UJU (EPISODE 11 – 16)

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Episode 11

“I warned you before hand…I told you i don’t want you and him acting any romantic movie around this house, you should focus on what you are asked to do…. But you disobeyed…the food you made wasn’t enough after i asked you to make enough food that I was expecting my friends..what is wrong with all of you in this house…you all hardly listen to instructions…you are being paid enough money and yet i will still be repeating myself every time… I don’t even know what my mom sees in you before employing….you, you suppose to be professional at what you do…you have three years experience…you told me that yourself..for crying out loud, you don’t need to be told what to do…

“but sir..your friends where more than the expected…and the…

“shut up, I’m still talking…don’t ever cut me off when I’m still speaking.. Don’t ever try it… Let this be your last warning…all of you in this house are just so annoying…

He waved me off to leave, this was after his party, the next day when he asked me to report to his room for questioning, I already knew what awaits me so i was prepared, after the whole shouting and scolding I returned to the kitchen,
The next day the mother came back and the house was hot, I don’t know how she got to know about all that has being going on in her absence but i wasn’t the one that told her, although i would have love to anyway, is probably Joe that filled her in, I was hearing noise coming from down stairs, I have retire for the night so i was in my room about to hit my pillow, the noise was sounding like a quarrel, I quickly wear back my night rob and ran down stairs

“…I have practically done everything for you Victor…everything a mother could do…i gave you the best education and sent you out for your master degree so that after everything you will be ready both mentally and Physically…what haven’t i done for you….no tell me..answer me Victor I’m asking you a question…is this how you want to live your life…after all your education and personality you still will not have sense…those your friends you hang out with tell me any positive thing they have contributed to your life…you go out anytime you like and comes back at your own will…you care less about anyone except your self….i didn’t dedicate my life raising a fool.. I raised a son who will fear and love both God and humanity, who will be willing to serve others and accept everyone and anyone, treating the poor and the rich alike…I didn’t raise a son who treat his workers like slaves and ignore those that need help…i raised a son that will be humble, patient and forgiven…that’s the way i raised you after your father died…do you think he will be proud of your life style if he was alive…why are you so different from the boy i trained so well with my hand…look at your sister…she has never given me reason to worry.. What happened to you…because you are not acting like a man i bore, the boy that suckled from my breast…you are a total stranger…i was also told one of your friends harassed Uju…after you made her act like a waitress… You over stressed the poor girl as if that wasn’t enough your so called friend harassed her in this house and you didn’t do anything or even show remorse…the innocent girl didn’t mention anything to me…probably she was afraid of what you will do to her because you are gradually turning yourself into monster that everyone should be afraid of… God have mercy on you for giving me reason to worry all the time…i call for prayer every morning…you will not come down from your room and join the morning devotion, just because you are probably bigger than the God that gave you life ..yes… If you respect God you will be part of the people worshiping him every morning…i raised a better son not this prideful, unrepentant, unforgiving, unloving man standing before me…

“mom…I’m sorry…it won’t happen again…please calm down, I’m a man and i can make my own decisions…please mum stop shouting the staffs are watching you talk to me in this manner…i..

“shut up..don’t tell me to calm down because i have being calm for too long…i have watch you treat everyone around you like they are trash…i have listen to you question me on my decision to be nice to people…those staff as you call them all has a name…and is high time you learn their name and stop addressing them by what they do…the cook, the one your useless friends harassed is your sister name sake…i haven’t heard you before address any one here by name and you should start doing that and I know you are a man start acting like it and stop acting like a spoilt boy because i know that i raised my son better than that… I don’t want to see those your unreasonable friends here again, they were all lucky because i wasn’t around…

I just listened as mummy shouted and scold i saw that she was disappointed and angry with Victor who just sat there with his head bow…the sister Ujunwa was also there but was obviously angry with his brother too.. When his mum was done she asked him to leave her presence he tried apologizing again to her but she waved him off, he passed me with an angry face but never looked up as he went to his room…the mum turned and called me to come, she asked me if i was hurt from the attack by Victor’s friend, I told her no that i wasn’t hurt, she apologised to me on behalf of Victor even Ujunwa came and hugged me..
I looked at Joe and knew he was the one that told her, Joe looked at me and smiled as he ordered other present staff to go to there quarters
I was happy for the scolding…i was loving the way she handled Victor’s arrogance…i felt no mercy for him…he deserves it, someone need to call him to other and the mother was a disciplinarian when it comes to that.

