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“I’m out, Princess! Please come out and lock the door. I don’t know what you are doing inside there!” Seleo shouted as she took up her bag.
Princess came out looking dull and weak. She was just waking up. “I wonder when I’m going to have a rest in this house without hearing name. What’s it again?” Princess asked, dropping into a sofa.
Seleo eyed her. “Lock the door and make sure you wash those clothes on my bed. Please and please, don’t use the washing machine.” Seleo said and zoomed out.
“God!” Princess sighed and fell into another round of sleep.
She woke up about an hour later and went into the kitchen to make something.
She was cousins with Seleo who was three years younger than her. Seleo was twenty six while she was twenty three.
Their mothers were twin sisters. Seleo was already through with her service and was still looking for a job though she was not so serious about it.
Princess on her own part was still in her final year.
Her school had a long term strick and she had been living with her cousin for about there months now.
Princess was both surprised and amazed at the type of life Seleo lived. She was always after the loaded guys.
Like a song, she would sing it out that she would never marry a middle class man talkless of a poor man.
“I was born to be served not the other way round.” She would say.
Princess realized there were no much food stuffs in the house and dialled Seleo’s line.
“Hello, Seleo. Where are you? Party? Which party?
See,na you sabii. I wanted to cook now and noticed the kitchen is almost empty. Yes na. Okay,I’m waiting.” Princess said and cut the line before going to her room to have a change.
Twenty minutes after the call, Seleo arrived and they both went out.
They went to a super mart and brought all what they needed in the kitchen.
About an hour later, after having few drinks at the bar, they walked out chatting happily as they waited for a cab to take them back home.
They were still waiting when a brand new Corvette stopped in front of them.
“Oh my gosh!” Seleo sighed starring at the car. She immediately fell in love with the man inside it.
“Hello.” Said the driver as he whined down the glass.
“Hi!!” Seleo said sweetly. Princess eyed her and cleared her throat.
“Seems you girls are waiting for a cab.” The driver said again.
Seleo’s breath was quickly taken away as she stared at the young handsome face of the driver.
“Aaahh…yes… actually it has not been easy. We’ve been standing like an hour now…”
“Seleo!” Princess snapped, amazed. She hissed and turned to face the driver.
“Thanks sir,but don’t worry about us. We will soon get a cab.” Princess said and the driver smiled.
“You don’t need to be scared. Just wanna help,that’s all.” The driver said again.
Seleo was already opening the passanger’s seat in front.
“If you like stay there.” Seleo said to princess before hopping in.
Princess shook her head before opening the back door.
“Wow. Oh my God! The AC is s wow. Okay us some music please!” Seleo said, rocking her chair.
The driver laughed and put on a music.
“So what’s your name?’ the driver asked, already liking the lively lady.
“I’m Seleo and sitting at the back is Princess. And what’s yours?” Seleo asked, smiling happily. Wow,this guys must be loaded. Seleo thought looking around.
“I’m Benny. Can we exchange numbers..”
“Oh sure! Sure! Sure!” Seleo cried, bringing out her phone already.
Princess stared on at Seleo and shook her head again for the second time.
Just the beginning……..
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“Sir,we are stopping here.” Princess said from the back as soon as they got to their bus stop.
Seleo turned to look at her and cast her a dreadful look before turning to look at Benny. ” Don’t mind this fool. She’s dropping here but me I’m not. I just want you to take me out. I think I’m in love already!” Seleo said as Princess sighed, amazed.
Benny laughed. “Wow. It’s no problem with me. Let’s hang out then.” Benny replied.
“Oya you. Come out.” Seleo said and went down waiting for Princess to come down. She dragged her off from the car side.
“Princess, are you mad? No,tell me if you have suddenly gone mad. So you want to spoil business for me abi?” Seleo asked.
Princess was amazed. “Seleo, what’s your problem?
For goodness sake,we just met this guy some couple of minutes ago!
You don’t even know if he’s a ghost!” Princess said.
Seleo laughed. “Look at her mouth. Ghost indeed. Oya come and be going home. Cook something delicious Biko. Ngwa, bye-bye. Kill joy.” Seleo said and ran back to the car and hopped in.
“Aahh!” Princess sighed out loud and walked away.
“She should have come along. Doesn’t she wanna go with us?” Benny asked as he started the engine.
“Oh don’t worry about that bush girl. Let’s just go.” Seleo said already impatient.
She wanted to have this guy already.
She could smell money! Lots of them!
Benny took her to a classic eatery and told her to order anything.
Seleo was happy. She was so excited because this was the type of life she had always envisioned.
The waiter brought the menu and Seleo choosed a great meal and ordered for extra dessert.
Benny on his own part was watching the girl with keen interest. He was beginning to like her. He watched her pretty face and the way she chatted happily with him.
He liked the way she felt so safe with him even though they were just meeting for the first time.
He failed to realize there was something else to it.
“Hope you are enjoying your meal?” He asked as he continued sipping his drink and watching her.
“Oh yes, thanks so much.” Seleo said and smiled at him.
Benny smiled back.
Hours later, Seleo got home with two filled plastic bags.
“I’ve made it!, I’ve made it!” She sang as she entered the house.
Princess was laying on a couch and reading a novel. She sat up, watching her cousin.
“What have you made?” She asked sneering.
“Oh you sit down there and wallow in the ocean of poverty. As for me, I’m keeping this guy. Man, he’s so loaded!
We are having another date on Saturday and this time in his house! I’m sure his house will look like heaven!” Seleo said dreamily as she dropped one of the plastic bag on the table. She stretched the other one to princess.
“Here. He said I should give you this. Abi you no want?” Seleo
Princess stretched and collected the bag.
She opened it and gasped. A full packet of pizza, two sandwiches and some box of chocolates.
“Wow. He must be so nice, Selly!” Princess said happily.
“You can say that again. I’m surely gonna keep this one and spend his money with him.” Seleo said as she sank into a couch.
Princess rolled her eyes. “Seleo there you go again.
Money, money, money! That’s all you ever think of! Can’t you think of getting to know him better and….”
“Hold it there. That’s enough. I’m going inside to rest. I really don’t have time for this your sermon.” Seleo said, yawned and stood up. She left the living room singing.
Princess licked her lips and started justice on her own plastic bag.
Two weeks later, Selena had got into bed four times with Benny.
She demanded for lots of money after each sex.
Benny was beginning to get suspicious about her behavior.
He thought she was being too cheap but nevertheless, he still cared about her and gave her all she needed.
One a Sunday afternoon, Seleo had come to visit and with of them cuddled up in a sofa.
“So honey, I was thinking if we could get married, weyou know. I can’t wait to have you as a wife.” Benny said.
Seleo was excited. She hugged him happily. “Same here with me, Benny. I’m dying to have you as my husband.” Seleo replied.
Benny smiled and brought her closer. They kissed and before they could open their eyes,
they had another sex.
Around seven in the evening, Seleo got free and got ready to leave.
Benny saw her out to the gate.” I could have dropped you off but I have to do something urgent. Just take a cab home.” Benny said.
“Okay but you haven’t given me the money you promised me. I need it.” Seleo said, worriedly.
Benny stared at her. She had never fir once cared about the business he does to get this money she always requested.
“But I promised I’m going to give it to you. I don’t have it now.” Benny said.
Seleo turned to look at him disdainfully.” En? Isi gini? You don’t have what? Ah, please don’t joke with that type of thing oh. Remember how much we are talking about here.
Just one hundred thousand naira? What if I’ve requested for two hundred?
Please I need that money as soon as possible.” Seleo said and marched away.
Benny was amazed as he stood there watching her go away angrily.

