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Well, after SAN tried to harm me in mums room, then I heard a serious conversation with mum and convinced her to seek for solution it was then she told me the reasons why she stopped seeking for solutions, she told me about three places she’s gone already for solution but SAN killed the three of them…..
Oh my God, he must be very wicked! I exclaimed… Yes they are very wicked and heartless spirits Stella added but my husband didn’t say anything maybe he is scared or something…… Like I was saying, it was two pastors and one native doctor that was eliminated and mum sees it at her fault and gave up seeking for solutions as not to endanger the life of more people, but the incident that makes her start looking for another solution was the threat of SAN against my life. Mum contacted her friend who once suffered the same fate as hers and she took her to the place she got solutions to her own problems….. Though not church you know, so the requirements was too much but mum vowed to fulfill all, she was able to temporarily separate you from your spiritual husband at the early stage of your life, she then secured all our lives from SAN’S reach and then killed all the 7 children she bore for SAN and was targeting to kill SAN too, it was at the final verge of her mission that she was attacked badly by SAN, I tried reaching out to the woman that introduced her to the place and shockingly received an information that she was knocked unconscious by an unidentified object and has been rushed to the hospital… I tried as much as possible to get information from where she normally goes for the solution, but as much time as she opens her mouth to talk nothing was heard….. I invited so many pastors and wasted a lot of resources to make sure she remains alive but I guess what came to her was mightier and more powerful than her that she gave up the will to fight…. Before she died, she cried the whole day and managed to say was SORRY, SORRY, SORRY, and oops! She closed her eyes to the cold hands of death…….
I didn’t realize that I was already shading tears, I thought I hate my mum but her death already gave me a reason to love her….. I longed for her and wished she was still alive….. I cried even the more, as I see tears on my sis face, my hubby just sat still with his hands in his jaw who knows what’s running through her mind now……. I have got a lot of questions in my mind to ask, why the temporal separation of me from that monster, why didn’t my elder sis followed her to the place at least things would have been different, how about mums friend, did she later survived or did she die? A lot more was running through my mind, I looked at the time, it’s already 4am in the morning, I looked at my husband, I can sense fear in him, he was shaking with fear and doesn’t want to show it, I hope nothing happens to him, I hope I don’t face exactly the same thing my mother faced, I won’t loose my husband to that monster neither will I loose my life or that of my baby…. I was still in deep thought and my husband’s phone rang, it was an unknown number he didn’t pick it, it rang continuously for 5times he didn’t pick….. We were all scared of picking the call, it was 4am and who could possibly be calling at that time…… It was very strange, I almost pee on my self because a lot of crazy thing was running through my mind, my husband was also trembling with fear so was my sister…… The call was so strange that my husband had to switch off his phone…. My sister started praying at that point and all of us joined her…… After few minutes my own phone started ringing… Oh my gosh! I was so scared to even look at the phone not to think of trying to check out the number that’s calling….. I lost control and was only shouting Jesus save us, Jesus, Jesus….. The call came again and my sister gathered courage to pick it…

Oh my God, I just hope she wants to off the phone and not to pick it…. Who knows who might be calling us at this time?……… *…….. *….. *

