UJU (EPISODE 17 – 21)

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Episode 17

It was concluded, in two days time i will be traveling home, I have written a long list of things i was going to do ones i got home, and checked out for event planners in my state, I have enough cash to do whatever i want to do, money wasn’t a problem,
Mummy was back and i was more at peace, she helped me with the long list and plans too, it was going to be a big wedding and she wanted me to go with an event planner and decorator from Lagos, she has people that are into that, so i agreed with her, after we planned on everything including the asebi wears and everything inclusive, I was already exhausted, I quickly slept off that evening, when i awaken later, I went to Victor’s room he wasn’t there, the house was quiet, almost everyone has gone to bed, Ada wasn’t in the room either, I started searching for him quietly so i won’t wake other people up, I climbed up, so i can have a better view outside, everywhere was dark but the outside light help in finding them, victor was sitting by the pool with Ada, who was busy talking while Victor was checking something that seem so interested in his phone, which he later showed Ada and she shake her, like disagreeing, he smile and continued with his phone, I was very angry and was already boiling by the time i rushed down to them.

Victor was the first to See Me coming and smiled, beckoning to come and sit on his laps, Ada also smiled while i approached, but i wasn’t going to be deceived with all that their cheerful look, I was wearing that angry look, that shows there was trouble,
victor on seeing me stood and came to me, he tried to peck and kiss me but i turned my face, I was looking at Ada who by now was also on her feet, she knew i was angry and wanted to go but i asked her to stop, let’s deal with this ones and for all, before i could speak victor asked me what was going on, he asked repeatedly what was wrong with me while still holding me, so i unleashed all the anger at them
“everything is wrong victor…you sitting down here at this time of the night with Ada,while everyone is asleep, is what that is wrong…what in the world are you talking about by this time…or is there something you both are not telling me…

“Whaat…are you talking about Uju…today is Wednesday and everyone goes to bed on time…this is just 8:43pm, not yet 9.oclock, I was just here, you know i like sitting close to the pool sometimes, when Ada came to keep me company…we are just gisting…nothing much…

“gisting about what exactly…every one has gone to bed except you two…so you and Ada are not included in the “everyone” or is there something you are not telling me…..this is getting out of hand, and you Ada, I can kick you out of here if you ever cross your boundary, it won’t be as a payment of what you did to me, no, far from that ..i don’t pay evil with evil, it will just me not trusting you in this house and you over doing things, things you don’t suppose to do, stay very clear of him or you will have serious issue with me..

I turned and left them standing there, Ada was already apologising as i was shouting at her, and Victor was just acting all surprised because he has never seeing me angry, as i left Victor followed me, shouting my name but i rushed inside and was going to my room but he caught up with me and i started struggling with him, we were doing it quietly in other not to wake big mummy, he took me to his room and locked the door immediately
“what was that all about…what’s going on…are you suspecting me with your friend, no tell me…what got into you this evening Uju…i haven’t seeing you angry…i was just having a normal chat with Ada and intend going to bed ones is 9pm, even the chat was about…

“I don’t want to know what the chat was about, I can suspect anything i want because you are giving reasons to do that, I saw you give her your phone then she shakes her head…and probably more has being going on, I’m blind and too busy to see… it will start from a normal chat to it was all a mistake, and then regrets followed suit…i have seeing you look at her back…as she catwalks, Ada is a club girl and has being working there for years, she knows where to strike a man and he will fall, and you are so free this days with almost everyone, that makes me to worry…leaving you alone in the house while I’m gone, with Ada too in it…..the day i saw you looking at her I felt very bad because i expected better from you…an….