See you soon in Episode 3……



Seleo entered the house, fuming.
“Can you imagine the brat? Does he think I’m even ready to jump into marriage just like that? All I fucking need right now is money.
Only hundred thousand naira..can you imagine!” Seleo vibrated as Princess came out of her room and saw her.
“What’s going on? Why are you yelling?” Princess asked. She lifted the teddy bear on the nearbyysofa and sat down.
“Can you imagine? I asked Benny for One hundred thousand naira and he is telling me he doesn’t have it?” Seleo asked.
“Hundred! For what Kwanu?” Princess was astonished.
“What’s even your own problem? Have you completely gone dumb? What’s one hundred thousand naira? Of he doesn’t have it that means I’m dumping him as soon as possible.
I don’t want someone who’s going to suffer me Biko.” Seleo said and hissed before going to her room.
“Hey! This girl of a Seleo eehh? I hope it won’t be too late before you learn your mistakes.” Princess said before standing up too.
She was about to go back inside her room when someone knocked on the door. “Who’s it?”
“Is someone inside!” A voice said outside the door.
“Oh, Tonia.” Princess said as she quickly opened the door. Tonia was Seleo’s best friend. “Welcome.”
“Thanks dear. Haven’t your school call off the strick?” Tonia asked coming inside.
“Ah, na so I see am oh. I don’t know what’s wrong with all those useless lecturers.
If they like let them prolong the stupid strike till this semester is over, I don’t care.” Princess said and Tonia laughed.
“Please, where’s Seleo?” Tonia said after laughing.
“Hmm. The funny girl just left for her room. Funny indeed.” Princess replied.
“An an, what happened? What’s funny about her?”Tonia asked.
“Just go and meet her in her room. I’m sure she has a lot of gust for you. Then you will understand. I don’t want to poke nose around please.” Princess said and rolled her eyes.
“Whatever that means.” Tonia replied and went into Seleo’s room.
The next day, Seleo and Princess went out for shopping.
“I thought you said he did not give you money. Why then aren’t you allowing me pay my bills?” Princess asked as they went to the shoe section.
They just finished having a squashing meal of marched potatoes and fried Chicken with waffles.
“He sent me the money last night. Why do you think I came to shop before?” Seleo asked, checking out a bright red shoe.
“Eya, the poor boy. Then you have to go and see him na. Won’t you appreciate him?” Princess asked.
“Hey hey hey! Enough Biko! What’s your problem?
Why don’t you keep this fast running high lander you call mouth shut? Must you talk!” Seleo raved.
“Oh. Sorry ohh.” Princess said and faced her business.
“Rubbish. Let him come and apologies for keeping me waiting first.” Seleo raved on. She hissed and turned to face Princess. “Infact, done here. Let’s go.
You’ve finally succeeded in ruining my mood.” Seleo said and marched away to the cashier.
Princess followed behind and shook her head.
They paid for their items and left the shopping center.
Immediately they got outside, someone stepped outside from a new land cruiser.
It was a guy wearing a body guard uniform.
He turned and walked to the passanger’s seat and opened the door.

