SAVED BY LOVE (Episode 1 – 5)


Saved by Love – Episode 1
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It was just 04:08p.m. at the Zamanis’ house, a famous well-to-do family.
Akinlolu Coker was seated on the veranda of the main house, opposite him was the gate, to his left there were flowers and sunshade and to his right, the gateman’s house stood erect. The compound landscape design was sumptuous, it was a place for tourism.
Akinlolu is a devout Christian who worked as the Zamanis’ only daughter’s driver whose name is Adaramola Halimah Zamani.
She has a degree in Mass Communication from the University of Lagos, UNILAG. She is a young cloth designer with immense talent and she loves Fashion to the core, so when she had worked at her father’s radio station, Sunshine FM as an event manager for a year and some months, she decided to pursue her dream and she went to study fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York.
She came back a year ago and Akinlolu was appointed as her driver . She started her own Fashion Store with the label ‘Zamani’ and it is advancing.
As Akinlolu sat on the veranda, he was muttering in tongues as he surfed the internet on his TECNO android phone, a habit he had inculcated since he accepted Christ into his life two years ago. He looked up from his phone as he saw his boss come out from the side entrance of the house, a beautiful young lady she is, he thought as she moved to the sunshade and made herself comfortable and just then he heard,
“Go preach the gospel to that lady.” He looked around, no one was talking
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. Dongo, the gateman was dozing and even the lady in question was busy with her phone, then it occurred to him and he almost laughed out loud, sometimes God’s message could sound hilarious. First, this lady is his boss, a Muslim. Second, her father is a Hausa man who believes in Islam and goes to Mecca every year. Third, this lady herself is not a visitor in Mecca so Akinlolu shook his head in disagreement.
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. Some minutes later, he heard again,
“Go preach the gospel to that lady.” Akinlolu thought, how would he go and preach to her, the Holy Spirit sure knows she was born and bred in Islam, what would he say? And what if he loses his job?
It’s still a surprise that Alhaji Danjuma Zamani, the father of the lady in question employed him to be in the circle of his home despite the fact that he is a Christian but nevertheless he decided to go because he would rather be caught dead than not fulfilling his old man’s last wishes which was, ‘But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth. Acts 1:8KJV.’
As he approached her, she looked up and Akinlolu suddenly felt a surge of boldness crop up within him and he said,
“Good evening ma.”
“Mr. Akin, good evening, what can I do for you?” She asked, dazzling her white teeth in a welcoming smile,
“I just want to discuss something very crucial with you.”
“Have your seat and I am all ears, oh, let me get you a glass cup.” She said and she went inside. She came out almost immediately with a glass cup and she joined him under the sunshade and poured the wine into the glass cup and served him then she motioned to him to talk.
“I want to talk to you about someone special to me, his name is Jesus Christ.” He paused and she deliberately took her time to set her glass of wine on the table and gestured with no trace of her dazzling smile,
“Go on.” He did, they talked, argued and clarified. By the end of the next two hours, Akinlolu was able to answer some questions that has been gnawing at her mind about this particular issue that her co-worker, Meraola had not been able to answer when she had also talked to her about this man with wonder-filled works called Jesus. Then Akinlolu asked,
“Can I pray with you?”
“Father, I thank you for this day, I thank you for Sister Adara, I thank you because you have counted her worthy of your grace to hear the gospel and you shall endow her with the understanding that surpasses human’s thinking and also open her eyes to see that your Son is the way, the truth and the life. Thank you, Lord, for answered prayer in Jesus name I pray.”
“Amin.” Adara replied and Akinlolu walked away smiling.
Akinlolu was still sleeping around 05:35a.m. the next day when his phone sprang up to life and started vibrating, he groggily lift his head and checked the screen, the caller ID read ‘Boss Lady’ and he answered the call and heard Adara’s voice telling him to come to the main house quickly. He pulled on a shirt over the jean trouser he had on and bolted from the boy’s quarter where he lives and he went to the main house.
As he got there, he couldn’t find her but as he turned towards the stairs to go to her room, he decided to check the kitchen and he saw her standing by the kitchen counter and he went in as she turned and greeted him then carried two cups of tea to the kitchen table and within seconds they were seated sipping hot tea, he replied,
“Is there any problem ma?”