“please enough….enough…i can’t even remember when or the day i looked at her, you are mistaking, I was probably looking at her but my mind was somewhere, for God sake don’t you trust me…after all this while Uju, you can’t tell what i can do and what i can’t, stop trying to babysit me, I’m not a child, I’m a man, I have seeing girls in my life time, different colour and shape, both abroad and here and among them all you….you are the only one I fell in love with…even before we started courting how many ladies have you seen with me, if i was what you are taking me to be ladies will be coming and going as they like, even when i use to visit Kala, back then have you seen me with a woman, okay let’s say I’m scared to bring a woman because of my Mom, why then i don’t even do that when I’m out… I thought Ada is your friend, if you don’t trust her why do you let her stay here, why is she a threat to you… thought you trusted me….Uju, I love you and when i said that… i mean every word, by next month end we will be officially husband and wife, we haven’t had this kind of misunderstanding before, and why now, why are we having this conversation because of your friend, she’s your friend, you can ask her to leave if you are not comfortable with her here or is there something else bothering you aside this….i was showing her places i want to surprise you for our honey moon and i needed her opinion if is cool, it was suppose to be a surprise, and she being your friend i thought it was okay to ask her, she agreed with some and disagreed with some, Ada is not a threat like you are assuming, she adores you as much as i do, her way of walking and sometimes dressing is probably from the years of being at the club, this job is new to her it will take time for her to adapt, she’s still your friend to do with as you like, I’m free with everyone and you are complaining, I thought that’s exactly what you have always wanted, sack her if you want and i will not question you Uju, you are the madam of this house after mom, so everyone reports to you, stop doing this i hate to see you angry, if you want me to travel with you, I will love to, I always wanted to be where you are….

Listening to him cleared all my doubt, I felt stupid, he embraced me so tight and i quickly apologized for even doubting him, we kissed passionately that night and when it was about getting out of hand i quickly stopped him,
“I told you before we can’t make love until we are wedded, we both agreed on this, we are getting married next month victor, just a little time and we can kill ourselves with it anyway we want..

“I’m sorry…was carried away…yes we both agreed to wait and i will be patient as long as it takes, because you are worth waiting for, you are everything to me…please Uju don’t ever doubt me…. You doing it this night hurts me, I can’t trade you for anything in this world and i totally trust you, I know you meet a finer man, richer guy in school or outside here, you are a beautiful lady, lot of guys will want to have you but i trust you, I get jealous too but i totally trust my Uju, I believe you anytime you tells me something and you haven’t given me reason to doubt you, God has blessed me by giving you to me….I’m a happy and fulfilled man with you by my side…

I later kissed him good night and went back to my room, Ada wasn’t sleeping she was sitting on the chair awaiting her faith, immediately i entered she started apologising saying exactly what Victor said, he was asking for her opinion on the places he picked for our honey moon, which was suppose to be a surprise, she said she will leave if I’m not comfortable with her around, she doesn’t want to cause problems between me and victor, and sometimes she forgets herself by thinking she was still a club girl, she’s ready for anything i decide for her, she was crying as she speaks, I told her is fine, she can continue working but she should always be on her uniform and try to not let her old life affect the new, i also apologised to her for over reacting earlier, she smiled and thanked me.

The following morning i have another plan for her, I asked her to get ready we will be traveling together and she was really happy and hugged me, we both got ready to leave as big mummy prayed for journey mercy as we were about to embark on a long journey to east.
I have somebody to talk with and who will also help out in some necessary things, Ada will be willing to assist me if need be, she’s still my own person…despite all she is my friend, the first person that brought me to Lagos, although she left me stranded which led to meeting my victor, I have forgiven and will treat her as my friend, my insecurity almost got the best of me, it won’t happen again,
We have wedding to plan and I’m at peace doing it.

To be continued…….


Episode 18

We journeyed home, I thought coming to Lagos from east was far but going back was tiring, thanks to the comfort of the car and the air condition, I didn’t really feel the discomfort like i did while coming, Ada even slept off and i was just there imagining a life with Victor, my driver was at speed, it got to a point i asked him to reduce his speeding limit ” abeg life no get duplicate” the journey was real smooth, we stopped to eat and continued, before we finally got to east i stopped to do some shopping with Ada, I gave her enough cash to get things for herself and her people as i also did the same, Victor, big Mom and Joe keep calling to check where we have gotten to,
my driver wasn’t an Igbo person, he was from the northern side, but educated and very smart, we call him Zarky.
Thank God Ada was with me, I couldn’t even recognize some places, we would have probably be asking people for direction if not Ada who was our map, when i finally got to my state, I was happy, I’m almost home,
Is being more than 3years I left village, i can’t believe is being that long, I didn’t feel it because I was determined to make mama proud, just few things changed in my village, when we finally got home, everywhere was quiet, we left Lagos so early by 5am, and got to east by 3pm, it was really a long good journey, I was told mama and Papa went to farm and they will be back by 5pm. Since farming is their source of livelihood, school was on holiday so my siblings went with them, this will be a big surprise because no one knows i was coming, I asked the driver to go and drop Ada, as i walked round my compound, some people were sent to go and call mama them at the farm
The oha tree is still there standing strong and having fresh leaves on it, I can see those wicked tiger ants that use to deal with me back then climbing up and down, I smiled at them because i got good plan for the oha tree that’s if mama will agree with me, the rooms and kitchen was locked, so all i could do was to take a tour round my house, my driver came back after dropping Ada, Victor has called severally to confirm if i was home, Zarky came to stand with me like a body guard because he was very tall and well built, like a bouncer at the club, Victor must have had a good reason in picking him to be my driver,

