Mended Wings (Episode 6 – 10)


Mended wings

Episode 6

Oceania Eatery was posh. It was the type that warded off the poor by its mere appearance. The reception had people seated in groups of two and more, here and there. And many came in, placed orders, got their requests, paid, and left. Joel and Ella sat on the left side facing each other.

Joel dabbed his lips with a serviette and smiled. “Look at you. Do you think the widow wasn’t wise to have obeyed Elijah and made him a meal from her last? She trusted in divinity. An average person of today asks how offering is spent. Definitely, one could have asked Elijah why he must be the first one to eat,” he said.
“You’re right. Another person could have insisted on eating the quantity left and dying thereafter or could have told the prophet to multiply the flour before she made his meal. People believe more in what they see now, even the so-called Christians,”

Ella said.“You can’t be less right. What a paradigm shift.”
Ella drank from her cup. “We’ve been talking scripture since we came and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. I never could have thought it was possible to do Bible Study in a place like this. Thanks for sharing your time with me. A beautiful time, it has been. Thank you.”
“You made it beautiful, dear. Something like this is common in the UK. We used to go on a date like this often, even with total strangers, and teach the word over meals. Glory to God. Many souls have been won.”
“Hallelujah. You’re doing well, sir. I can’t pray less of more grace upon you.” She smiled and supported her chin with her hands, her elbow resting on the table.

“What do you do when you’re not teaching the word or ministering in songs? Do you have something else in Nigeria?”He smiled and glanced at the half-eaten pie on his plate. “I’ve told you earlier that my parents are based in Nigeria. They have a business and my siblings and I are on the payroll. The church supports with a definite stipend monthly. And I also have a business here in Lagos, which someone is managing for me. When I’m not doing the kingdom work, I dash into my business and sometimes I check on the family business. Before I travelled to the UK, I was fully involved in my parents’ business, although I served God as well. But since I came back, I’ve been busy, speaking engagement here and there, ministrations unending. But it’s good. I’m doing all for a be dazzled crown in heaven.”

He burst into laughter and she joined.
“I’m happy for you. I’m sure you’d be in God’s gold list, if there were something like that.” He smiled. “Meaning?”
“Never mind.”
“But you could have stayed in the UK. Why come home?”
“I need to settle, get married and raise kids, and so on. I prayed
about it and I heard Nigeria. That was when I made up my mind to return to Nigeria. I discussed my plan with the senior pastor. And my church in the United Kingdom gave me a transfer to the parish here.”
“Hmm. That’s good.
So, what are you doing about your plan, which brought you here?”
“I’ve been praying about it but I’m yet to get a name.”
Ella smiled. Her eyes betrayed her and disclosed her joy about his confession. “Well, praying is important, especially for someone like you.
You need a woman who is like-minded and spiritually sound, who will support your ministry in every way possible. Not the one who will become a future burden like many ladies we have around now.” He laughed and searched her eyes. “You’re not a part of them, are you?”

“God forbid. That’s why I’ve also been taking my time to pray for the right partner. I don’t want any man bringing me down either. I want someone who will charge me, who will be the pastor, priest, prophet, and head of my home. A man we can grow together. The Bible says Iron sharpens iron. You know, someone souled out to Christ that I will submit to and love for the rest of my days.”

He watched her with heightened interest as she spoke and gesticulated with her hands.
“That’s a good goal. But beautiful women like you have a flock of men swarming around them. If care is not taken, it might be…”
“That is why I’m not letting down my guard. Holiness is priority.
Won’t give in to any man until he’s endorsed by the heavens. Why do you think I’m not already married?” she interrupted. I’ve not thought about it actually. But I think I have an idea from all you’ve said. You’re waiting for the right man.”
“You don’t look that old to me, anyway, although physical appearance could be deceptive.”
She smiled. “I’m not old. I was twenty-seven on the 10th of July.”
“Really. You look even younger than that. Your beauty is fresh and unique.”
“Thank you,” she said and giggled.
“You’re welcome.” He glanced at his wristwatch. “Oh! I have to go now. I have a meeting with the choir this evening.”
“Alright. Thanks for everything.”
“All thanks to God. Would you allow me drop you at home since you didn’t bring your car?”