I went back to my room with my name sake, Ujunwa who followed me and we sat on my bed and gist for sometime before she went to her room,
I just hope Victor change for good this time…for the first time i prayed for him before sleeping that night I also prayed for mama and Papa and also my siblings, i can’t remember when last i did that,
if only mama knows that the way she calls my name no longer annoys me but makes me proud, I missed them all but I’m determined to work hard to make them proud, I’m saving up for the future.
I’m no longer bothered about anything, I concentrate on my job and try to be more better everyday…

To be continued………


Episode 12

I’m sitting down outside gisting with Joe when Victor passed and just glance at us as we greeted him, He smile and raised a hand in response to our greeting before heading to his car, he has being more quiet since after the mum’s scolding, he stays in his room often and sometimes come down to watch the TV in the big sitting room, or go outside to the pool side,
He has also being joining us for morning devotion and also goes to check out the family business which he sometimes does with his mum ,
he stopped going to hang out with his friends, he even speak to the staff with a calm voice and a smile too,
there’s a lot of change in him that even the other staffs noticed, they can’t get enough of it, he still hasn’t spoken to us or talk much or even asked who told the mum about the whole incident with his friends, But he didn’t relate harsh or arrogant with any of us.
Today after the morning devotion of which he was the one that lead us as he was instructed by the mum, he stammered through prayer just to show he hasn’t being so much involve with it, after his prayer and worship song he looked up at me, and when i thought there was a spark again he looked away and looked at other staff before saying

“…please everyone, permit me to use this medium to thank everyone first, for there hard work and total devotion to my mum and this household as a whole, I understand how difficult i have made your work for you all, I understand how over demanding and bossy I have being, I sincerely apologize for all that. I will try to be the people’s person, I’m better off than what i use to be, don’t really know what got into me…I’m working on myself to be better everyday, continue to do your work and be selfless, continue in your diligence and total dedication, I love the way the you all never allowed my negativity to affect or take root in your heart, I know there’s always a reward for every good work….and you will all receive your rewards,
thank you all for always taking this family like yours…. Mum, I’m very sorry for causing you much pain and sadness, I love you mum, I only become what i was out of ignorance, you are the best mother any child can have, I have watched you care for all the staffs like your own children. I watch as you pulled in strength in running our business empire, employing capable hands to manage it and you do the follow up, I know i was supposed to be doing all that, I just felt unconcerned, I just believe that the employees can do everything, you opened my eyes to really see how self centered and foolish i have being, no matter the education, home training or age we all are bound to make mistakes, I’m not trying to make an excuse for mine….I’m sorry and thank you mum for everything….i know Dad will be so proud of you if he was alive because you are a true definition of a strong woman, I love you mum and i say thank you once again. To Ujunwa my sister, I’m sorry for not being the loving big brother i was to be, I’m sorry for not always making you proud or happy, I promise to do better dear, i promise to love and protect you in any way i can, I will always be here for you if you need me…i love you always. Joe….hahaha..i know you must have wondered what planet i fell from to have treated everyone differently and opposite from my mum and sister, I’m sorry for making your work difficult for you, I’m sorry for being a bully, thank you for always taking charge of the staffs and making sure things are in place here… I don’t know everybody’s name but with time just gradually i will learn all your names and another thing, There will be a raise of salary for everyone…with the permission of mum I’m increasing your salaries…and you can meet me or mum if you need anything, if you want to learn a handwork or further your education or anything you will like to add to yourselves you are free to do that…we will employ extra staff, to take your place while you are gone but be sure of this you will always be family, because your efforts can’t be denied, family you are today family you always be….

The cheering and thanks was coming from everyone, all the staffs where all happy, they couldn’t hold back their joy, mummy was also happy that her real lost son was finally home, I was equally happy, my happiness was so large that i wanted to go and hugged him, but held unto my emotion, I know i can start my part time school or full time depending on the one i want, I have being saving up plus the increment, I can start the journey towards going back to school since they will be employing a kitchen assistsnce, I was so happy and was so much in love with this family, when i thought he was done with his speech he suddenly turned to me, he looked at me without blinking, as he focused on me i thought i was going to melt under his gaze, I looked away and bow my head so he won’t see through me he then called my name for the very first time and said

