Command With A Promise (Episode 1 – 8)

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Episode 1.
“Listen to me my son very well. You are very well aware of what we went through just to have you educated, I don’t need to remind you that. So, now that day we have been waiting for has come. You can’t imagine the joy I am in” mama sakala said.
Mama sakala was talking to her son, Jordan, who was about to leave the next day to the station where he was to start working from. He had been deployed to work at a peri-urban clinic as the Clinical officer. Jordan did her clinical medicine course of training at Chainama hills college. He was the first born in the family four. His father passed on when he was just in grade seven. He had no one to sponsor his education from grade eight to tertiary level except for his mother who was a full time housewife. Despite all this, his mother got determined to have her children educated. She put extra special effort on Jordan knowing that he was the first born and so bright in school having hope that once he got educated and started work, he would change the face of the family. Mama sakala hustled in different small scale business ventures just to make sure her children had something to eat and received education. She sold fritters, sugarcanes but most of her income came from brewing beer. These businesses helped her until when to this day when she was counselling her son before leaving to start work.
“I am happy too mother” Jordan said.
“Now listen to me, you know the current condition of this family like no one else and you know where you need to help out. I know that despite helping your family you also need to develop yourself so that when you retire you can have something to rely on, but I would really appreciate if you just do two things for us.” Mama sakala said pausing.
“What are those mother?” Jordan asked.
“Educate your siblings and empower me with capital so that I can start a good business” Mama sakala said.
“Okay Mom”
“Yes please. I know there are times when you will not be able to send us anything for upkeep due to your personal pressures but if you empower me, you will be at peace knowing I have something on me.”she said.
“I get your point mom” he said.
“And one other thing, where you are going to work, humble yourself and let God elevate you. Be kind and approachable. Just do what is expected of you at your job, you won’t lose anything.” She said.
“Okay mum” he said.
“Good. I have to rest now” mama sakala said.
“Okay goodnight Mom” Jordan said leaving going to a small shop outside where he was sleeping with his two brothers.
Mama sakala locked the door to the house and went to her bedroom. The house she was living in was a two roomed house which had a siting room and a bedroom only. Since they couldn’t sleep in the same house with her grown up sons, she made them start sleeping in a small shop outside in which there was nothing to sell. Mama sakala and her last born daughter slept in the house. They lived in a low standard compound of Mchini, in Chipata.
Mama sakala got into her bedroom, knelt down and started praying.
She appreciated God for being with her family that day. She further expressed her gratitude for the rare opportunity of helping her have a child who is working in government. She further asked God to take good care of her son amd bless his endeavors as he helps the family. She finally said ‘amen’.
She then lay on where she slept. There was a three quarters old and worn-out mattress with some cheap Chinese blankets. She got into the blankets and got to sleep.
A few minutes as Mama sakala started getting into sleep. She just heard some shouting outside in her yard. When she paid attention to the shouting,she recognized the voice of Jordan and her other son. She quickly got up and went to check what was happening.
When she got there she found a young lady standing there arguing with Jordan’s young brother while Jordan watched.
“What is happening here?” Mama sakala asked.
“Mom, she came here and started bothering Jordan saying he should marry her” the little brother to Jordan said.
“Why? Is this how far looking for marriage has gone? Jordan do you know this lady?” Mother asked.
“Yes I know her. We used to learn together at Chipata day but we have nothing special between us from the word go.” Jordan said.
“Then why is she here?” Mother asked.
“I don’t know too. She has been pestering me to have her as my girlfriend but I have nothing in me for her mom” Jordan said.
“Okay, listen to me, both of you go and sleep.” Mother said to Jordan and his brother.
“Okay Mom” they said going into the shop.
“As for you, this is not how you lure a man into loving you. We use certain tricks not by force. You can force a man to love you” mother said.
“I have tried everything but it is not working. Am very worried now that he has started working. I won’t have a chance to have him marry me. I will los him to other girls” the lady said.
“Okay so this is about him starting to work now? Listen my dear, if you know what is good for you, just leave this place.” She said.
“Okay I will leave but earn your son that he shouldn’t do anything stupid by marrying another person” the lady said.
“Okay what did you say is your name?” Mother asked.
“Okay Petronella, the way you have just conducted yourself here, I don’t think I can recommend you to get married to my son. It’s like you are still away from being cultured” mother said.
Just before mama Sakala could say anything more, Petronella jumped on her sending her to the ground as she gave her slaps on her face.
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Episode 2.
Mama sakala started shouting as Petronella continues with her slaps.
Jordan and his brother came out immediately rushing to where the fight was happening from. Jordan got hold of Petronella while his sibling helped Mama sakala stand up.
“What kind of child are you? Dont you have manners?” Mama sakala lamented.
“What is wrong with you to fight a woman worth to be your mother?” Jordan asked Petronella.
“You are luck she didnt bleed. You should warn her to…” Said Petronella.
Just before she could finish saying whatever she had, the young brother to Jordan pounced on her. Before Jordan could intervene, the sibling had already showered several slaps and kicks into her.
“Do you know what you are doing?” Jordan asked his brother.
“Are you for real? She has beaten up my mother, your mother too, and you expect me to let her insult her? I won’t let that happen” the brother said.
“He is right, how can you let me get harrassed by her?” Mother asked .
“Okay mum” Jordan said as he turned to Petronella.
“Listen Petronella, there is nothing good about you right now and if you know what is good for you, just go to your home immediately” Jordan said.
“Will you come and see me tomorrow?” Asked Petronella.
“Are suffering from dioxyriboxydisineous pondelus?!” Jordan shouted.
“I didn’t ask for your clinical terms, I asked if you could see me” Petronella repeated.
“You know what , I don’t want to show the wrong side of me. So just leave before someone beats you up here.” Jordan said.
“If you don’t come, i will follow you tommorow” said Petronella as she left.