She laughed. “Of course. A beggar has no choice.”
“You’re not a beggar, my dear. You’re a god with small g. That’s how the Bible describes you. Never talk less of yourself.”
“Hmm. Thank you.” She smiled. Every of his word was pleasant in her ears. How could he speak so well? She discarded her thought, rose up, and followed him to his car.

To be continued…

Mended Wings

Episode 7

Joel held Ella’s hand as they walked down Crescent Street. The
street was platted in gold. Flowers and ornamental plants adorned the
sides of the road. She’d never walked in such a street. Although the sun
had set, the arrayed streetlights made it difficult to believe what the time was. Persistent fireworks excited the sky. The sight was enchanting. Or was entrancing the perfect word?
Her dress was beautiful, like none she had worn before. Jewellery adorned her hair, ears, and neck. Her steps were punctuated with grace
as she walked hand in hand with Joel, her husband, into the church.

The church was overfilled. Everyone rose up to welcome Joel and Ella, and sound of applause rent the air.
She couldn’t hide her euphoria. They walked toward the altar and a man handed them microphones to teach the church. Just as they
collected the microphones, Kunle emerged from the congregation and stopped them. Despite the cheering from the congregants, his voice was distinct.

“Ella, please come with me, there is a large gaping pit on the altar.
There is no way you’ll mount the altar and not fall into the pit. Come with me. But you must leave him. I can’t take you both. Give me your hands, let’s go,” Kunle said.
“Go where? You liar,” Ella said. She looked intently at the altar. It looked stronger than ever, adorned with precious stones. “Where is the pit? Are you saying the altar of God could harbour a pit? You would be disappointed if you think you could stop me from feeding my flock.
Look at them,” she spread her hand toward the thousands of congregants cheering them on, “they’re waiting for my husband and me.”
“They’re not your flock, they are the Lord’s. He’ll feed them.”

She sniggered. “You think you can deceive me from reaching where God has designed for me? You lie. Psalms 16:6 says ‘The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Yes, I have a good inheritance.’ Leave me alone.”
“This isn’t a pleasant place but hell. And this man isn’t your husband; I am.”
“Oh, lying liar.” She ostentatiously waved her left hand, a golden ring, with a diamond gem affixed, glinting on her ring finger. “You see, he’s mine.”
“There’s someone else the Lord has prepared for Joel, the one whom the Lord will use to break the yoke on his neck. Your place is by my side, Ella.”

“What yoke?” She glanced at Joel’s neck and saw a weighty golden chain padlocked at the joint. “You call this a yoke? This is nothing but a fanciful jewellery. Don’t bad mouth it just because you can’t afford one.”
“May the eyes of your understanding be opened. Listen to me and escape torment.”
She stared at him with contempt, a wretched mendicant was better off. “You, filth. Get away from me!”
Ella, the ways of God are higher than our ways. Please give me achance to show you how much God loves you.”
“How much God loves me to give me you filth? Leave me alone,”she screamed.

She pulled Joel’s hand and headed for the altar. Suddenly, she saw it. The pit was real, emitting a great force to pull her in.
Ella jumped out of sleep. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead.
It was a dream. A nightmare. The devil must be trying to fool her, she thought. She knelt down and began to pray, casting, binding and rebuking the devil and his agents.
She wiped her face after a long prayer session and sat at the edge of the bed. Kunle was definitely up to something. Did he bring up the discussion of marriage in order to take her from the singles and prevent her from marrying the right man for her? But there was a pit there indeed, she thought.
“How could a pit be on the altar? It’s a lie of the devil. Marrying Kunle is that pit you saw. Won’t you feed your flock? Even Jesus told Peter in the scripture to feed His flock. Can’t you withstand persecution for the sake of the cross?” a voice in her head said.
“No. That is not the will of God for you. The calling of God differs from man to man. Remember, Uriah died despite having a good intention. He wanted to save the ark from falling but he was not a Levite. It was not his calling. Saul offered
sacrifice in Samuel’s place and lost his kingdom. God owns the church and He won’t leave her untended.