Another man came out. Seleo was watching. Immediately they came face to face with the body guard, both Princess and Seleo gasped unbelievably.
“Ben….. Benny!” Seleo exclaimed. She could not believe what she just saw now. Does it mean Benny’s a…? No no no!
Benny sighted Seleo and smiled and went to meet her.” Wow Seleo! You are here ” Benny said happily.
“Yes, I’m here. What going on here? Who’s that man you opened the door for? What are you wearing? Can you please explain?’ Seleo asked. She was afraid of what she was going to do if her instincts were right.
“Uhh..well… actually..that man that entered that shop is my boss.” Benny replied.
“Did.. did I just hear you right? Your what!” Seleo shouted.
“Baby….honey..why are you shouting? Please, calm down.” Benny said.
“Oh my God…ah, I’m finished. Benny, what did I hear you say? Did you say that man is your boss?” Seleo asked again.
“Yes. I’m actually his body guard.” Be my replied and before he knew what was happening, a hot sharp slap landed on his face. He was shocked. Seleo had slapped him.
“Seleo!” Princess exclaimed, holding her back.
“Aaii! I’ve suffered! You! Ordinary body guard? You slept with me? How dare you! How dare you even talk about marriage with me! E no go better for your generation!” Seleo yelled, drawing people’s attention.
Benny was embarrassed and shocked at the same time. What was wrong with him being a body guard? He admitted it wasn’t fair that he had behaved like the owner of the house and car but he had given her so much in little time.
“Honey.. please calm down…”
“I swear if you call me honey again, I’m going to hit my shoe on your skull. Idiot shameless man!” Seleo raved on.
Just then, Benny’s boss came out of the shop with a plastic bag. He saw the scene and got confused.
“Benny, what’s happening here? What’s going on?” The man asked.
“Sir….. it’s my wife…she’s just angry about something..” Benny started.
“Ohhhhh!! I’m going crazy! Who’s your wife? Benny, who’s your wife! I swear if you repeat that statement again, I’m going to curse you and your unborn generation!” Seleo yelled at him.
“Seleo, you are embarrassing me now! I will leave you here and go oh!” Princess scolded.
“Excuse me sir..don’t mind this man. I have no business with this ill fated man oh. Me, your wife?” Seleo said and hissed, snapping her fingers.
“Okay no problem. So do I drop you girls off? We can go and settle this at my place…” Benny’s boss was saying when Seleo quickly cut him short.
“Ah yes sir…that will get very Cool.” Seleo said smiling seductively at the well dressed man. She was amazed at the sight of the car.
This is real money. She said to herself as she rushed up to the car and sat in front.
Benny slowly walked to the driver’s seat and opened the car for his boss and stared at Seleo. He was shocked at her action.
Princess on her own part was feeling so sorry for the poor guy. She sat at the back with him d persuaded him not to get so mad.
As for Seleo, right there in the car, sitting in front with Benny’s boss…she was already asking for his business card.
Her hand was on his laps as she chatted happily away with him.

Hmm….one word for Seleo…………. see you soon in episode 4



“What was the meaning of what you did back there, Seleo? Have you no shame at all?” Princess asked, amazed.
“Ashamed? What should I be ashamed of, Princess? That I collected chief’s number? Oh please spare me that!” Seleo said going into her room.
Princess followed her. She could not believe Seleo could be so unreasonable.
“You shouldn’t have done that for spikes sake! Are you meaning to tell me you’ve dropped that guy just like they all because he’s a body guard?” Princess asked.
“Point of correction. Body guard and gate man.” Seleo said out loud.
“But what’s wrong with that?, Isn’t it love that matters?” Princess admonished.
“Please, enough of your sermons, are you a pastor?. Come and be going as you can see, I want to make a call. Whether you like it or not, chief is the man I want. Like ……check him out. Who loved to suffer? Oh please!” Seleo said.
“I pity you, Seleo. May God forgive you!” Princess said and vacated the room.
“Hello, Chief chief..oh really? Okay,I will be there tomorrow. No, it’s no problem. I just wanted to thank you for today. I was so happy. That man’s a bastard.” Seleo said, referring to Benny.
The next day, Seleo knocked at the gate and just as suspected, Benny opened it. She entered and looked disdainfully at him.
“Seleo! Thank God you came.” Benny said happily but Seleo hissed loudly.
“Is your boss around?” She asked.
Benny wondered why she was asking. “My boss? Yes, chief is around but why are you asking?” Benny replied.
“Isn’t it obvious? I’ve come to see him. Or wait, you actually thought I came to see a pauper like you?” Seleo taunted.
“Seleo! Watch what you say to me. How could you do this to me after all I’ve given you?”
“Look at his mouth. How much did you give me? Look, you better mind yourself to prevent another slap.” Seleo said and hissed.
Just then Chief came out from the main building and saw them.
Seleo quickly moved away from Benny’s side and started walking towards Chief and smiling sweetly.
“Good afternoon, chief.”, She greeted.
Chief returned the smile. ‘How are you?'” he asked.
Benny stood there and watched as Seleo put her arms around chief and went into the house with him.
Benny went back into his little room with disappointment and heavy heart.
Two days later, Princess was outside washing her clothes when Seleo brought out some of her clothes too.
“Help me wash these clothes abeg. Make sure that this particular top is neat….as in very neat. I’m going out with chief this night and I intend to wear it along.” Seleo said.
“Okay, madam oh. Madam chief. You better be careful because this one you are shouting chief up and down, I don’t understand.” Princess teased.
“My dear you will soon understand by the time you hear our wedding bells!” Seleo said happily.
“Wow. Really? Na wa oh, so you are really done with Benny?” Princess asked.

