Episode 1

I entered the supermarket with an air of confidence. It was around 10:00am in the morning.. . “What kind of interview will the owner conduct that will be capable of throwing me off balance anyway?” I thought.

“Good afternoon young lady, how may I help you?” Came the voice of the voice of a beautiful young woman probably in her late twenties.

“Urmmmmgh,” I cleared my throat. “Please, may I meet the owner of this place?” I asked humbly with no trace of the reason for my request. I was actually hunting for a job. Yes. I was 18years old. I finished my SSCE exam at age 16

Two years down the line, I couldn’t secure an admission yet into any of the Universities. I tried but all attempts failed. Tired of staying at home, I decided to get a job to keep me busy. The supermarket wasn’t far from my home, about seven to ten minutes walk…

The woman offered me a seat and said, “yes, here I am, it’s a pleasure meeting you. How may I be of help?”

I was taken aback. I actually thought she was a sales girl or something. I looked at her again. I was really impressed that a woman of her age could own such a big outfit. For some reasons, I seemed to like her immediately. I felt free to tell her about my plight without being scared.

“Please ma, can I work for you? I need a job.” I simply responded.

She looked at me again and was about to reply when I spoke again, interrupting her.

“Please, I really need a job, I have always stayed home alone for two good years, I have nowhere to go, I am so bored. My admission is not getting through, yet I really need to get busy with something.” I concluded

“How old are you?” She asked.


“Eighteen?” She asked, a bit surprised and added, “you seem to be matured than your age.”

I wasn’t sure if that was a compliment so I simply responded with a smile.

“Well my dear, she continued, somehow, I just like your personality and disposition even though I haven’t met you before. Actually, I used to have a sales girl working for me but since her parents relocated to another town, I am yet to get someone suitable enough to fill her position. I haven’t been lucky with those who showed up later, they either stole my money or handled my goods carelessly, so I decided to handle the job myself till I get someone I can trust.”

“You can count on me ma. Give me a trial, an opportunity to prove myself and I promise you won’t regret it.” I replied confidently.

“Alright dear. Since you came at the right time, I will give you a chance. Your name is?”

“Omobonike.” I replied.

I was so glad I will be getting a job at last and luckily in the same supermarket I had earlier wished for…

“Okay, you can start tomorrow. Resumption time is 9:00am and you will be closing by 6:00pm. No truancy or lateness to work please…” She rolled out the terms and conditions and I listened with rapt attention waiting to hear the remuneration. Finally, she said,

“Your monthly salary will be #15,000 for a start. If you prove to be diligent, I will raise it to #20,000.”

“That’s a good one. I am comfortable with the conditions. Thank you ma.” I replied.

“You are welcome.

. See you tomorrow then.”

I walked out of the store and felt as if I just gained freedom from captivity. At last, I wouldn’t need to stay at home all day long anymore. I sang along the lonely street till I got home. I began earnest preparations for work tomorrow.


“Mom, you wouldn’t believe it, I just got a job!” I screamed happily as I set the table for dinner.

“What job Omobonike?” My mom queried. “How many times will we go over this eenh? No child of mine will work for money as a teenager. Get admitted to study at school first. And young lady, am I not comfortable enough to feed and clothe you? Tell me. In what area have I been inadequate for you as a mother?” She scolded.

Wait for episode 2

So, what do you think? Is it wrong for OMOBONIKE to work as a teenager?


Episode 2

“Mum, please it’s not about food or clothing, neither is it about the money I will make while working but mum, I have been so lonely all these while. It’s not easy to stay at home alone all day doing nothing. I have persuaded you to allow me enrol for fashion designing, you still insisted that you wanted me to go to school. Let me work as a sales girl then, please mum, you just have to choose one out of the two, I am tired of this loneliness.”

“What loneliness Bonike? What happened to all the novels I bought for you?”

“I read them all mum, I even read some twice, you know I love reading novels and…”

“Then, read them again and watch T.V when you are bored,” she replied on a final note as she started devouring the plate of rice and plantain before her.

I felt like crying . My mum can be so stubborn. I used to wonder if that was why she no longer lived with my father. They got divorced when I was 5years old or so for reasons I do not know. Being an only child, I enjoyed all the care and attention of my mother but she never allowed me to be a spoilt child that can have her way all the time, it’s a good thing though…

I heard my Dad who now lives in California is married to another woman. My mum is a banker

. The only days she stayed at home was on weekends. Saturdays, and on Sundays too. She’s a woman in her late forties, quite beautiful than her age. People said I got my natural and flawless beauty from her.

