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                ❎Episode 11❎

Later in the day the doctor came like she promised bringing the drugs along,she gave me the prescriptions and left promising to come check me up every three days.
When the atmosphere seem calm,I made my way to my former room to pick up the phone but it was locked already,I tried all I could but the door refused giving way,I felt so bad,if I had known I won’t be searched I would have hid the phone in my bra.
I walked back to my present room with Rita,I met her there,she’s always been indoor ever since I came or rather since I was brought here. I sat on the bed full of thoughts, I don’t even know of any way escape again
Rita: you don’t need to keep thinking or for how long do you intend being like that
Me: as long as am still here
Rita: why?
Me: because my life is incomplete now
Rita: be strong for yourself and your unborn child,thank God you are still alive too
Me: how did they get into your house?
Rita: hmmm,I just don’t know,all I know is that my family travelled today and the next day they were here holding me hostage to do their bidding just for my life to be safe
Me: that’s weird,when is your family returning?
Rita: next year
Me: ooops,so why didn’t you go with them?
Rita: I just don’t wanna go,am okay staying in Nigeria after all its my country
Me: God really has to intervene in these case.
These was how myself and Rita started getting along but even with the closeness I never felt safe telling her much about me nor any plan of escape am planning,I really don’t know why but I kept to my self always and that’s unlike me.
most times she gets really mad at me when she questions me deep and I playfully dodge her questions. she would act like there was really more to it and I was beginning to suspect her especially the few times I saw her hosting with pikin and Tanko.
I got to start fearing her when I noticed her sneaking out of the bee on certain night,I tip toed and followed her only to hear her telling Tanko “she has refused giving .e any reasonable information that would make me suspect she wants to escape or planning any rouk play” and Tanmk had asked her in return ” did she mention about any phone to you?” and she had replied “no,she never did” and Tanko had told her to keep closer eyes on me ” try discussing escape with her and see her reaction to it” she accepted and that was the last I heard for that night because I quickly tip toed back to the room and by 2 minutes she was back to the room but I didn’t even shake,I perturbed sleep and she rejoined me in bed.
The first time she brought about the escape discussion I had dodged it by claiming my unborn child was seriously kicking.
when she brought up the discussion next time I simply told her
Me: please Rita am already used to these condition,there is nothing like escape in my agender here because I don’t want to die,I can’t even give it a second thought
Rita: why not think about it first
Me: have told you.
I saw fire in her eyes,I felt she must had been under pressure by Tanko to get information from me or get killed.


hours born day and days turned to week till weeks began being counted in months,I was 9 months gone and due to deliver,life in that house has become so boring,I couldn’t stop remembering Alice and Vero each day,I really wished they were still around me.
Obele has gotten a new phone so he never made mention of the other one.
on a certain afternoon I was seated by the curtain in the room when I started feeling sharp pains in my tommy,at first I thought I could bear it but it seem to be getting worse each seconds so I started shouting,these made Tanko and co rushed down to the room,on seeing me Tanko quickly called the doctor telling her I was in labor so she should rush down to the house,within 30 minutes she arrived in company of a nurse,she asked everyone to excuse her and her nurse and they did,since what I was putting on was tight they quickly undressed me and wearing me the hospital gown they came with,the nurse removed the bed spread and dressed the bed with another while I was made to lie on it,the pains was too much,the nurse haven’t taken off my pant spread my legs wide open,the doctor gave me injection before they started asking me to push, the pain were really unbearable,as I push tears were dropping from my eyes,most times when I get tired of pushing the doctor lands me a dirty slap for me to continue,for about 2 hours I was pushing,soon I heard the doctor say ” the baby is coming,the head is out,push dear push, you are almost there” I was really sweating,I kept pushing till the baby was out crying,the nurse carried the child but before any other thing I felt another pain,I felt something wants to come out
Nurse: doctor,she still has a child in
Doctor: mark these baby’s right finger so we can recognize the first.
the she turned asking me to push on,I did and within 10 minutes my twin was out
Doctor: wow,they first is a baby girl while the second is a boy.
as the nurse carried the non-crying baby I smiled in my pains,I was happy seeing Precious junior and Richard junior,the nurse pinched him and he started crying but yet I felt another pain
Me: doctor,another one,another one
Doctor: wow, push,push dear.
I pushed and pushed and these time the baby came out easily,it’s a baby girl the doctor announced
Doctor: wow,with these little stomach one could hardly guess its giving birth to a full grown child gives birth to triplet,God is great. the girls are identical
Me: lost so much strength doctor am feeling dizzy
Doctor: a minute,the placenta is not yet outshe pressed my stomach,it was really painful no more child in it.
she injected me again and I gave birth to something scary that was before I became unconscious
finally!!!precious give birth to triplets
readers what did you have to say to her??




