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Episode 13.

“Are you okay…you have being cold and quiet…what’s wrong…

“Yea…I’m fine…

Oscar smiled, trying to sound fine and to convince a worried Melinda that he was okay, deep down he wasn’t, since Sarah broke the news of her pregnancy, he has resumed thinking again and was finding it difficult to concentrate, Sarah did not say that he was responsible neither did she mention Ryan, or probably she wasn’t even sure, he slept with her and after five days he caught her with Ryan in bed, so it was confusing for him to ascertain if the baby was his or Ryan, he can’t even speak to Melinda about it, he was afraid that she will leave him, and he can’t afford to loose her now because he needs her, he doesn’t want to go over to Sarah’s place, he maybe emotionally trapped down with her, he has not fully gotten over her and something else may happen if he eventually go over to her place to see her and ask her who she was pregnant for, he wants to clear his mind, so that he can be at rest but he can’t afford to be alone with Sarah, which he was trying hard to avoid, he doesn’t want to have anything to do with Sarah again.
Oscar thought of Ryan and frowned, “Sarah is probably pregnant for that idiot not me, and Clara too is also pregnant for him, so terrible, he will soon learn his lesson in a big way, Becca was coming for him and Clara, she doesn’t know yet that Ryan was Clara’s maga, she will soon find out and let’s hope it doesn’t get bloody for Ryan and the two women, and Becca was very serious about dealing with Ryan, Becca is not the kind of lady that forgives easily, she likes revenge, and won’t feel at peace until she achieve her aim, I would have being happy if Sarah’s baby was mine, even If I don’t end up with Sarah having a child with her will be consoling even though I know is probably Ryan’s child she’s carrying, he met with her last, but is all good, Ryan is the winner, She chose him over me, is sad but I have accepted it already, I accepted my fate and defeat, Melinda has being doing great in helping me put Sarah behind me, I was almost putting her behind me and she came with the news of her pregnancy, now I can’t even concentrate, even though I know the baby may not be mine, why I’m I so worked up about Sarah, this is crazy…
Oscar breathed deeply as different thought crosses his mind, he stood up and walk to the kitchen not looking for anything in particular but was just trying to avoid Melinda’s gaze, Melinda was just looking at him and couldn’t place what was going through Oscar’s mind but she knew he was bothered about something and wouldn’t say what it was,

Ryan sat at the dining trying to eat but the way Clara was pacing up and down, angrily shouting at him, he could not lift the spoon of food to his mouth, he was really tired from the mess he found himself into, he has no money again and he has being thinking of where to even borrow money if Clara wants to give birth, she has practically run down his business, dried up his account, anytime he get paid Clara will come demanding for money for she and the baby upkeep, which he will end up giving since he doesn’t want trouble, his only joy is that he will soon be welcoming his baby, he can’t wait for Clara to give birth to his child, so that they can do co parenting, the only connection Clara will have with him will be his child, he can’t wait to get away from her, his life is turned upside down already, she drained him off the last money he was saving for his child by demanding for a car because she can’t be walking up and down with heavy pregnancy, he pleaded for her to understand that the only money with him was to buy things for the baby and upkeep when she finally gives birth but Clara doesn’t want to hear of it and he ended up giving her the last money with him for peace to reign, now she came again demanding for a house with five years rent, where did she expect him to even get such money, he doesn’t have a dime again, let her rather kill him because he was even tired of living this kind of sad life he created for himself, everything around him was frustrating, Clara was making his life a living hell, he hated himself for ever getting involve with many women, if he has known better he would have stick to one, either Sarah or Becca, Sarah was calm and very forgiving, Becca can be very aggressive, he would have love to be with Sarah who has always forgiven and accepted him no matter what he does, in truth he doesn’t even deserve her, he has hurt her beyond word, he was ready to turn a new leaf and make amend, Sarah deserve somebody like Oscar but she always chose him over Oscar, he wish he has appreciated her more and stick with her, she would have made a great man out of him but instead he ended up with Clara, Becca was also loving and only becomes crazy if she’s crossed, she can set a whole house on fire if she get’s angry, he was dating Becca before he met Sarah, Becca was in love with him right from the first day, and did not stop loving him until the last struck that almost got him and Sarah killed, he wish he has not double dated, involving too much women in his life, hurting some and the last one is just about to send him to his early grave with her pregnancy and excess demand, she was determined to suck him dry, getting Clara pregnant is his biggest mistake and also gain, at lease she will bear a child for him, he can’t continue with his useless life style with women, he has always been careful but got caught down with Clara of all women, he was happy now that he didn’t angrily succeed in terminating Clara’s pregnancy which he has tried to do severally, Clara even drank some of the mix portion without knowing and nothing happened to her, while she poured away some of the abortion mixture when she suspected him, he thought he has succeeded but was surprise when Clara was still pregnant, he eventually accepted his fate, now the baby is his happiness, all the money he spent on her wasn’t in vain because he will soon carry his baby, he wish he has lived responsibly a decent life like Oscar, Oscar warned him severally about his life style but he never listened now he is suffering from it, suffering real hard, he has slime down from frustration and thinking too much, life is not more interesting to him, he wish he can undo what he has done in the past, and focused on one woman instead of three that’s almost killing him,

Ryan tried to shut his mind and ear from Clara’s shout but he can still hear her, he put his two hands to his ears, trying to shut the terrible noise coming from Clara, and just then Clara came to where he sat and emptied the plate of food on his head, she picked up the water and poured on top of the food that was on Ryan’s head, Ryan held his anger, he can’t raise his hand on a pregnant woman, he has never raised his hand on a woman before, he can’t try that now, not even with Clara’s condition, no matter how he is being provokes him, water and food mixed together was plastered on his body, all over him, he shut his eyes so that the pepper will not get to his eyes, he tried to go to the bathroom to clean up but Clara was still screaming at him, and blocked him from moving with her fake baby bump, which was protruding out like real pregnancy,

“you don’t know the kind of person I am yet, I will show you…I will make life difficult for you…I have not started yet and you are already crying, I will make life miserable for you.. Ryan if you don’t give me the money to go and get the apartment you will regret ever knowing me, I told you I needed a car and apartment with five years rent paid and you gave me money just for the car and told me you don’t have money again for an apartment, what kind of talk is that, where are mine suppose to live with my child when i give birth, because I can’t live here with you except you want to dig your grave, I don’t even want anything with you again, I just need my apartment as quick as possible, I just don’t want to hear that excuse you are given Ryan, I don’t care if you have money or not, just make it available, go and steal, borrow do whatever I don’t care, just provide it…Ryan provide it, give me the money or there’s no peace in this house for you…my baby and I need a comfortable place to live …I was talking to you and you were shutting your ears with your hand, how stupid can you be, I am talking about an important thing, for me and my child and you are shutting your ears from hearing me, are you high, do you know who I am…

Clara pushed him and hit his back as he rushed to the bathroom and shut the door, Ryan stayed there, trying to clean up his body, which was messed up from the food and water that Clara poured on him, tears filled his eyes and he hit the bathroom mirror and it shattered, and he mistakenly injured his hand with the glass and was bleeding in not time from the cut, his life was really a mess, he gave in to his silent pain and allowed the tears that clouded his eyes to flow out freely, he was tired of everything, tired of Clara and life itself, the truth is that he doesn’t have money again and Clara will not want to hear that, she will definitely kill him, he just wants to go out there, not into a woman’s arm but to just stay out there and breath, and appreciate everything he has ever taken for granted before.

Becca paid the cab that dropped her, she did not understand what Oscar was trying to warn her about but she was prepared for anything she was going to meet, she was here to pay Ryan her last hard visit, she has allowed him to cool off and get healed from Oscar’s wound now it was time for her own wound on him after which she will leave him for good, she likes revenge, and no one crosses her and get away with it, and Ryan has crossed her in a hard way, he took her for granted, she will leave everlasting mark on him, so that whenever he sees it he will remember her, and have the fear of women which was the beginning of his destruction, she has a bag filled with different weapons, and a pepper spray mix with powerful chemical, he will use that to destabilize him before tying him up and with any weapon he chose she will use it on him, she can be very loving and can also be a wicked witch depends on which was necessary at that moment.
She didn’t call Clara to tell her of her plans she needed to do this without anybody discouraging her, and Clara was 8months pregnant she need to concentrate on her due date, she will tell her everything after she was done with her deed, and any woman she see’s with Ryan is in a big trouble, even if is that stupid Sarah, she will be in deep mess, she will deal with any woman she finds with Ryan, she just hope that Ryan will be alone, she may even pity him small and cut off one of his finger instead and leave him in pain instead of inflicting much wound on him, and it all depends on how he plead, she was expecting the unexpected.

Becca got close to the house she can hear a woman shouting at somebody inside Ryan’s house, the voice sound familiar, she smiled because whoever that was in there with Ryan was just unlucky, the person must be so unfortunate, she double tap on the door, no respond came, she knocked harder again and waited with her mixed pepper spray in hand, the woman will get it first before Ryan, she will blind her will the hot spray before attacking,

Becca can hear foot sound coming towards the door, and it was a familiar lady’s voice who was angrily shouting at something or someone.



Episode 12.

“I have to go please…

“then go…I’m not stopping you…is always like this with you…always…I’m just sick and tired, go…leave at once…this whole week has being terrible for me…and you caused it all…now you want to go…just as usual…please go…go back to your whore…

“please stop…stop this…I still feel pains…not just my head…but all my body…but is better off now than before…all thanks to you…you took care of me…stepping in when I needed you…thank you for always being there for me…but I still have to go…please…she has being calling and threatening…you know how she is…and I can’t just leave her in her condition…she needs me…

“and I said you should go…why are you still here…is always your usual way, running to me when things are bad for you and then disappearing again like thin air…is my fault for loving you too much…for caring and putting you first before every thing and everyone…I’m tired of doing that…she’s being calling and threatening…so what…you are running off to her again…I’m…I’m just so tired of this…being your fool…tired of you using me all the time, you are totally confuse…and can’t even tell who love you and who don’t…I have risk so much all in the name of love…I’m sick of it…please leave…

“Sarah…I expected you to understand the condition I am…I didn’t bargain for this, I love you…I just can’t do anything right now…I’m in a tight corner…Clara is there…she’s pregnant and I’m going to be a father very soon, that’s the only thing giving me joy, having my baby, despite Clara is hell to live with but I just have to accept my fate because of the child she will give me, she is going to have my baby, although in the beginning I didn’t want it because is going to distraught a whole lot of thing in my life but I just have to accept it and take up the responsibility as a father to be, is a good thing Sarah, be happy for me, why I act like a fool and does whatever Clara ask of me is because of the baby, I have already invested so much into her for the baby sake, I need to be there, I need to, please…

“Nobody is stopping you from being in your child’s life, you are just terrible Ryan, now you want to become responsible, if you have a problem out there you will come running to me, always using me to get away from your troubles, you have watched your women trying to tear me apart, you never raise a finger to defend me or a voice to stop them, I fought for you Ryan, I broke Oscar’s head because of you, Oscar is a good person, yet I chose you over him and hurt him so bad, which you never did for me, I was afraid he was going to kill you, that is what real love is, don’t just tell me you love me prove it, prove it to me Ryan, not with your mouth but with your action, one of us would have being dead that day, all for nothing, that day is the day I don’t want to remember, I hurt a nice man because of you, I nursed you back to health and now you are well you want to run back to your whores so what happens to me, you were just playing with my feeling…I thought it was one woman…then I found out that we are three, three women… Ryan, you almost got me killed, if that girl has succeeded in stabbing me with that knife that day I will probably be dead by now or disfigured…and what is the use, I died for a man who wouldn’t even shed a tear for me, I regretted knowing you…just leave… how do I even make amend with Oscar, I have ruin every chance of ever being with him again, do you see the way he defended me, he never allowed Becca to hurt me, he was very angry and yet he did not allow a strand of my hair to be hurt, you will never do that Ryan, you will rather stand there and watch while I’m stabbed to death…just leave…I love you so very much but you don’t deserve anything from me… you don’t worth it Ryan, you deserve whatever Clara is doing to you, and she will do worst to you once the baby is born, just be prepared it, I will not be your way of escape anymore, I will get over you… I will, and this time around I’m serious, I will get over you and move on without looking back, I will is just a matter of time but I will…

Ryan walked out sadly, while Sarah sat hard on the chair and wept, she knows that Ryan was off again and will come back if things becomes too rough for him and he needs to cool off, he will come running to her, he has loved Ryan with all her whole being but Ryan doesn’t know what he want, he was force to take responsibility of Clara’s pregnancy, and he has being living in hell ever since, she has risked so much for Ryan, and ended up hurting Oscar that she has promised never to hurt just because of Ryan, she will try to move on with her life and not allow Ryan into it again no matter what, and she was determined to try this time even though is not going to be easy but she was ready to put Ryan behind her, she will find a way to go and plead with Oscar, is not to take her back but to forgive her for hurting him and choosing a confused man over him who doesn’t worth it, Sarah cried silently, all by herself in her sitting room, all she wanted to do was to cry and she felt relieved after that.

