THE CEO (Episode 31 – 35)

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I blinked and blinked again. I was startled. What’s he talking about? Slowly, I moved away from him.

“I’m sorry…. I… Can’t do that.” I stammered. He looked so disappointed.

” Come on, Please! It’s just a facade …. It’s gonna be null and void. You have to do this. ” Jayden pleaded.

” I’m not yet due to have a boyfriend. I’m not sixteen yet. ” I replied.

” Don’t you like me at all? Look, every other girls are dying to date me but look at me here proposing to you .. you are the first girl I’m telling this to. Don’t you feel blessed? ” He asked arrogantly.

I heaved a sigh. ” I’m sorry, Jayden. I can’t. ” I said quietly.

Jayden breathed in and turned to go. “I thought you are a friend but it’s clear you don’t want us to be friends at all. ” He said and left.

I sat back down feeling sad. Although mom’s dead…. I couldn’t bring myself to disobey her. Our agreed age for me to keep a boyfriend was when I turn sixteen, but right now.. I’m only thirteen.

I hope Jayden understands. I thought to myself.


What’s wrong with that Maya of a girl? I thought she was the wise and sensible type? Did she just turned me down?

I became more angrier. What was I gonna do with Mary Jane? I just don’t know and it’s driving me crazy.

I heard mom calling me downstairs bit I refused to answer. Instead I grabbed my pillow, covering my ears with it.


“What did you just say!” I gasped, looking at Ava who was sitting in front of me.

Ava shrugged. “You heard me, Nelly. Right now Maya and your daughter lives with Kelly. What do you make out of that? ”

I shot her a look. ” I told you to take them in, didn’t I! If you were fast enough, Allison would have gone home with you! ”

” Oh please don’t give me that tune. How could I take Maya in? And also, I knew first Allison wouldn’t follow me home not when Jayden is with Kelly.” Ava replied.

I breathed in, frustrated. What’s happening! I looked at Ava. Hi omeano on+233544142683 to be added to story Headquarters room for more exciting stories. “When is lawyer Carson coming? I need to get out of this fucking place. It’s been up to two weeks already. ” I shouted.

” I called him last night. He should be here by tomorrow noon.

You don’t have to worry.

You are getting out of here as soon as possible but then I think I will have to put the two cases together. What do you think? ” Ava asked.

” You mean claiming of your son?” I asked her.

“Of course.. what other case do I have if not that?” Ava threw back. ” Monday morning…there is a hearing at the court. I gave Brian a file from the court. I can’t wait to have my son back.” Ava said.

” And I can’t wait to get out of here…I need to get Allison out of Kelly’s house before she turn my daughter to something else.” I replied.

Ava left and the police came in and took me away back to my cell.


Early the next morning, I was making breakfast when Maya cake inside the kitchen. She looked worried and it bothered me. “Maya? Are you alright?” I asked.

Maya smiled. “Yeah. I heard you coming into the kitchen and decided to come and help out.” She said and I smiled.

” What class were you before you came here?”

“Senior school one?” She answered, helping me bring close the bowl of cereal.

Grabbing the jar of milk, I glanced at her. “Will you like to join Jayden in school?” I asked.

She looked surprised. ” Really? Can I?” She asked eagerly.

I nodded. “Of course. You don’t wanna be a dropout, do you?” I asked.

Tears rushed down her face and I felt really bad I wanted to hug her. “Thank you so much for this.

I never knew I’m gonna go back to school so early.” Maya said, sniffing.

I went closer and gave her a hug. ” You don’t have to cry, Maya.

Whenever I see you, you remind me so much of my baby…I don’t know why.. but I just think so.” I said softly, touching her hair.

Maya glared at me, her eyes watering. She smiled. ” You look like someone I’ve seen too. She once came to our house at St Louis.” Maya said.

” Oh….that must be my twin, Nelly.” I replied.

“Wow.. you.. have a twin? Where is she?” Maya asked.

I breathed in. How do I understand that? “She’s not here at the moment.