Who? What is Benny? Abeg, that is past tense. Let me go inside and pit something on fire.” Seleo said and just as she turned to go, Benny arrived.
He walked up to her. Seleo was overwhelmed with anger. She turned to face Princess and supposedly started a conversation with her so as to ignore Benny.
“Hi honey. Seleo, I’m greeting you. Seleo?” Benny said and touched her arm.
Seleo’s action was a shock. She turned and gave with two slaps on the check.
Princess sighed, amazed.
“What’s your problem! Benny, what’s your problem, I’m asking you? Can’t you understand simple English? Which part of leave me alone don’t you understand?
Even if you are a gate man, that doesn’t mean you should be completely dumb. Get out!” Seleo yelled at him.
“Baby….what have I done to deserve this? Okay, forgive me for whatever I’ve done. I love you and I want you to understand me.” Benny said but his words fell on deaf ears as Seleo had turned to face Princess. She was talking with her and completely ignored Benny.
Benny wet down on his knees. “Honey…” He started but just as soon as he called honey, Seleo picked up a full bucket of water and splashed it on him.
“Idiot!” Seleo shouted into his wet shoocked face and rushed inside.
Benny knelt there still shocked. His body dripped badly of water.
“Oh my God..I’m so sorry!” Princess exclaimed and stood up. She gave him a hand and lifted him to his feet.
“Thank you.” Benny said with a low voice.
Princess was sad to see such a nice guy like this. He was so wet. ” You Know what? You can’t go home like this. Wait here let me her you one of my shirt. I can come over to your place and take it.” Princess offered.
Benny turned to look at her and for the first time, he looked deeply into her eyes and saw something great. Something he never noticed before.
Princess felt this too. Her heart was shaken. She felt something spark between them too as she quickly went inside to bring the shirt.
Benny stood there still dripping of water and watching princess as she walked inside.

…………….Episode 5



As Benny walked back home, his mind was centered on Princess.

Why is he just noticing her so well today? All these whole time he had been with Seleo,he never really looked at Princess and when he did today, he noticed something and felt something he never felt before.

He looked down at the shirt she had given him and smiled.

What a darling.

As soon as Benny left, Princess stormed inside the house and met Seleo watching TV. She was agitated at what she had done to the poor boy.

“For crying out loud, Seleo what’s wrong with you? Why are you doing this for goodness sake? Can’t you see it? That guy loves you!” Princess exclaimed.

Seleo hissed for a start. “Wait first, what’s even your own business?

Oh, oh..don’t tell me you are falling for that church rat?

Chai! Princess, you Know your father doesn’t have much money oh. Hmm, you better marry someone like my chief so you won’t shame your family by taking a pauper home.

I’ve said my own o because I don’t see any other reason you are always trying to defend that thing…”

Princess cuts her short angrily. “Enough! Yes, if you must know, I’m actually thinking of helping Benny out to forget an ingrate like you.

Like….you don’t Worth his love at all. I will just warn you, Seleo. I’m going to ask you for the last time, are you sure about your decision? Should I go on?” Princess asked, staring intently at Seleo.

“You are beginning to piss me off, Princess. Go on and do whatever you like with him. I’m done with him!” Seleo yelled.

Princess shrugged and started walking away. She stopped and turned to look at Seleo again. “There is still time to reconsider cos once I’m in, I’m never backing out.” With that she left the living room.

Seleo hissed and continued watching TV.

The next day, Princess woke up as early as possible before Seleo and swept the whole house.

She warmed the soup from yesterday night and did a little cleaning and laundry after which she went into her room and threw her wardrobe open to search for the perfect outfit for the day.

The time was eight am when Seleo woke up. She was surprised to see Princess dressed and looking like a real princess.

“An an, where you dey go?” Seleo asked, looking up and down at Princess.

“How do I look?” She asked, smiling and turning around.

“Hmm. You look good madam. So, where?” Seleo asked again.

“I’m going to chief’s house. I want to collect my shirt from Benny..
The one I gave him yesterday after you poured him a bucket of water.” Princess said and rolled her eyes.

“Na you sabi. So is that why you are dressed like this?” Seleo asked again.

“An an, how else should I dress? Biko,I’m out. I will back in two hours.” Princess said and started walking out.

“Two hours just to collet shirt? Okay oh.” Seleo said and went into the bathroom.

“Hold on, I’m coming.” Benny said as he heard the third knock on the gate. He opened and smiled on seeing Princess.

“Please come on in.” He said to her. Princess returned the smile and squeezed past him.

They walked to the small garden beside the gate house.

“I washed your shirt immediately I got home yesterday. Thank you so much.” Benny said.

Princess smiled. ” You don’t have to thank me. After all,it was my cousin’s fault. Please pardon her.” Princess said, looking at Benny.

Benny looked back at her. Princess was just too beautiful this morning. From her dark hair to her toes. “You are looking beautiful. I never noticed you until yesterday. Have you been hiding?” Benny asked.

Princess laughed. “Hiding? But you’ve always been seeing me? So… how’s that possible?” Princess laughed again.

Be my shrugged. “You wouldn’t understand but I kind of noticed you like never before yesterday perhaps because it was the first time our body is making contact?” Benny asked.

Princess was quiet. She could not deny that yesterday feeling too. “You must be going through a lot I’m sorry. Seleo is just too blinded by money and fame. She failed to realize that money isn’t everything. When their is love, money becomes less or no problem at all. I learnt this experience from my parents. They are a living example.

Daddy’s never so rich but the love between my parents are great. I don’t really want riches only but love at it’s best….I hope Seleo understands this on time.” Princess said and smiled.

Benny was amazed. He was pleased as be stared at Princess.

For goodness sake…where has this wonderful angel been hiding?

The next morning Seleo came out with Chief, ready to go back home. She had spent the night with him.

