Mended Wings (Episode 16 – 20)

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Mended Wings

Episode 16

Ella lay in bed in the room she shared with Joel, her pillow soaked with the tears she’d uncontrollably shed. Her head hurt as though thousands of drummers were seated on it, drumming. The pains in her body flagrantly disregarded her plea for relief. Her ribcage hurt.
And only if she hadn’t needed to breathe deeply, would the pain in her ribcage have been minimized. She whimpered as the event of the previous week flew through her mind.
Joel had never shown any sign of aggression. He’d been the meekest person she’d known. Perhaps she’d said too much. But didn’t she deserve expression of her mind? How could he keep such a thing from her? How did he expect her to spend the rest of her life with someone like him? How could he not tell her before they married? How she wished she hadn’t married him. Had she known, she’d have listened to her aunt. She wouldn’t have ended with a man like Joel.

Distaste welled up her throat. She would file for a divorce. But what would she tell the church, her aunt, and all those who looked up to her? Divorce in a marriage less than a year. She couldn’t do that. She was too respected to do that. She was a pastor’s wife, and a minister. She was a role model for majority of the sisters in her church. She was always an example given whenever a happy marriage or choosing the right partner was discussed in church. How would she explain it? Wasn’t she asked if she had confirmation from God before her wedding? How could she tell them that she’d heard herself and not God? But what if she had died while he was beating her? Wouldn’t he have married another wife? Or even use that as an excuse to stay single without any rumour about his problem? She kept wondering, tears dripping off her face.
Her phone rang. She ignored, her mind focused on her thoughts. The phone rang again and she reluctantly reached out to it on thebedside table. She wiped her tears with her palm and cleared her throat.She picked the phone and placed it against her ear.
“Hello, Ella,” the voice at the other end of the line said.
“Hello, sir,” she answered, forcing her voice to steer clear of her
“How’re you?”
“I’m better.”
“I’m so sorry I haven’t called to check on you.”
“No problem. Thanks, sir.”
“I hope you’re feeling better now.”
“Yes. I should be able to resume work on Thursday.”
“Alright. Take care of yourself.”
“Thanks so much for your care and support, sir. I appreciate.”
“You’re welcome. Have a nice day.”
“Thanks and you too,” she said before she hung up.
It was her boss checking on her. She’d been absent from work
since the event happened the previous Saturday and she’d told him thatshe was sick, as she couldn’t afford to let the real news out.
She dropped the phone and rolled in bed. Her phone rang. Whatwas it again? she wondered. She took the phone and saw her aunt’sname displayed on the screen. She pressed the receive button and liftedthe phone to her ear. “Hello, how are you?” she said.
“I’m fine. I went to Kerry mart and dropped by your office, I
learnt you’re sick and not at work.”
“Yes, but I’m better now. It’s mild malaria.”
“Hope you’re resting at home.”
“Yes, I am.”
“I’m on my way to your place. I just wanted to be sure you’re at
“You don’t need to come. I’m fine already.”
“I’m on my way,” Evelyn said and dropped the phone.
Ella knew her aunt was serious. But she didn’t want her to see herlike that, although the swellings and redness on her face had gone. Buther face was still in a bad shape and the bruises on her arms were justhealing. She got off the bed and went into the bathroom. She washed uphurriedly and stepped into the room, towelling her body. She picked and
wore a long-sleeve blue gown she was sure would cover her body. Shepowdered her face and removed the net covering her hair, allowing herweave to dangle, covering the sides of her face and her scars. She took alast look at her reflection in the mirror and was pleased with what shesaw before she stepped into the living room.
She branched at the dining and eyed the breakfast Joel had
prepared for her before going out. She took the food into the kitchenand threw it in the trashcan. She opened the fridge, took out a can of juice, and poured into a cup. She drank from the cup, moistening herdry throat.
She was just beginning to cook when her aunt knocked. She
opened the door and welcomed her aunt.
“Hope you’re better now?” Evelyn said after exchanging
pleasantries with her niece.Ella forced a smile. “Of course. I told you not to bother to come,
but you insisted.”Evelyn grimaced. “Are you sure it was malaria you had or…”“Or what, Auntie?”
“Did you go to the hospital?”
“Yes, I did.”
“And the doctor said you had malaria?”
“Couldn’t you ask him to run a pregnancy test on you?”
Ella shook her head. “I’m not pregnant. I’ll know if I am.
Nothing’s changed.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes I am. I’m not pregnant. Was that why you came after you
were told I was sick?”
“Partially,” Evelyn said and smiled. “I wanted to hear the good
news first-hand.”
“I’m sorry to disappoint you. There’s no good news.”
“You didn’t disappoint me. You’ll have your own children soon by
God’s grace.”
“And what if I don’t have children?”
“Don’t say such rubbish in my ears. You’ll be fruitful in Jesus
“Amen. You don’t get. I’m just saying what if…”
“Stop talking in the negative. You’ll have soon. How could you
allow such an evil thought to play on your mind? You know how abarren woman is viewed in our culture. Never say such a thing toyourself.”