And I hope she comes back soon.” I replied and breathed in again, before looking at her. “Hurry to Jayden’s bedroom for me and wake him up.

He must have slept off. It’s almost six.” I said, glaring at the walk clock.

Maya nodded and stalked off. I watched her go, smiling.


Once I was outside the kitchen, my heart began to pound as I found my way up to Jayden’s room.

Our discussion earlier the other day came into my mind and I couldn’t bring myself to knock at his door.

I stood in front of his door and raised my hand but brought it back down.

Breathing in, I tried knocking again when the door suddenly opened and Jayden came out.

He looked at me and wondered what I was doing in front of his door.

“And…why are you standing there?” He asked, coming out.

I dropped my hands, glaring at him. ” Your…she asked me to come wake you up.” I replied.

” And for what?” He asked angrily.

” For school of course. It’s almost…”

“Save that for latter! And leave my door right now. I thought we were friends but you just showed me we aren’t.” Jayden said rudely.

That brought tears to my eyes. ” We are friends, Jayden….I just thought it isn’t right. What if your mom finds out?” I asked.

He scoffed. ” Find out what? Then you are gonna be the one to tell her. Look, we shouldn’t be having this discussion. Do what I say or stay clear off me….don’t even talk to me. Don’t you dare call my name… don’t even come near me.”he warned.

“Why are you doing this? You are making me feel bad for staying in your house.” I replied.

” Then you know what? Leave my house too.

That would be much perfect. I don’t want you here….just go if you aren’t gonna do it.” Jayden said to my amazement before walking past me and going downstairs.

“Oh, one more thing.” He said turning. “Return my wrist band…. today.” Then he was gone.

I gasped, turning around to look at him as he exited the stairs.

I felt like crying. What do I do? Should I just act like his girlfriend and allow him kiss me??





“Are you set for school? Come and eat your breakfast… It’s getting cold. “I said as I saw Jayden coming down from the stairs. He looked somehow angry.

“I’m not hungry.” He said gruffly.

At that point, Brian also emerged from the stairs. ” No you won’t go to school without eating. Dint start with me today. ” He said, coming down.

Jayden sighed. “I’m not hungry… anything wrong with that? ” Jayden asked.

I stood, looking at them.” Jayden…. I Know you are hungry. What happened? What made you angry?” I asked, smiling at him.

” Nothing mom. I’m just pissed off about something.” Jayden replied, finally going to the dinning. I followed and whispered into his ear, “Is it a girl problem?” I asked winking.

Jayden laughed. “Guess not.”He replied and I could tell it was actually a girl problem.

Jayden left for school minutes later and I took the girls out for shopping. We brought so many things and I really made sure Maya was happy.


The next day was a Friday and together we went to Jayden’s school so Jayden’s mom could enroll Allison and I.

I was so happy and grateful to the kind lady.

We saw the principal who tested us and determined the classes suitable for us.

Allison and I were sent to the same class. The students were up to thirty and the class was very big with beautiful matching chairs and desk.

I wondered how Jayden would feel if he saw me in his school.

Is he gonna pretend he doesn’t know me, cos for the past two days, he hasn’t said anything to me after he collected his wrist band.

“Introduce yourself.” The teacher in charge told us.

“Hi, my name is Allison Brandon….I’m looking forward to knowing you guys.” Allison said first, so bold and loud.

” I’m Maya… Maya Jacobs.” I said quietly. Everyone stared at me, perhaps wondering why my voice sounded so low.

But I didn’t care, instead I looked away.

Before lunch break that day, Allison made three friends already while I had none and I was so left out.

Allison ignored me through out the day at school and I went out for lunch break alone. I bumped into someone who acted nice enough to show me the school cafeteria. “I’m Rooney. You look like you are new here.” He says kindly.

I smiled. “Thank you so much for showing me the way. This school looks so big.

“Oh, I think I’m hungry too. Let’s go together.” Rooney said and together we walked off, chatting already.