“Chief, I think it’s time you get me my own car. And also you promised me a cheque of one million naira since last week. I’m.still expecting it.” Selena said as they walked together to the gate.

Chief smiled. “Don’t worry now. Is it not me again? I’m going to write it very soon at my office. Don’t worry about it and go home and freshen up.” Chief said.

Seleo smiled and kissed him. Benny came out from the gate house in time to see them. He coughed and Seleo saw him. She broke the kiss and hissed. “Darling I’m off. You open the gate now! Don’t just stand there and look at me.” Seleo said harshly to Benny who looked at her before opening the gate for her.

“Be fast my friend.” Chief said as Seleo hissed again at Benny before going out.

Chief turned and went back inside.

Not long after Selena left, another knock landed in the gate.

“Who’s that one again na!” Benny said and went to the gate to open it.

Immediately he opened it, his mouth went agape with surprise as an elderly woman came into the compound and stared equally shocked at him.

“Benedict! Benedict!! What in heaven’s name are you wearing!!”

What’s happening here??

……….. next episode.



“SHHHH!!” Benny said and dragged the woman closer. He peered out and looked around before locking the gate.

“Mum, keep your voice down!” Benny said and breathed in.

The woman was still staring at him obviously shocked at his dressing. ” Ben, you have not answered my question. What are you doing here beside the gate and what are you wearing?” She asked again.

“I will explain everything mum but right now you need to rest. But…why didn’t you come with any car? What happened and…why is there no body guard with you?” Ben asked but the woman wouldn’t say anything.

“Answer mine before I answer yours! What in heaven’s name can my own son be doing beside the gate!”

Are you serious!” Princess said into phone. She was chatting with one of her friends, Benita. “That means very soon, we are going to resume?” She asked.

Yes oh, I can’t wait to go back to school. Like…I’m seriously home sick!” Benita said from the other line.

Princess laughed. “That one na you na. As for me, I’m just beginning to like this strike because your dear friend just got a Prince charming!” Benita laughed out loud.

You? By saying Prince mean you’ve gotten a boyfriend? That’s fabulous!” Benita said and Princess rolled her eyes. Just then, a knock came on the door.

“Benita, I think my cousin is back. I will call you later when I’m done. Yeah. Sure. Okay….bye.” Princess hung up the call and stood up. She walked to the door and opened it as Seleo entered.

She inhaled deeply and fell into a couch.

“What’s popping?” Princess asked as she myclosed the door and turned to face her.

Seleo smiled happily and sat up. “Guess what?” She asked happily.

Princess rolled her eyes. “what?”

“Chief proposed to me!” Seleo announced and Princess gasped.

They both shouted and embraced.

“Wow, I’m so happy for you!” Princess said as they disengaged. Seleo was glowing.

“You can say that again. Yes, you should be happy for me. Like….I can’t just wait to get married to him. This man is made of money!” Seleo said happily.

Princess stopped to look at her. “Excuse me. So, this is still all about money?” She asked.

“What’s it about again if not money? Abeg abeg abeg, don’t you dare spoil my wonderful mood right. Look I’m going inside to rest because I have a busy day ahead of me.” Seleo said firmly and walked off, taking her bag with her.

Princess shook her head as she watched her go. Her phone rang again and she smiled when she saw the caller.

“Hello, Benny. I thought you wouldn’t call.” Princess said and smiled. Her eyes widened after a moment of silence. “What? You..want to take me out? What if your boss…what’s he gonna say? You should be at your duty post, Benny. Don’t get yours into trouble because of me. Are you sure? Okay, I’m coming.” Princess said quietly and cut the called.

She breathed in deeply and thought for a while before going into her room to dress.

Her first date with Benny…. hmm. Awesome.

Mrs Nicholas breathed in again as she stared at her son. “Well, Benny…..I think that’s a good idea but don’t you think it’s way too risky? You aren’t used to that kind of life. You are a Minister’s son for goodness sake. What will people say when they see you?” Mrs Nicholas said again.

Benny smiled. His mother sure do worry too much. Perhaps, maybe because he was the only son and also the first born. He had other three siblings but they were all girls.

“Mum, nothing’s gonna happen to me. I will be fine. This charade won’t take long I promise.” Benny said and Mrs Nicholas breathed in again.

“The person I called few minutes ago is on her way right now. When she gets here, I want you to do me the favor of slapping me in front of her. Yes, mum…you will have to do it.” Benny said as his mother’s eyes widened.

“I’ve never raised my hands on you in my life!, You want me to start now all because of this game!” Mrs Nicholas shouted.

“Mum, calm down and listen to me. I know what I’m doing. I don’t want to ever make the mistake of marrying the wrong woman. Please mum or would you rather I call Emekamy gate man to do it?” Benny asked.

“Okay. I will do it but I don’t like this at all. I don’t!” Mrs Nicholas said.

Benny smiled. “Don’t worry mum. Everything will be fine.” Benny said and just then,the hallway door opened and Princess came in and walked through the passage then came out into the large living room.

Immediately she got there, she regretted ever coming. She desperately wanted to run back outside at what she was seeing right now.

A majestically dressed woman was sitting on the large couch looking so angry. Benny was kneeling and in tears.

“Good… good… afternoon…” Princess stammered visibly scared.

The woman ignored her and continued to tongue lash Benny. “You just a good for nothing fool! A begger? How could you go out and start begging for alms! Doesn’t my son give you enough? Has he not tried for a common gate man like you!”

Benny jammed his palms together in a pleading manner. “Ma, I’m is the work of devil. It won’t happen again.”

