Judas in the Church (Episode 11 – 20)

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*Judas In The Church

Episode 11*

Deacon Igho and Deacon Douglas sat outside his house chatting and drinking a bottle of beer. Deacon Igho started the discussion.
”Deacon, you are happy now o, you are now a pastor o.” ”Which happy? What should I be happy about? Douglas asked.
”Ah ah, shay you that was angry when they made Chris the assistant pastor, you wanted the position and now you’ve gotten it so why are you still angry?” Igho asked.
”Assistant pastor to who? To that Chris? That small boy? That nobody? When did he give his life to Christ that he is a pastor and I will be his assistant. Besides what benefit do I have from been his assistant for only three months. Abeg don’t say it again o. I am not happy at all. ”
”But at all at all na im bad. Don’t you think so? Igho asked.
”I would have preferred they made me the pastor of the new branch than make me an assistant to that rat Chris. That small boy that I cleaned his yansh as a small boy.” Douglas lamented.
Igho: But deacon, seriously speaking politics is going on in this church o. From no where they just made Odogwu a pastor.
Douglas: ehn, such is life na. You get money? He has money, he must have bribed King and Chris. I heard when they were building the church he was always there, pumping his time and money into it, why won’t they make him pastor. See ehn, heaven is far. We know those that are going o. Forget the big big names you are calling.
Igho: (laughing) you know those that are going? Because you are Jesus, do you think you are going to heaven?
Douglas: what kind of talk is that? I am going to heaven, my place is secured there already.
Igho burst out laughing. ”Be there deceiving yourself, you are not going anywhere, you that has bad plans and drinking beer. Which heaven? (He continues laughing)
Douglas: (raising the bottle of beer up) this beer, you are judging me because of this beer, listen let me tell you why I drink. Sometimes i go to beer parlours to preach to them about Jesus. I don’t want them feeling awkward and so I take one bottle. To make them feel secured. The Bible says when you are with the Romans behave like the Romans. So I drink to win them to Jesus.
Igho continued laughing. ”I hear you ,na you be ROMANUS, continue. Abeg let me go and meet pastor King o before he travels let me see if I can hustle to be the assistant pastor to Odogwu.
He stood up and left as Douglas continued with his beer.

Episode 12

Brother Chuks had asked sister Gift to wait after rehearsals that he has something to discuss with her. And so after the rehearsals sister Gift waited. Happiness had asked her to come let them walk home together but she had insisted on waiting to see brother Chuks. Happiness felt somehow but decided to go.
After sometime brother Chuks came to sister Gift and asked that they walk home together.
”Sister Gift, do you know you are a very beautiful girl and a very talented sister” he asked. ”Ah MD, you have started teasing me o, me talented singer, anyways thank you. I have a good MD and he is teaching me well.” She responded.
”Sister Gift, I want to settle down, a lot of sisters are on my neck in this church and I don’t like it, I just want to settle down with one so that the others can let me be”.
Gift looked at him before answering. ”But everyone knows you have someone you are engaged to and you love so much. And so even if many of us are attracted to you we just have to stay off because you are taken already.”
They both laughed for sometime and then brother Chuks continued. ”Actually dear, there is no one in my life. That was a story I just put up to scare girls away and still they keep flocking around me. No matter how hard I try. I really just wanna serve God. (He raised his hands up to heaven as he was speaking) Am burning for Him, my life my everything is for him, I don’t want these distractions but these sisters won’t let me be.” He finally concluded.
”That’s really bad o Gift said, I love how you love the Lord. I just hope these sisters don’t drag you to sin o.
Chuks then held her hands. ”Sister Gift. I have observed you in the choir for some time and you are different, I want you to be my special friend. Together we can work for God and make heaven proud. I am really attracted to you. Let’s be one. I have prayed about this and the holyspirit has assured me that you are the one. Please don’t say no to me please. ” he was almost going down on his knees.
”MD, sister Gift replied, God is faithful. If only you know how much I have secretly prayed for you to be mine. Yes! I accept yes! Together let’s make heaven proud. ” she jumped on him and gave him a tight hug. ” But you have to keep this within us for now okay? Whenever I tell of my special friend now, be aware that it is you. Okay my love?” Chuks asked. ”Yes yes yes she replied giggling excitedly.
They walked a little distance before they parted ways. Brother Chuks had told Gift he would want her to visit him later so they can sing together. He was very happy that he was able to win her. He looked at himself over and spoke silently to himself.
”The Lord is good” he smiled and went his way.

