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Enemies of The Church!

Episode 9.

The room was as quiet as a grave yard. Reverend Leo say with his hands on his head and his head raised up. He was totally lost in thought.

Alfred sat staring from husband to wife. Wondering what has gone wrong with the couple he onced loved and admired.

Rachael sat impatiently waiting for Alfred to respond. She was anxiously waiting and hoping that Alfred would not say no to her. Reverend Leo was silently praying for Alfred to say no. So that they can all move on.

Finally, he broke the silence.

Alfred: seven million.

Leo: What?

Alfred:Seven million for what you want me to do.

Leo: You mean you will sleep with my wife if we pay you seven million naira?

Alfred knew that the Reverend was not happy with his statement and this confused him the more because it was the reverend that called him.

Alfred: Reverend this is a sin against my God, myself and my wife and if I must commit this sin then u should commit it for a good reason. So if you will give me the seven million naira, then am game.

Leo: (disappointed) And what makes you so sure you will get my wife pregnant.

Alfred: well I don’t know, but I do believe that you saw the potentials in me which is why you chose me out of all the members of the church. Am not a guarantor that she must get pregnant. Mine is just to do the job, collect my money and go.

Leo: (shakes his head in agreement sarcastically) the job of sleeping with my wife.

Alfred: Sir it’s a huge sacrifice am giving to you o. Sacrificing my child for life, forgetting about my own blood for life, do you think it’s an easy thing to do?

Leo: yeah right!

Rachael: It’s okay Alfred. We will give you the money.

Leo was shocked to hear his wife talk.

Leo : We will? Have you gone mad? Where do you plan on getting seven million naira from?

Rachael: Honey that is between us. (turns to Alfred) we will give you the money. My husband and I will raise up the cash for you by Friday. So that by Saturday you can start work.

Leo: Rachael! Friday? Start work?

Rachael: Leo please calm down and let me talk to Alfred. (Turns to Alfred) Brother Alfred, thank you so much. For this you’ve done or about to do for my family, God will bless you richly. Expect my call on Friday.

Alfred: it’s alright mummy, I will take my leave now. Goodbye reverend!

He turns and left the room, shutting the door behind him.

Leo: Rachael has the devil taken offer you this deep that you no longer think before talking? Where on Earth do you plan on getting seven million naira within five days.

Rachael:(ignoring the question) Tell the doctor I need to go home. (She manages to stand up though from the way she struggles anyone would know she was still in pains, she starts gathering her things)

Leo: What? How can you go home, when you are not yet strong.

Rachael: Leo call the doctor , I am fine and I need to go home now.

Leo: How can you say you are fine. See you still in severe pains and you are talking of being okay and wanting to go home. Are you really bent on killing yourself?

Rachael: is it your body Leo? Is it you feeling the pain? I said I am fine, so call the doctor now to prepare my discharge papers now, if not I will walk out of here and leave you to settle with the doctor.

Once again, Leo knew she wasn’t joking and so he steps out to inform the doctor that his wife had insisted on going home.

The doctors and nurses all came into the room and tried to talk to Rachael and also enlighten her on the dangers of going against the doctors advice but she remained adamant and insisted on going.

And so the doctors signed and gave her the discharge papers.

Leo was disappointed and sad at his wife and everything going on around him. He wished it was all a bad dream that he should wake up from but he just didn’t know how to wake himself up.

To be continued!
Enemies of the Church!

Episode 10.

Rachael waited patiently for her husband to come inside the house. She stood by the dining table chair waiting for him. Leo who was furious with anger came in and went straight to her at the dining.

Leo: Honey listen to me , this madness has to stop now. I will not fold my hands and watch and support you to commit this abomination you want to do. You cannot sleep with Alfred.

Rachael: What do you mean I cannot sleep with Alfred? Am I doing it for the fun of it ? Do you think I am happy doing this? You think am happy that I want to get naked before another man that is not my husband? Do you think this is easy for me? Whatever I am doing is because I have no choice and I am doing it for both of us. I am doing it to save our name, your name, you will become a father and I become a mother.