                    ❎Episode 12❎

by the time I regained consciousness I woke up in another room on drip only to discover a strange old woman sitting close to my bed,I felt weak and sharp pains both in my stomach and anus
Woman: my daughter,you are finally awake?
i looked round the room to make sure I was still in the house I was being held hostage and sure enough I was.
Me: where are my babies,the doctor,where is she and who are you,what are you doing here?
Woman: calm down my daughter,your babies are all fine,I am Ega,a native woman who look after newly delivered women and am here to look after you and as for a doctor,I didn’t meet any on arrival
Me: please my babies,I need to see my babies please
Ega: my daughter,that won’t be a problem,your babies are in the other room,you need to eat first
Me: shouting I need my babies please
Ega: okay ma stood up should I bring your food along? because I know you must be very hungry
Me: I just want to see my children ma,get them for me
Ega: okay leaves
I just want to see my babies,I want to ensure they safety and make them feel mummy’s touch,I don’t believe yet that my babies are safe.
Within the space of 15 minutes she came back with my two baby girls,I sat up,carrying the babies one after the other and lying both close to me on my bed,I felt like pulling off the drip from my hand to enable me carry my babies well but couldn’t because it was yet to finish
Me: what of my boy?
Ega: let me go get him leaves
Me: oh look at my darlings,you both look so cute,look at mummy,am your mummy okay! your daddy isn’t here now but never to worry,he would get to see you soon touching their cheeks cute Flourish and Flora.
Ega came in carrying the boy
Me: oh look at the prince handsome carrying him from her Richard’s Junior,uncle Felix look at mummy,you are so blessed dropped him on the bed close to his sisters these are your sisters,Flourish and Flora,your can also call Flora Nourish, don’t beat your sisters when you guys grow up okay?
Ega: I made pepper soup for you,that’s what you need for now because it would be able to heal every of you inner injury quick,should I get you the food now?
Me: yes ma,bring it,let me eat with my babies.
She left the room.I noticed the drip has stopped running so I disconnected it from my arm,using the tissue close by to dry my blood
Me: oh sweeties, mum is so weak,wish daddy was here. are you guys hungry? you suck on mummy’s breast? they were just smiling don’t worry,mummy will breast feed you guys when she’s done eating.
Ega came in with a cooler
Ega: here is the pepper soup
Me: thanks
I collected it and opened it,it was smoking out showing it still very hot,I took the spoon and tasted it,wow it was cool but the pepper was something else
Me: aaah,ma,there are plenty of pepper in these
Ega: yes,that’s the best way to heal your delivery wounds,just eat while I boil hot water to massage you,please don’t give the babies that
Me: okay ma
I ate and played with them,along the line they all slept off,after eating the boiled water was ready,it was very hot,she poured some into a bucket and asked me to seat naked on the bucket that the hot flames are to heal my injuries too especially that if my anus,I begged her to lock the door while I raised my gown and sat on the bucket,it was really painful but I had no choice,I needed to heal quick and now think of how to escape with my babies.
After 40 minutes she asked me to seat up,by then the water was becoming warm and not as hot as it was before. she took the water into the bathroom and poured it then came back with the bucket,turned the remaining hot water into it and asked me to lie back on the bed stomach up,I did,thank God the bed was wide enough for myself and babies.
she got a clean towel and started pressing my stomach with it
Ega: these it to return your stomach to normal so one merely looking at it can hardly tell you are a mother
Me: feeling the pain as she pressed thank you ma
Ega: it will also keep you stomach warm
Me: okay ma.