The glamour isn’t real. Nothing in this world can offer you such glamour. Kunle is your man,” another voice dropped in her mind.That’s a lie of the devil. Remember that the devil can also quote the scripture.
You can’t leave Joel. He has the anointing. He’s blessed and he has all you desire in a man. You’ll be the Aaron for his Moses. And you’ll be celebrated. Why must you accept something of no value in the name of humility or God’s will? Don’t be fooled. Do you think it was merely coincidental that he sat beside you on his first day in church or that he noticed you out of over a thousand women in the church? Are there no better women there than you are? It wasn’t a coincidence that you saw him again immediately after you cried out your heart to God to direct you. Joel is the man,” the first voice added.
“That is not true. Beware that the Bible in Ephesians 6:11 says ‘Put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.’

Ella, do not be ignorant of the devices of the devil. You can fast for hundred days and still come across a device of the devil. The onus lies on you to make decision whether to
win over or lose. Remember, a person might be excellent and yet be bad for you. God is the best matchmaker. That Joel has a calling doesn’t make him yours. God will
show you where to serve Him always. A little with God is might. Do not be deceived,” the second voice said.
“Ella, an assistant head of department in the church and a sisters’coordinator, marrying an ordinary member of another church. Where will you put your oil? How will you explain to people? Who will rekindle you when you feel weak?
Do you think Kunle who can’t pray for two hours can do you any good? Be wise. Iron sharpens iron.”

“Kunle is a believer. A genuine child of God, who is operating in God’s will.
He genuinely loves you. Don’t forget you got a go-ahead before you started. Has God told you otherwise?”
Believer, my foot. Didn’t he try to kiss you one day. If not for your resolution, what would have happened? Joel is the fire. He’s holy. He’s the one you’ll never regret
marrying. Ella sighed and lowered her head unto her palms. Her mind was on fire. She stood up and walked into the bathroom. She had to get a cold bath and sleep. She’d leave her decision-making process until morning, she thought.

To be continued…..

Mended Wings

Episode 8

Kunle Adedoyin sat on one of the three black sofas in Mrs Olawoye’s house, his forehead thrown into furrows. He puckered his
dry lips, seizing the moment to ruminate on Mrs Olawoye’s question,
which was hanging in the air. He wasn’t sure if explaining everything to
her would worsen the situation. He didn’t want anyone to see him as a
person who would always allow a third party to mediate in his marriage
in the future. But he knew keeping to himself wouldn’t resolve the issue
either. His problem was getting out of hand, and if he didn’t take appropriate decision, he’d be back to square one.

Talking to Evelyn should not be a problem. After all, Ella had been living with her since she graduated from the university and was her intimate friend. Moreover, Evelyn had been aware of his relationship
with Ella from the very beginning and had given as much support as
needed. He hushed, thinking of what action to take.

“You have not answered my question. What is going on between you and Ella? Something is not right and it’s obvious. Let me know if there’s anything I can do,” Evelyn said.
Kunle heaved a sigh and adjusted in his chair. “I don’t understand what is going on. Ella has become a total stranger to me. She doesn’t…”
Words failed him, frustration written over his face.
“Hmm. I understand how you feel. Calm down and try to explain what’s happening.”
It is true that she was indifferent toward our relationship in the
beginning, but I felt she would change with time. Few months later, things got better and my joy knew no bound. I never knew it would be
short-lived. I never expected the apathy to resurface and reach its peak.”

He paused and swallowed. “When I noticed she was avoiding me and wanting out of the relationship, I took my time to wait on the Lord and pray. I came to Ella after receiving God’s consent and told her we should start planning to get married. She told me she would pray about
it and demanded that I stay away till she gives me an answer.”
“How did you respond to that?”
“I did my best. For the first week, I stayed put. No
communication of any sort. The following week I could not hold in. I would send text messages to her, asking about her welfare and telling her how much I loved her. She called me that weekend and said I was only prolonging the time she’d take. She said if I didn’t stop trying to
communicate with her, she wouldn’t pray about it. She insisted she couldn’t communicate with God and me at the same time.”