Leo: No Rachael, you will become a mother, but not me, the child will be Alfred”s and not mine.

Rachael: What is this? What are you saying? We are paying Alfred off. He will have no claim over the child and will never come for it. Besides we will leave this town for good. The child will bear your name and we will be the parents.

Leo: you can keep deceiving yourself Rachael, you and I know that child will never be mine. No matter how far we may go, no matter the name the child may bear, it will never have my blood in it’s veins, it will never be mine.

Rachael: Well, that is what you believe, and I can’t change whatsoever you chose to believe.

Leo: You surprise me dear, you really surprise me.

Rachael: Please I don’t have time to argue over what has been settled. What we should be talking about is how to give Alfred his money.

Leo: Who is we? You and who? Am I the one that gave him a job to be paying him? Don’t even involve me at all.

Rachael: You lie, you are involved and you cannot run from it. Anyways , this is what I have resolved. You will take from the church purse.

Leo: what?

Rachael: Yes, you will take from the church purse, the tithes and offerings and the seeds the people sowed and donated for the church new building.

Leo: Have you gone mad? I should use the church purse for your selfish aims? What do I tell the church?

Rachael: what are you supposed to tell them? You owe no one any explanation, you are the general overseer of the church and nobody dares question you.

Leo: Am the general overseer not the owner of the church. It’s God’s church, its God’s money, I have no right over it.

Rachael: You lie Leo, you lie, you will collect that money and we will go ahead with our plans.

Leo: Listen Rachael, you have allowed the devil overwhelm you. You have allowed him take charge of you and I will not be party to it and since you will not listen to me, am sorry but I will have to call your parents and inform them of what you are about to do. I will also let the church know that our marriage is over the minute you sleep with another man.

Rachael: What?

Leo: Yes Rachael, since you will not listen to me I have no choice than to make this decision.

Rachael suddenly burst out laughing and Leo was surprised at what was funny and making her laugh .

Rachael: oh Leo, Leo my husband, you will never seize to make me laugh. You see, I am always one step ahead of you. I am always smarter than you remember?

Leo: How do you mean?

Rachael: Listed dear, I have you in my palms and you will play along with whatever I decided . Whatever you are planning on doing, just respect yourself and don’t do it because you will be the one to regret it.

Leo: How do you mean?

Rachael: Sixrteen years ago, before we got married, you ran into a six years old girl with your car on your way from a night club. You were drunk that night remember?

Leo: I remember, what has that got to do with us.

Rachael: Clam down dear husband, that child died on the spot, you were too scared so you ran away and I helped you clear your mess. The little girl’s parents didn’t see who had hit thier child and so the case was buried under the carpets, well I will want you to know that that little girl you killed that night is Mr Gbenga’s daughter, thier only child.

Leo: What?

Rachael: Yes dear, His wife could not stand the shock of losing thier only child. She died six months after. Since then Mr Gbenga has remained without a wife and a child. It’s been sixteen years but he has not been able to move on because the killer of his daughter was not found.

Leo placed his head down trying to swallow all his wife was saying. He remembers all she was saying. He was so drunk that night that he didn’t see the little girl. He had hit her and fear had made him abandon the little girl on the road. Rachael was there for him as she supported and helped him get away from town. And she remained to clear off every trace of the incident that would link to him.

After he gave his life to Christ, he had wanted to find the family of that girl and confess to them but he couldn’t trace them, and then Rachael has told him that if he tries it he would be thrown into prison and he had decided to put it behind him and move on. And now he just didnt understand why Rachael was bringing it up.

Rachael: Leo, I want you to know that all the evidences you think I threw away that night I still have them. I don’t know why but something kept telling me not to discard them, I guess this is the reason. Leo I still have them and if you dare think you will break our marriage or disgrace me for trying to save this family’s name then I will send you to jail and you will not there.

