The talent I never knew I had (Episode 6 – 10)

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The_talent_I_never_knew_I_had 6

the car and Tasheni helped me open the gate… We got inside and there was aunt Deborah’s car parked outside. I felt like fainting,I looked on my watch and it was only 6:50pm..I wondered why she was home early.
Tasheni opens the door…
“(Slaps)Where are you coming from?Hey you Mwaka come here…and what are you carrying in those plastics?you left this house so that who should cook huh? You left my daughter here to Cook for you? Who do you think you are! What’s the point of you staying in this house when you are useless? I had to come back from the office early today,I had to abandon my work so that I’d come and stay home with Tapiwa. And you Tasheni when did you start going out without your sister’s, moreover you took this thing and left her,I need to know why…why answer me you stupid rat!” She yelled at Tasheni
“First of all I just want to tell you that this should be the last time you lay your hands on me,why don’t you slap your dear daughter and let me be?secondly I don’t see why you are so upset as though we were the ones that asked you to come and baby sit your baby and thirdly mother(she took a deep breath)….this is your house,I don’t even remember when last I tasted a proper meal that you prepared. Mwaka has done enough for this family,she even performs duties that you as a mother has failed. You can’t even clean your room but Mwaka does it for you,whenever dad is around she irons his clothes,brushes his shoes,does everyone’s laundry,cooks every meal we have in this house…so tell me the purpose of this marriage? The only thing you performed right was bringing me into this world but the rest of it is bullshit” Tasheni yelled.
“What! Mother did you just hear what this fool said?” Tapiwa screamed
“Tasheni leave my presence right now before I do something stupid right here! And as for you Mwaka move closer(She pulled my ears)…now listen here,I know you are the one influencing my daughter to insult me I know all this is your doing so tell me Mwaka… you want to be sleeping with my husband? Just because you wash for him and all that you now want to steal my marriage isn’t it? I should have known your plans sooner but anyways its okay because now my eyes have been opened. So you sit down and tell my daughter all this nonsense isn’t it?(she slapped me so hard) did you just hear how she spoke to me?she insulted me,she stripped me naked all because of you! Oh Mwaka I will kill you in this house…Tapiwa bring me a cooking stick from the kitchen I teach this girl a lesson that she will never forget so that next time when you decide to talk,please choose wisely if you wanna see the day dawn” She attacked me….
Tapiwa comes in with a cooking stick…
“Mother you will not hit her with that or I will kill myself” I heard Tasheni’s voice screaming as my aunt was stepping on my head so I couldn’t see.
“Please Tasheni drop that knife,what has this girl done to you?what is going on in this house? Please I will do anything that you want but please don’t hurt yourself” Deborah pleaded as she removed her foot from my head and went closer to her.
“Don’t move mother or I swear I will kill myself” Tasheni was really angry.
“But sweetheart look I am not going to hit her so please calm down…Tapiwa take the cooking stick back to the kitchen hurry! Hurry!(she panicked)…. Please drop that knife” she pleaded once again.
“No mother not so fast, first you have to listen to me now…. I want you to get a maid by tomorrow, I want Mwaka to go back to school, from today onwards you will make breakfast for your children and Mwaka is to be treated like your own and that’s by her being welcomed to sit with us by the table for meals,the day that I will ever hear Mwaka crying in this house well mother that will be the day you will lose me for good I promise you…do I make myself clear?” She cried.
“Tasheni are you alright? You perfectly know I don’t have time to make breakfast for you sweetness, and Mwaka has….