“Uju, I saw how hard working you have being, feeding us everyday, we are more than 10 in this house yet you manage to make sure we don’t go hungry, mum wanted to get an assistant for you long time ago but I turned it down because i was self centered and didn’t want her to start spending on another staff, I thought that when one person can do the job what was the point of spending on another, I know it hasn’t being easy waking up early and sleeping late with just little assistance from others, that was a total foolish thinking of me, I know how difficult i have being and never thought you were also human, I just want to say I’m very sorry, sorry for allowing my guest harass you without tendering an apology, no matter who he was or is to you, he has no right to hurt you, I could have asked the security guards to throw him and others that he came with out but i allowed him to join the party and i ended up angry with you for reasons i don’t even understand, I’m sorry, so sorry for everything, we are getting a chef for you and a kitchen assistant, you will be able to do other things for yourself, thank you for accepting us as family……so can i get a hug or handshake from you all?

Everyone was happy to hug and shake him and when it got to my turn i was shy, but he opened his arms beckoning me to come forward, I slowly went into his arm and he wrapped me with his, I felt so glued that i don’t want him to let me go and he didn’t he allowed me to stay as much as i wanted before i finally released him, I remembered the first time i was so happy after he told me at Kala’s house that i can apply as a cook in his house i was so happy that i threw myself to him and wrapped my hand around him and he pushed me off and warned me not to ever do that again, hugging him now was a memory i will forever cherish.

We later all departed to our various duties, I always wake up early and refresh before morning devotion after which i will go straight to the kitchen to make breakfast for the house and start preparing for lunch which Joe always assist me, with few others who are less busy,

Today i was so happy as i prepare for breakfast today, I sang different songs as my voice echoed in the kitchen, I was singing and smiling when i turned he was standing there, I almost dropped a plate that i was carrying in my hand as i saw Victor standing by the kitchen door and watching me, I don’t know how long he has being there but he was smiling, I have always wanted to see a smile on his face and he has being doing so much of that over a week now since his last encounter with his mum…he was just by the door standing and not saying anything..i stammered through words as i didn’t know how or what to say.

To be continued……..


Episode 13

Did i forget to tell you i was innocently twisting and wining my waist while singing, and my voice was echoing…when i saw him alot of thought crossed my mind, I was wondering if I was causing a nuisance or distracting him from whatever he was doing and he came to tell me to tone down my voice, but looking at him he was obviously not angry as he kept smiling, could it be he has been watching me whine my waist all this while…i was totally embarrassed and shy too but i managed to ask him

“sorry, I didn’t notice when you came…ahh… do you need anything…i mean…i can i help you with anything…

“ooh…I’m sorry to have started you….i was actually enjoying you sing and…dance happily, I didn’t want to cut you off from your joy….but I’m here for a request…I have a guest at the pool and wanted to ask if there’s something eatable for her, like food…she said she will like chicken soup…please hope i won’t be asking for too much from you…can we get chicken soup please, three plates…

Immediately i hard that he has a guest who is a female i started feeling bad unexpectedly, I felt bad but still manage to respond with a smile, he turned and left, I started wondering what was wrong with me, how can i be developing feeling for somebody like Victor with class and fame, I’m just ordinary cook who can’t boost of anything, what is wrong with me, I thought to myself, but the more i thought the more i felt my heart will break, I took extra time to prepare the chicken pepper soup, just the way he likes it, i still manage to sing but this time it wasn’t like before, I sang so that he won’t think it was because of him i stopped singing, the song wasn’t making any sense any longer instead it was sounding so sad in my ears, so i stopped,

Joe came into the kitchen and noticed my dull face and asked me what the problem is I lied and told him i missed my mother, which was a fat lie, I was only sad because Victor’s girlfriend or fiance was by the pool waiting for me to cook chicken soup for her,is sad to say but I’m jealous, a guy that has never showed interest in me, a guy with class and fame, how can i even think in my wildest dreams he will have something to do with me, I must be foolish to ever imagined such fairytale,
As i lied to Joe how i missed my mum, the sadness was written all over me, he told me everything will be fine and gently draw me into a hug, I hugged him too, I was love struck and was acting like a baby, we were still hugging when i heard Victor’s voice, he was by the door again and we didn’t hear when he came, he cleared his throat loud startling us both, I stammered but Joe was bold and said
“my apologies sir, we didn’t notice your presence sir, Uju was down emotionally, she missed her people so was just hugging her to calm her down…

“is fine Joe, I’m not offended…although she looked so happy to me earlier, she was singing and dancing whatever it is that changed your mood, I’m sorry…but you can actually take some time off to go and see your people, let me know when you want to do that, I actually wanted to check if the soup is ready….