Oscar shave off his hair, his head was on skin no hair on it except for the plaster, he was given some drugs, he was also granted a month leave from his work place to be able to treat himself from the injury he sustained from the accident just like he lied to them, and to everyone who cared to know why he has plaster on his head.
Melinda told him to come two times in a week for cleaning and redressing his wound, for quick healing, he kept to but when it was becoming humiliating he stopped, Melinda was still acting official around him, he even waited to speak to her in his car after work since she will not talk to him inside the hospital, she came out and didn’t give him a second look, she went straight to her doctor’s friend, a black tall young man who has stethoscope around his neck, the guy hugged her and they drove off together, the second time and also the third was all the same thing so Oscar decided not to go see her in the hospital again, he decided to wait for her in her house, he parked outside knowing that her doctor friend will be dropping her off,
He saw the car coming and stayed inside, Melinda came down, and bent over towards the driver side, Oscar watch as the doctor gave her a kissed on her both chicks before she waved him good bye, Oscar bite his lower lips as he watched, immediately the young doctor drove off he came down from his car and approached Melinda who was not surprise to see him, she still ignored him as she walked to her apartment that she share with her colleague who was just leaving for her night duty, Melinda as used the doctor to put Oscar away from her, she doesn’t want him back to her life so that he doesn’t come and ruined it again, doctor Philip who has being her good friend has asked her for date severally but she has refuse because she doesn’t feel connected with him, they agreed to remain friends, so Melinda has being using him to scare Oscar off, even doctor Philip was surprise of Melinda sudden change of attitude towards him, but he was happy and was hoping she will finally consider him for a date, Melinda has already sighted Oscar’s car parked at a little distance from her house and knew what to do to send him away, Oscar stood as the two lady’s stopped and talked,

“Mel, your mom stopped by, she dropped some food stuff for you, I put some inside the fridge, I made plantain porridge out of the things she brought, you are such a lucky girl, baby of the house, they are always checking on you to make sure you are okay…please don’t finish the porridge, reserve some for me….

“ooh Binta…sure I will, thanks for making something, that’s so sweet of you because I’m so hungry, thank you Binta…be good.

Binta greeted Oscar happily as she walked past him, Melinda’s mother who was a retired matron has never stopped caring for her daughter despite Melinda lives far away from them she still find a way to visit her bringing things for her, she drives long distance almost every week to come see Melinda.

“Melinda…please… stop Melinda…

Melinda ignored and try to go inside Oscar followed, she stood by the door annoyed

“What do you want…do you want to follow me into the house…I thought we only have appointment at the hospital not my house…what do you want me to do for you..

“I just want to talk….please…Melinda stop doing this…this is not fair…

“oh is not fair now because she broke your head and your heart and you suddenly remembered there’s Melinda somewhere…you lied and told me it was an accident because you are ashamed to tell me Sarah smashed your head, she went back to her ex again and you remembered that Melinda can cure heart break and head ach, what do you even take me for…you are on a wrong road Oscar because I will never help beyond your head, you told me to stayed away from you and your relationship… and I promise to do just that and I have kept to that promise, stay away from me because I can only treat your head not your heart, we are not friends, our friendship ended the day you told me you don’t want to be friends with me anymore because your woman will not be happy with that, and I told you I will never…ever interfere or be there to help you get through if you are hurt just like the last time and you assured me such thing will never happen…now what do you want…what do you want from me…

“I’m sorry Melinda…I’m deeply sorry…I’m going through a very difficult time and I just need a friend…if not for anything but for what we once share together…please Melinda, forgive and try to understand why I have to do what I did, please be my friend again, don’t count me as an enemy, forget whatever I said, is hard to get through a day, is difficult, I want somebody I can talk to and rely on, please Mel, please…I’m begging you.

“well, I’m sorry I can’t help you, I have a boyfriend, yes, I’m in a fantastic relationship now and my man will not be comfortable with you coming around me, or be happy with that idea of having a male friend, you can only be my patient and our appointment ends in the hospital please don’t come to my house again, keep away from me, go and look for somebody to help you through but not me, I can’t do that…

Melinda went inside and locked the door, Oscar stood for sometime before going back to his car and driving off,

Oscar was becoming more frustrated as each day comes, even when he resumed work he can’t concentrate he was given another week to fully get himself, the more he thinks of Sarah the more sad and hurt he comes, he can’t believe that Sarah will hurt him this way, he has loved her and given all he got to her and yet she went back to the same man who hurt her and cheated on her, he can’t even sleep at night or eat well, he needed to do something to distract himself from thinking too much, but no matter what he does he still fills empty, he wish Melinda was here, he regretted treating her bad, he wish to have her close because she has always being a great friend to him but she warned him to keep away from her, he knows Melinda was angry, who wouldn’t be. he was having another troubling headache again, some of the drugs that Melinda prescribed for him has finished while he stopped taking some, he can’t even find where he kept the remaining ones, and his temperature was rising day by day, he was really falling sick, he called Melinda but she didn’t pick up, he decided to see if he can shut his mind and sleep, and within five minutes he slept off, and was awaken by a hard knock on the door, and his head was really aching, he stood up want went to the door, and it was Melinda, Oscar was happy on seeing her, she came inside and Oscar told her the way he was feeling, Melinda felt his temperature with her hand and it was high, she asked him to lay down while she attends to him, she asked him if he has eaten and he said he couldn’t eat much, Melinda gave him drugs which made him to sleep off again, she later left and just within thirty minutes she returned with food stuffs, and entered the kitchen, as she cook she arranged the whole house and cleaned the whole place, when the food was ready she woke Oscar up to eat and he did, and he felt way better, Melinda stayed with him, and when she wanted to go Oscar pleaded for her to stay and she stayed, while Oscar slept she covered him up and kept checking his temperature to the following morning, Melinda nursed him back to health, and just in no time he was able to resume back to work fully, Melinda took him out to see a movie most weekend, Oscar was so happy having Melinda back again.

“Thank you Melinda, thank you for forgiving me and coming back…what could I have done without you..

Melinda looked at him and smile in her usual way, Oscar bent over and kissed her just as she as anticipated, and Melinda responded well, and it was just like before as their friendship kicked off.

Becca called Oscar to check up, and told Oscar she has not gone to pay Ryan a visit yet that she was going there tomorrow well prepared for anything, she has being waiting to fully get back herself together before going to say good bye to Ryan in a hard way, Oscar warned her to be prepared for anything before she goes there because she may have to discover unexpected things that will shock her. Becca laughed and said she was ready for any thing.

Oscar was home one weekend when he hard a knock and rush to open thinking is Melinda, but his heart almost pulp up to his mouth as he saw Sarah, they stood at the door looking at each other, she asked Oscar to let her in and he did, as she came in she started apologizing to Oscar who was acting unconcerned

“you are here to tell me that you are sorry, well is all good, I have forgiven and I have moved on, please I don’t need you coming around here anymore, what you did still baffles me but I’m not surprise, I saw it all coming when you kept calling me Ryan, and never stopped mentioning him in our conversation, I thought is all going to stop but it got worst…the wound on my head wasn’t even painful enough compare to my heart, that I sold out to you and…hmmm, is all good Sarah, I have hard you, you are forgiven…

“I…just want to apologies…I’m deeply sorry Oscar… I can’t right my wrongs, i am really sorry for everything, Ryan left again, as usual, he left me for his pregnant girlfriend…and has never came back since then…but I have already ended things with him…is all over with me and Ryan, I’m serious this time Oscar…

“is non of my business Sarah, congratulation for ending things with him, but I seriously don’t care about you or Ryan, I got a life of my own to live, so let’s all do what makes us happy…your apology is accepted…you can leave now, have a good life Sarah out there…

Oscar who still has a soft spot for Sarah, and as much as he was trying to act calm he wanted to scream and shake her and ask her why she will hurt him the way she did, he wanted to do so many things but all he did was to speak calmly as if he doesn’t truly care, but deep down he knows he does,
Sarah turned and started walking towards the door, Oscar stretched his hand to stop her but held back, seeing her again was bringing back things he was trying to forget, as she got to the door she paused, and breathed deeply, she suddenly turned rushed into Oscar arm, crying heavily, Oscar couldn’t push her away, he held and found himself bending over to kiss her and clean her eyes, he quickly got himself and walked away from her and stood at a distance asking her to leave his house, Sarah felt like throwing up and rushed to Oscar’s bathroom, Oscar can hear from where he stood in the living room, he asked her if she was alright, but got no reply, he breathed deeply, he wanted to go check her but held himself, after some time she came out, Oscar still insisted that she leaves his house immediately, he doesn’t want Melinda to come and meet her and he was also trying to keep his emotion together.

“you need to leave right now Sarah and can’t give room for you to torment me again, is all over, we are done, you wanted Ryan… is fine by me, I have accepted defeat, and i have moved on…I put you behind me and the truth is I don’t want to have anything to do with you ever again, I don’t Sarah, I can’t be your scape goat and when Ryan comes back again you dump me aside and go straight to him, I’m trying to make things work out with me and Melinda, Melinda is a sweet girl, she has forgiven me and I’m seriously trying not to hurt her again because she deserve better than that, I don’t want to ruin my chance with her again because of you, please leave and don’t come back…don’t.

“I’m pregnant Oscar…

Oscar looked her and trying to understand what she just said, he stood in shock looking at her.

“You are what…you are preg….I mean pregnant for who…me…is it for me or Ryan…answer me…

Sarah wanted to talk but shut her mouth instead and hurriedly walk out of the house, ignoring Oscar who was calling her.

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Episode 14.

