How You and Your Church Can Walk in the Supernatural Power of God

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The Revelation

Jeff Bronson glanced at his watch and wondered when the pastor would be done with his Sunday morning message. It was already past noon and the only thing keeping Jeff from yawning and falling asleep was the woman sitting in the pew across the aisle. Michelle Holloway was her name and she was beautiful. During the service she looked at Jeff and smiled. He planned to ask her to lunch after church.

You’d think Jeff wouldn’t lack any confidence asking Michelle to lunch. He was tall, striking and would graduate in two weeks with a master’s degree in engineering, but that was the one thing he did lack, confidence. But today he was determined to overcome his lack of confidence and invite Michelle to lunch.

When church was over and the people began walking to their cars, Jeff recognized his opportunity because Michelle was through talking to her friends and he had plenty of time to intercept her before she reached her car. He began walking toward her, but something went wrong. Familiar thoughts and feelings of inferiority began bombarding his mind, causing him to slow down, hesitate and come to a stop. He watched her get into her car and drive off, disappearing in the afternoon traffic.

While going home to his apartment, Jeff managed to put Michelle out of his mind and began thinking about the church. Why did he dread going to church? He knew if it wasn’t for Michelle’s presence, he’d have left the church long ago. Was he the only Christian that felt so dissatisfied and bored with church or were there others feeling the same way? Outwardly the church seemed okay. The pastor’s message was never out of line, always based on the scriptures. He had a large, successful choir. The people seemed friendly enough and had a very giving spirit, for the church had a food and clothing ministry to the poor. The pastor was even talking about planting churches overseas, but to Jeff there seemed to be something missing in the church. Something that would inspire him and other discontented souls to want to go to church. What was missing?

When Jeff got home, he made himself lunch and turned on the television. Flipping through the channels, a program arrested his attention. Walking vigorously back and forth in front of a large congregation, a pastor was preaching that most churches were dead. Dead? Jeff’s church dead? Jeff was offended, but he decided to listen some more to the man’s profound message.

The pastor proclaimed, “The majority of churches have an intellectual knowledge of the scripture promises in the Bible, but little or no revelation knowledge of the promises to produce world overcoming faith and supernatural power for miracles, signs and wonders. Both head and heart knowledge are required to walk in great faith and the supernatural power of God. Head knowledge is not enough, it must be balanced with revelation heart knowledge. Therefore, pastors must encourage their flock to meditate on those scripture promises that tell them who they are in Christ and what their inheritance is in Christ, so those scripture promises can drop down into their hearts and become a revelation to them. For it is only by a revelation of God’s promises that we partake of God’s nature as written in 2 Peter 1:4. Pastors should also teach their people the importance of meditating on those scripture promises that tell them Christ redeemed them from the curse of the law so the blessing of Abraham might come on them. Satan wants to keep the Church broke and defeated, hindering the Gospel message from spreading. It takes money to fulfill God’s Great Commission to reach the world with the Gospel. That’s why, as I speak, God is allowing the end time prophetic word on wealth transfer to be fulfilled as written in Proverbs 13:22: ‘The wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.’

“The people in the church must turn from all sin and live holy lives if they want to walk in the supernatural power of God. Until their old sinful man is crucified, put to death, according to Romans 6:6-7, Christ cannot live through them in fullness. They must also be encouraged according to Matthew 5:6 to hunger and thirst after righteousness and greatly desire the baptism of God’s power, fire and love. For unless a church has a hunger and thirst for the things of God and a revelation that God has given the Church all power and authority over the enemy to do the mighty works of God, it will be just another church going through the motions, having plenty of activity, but no power. Dead on the vine. With no power there is no revival, for the key to revival is the manifestation of God’s supernatural power to convict people of sin and to create an atmosphere for miracles. First revival, then the harvest of souls. Rest assured, God will have his worldwide revival that will reap in a great harvest of souls before the soon Rapture of the Church.”

As the pastor continued to preach his anointed message, something happened. The Holy Ghost fire of God fell on the entire congregation. People who had been in wheel chairs started getting up and walking. One blind man received his sight and started yelling, “I can see! I can see!” Miracles were taking place all over the sanctuary. Missing limbs were growing out. People were being baptized in the power, fire and love of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. The fire of God was cleansing the people of carnal thoughts and wrong motives and giving them a holy boldness and a love and burning desire to see souls saved, healed and delivered. One man began running up and down the aisles because he couldn’t sit still with the fire of God burning away the carnal things of his flesh. Seeing this mighty outpouring of God’s grace on the people, the pastor said to the congregation, “People, receive this mighty outpouring of God’s fire. Receive your healing. Receive your deliverance from any bondage of sin. Whether it be drugs, alcohol or illicit sex. The presence of God is here to set you free and baptize you in the power, fire and love of the Holy Ghost. And all you watching at home from your televisions and the internet, there is no distance in the spirit. Lift up your hands and start worshipping God and his presence will fill your room.”