The_talent_I_never_knew_I_had 7

to help with the chores in this house,I don’t have money to employ a maid and moreover I don’t want to risk bringing in someone I don’t know”Deborah said..
“Mother how much do you make at the company? Stop lying to me because I always find receipts of the expensive extensions you buy and clothes…am not surprised why Tapiwa doesn’t know how to budget because you are her role model and she just follows everything you do. Well mother please stop being evil and stingy okay! Well you think you are smart and can manipulate everyone around but not me and I will make sure Mwaka gets the education she needs by the way when I went to the kitchen I tasted the eggs you made and I must say they are terrible,who adds so much spices to eggs…. Its a pity you can’t even make a proper meal and yet you claim to be the queen of the house and I am glad I am not lazy like the both of you,I took the time to learn how to cook through Mwaka’s help and I can cook better than you both. Mwaka go to my room I will bring the plastics, we had a long day we really need to get some rest and as for you Tapiwa I regret being your twin…I hate you so much,well mother excuse me now” Tasheni moved with the plastics to her room..
“Mother what is going on here? Tasheni regrets being my sister? My own twin? Mother I want Mwaka out of this house and I mean it or o swear I will kill her…. And mother why did you keep quiet when Tasheni was talking to you like you are a 2year old?you make me sick!” Tapiwa yelled as she ran to her room in tears…
“Tapiwa come back here! Why are you walking out on me? Where are your manners? Come we eat I made eggs my dear” Deborah called out…
“Tasheni was right I tried the eggs too when I went to get the cooking stick they are awful check on the carpet I spat them there”Tapiwa screamed..
” What!come and clean this mess…Tapiwa!”Deborah went to Tapiwa’s room…
Tasheni’s room….
“Try on this dress,don’t worry I will teach my mother a lesson..I will make sure you go back to school so cheer up….I even forgot to ask for the money I needed for my dress anyway so tell me do you like the dress?” She asked me..
“Thank you so much,you saved me…I don’t know what could have happened to me if you didn’t show up…I love the dress so much I am really grateful” I said.
“Let’s sleep we will try on the rest tomorrow, I am so tired ah…please don’t leave just stay here with me tonight I think you should be my roommate” she said
“Ah no Tasheni I can’t sleep in your room again remember what aunty and Tapiwa did?” I said in fear.
“My friend stop being afraid of useless people, like I said this is my room okay and I decide who visits my room so please get pyjamas from my wardrobe” she said.
I got the pyjamas and were ready to go to bed….
In The Morning
Deborah walks to the kitchen…
(In thoughts)
So Mwaka wants to compete with me in this house,let me show her that I can make better meals than her… Oh yes let me surprise my girls today…..she thought.
She made eggs,beacon, sausages with toasted bread….she set the table.
She walks to Tasheni’s room..
“Baby girl wake up and you whose sleeping next to my daughter you are invited to taste my breakfast… Come my dear the food is getting
cold let me call your sister” Deborah said with a big smile..
“Okay I’ll be there and let’s hope the meal is worth me abandoning my peaceful sleep…Mwaka let’s go” Tasheni said…
They were all seated at the table as Deborah poured tea in everyone’s cup…
“Ouch aunty you burnt me!” I cried..
“Ah mother what is it again this morning? Please I don’t want this nonsense I will leave this room if you are here to play” Tasheni yelled.
“Am sorry my girl it wasn’t deliberate and as for you Mwaka I don’t the tea is even as hot as you are trying to make it seem so please don’t disturb our breakfast with your morning drama just help yourself with a tea towel and wipe the mess simple” Deborah said with no pity.
I wiped myself and we…