“Are you kidding me?”
“No, I’m serious. I apologized and gave her three weeks to pray. It was the fourth week that I was forced to meet her at work. I asked what was going on and she said I should stop tailing her around, as she wasn’t a kid. I reminded her that it was the first time in almost two months we
were seeing. After much complaint, she said the visions she had about
me were bad and that each time she prayed about it she had a bad
dream. I asked her if she asked the Lord for a word. She said she wasn’t comfortable with the relationship and that she had a feeling I would
prevent her from serving God.”

“Did you try to convince her otherwise at all?”
“Yes, but all my promises and pleas fell on deaf ears. She insisted that all the odds were against me and that she was in the relationship in the first place because she had heard God and not because she’d wanted
Evelyn shook her head. “You mean Ella said all these?”
“Yes, she did. She told me she no longer felt any spiritual backup and couldn’t continue the relationship. Ever since then, she rarely picks
my call and never replies my text. She even warned me not to visit this house or report anything to you.
I’m just so…”

Evelyn exhaled. “Hmm. This is a big issue. The devil is at work here. We have to be sensitive. First, I apologize for everything she said to you. Please find a place in your heart to forgive her.”
“I have forgiven her. I just want peace.”
“Thank you. Second, we’ll both have to fast and pray about this situation.”
“That won’t be a problem. I want our relationship restored.”
“Alright. Please inform your pastor so he could pray along with us.
I’ll also talk to her. Please be patient. Only the patient dog eats the
fattest bone. Let’s commit her to God’s hands.”

“I’m worried that she could have received a wrong message from someone out there. The change was too abrupt.”
“It’s possible. Nowadays devil uses anybody, even the most respected pastor if care is not taken. That’s why every counsel or prophecy received from anyone must be brought side by side with the word of God. If it’s contrary, it must be discarded. So many wrong messages being preached today that have hardened the hearts of many.
God will give us victory.”
“Amen. I sincerely appreciate you. God bless you.”
“Amen and you too.”
“I’ll do as you’ve said. Although I’ve not stopped praying, I’ll intensify it.”
“That’s good. Thanks for honouring my invitation.”
“You’re welcome. I appreciate your hospitality.”
“You deserve even more, my brother.”
He smiled. “I’m flattered.”
They talked about few other things and laughed before Kunle took his leave, his hope renewed that the situation would be resolved.

To be continued…

Mended Wings

Episode 9

Joel Mason opened the door to his apartment and held the door open for Ella. He closed the door behind them and walked into the living room. He pressed the switch boxes of the light bulbs and air
“You’re welcome to Mason’s home. Please make yourself comfortable,” Joel said to Ella who was busy whirling her head around,
scrutinizing the whole place.

The living room was big, with adjoining study and dining.
Furniture, of perfect match for the painting of the room and the curtains, were arranged in style, adorning the room. A mini rug, lying underneath a glass table holding a small waterfall pot in the centre of the space enclosed by the sofas, took her attention. It was her favourite colour and it was beautiful. Everything in the room was in the right
place, adding to the overall beauty, including a few pictures and paintings hung on the wall.

The house got a five-star rating from her. It was the kind of house she’d dreamed to live in.
“This is awesome,” she said after a brief silence, “and I must say, you’re meticulous. Your house backs up your looks, unlike many men
who look good and always dress well but would need two weeks to clean
their houses before a visitor could be allowed. This is commendable.”

“Thank you. I am flattered.”
And you have a great taste. This place speaks volume about you.”
“Really.” He smiled and sat on the opposite sofa. I’m glad you like it.”
“I sure do.” She nodded. “Do you stay alone in this place?”
“Yes, until I’m married.”
“How do you get food and stuffs?”
“In the market of course.”
“I mean cooked food. You eat out most times, right?”
“No. I cook. Only on days when I’m either too tired or very late outside do I visit eateries.”
“Are you serious? What type of food can you cook?”
“Various types. Rice in many forms, beans, yam, stew, different types of soup, local food, name it.”
She burst out laughing. “I’m surprised. I wasn’t expecting a positive answer. Did you cook in the United Kingdom too?”
“Why not? I was born and bred here in the country. I travelled to the UK about seven years ago. Cooking is something I’m used to. I have three siblings and only the youngest is a female. We were raised to do everything possible.”