To be continued!

Judas In The Church

Episode 13

Brother Chuks arrived at sister Happiness’s place, he turned and looked around before entering into the compound. When sister Happiness opened the door and saw it was him she was surprised. Since that day he hasn’t spoken with her and so she wondered what he came to do.

”Welcome Brother Chuks” she greeted! He stepped in and opened his hands for an embrace, she went to him and hugged him. He held her right not wanting to let her go. But finally she pulled away.

”Brother Chuks I hope all is well, this one you came visiting.” Happiness asked. ”Sister Happiness”, he began, I know you still feel awkward from the last time and I am sorry about that. I have made peace with God and I hope you have too?” She was silent.

”However, I came to inform you not to flog yourself too much. You know why?” He asked her smiling and holding her two hands with his gaze fully on her. ”No ” she responded shaking her head in the negative. ”Come here” he said as he dragged a chair and sat on it, then he carried her on his laps. ”Because God told me I shouldn’t let you go, He said I should love you and keep you close to my heart” Happiness was looking at him trying to understand what he was saying.

”But you have a fiancee, you’ve always told us that” Brother Chuks started laughing loud. ”Happy baby listen, that was just a made up story to scare girls away from me. But right now I do have a fiancee in you. God has told me not to let go and so I will hold on tight to you Happy my treasure.” He was by now fondling and playing with her breast.

Happiness just laid mute, she didn’t know what to think or believe. Gradually his lips found hers and they kissed. He gradually laid her on the bed and for the second time he slept with her.

When he was through this time, he felt no remorse, he just put on his trousers, gave her a Peck and left saying he would see her later. Happiness stood up to clean herself up and then she noticed it.

Itching has started again!

She quickly remembered her ordeal and the treatment she had been on since two weeks which she just concluded days ago.

”Eh!!!!!!”. She shouted!

Episode 14

That same evening sister Gift had dished the correct chicken stew and rice that she had prepared and she had taken it to Brother Chuks. As they sat and ate together they chatted. Sister Gift was really excited.
Gift: MD, do you know I’m the luckiest girl in the world?
Chuks: why do you say that?
Gift: of all the girls in the church. Pretty girls at that. You chose me. Ain’t I lucky?
They both laughed for a while and then she continued.
Gift: I can’t wait for the whole church to know that I am the new Mrs. Chuks…..
Chuks quickly stopped her, ”no no no, don’t o, you want to go out there and start announcing it? You can’t do that o please. I want to take it slow okay? Do you know how many desperate girls are in the church that want me to themselves? I want to take it slow and before another ear will hear of what is happening they will see our wedding card”.
At the sound of wedding card, Gift melted in his arms, she was so excited she didn’t realize when she blew him a kiss. When she realized what she did she quickly became sober and apologised. ”I’m sorry, I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to do that”.
Brother Chuks smiled before talking. ”It’s okay my dear, It’s okay. Can I ask you a question? ” he asked, ”anything ” replied Gift. ” do not feel awkward about this okay? I’m just asking okay? Are you a virgin?” Gift became sad and quiet and Chuks immediately understood the meaning of that. ”Nah, nah don’t do that. I told you not to feel somehow i was just asking okay?” He said trying to lift her chin to make her smile.
”I am so sorry about that” Gift said trying to explain. But he shut her up with his hands. ”I said it is okay” I was only asking. And if you must know I am a virgin, I’ve never been with any woman before, so you have a lot to teach me, I hope you don’t mind”? Gift’s face lighten up as she smiled. ”I’d do my best” she said.
They continued chatting until it was dark. And Gift stood up to leave, but Chuks held her and wouldn’t let her go.
Chuks: oh I wish you can stay, I’d be so lonely without you, you’ve lighten up my day and I’m beginning to feel things I’ve never felt before.
Gift: (excited) I could stay if you want me to.
Chuks: really? You would stay with me?
Gift: yes na if you don’t mind.
”Of course I don’t mind, please stay with me please.” He begged.
Gift: MD you don’t have to beg me to stay because I will stay.
Chuks was happy, ”oh I am very happy now, I won’t be lonely tonight, if only you know how lonely it gets at night. I’m glad I have you with me and for me” he tickled her by the side and she laughed. And then he quickly added. ” And you can start teaching me some of those things tonight”’
Gift: MD…….
Chuks: hey babe, stop that, stop calling me MD, call me by my names if you don’t have any sweet name for me, I am your husband to be remember?
Gift: alright I will call you……..MD, only this time it means My Darling. And it is still coded, no one will suspect.
Chuks: that’s smart of you babe. I like it. Come here ”he said”
She went before him and started kissing him and of course they ended up in the bed.