To be continued

It might be the monster, I thought as my sis bravely picked the call, she didn’t speak first as she waited for the call to speak….. Then came the voice from the other end,…. Ada why ain’t you guys picking up, where’s your husband, then Stella handed the phone over to my hubby, Hello mum,…. Yes Mike my pastor have been calling your lines and you are not picking… Sorry mum, my phone was on silent Mike replied…. OK Mike, my pastor requested for your number by 2am this morning and I sent it for him, but he called me some minutes ago telling me that he has been calling your number but you are not responding to it….. Mike cuts in, mum hope there’s no problem?….. No but my pastor got a revelation concerning you and your wife, you’ve got to be very prayerful this time around and don’t fail to come for the deliverance…… OK mum we were even praying before you called, we will be home by Saturday unfailingly Mike said, OK, then take care of your wife and your family,mikes mum said and hung up……. This is getting very serious and dangerous my husband said handing me my phone…. Is already 5am, how time flies, I can’t believe that we have been talking all night till daybreak Stella said standing up and stretching her self, you should go get some sleep now, and thank you for all the information…. Oh is nothing Mike, if I know that my my sister will go through these torments just like my mom, I would have done something a long time ago to prevent it but not to worry at all I believe that every thing is going to be alright stella said and headed towards the visitors room….. I will be I the room, I need some rest before I leaves for the office my husband said and headed to our room…..
I lay in the double cushion there thinking about my life, about my baby and about my husband, I was filled with different kinds of negative and dreadful thoughts, I felt like something really wrong is going to happen to me or my husband… I stood up and went into the room and met my husband sitting on the edge of the bed lost in thoughts that he didn’t even notice my presence … He must be really scared just like I am, he must be regretting right now that he got married to me, I can sense and read his fears by just looking at him, I called him twice he didn’t respond then at the third time he was startled…. Thought you should be resting dear, what’s up what are you thinking, I said sounding as calm as possible…. I just couldn’t sleep, there are so many thoughts running through my mind right now he said trying not to look at me….. Is OK honey every thing will be fine, I wrapped my hands around his neck and plead with him to lie down and rest for some hour, after much hesitations, he finally lay down with me….. ..

On Friday, we all got our things ready to take off on Saturday, since my sis came with just two clothes, we went shopping and bought few more things that she will be needing since we don’t know how long the deliverance will take so I guess we should pack enough to avoid stories… We were all happy that the next day is Saturday and we are going to separate that monster from my life and lineage once and for all… We were very positive about everything and pray for a favorable turn out…. We prayed that night before we retired to bed…. …. By 2am, I was woken up by a kick from my husband, thank God the kick was in my leg and not my stomach, I hit him slightly but he didn’t respond, I switched on the light and saw my husband holding his neck struggling like some one is trying to strangle him, I don’t know what to do, he was sweating profusely, I tapped him many times but it seems he was not reacting to it, I was so scared and started shouting and screaming Jesus! Jesus! On top of my voice as I also call on my sister……… *……… *… *

To be continued

Mike, honey, I and Stella screamed as we try to raise my husband up but he still hold unto his neck trying to wriggle himself free… What’s wrong with you Mike! Stella asked feeling uneasy and as for me I’m already in tears… Stella starred praying, and I joined in, the prayers went on and on at a time Stella yelled out, you fowl spirit, I know that you are here, get out from this house and leave Mike alone, whoever the son of God sets free, he is free indeed and there’s no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus so right you I command you, get out from here and leave Mike alone, Mike shall not die, I know that you are here because I can perceive your odour and I can feel your presence but I know that you only came here to steal, to kill and to destroy but Jesus came to give life and to give it more abundantly so therefore, she places her hand on mikes forehead and then started speaking in a heavenly languages, for some minutes and then said, the Lord who raised Lazarus from the dead, and heal the centurions daughter, you speak in Jerusalem and it came to pass in Capernaum I know that you are still the God of yesterday, today and forever and I know that you are still in the business of doing good and healing the broken hearted, Lord let your healing power descend on Mike right now and let your freedom descend on her, oh God our healer, heal him and prove yourself strong and might and drive away this fowl spirit in Jesus Name… I shouted Amen with a loud voice, then she robbed anointing oil on Mike and after some time he screamed and jumped up from the bed like some one who had a terrible night mare, I was so glad I hugged my husband so tight, oh honey I thought you were going to leave me all alone. There were traces of marks on his neck, just like finger nails piercing through his skin and that was as a result of him trying to wriggle himself free…. What happened to you Mike, Stella asked him as we both looked at him to tell us his ordeals but it was a shocker my my husband started explaining his experience, we could not hear anything, we only observed that he was telling a long story but we didn’t hear even a single words he was saying, we placed our ears in his mouth yet nothing that was said by him could be heard….. Oh my God, Mike is now dumb… What! I screamed out….. Just pull yourself together sis, every thing will be just fine, I perceived the monster so I know that he is responsible for this, he just doesn’t want your husband to say what he saw that was why he strikes him with dumbness, he took away his voice….. No I cried holding unto my husband, you better come and take me with you you monster and leave my husband alone…….