At the school cafeteria, there were people talking in loud tones. I quickly recognized one of the voice.


I walked closer. I was right cos Rooney shouted his name behind me.

“Jayden, don’t tell me you are quarrelling with your girlfriend again.”

” She’s not my girlfriend!” Jayden yelled angrily.

” Of course you are darling. Stop denying me.” A girl said, standing before him.

I stood at the door, watching them. The girl who just spoke now must be that Mary Jane of a girl.

My heart began to heave faster on what I was about to do. Am I that brave to do this? I asked myself and without answering, I started walking towards the students.


I felt like slapping the annoying girl who wouldn’t left me be. “For the last time, stop calling me your boyfriend. I would never date a crazy girl like you.” I yelled into her face.

” Come on, Jay… denying Mary Jane isn’t gonna work.” Someone said behind me.

I was going to turn and yell when someone slipped her arms around me from behind, resting her head against my back.

“Hello Jay honey… I’ve missed you and I’ve been searching everywhere for you.”

I gasped as I quickly recognized Maya’s voice. My heart jumped and jubilated as I quickly played along.

I turned and planted a kiss on her hair. “You were right on time, sweetie…these people wouldn’t allow me rest.” Jayden said tactfully.

Smiling I turned to stare at Mary Jane. She had so much make up on her face. “Oh…is she the famous Mary Jane who wouldn’t let you be?” I asked.

Everyone were staring at us so speechless

Mary Jane looked ashamed. “, This..can’t be.” She stated.

Everyone turned to look accusingly at her. “You’ve been lying!”

“Yeah… this is my real girlfriend..Maya and she’s gonna be attending the same school with us.” Jayden said and we both stared at each other, smiling.

Thank you Maya. Jayden’s smile seemed to say.


Monday morning Kelly, Jayden and I git ready for the meeting at court.

I was nervous and I really do not know why.

For sure I was gonna divorce Ava, this time for real.

But my other concern was Jayden. My instincts kept telling me we were gonna lose the case to Ava.

Jayden is the only son I’ve got. What if Ava takes him away?

Mom too went to court with us. Her appearance too gave me a lot of courage.

In court, we secured a place and waited impatiently for the arrival of the judge.

Gradually, people filled the court seats.

Minutes later, Ava came in, smiling at us as soon as she saw us. Her smile was full of evil.

“Take heart and have faith. Nothing is gonna take Jayden away from us. “, Mom assured.

I looked at Jayden. He’s a smart kid and knows already what’s going on cos his face was as hard as mine.

Kelly’s hands were around him. They sat so close together.

I breathed in and looked on to see what would happen at last. Like a man, I braced up and waited for what would happen.

Minutes later, the judge Barrister William comes into the court and resumed his position.

Everyone stood up and sat down at the order of the court.

After all procedures had been duly observed, Ava was called to the witness stand for her statements.

To my surprise, there were tears in her eyes as she began.

“I’m Ava Garrett Patterson. Yes, I’m still a Patterson cos I’m yet to divorce my husband no matter how many years ago I left him. There is always a reason for everything.

I wouldn’t have left my husband if something didn’t happened. Of course something happened and that was why I had to leave.” Ava said and looked at me.

I stared back at the tears in her eyes, wondering what was so painful to her. Everyone was staring so intently at her.

Before my very eyes and everyone else, Ava started pulling out some pictures from her bag. The lady beside her collected the pictures and passed it on to the judge.

Kelly and I exchanged puzzled looks. What was in the picture?

Everyone gasped when the judge lifted the picture to everyone’s clear and full view.

I stared in shock. I stared at the picture which almost caused me an heart attack.

In the picture was Ava with so much bruises all over her arms and face.

“Who did this to you?” The judge asked.

Ava stared straight to my eyes and I heard her say, “He’s the one. This repeated severally and almost everyday on several occasions.

I almost lost my baby and that was why I left for so many years.”

“You have a witness?” The judge asked.