Becca stood patiently waiting at the door with her pepper spray in hand, whoever that was coming was going to be unfortunate, “is probably Sarah, I know that voice even though is not so clear, who else can it be except Sarah, I will so deal with her, Oscar didn’t allow me to touch her the last time, this time she will get it from me in a hard way, Oscar is not here to save her and she will watch and cry as I handle her lover Ryan, Ryan can’t just hurt me this way and get away with it, is so going to be unfortunate for both of them..
Becca swing into action as the person tries to unlock the door, she waited and immediately the door was open she quickly sprayed the content in her hand to the person’s face and suddenly stopped when she saw the person,

Clara screamed in terror as the content entered her eyes, her whole face was burning, the pain was unbearable, she kept screaming with her eyes closed, she couldn’t even see the person that sprayed the pepper chemical to her face, she thought is probably a thief that want to come and rob, she kept crying but the person was quiet, she thought of the last money that Ryan gave her for her car which she was yet to take to bank, she held her face which was burning like fire, burning through her, the pain was unbearable, she held her big stomach as she sat on the floor screaming in pain, and calling Ryan to come with cold water because her whole face and her eyes which she can’t open was on fire, her fine face was going to burn from the spray, she was crying in pain, she started begging the person that attacked her, thinking it was a man,

“please sir, don’t hurt me, please whoever you are… take everything in the house and leave…don’t hurt me, please pity my condition, I’m a pregnant woman, please pity me and my unborn child, don’t hurt us, take whatever you came for and leave, my fiancé is inside, he may have whatever you came for, I’m an innocent pregnant woman, please, don’t hurt me, remember is a woman that gave birth to you, allow me to also give birth to my own in peace, don’t hurt us, I’m begging you…aah my eyes…I can’t see…my eyes is burning… my whole face is on fire…please who are you…what did you spray on my face…aahh…God…God ooh…please help me o…I don’t want to die…my eyes and my face is killing me…my God…please forgive me and help me…my God ooo… please brother…uncle…daddy…whoever you are…pity me because of my condition…please…

Ryan ran out of the bathroom as he hard Clara’s crying and screaming in terror, as he came out he almost ran back in fear as he saw Becca standing close to her in shock and looking at Clara as if she has never seen her before, Becca was looking at Clara like she was seeing a ghost, she has something on her which was what she sprayed on Clara’s face that’s making her to scream, Becca was dressed in black jean trouser and a brown hoodie sweat shirt, Ryan knew he was in another big trouble again, but all he wanted to do was to save Clara because of the baby, he doesn’t want her hurt which may affect his baby, his focus and fear was on his child that Clara was carrying, but he was afraid to get close, as he stood watching, he knew that Becca has come for revenge, and never knew of him and Clara were together, Ryan silently prayed for God to come down and save them from the unexpected, and to also protect his baby that Clara was carrying.

Clara kept crying and pleading to whoever her attacker was, she quickly slowed down her cry of pain as she heard her name from the person that sprayed her the chemical on her face, it was a lady, as the person called her name again she knew she was doom as she realized that it was actually Becca

Becca stood in shock, she was looking at Clara, for real, it was Clara, she went around her trying to ascertain if it was really Clara, she was in shock as she realized that she was really the one, her best friend, her close pal who knows her in and out, who she tells everything, her pain and joy, Becca rushed to the fridge, she saw Ryan running back as she went to get cold water to pour on Clara’s face, which will only reduce the pain but the burning will take time to stop, but ice can calm the hotness of the chemical, Becca saw Ryan running back as he saw her coming, Becca who doesn’t have time for him yet, ignored him, she want to help her friend and to find out what she was doing in her boyfriend’s house,

Becca brought ice block and wrap it in a cloth, she asked Clara to hold it to her face so that the burning will reduce, Clara quickly did, but she still couldn’t open her eyes, she just needed anything that will reduce the burning on her face,
Becca was still wondering what Clara was doing in Ryan’s house, what brought Clara to her boyfriends house, what is she doing here, Clara was suppose to be with her fiance, her baby daddy, not in Ryan’s house, what exactly is going on,

“Clara, Clara I’m sorry, I’m sorry…I never knew you are the one, sorry, nothing will happen to your baby…just keep calm…the ice will reduce the hotness…sorry…but…wha…wha…what are you doing here, I even thought you are one of Ryan’s whores that was why sprayed the stuff, I thought it was Sarah, you never told me you were coming here, what are you doing here….

Clara’s cry has reduce to silent sob, she couldn’t even say anything, she was still in pain despite using the ice on her face, whatever Becca sprayed on her must be very strong chemical, if Becca finds out the truth she will be dead, she never knew that Becca will get her this way, her mission was almost accomplished and the devil showed up, she has try to keep Becca away and to know her every move so that she won’t find out the truth, she thought Becca was going to find out earlier, when she first started with the pregnancy plan, and she has being getting ready for the fight, she was ready to face Becca anytime and any day, she knew every of Becca’s move and did not have much to worry about because she was on the finishing line of her plan, Becca never told her that she was coming to Ryan’s house she would have gone out of the house, or get prepared for anything, but everything took her by surprise, because she never expected Becca to come to Ryan’s house, Clara knew Becca was very nice and has always cherished their friendship, she has being a good friend to her and will never believe what she was capable of, Becca’s heart can also be harden, and she will destroy whoever her enemy is if she’s attacked, Clara knew she was in big trouble, and her things where all over the house, so Becca will definitely find out the truth one way or the other,
Clara began to sob loudly, Becca helped her to stand on her feet as she led her to a chair, Clara sat down, she was afraid, she can not even fight Becca because she still can’t open her eyes which was still hurting her. Becca couldn’t get Clara to talk so she left her to go look for Ryan, she need answer to what exactly is going on, why is Clara here, in Ryan’s house, that was the only thought running through Becca’s mind,

Ryan, who was hiding behind his room door watching Becca and Clara, quickly ran back to the room looking for where to escape from or to hide as he saw Becca coming, he thought of what Becca was capable of, “what if she has a gun” fear gripped his leg as he thought of Becca having a gun in her bag, he has not fully recovered from the struck Oscar gave him, and the emotion torment from Clara, all he wanted was to escape from this terrible mess he found himself in, unbearable life,

Becca was moving towards the room looking for Ryan, and was careful very careful as she move, she want to unravel the misery of Clara in Ryan’s house, since she couldn’t get her to talk to her, and Ryan has gone into hiding,
as she move on and saw Clara’s things all round, her cloths, shoes everywhere, she still couldn’t believe that they belong to Clara, Becca hard the sound of the door and quickly remembered that the door was not probably lock and Ryan may want to escape from there, so she ran back and saw Clara blindly trying to open the door to escape, she rushed to the door, and locked it with key, she put the key in her pocket, Clara began pleading to her, but Becca was yet to understand what she was doing in Ryan’s house, everything was beginning to look suspicious, as different thought crossed her mind, she just hope is not what she was thinking, she was also ready for unexpected, Becca led Clara back to a seat, Clara began to shout for help, she was screaming, maybe passer-by or neighbours will hear her and come to her aid, Clara was so afraid, if she has her eyes she will be able to defend herself from Becca, but right now she can’t do anything, she knew that Becca will deal with her if she finds out the truth, Clara kept screaming, Becca put on music and high the volume, it was so loud that Clara couldn’t hear herself again as she screamed,

Becca rushed to the room, and was shock at what she was looking at, she saw Clara’s things littered at every corner of the room, she shake her head still in shock, and still trying to understand what was going on, “could it this be what Oscar was trying to warn me, could it be that Ryan was the fiancé and the man responsible for Clara’s pregnancy, the prince charming that she was always sing his praise, could it be tha…
Becca paused from her thought as she hard a noise coming from the back of the wardrop, she move closer, threatening whoever that was hiding there to come out, and Ryan gradually came out with his both hand raised up, in Surrender.

“Ryan…why are you hiding…I have not done anything yet and you already shaking, please stop acting like a clown, why is Clara here, what is she doing here and why are her things all over the house…i…I don’t understand…what’s going on Ryan…

“Becca, Becca please…I can explain…I can explain everything, please don’t hurt her she is pregnant, I know I made a huge mistake, that I will regret for the rest of my life, Clara has drained me off, everything I ever worked and labored for, she has taking it all, the only thing remaining was my wears and few other things, I sold some things in the house just to satisfy her, I’m left with only my car, which I have not sold yet but planning to sell because she said she needed an apartment for she and the baby, I thought I was being smart, I thought I was enjoying life, and when Clara came into my life, she made a mess of it, she took everything I have ever worked for, I have to do everything she asked of me because of the baby’s sake, I did her bidding because of the baby, I allowed her get away with everything just because of the baby, all I have looked for is for her to give birth and let me have my peace finally, whatever mess I’m into I caused it, I brought it upon myself, I took your love for granted, I played with your feeling, I wasn’t thinking, I thought I was enjoying, I like every woman that I set my eyes on, I never knew is same thing that will destroy me, I thought I was smart, I regret every of my action, and I’m sorry, please don’t hurt Clara, she will be due by next month, please take all your anger on me, do whatever you wish with me but please spare her for the baby sake, I beg you in the name of God, please, I regret everything I have ever done, everything, I’m so sorry Becca, it was the devil…the devil… please spare Clara, please take it all on me…she is carrying my…my chi…ld… I didn’t mean for it to happen…she…

Before Ryan could say another thing Becca gave him two hard blow to his mouth Ryan held his mouth, Becca screamed in shock, and staggered back, as the truth hit her to her face, she looked at Ryan’s face, the man she has loved, the man she has adored, just looking at him was disgusting her, she wanted to get a knife to put an end to him, but she held herself, she was boiling with anger, Clara was her friend, how could she do such a thing to her and all this while she thought she had a friend and never knew she was moving with a devil, …how could Clara, her best friend, why would Ryan, the only man she has adored and was ready to fight anybody just to protect their love, he could have done anything with other woman and it won’t be so painful, why her friend, just why…”

Becca rushed to the living room, the music was still loud, Clara was not in the sitting room, Ryan was behind Becca still pleading, Becca was shouting and looking for Clara all around the house, the music was too loud that nobody could hear anything or anyone, Ryan switched it off from the socket, as he wanted to turn his face something hit him hard, he staggered back, another came, he felt dizzy, and just when he was about getting himself from the hard blow another one came straight to his eyes, Becca lunched terror on him, he fell hard on the ground, and Becca was raining down with terror, he tried to stand but couldn’t as he tasted blood in his mouth, as he looked round him it seems like the ground was moving, everything around him was blurred, he was weak, and was bleeding from the head and hand, as Becca used hard wood on him, Becca was shouting and acting crazy destroying everything around the house, , she was in shock, she never expected what she met, it was a big blow to her, she was ready to deal with both Ryan and Clara, Ryan managed to get up and sat on the chair, he silently prayed that Becca will not see Clara, he was afraid for his child, which Clara has suffered him for just because of the baby, all his trouble can not be in vain,
just then Becca went to the kitchen and saw where Clara was hiding, she dragged her out, and pushed her to the living room, Clara could open her eyes small now, but not so well, her face was swollen from the chemical that Becca, sprayed, her eyes reddened and swollen too, it was still hurting her but not like before, as Becca pushed her out to the parlour, all she could do was to plead and beg, but Becca didn’t care if she was pregnant or not, she beat her, Ryan crawled up like a child as he watch Becca unleashing terror on Clara who was screaming in pain, Ryan, pushed himself up and went to pull Becca away but she pushed him and he fell back to the ground, Becca paused from the beating and looked at her friend, who was weak and her cry has turn into whimper.