Shut up, my sister yelled at me, this is not a time to cry or sit and watch…… Just do what ever I tell you to do right now if you want to save your husband and family, did you understand?……. Tears streams down my face as I nodded in agreement still holding unto my beloved husband……..

To be continued tomorrow!
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I was so scared over my husband’s life, I picked up my phone and called my mother in law and informed her of the situation of things at home and the state of his son at the moment, she was so petrified that she could not say anything at the moment, i waited for her response but nothing was coming from her, I said hello for a billion times and received no response…. Oh my God, my husband is saying a lot of things at this point but we can’t figure out anything, at a time he motioned me to get his phone for him which I did and he opened it, I guess he has realized now that he couldn’t be heard by people that he is a kinda dumb now, he texted his boss at the office telling him that he won’t be at work this week, immediately after the text, a call came through and it was his boss, I had to pick the call and explain everything to him, he was shocked as well and then assured me that every thing will be Okey and nothing will happen to my husband, I was grateful that he understands the situation and promise to give him a sick leave, as soon I dropped the call, my husband phone rang again and this time it wasn’t his boss, just an unsaved number, I picked up and it was the Pastor, I explained every thing to him and he asked me to place the phone on his ears so that he could pray for him, I did as instructed and my husband was prayed for, the Pastor told me to start coming down to the village as soon as possible cux further delay might be very dangerous I agreed and told my sis about it, then we started packing our things… My mum in law kept calling me to hurry up because she will die if something happens to her only son…. I myself was so confused at this time, all I could do was just crying all, thank God for my sister who was around at this point in time, the saying that two heads are better than one is very true, she was just a source of encouragement and my strength at this time of trial. I helped my husband take his bath and explained to him that we are heading to the village and I believed that he understands every thing. Finally we are ready to leave, we contemplated on taking public transport but considering on the type of Road in Nigeria, it would pose as a great challenge on reaching on time, finally we resolved on going with my husband’s jeep but had a little problem on whose going to drive it, the journey will be a very long one, from Lagos to East, Aba to be precise, the journey will take 10-12hours, and I am not going to drive with my condition and we don’t know know if my husband could drive with his condition also, we were supposed to board a flight but there’s no enough money with me and I don’t wanna disturb my sis because she has already done enough for I and Mike. Finally the journey began, we left Lagos by 8:30 am, my sister was driving and I sat with my hubby at the back,,, believe me it wasn’t easy for me because with my condition, I was so restless and feel like throwing up every moment, I was so uncomfortable that I had to remove all my clothes and just had wrapper tied around my chest and I felt a bit relieved but not 100%…. …..

My husband kept giving me a sign but I was too dumb to understand it, I wish Stella is not driving she would have understood better, I kept asking him what and he kept doing the same sign, when I understand fully what he meant was when we stopped at a particular bus top to have some refreshments and so that Stella my sis could also have a stretch of her hands, foot, waist and body generally, then after the entries and short break, my husband went and sat in the driver’s seat, we told him to get back so that Stella could drive but he vehemently refused, after some attempt we finally understood that he wants to drive, we have no option than to obliged but Stella sat besides him in case of necessity. Left alone at the back seat, I was reading the Bible and at a time I had a horrible dream where we had a fatal accident and every one died except my baby who crawled out of my torn stomach, then smiled in a very weird way, waved goodbye to us and then left us there crawling and smiling I was watching her and pleading with her to get help for us but she shook her head negatively, I watched her until she crawl out of sight before I my self gave up the ghost…. I screamed Jesus Christ!!! and woke up panting and sweating profusely….. My husband halted the car and my sister came over to the back seat and held me, the dream was terrible and I kept shaking out of fear……