in the evening of that same day,Tanko and his men came to congratulate me and play with my babies for a while,when others left,Tanko stayed back,asking the native woman to excuse us which she did
Tanko: congrats once again,you impressed me,I was expecting one but you brought fort three,that means more money
Me: what do you mean?
Tanko: oh don’t tell me you forgot your supposed babies had been sold
Me: no no,you can’t do these to me,do you know the pains I felt giving birth to them? crying
Tanko: dear such is life,a times some go through pains for others to enjoy
Me: crying please Tanko pleasemy babies started crying too if not for anything but for the pains I passed through bring them to these wicked world
Tanko: you said it all already,its a wicked world,prepare them,tomorrow they would meet their new mother
Me: no please no,please Tanko he left the room
I cried and cried,the native woman cane in an tried consoling me but couldn’t
Me: crying please ma,help me get the police as early as possible tomorrow morning
Ega: am so sorry,I can’t,these men would kill my family if I do
Me: meaning?
Ega: they have my family with them,only to be released when am done with you
Me: what?

The next morning,after the native woman had bath my children and I taken my bath too,I breast feed them before she made hot water and asked me to seat on it like yesterday which I did because I felt much better after doing that the previous day,she also pressed my stomach and gave me pepper soup to eat.
as at 10 am sharp Tanko came into the room with Pikin and Biology
Tanko: they new mother is here,so its time to let go of them
Me: no please Tanko,you can’t take my babies awaybefore I could say anything further each of them had picked the babies one one
Tanko: you take me for a joke or what?
Me: jumping off the bed and going down on my kneels please,okay just let me stay with them for one more day please,I beg of you please
Tanko: you have had enough with them he left the room with his gangs carrying my babies and slamming the door
I ran after them but right at the parlour his other men stopped me and carried me back to the room,I noticed Rita at a corner of the house seated.
Because I was crying out aloud I was tied to the chair in the room with my mouth blocked,I noticed the native woman crying too so sorrowful,the kind of sorrow I felt in my heart couldn’t be described nor defined.
About an hour later someone tapped me,I woke up only to behold obele,I must had cried myself to sleep earlier,at the side of the room was the native woman lying probably dead,fear gripped me,he removed the block from my mouth
Me: have you come to kill me? go on,c’mon do it,you have taken everything I had so kill me,go on and do it
Obele: looking left and right ssssh,others would be back soon,am not here to kill you,am here to save you
Me: save me? no don’t save me,kill me,you didn’t save me all these while so why now that I have lost everything?
Obele: no time for questions and answers but am assuring you that your kids are safe and once you are taken to safety,I will come back for them
Me: you would get my kids back?
Obele: loosing me we need to get out of here now or never
Me: that poor woman,why did you kill her?
Obele: she isn’t dead,she is only unconscious, let’s go drawing me up
Me: your phone in the other room
Obele: forget about it,I saw it where you hid it in the toilet flush valve but it had been soaked,now ask me no more questions,say no more words,till we are sure safe.
He took me by the hand and lead me to the sitting room,in there I saw Rita and three others laying dead
Me: why did you kill her?
Obele: she isn’t what you think so don’t pity her,now let’s go.
Just then we heard the outside gate opened
Obele: oh shit!!!!
We have been caught!!!!!!!!