“Why are you being so kind to this lady?” His brother asked him.
“Mom, am sorry about what has happened and it will not happen again. The truth of the matter is that I don’t have anything to do with her. She is confused.” Jordan said.
“How do I believe that seeing how kind you were to her?” Asked mother.
“Mom, you are the one who told me that all the years you were in marriage with our father, he never raised a hand against you. You further told us that a real man hold his anger against a woman. A man who beats a woman has failed as a man. So I tried to hold my temper because of what you have been instilling in me” said Jordan.
“I am proud of you my dear son. I am sure you will take care of us” mother said.
“Thank you mum. Of course I will. Are you fine by the way?” Jordan said.
“Yes am fine. Go to bed now” she said.
“Okay goodnight mum” he said.
The following day Jordan left for where he was to start working from. He just carried a suitcase in which he had his clothes and some books he seriously needed for his job. He also carried a sackbag in which there was two pots and a few other kitchen utensils to help him start his life.
He got at the station where he was to be working from. He went to the house which was for him to occupy. He just had two rooms to use out of the house as he had nothing to put there. He made his bedroom and prepared his kitchen room. It was the begining of his life alone. Coming from a poor family, he had nothing much to carry except for those things which he afforded.
This is the situation of most people when they are reporting at the station on their first appointment. They usually go with completely nothing per say. But with time they tend to furnish themselves with assets. The only consoling thing is that nobody looks down upon them for having nothing as they all understand that that is when they are just starting to sail in the sea of their career and are yet to start fishing what they deserve to have as soon as they start getting paid.
At the clinic where he was sent to work from, there were only four government employees. There was an enrolled nurse, two CHA’s and himself Jordan, the clinical officer.
One day after they knocked off, one of the CHA came to his house.
“Hello Mr Sakala, how has been the day?” He asked.
” It was fine how about you?” Jordan answered.
“It was great” he answered.
They went on catching up on different topics. The man gave Jordan a gist of the community in the catchment area of the clinic. They went on sharing how best they could do their work in that area.
“Elo Mr Sakala, since you are the clinical officer, are you not supposed to be the one in charge of the clinic instead of that enrolled nurse we have here?” He asked.
That was how it was supposed to be. A clinical officer was supposed to be in charge of the clinic if he was at the clinic and not the nurse.
But Jordan remembered what his lecturer told them at the college.
“You could have a high qualification where you are going but you don’t have the experience in work which those people you will find with low qualification have. So go and learn other things from them. For you to benefit from them, humble yourselves before them and do not bulldoze everything.” The lecturer said.
Jordan after remembering those words he knew what he was to do.
“Yes I am supposed to be the in charge but I have just come, I will let him continue being the in charge until I get absorbed in the system. I will let him know though that he can continue being the in charge until when time is due ” Jordan answered him.
“Okay, hope it will be anytime soon because we want an in charge like you.” He said.
Jordan knew that the conversation was heading to the gossip section so he had to prematurely terminate it.
Mama was sitted outside under the shade of the tree at her home in the afternoon when she saw three people entering her compound. She noticed them that it was Petronella, an elderly man and woman.
Mama sakala gave them where to sit after which they exchanged pleasantries.
“How can i help you?” Asked mama sakala.
“We are the parents of this girl here. We have come here because she is pregnant and your son is the one responsible” the man said.
“My son? Which son?” Mama Sakala asked.
“What is his name?” The Mana asked Petronella in a low tone.
“Jordan” Petronella said.
“It’s Jordan” the man said.
“Okay so how man months is this pregnancy?” Mama Sakala asked.
“One month ” the woman answered.
At that mama Sakala started laughing out loud that tears rolled down her eyes due to it. She was really amused with the issue at hand.
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Episode 3.
The parents to Petronella were surprised seeing mama sakala laughing as there was nothing amusing there. They looked at each other in awe.
“Excuse me, we have come here with serious business but you are here laughing your lungs out, what is wrong with you?” Petronella’s father asked angrily.
“Sorry, I am laughing it’s just that I am amused. This can not be happening” mama sakala said with laughs in between her words.
“What do you mean?” Asked the father.
“What I mean is that she can not be pregnant for my son even if they were left just the two of them on this entire world?” Mama sakala said.
“Are you saying she is not a person who could not be impregnated by your son?” The father asked.
“I didn’t mean that, what I mean is it’s impossible. It can never happen” Mama sakala said.
“Are you saying your son is impotent?”asked mama sakala.
“No. What I want to say is that your daughter never went to where my son is working from and my son has been away for more than two months now, so how can your daughter be pregnant for him? How on Earth did they meet?” Mama sakala said.
“What?!” Exclaimed the parents to Petronella.
“You, did you meet him after he left?” the father asked Petronella.
“No, I didn’t” Petronella answered.
“So how did he make you pregnant?” he further asked.
“He made me pregnant before he left” Petronella said.
“Are you not hearing what his mother is saying here that her son left two months ago and had never visited them?” Asked the father.
“But he is the one” Petronella said.
“Will you shut up!” Her father said angrily.
“Petronella, how did you know for sure that he is the one who made you pregnant?” Her mother who had been quiet for a while asked.
“Mom, I love him and he doesn’t love me so what do you expect?” Petronella asked.
“So that is why you are saying you are pregnant for him?” Her mother asked.
“What would I have done?” Asked Petronella.
No sooner had she finished talking that her father gave her a nasty slap which sent her into that state of staggering.
“Are you foolish? Do you think we can leave whatever we were doing just to come here and make a monkey of ourselves here? Stupid girl.” the father said.
“But you can’t slap her like that” the mother said.
“You are the same person who is making her so foolish. I can slap you too if you say any more word” the father said.
He was very furious seeing how he had been dragged into a ditch of shame by his daughter. He felt so embarrassed seeing how naive he hundled the issue without first finding out all the details to it.