“I had a dream, I think I might have seen an angel, he talked to me, he told me that Jesus is real, God is real, hell is also real, and that God wants me to be his daughter and I agreed, he said if I can stay with God till I die, HE is going to use me to help a lot of people and he said I should not move away from you that our Destiny are entwined and you will help me grow spiritually,
“Do you know the amazing thing? The angel actually touched me, he touched my shoulder and my stomach and I fell to the ground, then before my eyes, he disappeared in flames of fire, that’s supernatural, what do you think? I think you should pray for me.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes please.” She said and she knelt down before him and closed her eyes and he did and he began to pray in tongues then he told her to confess Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and savior and she did.
The next Sunday, Akinlolu took her to his church, The Triumphant Assembly, the church he was led to attend for the past two years. After service, he took her to meet his pastor who prayed for her and she received the holy ghost baptism and he later encouraged her to join a unit in church and she joined the sanctuary and decorations team.
All this continued for the next four months and during all this time, her parents had travelled abroad and they had no idea what was going on, Adara’s two brothers, Teju and Lanre were also abroad while Teju was studying at Harvard university doing his Msc. in law, Lanre was heading a foreign company that deal with furniture.
On the fifth month, Adara’s father, Alhaji Danjuma Ibrahim Zamani called her that he would be coming home in a week’s time with his wife, Alhaja Wuraola Suliat Zamani.

Saved by Love – Episode 2
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A week later, Alhaji Danjuma Zamani arrived with his wife as he had said and when they saw Adara, as she came to greet them, they were surprised, her hijab or scarf was gone not even a piece of clothing covered her head and Alhaji was cheesed off but he was reticent about it. At dinner that night, Alhaji said,
“Halimah, what’s all these difference about you?”
“I don’t understand you, Dad.”
“Where’s your dignity? Where’s your hijab? I heard you have not been going to the mosque.”
“Dad, let me put all my cards on the table, I converted, i am now a Christian so I can’t be going to the mosque.”
“Will you shut up? No child of mine will practice any other religion apart from Islam, so it’s better you sleep and think it over.” Alhaji said and he pushed back his chair and stormed off to his room. Adara followed suit leaving Alhaja Wuraola at the table befuddled.
Around past nine the next morning, Alhaji Danjuma called Adara out and she answered him
. Then he questioned,
“Hope you are now with your senses?”
“Dad, I never lost my senses.”
“Are you talking back at me? “
“As I told you yesterday Dad, I am a fully grown adult, I can make my own decisions, I am now a born again.”
“Not under my roof. No child of mine will practice anything other than Islam, if you are not ready then leave my house.”
“That is my decision, please get out of my sight.”
“If that is it dad, then you can bear it at the back of your mind that you have only two children.” She replied him heatedly went to her room and she started packing her things.
Within thirty minutes, three suitcases of different sizes contained her belongings and she called for a taxi
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. Five minutes after, the taxi arrived she wheeled the suitcases out and saw her mother trying to pacify her dad and she dropped the suitcase and motioned for the gateman to take it to the taxi.
She went in again, took her laptop and all other things and left, her mother calling her but within minutes she was in the taxi. She told the taxi driver to drop her in the next street. As she stood at the back gate of her father’s house, she called Akinlolu to come and open the gate, which he did and before he could question her, she wheeled her suitcase in so he helped her. After they had settled down, Adara explained all what happened then Akinlolu said,
“Adara, you know you can’t stay here, in fact I might have to leave too if Alhaji gets to know that I am responsible for your conversion.”
He had always dreaded this day; he knew something like this will happen sooner or later.
“So? If you leave is that the end of the world? I have a plan, i will stay here for the meantime till I can get us an apartment far away from here because Alhaji is unpredictable. But first, I need to transfer all my money in both accounts to a new one, probably yours and then I have to get all the clothes in my store because Alhaji might want to close down whatever I have that is bringing money in for me.
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. Will you help me?”
Akinlolu said, “Yes, I will do all I can.”
Immediately they went to her store and they packed all the clothes she had designed, her office laptop and they headed back to Akinlolu’s place. When they got there, she contacted an agent for a house and called her two bank managers to transfer the money in her accounts to Akinlolu’s account leaving 3,000 and 5,000 in each account. Within minutes, more than half a million was transferred into Akinlolu’s account and he got a SMS alert. They prayed for a while then Adara went to rest.
The next day, Adara got a call from the house agent she contacted the previous day before that there was a two-bedroom flat, a room and living room with kitchen and bath facility at different places at Dugbe and Oluyole, Ibadan. They had decided to move to Ibadan because Ogun State is quite close to Lagos where the Zamanis reside and Ibadan is the largest city in West Africa so they should be able to survive.