The_talent_I_never_knew_I_had 8

all uncovered our food, Tapiwa was the first to taste the food….
“Ah mother what is this?is this supposed to be for Mwaka and you accidentally placed it before me? it is too spicy mummy ah!are these supposed to be eggs?” Tapiwa asked in shock
“My dear anything wrong? Yes they are eggs and I added a little spices to make them have that chilly taste” Deborah defended herself.
Tasheni and I tried the eggs…
“(Coughing)… Ah mother these are eggs not meat,why so much spices ah? These are fried eggs not fried spices now taste the eggs yourself if we were to ask someone from outside to taste these eggs the person would think maybe it is meat and spicy meat. See why I was saying that you should be grateful to Mwaka who makes proper meals in this house!and as for you Tapiwa why are you complaining because am sure you can make something much worse than this. Please Mwaka make some cornflakes for me ah this is too much,the beacon has too much salt too how do you expect it will go with the tea? All you know how to do is sit comfortably on the chair and nag all day long. That day when you cooked pasta I pretended not to have seen it…I found the recipe book in the kitchen so mother my question is why didn’t you use the book today huh? Haha you didn’t find it right? Well I threw it away because I knew you’d be rushing to put your eyes on the recipe book for copy and paste” Tasheni mocks her.
“Ah Tasheni why have you decided to make my life a living hell in my own marriage? My house? You girls are just dramatic because these eggs are just fine with me(she tasted the eggs). Tasheni so you are the ine that threw my recipe book? Why? Are you mad? So what if I use that small book to get some recipes is it a problem? Who gets to cook between me and the book?” Deborah questioned.
“Mwaka thank you so much(as I placed the bowl of flakes before her) if I had known I’d have had these cornflakes a long time ago,by the way mother I need some money to get a dress for tomorrows event at school,I need to get a dress” Tasheni added.
“Money?(she laughed) Madam I thought you went shopping yesterday and you even carried an assistant showing you have a lot of money isn’t it? Why didn’t you remember to buy a dress for your event? I am not giving you any money not even a coin….Tapiwa take a bath quickly we will have breakfast at some takeaway on our way to your school and make sure you buy a very nice wig from the two thousand I gave you yesterday” Deborah and Tapiwa walked away.
“Ahh mother you gave Tapiwa how much!Two what? Mum all that money for what exactly? Is it for her fees or what because if I am not mistaken you already paid for our fees…mum so you’ve refused to give me money right! I will tell daddy” Tasheni yelled.
Deborah walks back to the table…
“Please tell him my dear and don’t forget to tell him how much of a nonsense you’ve become tell him how much you try to control everybody in this house, and as for you Mwaka clean the table now…rinse these dishes and give the leftovers to the dogs hurry up!I said stand up from that chair fool! You are busy enjoying the cornflakes I bought with my own money as though your dead mother bought them” she shouted at us…
“What did you just say? Mother are you okay? Why talking to Mwaka like that? Is she the one that asked you to become a very selfish and useless mother? And which leftovers are you talking about because as far as I am concerned nobody ate the food you made not even yourself, and well mother don’t worry about that I already told daddy everything…keep your money it’s okay” Tasheni yelled.
“You called me a useless mother? Tasheni I will kill you in this house,I’ll dare you talk to me like am your age mate…because of this idiot you have forgotten who I am in this house…come here you idiot (she grabbed her and slapped her) I will kill you before you kill me” Deborah screamed in frustration.
“(Crying)the truth hurts right? Well you can kill me for all…

The_talent_I_never_knew_I_had 9

I care mother,all you do is favour Tapiwa who barely does a thing in this house aside from making this poor girls life miserable, all my life I try to get good grades,be responsible but you never embrace me the way you embrace Tapiwa who has been failing terribly and so irresponsible “Tasheni screamed in anger.
” Mwaka you are leaving my house to I don’t know where but all I know is that I can’t tolerate the drama you are causing in this house, I can’t sleep in my own house,I no longer have the right to talk in my own house in fear of being embarrassed and insulted by my daughters, because of you my children are now falling apart..please leave my family alone,let us rest for I can swear I didn’t kill your mother we both know she had diabetes and unfortunately she couldn’t be here with us so I beg you don’t be a distraction in this house do I make myself clear? “Deborah wept so bitterly like never before.
” See what you’ve cause you witch? My mother is crying because of you?Mwaka I am talking to you!have you seen what you’ve caused?you want to kill my mother like you killed yours right?it won’t work..not when am alive!”Tapiwa came shouting
“Hey hold it there what do you think you are doing? Its all because of your heartlessness that all this is happening,if only you could embrace this poor girl am sure by now we could be a normal and happy family like before. You think I am happy knowing that every single day you and mother try to make Mwaka’s life so miserable?why can’t you people understand that she is just like us for cries out loud she is human and has emotions too, she is not an animal” Tasheni defended me like usual.
“See what I was saying? Mwaka you see?” Deborah wept as she left the dinning room.
“Mum please wait I will come with you,and as for you two I promise you will pay for causing her heartache if its war that you want well then here I come!” Tapiwa pointed at us as she went to join aunt Deborah.
Deborah’s Room…
Tapiwa walks in…
“Mum you are really stressing over these two witches?come on I will deal with them if you like but please don’t cry” Tapiwa consoled her
“So you expect me not to cry when you children address each other as this witch this, this witch that isn’t it?Tapiwa you and Tasheni are all I have and lately you girls have fallen apart and I am not happy!Mwaka is the reason behind all the unhappiness in this house but I will tolerate that no more,I will take her to some orphanage and just claim I found her roaming the streets and I felt pity or rather I’ll just let her move from one street to the other begging because I am tired of this girl breaking my home” Deborah said..
“See why I love you?you are very sharp like me mother I think I am just like you…please do it fast I miss spending time with Tasheni and am afraid that witch will turn her against me” Tapiwa cheered.
“And speaking of being smart have you noticed how your sister is using that against you?your father is always doing whatever Tasheni asks because she makes him proud,she always comes first or second at school in terms of results when will you beat your young sister? I do everything you ask me to do so now its my turn to ask for a favour…please try to do better than her or if you can’t beat her at least get better grades my child… I love you both and your happiness is my priority see let me tell you about my life. Me and my sister Dorothy were born in a very poor family and Dorothy was the one paying my fees through her entrepreneurship skills. When she wrote her grade 12 I also wrote my grade 9. My mother who is your grandmother used to be one of the best tailors but unfortunately after the passing of our father she was always sad and suffered depression until she died before we even sat for our exams. Dorothy started making clothes,uniforms and her business blossomed to something big. She even opened a salon and that’s how we were able to survive, when my mother was alive I was a bad