“thanks you, is Almost ready sir, I will send it right away…

He stood for sometime, Joe was still there trying to help me out. He just watched us and later turned and walked out, I was hoping the hug between me and Joe in the kitchen will not be misinterpreted, why do i worry so much about Victor’s opinion on me, his own fiance is outside there relaxing by the pool so why I’m i killing my self emotionally,

I finished up the cooking and Joe called a staff to go and serve, I later left the kitchen and came outside just to see Victor’s girlfriend, I saw a fine lady with another man and Victor sitting and talking, I went back inside feeling worst than before, I wish i have stayed back inside, because the lady looks so beautiful and wealthy too, they later came inside and i saw Victor’s mum hugging her and the other guy, telling her to greet her parents, she hugged Victor and gave him a peck, she did the same to ujunwa, I thought to myself that the whole family loves her, the rich and the rich walks together not the rich and the poor,
I went back to the kitchen and sat down there, I wanted to make dinner but i was feeling sad for reasons i don’t even understand,
Victor later came to the kitchen again and saw me sitting, I quickly stood up and he asked me to sit back down, i did and he sat with me. then he said

“my cousin and her husband said their thanks to you, they both enjoyed the chicken soup… Is being a while they came down here, they are both base in UK, I also enjoyed it too, you have totally become a professional chef, that’s lovely and I’m proud of you….you know that right…. So what makes you sad…please tell me….you really missed your people….I’m sorry Uju…i know how hard it must be for you, just take sometime off, although i will miss you and your cooking….

All my sadness quickly disappeared when i heard cousin” I became normal again as i blush and said a smiling thank you to him with my hand folded in front of me, I told him I will call my people on phone …then the next confusing question came

“I’m not suppose to be asking but i can’t help it…you really love him right?…i know the question sound stupid seeing the way two of you bond together… Is just that I…. never mind, just ignore the question…

“I don’t understand sir…who do you mean…who are you talking about…?

“I mean Joe, he is always helping you out and I’m always seeing you together with him.. But is cool…Joe is a nice person, he is a good guy…

“we are not dating, we are just cool friends, no emotion attached, is not what you are thinking, there’s nothing between us sir…

“really…wow… I thought… Are you in…mmmh… Don’t mind me… So what do you want to do next….

“to prepare for dinner sir…

“please enough of the sir, call me Victor, i want to help you in making dinner hope you don’t mind…even if you mind I’m insisting….please….i want you to teach me how to cook so that i can at least help out sometimes…

I laughed so hard and he laughed too, he took my hand into his and look up at me and this time i knew that spark was real, he looked at me, then looked at my mouth, then back to my eyes, I know he may probably kiss me if i don’t stand up, the way our emotions was running with speed…i gently remove my hand from his and stood up, he robbed his head before standing up to join me

“so tell me what to do, or what to say to keep you company or should i start singing because i know you love singing….

“hahahaha….i laughed he also joined me, we started dinner together acting like old friends…..

could this be love…


Episode 14

“for every thing you have done for me I say thank you, if my body is filled up with mouth is not enough to thank you, I can’t take your blessings for granted…everyday i wake up and breath in the air you made, I feel the sunlight and the joy in my heart explode…Lord all i want to say is thank you, you have being so good to me…as i go out today to make enquiries about my school guide my step and order my ways and let your blessings flow… I’m undeserving yet you love me anyway, thank you father for your mercy, please lord, help me to be able to control my feelings towards Victor, he practically takes my breath away, sometimes i wonder if it is normal, I don’t know if this is your will but i believe your plan and purpose for me is to give me a bright future and expected joyful end, let your will forever be done…i will never question you if you have other plans outside Victor because i know your plan for me is the best, please keep protecting my people at home and may your name forever be praise….Amen”