“Okay. I’ve heard you.”
“How’s your husband?”
“He’s fine.”
“That reminds me. Kunle is getting married next week.”
“Wow. Congratulations to him.”
“I’ve always wanted to tell you but it kept skipping my mind. Hedropped an invitation at my shop.”
“You can’t believe who he is marrying.”
“Precious Matthew, Professor Matthew’s only daughter.”
“Good for him.”
“He even called me to…”
“Can we stop talking about Kunle already?” Ella shouted.
“What’s wrong with you, Ella? Did you just shout at me?”
“I’m sorry. I just have heard enough of it. I’m sorry I shouted. I
am edgy, sort of, today.”
“Are you sure you’re okay?”
“I’m fine.”
I didn’t mean to upset you with the news. I merely wanted to tell
you about him. I thought you’d be happy that God is finally settling him.
After all, you are happily married, too.”
“I’m happy for him,” she said before her emotions took over andshe burst out crying.
“Ella, what’s wrong?” Evelyn jumped up from her seat. “What is
going on? Please talk to me.” She sat beside Ella and mopped her face.
Ella forced back her tears and wiped her face with the hem of herdress. “Auntie, I’m fine.”
“You’re not fine. Stop saying that. I am your aunt. Talk to me.”
Ella sighed. She wished she could tell her aunt what she was
passing through. Although Joel had been remorseful after battering her,and had promised never to repeat such. But she wanted to confide inher aunt, perhaps it would reduce the heaviness she felt on her heart.
But what about her fears? Wouldn’t Evelyn remind her of how muchshe begged her not to leave Kunle? Would it not be a huge shame forher if her aunt knew Joel maltreated her? Would her aunt not say thatshe got what she deserved? She swallowed and discarded her thoughts.
“I’m not happy. My friend at work is facing some challenges and I can’thelp her,” she said after much hesitation.
“Is that why you are crying? What is happening to your friend?
Tell me about it?”
“Her husband is maltreating her.”
“That’s bad. Is she a believer?”
“She attends my church and is even a worker.”
“Has she told your pastor about it?”
Well, she’s reluctant. It took her a long while before she could
confide in me. She wants a divorce.”
“Divorce? Doesn’t she know what the scripture says about
“She knows Christ dissuades us from it, except in the case of
“Exactly, which is why one must get it right from the beginning.”
“Now that she’s gotten it wrong, should she fold her arms and
continue to be abused?”
“She could separate from her husband temporarily while they arebeing prayed for and counselled. After some time, when both are ready,they can move back together.”
“I am not sure she’s interested in temporary separation, becausewhat is between them is beyond what can easily be resolved.”
“What could that be then?”
“She didn’t tell me. She only said it’s beyond my understanding.”
“Well, if she must divorce, she’d have to remain single until the
man dies. Would she be able to bear that?”
“What’s the difference between being single and this?”
“And what? I don’t seem to understand you. Is Joel maltreating
you in any way? You can confide in me.”
“Auntie, it’s not me but a friend. You should know Joel can’t do
such a thing.”
“I know. But I can’t be absolutely sure.”
“He’s not that kind of a man.”
“I hope not.”
The door opened and Joel entered with a bag in his hand. “Honey,
I’m home,” he said.
Speak of the devil, and he’d show up, she thought. “Welcome,
dear,” she said, against her desire to do otherwise.
Joel heart raced as she sighted Evelyn. Had Ella told her what hadhappened between them? After all, he had apologized and told her tokeep the incident between them. How could she have done that?
“Auntie, good afternoon,” he said. He prostrated and greeted Evelyn,grinning.
“Good afternoon, my dear. How’s work and everything?”
“Very fine, ma. How’s your family?”
“Everyone is fine.”
Joel sat beside his wife, hugged her, and kissed her cheeks. He
dropped the bag he’d brought in on her laps. “I was passing by ashopping mall so I decided to drop by and get you some stuffs.”
“Thank you,” Ella said and smiled.
“You’re welcome. You know I’ll do anything for you.” He planteda kiss on her forehead.
Evelyn smiled. “I’m jealous,” she said and they all laughed.
“Sweetheart, did you eat your breakfast I left on the table?” Joelsaid.
“Yes, I did.”
“Okay. Let me quickly prepare lunch so we could all eat.”
“Water is on the cooker,” Ella said.
“Alright. I’ll boil some rice.”
“Okay, darling.”
Joel stood up and went into the kitchen.
“Ella, you are enjoying. Should you not have prepared lunch
before he came back?” Evelyn said as soon as Joel was out of earshot.
“I was about doing that before you came in. Besides, he likes
doing the cooking. He doesn’t see it as a big deal.”
“Hmm. I must say, Joel is a good man.”
“He’s the reason I’m crying for my friend.”
“Now I understand. You don’t need to cry for her. Just pray for
Ella brought out the content of the bag Joel had given her—shoes,clothes, jewellery, and a greeting card.
“Oh my God, greeting card! Do you celebrate Valentine’s day
every day here?” Evelyn said, marvelled by the gifts. “Aren’t these toomuch?”
Ella smiled. “I’m not surprised, I’m used to it.”
“I’m so happy for you. You’re such a lucky girl.”
Ella forced a smile. Lucky, my foot, she thought.
They talked on and on before Joel set the table and called them toeat. They chatted and laughed over the meal. And a while after the meal,Evelyn left for her home, satisfied that her niece was in great hands.