The_talent_I_never_knew_I_had 10

girl and usually refused to do any chores,when I married your father I was forced to get a maid because I barely knew how to cook…so my child be different at least impress your father, show him that not only can you be better than Tasheni but his favourite too. As for Mwaka that girl has to leave my house I am tired of her causing problems….hurry up we have to get going”Deborah talked to her child.
I rinsed the dishes and started cleaning the house, the kitchen was a mess…the spices were all over and she used a lot of pots.
I was home alone and I was really getting tired of the same routine everyday, I decided to go to the guest room where my aunt kept a sowing machine. After my mother’s death I got some of the materials that were in her room and kept them in my wardrobe….my mother used to make clothes for me and she taught me how to make some too but I never took it seriously.
I went to my room and got the material,a measuring tape and all other equipments needed.
I went to the kitchen and prepared lunch before the girls got home…
“Mwaka am back!” She screamed.
“Ah Tasheni welcome home,you are alone?where is Tapiwa?” I asked as I welcomed her with a hug.
“Well come over I tell you what happened (we went in the living room) well mum came to pick Tapiwa from school and she only gave me transport, she said I have to apologise to her if I want anything from her,she even refused to give me money for the dress I asked for and tomorrow is the big day” she complained.
“What?so where did they go?why is Aunt Deborah so cruel?you are both her children why so much hate?” I asked.
“She said she was going to help Tapiwa pick out a nice dress and take her to a salon,I don’t know what to do right now,look at my hair,everyone will be looking all gorgeous tomorrow apart from me” she cried.
“Don’t cry,come I think I can help you(I took her to the guest room)look here….I think I can try and make a dress for your event tomorrow… Move closer I take the measurements” I told her.
“What Mwaka?haha don’t make me laugh you don’t need to make silly jokes I am really sad right now so what are you trying to do?see I appreciate you trying to make me smile but really that’s not a good joke, by the way where did you get this beautiful material? I love it” she said with a smile.
“I am not joking,I am being serious here…let me help you and don’t worry I will do your hair too,my mother taught me how to do all this remember she owned a salon?” I said.
“Mwaka!but how come you’ve never told me about all this before? Anyways I have a Brazilian weave in my room we can use that one…I am really curious to see what you can do” she said excitedly.
“Okay so move closer so that I start working on it,and hurry up your food is getting cold” I said.
I took the measurements and Tasheni picked out a design from a magazine and I was super nervous because I didn’t want to disappoint her. I started making the dress and my eyes were shocked,I couldn’t believe that I still had the skill to do it knowing it had been over a year since I tried it out.
It was 6pm and I stopped and went to cook…
“Mwaka let me help you cook,please go and make my dress so that we can finish on time please I need your help” she said desperately.
“Don’t be nervous just relax I got you,I promise I am doing my best and hoping it turns out fine” I said as I went back to make the dress.
Since Tasheni had long legs and fair in complexion I decided to change the pattern somehow, I put the slit on front instead of the back….
Deborah & Tapiwa (Home)..
Deborah walks to the kitchen…
“Where is Mwaka?and what do you think you are doing? Who are you trying to impress here?why are you trying to show off that you can cook?can you get out of here before I slap you! Mwaka come here!” She screamed.
I heard her calling and I quickly hid the dress and went to the kitchen…
“Where are you coming from?she asked.
“Sorry aunty I was using the toilet and…


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