I woke up very early that morning and decided to pray on my own before the general morning devotion commence, I spoke to God and handed everything about me to him, before i set out for the day,
after morning devotion I left, It was Wednesday my off day, I told Joe where i was going and he asked if i can wait for him to refresh so that he can drop me off at the bustop since he will also be going out later, I told him not to worry i will take the public bus
Joe was a nice person, I could say he was God sent to me to help me, he was humble and very understanding…he has being with this household for years that big mummy got him a fine car, but that was before i started working for them, I don’t know names of cars but Joe’s car is small, very comfortable and fine too, he deserves it because he has being a diligent worker, he was always extra nice to me, yesterday while we were gisting as usual he told me how much he likes and respects my person, he wanted to say something else but stop in the middle, I just hugged him and told him how much of a great guy he was,
I felt he was having feeling but can’t say it out, but the feeling he has is not mutual because the only person i have feelings for is Victor, but i know God will send a nice lady to him because he deserves it.
Well, I left and went to wait for bus at the bustop, while waiting a car stopped in front of me it was Kala, he parked well and came down, he walked up to me and asked me where i was going to he wants to give me an innocent ride, I wasn’t scared and didn’t reply him as he kept on talking
“I’m sorry Uju for everything, i was very angry after you left, I know what i demanded of you was uncalled for, I wasn’t suppose to ask such because i help and accommodated you, and I’m really sorry of what happened at the house…you know i have always liked you right from when you were working at the club, and it was because of that i accept to house you, but you leaving like that without even a note or call was bad…

“Kala, I’m grateful to you for housing me but i would have showed more appreciation if you have not demanded for sex as payment, still coming to threaten me again, if i haven’t said my thanks before I’m saying it now…thank you. I really appreciate. And thank you for trying to give me a lift but i can’t get into your car, ones beaten twice shy, I’m fine Kala..

“Uju, are you still angry with me ..I think i have said sorry na, I want to drop you anywhere you are going, let me be your driver…

“no, thanks ..I’m not going, stop insisting because is of no use, but I’m cool I don’t have anything against you but i will rather trek than to be in your car, no bad feeling though, I’m going with the public transport…thank you…

“then i will drag you into my car and there’s nothing you will do, you are helpless here, no Victor, no securities no CCTV, just me and you, passerby won’t really pay attention to you because they will think you are a stubborn girlfriend, so which way do you want it, gently walk into the car or i drag you…your choice

“you see…you haven’t change one bit and i was even thinking that you were really sorry and remorseful…you are a snake…but i will smash your head before you have another chance to hurt me, non of the above…I’m not going anywhere close to that car Kala…

“oh hahaha, you fell for that, is because I’m a good actor…i can use a Merry word and make any lady succumb to me if i want but in your Case, hmm… you like being force and i will do just that to you…

He was still talking when i heard a loud horn, we both turned and it was Victor, my heart exploded with joy, he came down and before he can walked up to us I ran to him, he asked what was going on, even Kala came to meet him, Kala stretched hand to shake him but Victor ignored his hand and face me, he asked me if i was alright,
before i could answer Kala started vomiting all the whole lies he has cooked up to him, how I was a club girl and prostituting myself to any available men how i called him to come and pick me, how he slept with me, somebody that hasn’t even seeing the colour of my pants, he kept talking Victor have to hush him to stop, victor defended me and asked him if that was all my sin or is there still more ..Kala was speechless as Victor gave him a strict warning never to come close to me again or he will have him to contend with, victor’s warning sounded like thunder in his ears and i was surprise that he wasn’t even move by everything Kala said about me but defended me instead, Kala was still standing there as Victor led me to his car and zoomed off, I wish i can stick out my tongue to Kala as he stood by the bustop like somebody that was under shock,
God is always looking out for me.

Victor asked why i left the house without even telling him, that it was when he asked Joe, Joe told him i was just stepping out, he drove after me and parked at a little distance when he saw Kala and he has being watching me and Kala argue over something,
he said he will assign a driver to be taking me anywhere i want to go, he didn’t want to know my past sins or whatever Kala Said, all he wanted is to be there for me always, he said should always tell him anytime I’m going out so that people like Kala who are roaming everywhere won’t hurt me, he wants me to be safe all the time.