To be continued

This will serve as a lesson to every lady.

Hmm! A player will always be a player!

Judas in the Church

Episode 15

It’s been 2months since pastor King traveled and things had not been easy on pastor Chris. He and pastor Douglas are not working together at all. Pastor Douglas was always opposing him and changing plans. He had told himself he would be calm but he was losing his patience.
He had organised for a three days program in church and had invited some guest speakers he was working seriously on how the program would go and had been praying for the success of the program. The program was to begin the following week and so he had lots of things he was busy arranging since Douglas wouldn’t help him. He was in his office on Friday evening when he saw people coming to church and the choir was singing and more and more persons were coming in. Then he came out of his office and he saw brother Chuks on the alter singing, ushers well dressed welcoming people in, and much more persons trooping into the church. Pastor Chris did not understand what was going on and so he signalled brother Chuks to handover the mic to someone else and come over.
Brother Chuks gave the mic to another member of the choir and quickly went to see pastor Chris.
”Chuks, God bless you” I don’t understand, what is going on? Are we having a program in church today?
Chuks was confused by the question because he expected that since pastor Chris is the acting general overseer he should be aware of the program.
”Papa, I don’t understand this question o” he replied. ”Listen” pastor Chris continued, I have been in my office hearing music going on, seeing people come into church, the truth is I don’t know what is going on. Is there a program today?” He concluded.
”Papa but you have been the one announcing the program na? ” chuks said.
”What program”? Pastor Chris asked
Chuks was confused, ”Moment of His peace” he managed to answer.
”Moment of His peace is not until next week, was it today I have been announcing?”
”No sir, you’ve been announcing that it will begin next week, but pastor Douglas announced it three days ago that MOMENT. OF HIS PEACE have been brought forward to today. I thought he is your assistant and you asked him to do that.” Chuks said.
Everything became clear to pastor Chris, he was filled with anger. How could Douglas just wake up and change everything he had been working so hard for? He could feel his anger rising but he didn’t want to show it before Chuks and so he asked Chuks to go.

”Dear Lord” he prayed, give me the grace to pass through this, give me the strength to overcome this, give me the wisdom to scale through this”.
He quickly went into his house which was in the church compound and freshened up, changed his clothes and went into the church, then he took his seat all full of smiles.
Douglas who was already sitted and handling the affairs and activities that was going on was shocked to see pastor Chris, he didn’t think pastor Chris was going to come at all. He had thought that out of anger, pastor Chris would stay away and he will be the one to hand and take charge of everything. But he was shocked to see him take his seat as the acting general overseer of the church.
The invited guests were already stepping in, which means Douglas had informed them of the change in date but could not tell his pastor. As soon as they came in, they went straight to pastor Chris and shook hands with him before taking their seats. Douglas felt neglected and angry.
And his anger rose even more when pastor Chris rose up and came to him at the alter all smiling. The crowd cheered and clapped and some people were screaming at the top of their voices. ”We love you pastor”, pastor Chris still smiling calmly took the mic from Douglas and hugged him lovingly. ”Thank you pastor, let me take it from here”. Douglas couldn’t argue as he gave the mic to pastor Chris and went to take his seat with his heart boiling with anger.
”Church can you please put those hands together for pastor Douglas” the church clapped and shouted as pastor Chris continued, ” I appreciate God for this program. I want to appreciate pastor Douglas for his effort in making this program happen today. I had thought it would be next week but pastor Douglas had said no, it can happen, it can happen. And he put in much effort and today it is happening. Put those hands together for him.” (He turned to Douglas still smiling and said) ”thank you pastor, God bless you” and then to the congregation he asked. ”What do you tell our pastor? ”. ”God bless you sir” they all chorused and clapped for him.
Douglas was forced to smile even though he was filled with anger. The program started and he kept to himself all through. He didn’t want to participate in anything anymore. But by the grace of God pastor Chris handled everything perfectly well and people were blessed.