The four opened again and this tine, it was Seleo. Chief had also called her so they could go out. Everything was Benny’s plan.

“What’s going on here? Where is chief?” Seleo asked and looked disdainfully at Benny. “What had he done!” She asked without greeting the older woman.

Just then Chief came down from the stairs and Seleo ran to meet him.

“Honey, is that your mother?” Seleo asked. She hated mother in-laws so much because she believed they were always bad luck.

“Oh yes.” Chief replied. “Mama, what’s going on here?” Chief asked.

“You won’t believe that I saw this ingrate begging for money” Mrs Nicholas said, stood up and slapped Benny.

“What! Begging?” Chief and Seleo exclaimed. Seleo laughed out loud and looked at Princess with a “I warned you” look.

“You are going to be sacked immediately!” Chief shouted.

“Ma..sir….chief,please! Pardon him. I will definitely make sure this does not happen again. Maybe he wasn’t thinking. Please forgive him.” Princess pleaded.

Mrs Nicholas was overwhelmed with princess’s attitude. She desperately wanted to smile but she tightened back her face. ” Take him away from my sight!” She ordered.

Just under his clothes, Benny gave his mother a thumbs up.

He was equally overwhelmed. The least he expected was to see Princess run out of the house after finding out how poor he was but she didn’t. Instead, she had stayed behind and pleaded on his behalf.

“What were you thinking? Don’t tell me that’s true. Were you really begging?” Princess asked, really concerned.

Benny kept quiet. He only continued smiling. ” Is there anything wrong in trying to beg for alms?” He asked her calmly.

“Benny, I could have given you some money out if my allowance. You could have asked chief for money or tell him to pay you in advance.

So you said you wanted to take me out for lunch? With which money? En? Benny, please..I’m begging you, don’t repeat this thing again.” Princess said.

Benny looked at her, breathed in and held her hand then led her to the gate house. “You are one of a kind and you deserve the kindest thing on earth.”


Seleo ran into the house happily and singing. She screamed excitedly and sat on the sofa.

Princess came out of the room, looking at her and wondering what the excitement was all about.

“What Happ? What’s going on with you!” Princess asked, sitting down too.

“Guess what, Princess. Just guess!” Seleo shouted happily.

“Hmm..okay, okay. Chief has promised you another unfulfilling one million naira?” Princess asked.

“Oh God! Can you be realistic for once, Princess and make something out if that your fish brain?

Who told you chief is not gonna give me the money?

He must oh especially now that I’m pregnant for him!!” Seleo said happily and Princess looked sharply at her.

“You are what??” She asked again.

“Yes ohh!! I’m pregnant for chief Emeka!”

What happens next??

Find out in the next thrilling episode……



“Did you say pregnant? ” princess asked.

“Yes? What’s wrong in being pregnant for someone you are getting married to? ” Seleo asked.

“No oh. I did not say its bad. I’m just feeling somehow about this. But congratulations dear. ” Princess said and smiled as they hugged.

The next day, Princess left the house in the afternoon after watching the news on TV to visit Benny.

She met him reading newspaper in front of the gate house.

“Hi! ” she greeted him cheerfully.

Benny looked up and saw her approaching. Within him, he knew he had fallen so much in love with Princess and that she was the right woman for him.

He continued staring at her till she got in front of him. He stood up and gave her a warm hug long enough to get her thinking.

“Are you alright? ” Princess asked, smiling nervously.

There was this look in Benny’s eyes that she couldn’t explain.

“I’m okay. I was just so happy to see you. Come in. ” Benny said and together they went inside the gate house.

Benny contemplated on telling who he really is but he held back himself.

Instead without any other word, he turned and pulled Princess closer to himself and wrapped his arms around her.

Princess was a little bit surprised. Benny has never done that.

“Benny… ” she started to protest but Benny shut her up by covering her mouth with his in a warm deep kiss.

Princess gasped and closed her eyes, enjoying thus great feeling.

In no time, Benny has her jacket pulled off then her silky top.

He layed her down on the bed and stood back, admiring her perfect body.

Her face was full of shock and questions but Benny smiled at her and pulled off his clothings then layed beside her.

“I love you so much. ” Benny said into her ears and caressed her hair.

Princess heart was beating fast now as Benny’s hand went down between her legs.

No! No?! I can’t do this. Not now! Princess said in her heart.

She suddenly came back to her senses when she felt Benny’s manhood in her inner thighs.

“No! ” she cried and stood up from bed, pushing Benny away who looked at her, wondering what the matter was.

“What’s wrong? You…don’t want to do this? I love you and I thought you love me too. ” Benny asked.

Princess quickly covered her naked chest and looked at him then breathed in. “No….. Not that… It’s just that I’m going to stain your..bed….. ” Her voice trailed off when she saw Benny’s eyes grow large.

He understood quickly. “What? Are you saying.. You are still…..a….?? ” he did not complete the statement because Princess has began to nod her head.

“Oh my God! I cant believe this! ” Benny said and jumped down the bed. He held her hands and looked deeply into her eyes.

“Then we have to get married as soon as possible. I can’t wait anymore…. Like, I can’t continue anymore. “Benny said unconsciously.

Princess frowned. “Wait… What are you talking about? I don’t understand. “Princess said as Benny stood, looking at her and smiling.

“Soon enough… You shall know what I mean. ”

“Mama, you guys should get ready oh. By tomorrow, you guys are going to be having a big visitor from the city here. Tell papa to make sure all my uncles are ready. Yes, as a matter of fact, my rich husband to be is coming to pay for my bride prize. ” Seleo said into the phone and laughed after a while.