To be continued…

Mended Wings

Episode 17
Ella woke up from her deep sleep. She turned her head to the left and saw a man sitting on the bed, with only his trousers on, his back towards her. He was in no way like Joel. He was fatter, shorter, and was bald. Ella eyelids fluttered. She glanced around, wanting to confirm where she was, and realized she was in her room. What was going on? She pulled herself to a semi-sitting position and that was when she realized she was naked. She pulled the blanket on her chest.

“Who are you? What’re you doing here?” she asked aloud.
The man turned to her and scorned her. “You’re awake. I was waiting for you to wake up so my boys could take their turns since I’ve gone twice.”
“What’re you saying? Are you crazy? What’re you doing in my room? Where’s my husband?”
He ignored her and walked to the door. “Hey guys, you can come in. She’s ready for you.” Ella held the blanket in death grip, her eyes oscillating in their sockets. What was going on? she wondered. Perhaps it’s just another bad dream. Three men entered into the room and walked towards her.
“Who are you? Get away from me,” she screamed and bit the hand of one of them.

The tallest of them yanked off the blanket and forced her on her back. “If you cooperate, we’ll be gentle. If you don’t, you’ll leave us no choice than to rough-handle you.”
Ella spat into his face and fought with all her strength but they
were stronger, and raped her in turns before leaving.