Episode 16

The non stop of the ringing phone made pastor Chris jump from his sleep. He quickly checked and saw it was pastor King calling.
Chris: my pastor! God bless you sir!
King: oh my pastor, how are you? And how is the church of God.
Chris: we are good Sir, though we all miss you and await your return.
King: pastor, don’t worry I will be back soon before you know it, the Lord still have use for me over here.
Chris: when God calls we must answer so please take your time.
King: The reason I called you is to know how far? How is the church?
Chris: God is faithful sir, we are doing our best.
King: God gave me a vision and that is the major reason I’m calling. I saw you and I at the top of a mountain, people were falling off the mountain and it was my duty and yours to pull them up and help them from falling down. But the people were falling and dying. The ones we already pulled up were pushing the ones we were trying to pull up down. So many persons were yet to climb and you and I we were struggling to help them but the more we tried the more the ones we’ve already pulled pushed them down.
Pastor Chris I do not know exactly what this vision mean, but I think it is a message from God. We need to be careful and very prayerful. We can’t afford to let the children of God fall to their death. It is our responsibility to help them up and that is what we must do.
Chris: pastor honestly its not been easy. But God is going to help me.
King: amen, when last did you visit our new branch that is been headed by Pastor Odogwu.
Chris: honestly I have not been there in a long while.
King: pastor you need to go there immediately. God asked me to tell you to go there immediately. I believe there is something he wants you to see. I want you to worship with them this Sunday okay?
Chris: yes pastor, I’d do that.
King: God bless you sir, it is well. I will keep in touch with you.
Chris: thank you so much sir for this call. God bless you.
When the call ended, Chris went on His knees and prayed seeking for God’s help and direction.

In the morning he tried to speak to pastor Douglas to inform him that he would be visiting the new branch on Sunday and so he pastor Douglas would be in charge that sunday. When he got to church, he saw Douglas with some members of the church, re-arranging the chairs in the church and re-arranging the alter. He exuded him and demanded to speak with him.

Pastor Chris: God bless you pastor!

Pastor Douglas: Bless you too. (He said turning away from looking at his face)

Pastor Chris: Why are you re arranging the church seats and the alter?

Pastor Douglas: is it not old? Can’t you see it is old pattern? The world is changing and going global, we need to change with it.

Pastor Chris: we are not of the world pastor. Besides you didn’t tell me before you started making this changes.

Pastor Douglas: so I now have to take permission from you before doing things in this church, I am your assistant not your boy, I don’t owe you any permission or explanation. Look at you, small boy of which day, you no longer have respect, simply because pastor King travelled and put you in charge. I don’t blame you, why won’t you ask me to seek your permission before doing anything. I am now your mate na right? I don’t blame you at all. Please I have something I was doing before you came and I am getting back to it.

Before Chris could say anything, he turned and walked away. Chris just stood and watched him, surprised at his outburst. Then he walked up to him.

Chris: pastor Douglas, I wanted to inform you that I will not be in service this Sunday, I’d be visiting our new branch. So please you will be in charge here.

Douglas: safe journey, you don’t need to tell me when or when not to be in charge. I will be in charge anytime I want. So bye.

He turned and walked away. Pastor Chris stood and watched him shaking his head;

To be continued!

Judas In The Church

Episode 17.

It was Sunday and pastor Chris was excited to visit the new branch. He had earlier informed pastor Odogwu that he was coming to worship with them. And though he responded poorly he didn’t object.

When pastor Chris entered the church he was surprised to see many changes that had taken place in the church. In less than two months, the church had grown so big. The members were mainly youths, young girls and boys.

The boys were dressed like thugs and the girls were almost half naked.
”Blood of Jesus” pastor Chris exclaimed as he went inside the church and sat at one end of the church. He looked at the many big crosses that was hung on the wall, he looked at the different colours of candles burning at the altar. He was speechless.

And then Mrs Odogwu walked into the church, and the people cheered and clapped hailing and calling her ”Mama! Mama!” She had different shades of gold jewelries on, from her ear rings to her neck chain to her bangles were all gold. She saw pastor Chris behind but pretended not to. She walked straight to the altar and sat on a very big chair that was there.