After brief discussion with her mother, she cut the line.
Just then Princess came in and sat down, smiling.

“Wettin sup babe? Hope you are getting ready? Because tomorrow is gonna be so hot. I just finished calling mama.

She is so happy that I’m finally bringing somebody home. ” Seleo said and laughed. “This one you are smiling like this what happened? ” Seleo added.

“I’m so excited just like you right now. Benny proposed to me and he’s also going to follow us to the village tomorrow to see my dad.” Princess said.

Seleo stared at her with mockery and bursted into laughter. “What did I hear you say!” Seleo roared with laughter.

Princess stared innocently at her. “An an, what’s funny? What have I said that’s so funny to warrant such laughter? ” she asked.

“Hey! Princess, you are a fool! A very big one! How will you coup with a common gate man? How! Is this how you want to pay your parents! En! Chai! I have suffered.

You are a big fool oh. You want to get married to an ordinary gate man?

Instead of looking for someone who’s going to sponsor you through the rest of your educational life… You are here about to get married to an ordinary gate man. I so much pity your life and don’t say I did not warn you. Ewu! ” Seleo voiced out.

Princess only smiled. “Are you done? Mrs advicer. Thank you very much for all the insults but its none of your business. I choose someone my heart goes for and not what my eyes goes for.

Thank you. Look, I’m going in to pack few of my clothes for tomorrow oh.” Princess said and left the living room.

“You had better grab some sense Princess. Hmm. Okay oh! “Seleo hissed and dialed another number on her phone.

Early the next morning, Seleo and Princess had finished dressing and were waiting for Chief to come pick them up for the long journey to the village.

The time was half past seven when they finally arrived.

“Oh! They are here. Hurry up. Pull the luggage along.” Seleo told Princess who drew the luggage along with her to the booth.

Seleo entered the front seat and sat beside chief who was the one driving. “An an, are you the one driving? What is that good for nothing gate man of yours doing? ” Seleo asked smiling happily.

Chief was silent for some time before answering. “There was a situation so…he’s to enter a different car to the village. “Chief answered.

“Okay.. Whatever. “Seleo said and just then, Princess entered and sat at the back sit. She looked around wondering where Benny was. “Where is Benny, Chief? I thought he was supposed to follow us!?” Princess asked.

“Yes, actually there is a little situation so he’s going to meet us there.” Chief responded and started the car engine. Soon, they were on the way to the village.

Four p.m in the evening, they arrived at Seleo’s father’s compound. About four of their uncles we’re already around with different drinks.

Princess’s father was happy to see his daughter again. She reminded him so much of his late wife.

After all pleasantries, Seleo’s father began to talk about the reason for the visit.

“Emm… Sir, before I start talking about our visit here, I will like someone to join us first. ” chief said

Everyone turned to look at him. Seleo wondered who and what he was talking about.

“Chief….. Who is that? ” Seleo asked.

Just then, Chief’s phone rang and he quickly picked it up. “Hello boss, sir? Okay…. Near an oak tree? Alright.. I’m coming right now with the car. ” chief said, excused himself and ran out. He drive out in the compound with the car.

Seleo thought her ears we’re deceiving her about what she heard.

Maybe she wasnt hearing right.

Her parents and everyone else waited all in silence since everyone couldn’t understand the situation

Few minutes later, Chief arrived with the car. Out of curiousity, everyone trooped out to see what was going on.

Seleo watched as her own chief climbed down from the car turned and and opened the passenger’s door.

Seleo blinked and blinked again when she realized what chief was wearing.

No no no!! Wait! A…gate man’s uniform?

“What’s happening here!” Seleo shouted. As if the shook was not enough, someone came down majestically from the car, wearing the most expensive materials ever.

Seleo wondered who is was as she stared intently at him as he began to turn to their direction………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..


EPISODE 8 (Last Episode)

Benny came down from the car and slowly turned to look at the little crowd before him.

Smiling, he centered his eyes on Seleo who stared at him unbelievably.

“What’s… What’s going on here? ” Princess asked as she stared at Benny who looked just like a prince.

Seleo looked from Benny to the so called chief and laughed. “Chief, what’s happening here? Are you guys…acting a play? ” Seleo asked.

Mr Eze, Princess’s father cleared his throat. “Let’s go inside first and sought this confusion. What do you think my brother? ” Mr Eze asked Seleo’s father, Mr Paul.

“Yes I think so because I’m beginning to get confused too. “Mr Paul said.

They all went into the house and took their seats.

“My son, you are highly welcomed. Like I said before, I’m confused.

This gentle man here was the first to come here with our two daughters. Now he’s dressing differently. So, who are you please? ” Mr Paul asked.

“En em, papa. That is not the correct question. The question is, what is the meaning of this insult? Look, papa, I will do the introduction myself. This is chief! ” Seleo said, pointing to chief. “And that is his gate man ” Seleo said.

“Seleo, I don’t think so. ” Her mother whispered to her.

Benny smiled and cleared his throat too.” Tony, stand up and say something. ” Benny commanded.

Tony stood up and cleared his throat, then bowed to Benny before talking. Seleo could not believe what was going on. She was in a daze.

“I greet everyone in this room especially my boss here… ”

“Your what!!! ” Seleo and Princess shouted at the same time.

“Keep shut and let’s listen to him! ” Seleo’s father shouted too.

Seleo moved uncomfortably in her seat, scratching her head.

“As I was saying, I want to thank my boss here for giving me the opportunity to live a normal life for once.