To be Continued


                      ❎Episode 13❎

Me: what do we do?
Obele: c’mon,follow me,there is a way out to the back yard.
He rushed to the side of the dinning and pulled out a guy from the under,took my hands straight to the kitchen and forced the second door in the kitchen open
Obele: c’mon let’s go,hasten up.
I ran out while he shut the door after him
Me: no other gate here
Obele: yea,but there is a way out
Me: how?
Obele: laid his gun against the wall c’mon,climb over me
Me: no way,I can’t jump these fence
Obele: don’t let me regret helping you,its either you climb or we both get killed here or better still you watch them kill me for trying to help you.
Me: okay fine.
he carried me on his shoulders while I reach up the fence too with my hands,then he pushed me up till I gained balance on the fence
Obele: jump quickly?
Me: its high,I might break my legs or have dislocation.
just then we heard “boss,over here,look at them. without waiting for another command from Obele I jumped over the the fence,he quickly threw his gun over and jumped the fence,he picked up his gun and ordered
Obele: let’s go,let’s go
Me: my legs,my legs hurt please.
quickly he hijacked me up and started hurrying off with me limping,my hand rested on his shoulders while one of his hand rested on my own shoulder and the other ran round my waist,on that same hand he held his gun.
on turning around we saw them running out from the gate,they shot at us twice but the bullet didn’t hit any of us. Obele threw his gun away and carried me into his arm
Obele: we need to get to the road quick or to an open area as fast as possible before we are caught up.
On looking back we saw them hurrying into the car,Obele had no other choice than to enter the bush knowing fully well we can’t out run them on feet
Me: I think I can run now,drop me he put me downthank you
Obele: save the thanks,we ain’t safe yet he brought out a pistol gun from his waist
Me: we are,all you need do is call the police and tell them the area we are
Obele: my phone fell off when we were shot,all I need of you now is to be courageous,I will get you out alive
Me: why are you risking your life for me?
Obele: we need to keep moving
Me: no tell me
Obele: breath hard you suffered enough and I believe it the right thing to do
Me: that isn’t enough to risk ones life
Obele: really? but everyone has a choice don’t they?
Me: yes they do
Obele: let keep moving,I can hear footsteps approaching nearer
Me: I never knew abuja can be these bushy,how do we get to the road
Obele: these,be careful not to wound your self
we kept running the bush till we heard sounds coming from the front
Obele: quickly, over here he pointed with his hand
we hid our selves by the grown grasses till T.K and Biology came into view
T.K: I don’t think we took the right shortcut to apprehend them if not we would have seen them
Biology: you might be right or its either they dodged us
T.K: if I catch that Obele eh I go just pull bullet for him head sharp sharp for these thing wey him do,after all we went through he wants to destroy everything now
Biology: if they escape us then we are doomed,our next option should be leaving the country with the money we made already
Obele gently pointed his pistol at them and wasted them
Obele: you can’t escape even hell,Miss,we need to leave now,others must be running to the direction of the gun sound now.
we quickly ran the left direction,on getting to a palm tree,I was already so tired
Me: breathing hard please we need to take a rest,am so tired and my legs hurt so bad even my stomach
Obele: please try a little more,we are close to the road already
Me: I can’t,you know my condition
Obele: here isn’t safe at all,we must keep moving
Me: please
Obele: okay just five minutes,you know here is so opened
Me: ah thanks seating down while he kept watch but barely two minutes after he was shot
Obele: aaah,stand up,stand up now let’s go
Me: oh my God,Obele
Obele: aah aah holding the side of his stomach were he was shot aaah,let’s go as we made to run he was shot again at the back aaaah,he fell down, just then I saw pikin hurrying toward us,I don’t know how he did it,but I was him falling by Obele’s bullets,I quickly bent over
Me: crying please don’t die,am so sorry,am really sorry
Obele: aah,aah,get me up,we must get to the road,I must get you to the road he grunt in pains
I quickly raised him,he was really bleeding,within 10 minutes we were by the road,just then be fell down again
Obele: breathing heavily take my gun for safety,if you take your right you will end up bursting out at mpape,from there you can easily get someone to help you with phone to call any one for help
Me: crying no,I can’t leave you here, you saved me,I must help you
Obele: I can’t continue,continuing with you will be ruling your own chances of survival,you must go now,please listen to me these time he grunt
Me: crying am so sorry,it all my fault,I caused you these,I can’t leave you
Obele: aaaah,ah breathing one one don’t regret anything,my mother would be very proud of me,at list I did something meaningful with my life. before I die forcing smiling amidst his pains
Me: confused your mother! who is your mother?
Obele: forced laughter for a while warder Bisi,the warder that promised to help you,she is still alive,she…aaah,aaah his eyes turned white,he went cold and his mouth go wide opened
Me: Obele,Obele,Obele,nnnooooo,no,you can’t die now please * I heard people rushing in the bush,I guess is Tanko and his men,I took the gun in tears and run the direction Obele has given me,I don’t know how to use gun,I have never used it before but I just held it firmly as I ran.
in my pains and sorrow I curse Tanko.

to be continue……..