“Wow!” Jeff shouted. “That’s what’s missing in my church. The fire. The fire John the Baptist spoke about in Matthew 3:11. We need the manifest presence of God in our church. It should be a habitation for God’s glory. In his glory there is no time, just eternity where miracles are birthed. We need the revelation of being given the supernatural power of God to live an overcoming life to do the mighty works of God. This mighty power is not just for a select few, but for every Christian that will receive it by faith. No wonder I felt such a void in our church. No fire. No glory. No manifest presence of God. No miracles. No joy. No peace that passes all understanding. We’ve had the knowledge of the scriptural promises of God, but no revelation of them.” Jeff began worshipping the Lord, crying out to God for the fire to fall. Then suddenly the fire of God fell in his room with the power of God knocking him to the floor. The fire of God began to surge through his body like electricity, like liquid love. The fire began to burn out those things in his life that had kept him from being the bold sanctified disciple God called him and all Christians to be. The besetting sins, the emotional hurt received from his alcoholic father that had produced in him such a horrible inferiority complex, all were gone. Even the lack of forgiveness he held toward his father was gone. The joy of the Lord flooded his soul and Jeff would never be the same.

From that day forward, his passion for souls to be saved was ignited. Driving down a street, he would begin weeping for souls as he prayed for their salvation. In stores, malls, parks and wherever the Lord led him, he shared the love of Jesus Christ with people, allowing the Holy Spirit to convict them of their sins. Then he would lead them in a simple prayer to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. If they were sick, he would lay hands on them and God would instantly heal them. Jeff was definitely on fire for God.

Knowing his pastor and church were not ready for a great outpouring of God’s power, Jeff interceded for them through prayer and fasting. Through intercessory prayer he was able to tear down the blinding religious strongholds that kept his pastor and church from walking in the supernatural. God honored Jeff’s faith-filled prayers and visited the church with a mighty outpouring of his glory, baptizing the pastor and the congregation with Holy Spirit power, fire and love. Revival broke out and masses of unsaved people were coming to the altars to receive God’s free gift of salvation and Christians were repenting of their sins and getting right with God. Eventually, the entire congregation was on fire for God and salvations and miracles both inside and outside the church walls became commonplace. Everyone, young and old, were sharing the love of Jesus Christ with those in the community and beyond.

Amidst all the happenings in Jeff’s life, he never forgot Michelle. One Sunday after the church service was over, he asked her to lunch and she accepted. On the way to the restaurant she asked him a question.

“Jeff, why did you wait so long to ask me out?”

“Michelle, I wanted to ask you out the first time I saw you.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“No confidence and a misplaced identity.”

“No confidence and a misplaced identity? What do you mean?”

“When I received the Holy Spirit baptism of power, fire and love just as you and the rest of our church received, God’s fire purged me of many carnal and detrimental things, including a lack of confidence. God replaced my fears, anxieties and lack of confidence with his unconditional love. God’s love casts out fear and generates confidence. And I realized my confidence and identity were not to be found in my attributes and accomplishments, but they were to be found in Christ’s attributes and his and the Father’s accomplishments.

“One of God the Father’s greatest accomplishments was in creating fallen man anew in Christ. As it is written in Ephesians 2:10, “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” Michelle, our lives are to be hidden in Christ and when people look at us, they should only see Jesus manifested through us, for he dwells in our hearts by faith. We are to die to selfish and carnal desires, giving all the glory to Christ for what he does through us to advance God’s kingdom. His desires are to become our desires. And in Christ, everything becomes new. ‘Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new,’ as written in 2 Corinthians 5:17. So, I found my confidence and identity in Christ.”

“Now you’re complete in Christ?”

“Yes and so are you. As Christians, we are heirs of our Father God and joint-heirs with Christ and He is our inheritance. Everything we need is found in Christ: Eternal life, reality, truth, peace, joy, love, wisdom, power, boldness, holiness, righteousness, the blessing (anointing to prosper, power to get wealth), redemption, sanctification, justification and supernatural faith for the impossible.”

As the days went by, the relationship between Jeff and Michelle grew until one day he proposed marriage to her and she accepted. Jeff thanked God for the message the pastor preached on television about the importance of converting head knowledge into revelation knowledge through meditation on God’s Word. He thanked God for the baptism of power, fire and love that cleansed him of all unrighteousness, enabling him to serve God in power, fire and love unhindered by the flesh. He thanked God for Michelle and for his confidence and true identity found in Christ.

The End

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