My name is Tony Ifechukwu and I’m Sir Benny’s gateman. ”

“Heyyyyyyy!!!!! I’m finished! ” Seleo shouted, her hands on her head as she stared at Tony.

“Will you keep quiet and let us here word! ” her mother shouted back.

Princess on her own part was staring wide eye at Benny who avoided her eyes.

Tony continued his story. “I love my boss so much and would never allow him make a foolish mistake. This game started the very day he brought Seleo home.”


“What if I asked for two hundred? Please, I need that money urgently. ” Seleo said and walked off.

Benny stood looking at her as she walked away. He turned to go back inside when Tony his gateman ran to meet him.

“Sir, excuse me sir. I want to talk with you.”Tony said. Benny stopped and looked at him. “Okay, what is it about? ”

“Sir, its about this girl that just left here. I heard you saying you will marry her. I’m sorry to have eavesdropped on your conversation sir. “Tony said.

Benny shrugged and looked at him. “Okay. So, what’s wrong with that? ” Benny asked.

“Hmm, sir, don’t you think you are making a mistake? I saw the way she retaliated when you told her you don’t have money.

Don’t you know that some girls are just opportunities?

I think you should put that girl to test before you marry her to see the type of a girl she is”. Tony said.

Benny looked thoughtfully at him and nodded. “I think you are right, Tony. But how do I do that? “Benny asked.

“Sir, I equally don’t know. We have to come up with something.”Tony said.

Benny thought for a while and suddenly smiled. “I think I have an idea.

Since she has not seen you in this house before, I think I will have to act like a gate man, then you as the boss.” Benny said and Tony laughed, nodding in agreement.

“That’s a very nice suggestion sir. I think its going to work. ”


“Hewyyyyyyyy!! Ewooo!! I’m finished!, Ahhhh! I’m finished?! ” Seleo screamed.

Princess covered her mouth in amazement and turned to look at Seleo.

“You see your life? Have you seen it? Do, because you think he’s an ordinary gate man, you left him for someone else? ” Maria, her mother asked.

“She took after you! Now you have seen the cause?” Mr Paul asked.

“So, that was what happened. Me I’m a gate man oh. And when all this were going on, I tried as much as possible to avoid sleeping with her but she was always on my neck. I called my oga and told him then he told me to go ahead and do it and now, Seleo is pregnant for me but not to worry, I will marry her since its my child she’s carrying.” Tony said and sat down.

Benny stood up and cleared his throat. “In addition to what Tony said, I want to give the best thanks and admiration to this rear gem here…. To this wonderful angel, Princess.

She has captured my heart with her incomparable character and I want to promise her that starting from today, she will live in paradise.

Princess, please…come forward. ” Benny said smiling at Princess.

Princess slowly stood up still shocked as she walked to Benny who held her hand and kneeled down with a diamond ring in her hand. “Please marry me and bring me more joy. ” Benny saud as tears filled Princess’s eyes. She could nit believe that this was actually happening.

“Yes… Yes.. I will marry you!! ” Princess shouted and pulled him up as they hugged.

Seleo could not watch any longer. She felt like going crazy, then she fainted.

“Seleo!! ” her mother shouted and ran to bring water.

They poured it on her but Seleo bursted into tears as soon as she came around.

She could not believe she has been living a live full of illusion all this while.

“Aahhhh!! I’m finished! ”

That night after the introduction, Princess and Benny layed together on his king size bed, talking and planning their wedding.

“You deceived me, Benny. So you were actually… The owner of this house? Oh my God, you must be an actor. Hmm, I’m just feeling too sorry for Seleo. I warned her.” Princess said.

Benny laughed and kissed her. “Let her feel sorry for herself. Tonight, I’m the happiest man on earth because I have such a lady like you beside me. ”

[Two Days Later]

Seleo carried her luggage as she followed Benny into a street.

He was going to show her where he lives.

As they walked, tears gathered and fell from my eyes. Had she known…. She wouldn’t have left Benny.

She remembered all what she had done to him. How she poured water on him and slapped him.

How she had called him names and pushed him away. Now she’s walking with her legs to a gate man’s house. She had vowed never to commit abortion because of an incidence that occurred few years back. She had no choice than to marry the father of her unborn child.

“We will soon be there. ” Tony said as they walked on.

Minutes later, they reached a medium seized building and entered.

Seleo felt like fainting. The building was full of tenants.

When they got to his room, another big shock was awaiting Seleo.

Three fierce looking women we’re sitting in the living, hissing and glaring at each other. “Nonsense! You will tell me whether it is your great grand father that owns this house?! “One of the woman shouted.

“Look, Cynthia, if you talk to me anyhow, i’m going to crush your head! ” the second woman shouted back and soon there was pandemonium in the house.

“Enough! Can’t you see I’m back!! Parrots!! ” Benny shouted at them.

They all turned to look at them and hissed loudly. “Who is this one that is looking like an owl? “The first woman asked.

Seleo was frightened. Who are these women? They were probably the same age with her but looking like old women. “Tony… Who are they? Are they your cleaners? ” Seleo asked.

“En! May your mouth cut away from that your winch face! You dey craze? We resemble you cleaners?

Bia, Tony na who be this one? Oh, another wife kwa?? ” the third lady asked.

Seleo’s heart stopped. What did she just heard? Slowly, she turned to look at Tony.

“Tony… Please, who are these women? ” she stammered.

“En. I’m sorry I did not tell you on time. They are my wives. You are the forth wife. ” Benny replied.

Seleo could not shout. Immediately, she fell on the ground and fainted.


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