The father sternly looked at Petronella, then the mother, mama sakala and then at Petronella again.
“You will find me home” the father said leaving.
The mother to Petronella was there standing and took it upon herself to apologise to mama sakala about the trouble they caused her.
“We are sorry for inconveniencing you with our drama. It won’t repeat itself.” mother to Petronella said to mama sakala.
“It’s fine my sister. Just be very sure of issues before taking actions. One day you will end up finding yourself in trouble.” Mama Sakala said.
“Thank you” mama Petronella said.
“And as for your daughter, when my son sends me money next month, I will give her K800.” Mama Sakala said.
“What will that money be for?” asked mama Petronella.
“So that she can travel to Chainama hills mental clinic. She serious needs checkup” mama Sakala said then bursting into laughing.
“Mtsuuup” mama Petronella said as she also left the place.
Jordan continued helping his mother financially and his other siblings. He was really doing a great work to his family. He even started building a house for his mother as she had no descent accomodation. Things were really ticking for Mama sakala. She was really glad that her work of educating her some had not gone into waste.
This is the desire of every parent who sacrifice everything they have for their child. They know that, though their suffering can not be finished, their children will make things better in their lives. She was a proud mother and her friends envied her.
One day Jordan was working at the hospital when this young and beautiful lady came to the clinic. When it was her turn to go into the room where they lodged their sicknesses, she went inside. The one who was their was Jordan. The lady sat down as she kept on looking intently at Jordan.
“Hello madam, how can we help you? What is wrong?” Jordan asked as he got the book from her.
“I have fever which is really making me uncomfortable” she said.
“Okay let me feel get your temperature after which I will do the RDT test.” Jordan said.
“Okay” the lady said.
A few minutes later, people who were waiting to be attended to just heard the lady that had entered the office shouting. She was calling for help as it was like she was being attacked. Before people could go to the door to go inside, the lady came out with her shirt torn as she continued calling for help.
“What has happened?” People asked her.
“He wanted to rape me” she said as she went on crying.
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Episode 4.
“What he wanted to rape you?” people asked.
“Yes, he wanted to rape me” the lady said.
“This are stupid health employees who are supposed to be flushed out of the system. They are not here to help but destroy us. How can you want to rape your patient surely?” One of the people said.
“Yes how dare him! Let us beat the hell out of him” the people said.
“Yes!” The people shouted in unison as they headed into the office where Jordan was.
Before the people could enter, one of the headmen who was there stopped them.
“People, let us not give judgement on our own. We are not sure if he really wanted to rape her and even if he wanted to, there is a well ladi down procedure on how it can be handled.” The headman said.
“He is the one” one of the people said.
“Let me tell you something before you do what you want to do. If you beat him up, you will be jailed for assault even if he might be wrong. If it happens he is innocent, this clinic will be left with no trained staff and it might it be closed. And if this clinic gets closed, who is going to suffer?” Asked the headman.
These words from the headman gabe the crowd a moment to think through their action which they were about to excute.
After further insight of the headman the situation calmed down and they decided to follow the procedure. They agreed that the headman and two other people to go into the office to sort out the issue.
The three people entered into the office and found Jordan standing holding his chin obviously in deep thoughts.
“Doctor” the headman said as that is how they called him.
“Hello, you can have a seat” Jordan said.
“Thank you. We want to find out what happened to this lady so that we can amicably settle this issue.” The headman said.
“Okay, thank you. Let me just invite one fellow workers to also be here as we discuss.” Jordan said.
“Okay” the headman said.
A fellow worker was called meaning there were six people inside, the headman, two other men, the lady, Jordan and another clinic staff member.
“Okay, kindly tell us what Happened” said the headman to the lady.
“I came here because I am feeling fever so this doctor here said he wanted examine me. He told me to remove my top which I did, he then started fondling my breasts to which started feeling uncomfortable. I told him to stop buy he continued. He then pinned me against the wall. When I tried escape he got hold of my top and that is how it got torn.” the lady narrated.
Jordan couldn’t believe what the lady was saying as the was that he didn’t attempt any such of a thing.
“So doctor, is this what happened?” the headman asked Jordan.
“Actually she has just made up everything, the reality of the matter is that is that I just wanted to check if she has malaria and check her temperature. That is all” Jordan said.
“So, when checking temperature and testing for malaria, do you have your patient remove the shirt?” Headman asked.
“No, malaria we just get a blood sample from a finger and temperature we just put a thermometer in the armpit. I didn’t ask her to remove her top and for the thermometer I gave her and she put it herself in her armpit” Jordan said.
“Who do we believe here now? What do you have to say now?” The headman asked the lady.
“He is not telling the truth” the lady said.
“Doctor, this is a serious case and it may cost your job. Tell the truth and you will be set free.” The headman said.
“I have just told you the truth” Jordan said.
“Okay, so what proof do you have to prove that what you are saying is true?” Asked the headman.
“I don’t have any proof but I am telling the truth” Jordan said.
“You see how difficult it is to say you are innocent?” Asked the Headman.
“Okay, yes, when this lady entered into this office, did I lock the door? No. Did I close the window? As you can see No. Did any of you outside hear any sound of me trying to rape her? No. So how stupid and can I be to try to rape someone with a window open, door unlocked and a queue of people waiting outside? Just think of it. And if I really tried to rape her, how come I tore her top instead of her skirt?” Asked Jordan.
The people there saw how points raised by Jordan made sense. It did not make sense for someone to want to rape someone when a window was open and the door unlocked as it would mean anytime a person burging in.
“I feel this lady is not telling the truth” one the men said.
“I feel so too” said the other man.
“We will beat her up now until she tell the real truth.” The first man said.
“Yes, beat her up until she tells the truth” the Headman said.
