Christians – Obsessed With Being Blessed

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The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it. (Proverbs 10:22) While this is true, Christians (mainly those of us in America) seem preoccupied with the blessings of the Lord. Nobody want to go through a character building experience. We flock to the arrival of renown speakers and wealth preacher (and prophets) with itching ears listening for How God is Gonna Bless you in your mess.

We consume foods that are high in saturated fats, we consume those thing that will clog are arteries and give us diabetes and we run to the faith healers praying to God to heal our bodies when all we have to do is eat right, exercise and get some rest! We are killing ourselves with the pursuit of a blessing. I hear Christians with their cute spiritual mantras when you ask them: Sister Jones…how are you today? Oh I’m fine baby, I’m too blessed to be stressed!

Guest speaker will have prayer lines telling you if you want something from God, give Him something, and we fall for the “rope-a-dope” (boxing enthusiast will know what that is). Get a piece of money in you hands (don’t bring God nothing less that a $20 bill) and see if He wont bless you for your obedience. We will run down the aisle, deep in sin and debt looking for that blessing from the Lawd (Lord). Pardon my dry humor, but its sad and if you take a step back and see what it is that we do, you can’t help but to sometimes laugh at our vanity.

We (Christians) allow the faith healers, money seekers and sheep sharers to come into the church and fleece the people of God and will growl at the preacher, missionary and evangelist that will bring you the Word Of God (without the fluff). We have traded our Christian heritage for a fake blessing.

Many in the Christian community have been lulled into thinking and equating quantities of blessings with spirituality. The more blessings that one has, the closer they must be to God; nothing is further from the truth. If you measure my spiritual maturity by the things I own. The eternal destiny of a mans soul seems to be often traded for a material blessing. It’s not just the things. believers are after, many are obsessed with being there every time the church doors are open and they pride themselves as being faith unto the Pastor and the church. Wow…faithful to a building, a person and an organization! (Sounds like a career in a government job) What about being faithful to God and to the call of the ministry. All of the stuff will eventually rust, decay, break and or become outdated.

Members will wear their hast (the larger the better) and hit a badge of honor when you can tell someone ho you own hundreds of these hats. Church folk are in competition with each other. We want to look prosperous when we are rotting away on the inside with fear about the future, and stressed relationships. Many are ashamed to get a prayer line (because they are too blessed), but are in the line to have their purses prayed over by the prophet.

For those who are too stressed to be blessed, shed your clichés and mantras for something more solid like words rooted in scripture that are able to heal and deliver the hearts of hurting people.


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