“how could you Clara…I thought you were my friend, why…why do you think you can get away with this, why…you thought I will never find out, I just want to know… why you of all people Clara, I trusted you, I shared everything with you…why on earth… where is all the money you have being getting from that bastard…where is all the money, that bastard said he has being giving you everything he has ever saved…so where is it…because I will teach you a big lesson today…you are as good as dead…I could lessen your punishment because of the baby…but I will drain you of every dime you have ever got, get up and go and get the money and your atm inclusive, and make sure you don’t play smart with me, or try to act wise, I will put a knife to your stomach if you dares me, bring your atm and your pin, right now…get up…

Clara quickly stood after another slap to her face, she staggered inside and brought out the money that Ryan gave her for the car, she also came with her atm card and gave Becca the pin number too, Becca used her leg to kick her after Clara dropped the money for her and handed her atm card and pin number, Becca kicked her hard with her leg and Clara fell down like a thud, the baby bump shifted to her right side, Clara was already weak, as she fell to the ground, as the fake baby bump shifted she was trying to adjust the bump back to her stomach but was finding it difficult, but she kept trying to adjust the fake bump, if Ryan finds out she has being deceiving him with the pregnancy who knows what he will do to her, and she need to act fast and readjust it, once Becca leaves she will go to a hospital by herself, and call Ryan from there that she lost the pregnancy because of what Becca did to her, she was a good actress so she will make sure that Becca pays for making her to loss her baby, she have a good plan.

Becca saw that Clara baby bump has suddenly shifted, her protruding belly was not in front again but by her right hand side, Becca came close to Clara, just to ascertain what she was seeing , she lifted the long gown that Clara was wearing and was shocked to see that Clara was not really pregnant, she was wearing a fake pregnancy and has acted that way for months, Becca pulled the fake baby bump out and started laughing so loud, it was shocking to her but still funny that Clara deceived everyone with a fake pregnancy,

Ryan stood in shock as he saw what was going on, Becca threw the fake bump to him, he dodged it and ran back in fear, Ryan widened his eyes as he saw that Clara was not really pregnant, she has staged everything, his anger evaporated, he found strength he thought he never had and rushed to Clara, who was bleeding from her fore head and mouth from the wound that Becca inflicted on her, her face was so swollen to a big watermelon size, all her face and body was filled with mark, everywhere around the house was in a mess, Ryan rushed to Clara in anger and started punching her real hard, he kicked and punch out of frustration and anger.

Becca was laughing and making jest of Ryan while quietly cleaning off her hands, she picked up her things including the huge amount of money that she got from Clara with her Atm card, and stuck them into her bag, Ryan was still panting and going mad with rage, Clara has fainted as she lay on the ground breathless, Ryan sat on the ground and held his head as he cried out loud for the first time, he was a big fool, he allowed himself to be deceived by Clara with her fake Pregnancy, he went to the fridge and got cold water, he poured it on Clara and she quickly woke up, Ryan slapped her again across her swollen face and she fell back.

Becca went to the door, her pepper spray was in her hand just in case Ryan want to attack her or want to come and collect his money that she got from Clara, she will use the hot spray on him, as Becca looked back Ryan was just sitting on the ground holding his head and crying like a child while Clara lie weak on the ground, Becca unlocked the door with the key she kept in her pocket and stepped out,
She went straight to an Atm machine and withdrew every cash In Clara’s account, she stock her bag, and smiled home. She is far wealthy now than she has expected to be.



Episode 15.

Melinda was getting tired of Oscar’s cold behaviour and he has refuse to say what the problem is, he kept on saying there’s no problem but she knew that something was bothering him, Melinda thought of Sarah again and wondered if she was the reason Oscar was acting cold, Oscar was cool in the beginning, they were both fine and later he changed, unexpectedly, and has being cold ever since.
Melinda was just sitting at the hospital cafeteria, with her coffee that was almost getting cold, she couldn’t lift it to her mouth as she kept thinking of Oscar, she loved him very much but his attitude is pulling her away, she doesn’t want to be hurt again by him, she hate to see him sad or act fine when all isn’t fine with him.
Binta pulled her away from her thought, as she comes to join her table, they were both on the same shift today.

“I know I will find you here, I thought you were going with doctor Phil, he is looking for you.. Mel, doctor Phil loves you, he begged me to speak to you, if you can consider him for a date…

” I’m in a relationship Binta, Phil is the last on my mind right now…

“We all knows that, you complained that Oscar has nor being himself, see babe I wouldn’t want you to get hurt again, he is working you up already, just look at you, sitting down all by yourself thinking about him with your cold coffee, does he really Worth all this trouble, remember the last time you told me he chose another Lady over you and said he doesn’t want to be friends with you again, you locked yourself up crying for days, and Phil was there for you, you were able to put Oscar behind you just because of Phil showed up and just when Phil thought he was almost winning you over Oscar showed up and you totally forgot your past pain and rejection and followed him and now he is misbehaving again and you are sitting out here all by yourself thinking about him, Mel, I know your mother did not raise you to be stupid, so stop acting as if you are in a blood covenant with Oscar, stop being stupid, I want the best for you and if Oscar is giving cold attitude is probably a sign that you should take serious, don’t wait until your heart is shattered before you have sense to move on, I know you love Oscar but you are going through emotional break down because of him, does he really worth it, I like Oscar too, he appears calm and jovial but I can’t watch him traumatize you again, Phil is th…. here he comes, you better be nice to him…

Binta stood up on seeing doctor Philip coming, she smiled greeted him and walk away

“Hi Mel, i was looking for you, are you alright..

” I’m fine.. Just came out for a coffee..

“Can I get you another hot one, maybe hot chocolate instead, this seem cold, you look dull, excuse me let me get a hot cup of chocolate…

Doctor Philip went across the counter and ordered for two hot cup of choco and he was quickly served, some nurses came to say hello to him and he responded to all of them with a smile, expressing his White dental teeth, he was popular in the hospital and many people likes him, after responding to the people that came to say hello to him he brought the drink down to Melinda who was watching the way he was responding to people with a deep smile like hers, a smile that comes from his heart, she knows many ladies Will like to date him but he has a soft spot for her, she has tried to discourage him but he kept pushing, she likes him but her heart belong to Oscar and she still want to try to see if Oscar can snap out of whatever was bothering him,

” I lost count of times I asked you to go on a date with me, I know you got somebody who wasn’t there when I started begging for a date, I’m not saying I’m better off, is totally your choice Mel, but all I ask For is just one chance for you to go on a date with me, it will really make me happy,

“Okay…fine, I Will go out with you, I will try to keep to my promise this time…

” Mel, you said same thing last time, like i said earlier, i lost count of times you have agreed to go out with me and then you cancelled it, sometimes I Will be all dressed then just at that dying minute, i call to inform you that i’m parked outside your house and you Will tell me that you can’t make it again and i have to drive back home, frustrated, pull off my cloths and sit back more sad than I planned to be, then I will still try another time and get disappointed, but something keep pushing me to keep trying, just someday my wish maybe granted, I love you Mel, and I can prove it in a thousand ways if you can just give me a Chance…please

“Phil, I will let you know by tomorrow, I don’t want to promise going on a date with you again and fail, but I will try to keep to my word, I will call you by noon tomorrow to let you know…

The next day Melinda went over to see Oscar but he met his absence, his door was locked, she picked up her phone and started calling him, she called severally but no respond, she found a place to sit and Wait for him,

Oscar parked his car and stepped down, he walked up to the house and started knocking but no respond came, he tried calling but her line was off, he stood at the door Post not knowing what to do, after sometime he started going back to his car, he saw her neighbour who was coming out from the next apartment and quickly approach her

” excuse me madam, sorry to bother you, I’m looking for the Lady that lives over there, Sarah, being knocking…

“Ooh Sarah, she’s has moved out since, over two months, I know your face, aren’t you her man friend, call her on phone na, bend your ear let me whisper something that maybe useful to you,

Oscar was surprise at the woman, gesturing him to bend his ear, he can see she likes gossip and he wasn’t in the mood for that, he was irritated by her action but acted cool

” please say whatever you want to say, nobody is here

The woman looked round before saying

“The walls has ears, but very soon what I’m about to tell you will not be hidden anymore, do you know that she’s pregnant, yes, I can tell when a Lady is pregnant, and Sarah is but was trying to hide it, I just Hope she has not gone to do abortion, because of how she suddenly parked out, and nobody knows where she moved to, and that Sarah has another fine man that use to sneak to her house, i usually watch everything from My window, that one is her main bobo you are her side bobo, there was a day I heard screaming, shouting everywhere I even thought the house Will collapse, I thought somebody was dead that day, i saw you and one slim fine Lady standing and talking outside, I was eavesdropping on you people, I found out that you caught her in bed with that her main bobo, hmm, since then I have not seeing you again, I think that pregnancy is For the other bobo not you oh, that Sarah doesn’t even know good thing, how can she chose that woman wrapper over you, see eeh I have a very beautiful daughters, who is in the university, I don’t have husband I Left the useless wretched man, I don’t mind having you as an Inlaw, my daughter is just like me…she I

Madam…Madam enough, I have already gotten what I wanted to know, every other thing is not relevant, thank you any way…

Oscar who has being looking For a way of escape so that he won’t seem rude has to turn and walk back to his car and drove off

He kept driving as his mind travels, he knows his attitude is affecting his relationship with Melinda, he love Melinda but since Sarah came with her pregnancy news he has not being able to think straight, all he wanted to know is to find out who is responsible, him or Ryan, but with Sarah’s crazy neighbour telling him she has parked out and has probably gone to do abortion, and the pregnancy is for Ryan whom she refers to as the main bobo and him is the side bobo, “what a pity, I hate her, Ryan messed up her life and she decided to mess up mine, I hate her, now she disappeared like thin air, to God knows where, which is even the best, I need to concentrate with Melinda, she has being patient with me all this while, Sarah is just trying to mess up my head, I know the Baby is not mine, I just wanted to clear my doubts, Sarah is so self centered and wicked, how could she hurt me after so much assurance and I believed her, how…aaassssgggghhh…oh my God..

Oscar holds the break in fear, he was breathing so heard, he almost hit an old man who was trying to cross the road, Oscar was thinking aloud and didn’t see the man on time, the old man on seeing the speeding car almost close to him fell down out of fear, Oscar came down apologising and helped the man up, he gave him money in case of any injury, the man was grateful for the money, he thanked Oscar before crossing to the other side, Oscar waited until the Man was safe at the other side before driving home
On getting home he saw Melinda, waiting for him, he wondered why she didn’t call him, he would have suspended whatever he was doing and come back, he picked up his phone and saw several of her miss calls, he bite his lower lips, he didn’t even notice his phone ringing, she looks sad and Oscar knows he has enough explanation to do

“I’m sorry Melinda, I didn’t know you were waiting…and I missed your calls

” where were you, I have being waiting Oscar, were you with her.. You went to see her right…

“Mel, what are you talking about, please let’s go inside, stop this, I only went to.. to

” to do what… Don’t you dare lie to me Oscar, you were with Sarah and that’s why you refused taking my calls, you made love to her right… No deny it, do you go to see her or not

“Mel, you are acting crazy, I…I haven’t touched Sarah ever since the incident, she has even parked out..she

” how do you know she parked out, you have being going to see her right, have you ever seen her, kissed her or held her ever since we started together again, have you, kissed her or do anything with her…answer me Oscar

Oscar stood not knowing what to say, he doesn’t want to loose Melinda again, he thought of the day Sarah came with the news of her pregnancy, he remembered holding and kissing her before he got himself and insisted that she leaves, he wondered why Melinda was asking all this question, but he can’t tell her the truth

“No, I have not seeing her, I have not set my eyes on Sarah, I don’t intend to, I put her behind me, she made a mess out of my life and you brought meaning to My it, I love you Mel, Sarah is not my problem

” then what is the problem, why are you acting cold all this while, I know you Oscar, like the palm of my hand and I know you are lying to me, why are you lying to me..

“Mel please stop all this, I…I

Melinda’s phone was ringing and it was doctor Philip.

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Episode 16.

Melinda’s phone was ringing and it was Doctor Philip that was calling her, she picked

“Hello Doc..