The two men stood up folding their shirts about to beat her. The first man held her by her blouse.
“Tell us the truth or else, I will give you a forehead” the man said.
“I told you the truth” the lady said.
The man then added more force to the grip making it painful for her. She couldn’t withstand it.
“Okay, I will tell you.” The lady said.
“Yes tell us” the Headman said.
“I have been giving him signs that I am in love with him but he has not even given me a single glance. It has really Paine me and I wanted to finish him, that’s how I wanted to trap him” the lady said.
Jordan Rose from where he was sitted dashing at the lady to give her a fine beating but before he could reach her, he was held by the two men.
“Do you know how much my mother suffered for me to be here? Do you know of how much value I am to the family? You are very foolish” Jordan said extremely upset.
After the situation had calm down, they continued with the issue at hand.
“This is really unfortunate for you doctor that someone wanted to pin you down. The worst could have happened to you. Please prolong your temper as you try to find peace with your heart in order to deal with this issue peacefully.” The Headman said.
“And as for you, you are disgrace to our community. If you want a man, is that the extent you can go to? You will habe to be punished by the law” the headman said to the lady.
“We will sort out this issue later. You can go to work doctor” said the Headman.
They then went outside were people were waiting to hear the results of the discussion. As they were inside other people came to witness the scene, so there was a large crowd of people there. The Headman who helped in the issue briefed the people about what really transpired.
“So she wanted to trap our doctor?” One of the people asked.
“Yes” headman said.
“Where is she we beat her up? She is very stupid.” People said.
Fortunately, the lady had already left the clinic as she was very ashamed of herself.
The mother to Jordan, mama Sakala, came to visit him after he sent words to her to come. It was her first time visiting him where he was working from. It was really a great felling having his mother there.
One evening they sat down in the living room as they caught up on different stories. They laughed and giggled together.
“Mom, there is something I want to ask you?” Jordan said.
“Okay” mama Sakala said.
“Why is it that people want to trap me so that I can be fished out of the system despite what we went through for me to be here?” He asked.
“Oh my son, this world is wicked. Even back home, like I told you already, Petronella wanted you. Even here that lady wanted you. Do you know why this is happening?” Mama Sakala asked.
“No mom, that is what I want to know” he answered.
“It’s because you are not yet married.” She said.
“What do you mean?” He asked.
“Okay let me explain. There are a lot of women out there who are looking for men. So, they will not take a chance of letting go a man they see to be a potential husband to them. So you are a potential husband to them. You have a job and still single, that puts you in that position of being a target to them” she said.
“So, the only solution now for the futile attempts on you is to get married. As long as you don’t get married, the attempts will keep on increasing. If you get married others will leave you knowing you are already taken.” Mama Sakala said.
“But mom, it is just too soon. I will get married later in the future after I do thing for you and myself.” He said.
“Yes, but for your own safety, I would recommend marriage.” Mama Sakala said.
“Okay, but I am not yet ready for marriage.” He said.
“That’s fine my son. I am not forcing you into marriage, I am just sharing my opinion on the issues at hand. And always remember this undisputed truth: Money and Freedom are two dangerous things when given to a man at the same time. The money you have now and the freedom of not being married might land you into problems.” Mama Sakala said.
Watch out for episode 5.

Episode 5.
After his mother left, Jordan gave ample thought to what his mother told him about getting married. His plans were to first build for his mother and find a descent source of income for her then that is when he would marry. He wanted to give his mother something to lean on as he develops his own family.
Since the house he was building was at an advanced stage, he started looking for a lady to marry. He knew that by the time he would be ready to get married with the lady he would find, his plans for his mother would be done.
From the day the headman wisely settled the issue with the lady who wanted to trap him, he became a close friend to Jordan. Jordan really liked the wisdom which was bestowed upon the headman.
One weekend, the headman came to visit and chat with Jordan like he usually did when they both had time. When he got to his home, he found Jordan was preparing some food. After exchanging their pleasantries, the Headman sat in living room watching TV. A while later, Jordan brought some food to the living room on two separate places. Each plate had rice with spaghetti, Irish potatoes and other gravings. The food has a wonderful aroma which made the headman start flattering the cooking.
“Doctor, you are a very good chef.” Headman said.
“Oh thank you” Jordan said.
“But this nice cooking should not stop you from getting married” Headman joked.
“Aaaah no, I will marry” he said.
“And coming to that issue of marrying, I have never heard of you talk about any lady in your life, are you not planning to settle down any time soon?” asked the Headman.
“I will settle down when I finish achieving my plans” he said.
“Oh no. Plans never end, you just have to find a wonderful lady who will be your Mrs. Listen to me, by delaying to get married you are delaying a lot of things. Your children and other family plans will be delayed”. Headman said.
“But I will get married. Is there any harm in waiting?” He asked.
“No, there is no harm in waiting as rushing into married due to pressure won’t help you” headman said.
“Yes, that is the point” Jordan said as he stuffed food into his mouth.
“Now let me tell you the harm of delaying to get married when you can. As you are here waiting for the right time, predators in form of men out there are busy making use of your future wife and by the time you will think of marrying she will be finished. They will hurt her emotionally and physically. What she will bring into marriage will be what your friends left. So before they extreme use of her, find her and marry her.” The Headman said.
“So are you saying if I don’t marry early the lady I will marry will misused by other guys?” Asked Jordan.
“Exactly. The more you delay getting married, the more your wife gets used by predatorial men. So save that innocent woman heartaches” Headman said.
“Which woman?”
“Your future wife”
“Now the way you are saying it as if you already know her” he said.
“I have hope and faith” headman said as they laughed together.
“On a serious note, i am really grateful for opening up my eyes. It’s true the more I delay getting married, the more my future wife become scrap metal. I will do something about it” Jordan said.