“That’s fantastic. How cool of your parents.”
He stole a smile. “What should I offer you?”
“I don’t have n-o-t-h-i-n-g in the house. I have food, juice, non-alcoholic wine and so on. Place an order.”
She laughed. “Look at you. You want to display your cooking prowess already. Anyway, I’ll be fine with a cup of juice. Thank you: As your lordship pleases.” He left and returned with a tray containing a goblet and a container of juice. He placed it on a small
table, moved the table to Ella, and served her a drink.
“Thank you, she said, smiling.
“The pleasure is all mine.”

They continued the banter, hopping from one topic to another.
“There are so many broken homes here and there. Even Pastors and church elders are caught in the web,” Joel said.
“That was why I said it’s better to marry at forty and have a lasting
marriage than to marry at twenty-four and divorce at forty. Marriage is sacred and is expected to last for a lifetime. For me, divorce is not an option.”
“Hmm. What if it were an abusive marriage?”
“No matter the condition, divorce is not an option for me.”

“You’re right. Jesus tells us in the Bible that except for sexual immorality, no one is expected to divorce his or her partner. Even in
cases of sexual immorality, one is supposed to forgive. If God could. forgive our sins, we’re rid of reasons not to forgive others. But in cases of physical violence, both may separate temporarily, pray and review their relationship, then come together again.”
“I agree with you. That’s why it’s important to get it right. Once one gets it right, you can look forward to joy unending. Issues will definitely arise, even in a wonderful marriage, but both parties must work toward resolution rather than divorce. Praying before marriage cannot be overemphasized. Thanks to God, who is faithful, when we go to Him in prayers, He directs us.”

He does. But we must be willing to obey.”
“Take me for instance, I have prayed and I know who I’m led to. marry, but it’s left for me to obey.”
Ella’s eyes widened. “Really. Thank God for direction.”
“Have you informed the senior pastor and the lucky sister?”
“Well, not yet. I’m actually taking my time to observe the sister.”
“Until when do you intend to observe her? What if someone else speaks to her before you do?”
He laughed and shook his head.
“What’s funny? This is an era where ten brothers in the church claim to be led to marry one sister. So many people getting it all wrong.”
“I laughed because I’m confident she’s going to be my wife.”
“How could you be so sure?”
“That’s because I trust my conviction.”
“Wow. I like that statement. That’s good.”

“Sister Ella, have you been praying too?”
“I have never stopped praying.”
“Any conviction yet?”
She smiled and rubbed her eyes. “I believe things will fall into place soon,” she said, hoping her eyes would not disclose how much she. wanted to tell him he was the one she wanted.
He sat straight in his chair and looked intently into her eyes.
“Sister Ella, what if I told you that you knew the sister who would be my
wife?”: Her heart thumped against her ribcage. Someone she knew. Could
it be someone in the choir or one of the female youth ministers? Why was it someone she knew and not herself? “Really,” she managed and forced a smile.
“Yes, you know her very well.”
Perhaps Sister Rachael or Sister Joy, she thought. After all, those two had always been flaunting themselves at him a lot. Two prostitutes in church clothing, she mused. Disgust welled up her throat. “Who could that be?” she said after a brief silence.
“Hmm.” He searched her eyes. “It’s you, Sister Ella. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, if you’ll permit me. I want to share all I have with you and grow with you. It’s you I have gotten heaven’s
consent to marry.”

Ella froze in her seat. She couldn’t describe the feeling that overwhelmed her. Was it happiness, surprise or something else? She opened her mouth but words stuck to her throat. She swallowed and heaved a sigh, blinking and chewing on her lips.
“I understand how surprising this may be for you. I’m not expecting an immediate answer. Take all the time you need to pray about it. Let me know when you have an answer then we will know what step to take,” Joel said, disrupting the awkward silence.
Ella nodded. “I will,” she said. She would rather not say much before her emotion sneaked out of her voice. “I should be on my way home now. My aunt would be expecting me.”
“Oh. That’s true. I’ve taken much of your time. Thank you for. coming.”
“It’s a pleasure.” She rose up and strolled to the door, Joel following closely behind.
“Let me drop you home. After all, I brought you here.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. I intend getting some stuffs along the way. Thanks for your hospitality.”
“You’re welcome,. although, I wish I could do better. Please let me
know when you get home. I’ll also call you.”
“Alright. Have a nice evening.”
“You too, thanks,” he said and stood at the gate, watching her as
she walked away. He smiled, turned around, and walked in.