What is it my sis asked very worried while my husband just sat down holding my hands and robbing gently, I know he wished he could be heard if he says something,… Then I told them about the dream I had, how we were involved in a terrible accident and all lost our lives, my sis was shocked and kept silent for a while,…… I think this is a revelation little sis, I suggest I take over the driving my sis said.. … . You could be right you know, please I don’t want to die yet, don’t worry dear, nothing is going to happen to you or any of us, we will all get there in one piece and we shall not die but live, my sis made a short prayers and we were set for the journey again, it took so many efforts to convince my husband to allow my sis to drive, honestly it was then I realized the reasons why a deaf and dumb person are easily provoked honestly…. After 15mints of trying to make my husband understand he finally agreed and allow my sister take over the starring…. It was a relieve… We drove until we get to Osisioma, my dream almost came to pass when a trailer that was carrying bags of cement lost control, in fact I can’t say for sure what actually happened to the trailer but it just somersaulted and fell down by the side of the road, it only smashed two cars to nothing but thank God nobody was in them just an empty parked car along the road, we arrived there 5mints after the accident….. Cold shiver run through my whole body and I can’t just help but to thank God Almighty for his security over us, I don’t know what would have happened if it was my husband that’s still driving the car or if there was no delay oh my God, we are just too grateful, I watched as tears roll down my husband’s cheeks, is obvious he has a clue of what just happened and my sis can’t hold back her self anymore, she just came out from the car, knelt down in the public and started praising and appreciating God for his love, kindness, guidance and protections over us all, she really drew people’s attention and some many people gathered, she shared the testimony with them and people were also marvelled as they praised and worshipped God on our behalf……… We spent close to 20mints at osisioma then finally we drove down to the village and it was almost 7:pm in the evening Immediately we got to my husband’s compound my mother in law rushed out on hearing the sound of the vehicle, she hugged his son shedding tears on his behalf, I don’t know why she should be crying on seeing him instead of been happy that we arrived safely….. Since my husband can’t say anything, he just wiped her mother’s tears with his palms and hugged her so dearly, then when they disengaged, she came and hugged me and told me every thing will be just fine, then she went ahead and hugged my sister and thanked her for her support… After this little display, she helped us as we carried our luggage inside the house… We settled down and then told her how our journey went and she also thanked God for leading us down here safely all the way from Lagos…… She later called the Pastor but she said she won’t be able to come over as is very late already but we should keep a vigil from 12am-4am if possible till 5am because the spiritual husband is not happy and that he is even planning to launch a bigger attack that night but if we will be able to stay awake and keep the vigil, we will escape his plot that night….. We agreed, then after dinner that night, an alarm was set for 12am as we all retired to sleep by 9:30pm so as to wake by 12am for the warfare prayers………. *………. *…….. *