“You are welcome. That’s really good to hear. Marriage is not about what you have achieved but how ready for it you are mentally, physically and financially. Take your time to find a best lady for you” Headman said.
“Yes I will.”
“Remember the rule in woodwork, ‘measure as many times as you want but cut once’ same applies to marriage. Date as many times as possible but marry once. Don’t fall for just the first lady you mean.” Headman said.
Jordan got convinced to find a wife for himself following the advice from his mother and the Headman. He saw how dangerous it was for him to stay alone.
Jordan went to Chipata town to visit his mother over the weekend during month-end. His mother’s home had been finished in Chimwemwe near Top One in Chipata.
On a Saturday, he wanted to go into town to get some stuff. He walked from his mother’s home until when he got at Kapata. He then got into a minibus (which are locally known as Bongo) heading to town. When the bus drove a bit, it stopped to pick up a lady who was standing near the road going to VNT motel.
The lady looked so gorgeous that Jordan didn’t notice that his eye were extremely gaved at her. Within himself, he prayed that the lady can sit on the seat where he was. Fortunately, when the lady got in the bus, she sat on the seat next to Jordan. The happiness that came into his heart was unimaginable. The easiness and peace within himself was what he had never experienced before. He then decided to strike a conversation with her.
“Hello” he said.
“Hi” she said.
“At least today the weather is much better unlike these other days” he said.
“Yes, it is” she answered not really looking interested in the conversation.
“Alo Sir, muselukila Pani?” Asked the bus conductor.(hello sir, where are dropping from?)
“Pa Engen” Jordan said. (At Engen fueling stating)
“Okay, ni K5.” the bus conductor said.
Jordan gave him a K10 note to which he returned a K5 change. At Engen fueling station, he dropped.
“See you later” Jordan said to the beautiful lady who was still continuing with her journey.
Jordan went to get the things he wanted. When he went to a photo studio to take some photos, he met the beautiful lady from the minibus there too.
“It’s like we are destined to be meeting today” Jordan said as he sat next to her.
“Yeah” the lady said.
Just then an old friend to Jordan came into the studio.
“Hey Jordan, it’s been long.” the friend said as they hugged.
“Yes, Enock, it’s been long” he said.
“So how is life as a medical professional now?” Enock said.
“So so we are trying” he said.
“And am sure this is our Mulamu. How are you sister-in-law?” Enock said greeting the lady.
“I am fine how are you?” the lady answered though a bit not expecting that title.
“Am fine” Enock said.
“Enock, mukotekanyako nthawi ziyakine” said Jordan. (You should be taking your time in some instances)
“What?! How can I take my time when I have just seen my Mulamu for the first time?” Enock said.
“Whatever, anyway what are doing here?” Jordan asked.
“I have come to get my photos. I had left them to be developed an hour ago. Am sure you are here to take photos in the studio with my Mulamu.” Enock said.
At this the lady looked at Jordan to which he looked back too at her.
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Episode 6.
The look which the lady gave had a lot of message in it. Do you remember that look a mother gives to her child when he or she is misbehaving in the presence of visitors? Yes that had-it-not-been-for-the-visitors-i-would-have-beaten-you look was what the lady gave Jordan. Jordan knew that he had to straight straight things up.
“Enock, you have got it all wrong. She is not your Mulamu” Jordan said.
At these words, the lady gave a heavy sigh maybe due to words building up within herself.
“What?” Asked Enock.
“You mean she isnt your woman?” Enock asked.
“No. Actually we just met here and it is our first time.” Jordan said.
“Oh sissy I am really sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you. Its just that my friend needs to settle down, so I thought it’s you he wants to settle down with” said Enock.
“What?!” Jordan asked Enock
“What did I say wrong?”asked Enock.
Jordan looked sternly at Enock making him realise how his words were tragic about mentioning his settling down to a stranger.
“Oh sorry man.” Enock said.
“It’s fine.” Jordan said.
“Have you forgiven me sissy?” Enock asked.
“Never mind. It’s a small issue.” She said.
“I don’t believe the forgiveness of both of you. To prove your forgiveness on me, let us have a studio photo for the three of us.” Enock suggested.
“Oh no! We can’t do that” she said.
“Why?” Asked Enock.
“I don’t feel like today. Maybe next time” she said.
“So next time I will meet you I will have a photo?” Enock asked.
“Depending on the mood.” she said.
“Okay I will keep these words. Guys it’s been wonderful meeting you. Let me be on my way now” Enock said.
“Okay take care man” Jordan said.
Enock got his photos and left the photo studio. Jordan and the lady went on chatting in the studio. The conversation went on well until when they left the studio together. They agreed to go home together. They jumped into a bongo as they continued chit-chatting until when they dropped at Kapata. They walked together until when they got to where the lady was to turn going to her home.
“It was really a wonderful experience meeting you.” Jordan said.
“The pleasure is all mine.” The lady said.
“By the way I didn’t get your name. My name is Jordan. It would be a great honor to know you by your name.” Jordan said.
“Oh yeah I didn’t tell you my name. My name is Eliza” the lady said.
“Oh Eliza, it’s a beautiful name” Jordan said.
“Thank you” Eliza said.
“So if I happen to feel like wanting to meet you, how will I meet you?” Jordan asked.
“I don’t know since am also need here.” Eliza said.
“Okay, would it be rude if I get your number?” Jordan asked.
“Of course, No” Eliza said.
She then gave him her number after which they went separate ways.
These two weeks after getting Eliza’s number, they used to communicate frequently. The chemistry was really great between them. They spent a lot of minutes on their phones talking about love-nonsense stories. They really started growing fond of each other.
As they planned to go on a date over the weekend, Jordan went again to Chipata.
“Eeeeh Mr Doctor, is everything okay?” mama Sakala asked Jordan seeing him home.
“Yes mum, why are you asking?” Jordan asked.