To be continued…

Minded wings

Episode 10

Ella lay on her bed, her elbow resting on the widely opened Bible
beside her. Thoughts filled her mind. It couldn’t be a coincidence. She’d
dreamt of Joel even before he had expressed his love to her. He had to
be the one she was meant to marry. He was all encompassing, lacking
nothing. But why was peace absent in her heart, the kind of peace that
had washed over her heart when she had eventually agreed to begin a
relationship with Kunle.
She sighed, the umpteenth time that morning. Her whole body and mind approved of Joel. After all, Joel was a believer who must have. prayed intensively before deciding to extend a hand of love towards her.

And he was one of those who heard God every second or so she. thought. He couldn’t have chosen wrong. That was the confirmation she was awaiting. If he could tell her that he’d received God’s consent to. marry her, then nothing else mattered. Moreover, she’d been having good dreams about him recently, unlike when she had just started
praying about marrying Kunle, and she had negative visions about Joel.

Nothing would deter her from making the right choice. But what if…
“Ella, open the door,” Evelyn said, interrupting Ella’s thoughts.
“I’m meditating. Can we talk later?” Ella answered, her nose scrunched.
“No. We can meditate together. It’s important.”
Ella knew nothing she said would make Evelyn turn away from
her door. She reluctantly left her bed and opened the door. Evelyn walked in and sat on the bed.
“Come sit with me here. We need to talk,” Evelyn said as soon as she made herself comfortable on the mattress.
Ella stood behind the door, holding it open, a habitual action she put up to tell a visitor he or she wasn’t welcome.
“Auntie, can’t we talk later? I was in the middle of something?” Ella said.
“You’ll go back to whatever that was when I leave.” Evelyn tapped
the mattress. “Come have your seat.”
Ella exhaled deeply. She shut the door and sat close to the edge of
the bed, facing her aunt. “I’m listening,” she said.
“How’re you?”
“I’m fine,” she said, her countenance opposing her utterance.
“Thank God for that. Ella, it’s not news that you’re not getting any younger. What’s going on?”
“Going on where? I don’t understand you,” she said with raised eyebrows.
“Okay. Let me be direct. What has God told you concerning. Kunle? You’ve been praying about him for a long time now. Time is running out, you people should start thinking of tying the nuptial knot.
You need to let him know your stand.”

“Oh, that. Actually, I’ve not been serious about the prayer. But now that you’ve mentioned that time is running out. I’ll get serious with it.”
“Ella. What has suddenly gone wrong with you? I just wanted to hear it from you. He told me that the last time he discussed with you about bringing his parents to meet yours, you refused and told him to give you more time. My question for you is this, what do you intend to
do with more time? Answer me, Ella. More time for what? To build a
house or what? And I heard you stopped communicating with him. You banned him from visiting this house and even blocked him on social media. That’s very wrong. How could you treat a man who genuinely
loves you like that? That’s insensitivity of the highest order.”

“Don’t auntie me. Do you know how long you’ve been avoiding discussion each time I tried to talk to you about it?”
“You’re pressurizing me.”
“I’m not pressurizing you. You’re the one dragging what shouldn’t be dragged.”
Ella shook her head, anger trickling into her veins. “Auntie, you’re taking things personally. I was the one who said yes to courtship with him in the first place. And I still have the prerogative to say yes or no to marriage. It’s not a must-do thing. Seriously, we need to have a talk
about something else of more importance and drop this issue.”

“Drop what issue? We’re not dropping this until it is resolved.”
“Flogging a dead dog is an exercise in futility. Forget Kunle. The earlier you do the better for both of us.” Ella turned her head to the
side, staring at the plain wall.
Evelyn exhaled. She knew another approach was needed if she’d get Ella to talk. She stood up and went on her knees. “Ella, for God’s sake, please tell me what is going on. What has this guy done to you?”
Ella jumped off the bed and pulled her aunt up.