Ella lay on her bed, weak and in pains, tears pouring from her face. What sort of life was she living? Was the dead not better off? How the men entered, she didn’t know. The last thing she remembered was drinking a cup of wine Joel gave her while they were talking in the livingroom. How strangers got access to her room was shocking to her.
The door creaked as it opened and Ella pulled the blanket over her head, scared of the unimaginable.
“How are you?” Joel said with a smile.
Ella uncovered her face and stared at her husband in surprise.
“Where have you been? What’s going on?” she said, her head almost exploding in anger.
Joel ignored her and smiled. He stood against the wall, a hand in his pocket and the other holding a wine glass.
Ella forced herself into a semi-sitting position. “What’s going on here?” She sobbed. “Can’t you talk?” He shrugged. “I’m just being a good husband. You’ve been complaining bitterly and threatening me over my inability to fulfil one of
my roles. So I thought about it and took your advice, which was why I employed those who were capable of giving you what you wanted.”

Rage danced in her brain. “Please tell me I’m not hearing right.
Please tell me I’m dreaming.” She broke into fresh sobs. “You mean you got those people to rape me?”
“That’s no rape. It is an answer to your request. Remember you vowed to tell everyone about my problem if you failed to conceive by month end. You’ve always desired to be pregnant. I’m only trying to help you and as well save our marriage.”
“You’re truly a son of the devil. Cursed be the day I met you.”
Tears flowed freely from her eyes. She wept not only because of her pain but also for the life she had chosen for herself.
“Don’t be angry. I was only trying to help.”
“Trying to help me by asking four men to sleep with me? Is that the help you can offer, you agent of destruction?”
“If I got only one person to do it, he could return to claim his child in the future. But when there are multiple partners, none of them would be bold to come and claim our child.”
Ella bit her lips until blood tinted her teeth, sobbing.
“In case you decide to disclose to anyone that I have a sexual deviation or that I made people sleep with you, you can go ahead. But I want you to know that I recorded a video clip of you and the first man.
And I’m ready to share it with the world, telling them you committed adultery. Who will believe your story then? They’d think you’re just making up the story to justify your infidelity. So, if you love yourself, keep your lips sealed and pretend nothing happened. Be a good girl, and in good time, you’ll have the children you desire and I’ll have the rest I want.”

“I hate you, Joel. I hate you.”
“Maybe I hate you, too. I used to like you very much but since you started disturbing and harassing me, my love for you has plummeted. But don’t worry, I won’t send you away. I’ll need someone to do the chores at least. You’ll do my biddings and we’ll be fine. Be reminded that if you try anything funny, that video will go viral in minutes. Take that from me.” He walked out and slammed the door behind him.

Ella hit herself perhaps that would wake her from the nightmare she thought she was having. How did she come across this devil? she thought. Only if she had known…

Would Ella ever be free from this bondage she called marriage lets find out in the next episode

To be continued….

Mended Wings

Episode 18

Ella’s tears rinsed the plates as she washed them. The past few months had been hell in Joel’s house. Not just because she did all the chores, but also because Joel treated her with disdain. Hardly did he talk or play with her as usual. Only when they were outside their home did they act a perfect couple drama. At home, they slept in different rooms, ate separately, and did nothing together. Their morning devotion had become mourning devotion. His food must be ready, his clothes ironed, his shoes polished, and his room cleaned to time if she didn’t want to be beaten like a criminal. Even when she did everything, Joel was still not satisfied many times.
She had become nothing but a maid in the house. And as much as she wanted to talk to people about her plight, she couldn’t for fear of her sex tape going viral on the internet. If Joel said it, he definitely would do it.