🔥Season 2 🔥

            ❎Episode 14

I was so tired but I kept running,Obele’s voice kept echoing in my head asking me to move on,never to stop till I get to mpape for help,tears wouldn’t stop running off my eyes,I felt guilty for causing Obele’s death after risking his life to save me, I shouldn’t had insisted on resting when he told me that were we were was very dangerous and too open,probably he would have still been alive,soon I was beginning to sight houses close,though every vehicle that passed me on the way never stopped but I wasn’t bothered of that,all I needed was to make sure Obele’s death wasn’t in vain so I encouraged my strength.
I was also wondering what Obele meant by warder bisi still being alive and his mother also,I found it so difficult believing,I wondered what he wanted to say before he gave up the ghost.
if warder Bisi wasn’t really dead then what happened, why did she stop work,why didn’t she go to the president as promised,why the rumor of her death,why didn’t she come back for me,how did she know her son was one of the people paid to hold me hostage. As I ran all these thought cross my mind,I wished some one could just show up now and explain everything to me,Obele knowing me all these while but said nothing,he waited for me to deliver,then allowed the sales of my babies before helping me
Me: no it can’t be I shouted into the air as I stopped running these might be a clear setup by Obele but why would he want to set me up and also risked his life,no it can’t be,I must keep running but what if am going from frying pan to fire now,no he might be right after all.
I heard his voice echoed again ” run,you don’t have time,run ” I stopped talking to myself and continued running believing to get an answer soon enough,finally I arrived mpape,I noticed people running from me,that was before I realized I was still holding a pistol gun. I was looking so weird and very unkept,blood stains were so visible on my cloth,one seeing me might guess I narrowly escaped death from war front,they were keeping their distance from me,I was begging for phone but nor responded instead they take to their heels,I knew I needed to act fast before Tanko and his men catch up with me,looking by my left was a shop,I walked to the shop
Me: please can I make use of your phone
Shop Keeper: please don’t kill me,I don’t have phone I swear
Me: give me your phone please,am not here to rob you,I just want to make call and give you back your phone
Shop Keeper: abeg,abeg madam,I no dey lie * I got angry and pointed the gun at him*
Me: shouting what has come over all of you,give me your phone now or I shoot the hell out of you.
the boy got really scared and brought out a Nokia torch from his pocket,shivering like a wet dog handed the phone over to me
Me: now lie down flat,if you move I will blow off your head I don’t know what possessed me but I acted as strange,the poor boy lied down shivering while I dialled Richard’s number and like magic he took the calls quickly without waiting for a second ring
Richard: who is these
Me: hello,hello Richard,its me
Richard: you who?
Me: Richard its Precious,your love
Richard: Jesus,Precious,where are you,why did you leave,how on earth did I wrong you even if I did wrong you why didn’t you consider your people
Me: please help me,am in a certain area around mpape,some people are after my life,please you need to come down here quickly,if you waste a minute I might be dead before you get here
Richard: hello sweedy,please calm down,a. coming over now but look around and tell me what’s around you so I can easily locate you
Me: few steps away from where I am is market,please come fast
Richard: okay,okay am coming immediately hangs up
I could sense fear in his voice,though he tried hiding it*
Me: you,take your phone
Shop keeper: getting up,kind of no longer scared take you * i gave him his phone and started walking away but his voice stopped me* I heard you say people are after you!
Me: stopped yes,I was kidnapped, I just managed escaping and they are chasing me,they killed my friend already
Shop Keeper: looked aroundcome inside my shop quickly,you can have my phone till whosoever it is you called comes around,come quickly.
I was surprised at the way he offered to help,I quickly went into his shop collecting his phone while he sat outside watching out,about 20 minutes later the phone started ringing,it was Richard,I took in the call
Me: where are you?
Richard: where are you?
Me: inside a shop
Richard: come out,am at the market