Ava nodded and turned towards the court door. “Come in please ” she said and someone entered.

I turned. Kelly turned, full of tears. Mom turned and everyone else turned and together, everyone stared at the witness lady was she approached.

I thought my eyes were deceiving but no…I couldn’t be mistaken.

Coming further into the court was Grace, my former worker.

I gasped. No… this isn’t happening. This is a total gang up with lies…I wanted to scream out but the judge was already inviting Grace to the witnet box for her speech.





I couldn’t believe this was happening. I’m gonna lose Jayden after all this? It was obvious cos Ava was on the winning side.

“I totally deny all this! What a big lie! Standing right there is my former worker.. what’s she doing here! ” Brian yelled furiously

He was getting out of control and I had to make him call down.

“It’s gonna be kind if you do not disrupt the peace of the court, Mr Patterson! ” The judge shouted.
Smacking his head, Brian sat back down.

Grace stood as Ava’s witness and I couldn’t help but stare at her and wondered why she was doing this. Tears dropped off my eyes.

“Mom, are you crying? I told you nothing is gonna happen. I’m here for you. ” Jayden whispered.

I smiled and hugged him to myself then my heart beat accelerated as the judge git ready to make his final judgment.

“Under the law, no matter what happens, a mother still owns her child. This is my verdict.

The child should go back to his biological mother… ” The whole of the court was so quiet if a pin fell, you would hear it sound and clear.

“No!!” The raised voice from Jayden pierced the silence in the air.

Everyone turned to look at him. Jayden was standing up fearlessly.

“I won’t go back to her!” He screamed at the judge who stared at him with shock.

The tears in my eyes were rushing down and I was not even aware that Brian had started cleaning my face.

I was going to stand up so I could stop Jayden from rebelling but Brian held me down. “Leave him ” he whispered to me.

“Jayden! ” Ava yelled his name.

“Don’t you dare call my name, you are not my mother and I’m not following you anywhere cos I don’t know you. ” Jayden said and glanced back at the judge.

” Why can’t the court ask me where I wanna stay, why! ” He shouted.

” Seize the boy! ” The judge shouted.

” No! ” I rushed up and grabbed Jayden pulling him behind me. He’s right. Ask him where he wanna stay! This is his decision to make! ”

” No, you bitch! Hand me my son!;” Ava yelled running forward and pulling at my hair.

” Order!!”

But this is no order… The court was already in a pandemic state.

Minutes later, the guards were able to put things together.

When Jayden was finally asked what he wanted, he ran to me and hugged me tightly instead. “I want my mom… My mom Kelly who took care of me and who has been there for me even when I was abandoned! ”

The whole court fell into an emotional state. Everywhere was quiet as Jayden and I hugged. Brian joined in the hug.

With tears in her eyes, Grace slipped out of the court room and fled.

The judge gave conditions over Jayden’s choice. He said Ava must be allowed to see him at any time and he would also go for holidays at her place.

My eyes met with Ava’s. She was staring at us with hatred and disappointment. She shook her head, unable to believe this war finally happening.

“Order! Time for the second hearing.” The registrar said.

My heart skipped again.


Minutes later, Nelly was brought in and a soft sigh escaped my lips. She was looking haggard and evil.

We stared at each other for a full moment before the police man made her stand at the suspect stand.

There were murmuring all around us. Brian held my hand, giving me comfort and support. Breathing in, I empowered myself. I’ve got to do this.


It seemed as if my whole world crumbled. After all I did… After all my effort… Am I gonna really lose the only Son I’ve got to a strange woman?

When Nelly was brought in, I sat back down, waiting for what would become of her cos at this point, I was ever so ready to betray her.

What’s the use of it? All I’ve ever planned with her did not work!!

After introducing her to the court, Nelly was made to face the court.

To my amazement, Kelly stood up and testified against her.

She accused her of attempted murder, drink poisoning and threats. I couldn’t believe it.

“How could you do this to me!!” Nelly cried.