“Zarky…you have seeing my village, I guess you haven’t being to east before

“yes madam, your village is too far o… But there’s no place like your own home, is okay, and is quiet too…i like it is just that we are use to the noisy city life…

“yeah, no place like home…is quiet because people has gone to their farmland, planting, cultivating, harvesting and those who are not farmers has gone for their businesses, we produce our own food here, and people from different part of the country comes to buy our products, like the garri, palm oil, yam, vegetables and some other raw materials, we love visitors and treat them specially, don’t worry when my people comes back, they will give you a special treatment more than the indigenes..

As we were still talking, I was hearing mama shouting from outside, “my Ujunwa has come back o” I started laughing because mama doesn’t call me Ujunwa instead she calls me my full name in a funny way that makes me hate the name, she calls me Obianaujunwa” but calls me Ujunwa Now,
my siblings ran to me throwing them selves into my arms, they have all grown big, my two brothers and my only sister, I couldn’t get enough of them as much as they couldn’t get enough of me, everyone was laughing and talking at same time,
I saw mama coming I realized i have truly missed her and her trouble as i ran to her before she will get to me and gave her the first ever hug of my life, she held me like her lost child, I felt water on my face and i realized i have being crying just being in her arms for the very first time i can remember, she loosed me and used her soiled hand from the farm to wipe my eyes, it will be a memory i will forever cherish, I left her to hug papa who just came in too, my heart wanted to boast with joy.
They saw Zarky and greeted him, without asking who he was, papa shaked him telling him he is welcome as mama enter kitchen with my sister to make food, papa slaughtered one of the goats for me, I was home, they have expected me every year and prayed to God to always protect me until i decided to come home, mama has said.

Neighbours and friends came, I got gifts for everyone as i instruct my brother to give them out to visitors, Ada later came back and joined my sister who was preparing fire for goat meat pepper soup, Ada was really helping out in ways i can’t imagine, I was glad i came with her, she told me she couldn’t wait for the goat meat pepper soup to be done and i laughed
Zarky was given palm wine and ugba, I told him to feel free and eat and drink, he will not be driving today again,
As the night approached, I asked Zarky if he wants to go to a hotel which was a miles away or he want to stay around, he said i should decide for him although he will like to stay around as Oga Victor instructed him to always look out for me but if there’s no room for him he will just sleep in the car instead of going far, I laughed and told him i was home there’s nothing to look out for and that he can’t sleep in the car, we can make room for him but if he wasn’t okay staying he can go go and lodge in a hotel where he will be comfortable and come back in the morning, he couldn’t decide on what he wants so i asked one of my brother to follow him and take him to a hotel, after mama has loaded him with fufu and bitterleaf soup and Papa feed him with palm win and pepper soup, he was happy and said he will Marry a wife from my village making everyone to laugh

So I later called papa and mama the following day after i have rested and told them about the marriage, they were both happy and asked if i was pregnant this one i was rushing to marry, I laughed and told them no, mama was full of questions
“is it that Hausa man (Zarky) that looks like a giant with that fine car that want to marry you…