Me: I can’t come out,my life is endangered already
Richard: just do as I say,so I can see you
Me: okay thenI walked out of the shop with the shop owner staring at me am out now,where are you?
Richard: driving and looking around for you,oh my God I can see you now hung up
I looked forward and saw a car parked,two patrol vans loaded with soldiers followed it,immediately Richard rushed down the car I ran to him,HD held me and lifted me up like I was a baby
Richard: oh my God,where have you been,here have you been sweedytears welled his eyes,I was already crying
Me: they took our babies away Richard,they sold them
Richard: surprised babies? our babies? took away? how? I don’t understand he asked all at once with his tears hanging
Me: Clara sent them to kill me,baby,they took your kids away
Richard: calm down baby,calm down okay,Richpresh is here now,Richardpresh has to calm down to talk to Richpresh so he can understand, Clara has been out of the country even before you went missing so how can she kill you,whose babies do you mean,look at blood stain all over you,how come?
Me: crying out even louder believe me,its Clara,I saw her,she spoke to me the day I was kidnapped, she sent me to prison,baby,believe me,she even took our babies
Richard: come into the car let’s leave here,I believe house would be best to talk because I don’t get a thing.
it was so obvious Richard was taking my words to be meaningless,he might probably be thinking I was even insane.
I turned and walked to the shop keeper and handed him his phone
Me: thanks a lot,I will surely be back
A Soldier: back where? he is coming along with us,Mr man lock that shoo you are going with us.
The shop keeper hurriedly locked his shop out of fear and climbed to the back of the van with the rest armies while I got into Richard’s car,he has really changed,I wondered why,he is looking skinny unlike before with bears so unkept,he is just a shadow of what I can’t explain.
as we drove back he didn’t ask me any question,all he said at the beginning was just “relax baby,you are safe now”
we drove into the villa,every part of it looked so new to me,as we parked,Richard came down and opened the door for me to come down,I saw the President,the first lady and Shalom standing,on seeing me Shalom ran to welcome me,the president looked puzzled and the first lady too
Shalom: oh my God,Precious,where have you been,why are you clothes blood stained? the soldiers brought forth the shop keeper
Mr.President: tears dropped his eyes as he approached me Precious,what happened,where have you been?
Me: sir,thanks,you kept to your promise after all
Mr.President: confused believe me,I no not what happened,we only found your passport
Me: crying I was kidnapped and sent to prison
All: what!!
Richard: prison? why?
Mr.President: kidnapped by who? imprisoned under what judge’s authority and for what crime?
Me: loving your son,kidnapped by Clara your Vice’s daughter and sent to prison under the authority of no judge but money
First lady: these is wickedness,how could she,how dare her
Shalom: I knew it that she has a hand in these
Richard: father,I will kill her,I will kill Clara and the whole of her family for these,they defended her and denied her involvement in these meanwhile it had been her all the way
Mr.President: calm down son,let’s handle these naturedly,how are we sure it was her,we need evidence to nail her down
Me: it was her,she showed herself to me,she spoke to me face to face,she said I can never have Richard rather I would root in jail without any judge passing judgement on me,she sentenced me to life imprisonment but you kept to your words of sending back for me even without knowing it but on getting out she sent her boys after me again slowed down my tears sir,she sold my babies cried out
All: babies?
First Lady: look she is bleeding,I think she needs medical care first
Mr.President: Richard,take five soldiers with you and drive her to the hospital while I send for her parents to be here first thing tomorrow morning because it already getting dark. Awudu,send for the CIDs they must start investigation immediately
Soldier Awudu: sure sir
Richard: dady,sending for her parents won’t be necessary, I ready did
Mr.President: good,who is these young man?
Another Soldier: he is the man who kept her in his shop before our arrival,we believe he might be having information
Mr.President: question him and let him go
Shalom: I will go to the hospital with
Richard,why not call Ella?
To be Continued