“It’s barely two weeks when you were here and you here again” she said.
“Oh okay, now since I have my own home, I don’t have the right to visit my mother anymore?” He asked teasingly
“I didn’t mean that. Its just that you usually come on month-end.” Mama Sakala said.
“Things change, am here, now welcome me” he said.
“Aaaah of course you are welcome my dear son” she said.
On the evening of the Saturday of that weekend, Jordan got prepared for the date with Eliza. He wore a nice smart suit which made him look like a gentleman. Everything on his was on point, after which he finally wore a nice fragrance.
When he walked into the living room where his mother was, mama Sakala exclaimed seeing how handsome her son looked.
“Wow, you are looking great my son. Those white and blue uniforms of yours make you look something else.” Mama Sakala complimented her son.
“Thank you Mom” he said.
“You are welcome. If I may ask, where are you going to meet the president from?” She asked.
“Mama, which president?” He asked.
“Oh, only those who are going to meet the president get dressed like you” she said.
“Oh. I am going to meet a friend.” He said.
“A friend? What kind of a friend?” She asked.
“Mmmmmm mama, with these questions, will I find a daughter-in-law for you?” He asked.
“Oooooh okay, I see now. But with this suit, you need a good means of transport as you can’t walk on foot.” Mama Sakala said.
“Mama I will walk.” He said.
“If you don’t have a car, i will book for you” she said.
“Don’t bother mom” he said.
“I insist.” Mama Sakala said.
Just then they heard a horn of the car outside their house.
“Who could be that?” Mama Sakala asked.
“My transport” he said.
“Oh clever boy” she said.
“I have to go. See you mom” he said.
“Take care of yourself and don’t be stupid by going against the norms of our family” she said.
“Okay mum” he answered.
“Good” she said.
Jordan went outside to the car which came to pick him up. It was his friend whom he made prior arrangements with. His friend had the car so Jordan asked him to lend him the car for the date as he couldn’t walk to the rendezvous.
Jordan went and dropped his friend at his home. He then drove to Eliza’s place to pick her up. When he got there, Jordan got outside the car and stood by the door of the passenger front seat.
Eliza came out looking so gorgeous. She wore a nice red dinner dress which had some glitters on it. She also wore high heeled shoes which made her look ladies as she walked towards Jordan. She also applied make up sparingly which complemented well with her nearly done hair. When she got to the awe-stricken Jordan, her nice perfume got to the senses of Jordan making him feel merry, joy and desire kidnap him.
They then gave each other a light hug.
“You look so beautiful Eliza” Jordan finally said.
“Thank you and you are looking handsome as well” Eliza said.
“Thank you. Here you are” Jordan said as he opened the door to the car.
Eliza entered after which Jordan closed the door for her and also got into the car and drove off to a most luxurious hotel in Chipata
They were all in that high mood as some nice romantic songs played in a low volume on the sound system of the car.
They got at the hotel and we’re directed to the pre-booked table. They made there orders which were brought to them. They then started getting chatting as they ate their food.
“You are a nice person Jordan, why are you still single?” Eliza asked.
“I have been through a lot to get where I am. So due to those things I have been through, i had no time to look for love. So I have not been in a serious relationship per say.” He answered.
“Okay, I see.” Eliza said.
“Yeah, so what about yourself, why ain’t you seeing someone currently?” He asked.
“I broke up with the person I had been in love with” she answered.
“Would you mind telling me what happened?” He asked.
“Okay, I really loved him but I later discovered that he was already married in Kafue where he stayed. So I decided to break up with him since I had no time to waste with him” Eliza answered.
“Okay, that was a great decision. So what kind of a man would you love to be in a serious relationship with?” He asked.
“Okay, I want a man with a vision and dreams so that we can help each other to achieve them. He might not be perfect but his understanding and trustworthiness would really mean a world to me” Eliza said.
“Okay, that’s great. So what kind of man would you never date?” He asked.
“An indecisive man. Someone who can’t make a decision and stick to it,is a major turn off for me.” She said.
“Okay, yeah decisiveness is very important to a man” he said.
“Yes. So what is that one characteristic you would love in a woman you would forever love?” She asked.
“A lady who will live in harmony with my mother is all I want” he said.
“How? Is mother difficult? Sorry to ask that” he said.
“Oh it’s fine. No, she isn’t difficult. It’s just that that woman has done a lot for me, so if my wife lives in peace with her, I will be the happiest person ever.” He answered.
“Okay” Eliza said.
Through their discussion it was discovered that Eliza worked for a company and was transferred from Mazabuka to Chipata. She was also staying alone in Chipata and had recently moved in.
After their date was over, he drove her back to her home.
“It was really wonderful being with you” Jordan said.
“Me too, I have liked it” she said.
“Hoping for another one”
“Have a goodnight”
“Goodnight as well.”
Eliza walked to the door of her house as Jordan got into the car and drove off.
Eliza entered into her house and closed the door behind her. She then removed her heels and through her small pace on the couch as she sat down on it.
“Oh I can’t believe this wonderful thing is happening to you Eliza. You have suffered enough, it’s now time for you to have your own man. You will have those nice, long and muscular hands scaffolding on your vulnerable, pretty body. Oh my goodness! This is beautiful” Eliza said to herself as she smiled foolishly to herself.
“Let me wash you now since you belong to someone now” she said referring to her body as she jumped going to the bathroom.
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Episode 7.
The relationship between Eliza and Jordan kept on growing strongly. The chemistry of love between then was so strong that it was difficult for someone to notice that they hadly were 2 months together.
Jordan made it a habit of traveling to Chipata every after two weeks to visit his woman, Eliza.
On another weekend, Jordan travelled to Chipata again. This weekend was very special to them as something extra ordinary was to happen. What made it also special also was the fact that it was Eliza’s birthday.