“no mama, that’s Zarky, he is my friend and he was the person that brought me and Ada home,
“ah…eeyah…God bless him, hope he didn’t charge you too much, you would have just enter normal bus, that car is a big car o, and the money you will use to do other things you will now use it to pay Zaki, although he tried by getting you home safely, but bus would have being cheaper, me, even if is leg or bicycle you came with all that matters to me is that you are fine, you are okay, you have really grown some inches and added more flesh to your waist, you are my carbon copy my own Uju, if i say i didn’t miss you I will be the greatest liar on earth, I have really missed you my daughter, even if you have come back without anything i will be so glad to have you home, I know i use to be a tough mother but as i looked forward to you coming back year after year i became scared that maybe you are angry with me and didn’t want to come again, I know you did like being called Obianajunwa that was why i decided that i will not call you that again if i have another chance to see you

“I missed you too mama and you can call me Obianaujunwa, I miss you calling me that, I was ignorance then that was why i hated the name but is okay because i know better mama and I didn’t pay Zarki he was only doing his job ,, for the period i will here he will be willing to take me where ever i want to go, he is a nice person,

“eeheee, see Obinajunwa has really grown into a matured woman, hahahaha, eeeh, please i want to asked for something can Zaki take me to the women meeting at the village hall tomorrow morning, let me also enter fine car so that other people can See Me…biko nwa m. Please…

“hahahaha mama, but the meeting hall is not far from here is just four blocks away…ahh mama, no problem, let tomorrow come first….. Hmmm, so papa, mama we have a big wedding coming and your in-laws will be coming in next week for introduction then traditional marriage, the white wedding will be in Lagos and you are all coming to Lagos not with car but you will be flying in an aeroplane, so get ready, Because God has smiled on us we will renovate this house starting from tomorrow, and that oha tree please let’s cut it down it has serve us well with alot of tiger ants is time to let it go and mama please i will love to cook ukazi soup tomorrow, please on your way back help me buy something from the market square…

“aeroplane kwa…chinnnneeeekeee…onye kam bu, who I’m i that God has remembered so well…Ujunwa Biko say whatever you want and it will be done for you, oha tree will be cut down tomorrow and I will personally prepare the Ukazi soup for you…you are welcome home my daughter.

To be continued…….


Episode 19

It was really getting interested, people still stop by to say hello, mama finally made the ukazi soup, my favorite, just the way i likes it, the oha tree has being cut down, bushes that are close to the house were being cleared,
renovation was on going, everyone is helping out for the upcoming big day, my happiness is almost full because i can’t wait to live a happy ever after life with Victor, I’m smiling right now and i know God too was also smiling because he made everything beautiful in his own time,
Ada still comes around, just like today she has being around helping out in any way necessary, Ada will be my Chief brides maid, I have already told her and she was so happy, dancing as if she win a lottery, she cant wait for the D-Day to come,
just as everyone is looking forward to that too, in two days time Victor and his people will be here, I have missed him, just the same way he sings it to my ears any time he calls, i equally misses him and i can’t wait to be officially yoked together with him in a holy matrimony
Mama has reminded me again about Zarky going to drop her and bringing her back too from the meeting hall, I told Zarky and he was willing to do my biddings ,
mama made the ukazi soup that morning before leaving with Zarky, who she has bribe that she will find an Igbo wife for him, he was happy as mama becomes his new Paddy,