Leo: What? All these years you kept those things, so you can use them one day against me? Right? You know that accident happened when I was still in the world, you know how I tried to find that girls family. All these while you knew them but you kept silent about it? Rachael who are you? Who did I marry?

Rachael: Ask yourself that question darling? We are in this together and you cannot pull out. You will collect the money from the church purse and you will support me while Alfred get me pregnant and we will leave this town together with our child and we will live happily ever after. If not, if not Leo, you will rot in jail. Don’t dare me?

Rachael picks her phone and walks away into the room with a surprised Leo staring at her.

To be continued!
Enemies of the Church!

Episode 11.
Reverend Leo sits in his office lost in thoughts, his wife already wrote the cheque of seven million naira from the church account and gave it to him to sign. He placed the cheque in front of him looking at it over and over again not knowing weather to sign or not.

While he was there contemplating in what to do, the door opens and pastor Jim comes into the office. Reverend Leo quickly hides the cheque inside his bible.

Pastor Jim greeted him and they shook hands before Jim took his seat.

Pastor Jim: Reverend Leo what happened ? It’s been long we saw you. Hope all is. Well? How is mummy?

Reverend Leo managed to put on a fake smile as he answered that everyone was fine and okay.

Leo: Pastor I heard about the wedding or marriage in church, why didn’t you inform me about it?

Jim: I tried to do that , but you didn’t pick calls and there was no way to reach you. and Chief Ike wanted the wedding urgently.

Leo: Are you aware that it was his sixth wife that he got married to?

Jim: Am aware pastor.

Leo: And you went ahead to wed him in church? You know it’s against the word of God and people may get the wrong impression that the church supports polygamy.

Jim: Pastor are you really going to start listening to side talks? These persons talking and complaining what have they contributed to the church. Who are they in the church. Relevant people don’t have time for gossips, those poor church rats are the ones grumbling and complaining.

Leo: Why are you talking like this?

Jim : Pastor listen to me, we don’t need those church rats in the church. The likes of chief Ike, and rich capable men are the types we need in the church. Persons that can support the church in times of need.pastor imagine that I turned chief Ike down and refused to go ahead with the marriage. He would have gone to another church and another pastor would have gladly don’t it for him. Do you know how much we got from that marriage? We got almost a million naira from it because of the Calibre of persons that came for the marriage. Those persons complaining now can they drop give Kobo in the church?

Leo: Almost a million naira ?

Jim: yes o, nine hundred and thirty eight thousand naira. How many Sundays do you think we will use in gathering the fifty kobos and nairas from these self acclaimed grumblers. They have nothing to offer. I don’t want anything to offend chief Ike o, which was why I went ahead with the marriage o. The bible says wisdom is profitable to direct. The church has needs and I just used wisdom to handle the situation.

Leo was silent as he didn’t know what else to say to pastor Jim.

Jim: Infact pastor, I came to suggest to you that it is high time we make chief Ike a deacon in this church.

Leo: Deacon?

Jim: Yes o pastor, gone are the days when we out poor men in position. Simply because they can pray. Thier prayers cannot build the church or raise money for the church, we need men who are rich and capable like chief Ike to be in position of things. Thier money commands respect.

Leo: But you and I know that Chief is not duely committed to the work of God. He is polygamous and drinks alcohol, he is a womaniser how can we make that kind of person a deacon in God’s house.

Jim: Reverend it’s God that is the judge and not you or I. The ways of God is not the ways of man. God said we should build His house , it’s an assignment did us and chief Ike can help us do that.

Leo: Honestly pastor, my head is not really clear at the moment and I can’t think clearly, I have a lot in my heart bothering me, but I believe you will be able to make the right decisions when it comes to this church. And so for now I will leave everything in your hands. But please make sure you pray and hear from God before you act please.

Jim: (smiling big) it’s okay pastor, trust me God is in support of everything I m doing and I will not do anything to jeopardize His work. You can trust me my reverend.