Kelly’s face was hard as the twin sisters stared at each other. “I’ve got to do this, Nelly.. so you can learn your lessons!” Kelly said with an unsteady voice.

When asked guilty or not guilty, Nelly looked around, perhaps looking to see if she would see lawyer Carson but I did not bring any lawyer for her and I looked away immediately her accusing eyes landed on me.

“Having heard your crimes with no defence, you are hereby sentenced to twenty years imprisonment. ” The judge said and there was a loud sigh.

Nelly almost feel but was held by the police man standing beside her.

Kelly buried her face into Brian’s chest and wept. It was too emotional.

I couldn’t watch any longer. I didn’t want to feel why regrets so I picked up my bag and ran for the door.

But before I got outside the court entrance someone blocked me from going out.

A woman….

I stopped and looked up to see who it was. I almost screamed as I glanced into her silent face.

I moved back, unable to believe it….. Unable to believe whom I was staring at.

No.. no!! Someone should tell me I’m hallucinating!!

She smiled, folding her hands and glaring into the court that had already turned their attention on us. “Surprised to see me… Or scared?” She asked.

My mouth quivered, trying to call out her name.

” San…. San…. Sandra?? No! This can’t be! You are dead!!”



Episode 34


“Dead?” Sandra popped out. I was still staring so dumb at her.

No… This isn’t a ghost.. she’s alive!

I glanced back nervously before turning back to look at her.

“What are you doing here!”

“What else? I’m here to let the truth out. Yes, the truth you’ve been trying to cover by getting me killed.

“What truth?” Kelly asked, coming closer.

I glanced at Nelly. She looked twice as shocked as me. I looked away.

The game is over.

“What truth!” Kelly asked again, more loudly.

” It’s none of your business!” Nelly yelled, struggling with the police.

“You? I Know you.. oh yes, you are a nurse and you were there when Kelly delivered at your hospital years ago. “Mrs Pat said and I wished the old hag would keep her mouth shut.

“What’s going on here? The court isn’t a meeting place. “The judge said, ready to leave the court.

” I have something to say, my Lord..” Sandra started.

I made to take a step out but Sandra glared at me. “Don’t let her go… We are all in this mess together!”

And I was caught. I don’t know if it was tears of regret or tears of shame or probably tears of anger, I don’t know but the tears kept pouring out of my eyes.

“In front of everyone here… I have a confession but first I will ask Mrs Kelly Patterson for forgiveness. ” Sandra started and I closed my eyes.

Then I believed nothing is hidden under the sun and that the truth will always come out… No matter what.


I was surprised to hear her say that to me. Isn’t she the nurse who was in charge of Allison when she got shot?

The nurse who helped me in delivering. Why would she want my forgiveness?

I wondered but listened anyways.

“You might think everything that has happened in the past were all true but some isn’t.

I’m sorry what I did to you fourteen years ago but believe me…. I was pushed to do……. “Sandra was saying when the gun shot rented the air.

Sandra screamed, falling on her knees Immediately. Someone just shot Sandra!

Everyone turned and saw Nelly standing angrily with the pistol in her hand.

She had silently slipped it off the police man’s pocket and now she’s pointing the gun at everyone.

“Get down everyone or I will blow up your head!!” Screamed Nelly.

Everyone yelled, bowing low to the ground and trying their possible best to hide.

I clutched Jayden to my side glaring at Nelly and breathing heavily. Sandra in the pool of her own blood was fighting for breath.

I rushed to her. “Don’t you dare go close to that mother fucker or I’m gonna shoot you;” Nelly yelled at me.

I stopped, moving back.

Another gun shot rented the air and Nelly screamed, dropping the gun in bee hand.

Someone has shot her from behind. Before my eyes, Nelly groaned in pains and sunk to the ground

Immediately she went down, everyone fled. The police called an ambulance immediately.

“Nelly!!” I screamed in a very loud teary voice. Sandra was still struggling to breath when the ambulance arrived minutes later.