She told the agent she will get back to him and they prayed about the places the agent mentioned. On the third day, around 08:00 am, Akinlolu heard a pounding on his door and Adara was in the bathroom so he went to open the door only to see Alhaja Wuraola and he said,
“Good morning, Alhaja.”
“What is good about the morning ko? Tell me what is good about this morning, you this good-for-nothing idiot. You think you can come here, scatter my family and go scot-free ko? That’s a lie, you this poverty-stricken fool.
“Dongo has told me everything that happened in our absence, you were playing the role of Mister Influencer shey? If you don’t leave this compound before I come back, you will spend the rest of your miserable life in jail. I am going out now, let me come back and meet you here then you will enjoy yourself, pathetic fool.” Alhaja Wuraola said and stomped off, all the while Akinlolu was just starting at her, dumbfounded but as soon as she left, he closed the door and rested his back against it, Adara emerged from his room and asked,
“That was my mum, right?”
Akinlolu nodded and stared into space as he said,
“She wants me out before she comes back, where do I go from here?”
“Akinlolu, this is not the time to start ruminating or asking questions, why don’t you start packing your stuffs, while I call the agent at Ibadan and put my things together.
Within two hours, Adara had called the agent and she has agreed to rent the two bedroom apartment and she informed they were moving in today, their bags and boxes were packed already and then Adara called her special taxi driver that carries her to far distances when she didn’t feel like going in her car and asked if he could take them to Ibadan, he said he would be there before they knew it and that was how they left.
Thank God it was a week day so the traffic was light. Adara called the agent when they got to Ibadan and he gave them directions to the house, it was quite decent, very low and not elite looking for a Zamani though it had a gate but at this time, Adara would take anything because the stress and all the persecutions was starting to get to her.
The man dropped them off and she paid him and told him to wait then the agent helped them move in and after concluding on a price, Akinlolu transferred the rent fee and other fees which was a totality of 100,000 naira to the man’s account and he wrote a receipt for them then Adara and Akinlolu entered the taxi again and headed for the market where they bought food items and household items. Things were a lot cheaper here than Lagos.
By noon on the next day they were settled as if they had been living in the house for a while. They had one neighbour, a bachelor who had his fiancée staying with him and they were always either in or out so they had no worries of someone poke nosing into their lives.

Saved by Love – Episode 3
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Akinlolu started seeking for another job that same week but Adara had to stay at home so as to cool down all the news flying all over town about her absence. She watched as her father lied on an international television station that his daughter travelled abroad to stay with her brother, Teju and that she will soon return to Nigeria to continue her fashion business.
Her mother and brothers kept pleading with her to return home but she refused saying she has known the way, the truth and the life, she can’t go back to her former life.
At home too, Alhaji was waging wars with himself in his mind but he just couldn’t understand why his daughter will decide to leave what has been in their family lineage for a strange religion. He later concluded that when she gets tired and she becomes broke with no food to eat she would return home . With this, Alhaji called her bank manager and told the man to freeze her account and withhold her trustee fund.
Some weeks after they’ve left the Zamani’s house, Adara and Akinlolu were having their dinner one night when Adara asked curiously,
“Akinlolu?” He looked up at her, “You have never mentioned your family, what about them?”
“My family, hmm, that’s a long story o.”
“I wish to know. Cut it short or tell me the long story.”
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. I came from a wealthy home, we were based abroad, my dad dealt with Architectural materials and my mum had a restaurant she managed, I am the last born, I had two elder brothers. The first was a medical doctor and the other one was into banking. After completing my third degree, I decided to come over to Nigeria for a year training in one of the architectural schools located here.
I was about to write my last paper when my elder brother, the banker, Akinola, called me that Mum and Dad just had a ghastly accident and all hope was lost. How I passed that exam I don’t know till date because my head was groggy immediately he gave me the bad news. I booked a flight after the exam to return to America, they told me my visa was invalid that I need to go through some process because I was desperate, I started spending the money I had left just to rectify the visa issue.
Then one day I was returning from the embassy after a week that I was refused when I discovered my phone was gone, stolen. That was how I lost it all. I didn’t have a hard copy contact list or a diary that could have helped me to locate my brothers.
Since then, I have been doing any jobs that comes my way just to survive then two years ago, I met with Christ, and to be honest with you, things changed a bit for me then I applied for an employment at your Dad’s place and that’s how I became his driver and then yours.”