After sometime, mid afternoon I felt hungry and was salivating already just thinking of my soup, as i entered the kitchen my younger ones also followed suit, they also wanted part of the soup, so i dished for everyone, papa wasn’t around, so i made his own food and cover it in a food flask where it will still be warm when he comes back,
As i balanced to eat Ada came flying down, washing her hand that she want to eat too,vi told her to join me but she said she wanted her own just the same way i dished for my siblings, that she also want her own,
So i asked her to go and dish herself because i don’t want any disturbance, Ada left to the kitchen to serve herself, I started enjoying my food, my phone was ringing, my kid sister brought it for me, it was Victor, so I washed my hand leaving my food as I went to answer the call,
I was still on phone when Zarky drove in with mama, mama wasn’t alone, like four other women where with her, Ada’s mother inclusive, I told Victor who I was still talking with on the phone, that my mum just came in with Zarky and he said i should give her phone so that he can greet her, mama was too happy to be on phone with her soon to be son Inlaw, mama was still on phone when my three younger ones came, they all want to talk with “uncle victor” I allowed them to take their chances, victor said he can’t wait to meet them in person,
Ada’s mother was among the women that came back with mama, immediately i was done with the call i went to greet them. They hugged me and they all seem happy,
The women where sitting close to where i left my food uncovered so I moved a little bit from them close to where Ada was sitting and eating too, I continued eating without a care to the world, Ada’s mother was looking at me so i offered her some she laughed and said she was fine, i actually bought a wrapper, hand bag and shoe for her of which i gave Ada to give her plus other things Ada also bought for her, she thanked me for the things i got for her, mama served them kola, which comes in biscuits, groundnuts and malt, juice or soft drinks, depending what the person wants,
I was still eating, enjoying my meal when i felt a hard strike below my abdomen, I presume is probably from the way i was sitting and eating, I drank some water and sat properly, the strike came again and again, I drank water again and hit my chest, is probably me eating and leaving the food to go and receive call, the food probably got choked up, I keep drinking water until I finished the drinking water in front of me,
but this time it became so deadly, my stomach was on fire, I couldn’t even stand up, something hooked me twisting all my intestines, “what is wrong with me, I started wondering within me as i held my stomach, Ada who was watching me now asked if i was okay before i could answer her the last one that sent me to the ground came like thunder storm, I fell from the chair, I was on seizure, my whole body shakes, I started fuming like soap in my mouth, people where shouting, mama was screaming, my siblings were crying, but strength was gradually leaving my body, everything around me was becoming cloudy, all I could here is “give her red oil, it looks like she has eaten poison, blood is coming out from her nose and mouth, bring red oil…bring water, bring salt…
They keep shouting orders, as I felt someone trying to pull some liquid into my mouth, some where pouring cold water, I tried again to open my eyes, but everywhere was so cloudy that i can hardly see anybody, all i keep hearing is poison, bring this and that,
How can i eat poison, the same food mama prepared herself, I dished for myself and for my young ones, the same food Ada also ate, why are other people not affected by the poison, why me, what kind of poison is that, why is it only me that ate poison among all the people that ate the food, did the poison fall from up, who will want to poison me, how possible is that, I’m a good person, my family are good people, who will want to do such thing, what is going on….why now that everything is going on well, when everybody seem so happy with me, what kind of poison is that…when I’m planing my wedding which is taken place by next week, why is the noise reducing… Why can’t i see clearly…something is wrong
I tried to shout but nothing came out, I tried opening my eyes but I couldn’t, I was gradually loosing strength, a strong arm lifted me up from mothers arm, I presume it was Zarky, the last thing i heard was they were taking me to the hospital, and i can feel Zarky was speeding, people were crying and i can also hear mama shouting my name, I wanted to answer her and to let her know i will be fine…but I can’t make any noise.
What is happening to me, oh my God…darkness was coming with force, the noise was becoming dim, is this how dying feels like, “God please I don’t want to die, please help me Lord, I’m scared…I don’t want to die, please Lorrrrrr
I finally blacked out.

To be continued……..


Episode 20

I have being walking for a very long time, darkness seems to have clouded my vision, I can see light coming from a long distance from where i was, I doubled my step, I finally got to the light, everywhere was so bright, this place looks like a deserted place, no tree or house, nothing about it was worth staying a second… I slowly continued my walk, this time around i slowed down, I shouted so loud, probably somebody will hear me, although there was no sign of humans in this desert, I was tired, I looked ahead there was a fence far away from where i was, a fence without a gate, but it was a high fence, I can’t see what that was on the other side of the fence, when i finally got to the fence, I couldn’t scale through, I just stood there not knowing what to do, I started hearing noise coming from afar, I thought it was one person, but they turn out to be crowd, both young and old were coming towards the fence, I was happy that i can finally see people but as they approach, a gate appeared on the fence and automatically open by it self enabling them to pass, as i tried to rush to enter through the gate, it disappears leaving only the tall wall, I tried to talk to somebody but they all looked like dummy, looking straight to the gate without turning left or right, they were focused on the gate, nobody was talking to anybody, I couldn’t get across like everyone else, I wanted so much to walk across like everyone but the gate always disappear when i get close leaving only the fence, I sat close to the fence watching other people, unknown faces pass in uniformity, that was when i realized that i wasn’t on the same uniform like them, and there’s no where to get their kind of uniform, I sat there thinking of what to do

“Uju, what are you waiting for , you are not suppose to be here, who are you looking for on this part, you have being here for so long, is time to take you back to where you belong, get up quickly…

As I heard the voice, i quickly turned and it was a little girl’s voice, like 8years, standing, she was on white, I didn’t know her, and haven’t seen her before, and why did she call me Uju, how did she know my name

“hey…little one, i tried to cross to the other side but the gate always disappear anytime i get close, but it allow others to pass… you are a little girl, where’s your mom… do you also want to pass the gate….how do you know my name…?

