Unconditional Love Is Loving Without Attachment


There are many kinds of love but all love that is true is different expressions of the same love which is God’s love. Whatever love that you feel and express, it is actually the love of the creator being expressed through you. Who you really are is a messenger of God’s love. Life is a journey for us to discover more of who we really are so that we can evolve to higher forms of expressing love until we can fully love unconditionally. That is when we can fully allow the love of the divine to flow through us uninhibitedly.

Unconditional love is love that is free. You are never really free to love when you have attachments that keep you from loving freely. You hold back from expressing love because of rejection, you hold back from expressing love because it is not reciprocated. When you allow yourself to love unconditionally, you are not afraid of rejection. You love fearlessly and freely without needing anything back. The most liberating kind of love is the carefree kind of love. It is giving of yourself freely and not holding back.

When you love unconditionally, you are simply following your heart while having detachment from results. Conditions are attachment to results. You may desire to have things go a certain way with someone or something. But when you unconditionally love and accept what is, even if it does not happen the way you intend it to happen, then you create the conditions by which the essence of what you truly desire can happen because it is no longer a requirement for it to happen, but it is free to spring forth.

Loving unconditionally is loving with acceptance and not requiring change. Sure you might desire positive change but it does not change your love if it doesn’t happen. Even when negative change happens, it still doesn’t stop you from loving. It is being willing to love even if never rewarded, because the love itself is its own happiness. When others love you unconditionally, they love you just as you are. It is the most beautiful kind of love that you can experience because that’s when you are truly loved.

The fullest unconditional love is not only loving you as you are but it is also loving all that you are. It is even loving your entire world. When someone loves you totally, they love all that you are and they even love your entire world. They seek to express love not only to you, but to everything that is a part of your world. Such fullness of love on Earth is meant to be experienced between two soul mates created for each other. They love each other more than anyone else, and they love each other to that extent.

When you do anything with love, you are doing for the joy of expressing what’s within and not for results. It is like when you are passionate about something and are just doing it because you love doing it and not because you want to achieve anything. You may desire results or achievement but that is not your primary motivation. You will still continue to do what you do even when nothing else happens. Your actions are internally driven and not externally driven. You are just letting your heart guide you fully.

When you love with unconditional love, you love with the purest motive of desiring the highest good for the other. You may have certain beliefs about what would be best for that person, but you are willing to let go of your wishes if the universe has something else in mind for them. You do not enforce what you think they should have, but you surrender to the will of the creator. You desire what’s truly best for them even though it may not be what you originally thought it was. After all that is what you really want.

No matter what happens, you keep on loving and never stopping. You continue to persist in your loving not because you have to but because you are just staying true to yourself. You know that the love is always there and so you don’t hide or run away from it when things don’t seem to work out. When you choose to be authentic, there is simply no other way to live but to give the love that you always have to give. You already know you can never stop loving therefore you just surrender to the love completely.

Express unconditional love towards the one you love, and everything you do. The way you love is the way you live. Give yourself fully towards all that you love and accept whatever results you get with gratitude knowing that all is in divine order and is working together for your highest good. You may be insistent, purposeful and fully intentional in your actions and communication, but at the same time you are detached from the outcome. You are free of expectations and simply flow with the universe.

True love never fails. Unconditional love is the whole secret of the law of attraction with detachment. It is also the law of God action and acting from spirit. When you act with these three laws of the universe, you can never fail to create what you truly desire which is according to your highest good. Unconditional love is simply God in action. When you follow your heart and act according to your highest intentions, you are serving the divine within. We are all here to do God’s work, which is to express his love.

The greatest love of all is unconditional love. It is also perfect love because it allows you to act from love and not fear. All fear based actions is the result of attachment to outcome and not trusting the divine. Perfect love is fearless. We do not have to love because love is already present. We just have to realize it and allow it to be expressed through us. Unconditional love is only possible when you love God more than any other. You trust the universe completely. Loving God is loving yourself with the best love.



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