               ❎EPISODE 15❎

Richard drove me to the hospital in company of Sharon.
on getting to the hospital I was quickly admitted and the doctor started running various test on me.
Doctor Joe: you give birth about 26hours ago?
Me: yes sir
Doctor Joe: well no much damage has been done,its more like a miracle judging from the orals you narrated to me. most importantly your womb should be safe but its endangered,if not properly treated you may never give birth again but you didn’t occur an extra inner injury,never the less I would be giving you proper medication and you would be discharged tomorrow or next depending on the response of your body system to treatment
Me: doctor,I may never be able to give birth again?
Doctor Joe: not really,at lest there is a chance of 50/50 because your body system was over stressed,you are really strong or should I say lucky because most women who found themselves in your present medical condition never lives,most sustain inner injury and die as a result of excess bleeding
Richard: doctor Joe,do everything possible to see my woman gets the best treatment and be safe
Sharon: yes doctor,she’s been through a lot of resent and I might even be suggesting more test are done on her
Doctor Joe: she would be fine I assure you
Richard: thanks Joe
Doctor Joe: one more thing,I advice you get her something nourishing to eat because there is nothing in her system at the moment
Richard: ok doctor we will
Doctor Joe: I need to check on other patients now so later * walks off with the two nurses following him*
Richard: what do we get you now?
Me: pepper soup please
Richard: Sharon please call me one of the soldiers,not the ones on guard in fact you should go home and get it because none can be trusted now till the faces behind these are apprehended
Sharon: that won’t be a problem so see you guys in an hours time
Richard: okay
Sharon: Richardpresh be strong okay,would be right back soon
Me: thanks a lot am really grateful she left
Richard: after some minutes of silence and constant stares you left and got married?
Me: I don’t understand, I never left
Richard: save me that,you were leaving before you got kidnapped, where were you leaving to?
Me: Richard,all I was doing was for our own good
Richard: the babies, who are their father,how come you got babies in a space of 9months and a week?
Me: I can’t believe you are asking me these Richard,you were the only man who ever touched me,you were the one who broke me and no other man has touched me ever since, isn’t it exactly 9months? why ask me that or are you denying me?
Richard: calmly no am not denying you,I asked because am curious knowing holding my hands tell me everything, how it happened
Me: after I left and got kidnapped, I prison I realized I was pregnant,a new warder,warder bisi after hearing my story decided helping me but that was last I saw her,it was later rumored that she’s dead
Richard: am sorry dear,but you haven’t told me what i want to hear most,why did you leave,start from there and tell me everything accordingly and not summary
Me: sweedy its a long story
Richard: start from somewhere
I told him everything without leaving a stone unturned,after telling him he stood up in anger and started walking to the Ward’s exit
Me: Richard,what’s wrong
Richard: I never believe you could do these,I never believe you could take side with my father to suffer your self and my self,do you know what I had been through,searching for you everyday without loosing faith,the tears and starvation of everyday just for your sake, mourning you not knowing you were still alive, do you know what i have been through? shouts do you? tears were dropping from his eyes
Me: stop Richard stopseating up on the bed why are you being so skeptical in these,why being so selfish?
Richard: skeptical! why won’t I be skeptical on these,that you planned with my father to suffer yourself? knowing fully well you did accepted to leave just for your parents release and to hide his dirty secret,why wasn’t I involved? you think I would have let your parents died? just then the president entered
Mr.President: what’s happening here,Richard why are you shouting for someone who has barely recovered?
Richard: dad,am sorry to say these but am so ashamed of you,you shame me to the fullest
Mr.President: what are you saying Richard?
Richard: oh dad don’t give me that crib,don’t pretend you don’t know what am saying,what are you even calling on the CIDs to investigate when you are the premix to all these
Mr.President: are you accusing?
Richard: accuse? why would I accuse you when even you its the truth
Mr.President: all I did was to save her parents live and if it were to be you you would do same
Richard: oh spare me that dad,to save her parents lives or to save your dirty secrets for your second tenor
Me: Richard?
Mr.President: no let him vomit every single trash he has in mind
Richard: you are just unrepentant, you said I would have done same if it were to be me so why didn’t you involve me? ain’t there better ways to handle issues of such? you should be ashamed father for sending a poor girl who accepted to hide your dirty secret and save her parents life to the airport without a single security, how do you even rule the people ?
Mr.President: son,am so sorry,now I realize my mistakes
Richard: too late dad because my triplets,your grandchildren are out there,in a place only God knows where,I swear dad,I swear to you with every single soul that died in these hospital that I will never forgive you till my babies are found,I swear
Me: Richard?
Richard: don’t Richard me walks out angrily
Mr.President: he is right,its all my fault,what was I thinking to have not provided you with securities to the airport,now I have also endangered the lives of innocent kids tears circulated his eyes
feeling even more pained I laid down back with tears welling my eyes,the did has been done all we needed was correction



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