What was she trying to tell me? What happened fourteen years ago?

Nelly and Sandra were rushed to an hospital.

Brian, Jayden, Mrs Pat and I followed. I cried all the way, holding my twinie’s hand.

She has hurt me real bad but seeing her in the pool of her own blood, battling for breath right now really melted my heart.

I held her hand as she lay in the stretcher in the ambulance van which was speeding to the hospital.

Nelly, can you hear me? ” I cried.

Her eyes opened a crack then she smiled. Her face tightened again. “I hated you… So much, Kelly for betraying my trust. Having gotten married to Brian… Do you even know what it means to me? You do not know, Kelly… You do not know.

Well, I didn’t care and I was so much want to destroying your marriage with him.

While you represented me at work…. You betrayed me by falling in love with him. I hated you for that….” She coughed as blood stuttered from her mouth.

With tears, I stared on. “I don’t k know why I’ve kept this a secret all along from everyone else…..the day Ava left after Jayden was born …I visited my boss at home and found him drunk.

He was so drunk and all alone that i couldn’t leave him all by himself.

I decided to help him to bed…on getting to his bedroom I lay him down to bed with all my strength but then I was gonna leave the room when he suddenly pulls me back down and I fell against him…he…he….that… night…he made me a woman…he took my virginity……” I did not allow her finish the horrible statement.

Like someone electrocuted, I dropped Nelly’s hand and moved back, astonished.

Brian took Nelly’s virginity??

“Oh my God!!” I cried. Nelly and I had always included this in our choice list to get married to the man who was gonna make us a woman.

I glared down at Nelly with tears bit knit crying. Does he know about this! Is he aware of what he did? ” I asked.

Nelly laughed. ” Nah! He was so drunk he wouldn’t have remembered a thing.

When I heard you, you telling me you were falling in love with him… My hatred for you began.

You betrayed me Kelly…. I wanted so much to deal with you… Ahh!! ” Nelly screamed out as more blood gushed out of her chest.

The door of the van suddenly opened and I realized the ambulance had reached the hospital.

The first aid box was thrown in and I was asked to get down.

I felt so numb and weak as I stared at Nelly laying in the van.

Our eyes met for the last time and even before the man giving her first aid announced it…. I knew she was dead.

Nelly died in the ambulance even before she could be taken into the hospital.

I began to shake my head as her body was being covered up.

” No… No!!!” I screamed and ran for the van but someone stopped me. It was Brian. He held me back from reaching the van.

I kicked, punched him and became wild but Brian held me still. “Kelly get hold of yourself!! Sandra…. She’s desperately asking to see you.

She’s dying, Kelly. She has a confession to make. Right now. We have to hurry up …. She’s dying!! ”

Hmmm…… Speechless ooh!!

This life is vanity upon vanity, God said “vengeance is mine”





I struggled with Brian but he pulled me along.

“Let me go!!” I yelled at him as we got to the hospital entrance. Nelly’s last words rang in my ear. Brian stared at me. “We have to hurry..”

“You are such a devil! I can’t believe I’ve been living with a monster! You are the cause of everything… that has happened to my sister and I! ” I cried.

Brian stared at me with a frown. “And what are you talking about?” He asked.

“I’m talking about what you did to Nelly years back!, You slept with her and took her virginity! “I yelled at him.

Brian’s face flashed with equal anger. “I remember that.”

I was astonished. “You…. What?”

“Yes. I was drunk. But your sister took advantage of me too…. She’s dead but she’s still causing trouble! Get hold of yourself, Kelly! ” Brian scolded me.

” Then why did you keep it a secret all this while? Brian, how could you? “I asked.

” Kelly, we’ve got no time. Sandra’s waiting… ”

” I don’t care what she wanna say! This minute I’m going back home with Nelly’s body. When I say home, I don’t mean your house.. I mean.. my house! ” I yelled at him and walked off.

Brian followed me. He tried pulling back with force and as I turned, I gave him a sound slap all together.