Little was the pain she got from the regular beatings and punishments compared to that she got from regular sexual assault Joel masterminded. Different people came at different times to abuse her sexually. And there was nothing she could do, since they always came as a surprise and always overpowered her. The times she pleaded with Joel to stop it, he told her he wouldn’t stop bringing people until she became pregnant, as he didn’t want anyone questioning his fertility. And she had come to accept it such that little did she struggle whenever they came, knowing that the more she struggled the more the pain. All her attempts to get back at Joel failed.
She couldn’t tell anyone, she couldn’t even tell God. The weight of guilt on her mind that she had brought the situation on herself wouldn’t even allow her pray. Her worst nightmare was not as terrible as what she was experiencing. No wonder her beauty was fading, forcing her to wear heavy makeup to feel presentable. She was always sad, and wouldn’t eat, as she should. She lied to everyone who cared to ask that her loss of weight was deliberate to keep her in shape.
Anytime anyone made a comment in Joel’s presence that she was looking sad or was lean, he would pick up a fight with her when they got home, screaming that she wanted people to accuse him of maltreating her. All sort of drugs and supplements had he brought home and forced her to use. And her makeup kit was superior to that of a professional
makeup artist. He ensured at all times that she was physically attractive before going out with her, even if she had to wear an odd dress to cover the injury he’d inflicted on her. Ella could have confided in her friend at work, if Joel hadn’t stopped her from working, lying to people that the stress of the work
was too much and was making her have miscarriages. And when her aunt had asked her, she had no choice that to answer in the affirmative, as Joel was seated right beside her.

Everyone envied her public life. Only if people knew what she was going through, things could have been different. She was a minister and would be sanctioned if she behaved badly toward her husband. The man that was taking her through the valley of death was highly respected and valued by many. No one would believe her story. Not even her own aunt. Not with the way he treated her each time there was a third party around.
She wiped her hands on the kitchen towel and walked out. She sat on the chair and switched on the TV, just as Joel walked out of the guestroom, which now served as his room.
“Where are the notes on my table in the library?” he asked, his nose wrinkled. “I discarded them. I thought you didn’t need them again.”
“You discarded what? Are you sane at all? Why are you always overstepping your boundary? You’re doomed to suffer, and suffer you will.”
“Don’t use such words on me. Go to the dustbin and search for the notes.”
“I should go to the dustbin?” He came close and slapped her. Ella stood up and tried to walk away but he pulled her back and pushed her unto the chair.
Ella couldn’t shout as usual, as her voice was hoarse from excessive use. She tried pushing him away but he gripped her hand and landed a blow on her. She cried and scratched him with his fingers, which got Joel angrier, making him punch her more. And before Joel could control his anger, she had fainted.

“You’re pregnant,” Doctor Matt said with a smile, facing Ella.
Ella winced. “I am what?”
“You’re pregnant. It’s nine weeks.”
Ella froze, unsure of her next action. Was she supposed to be happy that she was eventually pregnant or sad because she didn’t even want the baby anymore?
Joel laughed and shook the doctor’s hands. “This is great news. I’m so happy. Thanks, darling,” he said, bent and kissed Ella’s forehead, disrupting the awkward silence.
“I’m happy for you, Mr and Mrs Mason. But I’ll also encourage you to be more careful so that you don’t lose this pregnancy. Mr Mason, you have to keep an eye on your wife and keep dangerous things out of her way so she won’t fall again.” He cast Joel a pregnant glance. “And please, no violence of any sort,” he added and Joel nodded. “Mrs Mason, please be careful. You need to eat well and stay strong for your baby. And you’ll need to register for antenatal care.”

Ella nodded, knowing she would cry if she opened her mouth to say a word.
They left the doctor’s office after much counselling. And Joel
drove his wife home.

