!!!!!’ I screamed as I held the burnt body

‘Baby please don’t do this to me.’ I cried shaking the man

Some officers came to pull me away as they got a black tent and wrapped him

‘Prepare the bodies for the mortuary.’ The officer said

Just then some ZAF officers walked in.

‘Leave everything as it is, we will take it from here.’ One of them said

‘Mrs Kunda you are under arrest for the murder of Mr Justin Kunda and Ms Chimuka Hamoonga, you have the right to remain silent because anything you say may and will be used against you in the caught of law.’ He said after turning towards me
I couldn’t believe my ears, how was it that I had killed my husband? They got the cuffs and put them on my arms as they led me to Central police.



It was a Friday morning and I was waiting for the guards to lead me to the court room where my case would finally be closed and judgement be passed. I got my rosary and knelt beside my bed with one hand on my belly, three months in this cell and I had not for once been sick despite being pregnant, he is indeed a faithful God.

I made a sign of the cross and said the apostles creed, one Hail Mary then poured out my heart
‘Lord, if you can hear me; if at all you have been present through it all, I need to let out some things. Lord I have been accused of a crime I did not commit, I have been shamed before society and my own family. My husband’s lifeless body lays in the morgue, his family have already crucified me in as much as I am concerned, his spirit is not in peace because of what is happening. Lord but I am not here to beg, I am not here to ask that you should vindicate me but instead I am here to thank you. Lord I am here to thank you for the life that you have given me, I thank you for the day I met my husband, Lord I thank you for the life we had together and most importantly I thank you for the seed growing in my womb. As I wait for my verdict, Lord whatever you have planned may it come to pass. Prepare me for this journey. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit as it was in the beginning, now and forever. Amen’ I made the sign of the cross and smiled

After some minutes the guards came to open my cell and told me that my lawyer wanted to see me before we went to the court room.

‘Mr Zulu.’ I said with a smile

‘You never cease to amaze me Felicia, you still have the strength to smile.’ He said as he offered me a sit

‘Thank you.’ I responded

We sat facing each other and I could notice the tension in his movements

‘What’s the worst that could happen?’ I finally asked breaking the silence between us

‘Death by hanging.’ He responded

‘And my child?’ I asked

‘They will wait for you to deliver if you are lucky, if not you will have an induced labour then the both of you will be killed.’ He said

I smiled

‘You will have to plead guilty.’ He said just as I had expected

‘Why?’ I asked not even moved

‘You will get fifty years minimum.’ He responded

‘Mr Zulu, look me in the eyes and tell me what you see.’ I told him not breaking eye contact

‘Felicia don’t do this to yourself, we have been through this.’ He said not even looking at me

‘You have finally become one of them?’ I asked with a smile

‘I have a family to feed, I couldn’t depend on the peanuts you were paying me.’ He said not even daring to look at me

‘So you allowed them to manipulate you right? With what? For what? Just so you can have food on your table whilst having a bothered conscious?’ I asked him

‘I shouldn’t have accepted this case and I am pretty sure you are going to rot in jail.’ He said before standing up

‘You know Mr Zulu, you have dug your own grave and it’s just sad that you have managed to destroy your family tree just like that. When you took up this case I told you that the people that killed my husband were very dangerous and they would wipe you out of the face of the earth should you forget what you believe in.’ I said

‘I don’t have time to listen to your nonsense.’ He said walking away

‘Rest in peace Mr Zulu.’ I said as the officers led me to the court room

The courtroom was fully packed when I got in, I noticed Justin’s mum in the front row with his half-sister. Lindile was on the other side with her son and the rest were people that were ready to crucify me.

‘Mrs Kunda, you are here because you have been accused of murdering your husband; Mr Justin Kunda and a Ms Chimuka Hamoonga who we have come to the conclusion that was your husband’s lover because of the nature of the crime committed.’ Her lordship said when we had all settled in

‘For the final session, I would like to call upon the deceased’s mother to say some things as per requested.’ She had said

Justin’s mother stood up and went to the stand, she looked at me then at the audience before she began speaking.

‘I bore Justin at a time when I had given up all hope on having children, I have protected him like any mother would; maybe even more because he was my life. I watched him grow into a man of strength and wisdom, having most of those traits neither from myself or his father. From a tender age I knew that he was a special kid and that is why when he told me that he was going to work for the office of the president I wasn’t surprised. The day he met Felicia, I had no doubt they would marry. I saw how he looked at her, how her eyes brightened each time he looked at her.’ She paused and shed some tears


‘Felicia has been the best that my son could have asked for, they were a happy young couple. The marriage of their youth was amazing, but problems came in when I started pushing them to have a child. You know what they say that you cannot have problems until you notice how well your neighbours are living, I pushed Chimuka into Justin’s arms.’ She said, this time breaking down uncontrollably

‘Felicia is just a woman who wanted to protect her own, the mistake she made was taking fate into her own hands. As the law decides today on what to do to her, I want her to forgive me for being one of the reasons that drove my son into the hands of another woman.’ She said and stepped down

There were people now sobbing in the courtroom.