We were already creating a scene. “Leave me alone!!” I yelled at him but Brian wouldn’t let go.

” You can slap me all you want but I want you to know that everything that happened wasn’t my fault. It was Nelly’s. And come to think of it, was that why she hurt you badly? That’s not enough reason for all she did!” Brian yelled back.

” Let me go. ” I was crying now. For so many things…..for Nelly… for everything that has happened in our lives… for the love I have for Brian….for Ava who wants to take Jayden away from me by all means.

“Kelly….I love you and I’m not gonna do anything to hurt you. I’m sorry for the past.

Remember it happened before I met you.” Brian said softly and I found myself at last in his arms.

Yes, it wasn’t his fault at all…it wasn’t.

“I don’t know if we can still meet up with Sandra. Something keeps telling me she’s about to say something very important.” Brian said.

I nodded weakly and followed him back into the hospital.

Jayden was sitting on a chair in the room. Mrs Pat was sitting beside Sandra who was laying down on the bed.

Her wound had already been taken care of but Sandra breathed like someone who was gonna die any minute.

She sighed out a laughter as she saw me come in. “Oh! Thank God you are here.

I wanted to tell you this you will know how sorry I am.” Sandra started talking with so much effort and with tears falling down her cheeks.

Jayden walked to me and put a arm around me as I sat down, looking at Sandra and wondering how so serious her crime is, against me.

“She’s here now. You can spill the beans.” Mrs Pat said, exhausted.

” It wasn’t my idea….I was paid to do it!” Sandra said, and suddenly her breath increased out of control.

“Call the doctor, quick!” Brian yelled at Jayden who scurried out of the room.

Moments later the doctor appeared, checking her drip and everything.

Sandra calmed down a little bit, her eyes still on me. “Mrs Kelly.. please forgive me. I’ve really sinned against you and I want you to forgive me before I die.” Sandra cried.

” No matter what it is….I forgive you. Just say it….you step killing us with suspense.” I said slowly.

” Fourteen years ago..when you gave birth at this hospital fourteen years ago…the… baby didn’t die…… didn’t die… I did as Nelly instructed and replaced your baby with a dead child.” Sandra said with effort but to everyone’s hearing.

I spranged up from my seat as I heard her. Maybe, my ears were beginning to deceive me but no, every other person in the room was equally as shocked as I am.

I couldn’t stand as the room became even too hot for me to stay in. My heart raced.. my breath quickened. I wanted to faint.

“I’m sorry, Mrs Kelly!!” Sandra said and started her abnormal breathing again.

While Jayden ran out to call the doctor, I rushed to Sandra’s side, grabbing her forcefully by the arm.

“Where’s she! Where is my baby! Where did you put her! Where did you send her!” I screamed madly.

Brian held me too. It was as if I was gonna run mad any moment.

Sandra groaned in pain staring at me and trying to talk. “She’s…. she’s…. living in your house…. Mrs Scarlett’s daughter… she’s Maya, your daughter….” Once she said it, Sandra’s breath seized and she went limp.

And died.

Brian and I stared at each other. “Maya?” Brian asked, tears dropping from his eyes.

So… Maya’s my daughter after all?

I sat back down, shaking my head. “All these while…my daughter was alive somewhere and now she’s even under my roof and I don’t know? God! Nelly, why” I cried.

I stood up, walking about the now silent room, thinking.

Brian looked dazed. Mrs Pat looked dumbfounded. Jayden looked..well, he looked beaten…like, he couldn’t believe it neither do I.

Maya….what a fate! The tears continued pouring. This time there was no one to console me… everyone needed consolation.

No wonder she looked so much like me. Her smiles…her hair.

I laughed out suddenly. So, I actually still have a daughter. I’m not childless after all?

I smiled happily..a smile mixed with sadness and happiness.

I couldn’t wait to see Maya. I would look at her with new discovery….I would behold her and look at her as my long lost daughter.

I can’t wait to take her into my arms and tell her to call me mom.



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