“no, I’m not a little girl, listen to me, you can’t pass to the other side because is not yet your time to do that, all the people passing, is their time to go, ones they crossed through, they will be directed to the left or right, depending on the part they belong to, there’s no coming back again, if you cross you can’t come back again but I have being sent to get you back home, you are being highly favored, please follow me don’t ask questions…. until you are given a go ahead, do you know why you are here, can you tell what happened to you last before you arrived here

I watched the little girl talk like an adult, she was leading me back, we keep going back and passing some people going towards the fence, we walked slowly, going back to a different place from where i came from, it was still a desert.. I tried to think, I couldn’t remember what happened to me last before I found myself here, so I shaked my head, to show i can’t remember anything, I only remember walking down this part, I don’t know how i got here or what lead to it,

“you were poisoned… You are meant to be dead because the poison is double dose, and it kills instantly but your kind and forgiven spirit has saved you, you have being given a second chance to be better, to light up your community, I’m only allowed to take three question from you, I will answer the three questions, and explain hidden things to you, not a complicated question, just a straight question Ujunwa, so pick your questions well before asking…

I was quiet for some time as we walked slowly, I have thousand and one question i want to ask the little girl but she said i can only ask just three, so i asked her the first one that’s bothering me

“(1) who poisoned me?

“Ekeoma, your friends mother, Ada knows nothing about it, she does not know the evil intent of her mother, Ekeoma felt bad for everything happening around you, your mother taking the car to the women’s meeting broke the last stroke for her, she was envious, she use to be a good person but she allowed envy and jealousy took control of her, forgive her if you go back, call her and apologize to her, don’t wait for her apologise it will break her down and speak to no one about it, let me show you how she put the poison in your food…

The little girl opened my eyes from when the women came back, Ada’s mum has asked Ada who was sitting and enjoying her food who owns the food beside her she told her is for me and asked her if she wants to eat. She replied with a no’ she did a silent incantation before blowing the substance like powder form off, as if she was blowing dirt’s from her hand, the little girl also opened my eyes to when she got the poison from a native Doctor Who instructed her on how to go about it, she showed how the native doctor will die immediately he hears that i survived his poison, because nobody survived his powerful poison, he will die by Thunder strike in front of his shrine,

“(2) will i still get married to Victor?

“yes, you are destined to be together, you will be a light to your community through him, and you will have sons then daughters, your last daughter will be named after you, victor’s mum is a praying woman, she is presently interceding for you, there’s alot of battle humans fight spiritually, you can’t win this battle with your fist but with your knees in constant prayer because what you don’t know maybe killing you silently, remember the spiritual control the physical don’t joke whenever you are on your knee, that’s your battle field,

“(3) who stole the money I brought home from the club?

“your friends, Ada and Abimbola, Ada knew that you didn’t return the money back to the manager to she called Abimbola to pretend to be asleep, Abimbola was pretending to be asleep as you hide the money, she saw you hide it and told Ada when she came back, she quickly removed it while you slept, and put into her handbag, you saw them rushing out in the morning but you were too naive to think they can do that, they rented an apartment with the money, they later regretted their actions, Ada still felt bad, having guilty conscience everyday, she want to tell you how sorry she was for doing such , but scared you will hate her and throw her out.

Why are you telling me all this and how did you know about it all, you are but a little girl

“I said just three questions and you have done that no more question, you are given another chance to forgive to love and to help, don’t allow hate to win over love, forgive those who need to be forgiven and love without limit, leave vengeance to Your creator who knows and sees all things, let him be the judge of mankind, don’t let the world knows the evil others has done to you, because you yourself have wrong your creator many times and in different ways and yet he forgive and loved you unconditionally, go from here at this moment… this place is not for you, you have alot to do on the other side, make it right when you still have the chance because this opportunity is not given to everybody , make good use of yours and never stop being good because it is your good deed that speaks for you , fight your battle on your knees and leave vengeance for God.. Goodbye my child.