“Mel, I’m in front of your house again, you said you were going to call me today but you haven’t, I waited and is already 3pm, I have no choice than to call, guess is another disappointment, I won’t be surprise anyway…is fine Mel, I will just drive back home…

“No, hold on, don’t go I’m coming right away, please I will be right there in about thirty minutes…

“For real…I’m happy now…thanks Mel, I will be waiting here for you…

Melinda ended the call and face Oscar who spoke first

“I hope there’s no emergency at the hospital…

“Yea, there is emergency that I have to attend to, so I have to go now…whenever you are ready to tell me what exactly is bothering you, you know where to find me

“Melinda, please let’s not dwell on this, let me go and drop you at the hospital…

“Don’t worry, I will find my way Oscar..

Oscar tried to kiss her but she turned away and walk out.

Becca woke to a call on her phone, she checked the caller it was unknown number, she picked up

“Hello, who’s this…

“Becca, please is me…

“You who, who are you exactly…speak up…can’t hear you..

“please don’t end the call, i know you will never pick my call if I use my main line… that was why I’m using a strange number, please hear me out first, I’m begging, is Clara…I know I don’t have any right to call you but I know there is still a little human in you, you maybe shrewd but I know you, an i know you have human sympathy, I need your help, Becca…I’m at your door… please open up and hear me out first…Becca…

“Yes, I’m glad you know that I’m shrewd, so what do you want witch, I don’t allow evil and manipulative enemies who act like friends around me.. I don’t allow them to my house either, say what do you want or I will end this call right now, do you think you can come to my place as you wish again, you don’t have that right anymore, you are so evil Clara, what you want before I end this nonsense call…

Clara continued begging for her to open the door, Becca thought of different thing as she finally ended the call, what if Clara has come to attack her, is being three months she striped her off her cover, maybe Clara came for payback, which she was also ready for, Becca quickly searched for where she kept her pepper spray, she covered up her skin with thick cloth and asked Clara to move far back from her door step before she open the door Clara did that immediately, Becca assessed her through her window and saw that she has a scar that has not totally healed off on her forehead, it must be one of those deep cut she gave her or the one Ryan gave her, it will always serve as a reminder to her, Clara has totally emaciated, looking so unkempt, and there’s a sign of stressed under her eyes, she was worn out, not the sparkling beautiful Clara that she use to know, she felt pity for her and instantly felt hatred as she remembered all she did, she can’t allow her close to her, because she deserve whatever she got
Becca opened the door, and didn’t allow Clara inside, she asked her to stand at a distance or she will spray another chemical into her eyes, Clara stood at a distance as she instructed her and started begging Becca, she begged her to forgive for all she did,

“Stop all this pretense Clara, I know you are not sorry, you are only acting sorry just because you were caught, if you have gotten away with all your evil deed you would have being smiling and mocking me and everyone you have deceived by now, you would have being calling us fools, just look at you, this is what you brought upon yourself Clara and you will suffer for it alone, so I can’t pity you because you are so evil, you can kill even without a gun, your sight is even disgusting me…

“I understand you hate me, I deserve it all and even worst, but please pity me, I just need small money to care for myself…I don’t have any right to beg of any help but just pity me, I need your help Becca, I don’t have anywhere to go to, and you took all the money I had with me, Ryan beat me and dump me off by the road side, it was a good Samaritan that took me to the hospital and paid off my hospital bill after I spent weeks there, and they bought bags of blood for me, because I lost alot of blood, I was in the hospital for weeks Becca, and I was later discharged and the good man paid all my bills, and gave me small cash that I have being using to survive, I don’t have anything again, I have being eating from hand to mouth ever since….i have to summon courage to come top you, all I ask for is little help so that I can use it and move around and get a job…so that I can get my life together..

“hope you didn’t scam that your good Samaritan that helped you, because you are a stupid senseless scammer, anyway I’m not so evil, I will give you some cash, after all you worked for it, I’m wealthy all thanks to you for working for me, carrying fake pregnancy and duping Ryan out of his hard money, well, I couldn’t have done that, I don’t have that kind of nerve because I’m wise enough to know what’s appropriate and what’s not, you over did your evil, so greedy, you could have walked away at the early stage with enough money in your account, but no you didn’t, you wanted a car and a house, a greedy fool like you, and nemesis caught up with you, you suppose to go and thank God that you are still breathing, because I would have killed you that day Clara or even Ryan whom you gave hope of a child and he kept doing your bidding until the last struck, it must have being so difficult for him to even go close to women again, I don’t pity him at all, neither do I pity you, you both deserve what you got, just thank God that Ryan didn’t kill you, you are so evil, how could you Clara, I can not even start to imagine all your atrocities, if I remember all you did i will want to do worst that what I did to you…

Becca went inside and got a bundle of cash and came out again, she threw it at Clara and ask her to leave immediately, and Clara thanked her very well before leaving.

Becca was inside thinking of what could have happened to Ryan, is being months since they all clashed, and he has not hard from him ever since, she knew he must be broken and devastated after realizing he was deceived for almost a year with Clara’s pregnancy, she thought of the good time they shared before he decided to scatter it all with his own hands, Becca has planned leaving the country with all the cash she had or starting a good business but her mind will not let her, she wanted to start her life afresh after all the chaos of boyfriend and her fake girlfriend, she wanted to be far from everyone and everything, but something kept her back, as much as she doesn’t want to pity Ryan because he got himself into the mess he is into, she can’t still deny the fact that it was all his money that made her wealthy and left him penniless, she once loved him but he threw everything away with his reckless life style and ended up with Clara that could have rendered him useless or probably killed him. Maybe she will take the remaining money back to him, she can’t claim wealthy with another man’s pain, she will make her own legal money, even though it looks like a blessing in disguise she can’t get herself to do what she wanted with the whole money, her conscience will not let her, she knew Ryan must have learnt his lesson in a hard way.

Ryan took a motorbike home from work, he paid the man and went straight to his house, his car is bad and he has not being able to change the car engine because he doesn’t have the money yet, he was putting all his effort in working so that he can bounce back to his feet, he was scared of every woman he comes across, he kept them all at a distance, he hardly reply to their cordial greetings, he was truly scared of all of them, since after the incident with Clara, finding out that she wasn’t pregnant after all, he has locked himself for days and almost drank himself to death, Clara was so evil, to have deceived him all those while, and drained him off of every penny he had, he was grateful to Becca for coming and exposing every of Clara’s secret even without knowing, all hidden thing was revealed, maybe if Becca hasn’t showed up he would have being jobless by now or probably kill himself out of frustration that Clara dragged him into, it was Becca that made him to know the truth about Clara, and Becca took every of his sweat, “well the money was better off with Becca than with the gold digger called Clara”,

Ryan just wanted to live his life and value all that he took for granted, he learnt never to take anyone for granted, he took both Becca and Sarah for granted, and they are both gone, he doesn’t even have any right to go and look for Sarah again, because he doesn’t deserve her, he has gone to her house after one month, not for her to take him back but to knell and ask for her forgiveness and really mean it this time, after begging he will leave her, she deserve somebody like Oscar not him, he is a confuse being, and life is really dealing with him, he has gone to see Sarah but he was told she moved out, which was even the best, she need to move away from all the trouble he caused her, Becca was a jealous lover, he knew all that and yet he still went ahead double dating, thinking he was smart, he deserved everything he got, he was grateful that he still has a life to live, what if Clara has killed him, or thought of poisoning him to death, what if Becca has came with a gun and shoot him to death, what if Oscar has killed him that day he caught him and Sarah in bed, what good would have being his death, what gain would it have been for him, all the whole thing he did thinking he was enjoying life, was all in vain,
Ryan who has not being able to get another television after Becca destroyed the one he had, everything in the house was destroyed, so he was trying to start living a good and different life, he felt more at peace with himself than before, when he has enough money he will replace his home appliance that was destroyed, right now he just want to have his peace and rest of mind which he has not being able to get for so long,

Ryan hard a knock and he wondered who was at the door, it has being a long time some one came knocking at his door that must be since the day Becca came and caught him and Clara, and his life has never remained the same ever since, he has wanted to create a hole on the door to be able to know whoever that comes knocking, he has lived very peaceful and quiet life, trying to recover from all he lost, he doesn’t want anybody to come and destroy the peace of mind that he was beginning to enjoy, women are the last thing in his mind, he has being beaten too hard by them to go close to anyone, he was trading very careful anywhere they are,
Ryan stood at the door without opening it, he asked who was knocking and the voice came and it was Becca’s voice,
His heart began to beat again as he wondered why Becca came again, what do she want from him again, they have taking all he had, why did she come back after months.
“Yes, what do you want Becca…how can I help you…

“I returned something that belongs to you…open the door, I’m not here for another fight, I guess the last was still fresh in our memory, I just want to hand you back your stuff and I will leave immediately.

Ryan opened the door, he saw Becca, still very beautiful but he can’t be deceived by a woman’s beauty again, Becca looked at him and gave him something wrapped in a big envelope,

“this belong to you, is not mine, so I returned it to the rightful owner, I could have done anything I want with it, but no, I have a good conscience, and this is not the way I want to live or how I want to make it in life, not through another’s sweat or pain, take it is yours, I will find my footing and be happy with all that’s mine, everyone must not be mad at same time, not every woman you came across is a thief or gold digger, some are just naturally crazy when they are crossed, they are jealous lovers and can kill for what is there’s or if they are taking for granted, but they hardly take what belongs to another…and I brought back this, the remaining of what I took from you, I couldn’t spend it all, had lots of plan, what I intend to do with it but I couldn’t just do it, there’s still a lot inside the envelope that will be very useful to you…

Ryan saw that she was serious, and looks sincere, he doesn’t know what was inside the envelope yet so he took it from her and quickly opened it, he saw wads of cash, he was shock and wondered the kind of person Becca was, why would she return so much amount of money she took from an unfaithful and foolish man like he use to be, other lady will be glad to do away with it, but she spent and remained for him, which means she still have conscience, and she is still very human after all not like Clara… she took the money from Clara and returned some back to him, he opened his mouth but words didn’t come out,

Becca turned and started walking away, Ryan wondered what to do as he watch her walk away, he doesn’t know if Becca has truly forgiven him for not only cheating or lying to her but also got entangled with her bosom friend, which was the last struck of madness for her, this was a good opportunity to beg her for everything he ever did, as much as he doesn’t want anyone in his life right now he still want to plead to be forgiven to those he has hurt in the past, and Becca was one of them,
Becca came with a taxi who she has asked to wait, just as she was about to get inside the car, Ryan called her to wait, he ran and caught up with her, he stood in front of her, not knowing what to say, as he bite his lower lips severally, before saying,

“thank you…for this, i never expected it Becca, not from you, i’m really grateful,I just want to start all over, I know I don’t deserve another chance, but could you please start by been my friend, I don’t want to take you to bed or have all the dirty fun like we use to have in the past, not like before again, no far from that, all I want is to introduce myself as a changed person and try to see if I can be your friend and not the enemy we created, I don’t want to talk about the past, it hurt all of us, it still hurt when I think of it, but let it remain where it belong, please permit me to be just a friend, I don’t deserve it but you could at least try to see how life transformed me to a better man…I will start by introducing myself again…I’m Ryan, and it will be my pleasure to have you as a friend, if you will let me…please

Becca looked at the man standing before her, is either he has totally gone mad or he has really changed as he said , all she could do was to smile and went inside the car that brought her, and the driver zoomed off, Ryan smiled and waved before going inside with the money envelope still in his hand,
now he can fix his car and get few things for the house.he thought withing himself, he was happy to receive unexpected money from an unexpected person.