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Despite the alarm that was set to wake us up by 12am in order to commence the prayers, we still did not wake up because none of us heard the sound of the alarm how it happened we don’t know, who turned off the alarm no one knows the answer… Honestly I was carrying this vigil in my heart through out my sleep and I’m pretty sure that’s how others was also having it in mind as well….. We slept like we were under a spell until 2am when something very mysterious happened that woke us up… When ever the devil is desperate to come and steal, kill and destroy he does it in a way that’s so tricky and that takes one unaware, no wonder the Bible said that when the children of God are asleep that’s when the enemy, the devil will come and sow tares…… The first night at my husband’s village was a terrible one, remember we were supposed to do midnight prayers that night but very unfortunate the devil strike us with sleep and turn off the alarm until 2am,there was a loud frightening noise that woke us all up, it was like a whirlwind, the doors, Windows, cups, plates, chairs, tables etc… Every thing in the house was all up in the air and in a swift they will drop down smashed to pieces, it was a terrible incident and the worst was that nobody was able to scream or shout Jesus, we tried to speak but it was like we were all choked in the throat and unable to speak, the wind came again even more fierce than the previous one and this time around it carried my husband up, he was ascending little by little, when we tried to grab him and pull him down, his body was as heavy as a lead and frozen like some one that was putting in the fridge to block, the force was so much and his body was so chilled that even our hands began to block, when the three of us including his cousin brother that also came home, it became obvious that couldn’t hold him any longer because the force is greater than us, we were overpowered and just resolved to crying….. I searched for my phone, to call the Pastor but there was no network, like wise that of my sister, mother in law and brother in law they all seems as if the sim cards was removed from the phones, My husband’s phone on the other hand was no where to be found and we still can’t speak because we all lost our voices….. Soon my husband ascended so high that we can barely see him… I cried and slapped myself to know if it was a dream as usual but shockingly to me it was not a dream but a reality, after 60seconds my husband started descending with full speed, oh no, this could be disastrous, I forced my self and screamed JESUS!!! We all shouted it at the same time and we all started to pray, I was just shouted God save my husband, I could also hear my husband’s screaming Jesus! Jesus! as he descends…. The prayer became hotter and my husband hanged in the air unable to land any more… We continued to pray and before you know it, the phone came ringing, it was the Pastor calling…… She was also praying immediately the call was received, she told us that death is around the corner and not just for one person but all of us, but with God we will win the battle, out of tears I told her that my husband is hanging in the air right now, but she assured me that nothing will happen to him that we should keep praying and never to relent, we were still talking when the wind came again and my husband landed on the ground heavily… I rushed to him immediately and shook him, but he was very still just like a dead man, I called his names severally but no response yet, I felt like dying too, I felt like the baby is coming forth, oh no! The baby is coming I screamed in pains and everything suddenly went blank……… **