The service started, the choir did a hip hop song as if the church was a club house. And then Deacon Igho took over the podium, he was the new assistant pastor of the church, Pastor Chris and Pastor King had no idea about this. He held the mic and asked the congregation to stand up and welcome the man of God, the bishop of the church, the one and only Reverend Odogwu.

Pastor Chris watched as the entire church stood up and welcomed Odogwu like a king. He was dressed like a bishop, he walked gallantly passed pastor Chris and took over the podium. And then he started preaching. He preached for about 30 minutes on BLESSING AND GIVING! pastor Chris listened as he preached and he felt it in his spirit that the Holy Spirit was not present in the church.

Pastor Chris was not even recognised or introduced in the church as anybody, instead the ushers kept pushing him back ward and backward and backward until he had no chair to sit on. He virtually stood throughout the service.

When they had closed he went over to Pastor Odogwu and Igho. He turned and looked at Igho. ”I didn’t know you were now an assistant here”, ”well now you know” Igho said.

”Brother Chris”, Odogwu began, to what do I owe this visit?

Pastor Odogwu, firstly I am not offended that you didn’t recognise that I came all the way from the main branch to worship here, but I am offended that a lot has been going on here and nobody knows anything about it.

”Nobody knows anything as in how,? Igho asked, turning to Odogwu, Reverend I don’t understand. What is this man talking about?

”Calm down my pastor, calm down and let me handle this. Odogwu said.

Chris: And since when did you become a Reverend. The last time I checked you were just made to pastor this branch just two months ago and you’ve suddenly risen up to become a Reverend? And what is this dressing style I’m seeing around, girls almost half naked? What is all of these? Candles burning at the altar? Where did all of these come from?

Odogwu: Listen erm pastor Chris or whatever you call yourself you have no right and I repeat, no right to come here and dictate to me how to run my church, like who the hell are you to do that?

Chris: what? Did I hear you right? Your church? Since when? For your information, nobody owns the church. The church is God’s church, not mine, not Pastor King and definitely not yours.

Odogwu and his wife with Deacon Igho burst out laughing loud and Pastor Chris wondered what was so funny that is making them laugh.

Mrs Odogwu; Chris I must commend you, you’ve really done well for yourself. Pastor King really did a good one on you. When he chose you to be his assistant.

Chris: He didn’t chose me, God did.

”Ahn whatever, I can see the position has polished you and changed your life. At least you now dress like a human being and not a zombie” she said. ”What?” Pastor Chris shouted, pastor Odogwu, you are here and your wife is insulting me?

Odogwu: She is not insulting you, she is simply telling you the truth. Abi Igho is that not so?

Igho: It is very so my Reverend.

Odogwu: Listen Chris, you are not welcomed here, so please take yourself and leave we have things to do.

Chris: I think it is time Pastor King steps into this.

Mrs Odogwu: and who is king? What can he do? What right does he have over our church.

Chris: what are you saying. He is the general overseer of this church and he needs to hear and see things for himself.

Igho: you are clearly stupid, sorry to say. There is only one general overseer that we know, that the people know and that is Reverend Odogwu.

”What has come over all of you? Or am I in the wrong place? Is this not Salvation Gospel Ministries anymore? What is going on here?

Odogwu: aha! Now I know your problem. You are in the wrong church Chris, this is not Salvation Gospel Ministries, this is Salvation Gospel Church of Christ Mission. So you see, you are in the wrong church.

Chris: Sweet Jesus! (He ran outside and looked at the sign post and saw it boldly written. Salvation Gospel Church of Christ Mission. Reverend Peters Odogwu. Chris went back inside. Odogwu, you changed the name of the church? A church that Pastor King and I struggled to open, you changed the name of the church?

Igho: hey hey listen, everyone knows that our Reverend here, spent more than 60% of his time and money when building this church so what are you now saying? Please please Reverend has people to see and attend to, your time is up.

Mrs Odogwu: yes, my husband is a very busy man. So if you don’t mind you can excuse us. Except you wanna come and be a member in our church. You are welcomed in that case.

Chris : Odogwu, how could you do this?

They all ignored him and walked away from him, leaving him there staring at them as they left.

Episode 18.

Pastor Douglas had earlier sent one of the ushers to buy him 10 cartons of anointing oil and drop them in his office. As soon as he mounted the pulpit

Douglas: my brothers and sisters in the Lord I welcome you to church today. I want to inform you that God is going to do wonders today in church. For days now our Pastor King and I have been on a serious seven days fast. Even though he is not around he has initiated this fast. And I want to assure you today that you will experience deliverance like rain and the manifestation of God’s undiluted power in church today.