Jordan with the help of his friends, organised a surprise birthday party for Eliza. The venue was at a renowned three star hotel in Chipata.
On a Saturday of that evening, Jordan went to pick up Eliza as they had a planned date. Eliza had it in her mind that they were going on a date not knowing that she was going to a surprise birthday party.
When they got at the venue, Jordan told Eliza not to get out of the car.
“I will have to cover your eyes with this before we go to our venue” Jordan said.
“Oooh okay” Eliza answered.
Jordan covered her eyes with a bandana. He then got of her hand leading her to where the venue of the party was to be. After they got to the pre arranged spot for the party, Jordan slowly removed the bandana which was covering Eliza’s eyes. Immediately, people who were waiting for them sung the happy birthday song to her.
Eliza couldn’t believe what was happening to her at that particular moment. She was not expecting to see her close female friends there. There were were also other male friends to Jordan who came for the party.
In that mood surprise, the friends to Eliza started directing her to look behind her. When Eliza looked behind, she found Jordan kneeling down with a ring box open. Before she could say or give any reaction, Jordan said out the long awaited words.
“Will you marry me Eliza?” Jordan asked.
“Oh my gosh! This isn’t true. I can’t believe this is happening to me” she exclaimed with tears of joy running down her cheeks.
“Come girlfriend accept it!” Her friends cheered on her.
“Will you marry me?” Jordan repeated the words.
“Why not? Yes I will marry you” Eliza said as Jordan slipped on her finger the ring.
People there cheered as a way of congratulating the wedded-to-be couple. Eliza then clung to Jordan hugging him.
Eliza couldn’t believe what Happ that day. It was like she was dreaming. Who on Earth is given a surprise birthday party and gets engaged to the man of her dreams?
The party went on well as they all enjoyed and had a great time.
That evening marked the new pace of the relationship between Eliza and Ziye as they were officially ready for marriage.
The wedding for Eliza and Jordan was nothing short of a grande affair in the town. It was an occasion of merry, joy and happiness.
It was a beautiful thing to mama sakala seeing her son bring in a new member to her family. She was receiving a new daughter to her family as that is how she got her, not as a daughter-in-law.
Mama Sakala treated Eliza like her own daughter that it was difficult for other people to know that she was actually the wife to her son. She was a wonderful mother who any lady would wish to have as the mother of her husband. Whenever she felt like Eliza was not being treated well, mama Sakala came to her aid. In short, mama Sakala had the interest of Eliza ahead of those of her son.
Since Jordan got a transfer to work in Chipata town, they lived together with his wife in Kalongwezi. There marriage was going on well as it was characterised with peace, joy and trust. They even started building their own house in moth extension area.
One evening Jordan came back home from work. He found his wife had already prepared everything and was sitted in the sitting room typing some work stuff on her laptop.
“Welcome back honey” Eliza said standing up to go to hug him.
“Thank you”
“How was work?”
“As usual, busy”
“Okay, let’s go you take a bath before you eat the food on the table after which you will eat again the other food” she said.
“You are a naughty woman” he said.
“I didn’t say anything” she said.laughing.
Jordan went and had his bath before sitting at the dining to eat with his wife.
They then sat on the couch to catch up some movies as was their before retiring to bed.
“Honey, I received a call from mum” he said.
“She says she needs to boost her business so she is asking for some money from us.” He said.
“Like how much?”
“,She said k3,500 will do” he said.
“But as you know we seriously need to finish our house and shift soon. So these unnecessary expenses won’t take us anywhere.” She said.
“So Eliza, helping my mother is an unnecessary expense now?” He asked shocked.
“I didn’t mean it that way. All I am saying is we can help her out later but not now.” She said.
“And how come that money is available when my cousin asked for college fees you just gave her a k1,000?” She asked.
“Your cousin has other means of getting money no wonder I just helped him with that. Won’t his father give him the remaining balance? And you can’t compare my.mother to your cousin” he said.
“Everytime my mother this my mother that, you have never done anything for my family” she said.
“Mmmmm Eliza why are speaking like this?” He asked.
“Am saying the truth. Almost every month, you give your mother money, how much have you sent to my mother?” She asked.
“Eliza, I gave your family what they deserved. The exorbitant bride price of you which was K35,000. So I will continue giving my mother money until it reaches to k35,000 as well. Copy that” he said.
“I don’t care but all I know now is that you are not sending any woman that k3,500 as long as am still in this house.” She said.
“Eliza, i was informing you. Tomorrow am giving her the money. She really deserves the money because she went through a lot to be where I am today.” He said.
“My family also went through a lot for me to be where I am.” She said.
“Then why didn’t you so something for them before I married you?” He asked.
“Are you really asking me that?”
“Yes I am.” He said.
“Okay just wait and see what will happen in this house.” She said leaving the living room going to the bedroom.
“So this woman doesn’t want me to help my mother? I would rather be single than stay with someone who wants to make me stop helping my mother. As long as I still have oxygen in my lungs and energy to work, my mother won’t suffer.” Jordan thought to himself.
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Episode 8.
The wrangle between Jordan and Eliza over the money to be given to mama Sakala continued growing. The more they argued about it, the more they kept a distance away from each other bond-wise.
Jordan really loved his wife Eliza and also his mother so much. This dilemma really became a bearing in his mind. He wanted someone to help him find a solution to this problem.
The only person who came to his mind was the headman back in the peri-rural area he was initially deployed to. He knew that the Headman was a fountain of wisdom and would readily help out.
When he had some days off, Jordan travelled back to the rural area to see the Headman.
Fortunately he found the headman at his home. They were really excited to see each other after a long period of time. They exchanged their greetings after which they caught up on different topics.
“So did you come here for work or what?” Asked the Headman as he never expected Jordan travelling all the way to see him
“No, i just came to see you” Jordan answered.