“Wow! This is a lot to take in and lengthy. Thanks for telling me. Now I have learnt to always document my contacts and put down details. I am so sorry about your parents but then maybe God wanted to meet with you.”
“I sometimes think so but at the expense of my parents’ lives? I don’t think so. Mum and Dad were believers, they lived the life of a true Christian. I was more of a church goer and bench warmer.”
Adara smiled, “All these will pay off one day. I just know that deep down inside of me.”
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. Pastor Adara!” Akinlolu said and they both laughed as they discussed other issues.
Two months after they had left Alhaji Zamani’s house, Akinlolu got a job as a teacher to teach Senior Secondary Classes in Daylight College, Technical Drawing. He was so disappointed, he didn’t want the job, how could he a doctorate degree holder be working as a teacher? but Adara encouraged him to take up the employment opportunity and he did after much serious talk.
They paid him 20,000 naira per month and after the first month, Adara decided she couldn’t keep sitting at home idle, she started baking and making doughnuts, chin-chin and cupcakes. She would wake up early to do this then take it to the surrounding schools to sell it to pupils and in the evening, just down the street, a local tailor who was really good at sewing was positioned there so she learnt tailoring. Hoping that one day she can finally start her own cloth line.
After about a month that Adara started selling to school pupils, she decided to relax after doing the laundry and the power came on so she switched on the television and a program started, it was a live show of a Fashion Runway coupled with Award Dinner Night for models. ‘I should be here’, Adara thought as tears rolled down her eyes, minutes later, Akinlolu sauntered into the sitting room and met her crying silently, he asked as he sat beside her,
“Adara, what’s wrong?”
More tears rolled down as her body shook intensely and Akinlolu put his arms around her shoulder letting her rest her head on his shoulder,
“Adara, I don’t like this, just tell me what’s wrong, try to get yourself together and talk to me.”
There was no change but after some minutes Adara talked,
“I should be on that show. My clothes are supposed to be displayed there and I was nominated for one of the Model awards but I am here selling doughnuts to school children. Me that I am from a wealthy home, I am now struggling to eat and survive.”
“Adara! Why don’t you thank God that you are here, alive and well, have you forgotten the bible says that we should give thanks in all things because that is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning us. Adara, thank God hm, what if you are there and you were not even recognized?
God is the author of your life story because he is the one that created you. He knows at this time you would be here. Trust in him because he knows the beginning from the end and the end from the beginning. Please cheer up or do you want me to join you in crying?” Akinlolu said and she smiled and he continued encouraging and teasing her until she was all smiles and laughter again.

Saved by Love – Episode 4
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Six months after Akinlolu started teaching at Daylight College, he was in SSS 3 class one Wednesday morning when he heard that still little voice,
“Tender your resignation letter tomorrow. Your life will receive a turnaround.”
He looked around the class, the students were doing the exercise he had given to them, he asked,
“Did someone say anything?”
The students looked up while some shook their heads and the others said,
“No Sir.”
Akinlolu turned back to the note he was making and he heard the voice say the same thing again and again. Then he knew it must be the voice of the Supreme Being, God.
‘ But really, God has started again, if I resign now, what will we eat? How will we survive? The rent of the house has just a month to get due, how will we pay? We barely have enough to eat!’ He thought, then that scripture came to mind “For after all these things do the gentiles seek; for your heavenly Father knows that you have need of all these things . Another scripture also dropped into his mind that goes thus; that God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”
He decided to obey the voice because God is not a man that he should lie, if he says he will do something, he will do it.
So, he tendered his resignation letter the next day to the Principal. The man tried to convince him otherwise because Akinlolu had become one of the best teachers in the school but he refused and he left with the salary of the day’s he worked since it was not up to a month.
The next day around 09:00 am, Akinlolu woke up and he went into the kitchen to see Adara crying,
“Adara, what’s this? Why are you crying?”
She turned to him and he took her in his arms and hugged her
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. After a while, the tears subsided and he asked again,
“What happened?”
“The headteacher at Teal Schools said I should stop bringing doughnut to the school and that is the place I make the most of my sales.”
“Ah-ha, but why did he say that?” Akinlolu asked and she looked away uncomfortably,
Akinlolu asked, “Adara, what did you do?” Akinlolu asked,
“He wanted to sleep with me. I refused.”
