I Have Never Met Anybody Who Decided to Follow Jesus Christ and Who in Later Life Regretted It!

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“Where are you?” and “Who told you?” are quickly followed in Genesis by a third question. “What is this you have done?” Check it out for yourself. You will find it in Chapter 3. Always take time to check matters out. That is so important.

Man is a responsible being, and man can behave responsibly or he can behave irresponsibly.

Each choice which man makes has repercussions and consequences.

Man is responsible for his actions and reactions in a way no other part of creation is.

“What have you done?”

Almighty God was the first to ask this question but how many times has it been asked subsequently?

It may be thought of in the context of a misbehaving child, but it goes far deeper, dealing with ethics and morality.

What have you done with marriage? Consider how much pain and suffering there is and how there is such confusion and heartache in the lives of children because of the way we have mismanaged marriage and usually it has been because of pure selfishness or rushing into a situation far too soon.

What have you done to get into so much debt, and that can be applied to nations as well as individuals? Our western world is drowning in oceans of debt.

Personal debt must be a terrible burden to live with and yet so many people take it on nonchalantly, as if they had not a care in the world.

God is giving man the opportunity to admit the guilt and confess the sin, and be forgiven, and have the situation sorted out and rectified.

In His mercy and grace and love, God gives us a degree of free will. Man has to make choices, but in His concern for man Jesus Christ gives us guidance and direction. There is a Gospel which contains nothing but good news but man does not seem to want to pay too much attention to it. He appears to prefer to struggle on with all the agony and distress and unrest and illness which results.

Why are people not queuing up to be forgiven and healed and helped? This is something I have never understood!

I have never met anyone who decided to follow Jesus Christ, and be led through life by God and His Word, who has later regretted it.

Men of faith like Moses, Joshua, Peter and Paul took the long-term view. They were in it for the long haul.

They chose the path of righteousness, recognising true riches and where these riches could be found.

Faith focuses upon the living God and that road leads to a significant life and victory.

By faith, Moses instituted the Passover which has lasted for 3,300 years, and it is for people who have been redeemed and released and ransomed.

When we come to Jesus Christ and repent and are baptised in water and are baptised in the Holy Spirit as we read of in the Gospels and in the book of Acts we are redeemed through the blood of Jesus Christ shed on the Cross and we are ransomed and released from various chains that may be binding and restricting us and limiting our lives.

Sandy Shaw


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