I turned to look at the little girl calling me her child , but she Has changed to an elderly woman, very old woman, that was covered up with wrinkles, I blink to be sure I’m seeing well, she wasn’t there again , she disappeared.

To be continued………


The Final Episode

Is being 8years already and it still feels like yesterday, I look back and smile because the journey has being so far so good, I’m on the ride with Victor and I can boldly say is being blissful,
Just as i was foretold, my sons came before my daughter, my first son is already 7years and his brother is 5, then my daughter is going to be three by July, and I’m 6months gone with my 4th child, who is a girl, and will take after me, I look forward to meeting her in another 3months, my joy has being full, being blessed with a loving man, who celebrates me everyday and still makes me his number one priority before anything,
who have grown strong in God and his love for humanity can be seen from afar, I’m blessed having Victor to walk with me in this journey of life, if i was to come back again and I’m giving another chance to choose a life partner, I will look for him on every hole, corner, anywhere I can possibly look until i find him.
His sister, my name sake is married and she is in UK with her Husby, they have a daughter, big mummy is over there with them,
Joe called me one day, after my second year of being married, and he told me about his love for Ada, who was still working in the kitchen and just recently got admission, after expressing the way he felt about her and wanted me to talk to her for him, I didn’t know how Ada will take the news but i decided to try anyway,
“Ada…I want to ask you a question….how do you see Joe…i mean is he cool…does he have quality that you will like in man…?

“hahahaha…are you trying to hook me up with Joe, Uju…this one you are asking if he has what i look out in a man…but wait o…to be sincere, I kinda admire him alot…truth be told….i like him alot, he is hard working, handsome and can also cook, he helps me out sometimes, and he has a fine car too, he sometimes drops me off at the bustop when I’m going out… But he has never ask me out…he never ask me on a date and never say he likes me..but he act all romantic, I don’t even know how to interpret his actions towards me…i don’t if i should call it romantic or just friendliness, some days I wish he can actually ask me out and stop all that romantic gesture towards me, but I have being waiting and got tired of waiting…and I don’t know how to approach a man and start all that “i like you” talk, mbanu…is a no no for me…i believe a real man walks up to a woman if he likes her and expresses himself, there’s one guy in school that’s already asking me out…but i don’t really like him, maybe because I was hoping some how Joe will ask…but is all good and to answer your question..yes he has the quality that i look out in a man, I will so like to date him that is if he ever ask if not we will just be friendly colleagues, so tell me…..why do you ask..

“nothing…just because i have seen you Often with him, some time you gist and laugh with him at the garden side and pool side also seen you both in the kitchen talking and laughing, so i felt there was a chemistry between you two…but is all good…

After the chat with Ada, the following day i called Joe and told him to go and tell Ada by himself the way he feels about her, he was scared of being turned down but i encourages him and he finally did, I was sitting in my room one day when i heard a strong knock at the door, it was Ada, she rushed in and was so happy I asked her what happened and she said Joe finally asked to date her and as much as she wanted to do small Shakara for him..telling him to give her time to think about it…she couldn’t do all that she just hugged him and said she thought he will never ask.

After 8months, they got married, Ada had miscarriage twice before she finally gave birth to her son, who is two years, and she called and tell me she’s 5months pregnant, I should pray for her because she usually miscarried when she’s 3 or 4 months gone, but she has pass the danger months I know she will be fine, they rented house before they got married not too far from here, Joe still works here while Ada has a big supermarket Joe opened for her, she’s living her life with the man she loves and I’m equally living mine and helping people in my community the way i should, mama and Papa visit sometime and my siblings are all in school,my kids are growing so fast and my best soup is still uka…….

I was still in my own thought when Someone held me from behind…i startled and smiled… Is Victor, he kissed my neck and gently held my petruded belly, I placed my hand on his and we stood there smiling without a word, our loving silent has spoken the unsaid things in our heart, as i look up towards the sky and muttered a silent thank you to the man who got my back right from when i was still a fetus in my mother’s womb till now and i know I can count on him forever.


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