“Seriously? That old smelling man! He needs to be given a good beating. Dear, just calm down. All will be well.”
“Why aren’t you at work anyway?”
“I stopped working yesterday.”
“You stopped working? Tell me that is a joke. How can you stop working? We barely have enough to eat and then you stopped working?”
“God told me to stop working.”
“What! How will God tell you to stop working? Can’t he see what we are passing through? You didn’t tell me Christianity is all about hardship and poverty.”
“Shhh. Do not say that. Christianity is not about hardship or poverty. In fact, Jesus died so we can be poverty free. We are rich Adara even if we do not have those material things like flashy cars, fat bank accounts and gigantic houses that make up the wealth of this world, that is only a matter of time. All these can’t go on forever. God is just trying to break us, process us and make us for the time to come. If I had given up, you would not have met me. Stay firm, okay?”
The next two months that followed were really harsh on Adara and Akinlolu, things couldn’t have been worse, Akinlolu had to sell his gadgets just for them to eat. At a point, whenever there was no food, they would automatically turn it into fasting, the most they ate was twice a day. During these times, Akinlolu still went in search of jobs and did interviews but with no fruitful result. Their landlord had already given them the normal three months extension before getting their belongings out if they do not pay within or after the three months.
After two months, God smiled on them.
One night while they were playing scrabble on Adara’s system, Akinlolu’s phone rang and he picked it,
“Hello… Yes, I am Akinlolu Coker… Yes?…. Oh! Good evening…. Oh my God!… Thank you so much… I will be there first thing on Monday morning… The same as discussed?… Wow… All right… Good night… Thank you.”
“What happened? Who was that?”
“Wonders shall never end, that was Pacesetters Construction Company’s CEO’s Secretary. Adara, he has finally done it.”
“What did the Secretary say? Talk to me.”
“She said they just reviewed their interview that was done three weeks ago due to the absence of the CEO and after going through all the candidates’ prospectus, she was told to call me to come start work as the man that got the job.”
“Wow! Praise God!”
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. Only God could have done this. Do you know the best part?”
“No, tell me please.”
“My salary would be 200,000 naira for a start!”
“200,000 naira? Oh my God! That’s huge. Oh my God!”
“We are indeed blessed and in a season of turnaround.”
“Do you know what this means, Akinlolu?”
“No more outstanding bills, no more worries, no more starving.”
“God is great!”
“All the time.”Akinlolu replied and they kept appreciating the Lord for his good deeds.
Akinlolu started work at Pacesetters the following Monday by eight o’clock and his boss, Mr. Cole, a nice middle-aged man took a liking to him instantly and even the rest of the staff accepted him.
Slowly and steadily, 29th of his first month at Pacesetters arrived and the CEO’s Secretary, Bidemi Williams came by his office some minutes before five, which was the closing time, to drop a manila envelope for him, he checked it out, saw his boss and made his way home.
As Adara opened the door for him, he pulled her to himself and held her tight, a confused Adara managed to say,
“You are choking me man.” Akinlolu knew but he was overwhelmed with happiness and something more he had been keeping at bay, he released her and apologized,
“Sorry, I am just excited. Come on, get dressed, we are eating out.”
“Eating out? Like seriously? Like that’s what we need right now. The landlord just left some minutes ago after he embarrassed the life out of me.”
“Forget that! Go get dressed, we are going out for dinner…in twenty minutes.” Akinlolu said glancing at his well-worn wristwatch as he made his way to his room leaving Adara all jaw dropped and gaping at his retreating back.
In twenty minutes, time, Adara walked into the sitting room, she had drawn her brows, applied powder on her face, used pink lipstick to go with her sleeveless V-neck shaped blue patterned gown and blue accessories. She met Akinlolu waiting for her. He was garbed in his only proper black shirt and his well ironed ashes colored material trouser. And they proceeded outside, as he locked the main door to their apartment.
Adara kept looking at him curiously as he motioned for her to come along. Adara started moving towards the gate but Akinlolu pulled her towards the garage that housed their neighbours two cars and a new black Toyota Camry car. Akinlolu walked ahead towards the black Camry and he inserted the keys, opening the front passenger’s door and holding it out for her, she did not move,
“Adara come over please, I am starving.”
“Akinlolu who owns this car?”
“I will gist you about it later, just come sit so we can be on our way.”
“Okay.” She agreed and went to sit in the vehicle after which he closed the door and got into the car from the driver’s side.