I felt so special as he drove me down to another private school instead of the normal ones i was planing to go, the vice chancellor in that school use to be his dad’s friend, victor introduced me to him as his friend and after all the introduction, forms where filled and paper signed, I was giving an admission all tuition fee paid off by Victor. I shed tears of joy, it was a total miracle, just like that God showed up for me, he said he will get somebody who will put me through with computer i don’t need to go to computer school since I can equally learn at home, he will get me a laptop i can be using to practice on my own,

I couldn’t thank him enough, i was so happy that i hugged him immediately we got into the car, he held me in his arms for what seems like eternity, it was getting dark the road is far, it will be a long drive, but he wasn’t in a hurry and i wasn’t too,

He raised my head up and looked into my eyes before saying

“I’m in love with you Uju, so much that i can’t think straight again, I love you Uju, i don’t know how it started but it just happened, I’m sorry if I’m embarrassing you, I just can’t hold it in anymore, you make my world complete, I was so much into you that i couldn’t hold it back again, so i told mum, because i don’t want to do anything stupid, anything that mum will not be proud of…i don’t want to be found close to that thing…… I was raised better than that, i call mum and told her, I told mum last week and she was laughing at me because i poured out all the whole feeling to her, I looked like a child when i was saying it, I told her everything I felt for you, mum asked if i have told You about my feelings, when i told her no she asked me to tell you first and know if you feel the same way too, she encouraged me go and talk to you since last week…. so Uju, do you love me, don’t look at the riches or fame i mean my person, do you love me as person.. Because i love you so much and nothing else matters to me except my mum, my sister and you…” and even if you don’t…it will really hurt but i won’t force my love on you, I will accept whatever you say to me and will still be there for you no matter what……”

I was almost crying as few tears dropped, I couldn’t speak out i just nodded my head in affirmation, he wipe my tears with his hand and we locked lips, he kissed me as if he has being holding it for so long, releasing all the hidden emotion that has built up, when he finally loosed up we were both breathing like people running marathons,

he tried to apologize but i told him not to because deep down i have always wanted it, it was a good kiss, passionate one at that, for the first time in my life I felt so connected with a man,
he apologized anyway and said it will happen again but he will try to keep his emotions in check,
deep down i wanted it to happen again and again, my own emotions were on fire for him, but i still have to also keep my own emotions in check ,
we drove down silently for sometime before he broke the silent with a joke that made me laugh so hard, we talked and laughed and the journey back home was smooth,
We stopped at a fast food to eat before we continued our journey.

If this is the way love feels like then is so beautiful and i want to always be in the web with Victor.

To be continued……


Episode 15

Just within the week everyone already knows about my relationship with Victor, his mum called me one-day and said

“I knew from the first day you came to this house, that you will be part of this family…God brought you here for a purpose, and I’m glad everything is working out fine…having two daughters with same name is a full pack of celebration just like your names means, “Obianaujunwa” your parents will always have reason to celebrate…and you will always be celebrated. And this family will be a blessing to you…

Victor proposed during one of the morning devotions, in front of everyone and of course i said a thundered yes,
it was something to talk about as i was on the lips of everyone, “the ordinary cook and her boss… Outside the house people where saying i probably charmed him or put something inside his food which made him to fall in love…alot of things were being said, but non of that affected me because people are entitled to their opinion,
I still cook but not like before, a chef was employed, I only assist her, pending the time a kitchen assistance will be employed.

The plan to travel home to see my people began, we set a date for everything,
Joe was the first to come and congratulate me, he said he has always wanted to tell me how he feels about me, but he knew that the feeling wasn’t mutual because i took him as just a friend, he prayed that God will send somebody he will take as life partner…
we joked that evening and laughed like best friends that we have become,
One day i came into my room and met several miss calls on my phone from a strange number, I quickly called the number back and it was a female voice

“is me Uju…Bibi ..Abimbola…

“hey Bibi…oh mine…is being a while…how are you doing…

“I’m fine…i have being trying to reach you…guess you don’t have my number again…and I totally understand…

“no… I changed my phone..and most contact where saved on my other phone…so was up…how’s Ada…?

“I… Can’t believe you can still sound so well to me after what happened…or even asked of Ada after she threw you out… I really need to see you Ada is in trouble and there’s nobody to call now except you…please Uju…I don’t know if you can help her…

“whatever happened was in the past Bibi…what happened to Ada..