Leo tells Him he wants to be alone to think and have a quiet time. And Jim gladly leaves him. He was happy that he was able to convince Reverend Leo of the money the church made from the marriage. The actual money he got was three million and some hundred of thousands. Together he and the treasurer had collected more than two million naira for themselves before bringing in the balance. He smiled again satisfied with himself as he walks out of the office .

Leo who didn’t even really think on whatever Jim had said, quietly removes the seven million naira cheque from the bible where he had hidden it, took another look at it with tears gathering in his eyes and he signs on it……

To be continued!
Enemies of the Church!

Episode 12.

Leo was tired and exhausted from crying all through the hours in his office. When he got home he fell on the couch not bothering to check on Rachael whom he believes would be in thier room.

He had signed the cheque and kept it in his bag. He was waiting for Rachael to come out so he can give it to her. He was not ready to look for her. She had been calling and texting him just to remind him not to forget to come home with the cheque . And when her calls was becoming unbearable he had texted her that the cheque was already signed and in his bag. He tries to take his mind off Rachael and rest a bit before she will come down with her troubles. And just as he was about to doze off, the gateman knocked and came inside the house.

Rev. Leo: Yes Husman what is it?

Gate man: oga sorry, aunty Alex been day ask for you.

Rev. Leo: oh Alex, let her in.

(Rev.Leo tries to adjust himself on the seat.) Alex is a member of the prayer band in the church. Quiet and reserved, and referred to as the fire brand kind of sisters. It didn’t take long before Alex stepped in.

Rev. Leo: sister Alex!

Alex: Reverend good afternoon sir. How are you sir? And mummy?

Rev. Leo: We are very fine dear. Please take your seat. And tell me what I can offer you.

Alex: oh thank you sir, I don’t really want anything. I am on a seven days fast program and this is just the fourth day sir.

Rev.Leo: oh beautiful,thats a nice one. May our good Lord answer every of your heart request in Jesus name. Amen.

Alex answered “Amen”

Alex: Reverend, there is something our Lord Jesus Christ asked me to tell you

Leo: Really? (Sitting up) And what might that be. Hope there is no problem?

Just then Rachael who was woken up by the sound of people talking and was coming out to join them stopped half way and listened to whatever sister Alex was about to say.

Alex: Daddy, the Lord said I should tell you not to do it?

Leo : Not to do what? (Leo asked surprised)

Alex: I don’t know sir, The message was to tell you NOT TO DO IT! that in His time he will make things beautiful

Leo put his head down as he quickly understood the message. He managed to smile as he knelt down and prayed thanking God for putting Him in his heart and then promising that He will do nothing to hurt the Lord.

Alex was very happy with the way Rev Leo responded and even though she knew nothing of what the Reverend was going through, she prayed in her heart for God to see him through.

After the prayers she decided to leave and Rev Leo stood up to see her to the gate. Rachael understood all that was happening because she heard every conversation they had. She quickly rushes to Leo’s bag and searched for the cheque. Luckily for her she found it and quietly took it. Then she sits waiting for Leo to return. Finally he came in.

Leo: Ah honey, am glad you are awake, I was about coming to your room to get you.

Rachael: Well I wasn’t asleep and here I am. What is it you want to tell me.

Leo: Honey you remember sister Alex from church, she was here and she just left. God gave her a message for us. He said we shouldn’t do it and in his own time he will make things beautiful for us. Honey do you know what that means? It means God is answering us soon and we don’t have to pay Alfred or collect church money for anything.

Rachael: What do you mean by that?

Leo: Honey listen to me, Alex came with a message from God. He said we shouldn’t do it. God is not in support of this. He said we should wait on him. Do you know what it means? It means our waiting is over.

Rachael: meaning?

Leo: Honey it means we don’t have to do anything. I will return the money back to church. I will have to tear up that cheque that I wrote for you and we will call me Alfred and let him know we don’t want anything from him.

Rachael looks at Leo from head to toe, and without saying a word , she steps out of the house with one of their car keys and drives off.