To be continued…

Mended Wings

Episode 19

Ella sighed, the umpteenth time. Thoughts filled her head. She took a bottle, labelled poison, from the cabinet and poured its content into a cup, tears flowing freely from her eyes.
Joel walked into the kitchen to get a drink and saw Ella. He glanced at the labelled small bottle. “What is that?” he said.
Ella took the cup and raised it to her lips. “What’s your business with what it is? I’m going to kill myself and rid you of me. It’s not as if you wanted me here anyway.”
“Is that why you want to kill yourself?”
“Yes. It’s better to be dead than to live in this hell of a house.”
“I hope you know you’re buying yourself a ticket to hell.”
“Who are you to judge? Are you God? You are the hell’ candidate we have here. Not me.”
“Have you forgotten that whosoever takes his or her own life will be judged? The life we live is of God and not our own. Who are we to take it?”
She hissed and lowered the cup. “Mr Preacher, how sweet preaching is on your lips! How I wish you did one-tenth of the things you preach. Preach to yourself first before attempting me.” he smiled. “I’m saying this for your own good. If a preacher preaches genuine word of God, whether or not he does it, if anyone obeys the word, such person will be saved, even if the preacher perishes.

So why should you hang your own safety on another’s? Will taking genuine prescription from a sick doctor make you sick? Whether he treats himself or not, you’ll still be healed if you followed the prescription. Once the word is genuine, it will stand.”
“Excuse me. I don’t need your sermon. You can fool everyone, but you can’t fool me. You are a son of the devil.”
“That doesn’t change the fact that suicide is an abomination unto the Lord. By doing it, you could secure a furnished apartment for yourself in the pit of hell. Mind you, it isn’t just your life you’re about to take, you’d be murdering the baby inside of you. Double crime.”
“Baby conceived out of pain and sorrow. Baby who has no father. It’s not even a baby yet?”
“It will be and I will father it. But if you take its life, you’ll rot in hell.” “The Bible tells us to judge not that we may not be judged.” “I’m not judging you. I’m stating facts.”
“Just get out of my sight.”
“Do as you wish. But remember, it has been appointed for a man to die once after which is judgement.”
“Get out,” she screamed.

Joel walked out of the kitchen, praying in his mind that Ella would change her mind. He couldn’t afford to have to tell people why his wife committed suicide if she did. What would he say? How would he say it? But he could show people the video he recorded while she was raped.
He could tell anyone who cared to ask that she was promiscuous and ended her life because he caught her in the act several times. People would believe him. He was too respected to be doubted, and not with how he treated her with so much affection and respect publicly that people praised him. He discarded his thoughts and sat on the sofa, his eyes fixed on the television. Ella wept.

Although she was having a hard time, it was not comparable to the description of the agony in hell. Joel was right. Even If he were a devil’s agent, he had talked right. Perhaps it was God reaching out to her through him, she thought. She dropped the cup and poured its content into the sink.
“Lord, I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I know I’m not worthy to call on You but I believe You are merciful and gracious. Please give me away out of this mess,” she said. She fell on her knees and wept. “Lord, please forgive me, have mercy on me, and please give me another chance.” She prayed on, weeping

Joel sat behind the wheels, driving, with Ella in the front passenger’s seat beside him. They had travelled for a program in another state and were returning home.
Ella sat, facing the side window, her elbow against the glass and her palm supporting her chin. She stared absentmindedly at the fast moving cars and grass at the side of the road, her heart as heavy as always. She’d been praying and asking for God’s mercy but she still felt heaviness on her heart. So long had she been disconnected from God that heaviness of heart had become the norm. Nothing weighed her down more than her marriage and the new life that was in her womb.

Wonderfully well had she pretended in the public and suffered in the house. Confidence, charisma, and cheerfulness were words that had lost meaning and expression in her life. No wonder she was replaced in every post she had previously held in the church. The only special thing she did in church occasionally, as a minister, was moderate collection of offering. The so-called ministry she had wanted to guard by marrying Joel had slipped through her hands.
She was worthless to herself, always depending on Joel for provision, useless in her ministry, maid in her home and restricted from her family. Tears began to form in her eyes, gradually sliding down her flat cheeks. If only God could mend her broken wings, she’d fly high for the Lord, she thought. If only God could forgive and restore her, she’d live for God. If only God could show her mercy, she wouldn’t disobey Him ever again. If only…The deafening sound produced by the burst tyre interrupted Ella’s rumination.
“Jesus. Jesus,” Ella kept shouting, as the vehicle lost control.
Joel pulled the brake and the vehicle began to somersault before colliding with another vehicle, starting a fire

Our God is a merciful God, will Ella survive this accident? Let’s find out in the last episode.