Saved by Love – Episode 5
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Soon they were on their way to a new opened restaurant, ‘Tantalizer’. When they got there, Akinlolu parked the car where other customers parked their cars and they got out of the sleek car and into the restaurant.
They chose a table at a quiet left corner and Akinlolu picked up the menu card as few seconds after, a waitress came to take their order, Akinlolu ordered and Adara did the same. As the waitress disappeared to bring their order, Adara asked,
“Akinlolu, what is going on? And you know I hate suspense.”
“Okay, you know today is 29…” Akinlolu was saying when Adara interrupted,
“Oh! Oh!” She exclaimed tapping her head, “Is that why you should exhaust your salary?”
“No but just listen . I received the alert of my salary this evening and the reason why we are eating out is to celebrate the fact that it’s our time for a turnaround and it has started.” Akinlolu paused as the waitress wheeled their food to their table and after serving them she left. Then he continued,
“It was some minutes before five and I wanted to finish the sketch I was working on before coming home when I received a text alerting me that I am 250,000 naira richer and just then Bidemi came to my office and delivered a manila envelope from the boss.
After she left, I opened it and in it was the car keys and another bunch of keys. So, I went to see the boss
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. He was just leaving his office and I said, ‘ Good evening sir, you sent these keys to me.’ And he said, ‘ Yes, after the talk we had about you, I have decided to help you, the car you can pay up for every month, 50,000 and the house I give to you till you can finish work on the land I advised you to buy. I have to go now, my wife is waiting for me but by weekend, I will send someone to take you there.’
I was flabbergasted Adara, my jaw was open the entire time he talked. God has really smiled on us, Babe, our story has finally changed.”
“I am so happy for you, Akinlolu. This is really the Lord’s doing. So, when are you moving in?”
“You? As in me? Come on Adara, we have been in this together right from the beginning, this is not the time to exclude yourself. We will be gone by weekend.” Akinlolu said and Adara smiled as they continued to devour their sumptuous meal as they kept discussing.
True to Akinlolu’s words, by the next week, they already moved into the house. It was a beautiful bungalow with four bedrooms with a toilet and bathroom each, a large kitchen that had a dining section and a comfortable living room with black painted carved iron gates.
It’s been five months since Akinlolu joined Pacesetter Construction Company and greater things has been happening in the company which includes development of branches outside the country and multiple contracts coming in. Akinlolu’s boss took him as a son. Now, it’s been a year and few months since Adara and Akinlolu left Lagos and a lot has been happening in the Zamani’s house. Alhaji was hellbent on his decision.
On one Saturday, Adara was preparing lunch, spaghetti and sauce when Akinlolu entered the kitchen, as he sank his teeth into a banana, he had taken from the dining table on his way to the kitchen, his eyes surveyed Adara’s back figure, she was dressed in a knee-length skirt with a blue blouse. Even from where he stood, she was lighting up a fire in his heart. The feelings he has been trying to suppress surged up and he decided it was now or never. He strode into the kitchen and stood at her back just as she asked without turning,
“There’s nothing for you to eat here till I am done.”
“How did you know I was the one?” Akinlolu asked and she turned chuckling,
“Do I have to remind you that you are wearing your perfume and we are just two in this house?” Akinlolu remained silent as his eyes held hers and he took three steps forward which brought him right in front of her and before Adara could decipher what was happening, he lowered his head and enveloped her lips in his. At first, Adara was startled but he teased her mouth open for him and kissed her with all the pent-up desire in him.
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Olufunlola Adeola )
. She responded to him by kissing him back and he cradled her cheeks, kissing her deeply making all reasonable thoughts fly away. He moved on to hold her waist even as they kissed and that was when her senses got jolted and she pushed him away. The kitchen was silent ‘cept for the boiling spaghetti for a while before Akinlolu said,
“Adara, I am sorry but I really like you. I am having these feelings that…”
“This never happened, okay? You and me, we never kissed.” She said and turned back to what she was doing before I interrupted.
“I don’t want to hear it, Akinlolu, please. So, are you through with the sketch you were working on?”
“Fine.” Akinlolu said curtly and he left the kitchen. After he left, Adara dropped the spoon she was holding. She couldn’t believe she just kissed Akinlolu. Did she like him in that way? It is not as if he was not handsome and hardworking and comfortable. And a good kisser too. She was just confused. ‘No, I won’t let Akinlolu deter me from my goal which is getting back on my feet.’ she thought and picked up the spoon again.


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