It’s 4:45, when I finally regain consciousness, looking around I noticed that I was in a strange environment called hospital, what I’m I doing here, my pregnancy is not due yet, just then I received a sharp pain in my abdomen which made me remember everything that happened last night, I remembered how I went into premature labour and how much they made me push for the baby to come out… the baby is not making any headway to come out, I was so much in pains that I groan loudly, I can’t turn sideways because I was just instructed to lay upwards and back down and right now, my back aches badly, I was also scared because my pregnancy is just 8months and 6days, delivering my baby now could be too risky because she have 20% survival chances and that’s too bad… If this has happened at my 7months pregnancy, it would have been better because the child will survive just that she will be born prematurely and will be putting into incubator… Oh God, my life just turned into a torment for me and those that are close to me are now in grave danger…. I remembered Mike my hubby…..where’s Mike, I mean my family I asked a nurse who just came in to check up on me….. They just left few mints ago, she said smiling…. Mtcheww! Whose smiling with this one I thought feeling irritating at her because what I just asked her wasn’t funny…. So was my husband here too? I asked her, why did I even ask her this silly question, I don’t even know her neither do she know me talk more of knowing my husband, I have already concluded in my heart that she doesn’t know the answer to the question… Then I see her turning towards me…. He must be the one his left hand and left leg was bandaged I presumed, he was also he… r
I was puzzled and shocked hearing that my Mikes hands and leg was bandaged, I suddenly recalled how the whirlwind carried him up into the sky like he was Elijah and we all watched him like we are waiting for him to drop his mantle instead of doing something to help him out, then I remembered how he landed on the ground with out mercy and how he seemed dead after the fall which made me to experience premature labor and now in this hospital, I signed in relieve with the knowledge that my hubby is still alive……. Please can I borrow your phone to make call, I asked the nurse, who just smiled and pointed at the phone on the cupboard just behind my bed….. Thanks I mumbled to her and stretched my hands to grab the telephone…. Your husband is here I the hospital too receiving treatment, he might be asleep now maybe you can call him later to know if he is awake, except his not the one you wants to call, the nurse said… …… On hearing that, I dropped the phone and stood up from my bed, it felt very painful trying to sit up but for Mike, every pain is just nothing….. Oh please Ma’am, lay back you might hurt yourself she said that walking towards my bed to help me back at my back, before she knows it, I have removed the drip on my hands and now stood up… Please ma’am, relax your health and that of your baby is very important right now, eemmm, I will go check on him and return immediately to give you feedback……. You must be a joker I said to her angrily…. Where is his room number I demanded….. Ma’am, please relax he is fine she said trying to dodge my question…… Where is his room number I asked again now more louder and angrier…….. Eeem! Please ma’am I don’t want to loose my job came her answer….
Mtcheww! I pushed her out of my way and headed towards the door……….
Whose smiling with you, I am the one responsible for what my husband is going through and you are here talking about my health…….. I have already opened the door when she screamed…. Ward 222….please ma’am be fast and return back……
I looked at her and smiled….. Thanks nurse I said and headed to ward 222 to see my Mike and apologize to him as well …….. ……. *…….
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I located room 222 and went in to see my hubby, but what I met baffled me……..
My husband was faced between the devil and the deep blue sea, honey! Honey I rushed towards his bed where he was struggling with some thing invincible, he was holding his neck and struggling to be free…….
I shook him and he was unresponsive and I know some thing is really wrong, I know that that monster is at it again and I won’t allow him steal my hubby just like he steal my dad from us and now you have come to take my husband away from me, my only source of happiness? No way demon, you lied,…….. I wanted to cry but i know crying won’t solve the problem, I need to call the doctor, this is not ordinary something so I think it might be complicated inviting a doctor into this because certainly I know that if the doctor comes in, he will only try to inject him which will cause another different thing all together….. What do I do, I don’t have my phone and with the land phone here, I can’t make use of it cux I has only my husband’s number of hand and no other……. I watch my husband as he struggled for life and looked very confused because I don’t know what to actually do, I wished that my sister or the Pastor is here already,….. I have to pray… Pray! You can’t pray him out because you are not such a strong prayerful person, and basically can’t pray for long, I heard a voice saying that loud and clear, before you know it, it started laughing a terrible mockery laughter….. I felt down in spirit at what I heard, actually is true I am very lazy when it comes to prayer,…… I have got to get help I thought and ran towards the door, I tried to open it but it appeared to strong that it refused to open I became more scared and my husband is dying before my presence….. I don’t know what more to do but to cry, I started crying and shouting Jesus Christ of Nazareth save my husband…..
Pray my dear, just pray the way you know how best to because the Bible said, when you know not what to pray, the Holy Spirit will take over and groan on behalf of us to the father… and the Holy Spirit in u will teach you all things….. I heard those words echoes clearly in my head and I that motivated me, I stood up dry my tears, and hold my husband’s neck and started praying…. I don’t actually know what I was praying but all I know is that I prayed really long and hard that I was not even aware when the Pastor, my sister and mother in law came in and joined in the prayers too. After a very long prayers, I felt a touch, I opened my eyes and I saw my husband holding me and telling me that he is fine now… That was also when I saw every other person too including some doctors and nurses…
How did all of you came in here? I asked them confused….. What do you mean sis, we came in through the door,… Came my sister’s reply…. I looked at the door and it was perfectly in good shape, the same door I tried to open and it refuses, was it locked from outside? I asked again….. No it wasn’t,…. Don’t worry, it was the spirit that did that, he is very aggressive and wants to destroy your husband, so he shut the door so that no one could come in at that point but thank God you was able to pray which stopped him at some point…that was the Pastor,….. I don’t know what else to say anymore, I think this is getting more scarier and serious……
Every thing will be fine but first of all, we have to take you out of this hospital to the church and you woman, you have to stop bearing ADAOMA, starting from this moment because that name is a greater link to you and something deeply mystical…. You have to do denounce it from the depth of your heart the Pastor said,….. Yes pastor I denounce the name ADAOMA, I won’t ever answer it any more….. That’s very good, please doc discharge this young man his problem is not a medical problem but some thing spiritual……..
My husband was released and we all went with the Pastor to the church…..
Well guys, this episode is a kinda difficult to write…. Just don’t mind how I composed it, I believe the next episodes will be much better than this please because I’m not in the right frame of mind, I love you all that’s why I jus have to put it down anyhow, do bear with me ………. Thanks for understanding……..


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