“Please, have your seat.”
“I won’t stand up until you tell me all that is in your mind.”
“Okay, I promise, I will. Please sit.”
Evelyn resumed her seat and stared expectantly at her niece.
“I can’t marry Kunle. He’s not the man meant for. me. That’s all.”
“Ella. I’m your aunt. I can’t see a pit and ask you to jump into it. I was aware when you fasted and prayed in this same house before you started courting this man. I knew how much confident and convinced you were. Are you saying God has changed His mind concerning Kunle?”
“Yes. And it isn’t the first of its kind. God changed His mind about Eli and his generation in the Bible. He can change His mind
about anyone.”

“This is deception of the devil. Listen to me, no verse of the Bible stands in isolation. Picking a verse or an incidence in the Bible to justify one’s decision without getting the true meaning by the help of the Holy Spirit will not save one when the consequences of such decisions arise.
God is not an author of confusion. If indeed, God didn’t want you to marry him, He would have told him too, and you wouldn’t even need the unnecessary hostility you’re displaying towards him. I’m not canvassing for Kunle. But the truth is that he will make a good husband for you. I’ve also been praying, and I thank God for the words of
assurance I received about Kunle. Besides, I’m beginning to get worried
that it’s getting late. I want you to settle in good time.”

“If you’re worried about me marrying late, you need not. I’ve met the man that will be my husband. He’s a born again Christian. He’s in the ministry. And he has told me to marry him, a decision he didn’t take
based on feelings.”
Evelyn’s eyes widened as she stared at Ella’s mouth. “I knew it. I knew pebbles were in the beans. You couldn’t suddenly refuse Kunle like that if there was none in the picture with you two. By the way, who
is this man you’re talking about?”
The thought of Joel parted Ella’s lips in a deep smile. “His name is Joel Mason. He attends my church. He’s young and vibrant. He’s…”
“Wait, is that Joel the Pastor Mason you’ve told me tons about?”
“Yes.” She grinned. “Your memory is good. He’s the same person.”
“The same person as the pastor you had a crush on.”

She frowned. “Auntie. I didn’t have a crush on him. I was only admiring him. And that was long time ago.”
Evelyn laughed. “Now I get the full picture. I was wondering what was clouding your vision because I knew how sound your judgment
used to be. I knew how much you received directions from God
regarding issues. So, I was wondering what went wrong this time around.”
“What are you saying? My visions are still as clear as ever. All the revelations I’ve had of recent assured me he is the one.”
“Don’t be deceived. The devil is using your lust for that man to becloud your vision. You’ve wanted him from the very first day you saw him.”

“I don’t have lust in my heart,” Ella snapped.
“Lust is subtle my dear. Sometimes you never know when it creeps in. The Bible, in Proverbs 4:23, says, ‘Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life.’ Admiration isn’t a sin, but when care isn’t taken, it degenerates into lust.”
“I know. But this has gone beyond the issue of lust or no lust. Joel is the one I’m marrying.”

Evelyn shook her head. “Why do I have a bad feeling about this?”
“That’s because you’ve told yourself Kunle would be your in-law.
Sorry to burst your bubbles, Kunle has no place in our family. The
earlier you forget about him, the better.”
“So, your mind is made up.”
“That’s an understatement I’m more determined. Joel will be my husband.”
“Have you told your pastor about it?”
“Yes. He has gone to see our senior pastor, and the pastor has sent for me. I’m meeting him on Thursday.”

“Ella. The spirit of God will not always strive with you. If you refuse to hearken to divine instruction and allow the devil to befuddle
you, you’ll have yourself to blame in the end.”
“Are you placing a curse on me?”
“No, I’m not. I’m only saying you need to be careful at this junction. I’ll accept any man you bring because I can’t force any man on you. I pray God will guide you. I leave you in God’s hands.” Evelyn rose up.
“Thank you. I can assure you that you’ll love Joel. He’s everything you love. You’ll see.”
“It is well with you,” she said and walked out of Ella’s room.

To be continued…



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