”Our able Pastor Chris is seriously sick and down with a serious disease that doctors aint given a name yet, and that is why he is not in the church today.” And so in one accord I want us to pray for him. That God will heal and deliver him from this sickness that wants to destroy him. Prayers!

The church stood up and prayed fervently for pastor Chris. Even though some of the members heard that pastor Chris has gone to visit the new branch they became confused. But they kept praying.

Douglas continued, ”let’s pray for God to disgrace any power that wants to disgrace our Pastor Chris in Jesus name. Prayers!”

Let’s take a pause and pray this prayer point.

”Dear Lord use my enemies to raise prayer points that will hunt them in Jesus name. Amen” Now let’s continue.

After the prayers, he asked them to sit down. And then he started preaching on ”the power in the oil” After praying he said:

Douglas: Pastor King and I after days of fasting and praying got an oil from the mount olive. This oil will do great things in your life. Heal the sick and do the unexpected. I’d be selling this oil to each members here. Because of the special anointing that has been released on this oil. It will be sold for 5,000 naira. So hurry now and get one for yourself and your family before it gets finished.

Peoole trooped out to collect the oil from the pastor. An oil he bought at one hundred and fifty Naira for one, he sold at five thousand Naira. He was beaming with smiles.

At the end of the service he was able to sell a whooping sum of 380,000 naira from the sales of the oil.

Douglas: sisters that seek husbands, use the oil on your faces and private parts and your husband will come, those who seek children use them on your stomach. Everyone has something to do with the oil.

He finally ended the service and everyone went home. Douglas felt satisfied with himself. And he wished King or Chris will never return.

He was shocked to see as Chris stepped into the church feeling very sad.

To be continued!

Judas In The Church

Episode 19.

”Pa pa pastor, Douglas stammered, you returned early hope all is well? ”Pastor Chris looked at him before answering ” all is well, pastor Douglas. How was service?”

”Never been better” Douglas replied with a big smile. Am on my way home , he continued. ”So soon? Why are you in such a hurry? ” Chris asked, staring at the bag on his hands. ”Ah , nothing o, I just have few things to do at home that’s all. Goodbye ” he said and hurried away.

Pastor Chris entered his office wondering what pastor Douglas might have done that is making him uncomfortable. He sat down and re collected all that transpired between him and pastor Odogwu. He was still in shock of what happened. He decided to call pastor King.

After a very long hour of conversation, pastor king finally spoke.

”Pastor, its all my fault, I remember you telling me to shift the opening of the church so as to create time to pray, but I didnt listen. I guess this is the result of my impatience. I do not know what to say about this. My vision is becoming more clearer to me. We cannot go and fight Odogwu or lay claims to the church. We fight our battles in prayers. Firstly we will ask for mercy from God for not waiting to hear from him before deciding. Now Odogwu is misleading HIS people and its all my fault. We need to ask Him for mercy for that.

Secondly I will call and speak with pastor Douglas, I dont like the fact that he is doing things on his own. The two of you are supposed to be working together.”

”That is the issue pastor, once i tell Douglas something so we can pray and plan together, he turns it into a fight and then gets angry. Once am not around he changes every single thing I’ve done turning the people against me. I dont know what to do anymore.” Pastor Chris complained.

”Its okay my pastor. The Lord is your strength and he will see you through. And one more thing, I will be returning by next week. The Lord has told me it is time to come back”

”Really?/oh my God, am so excited, I can’t wait to have you back. The church can’t wait to have you back. We have really missed you and we are excited. ” pastor Chris replied excitedly.

”Pastor Chris, please you must tell no one that I am coming back. I want it to be a surprise. So tell no one. On Sunday I will be in church. You will know when I arrive.”

”That’s no problem pastor. Oh am so glad. Thank God you are coming back. Let’s try to mend what has been broken. I really can’t do it on my own.”

”God bless you pastor. See you soon”.

Pastor Chris ended the call because someone was knocking on the door to his office. He stood up to see who it was. He met a young girl outside.

Girl: Good afternoon pastor.

Chris: God bless you sister, what can I do for you?

Girl: Pastor my daddy said I should bring one more special oil.

Chris: Special oil? What special oil he asked surprised.