‘Mrs Kunda, is there anything you want to say?’ her lordship asked

‘No your honour.’ I said with a smile

‘Since we have exhausted everything and all the evidence points to Mrs Kunda, I hereby charge you with…’

‘Wait.’ Mevis said when she barged into the room


HMMM…… What next??? Happy weekend.

We all turned around to see the first lady walking towards the judge, the journalists were now taking images and making a live broadcast.

‘Quite!’ the judge yelled as she hit on the table

There was silence in the court room.

‘Madam First Lady?’ the judge said looking at

‘Yes your Lordship.’ She responded

‘You have no right to be in my court room.’ She said

‘I know your honour but I am afraid I have some things to say before judgement is passed.’ She said

‘Go ahead, you have not more than ten minutes.’ She told her

Mevis walked to the stand and she was given the bible to swear, I looked at her and smiled.

‘I am sure most of you are in shock seeing me here knowing that I have no relationship whatsoever to the accused but I guess I have some things to say before she is sentenced. My husband has been parading as president and yet someone else has been behind the brains and the decision making. A certain Mr Zyangeni helped him get into power in exchange that he becomes the brains behind state house, for so many years he listened to him not until the late Vice President learnt about it and told him to go against the deal they had made. Mr Zyangeni was very upset and threatened to kill Wane if she ever interfered in the ongoing deal.’ She said

‘What was the main connection between the President and the Vice President?’ her Lordship asked

‘My husband and the late Vice President had an affair…’

There were murmurs in the courtroom

‘Silence.’ Her Lordship yelled

‘I knew about the affair and I didn’t do anything about it because I knew somehow karma would fight for me, for a long time they drugged Mr Kunda with a drug that reduced his sperm count because they believed a child would weaken him and it was also another way to frustrate their marriage.’ She paused

‘Go on.’ Her lordship said

‘They did everything in their power to destroy them, it was late Mrs Musoni’s idea to bring in a lady from outside to destroy their marriage and knowing how Justin’s mother wanted a child; she fell for it. But Ms Hamoonga later learnt that the Kunda’s were good people so she pulled out of the deal, but knowing the kind of people the state are; she took out Mrs Musoni before they could take her out.’

The journalists were now taking more photos as the first lady paused.




TIME: 8: 00OPM



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‘My husband was devastated when he learnt about Wane’s death, he never really got over it and I guess that is what drove him into sending one of his men to take out Justin and Chimuka. He led them to go to stay easy hotel and I knew about the plan, he shot Justin twice but I was quick enough to save him. I killed the killer and burnt most of his body because then you would all think it was Justin, I got the ring Mr Kunda was wearing and his wrist watch and placed it on the man as the only evidence to show that it was Justin. I also put his clothes on the floor to make it look like he was having an affair with Chimuka because then it would have been easy to convince everyone that Felicia really killed them and that way the state or rather my husband wouldn’t have come for her. It’s just sad that Chimuka did not make it.’ She said
‘You know you are a great God.’ I said with a smile as I stared at the roof

‘So what exactly are you saying?’ her Lordship asked

‘Justin is safe and will be back to his wife, the man in the morgue is the man that was hired by my husband to kill Justin and Chimuka. Mrs Kunda is innocent. The state is rotten and is being ran by selfish men who just want to fatten their bellies, they steal the innocent citizen’s money and use it for their own benefit, and they make a banquet by making the poor bend over and use their backs as a table as they wine and dine. Be careful on who you put into power, be careful on who you trust with your children’s future.’ She said before stepping down

There was silence in the room, everyone was in shock. I held my belly and just smiled.

‘Hannah please don’t play too far from the pond.’ I yelled

‘Oh she is a black pearl.’ Felicia responded

‘She takes after you.’ I told her rubbing her belly

‘What will we name him?’ She asked

‘Jacob.’ I said before bursting into laughter

‘Eish ba Jacob almost murdered us.’ She told me remembering our life five years ago

‘Justin.’ She told me again

‘What?’ I asked

‘Our boy’s name will be Justin.’ She responded

I kissed her on the cheek.

‘When should we go back to Zambia? Our kids need to know their roots.’ She asked me

‘When they are old enough to distinguish right from wrong.’ I told her

‘I love you babe.’

‘I love you more.’

‘Us against the world.’

Please on this story feel free to constructively contribute, castigate, criticize, correct, admonish, advice and encourage. 😄😄😄 love you guys


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