Episode 17.

Oscar Waited for days which turned into weeks but didn’t here from Melinda, he called her and she will say she’s busy at the hospital, after a month of trying to reach her, he even went to the hospital but he will always be told that she was busy and can’t see him, if he goes to the house she was not always around, so he decided to go over to her place and wait until he sees her, on getting there her colleague Binta, told him that she was not around just as expected,

He decided to wait for her in his car, he was there for over an hour waiting for her and she didn’t come back, he tried calling her again but she wasn’t taking his calls, night was already approaching, darkness has come to settle, he has being there for hours but no sign of Melinda, he stayed quietly in his car waiting, just when he was about to give up and go home he saw a car light coming toward her house, he stayed inside the car as the car stopped in front of her us, and parked, nobody came down from the car, whoever that was in there stayed for another fifteen minute, before the passenger door opened and Melinda came down, the doctor also came down from his side, and they stood, talking about something, which the doctor was doing most of the talking while Melinda was just laughing and said few things, Oscar stomach tightened as the doctor gently drew her to himself and kissed her fully on the mouth, before going back to his car and drove off, Oscar was in rage as he watched the whole thing,
He swore under his breath and quickly came down from his car and walked up to Melinda who was going inside the house, Melinda saw him coming and kept walking, she didn’t bother to stop, Oscar walked up to her and jerked her around with force, holding her with anger..

“You are hurting me Oscar…let go of my hand now…

Oscar quickly left her, he was breathing hard,

“So is because of him you have not being taking my calls, or returning any of my messages, or even wanting to see me, is over a month Melinda…so is all because of the doctor…I saw him kiss you, I saw everything…so you don’t need to deny it..

“I wasn’t going to deny it, he kissed me…so what…

“Melinda, oh my God…Melinda you are cheating on me and you are proud to admit it to my face…

“hmm…I’m not cheating on you Oscar, I’m done with you…I don’t want to play this game any more, I don’t want to be a looser, I’m just tired of baby sitting you, trying to make our relationship work but you kept on pulling back, I’m tired of your cold behavior, when last did we have fun, play together, go to the movies, or even have one of those sweet moment together, when last was that, I can’t even remember, I tried to draw you out of whatever the problem was but you kept on pulling back, I tried Oscar, I really tried and I got tired, for every of your cold behavior, the love kept on fading, I have cried over you, lost appetite because of you, sometime, I will hold a hot coffee at the hospital cafeteria until it turns cold in my hand, and I will just remembered how loving and hot you use to be and you suddenly went cold, I will sit out there thinking about you, I love you Oscar, I still do, I love you so very much that my whole being evolves around you, if you are happy I’m happy, if you are sad I’m sad, I love you so much that it hurt anytime I see you going deeper into thinking that you have refuse to share with me, and whenever I ask you, you will lie and say is nothing, whereas there’s something bothering you, if you love me enough or value and trust me like I do then you will lay out your worries and we will talk about it and look for a way forward, no matter what it is, I am very understanding, Oscar, when it comes to you, I was ready to over look, and do anything that will make you happy, I tried to make our relationship work, it was as if I was the only one in it, you were friending your thought and left me outside, I just couldn’t take it anymore, all I want is to be happy, doctor Phil was there for me when you chased me off and took Sarah, those time I couldn’t concentrate at work always thinking of you and the way you cut me off from your life, Doctor Philip was always there to help me out, he cracks jokes, get me stuff and was very supportive, those night I couldn’t sleep just crying over you, doctor Phil will call and will tell me stories over the phone, he will make sure I feel sleepy before he drops the call, he was always there and yet when he asked me to date him I refuse with the hope you may still come back, he begged severally, I said no, I was just hoping you may come back to me, and when you did, I was so happy, nothing and nobody matters again, not even doctor Phil, you Oscar was all that matters, and I couldn’t just deny the fact that I still love you Oscar, so I have to put everything aside and started again with you, and just when I thought we were heading somewhere, you started misbehaving again, acting cold all of a sudden, I tried to keep it alive, I wanted “us” back, I did everything possible but Oscar you were in another world entirely, I can’t even reach you, you don’t look at me like you will do in the beginning or kiss me or even want me, we don’t go out anymore, you always forming busy or too tired from work, I was just tired Oscar, I don’t want to be hurt again, I can’t allow myself to be hurt again by you, it was time to move and be in the life of somebody that cherish me, Phil love and cherish me, I’m still learning to love him like I should, I gave all the love to you Oscar and now, I want to learn how to love another, and I’m already falling in line for that, Phil can sweep any woman off her feet, he has being great, and I can say I’m going deeper into him, that’s what I want and I know it will happen, I will learn to love him like he deserve, you were already hurting me with your actions, the whole relationship thing was becoming boring, I hate such, I will rather quit and make good use of my life, go and be with whoever you have being thinking off, I’m off your life now, no one is stopping you…but I can’t allow myself to be hurt anymore…no, not again…

“Mel..i…I’m sorry…I’m deeply sorr…y…please don’t do this to me, how do you want me to start my life again…how do I begin again…I do love you…I was just going through something which I never know was going to result to this, I just do not want to drag you into my troubles that was why I kept it all to myself, I want you back Mel, I miss you around me, I miss you Mel, you are my best friend, I know you have never stopped loving me, I took the first for granted which I regretted, I never intend to hurt you again, never, please give me another chance to make it right, Mel don’t leave me now, my life is in shamble, I don’t have anybody right now except you, if you leave i will be more devastated than I ever want to be…come back to me, I’m ready to love you more than I ever did, I’m ready to drop anything that will bring sadness in our togetherness, I’m here for you now, please Mel, I will kiss you like you have always wanted, I will look at you like you are the must precious jewel on earth, I can’t cope alone without you, I need you, I will be all yours, please don’t leave me.., I’m ready to tell you whatever that bothers me, I will tell you everything, the whole truth because you are my only friend, yeah, you were right, it was Sarah, is being Sarah, I’m sorry I lied, I lied because I was afraid of loosing you, I don’t want to loose you Melinda, my coldness started when she came some months back telling me of her pregnancy, at first she was sober and was crying and I held her, I…I kissed her, it was just nothing, just wanted to console her, I wasn’t thinking Mel, and she went throwing up in my bathroom all of a sudden and then before she left she told me that she was pregnant but never said who was responsible, I asked but she wouldn’t say Mel, and I just kept thinking, I don’t know why I still think of her, I wasn’t suppose to but sometime I can’t just help it, I just find myself thinking about her and wondering who was responsible for her pregnancy, I went looking for her the day I met you outside the house waiting for me, just to clear the air, I wanted to get my life together and to concentrate with you, that was why I went over to her place but I was told she has relocated, she moved out, I’m sorry Mel, I can do anything right now to have you back to me, I can prove to you that the baby is not mine and even if is mine that will not change my love for you, please just hold on, let me call her and see if she will pick today…please just a sec…I’m ready to do anything…

Oscar brought out his phone and dialed Sarah’s number and was surprise as it started ringing, Sarah didn’t pick at first ring but later picked, and when she spoke Oscar have to swallow hard, he has not hard her voice for months, and suddenly hearing it triggered something in him, he knew he loves Sarah, but Sarah was gone and he will not allow her to spoil his relationship with Mel, anything that will make Mel to stay he will do it..


“Hello Sarah, how…how.. are you…

“I’m fine, and you…is being a while, how are you Oscar…

Oscar wondered why Sarah number decided to go today and why was she acting so nice and her voice was still lovely like ever, he really missed her and wondered where she could be and how she was coping with life, he wondered if she’s well and the pregnancy too… Oscar had lots of question to ask but all he could say was

“I didn’t call for all this complimentary, stop trying to act nice, you are not, you ruin my life and now you want to ruin my relationship, you said you were pregnant the last time I saw you, and is being months now…and I didn’t call to…to

“Why do you call, what do you want Oscar…I’m off your life, very far from you and from everyone else, I can’t destroy your life or your relationship because I’m far away from you, I started my life again and I’m trying to make good meaning out of it, I don’t want to fight with you… you are a good man I’m still very sorry I ruined what we had, I regret it everyday of my life, I was stupid, I know I hurt you deeply, seeing me like that with Ryan in bed was very bad, I’m very sorry Oscar, those are one of my regrets, I wish I can undo what has being done, but I count it as one of life sad experiences, I was loving the wrong person who doesn’t even deserve it and I ignored the man who loved me with his life, I can’t tell you how sorry I am, I have learnt now I’m not looking back anymore, I’m moving forward and trying to be better, I don’t know why you called but you seriously don’t have to call like this, please don’t hold unforgiveness in your heart against me, I was ignorant, I was foolish, I admit my wrongs, please forgive me and move on, like I have done, we all hurt at some point but that’s in the past now, let’s all be happy and not let what happened to keep hurting us…yes, I said I was pregnant and I never asked you to come and take responsibility of it, I’m fine, taking care of myself…I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me some day…hello Oscar…

Oscar breathed deeply, he wish he can see Sarah right now, she didn’t say if she was still pregnant or not, and she still didn’t say who the pregnancy was for, Oscar’s hand was sweating, he did not want to hurt Sarah but he has to say anything right now for Mel who was just standing under their tree light looking at him, he looked at her as he listened to Sarah on phone, her voice kept hitting him like a pebble, his heart was beating, he knows he has to concentrate or he will loose Melinda, who was already getting irritated with his action, so he spoke

“listen Sarah, I don’t care about you, and that’s the fact, and I don’t care if you are pregnant or not, is non of my business, the baby is not for me, even if you lay the child to my feet I will walk away, it belong to your lover Ryan, your cheat of a boyfriend, I don’t care about you or your pregnancy, that is if you are even pregnant, don’t call me in the future about anything concerning the child that’s if you have not aborted the baby, because you are capable of evil, I don’t even know why you told me you are pregnant when you know who you are suppose to take the news to, and you almost ruin my relationship, I just wanted to make it clear to you, so that we will have a mutual understanding that I still ha..te..hate you and I hate everything about you Sarah, stay off my path and remain where you are…you are very wicked and senseless, you are…hello…hello

The line went dead. He combed his hand into his hair, he breathed deeply, he hated himself more for saying all that to Sarah, he never meant any of those things he said, he wondered why Sarah’s line that has not being going all this while decided to go today that he was trying to prove a point to Melinda, he has to say all those things he doesn’t mean to Sarah so that Melinda can believe him, he wish he can see Sarah and apologies, is true that Sarah hurt him and he has hated her for that but he is hurting himself even more now by just calling and hearing her voice again, all the feelings and memory came rushing back like flood, and him standing in front of Melinda’s gaze who seem to be like his judge, he has to do and say all he did just to convince her, and with the way Melinda was looking at him he wish the he can just disappear, but he need to win Melinda back, he wants her back and he wants to concentrate with her, he want to make amend for his wrongs, she has being patient with him.

“Yeah, Mel you can see I got nothing with her…I hope she got the message, I just want to prove to you that nothing will come between us ever again…please don’t leave me, please Mel..