Leo was wondering why she didn’t react or say anything. But he really didn’t care. He knelt down and prayed for God to forgive him for almost falling to sin. He felt at peace for the first time in a long while. Tomorrow he was going to tear of the cheque and then try to find the family of that girl and confess the truth to them. He picks up his bag and walks into his room to catch some rest.

To be continued!
Enemies of the Church!

Episode 13.

Leo had slept off before Rachael returned. He had a dream and he was playing with three beautiful children. A girl and two boys, and the kids called him daddy. They were running around in a garden. Suddenly a woman came in and the kids ran to her shouting mummy! Mummy! Mummy!, Leo was trying to see the woman’s face when he suddenly started hearing his name.

Rachael: Wake up, wake up Leo.

He opened his eyes to see a long face Rachael looking at him.

Leo: Oh sweet Jesus! So this was all a dream. ( Excitedly he jumps up and held Rachael by the hand) Honey, God has shown me, God has revealed it to me. I saw our children in my dream. A girl and two boys. I told you honey, I told you the time was near and God would soon answer us and just now He in His infinite wisdom revealed it to me.

Rachael: You are just talking nonsense. Do I look like a fool to you? Leo listen to me, you can’t back out of this. We are in this together. We are doing this together do you understand?

Leo: Doing what together.

Rachael: you can act naive for all I care. All I know is that we are in this boat to-ge-ther. Get that straight into your thick skull. We will get this done over and for all and we will move out of this place together. The plan is still intact and nothing you do can change it. Do you understand?

Leo: What is wrong with you? Here I am telling you of the wonderful vision that God has shown me and here you are talking nonsense.i thought I told you about the Lord’s warning through sister Alex, why are you acting like you didn’t hear when I told you the deal was off.

Rachael: You lie Leo, the deal is no off, infact the deal is perfectly on. And if you must know then know now that Alfred will be here anytime soon and plans will kick off. So I came to tell you that if you know you cannot stand me with another man then you should step out of the house for a while. But if you know you can be a man then stay and let’s get this over and done with.

Leo: I can see you are stupid. Alfred is coming to which house? I don’t think it’s this my house.

Rachael: it’s this house and he is already on his way. So make your decision fast. You stay or you leave.

Leo: ( laughing) look at you, I will never give you that cheque. You will never be able to get that money. Infact let me show you something.

Leo rushes to his bag and searched for the cheque. He wants to tear it before her but he was surprised that the cheque was gone. He started contemplating if he had brought the cheque home or forgotten it at the office.

Rachael suddenly burst out laughing.

Rachael: listen Leo, I am always one step ahead of you and you can never catch up. Are you looking for the cheque you have signed already? Please don’t bother because I already caught the money and delivered it to Alfred.

My side of our deal is delivered . It’s left for Mr Alfred’s.

Leo: Rachael u can’t do that, you have to return that cheque, I want to return it.

Rachael: ooooch! So sorry Leo, is too late. You will not be returning anything. Cos the deal has been signed sealed and about to be delivered.

Leo: Rachael you can’t do this I will report you to the church and to your family.

Rachael: Go ahead Leo, go ahead and report me and watch what will happen to you. I already went to the police to complain that church funds is missing and we may decide to open the case or forget it but we want to give benefits of doubts to whoever took it for the time being. So if you dare do anything contrary to our plans I will not only make sure you suffer I will make sure you spend the rest of your life as a prisoner.

Leo: What? So now it has come to blackmail?

Rachael: Even the bible clearly stated that the violent takes it by force. I am only trying to take my children by force and anyone who would try to stop me would suffer deeply for it.so dont dare me please.

Just then the door bell rings and Alfred comes in. Rachael welcomes him with a big smile before turning and looking at her husband.

Alfred: Good evening mama, good evening papa are we ready please?

Rachael looks at her husband before talking.

Rachael: What is it going to be? Are you staying or you are leaving.

Leo who was utterly confused couldn’t say anything. He just picked up his phone and walked out of the house. While Rachael leads Alfred into thier bedroom.

To be continued!


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