Same God Different Day

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There is none like him. He allows the darkness to shine and the weak to become strong. He is worthy and stronger than any other. When we are going through our struggles he gives us victory. No matter what we are going through, no matter what the issue is he puts in work on our behalf. When God is in it we are guaranteed the victory. It will never be over until he says so. His track record for success has no blemishes or losses. No asterisks here. Discouragement is a tool of the unbeliever. Our God is an encourager. He wants only our best and offers us his best. The gift is reciprocal. When we give just a little he will give us more than we ever expected or deserved. We have no decisions as to what lessons of life will be assigned to us. It’s what we learn from those lessons that count. Our God encourages us to believe we are greater than anyone’s perception of who we are. It’s what he sees in us that counts nothing more. The gift of life is a bigger gift that anyone will ever be able to repay. Change is something that is consistent with life. God remains the same. He has always loved us and always will. Genesis 1:27 So God created mankind in his image in the image God created them male and female he created them. There is no love of any kind that will equal that kind of love. The awesomeness of God cannot be measured.

The battles of life can be blessings if you have the proper perspective. Life has no voids. It consists of substances only God can provide. Struggle allows you the opportunity to show what you are made of. To have the DNA of the king of kings increases the chances of our success to immeasurable. The struggles only last for the moment. Struggles make you stronger. Steel sharpens steel is more than a metaphor. To measure true success there has to be a path. Struggle gives you substance it also offers you a testimony. Testimonies will place you on the road to conviction and belief. The ability to rise above difficulties and gain victory is absolute proof that God works in your favor. Never give up on yourself because he has never given up on you. Trust in what God intended for you and it will work in your favor. Seek his favor and you give back the love he offers you. He will take your mess and make a miracle.

Our God is the creator of life so some of the things we view as miracles are just muscle memory for God. Since the beginning of time God has always had our best interest in mind. God has never refused us. It is us who refuse God. When we communicate with spirit we are communicating in highest form possible to man. God is spirit and spirit has existed in man since the beginning of man. When we reach within ourselves we reach God.


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