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Thursday, May 14th, 2020




Who loves food? Well, I do but I’m not a foodie though. However, there are some meals you’ll behold ehhn and you’ll start salivating almost immediately.

Everyone will find it delightful when invited to a banquet by a King. A banquet of course, is not without the exhibition of great meals with exquisite recipes that keeps you salivating and craving for a bite. So, tell me, who wouldn’t crave to have just a taste of the king’s meal? Hardly anyone, right?

But I know someone who didn’t. Daniel! Yes, Daniel resisted the inviting pleasure of the king’s meal and knew that beyond the outward captivating and alluring look of the king’s banquet is a wine full of bitterness and a cup filled with deceit.

He was not a man who gets enticed by the mere appearance of things. He was a man who had mastery of his stomach and understood that behind the alluring nature of a meal is a pot filled with deadly poison. Oh! if only Esau had knew this, if only he understood the deceit, he wouldn’t have sold his birthright for a pot of meal.

The world, though filled with alluring and captivating recipes just like a meal is a pot of defilement for anyone who tries to take a taste of it. The world we’re living in is a world of sin, full of unruly pleasure and defilement.

The prince of this world will package sin in a bid to make it look inviting, he doesn’t present it as sin, he wraps it in the package of pleasure. His intention is to make you feel you’re missing out on something delightful. But, alas! Behind that well-packaged pleasure is death lurking around.

Do not attempt having a taste of it, don’t even have a smell of it. A taste, no matter how momentarily, has the power to destroy all you’ve built through the years. The pressure to have a taste of the world’s pleasure might be tough, intense and daring but, do not yield to it.

Remember, you have a greater banquet in Christ. A banquet with the King of kings. It is a meat of His Word, a drink of the Spirit and a pot of righteousness. Dine continuously in His presence. Don’t sell your birthright for a banquet of pleasure.

Good Morning🤗🤗

Blessing Eikojonwa Ekele


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