To be continued….

Mended Wings

Final episode

His Love Tabernacle church was filled to its capacity. Many
people, who didn’t have a place to sit in the church, sat on the porch of the church, and under tents outside the church, watching the transmission of the ministration on large screens installed to feed the people outside the large auditorium.
It was the last day of the singles’ summit and the minister for the day was a widely known teacher of the word, Mrs Ella Mason. Little wonder the congregants doubled the previous day number. In spite of the thousands of people present in the auditorium, the drop of a needle could be heard clearly.

Many were crying and some were shaking their heads in pity.
Almost everyone was listening with rapt attention to the preacher. Not only because she was an anointed, seasoned, sought-after minister, but because her message was touching the hearts of many and opening the eyes of countless people.
She continued her message, “the accident was fatal. I thought I would die in it and be forgotten. But somehow, God saved me
miraculously. I regained my consciousness on the hospital bed many days later and found myself alive but in a terrible condition. I had wounds all over. The doctor later told me I had 75% burns and femoral fracture. The scars are still here as evidence.” She raised her hands andpointed to her face. “I didn’t even have the courage to ask anything from God, I just kept begging God for mercy, even while I was on the hospital bed. It got to a point, I was praying and wishing God would forgive me but allow me die so I could at least gain eternity. But God didn’t take my life.”

She mopped the tears on her face with a flannel. “Weeks after, I was told my husband, Joel Mason had passed away. I couldn’t help crying. I still cry when I remember him till date. You could be wondering why I cried instead of rejoicing, I was crying because he didn’t get a chance to repent as I did.” She paused and sighed. “Shortly after, when my health started improving, I was told I had lost my five month pregnancy and not just that, I had lost my womb because it had been torn during the accident. I couldn’t cry, maybe because I accepted it as a punishment for my disobedience or because a part of me didn’t want that child. I was just thankful I got my life back and I got time to repent. The doctor came again and told me I’d have to be on drugs for life because I was HIV positive. And that was when I broke down. I lost hope and my condition started deteriorating.

Thank God for my aunt,
siblings, Kunle, and a few other people God used for me. I accepted my state and started seeking the face of God. The journey to recovery was long, I must say.” She dabbed the beads of sweat that had formed on her forehead with a handkerchief.
“I fasted and prayed. And God being ever merciful showed me mercy and mended my wings. Now my wings are mended and I can fly again. That is my story, not my message.

My message for you today Is Total Submission to God’s will. Obedience is better than a thousand sacrifices. God sees better. He knows better. And His will is the best for our lives. Jeremiah 29:11 says and I quote, ‘For I know the thoughts That I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.’

To the singles here, I say, another important decision you’ll take after surrendering your life to Christ is deciding whom to marry.” She nodded and swallowed.
“God does not drag our decisions with us but He’ll always show us the way. But most time, we choose ways that are pleasing to us instead. The Bible, in Proverbs 14:12, says, ‘There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.’ Get this now, that it seems right doesn’t make it right. You can’t force your will on God just as God won’t force His will on you. And you can’t have God take responsibilities for your own actions. Let me give you this nugget to
hold onto, ‘if it ain’t God’s will, it ain’t God’s bill.’ ”The congregants clapped, with many nodding.

“It is best if you acknowledge God in all your decision-making in life. Kunle that I thought was spiritually lower than me was the same person God used for me when I was dying. He’s blessed with a wonderful wife and four grown children today.