“Okay, I hope all is well” Headman said.
“Yeah, though I will be going back today” Jordan said.
“Oh that’s so fast” Headman said.
“Yeah, I came here for your help”
“Okay” headman said shaking in his seat trying to have a comfortable sitting position.
Jordan then narrated everything concerning what had been transpiring at his home with Eliza.
“Okay, let me find out something from you, is she in good terms with your mother or she is illtreated by her?” Headman asked.
“Telling you the truth, my mother treats her like her own daughter. Mother even shields her in most instances.”
“Okay, this issue is trick but you can sort it out if you delicately handle it” headman said.
“Okay, help me out”
“The issue of wives refusing to help your parents as a husband is really bad. You really love your wife which makes it easy for you to listen to her. But when you remember what your parents went through for you, you also see it very difficult to neglect them.”
“Yes that’s the challenge”
“Yes, some men have been blinded to the extent of neglecting their parents to please their wives. That is uncalled for. A sound in mind man would never do such a thing, all what is needed is to balance up.”
“Balance up?”
“Yes balance. If you want peace in whatever you want to do in your marriage, balance your help between your family and your wife’s family. If you continously help your family without helping her family too, you will ignite hatred for your family in her. Most women are so good and generous but we men change them by helping our families only. There families also need our help. If you as a man help both families equally, do you think your wife could act in such a manner?”
“Maybe, No”
“She won’t act in that manner unless she is mentally challenged. She will understand that you are helping your family since you also help hers.”
At this moment Jordan saw where he missed it out. Though he was doing it out of son-mother love, he knew that he also had to balance in helping his wife’s family too.
“Okay I have heard you”
“Good. When you get married, as a man you automatically have two families to help. That is why before getting married, if circumstances allow, do big things for your family because when you get married ‘you cant even change the channel on a TV without consulting your wife’. That’s the reality” headman said.
“Okay, now what should I do?” Asked Jordan.
“Go to her, apologize for being one sided, promise to change and change for the better” Headman said.
“Okay. And if it happens that she doesn’t change her attitude?” Jordan asked.
“That could be unfortunate but I am sure she will change. Women are like sponge which if you deep in red, it will become red. So if you treat a woman with kindness and understanding, she will automatically support and submit to you.” Headman said.
“Thank you so much. I knew that my journey won’t be in vain.” Jordan said.
“Anytime doctor” headman said.
After spending some few hours their, Jordan gave the Headman some money and left for Chipata.
Jordan got home and found Eliza in bed taking a nap. He changed his clothes and went to take a shower. When he finished showering he found, Eliza was setting the table with food for him. He then went to the table and sat down.
“In case you need anything I will be in the bedroom” Eliza said about to leave.
“Eliza sit down please” Jordan said.
Eliza reluctantly sat down on the chair at the table without saying anything.
“Eliza we were lovebirds a few days ago but now we feel like we are just living in the same house. I miss those days we used to play and laugh together. Can we go back to the days?” Asked Her to Jordan.
Eliza just looked at him and said nothing.
“Eliza I am really sorry for those words I said to you. It was so foolish of me to say them. And I am also sorry that I was so insensitive about how help went to my family only. I want to give you my words, from now on, we will be helping our two families equally.” Jordan said.
Eliza felt peace come to her hearing those words her husband said sincerely.
“I am sorry Jordan” Eliza said in a low voice.
“No, you don’t have to be sorry” he said.
“Yes I am. I also said ill words to you and I have been resenting you for the past days. Forgive me” Eliza said.
“It’s fine my love.” He said standing up.
“Come here in my arms” he said as he hugged her.
They held on hugging for so long as she let tears run down her face.
That was how Eliza and Jordan reconciled after their misunderstanding. They started doing things together again and helped their families without hiding from each other. There love bond rejuvenated and grew even stronger.
On a Sunday morning, Eliza and Jordan went to church. They sat on the same bench as the praise singers went on singing. The sounds from the keyboard and the melodic voice from the lead singer made Jordan feel so relaxed.
When the praise team stopped singing, the pastor went to the alter to give the sermone.
“Hallelujah church” the pastor roared.
“Amen” members answered. Chat MartinMartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his WhatsApp group.
“Today’s sermone has the title which has been specifically set for all of us. The title is ‘ A COMMAND WITH A PROMISE’. In the Bible, there are so many commands which God gave to us but there is only one command which has a promise attached to it. You maybe wondering which command is this, wonder no more because we will know it. Let us look at this command on the Bible book of Ephesians 6:2” the pastor said as he opened the Bible.
“Ephesians 6:2 reads ‘Honor your father and your mother” is the first command with a promise’. Have you seen the command which has a promise? Honoring your parents. Children have to honor their parents but helping them and being there for them. It is very unfortunate that some children neglect their parents due to their jobs, marriages or other reasons. I urge you all, do not let your job stop you from helping your parents, do not let your husband or wife stop you form helping your parents, do not let anything stop you from helping your parents. Do you know what promise will be given to you if you honor your parents? Let us find in on verse 3 of the same chapter. Ephesians 6:3 reads ‘That it may go well with you and you may remain a long time on the earth.’ Have you seen what will happen if you help your parents? Things will go well for you and you will have a long life. Is your business not doing fine? Is your marriage not going well? Is something in your life not doing well? It could be that you are not honoring your parents. Once you start honoring them, everything will go well for you.” The pastor preached as people nodded in agreement.
“Some of you have money but your parents are still languishing in poverty. Let me tell you something, as long as your parents still beep you on phone when they want to talk to you, my brother my sister, you are still poor. Let us all remember to honor our parents regardless of circumstances we are in because this is a command from our Almighty God which has a promise. So when you have money remember that you need to obey this ‘COMMAND WITH A PROMISE’. Hallelujah church” shouted the pastor.
“Amen!” Applauded the members.
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