“Look at the way you are shaking, you still love that girl Oscar, and you don’t mean any of those things you said to her, you are just trying too hard to prove a nonsense point to me, you are obviously in love with Sarah and you are trying too hard to win me over, I know you Oscar, I read you like book, you can deceive everyone but not me, I know you like my own palm, I’m done Oscar, I know this is not the way I planned it to be, I never wanted it to end, but I’m sorry this is the final bustop for me, I can’t do this any more, let me stay with the man that love me and that will cherish me more than you will, is better off that way than being in a hopeless relationship with a man who is still in love with his ex girlfriend who cheated on him and he still kissed her when she came begging, I’m just done Oscar, I can’t wait for you to hurt me again…just go to your house…is over…we can still be friends, I’m not cutting you off totally like you once did to me, but we can’t be intimate anymore, I’m involve with the doctor now, and I will love him like he deserve is just a matter of time…

Oscar kept pleading and promising heaven and earth, he pleaded, he held Melinda but she pushed him away and ran inside, leaving Oscar standing and looking like a lost child, he was confuse as he stood there not knowing what to do, he later went back to his car and drove home, day to day, he tried to win Melinda back, but he saw that her mind was made up, she left him for the doctor and they both seem like an item, as the doctor was always looking happy as if he has won a medal, doctor Phil obviously love Melinda and Melinda was gradually falling for him, and after months of being together Melinda came to love the doctor more than she expected and within a year, the doctor propose to Melinda, he asked her to marry him.

Oscar was finding it hard to move on, he has come to accept defeat again, first it was Sarah and now it was Melinda, he look defeated, he wish he can make amend, and redo those things he has done wrongly, he was sad, he became more cold and distance himself from people, he buried himself in his work so that he will stop thinking, he was sad most times, he tried to do many things, different activity but he still retire to his house and lock himself and all he could do was to think, he doesn’t drink or smoke, he could have drank himself to stupor, he knows he will be fine with time,
There’s lots of failure and defeats in life, all he wanted is to over look everything that caused him heartbreak and move and live like nothing happens. But he was finding it difficult to do that,

If Sarah was ever pregnant she will be a mother by now, she has refused taking his calls again, she must be happy wherever she is and has probably found love again and Melinda is getting married to doctor Philip, Ryan and Becca have started all over again, Becca called to tell him, she and Ryan are back together, and that Ryan is now a changed man, and they are just starting off as friends again and she was ready to give him another chance. Becca sound happy with that, he was happy for them as well, but they are not his problem, he doesn’t even know what exactly is his problem,

Oscar wondered why he hasn’t move on like everyone else is doing, he is just the only one that is still on the ground, still at a spot, he is just here accepting everyday as it comes, he knows he will be fine eventually. Maybe he will just relocate to another city, because everything around him here reminds him of sadness, failure and defeat, he doesn’t want to be reminded of that anymore, all he wanted is to breathe new air, and start all over again just like everyone else.

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Episode 18.

Oscar checked his new apartment, there was the master bedroom and then the normal room just in case he has a visitor,

he has wanted something smaller but decided to go for this, just to have enough space, and breath in fine, the house is facing the city mall which was more reason why he took it, he can open his window and see lots of activities around, it was bigger than the previous, the city looks cool unlike where he came from, life looks okay around here, everyone went about their business, he knows with this he will be able to move on fast,

is being almost two years Melinda got married and he has double mind relocating at first, he was indecisive in the beginning but finally made up his mind, the more he stayed the more everything around him reminds him of his defeat, he still say hello to Melinda over the phone and always extends his greeting to her husband, she gave birth to a baby girl three months ago, before he leaves, he has gone to a baby shop and decided to get things For the baby, the shop attendant has first congratulated him, thinking he was the father the child he came to buy things for, at first he wanted to accept the compliments and claim the blessing but all he said was
” is for a friend, I’m not married yet” I want beautiful things for a baby girl, I can’t pick by myself, don’t even know how to shop for baby things… Since I’m yet to have mine, just pick different things and I will select,

“Yes sir, we will give you beautiful things and don’t worry your own child is on the way,

Oscar smiled in reply to the cheerfully sales girl, he doesn’t even have a woman yet how will his own be on the way, he was still trying to recover from his lost and he is getting use to being alone, the thinking was not much like before but he knows he was always reminded of everything he has lost pain and was mostly lonely, everyday after work, he make food which he hardly eat much and he recline to his television, watching comedies and meme, he also watch movies but try as much as possible to avoid a romantic movies which will only take him on a sad memory lane that he dreaded most
After getting the things from the shop, he has drove down to Melinda and the doctor’s big house and gave them the gifts, she was very grateful and even allowed him to hold the cute baby for sometime, her husband who love his wife so well was also happy for the gifts, they have begged him to stay for dinner but he he said no with the excuse of having something to attend to, Doctor Philip and his Wife walked him down to his car and ask him to come around sometime, Melinda has said

“Oscar, life is a process, I know you will be fine, the woman for you is just by the corner I know destiny will make your path to cross with her, come around any time you feel bored, Phil likes soccer he will be glad to teach you some of the games..

” yea, Oscar please try and come around or call me I Will come and get you if you are free, will like to have a partner I can always play video games with, Melinda is not into that is sometime boring playing all by myself…

“Alright, i Will come around during the weekend…thanks.

Oscar has gone only once on a weekend and saw the way the couples play, Phil even pause from the game to change the baby’s nappy, he watched how he did it while Melinda made food in the kitchen, he danced and joke with his wife, their love was strong, Oscar was trying to concentrate on the soccer game but he started wishing For a family of his own,

where he can assist his wife like Phil does, and make her laugh so hard, hold her like she was all that matters and make her want to fall in love all over again, have a child of his own who he can call his, he will like to dress up for, change nappy like Phil does for his daughter and crack funny jokes with, he wished for so many things as he watched Phil and Melinda bundle up in love,

After that day he became very serious on relocating and when he finally did he was happy, as he planned starting life all over again and be happy with himself, he knows he was not a failure, life just happened in the way it did, he has left all that saddened and reminds him of heart breaks, and how unlucky he was in finding real love, he wants a happy family like Doctor Philip and Melinda and he knows he will have it, no matter how Long it takes, he will get there,

He has cleaned up the whole house and decorated it with beautiful arts work he bought from the mall across the road, he wants his house to smell of life, he wants everything around him to be lively, he picked Sharp colors and use a whole weekend to paint both inside and out, after the whole work he was proud of himself, everything was indeed lively and lovely just as he wanted it, he went to the mall and got food stuff and juice, he stuck up his fridge, his kitchen was looking like he was a family man, a man with wife and children, he laugh out loud as he thought of it, for the first time he laugh all by himself without watching a comedy. He was already feeling good with himself as he look around his house,

In no time he was able to secure a good job far better off than his previous, life was beginning to really smell and look good,
He got few friends who wants to become close but he kept everyone at a distance, he also started having female admirers which seem normal, he sees the opposite sex starring at him sometimes, his female colleagues act nice around him,

some look at his ring finger to ascertain if he was single or married, but none has the courage to walk up to him and ask if he was married or not, he wasn’t attracted to any of them,
one of them, called Sandra was persistent, she kept coming around, showing care, she will come and ask

“Oscar, I’m going out, do you care for anything..

” no, thanks I’m fine.

Or she will ask

“Hi Oscar, is time for lunch break, c’mon let’s go for lunch…

” thanks, i had mine already,

“What did you take for lunch..

” I had snacks with soft drink..

“Aaah yummy, you didn’t even invite me, that’s not fair

“Uuuh, I’m sorry, will do that next time…

” okay, instead of lunch why don’t we hook up this weekend, I can come over to your place, and we do lunch together or I bring over For you…that’s if you don’t mind…

“Uhmmm, is not a bad idea but I Will be busy during the weekend…maybe another time..

” you don’t really like people visiting you at your place I guess, I have being wanting to ask…are you married, like all this fine married men that don’t wear rings, on a serious note are you married Oscar…

Oscar tried to dodge the question, if he says he wasn’t married she Will want to do anything to come over, and he doesn’t want to lie and say he was married so he has to say

“Not yet, but very soon, hopefully…

” which means you have a woman already, anyway, hope you will invite me when the time comes, I still don’t mind coming over, I guess you live very close to the mall, so I Will be going to the mall this coming Saturday and then stop by to say hello, there’s no harm in your friend or better still colleague coming to check up on you…

“Alright Sandra, you can stop by and say hello..

” yeah, I’m happy now, expect me this weekend…

Oscar gave a sigh of relief as Sandra who was tall and beautiful, cat walk away from his office

Early morning on Saturday Oscar heard the door Bell and it was Sandra

“I know I’m way too early, I wanted to visit first before going to the mall, wow, your house is so lovely, Oscar you have a taste for good things, just like me, this is really lovely, you live here all alone, in this fine spacious house, mennnnhhh…I envy your taste if style… So beautiful

” thank you, what can I offer you Sandra..

“Breakfast, I can make for two of us if you don’t mind…

” oookay, go right ahead, the kitchen is by your left, everything you need is in there, just make for yourself, i don’t want to eat breakfast now, still too early for me..

Sandra kept shouting wow as she entered Oscar’s kitchen, she was perplexed by it’s surrounding, everything was clean and well kept,
Oscar got refreshed and came out looking cool in his Jean short and a Polo, Sandra couldn’t take her eyes off as she moved closer to him with her toast bread, scrambled egg and pineapple juice which was in a tray, Oscar stood and went to his fridge, he took apple from the fridge and return back to his chair, he put on a comedy show while still trying to distance himself from Sandra who was acting like she wanted to enter his body,

they started watching the show and kept laughing, Oscar later stand up and went to the kitchen to make something to eat,

despite Sandra insisted on doing it, he told her to sit and watch the television show but she followed him to the kitchen,

it was already mid day, he Will make lunch instead,
As he got into the kitchen, Sandra messed up the whole kitchen when she was making breakfast for herself, Oscar has to Wash the plates and cups she used in eating and clean up the whole place while she stood and watch, gisting him about one of the comedy shows she once watched, Oscar was happy to have a company, he was almost getting use to being by himself, Oscar made a delicious lunch for him and Sandra, and she kept praising his cooking,
evening was coming and Sandra refused to go still feeling at home,
she moved very close to Oscar and placed her manicured soft hand on his lap, she romanced his legs Oscar gently removed her hand,
Sandra was tall and beautiful, she can pass for a model and with the whole sign she was giving Oscar, some men would have taking advantage of that and have sex with her, just as Sandra wanted but not Oscar, he was discipline and does not jump on every woman Who comes around him, as Ryan was once doing before he was dealt with,

Sandra bent over and kiss Oscar’s neck and ear, he touched his chest and squeezed his nipples, Oscar shudder, his body was beginning to respond to the whole touch, he sat up and breathed hard, he has not being with a woman for almost two years, since Melinda left him, it was a good opportunity for him, he was human too and has hot blood flowing in his vein, he was tempted but he resisted, he tried not to fall,
instead he took Sandra’s hand into his and faced her, he has to make her understand that he is not like every guy out there that may want to jump at this offer, he has to correct her in love so that she won’t feel humiliated

“You are so beautiful Sandra, and you are every man’s dream, we could go down together, have some dirty fun, make out in bed and nobody will question us because we are both adults, but I don’t want to lead you along to a road that leads to nowhere, I respect you and I respect your body and I also respect myself and know that this… If we start this… it will lead us to nowhere and one of us may get hurt in the process, let’s not just live like nothing matters, care free live, no, everything and everyone matters in life and I don’t want to take anything or anyone for granted, hold yourself together if we are meant to be time will tell, we have to first of all understand ourselves and allow love to settle between us and not rush things because the opportunity calls, no Sandra, this isn’t right, I’m too old with life experience to allow any woman to be hurt because of me, I know what it feels like to be hurt, if I want to have fun I Will go to a basket ball cot or go and play snooker, your body is too precious to be used for fun sweetheart, don’t allow any man to play with it, you are too beautiful and smart to settle for less…we can’t do this Sandra because is not okay…hope you understand….