You might be worried about people’s opinion, just as I was. What would people say? How could I tell the world Kunle was my husband? He was too unattractive and unspiritual for my liking. He had no post in church, blah, blah. The
truth was I wanted someone I could be proud of, someone that appealed to my senses, and I cared less what God wanted for me. I got what I wanted indeed and you all know the end of the story. I’m not saying you shouldn’t aim for the best, or desire something beautiful.

The Bible, in Proverbs 10:24, says, ‘The fear of the wicked will come upon him, and the desire of the righteous will be granted.’ However, you must always submit your desires and will to God. Always allow His plan to override yours.” People clapped again and different sound of agreement rent the air momentarily.
“Amen,” she said.
“Amen,” the congregants responded.

“Many things we trivialise in Christianity will count against us if caution is thrown to the wind. Crush, lust, infatuation, give it any sweet name you like, impatience, haughty mindedness, and so on, can cloudy our vision and judgement.

More reason I cried for Joel was that he was impatient. One day when we were discussing, he confessed to me That God never told him to marry me. He said God told him to wait. But Because he was beginning to think people would realize he had a problem, and for the fact that he liked me too, he gave in and married
me. Perhaps he wouldn’t have ended the way he did if he had obeyed and waited and hadn’t married me. After all, God created him and knew exactly what to do about his situation.

Take this from me, as many believe, God is indeed merciful. He will accept you when you return in genuine repentance.

Nevertheless, part or all of the damages you did to yourself while you were away might remain forever. Ten pairs of mended wings can never be as good as a pair of unbroken wings. Do not crave mending but crave power to maintain your unbroken wings. But for as many as have been broken, don’t wait until things get worse before you return and seek the face of God.

And for any of you who still don’t mind mended wings instead of maintaining your unbroken ones, hear this, I’ll be fifty years old on Saturday, I don’t have any biological child, although I have many spiritual children, and I don’t have a husband, God is the husband of the widow, anyway. Listen, and learn. I could have had all those and still be in Christ if I had obeyed the Lord. But glory to God, I believe my name is written in the book of life. My soul is saved. The Bible tells us that it is better to enter into life maimed than to go to hell with a whole body. So, if you’re listening to my message and you have spent your life in a terrible way in the past or
even until now, done abortions, taken drugs, or made wrong decisions, come, the Lord can still mend and renew you. And your soul will be saved.

No one knows when the end will come. If Joel knew, he would have repented before the accident. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past or how much you’ve disobeyed, just come now, He is ready to save you and write your name in the book of life. John 1:12 says ‘But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children Of God, to those who believe on His name.’

Surrender your life to Jesus Christ. Rededicate your life to Him if you’ve backslidden. He’ll accept you, wash you, and change your story,” Ella said.

People trooped out in twenties and hundreds, to surrender their lives to Jesus.
“Those of you with unbroken wings who can’t fly or want God to help you keep your wings from tearing, come, lay it at His feet. He’ll help you. He’s ever ready. Come.”

Many people walked out and she prayed with them before allowing them to return to their seats.

If you have any disease in your body, lay your hands on it right now with faith in your heart. The Lord is going to heal you today. He’s a healer. By His stripes, you’re healed. In Jesus name you are healed.” Sound of rejoicing rent the air as many began to wave their hands to signify they had been healed.

“I can see, hallelujah, I can see,” a blind woman, who had just received her sight, shouted.
Shout of hallelujah filled the auditorium, as miracles began to happen.

Ella prayed for many categories of people, those waiting on the Lord for future partners, direction in life, and many more. It was a day to remember for everyone who attended the program.

Ella lived the rest of her life sharing the gospel and touching lives, and through her God did many miracles. Her wings were indeed mended, although she wished she had
maintained unbroken wings.


Thanks for reading. Hope you have learnt some lessons from this story. Obedience is better than sacrifice. God knows what is best for us and He is a merciful God. I pray for all the singles that in marriage the Lord will order your steps provided we put our trust in Him.


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