Girl: The one pastor Douglas and pastor King brought from the mountain.

Chris: special oil, mountain, what mountain? I have no idea what you are talking about?

Girl: Pastor Douglas sold the oil today in the morning. He said its a special oil that he and pastor King brought from the mountain. He said you are very sick and that’s why you are not in church, maybe that’s why you are not aware.

Chris: me, sick? God forbid it. I am not sick. (He paused for a while thinking but then he finally spoke) Anyways tell your daddy that there is no special oil here okay!

Girl: oh oh oh! Okay, it means its finished. Anyways he said I should drop this 20,000 for the two oil he earlier collected. Since pastor Douglas is not around I hope I can drop it with you

Pastor Chris was shocked to hear the amount called.

Chris: 20,000 naira? How much did he sell the oil?

Girl: one is 10,000 naira. My daddy collected two.

Chris: Blood of Jesus! (He collected the money from the girl and dropped it at Douglas’s table ) its okay, you can go. God bless you child.

The girl turned and left and Chris called the security man.

”Are you aware of the special oil that pastor Douglas sold today in church?” He asked.

”Yes pastor, I helped the usher sister Ann, to carry it inside his office. ”

Chris: And how many did he sell.

Security: I can’t really say now but am sure its more than 10cartons.

Chris: Jesus is Lord! At 10,000 naira each. Its okay you can go back.

Pastor Chris stood with his hands folded round his body thinking what is going on?How did the church get to this level?

To be continued!

Judas In The Church

Episode 20.

”Where is he? That scoundrel, that small boy that calls himself pastor, that rat that was born in my presence, where is he?” Douglas stormed the office pushing books and everything away from him, even the Bible on the table. When pastor Chris heard and saw him coming, he stood and waited for him.

Douglas: So you are here, you are here and you are keeping your father quiet while I was shouting abi. You this stupid small boy. Let me tell you, you and I we are not mates, in case you dont know. Its your father and I that are mates and so dont think because pastor King saw that you are dying of hunger and had pity on you and decided to chose you as his assistant dont think that it has become a yardstick for you to forget tour seniors.

pastor Chris: with all due respect sir, pastor King didnt chose me, God did.

Douglas: Shut up there! Does God know you? I am asking you, does God know you? God did not see the deacons and deaconesses of this church its you he saw abi. because you are the mist righteous and the most holy one amongst us all abi. Let me tell you, if you feel because you are next to pastor King you and I have become mates you lie. You hear me? Pastor King is not here and won’t be here for a long time, its either you respect yourself and humble yourself before your elders or you face war.

Chris: Pastor Douglas, what is all this? This is a church for crying out loud. We are servants, we are called to serve the lord, you and I are not in competition over anything. Why are you acting as if we are enemies. We’ve never quarreled before and I have never disrespected you. Why are you now sounding as if I am your enemy.

Douglas: oh you dont know? So you think you are my friend? Let me spill it out to you today. We are enemies o, we are not friends, we can never be friends. You have the effrontery to call pastor King and report me to him ba? (He laughs wickedly) you dont know what you did o. You dont know what you just did.

Pastor Chris: I didn’t report you per say. Am sorry if you feel that way. I just needed him to talk to you so that we can work together to build the church of God. We are supposed to be helping each other build the church not fighting.

Douglas: we will fight o, we will fight, I will fight you with everything I have. Work with who? You this small boy that was born yesterday, I should work with you. What do you know that I want to work with you? You didnt report me yet you told him how I changed the date of a church program, you told him how I sold oil in the church. Let me even ask you, is it your oil? Is it your money? What is even your concern in the matter? Well I have this to say to you, as you say I will not rest in this church you too will not rest. Mind your business and leave me alone. Pastor your way and let me pastor my way.

Chris: I can’t do that sir, we were called to serve together in the absence of our pastor. Besides the affairs of the church is my affairs, because I want the growth of the church and not the downfall.

Douglas: so its me that want to bring down the church abi?

Chris : I didnt say that na

Douglas: Dont worry, dont worry o. But always remember that we are two parallel lines. We can never meet. And one last advice for you boy. ”When you want to eat with the devil, use a very long spoon, a long one o”

Chris: And what do you mean by that sir?

Douglas: exactly what you understand it to be. Rubbish!

He storms out of the office with pastor Chris staring at him.

To be continued!


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