“she’s in police cell since two weeks now… Let me tell you how it happened… I’m not working at the club anymore…i became pregnant last year for my boyfriend….he asked me to stop working at the club of which i have always wanted to do…i moved in with him until i put to birth, after my baby was a year old I started looking for another job and found one in a Supermarket, that’s where i have being but Ada called me last week, that she was arrested for theft, a potential client came to the club and his wallet fell and Ada happened to picked it but even after the guy came back to checked for his wallet, everyone denied seeing it even Ada…so after another week passed the same client came back this time he put a tracker in his wallet and left the wallet with full cash….Ada without knowing there was a tracker picked up the wallet as usual and went home and the man came back after three days, the man came to the club, when the client asked for his wallet everyone denied, he asked one by one and still even Ada denied, he called some police men who came and shut down the club and tracked down the wallet, it was found in Ada’s House, both the old and the new one was found with Ada, but the money was almost gone…that was how she was arrested and she said she has spend some of the money and save the remaining, now the man want his full money or Ada will be locked up to God knows when…please…you are her last hope… Uju…

“my God…why will Ada get herself involve with such…please send me the police station address…

“Thank you Uju…and there’s something i would have love to tell you but i will leave it to later .. Let Ada comes out first because you may change your mind from helping her if you hear of it… One of this days i will love to see you ..i know we both offended you…i wish i can see you in person to show you how i have lived with regrets ever since… I just hope you will forgive me someday….

“Bibi…come on.. All that was in the past…throwing me out of the house was God’s way of turning things around for me…

We spoke and i later ended the call…i told Victor who called the dpo of the police station that Ada was…she was later released… And the money she stole was all paid off by Victor, went with my driver to the station to see her, she was shocked and couldn’t looked up at me no matter how i urged her…she was in a bad condition and i have to admit her into a hospital ..i was so angry with the police men for mishandling a lady the way they treated her like a worst criminal on earth

When she was better i took her home because she was ejected from her house,
I later introduce her to the whole house as my friend and she was given a job as the kitchen assistance…she was crying and couldn’t believe i could care for her despite everything she did

Today Bibi visited and we were all sitting outside as Ada served us, they both looked sober as they said they have something to confess to me, I told them not to bring in the past, throwing me out was in the past but they insisted and said is not just throwing me out that they want to say but something more
I couldn’t figure out what that could be…. I don’t know what exactly they want to confess that’s making them to look so sad…I’m not sure Is something that i will like but after i tried to cut them off from saying it and they still insisted, I decided to hear them out although I’m having mix feeling about what it could be…

To be continued……..


Episode 16

I asked them to go ahead, since they have something to confess to me, Ada looked at Bibi and back at me, non of them were ready to talk again…Bibi looked at Ada as if she was urging her to speak, I was still waiting for the confession but non of them was talking, Bibi finally said

“Ada talk na…she’s waiting…you agreed to do this why are you still quiet…

“is not really important anyway …..is just something that happened in the past and she doesn’t really want to hear about it.. let the past remain in the past..

Everything was looking suspicious…i urged Ada to speak that i want to know what exactly they did and afraid to say, Ada looked at Bibi again and she urged her to talk…the whole thing was tiring because non of them was willing to talk again…they were probably scared…i couldn’t figure it out I just sat there looking at them and still sipping my drink..

“Uju…all i wanted to say was that…that.. I met Kala, the guy that once housed you…he told me about you and how you were working as a cook for a wealthy family and all that…so…so…is not really important, like you said is in the past…

I was still listening as she talk, but she wasn’t making any sense so i asked her to stop, a surprised look was written on Abimbola’s face as she looked at Ada as if something was wrong with her, I saw Victor coming towards us, it was a relief to stand up and meet him because i wasn’t understanding why they will say they have something to confess only to talk about Kala and start blabling, I told them not to worry confessing again, until they are well prepared to do so and even if they decide not to confess any more, is fine by me

As i walked out to meet Victor I heard Bibi shouting at Ada, so i slowed my pace,

“what is wrong with you Ada, we agreed to do this and you promised to tell her, why are now talking about Kala, she saved you and gave you a job with accommodation, she deserves to know the truth…if you don’t tell her then i will have no choice than to tell her myself

“lower your voice…she may hear you…do you want her to throw me out…i like this place Bibi, this house is fine plus accommodation and feeding too, and Uju’s man is a fine man and he is very nice too… I don’t want to leave…this house is very beautiful and comfortable..if she throws me out where do you expect me to go…we suppose to think about this things first an…..

I wasn’t hearing them again as i meet up with Victor who asked me what my friends where arguing about, I just told him is girls talk, he said he was going out and want me to go with him, so i went inside to change up…Bibi was still arguing with Ada as i went in, I wondered what other crime they might have done against me except to throw me out and talk about me with Kala, all those ones where in the past, they should let the sleeping dog lye, I have moved on i expected them to do same, Ada is still my friend despite whatever that happened between us.