” hmmm, yeah, I do, I was almost thinking you are gay, you are a good man Oscar, you are the first man that have ever said no to me, and you said it in a beautiful way, holding my hands and trying to talk some sense into me instead of being harsh, I’m sorry for… Trying to make you break your principles, you were just too hard for me to resist, looking at you alone is tempting, your woman will be so lucky to have you, she is a lucky woman, I wish I’m the one anyway…

Sandra laughed and Oscar joined in, and after sometime she stood and said she was going, it was night already, Oscar decided to go and drop her close to her side before driving back home, this was one of the hardest temptation he has to overcome.

They act cool in the office, since Sandra knows the kind of man Oscar is she warns others who seem interested off, they some time have lunch together and laugh over some funny things, they kept there friendship cordial.
Sandra later started dating somebody and she told Oscar about it and he was very happy for her, she introduce her man friend to Oscar and they all became friends,

Oscar drove down to the mall one day, after picking everything he came for, just after paying for his stuffs and walking back to his car, he almost bump into someone, a Lady, things fell off her hand and Oscar bent over and picked them up,
A young woman with her little boy, he quickly apologized and when he looked at her he was puzzled, the Lady who seemed to be in shock to see him too, was holding a little boy of about two years plus who looks so much like him,
and it was Sarah,

Sarah was the person Oscar ran into at the mall, she has a boy who was like his carbon copy when he was little.
They both stood in shock staring at each other.

Could it be what he was thinking, a lot of things was going through his mind as he kept on staring at Sarah and the two to three years cute little boy in her arm.



Episode 19.

Sarah spoke first after a long speechless stare from Oscar who couldn’t say anything.

“Hi…Oscar…what brought you to this city…what are you doing here…

“i…I live here now, relocated to this place, I live across the road, not too far from here…and you…what brought you here…

“I live here too…and I comes here most times to buy things…

They had another quiet stare before Oscar looked at the boy and spoke…

“Is this your son…

“Yeah, my son…

“uhmmm…uhmm he is cute…

“Thanks, I got to go now, nice seeing you again.

“ple…please wait…we need to talk Sarah…

“Talk about what…don’t have anything to say to you…

“if you don’t have anything to say to me, fine, how about we start with the child in your arm…at least there’s something to talk about…

Sarah’s heart started beating, she held her son tight, close to her chest, she knows Oscar must have seen the striking resemblance and she can’t deny the fact that he is the real father, but she will try not to allow him get close to her son, Oscar has once called and warned her off even threatening her that if she place the child in his front he will walk past without looking back, he said the pregnancy wasn’t his, and she has cried her eyes out that period and later put it all behind, and decided to work hard to give her son the best, she wanted to become everything in her child’s life, and it has being like that for her until this moment, coming face to face with Oscar again, the father of her son who denied him even before he was born. She has being living in this city quietly, and when her son arrived she has loved him like her life depends on it, even without being told she knows the boy has so much of his father’s resemblance, she has known from onset that she was pregnant for Oscar and not Ryan, when she found out she was pregnant she quickly knew who it belong to, and she has came to Oscar and told him about it, she didn’t bother talking to Ryan because the pregnancy wasn’t his, she has not spoken to Ryan ever since she came down to the new city, even before relocating, she has left him behind, it was time to move, it was very sad she had loved the wrong man all this while, who couldn’t love her the way she wanted, the city was cool, and within months she moved down she has quickly settled in with her son,
She has never thought she was going to meet any of the men from her past, most especially Oscar, her son’s father, who was in a relationship with Melinda, and has warned her to keep far from him. She knows she hurt him, and he has strike her harder with his words, by telling her never to bring any child to him in the future, and even if she ever lay him at his feet he will walk past without looking back. Those words cut through her like knife, it hurt everyday she remembers it, and looking at him now brings back whole lots of memory.
“Is…is.. My son right…?

“No, he is not…and you have no right to call him yours…he is my son Oscar, like I said earlier it was nice meeting you, I have to go now…

Oscar held her as she tried to walk past him

“I’m not done Sarah, we aren’t done, is quiet obvious, I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me that he is mine…we need to talk, don’t care if you want to or not…

“Then talk if you want to talk, but I don’t have anything to tell you…talk..

“here is not the perfect place, I can’t talk here, is either I come to your place, or we stay any place of your choice, better still you come to mine, I don’t bite…whichever, but you have to make a choice if you don’t want me to come looking for you with force…

“Fine, I will let you know when I’m ready…

“I said now, make a choice of what you want…

“Tomorrow is fine, there’s a hang out joint not to far from here, we can sit and talk there, you can’t come to my place and I can’t come to yours…so we will sit out and talk…

Oscar left her and she walked away and he stood staring at her as she walks away with her son still in her arm,
He held his mouth from screaming, his heart was beating fast, it just hit him again that he has a child, a son without even knowing, why would Sarah denied him the right to know that the child was his, why did she keep quiet all this while, if he hasn’t run into her he wouldn’t have known, “so I’m a father, I have a baby boy, oh mine, I’m a father…and I never knew…I have a son for real…oh I’m a father…

Oscar heart was filled with joy as he drove home and started looking forward to the next day, he will be able to hold his son in his own arm whether Sarah likes it or not.
He was so happy the following day and he waited until it was approaching mid day, he called Sarah, and her line was off, he was cursing under his breath as he walk round the house and kept trying her number, he took his car key and decided to drive to the mall if he will see her again, but he waited no sign of her, he went to the hang out joint she mentioned and no sign of her, he sat down at the place, hoping and praying silently that she will show up but she never did until the owner of the place told him it was night and they were closing for the day, Oscar checked the time and it was 11pm, he quietly walk back to his car, kicking off everything he sees on his way out of frustration, he drove home and couldn’t sleep through out the night, thinking about Sarah
The following morning he started trying her number again, it was ringing but she didn’t pick, he kept trying both while at work and when he got home, he was moody and couldn’t think straight again, he drove to the mall, hoping to see a sign of her again but nothing,
After one week Sarah finally called Oscar to come out to the hangout joint and Oscar drove down to see her and was so angry why she will ignored him all this while, Oscar was boiling as she saw Sarah she was not with the baby, she was alone.

“What is wrong with you? We agreed to meet and you…just disappeared why are you filled with disappointment, you are never truthful to yourself or to anyone, you came back again to frustrate my life…where is the boy…my son,

“he is not your son, and you have no right to call him that, when do you become a father to start claiming my child, stay away from us, we don’t need you or anyone in our life, we are doing so well without you being in our lives, I kept him away from you, you never wanted him, you told me if lay him in front of you, you will walk away and will never look back, you warned me off and ask me never to disturb you in the future, I should not do anything that will affect your relationship with Melinda, and so many hurtful things you said that I don’t want to remember…so you appeared now and want the same child, same child you rejected and…he is not your son Oscar…

“shhhh, isn’t that obvious, I don’t even need a DNA to prove that he is mine, is actually so obvious that he is mine, but is okay.. I don’t want to take him away from you, all I want is to be in his life, forget about what I said or did in the past, I never meant any of those things, I was just under preasure, we all got hurt at one point or the other, which I don’t want to remember now, I want to hold my boy, and play a father role in his life, if you refuse then I will come with force, we can’t be shouting the way we are doing now because we are not mad, bring him to me or I will search you out and come to your house…here is my address, if you disappear again, I will search for you with everything I have, and when I find you I will get my boy with force, you can get your lawyer then… I will come with mine, in that way we will be able to settle this, since you want the little boy to be expose to danger then is fine, you want it by force then I’m ready for you Sarah, don’t try to deny me access to my son again, come let’s talk about how we will co parent without involving a third party, we are having this conversation because of our son, so we really need to talk, here is my house address, and try to pick your calls too or you will be expecting me at your door step…don’t be surprise of what I will do…

Sarah angrily walked out after collecting his address, and Oscar walked back to his car, they were both angry as they all went home, the following day, Oscar was praying silently that Sarah will come, she has put off her phone again, Oscar keep checking outside to see if she was coming but nothing, after sometime he hard a knock and rushed to the door and it was Sarah, she came with her son, Oscar was so happy as he ushered them in, Oscar made food as he was expecting them but Sarah said she was not hungry, he gave the little boy the things he got for him, he carried him, just holding him in his arm makes him want to cry out with joy, the boy felt sleepy and Sarah nursed him to sleep, after the boy slept he asked Oscar where he can lay him and he showed her his room, after she laid him down comfortably she came out to the living room with Oscar who was following her up and down, she stood while she spoke to Oscar

“I’m not here because of your threats, I’m not even scared of those things you said yesterday, I just do not want to expose my child to violence and danger, you still do not have any right, you are just like a sperm donor…

“whaaat… do you call me…don’t you dare call me that again, are you crazy, aren’t you the one that denied me access to him, do you even let me know that the pregnancy was mine, if you are looking for apology for what I said, you won’t get it, I never meant any of those things I said on the phone to you, you caused it all, you hurt me real bad, finding you with another man in bed, how do you expect me to feel, I should give you an applause, or award you, I said things out of anger which I did not mean and you are here emphasizing on it, never you call me a sperm donor again, do you know the meaning, I have left the past where it belong, let’s just co parents in peace, live your life and let me live mine and don’t keep my boy away from me…you are so dam wicked, playing with my feelings the way you like, toiling with me, do you even know what love is, if you do then you will never want to hurt somebody that once loved you, which is not even anything again to me, all that matters now is my son,

“I was sorry for what I did, I beg and pleaded to be forgiven, I take no pride in it, I was loving the wrong man who doesn’t deserve it, and I said I was sorry and yet you said things that cut through me, to me and to my child who you are trying to claim now…to me you are still a sperm donor,…you are nothing to him…

I have warned you Sarah to stop daring me, stop calling me that…i..

“Sperm donor that’s what you are Oscar…

Oscar went with force to Sarah as he was already boiling in rage, he couldn’t hit her so he held her in anger, warning her, and not even knowing what to do, as he stare fully in the face of the woman he has loved so much and the mother of his son, Sarah saw that Oscar has change he was a different person when he is angry, she became scared, and Oscar pushed her and she landed on the chair, surprise at Oscar reaction, she was scared,
Oscar saw that Sarah was now afraid of him, he went to her and Sarah slapped off his hand from her, telling him not to touch her, they both started struggling and Oscar cupped her face into his hand and kissed her, Sarah try to hit him off but he was strong and pin her to the chair, and kissed her like his life depends on it, Sarah tried to relaxed back, she couldn’t escape from his strong grip.
Oscar’s emotion was running wide as he held Sarah in his arm, kissing her passionately, releasing all the whole anger and all the emotion he has held in, he tasted salt in his mouth and saw that Sarah was crying, he hated himself because he was rough handling her, he was not behaving like himself, he quickly straightened and apologise, as he drew her into his arm comforting her, and they stayed that way before he said,

“I don’t know if I will ever stop loving you, I don’t know if this feeling will ever go away, I’m sorry…I’m so sorry Sarah, for everything, I still love you but is fine if you don’t, is understandable, and I will try not to trespass, it will be hard but I will try, I wish you love me even little from the way I feel for you, especially now…

Sarah looked at him, and knew that Oscar has never stopped loving her, she was so please to be in his arm again, and to have a son for him, she kissed his neck and his mouth, and Oscar quickly responded, this time it was quiet, loving , uniting kind of kiss, as they drank deeply of each other.

And from that time their love life began again. There was no more augment or fighting, they became an item and everyday for Oscar was great, and with Sarah back to his life everything around him looks beautiful. He loved her more than he can imagine and Sarah fell deeply in love with him unlike before, she was grateful to God for giving her another chance to be in Oscar’s life again.

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