I refreshed, changed up to one of the dress that Victor got for me, by the time i came down Bibi was gone…she was probably angry with Ada and left, without even saying goodbye to me,
I saw Ada standing with Victor, she was saying something to him, Ada that’s a chatterbox, I thought to myself, she was sober an hour ago, looking all sad now she’s looking so lively, I heard her tell Bibi that Victor was a fine man, I don’t know how i should feel about that but i smiled anyway, maybe is Ada way of passing compliment..

as i approached she stretched hand to Victor’s nose and tried to remove an invisible thing from his nose, of which victor smiled and she cat walked away, she saw me and walked up to me and said she loved my dress and asked me how much did i bought it, i smiled and thanked her for liking it, she asked me to dash her that she’s in love with it

i ignored her and asked of Bibi which she replied that she angrily left, I just said okay and tried to pass, she insisted on knowing the amount of my dress, shoe and hand bag, I told her it was Victor that got them, she smiled and asked where we are going to, the questions where becoming too much I answered some and left her, she asked me to get something for her when coming back, I nodded and smile as i passed her, she stood there looking at me smiling sheepishly,

When Victor saw me approaching him, he opened his arms like his normal way of saying “you look beautiful ” I blushed he hugged me and kissed me before opening the car door for me, when i got into the car Ada was still standing there looking at us
I asked Victor what Ada was saying to him, he said she was asking him his best food and he told her that is only “Uju that knows my best food and she’s the only one that can prepare it for me” I laughed as he said that, he continued that Ada just smiled and said there was something on his nose which he didn’t notice, she removed it that was before i came, I said okay and we drove out

Alot of negative thoughts about Ada started crossing my mind but i quickly waved it off, she can’t back stab me, she won’t do anything against me not after i have helped her, instead she will look out for me because she’s still my person, I even asked her to stay in the same room with me instead of the staff quarters, so with all the good things I’m doing for her i don’t expect evil in return, I just wanted to show her that even though she made a mistake in the past by treating me the way she did, I will not pay her back in the same coin because we are different and she’s still my friend despite everything that happened,

I was to travel alone the following week to see my people and to get things ready before Victor and his people start coming for my introduction and traditional marriage,
on the week that i was suppose to go big mummy wasn’t around and Ujunwa, Victor’s sister was in school, it will be just Victor and the staffs that will be left in the house,
I was going to travel with my driver, I became worried leaving victor and Ada who was just changing gradually, Ada was trying to start wearing a bumb shot, just like the one she wears at the club in the house, the day i saw her wearing a leggings without pant, which was exposing a whole lot of her self she wasn’t suppose to show off, I cautioned her and she went and changed up, sometimes she will pop up her breast, showing some of her cleavage, the day i wasn’t around, I went to school she wore those her shot again, Joe has to asked her to go and change to her normal uniform, he told her such dressing is not allowed in the house, I was told when i got back
I can’t figure out what her intentions was by wearing such, and I seriously don’t want to start thinking about it, who is she wearing such Cloths for and acting all seductive, she has probably forgotten that she wasn’t working in the club house again, she does all this whenever big mummy is out of the house, mostly when is only victor and Joe with other staffs that’s in the house, she’s probably doing it for one of the male staff

but i felt so worried leaving victor alone with Ada in particular, I trust him but i don’t know if i should trust Ada, I don’t even know what to think anymore, I have seen Victor looking at her bum bum as she catwalks one day, I felt kind of jealous, I begin to wonder if something was wrong with me, why I’m i being so paranoid,

or I’m i just being stupid by having such negative thoughts, victor can’t cheat on me, not now nor later, I trust him enough, and definitely not with Ada because Ada wouldn’t want to pay me back with evil, she’s so happy being here, I can’t because I’m having insecurity thought asked her to go and rent house outside, I can give her money to rent house and probably get another job but i won’t do that, the devil is just making me to start feeling insecure because of Ada, how can i be having such thought against her, it makes me look like a bad person

I waved off my worries as i prepare for my journey, is probably because of the upcoming wedding and meeting my people again that’s making me worry too much, I know Victor is in good hands, I have a wedding to plan and I’m going to focus on that
No need to worry now, that’s alot to be done.

To be continued………


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