She had always been my role model since my primary school days. Often times, I dreamt of becoming a banker like her when I grow up. So, whenever I was asked to write an essay on “Who I will like to be in future,” I gleefully would paint the picture of a banker, my mum’s image was always on my mind while writing…

But for some reasons, as I advanced in age, my desire to be a banker faded away gradually. Maybe because each passing day, I watched my mum leave home very early, and returned late in the evening only for her to eat dinner and before you know it, she would have dozed off on the sofa, tired and worn out.

Since I passed out of secondary school, I have been the one preparing breakfast and dinner, so we had something good to eat before going to bed. But when I was much younger, we were used to eating junks and leftovers in the freezer. She would manage to wake up early to prepare a good meal for me to take to school maybe twice in a week, the rest of the days of the week, I either take bread and butter or she gave me money to buy food at the school cafeteria.

All these made me conclude that it’s quite an abnormal life for a woman to live. Anytime I complained about her too busy schedule, she would simply reply,

“I am working tirelessly so that you will live a comfortable life, your dad left and I am left with no choice than to bear the burden of being a father and mother to you at the same time, so you ought to be grateful.”

Even on Saturdays at times, she did go to work, but usually came back earlier than week days.
Sundays, after church service, we would serve siesta, do some laundry if need be, and then iron our clothes in preparation for the new week again. And that’s how the cycle repeated itself all through the weeks, months and all year round, mum hardly had time for me.

I began to detest this way of life that makes one to spend such a short time with the family, I do not want that. I want to become a wife and mother that will be close to her husband and children on a daily basis. I felt so sorry for my mum but I do not want a home like hers. I want a home where I would have a husband and children and will be available for them always. So, I stopped wishing to be a banker. I started desiring a more motherly and homely profession. Yes, I will be a teacher! I made up my mind, and it became the dream I pursued…

I love the way female teachers lived their lives. They had time for their families and even for other peoples’ children. A banker may earn more than a teacher but no matter how meagre the salary of a teacher is, no other profession can make one enjoy the joys of motherhood and the happiness of being around children everyday of one’s life, I love children.

I settled down with my mum on the dinner table, pretending to watch the ongoing drama on T.V but my mind was actually on how else to persuade her to allow me to work.

Then, a scenario I could cite came to my mind, it was about a friend of mine and I thought it would be a perfect strategy. “This should convince her,” I thought.

“Mum?” I called

“Yes?” She answered with heavy eyes as she popped the last grains of rice into her mouth.

“Do you know Mary, my classmate at school that used to come around to say hello to me once in a while during weekends?”

“Yea, what about her?”

“You know she travelled to Port Harcourt to stay with her aunt after our SSCE exam?”

“Yes, I remember you told me so.” Mum answered hastily. It was evident that she wanted to go to bed as soon as possible.

“I heard recently that she is pregnant.”

Mum turned to me sharply. “She is what? How come, how did you get to know, how did it happen?” She stammered. Obviously, the sleep in her eyes had rubbed off.

“She was raped.” I continued. “She was raped by one of her aunt’s neighbour. She usually stay back at home alone, while her aunt goes to work. The rapist climbed the fence into their compound and perpetrated the evil act.”

“What? Jesus Christ!” My mum screamed. “You don’t mean it. How did you get to know?”

“She told me herself when I called her two days back. I even wanted to tell you about it but you were too tired that night. That is one of the reasons why staying at home alone frightened me the more.”

“Jesus! And to think the poor girl is now pregnant from such an abominable act. What a pity.

. Why didn’t the aunt take her to the hospital immediately? Oh my goodness!” She lamented and sat back slowly on the dining chair.

I thought within me that it seemed I have pressed the right button, “this should work,” I thought.

Mum stared at my large portrait picture hung on the wall just ahead of her, she was deep in thought for a while…

“Hmmmmmm, if this ever happens to you, I will never forgive myself. Your Dad too will capitalize on it to conclude that I am a negligent mother. No, a stitch in time saves nine. When did you say the resumption time will be at the supermarket?” She asked still staring at the picture on the wall.

“9:00am, and closing time is 6:00pm.” I quickly replied.

“Okay then, let’s give it a trial, you can start tomorrow. We should avoid a case like that of your friend, I am so sorry about her right now.”

“Yes! I did it.” I thought happily. “Thanks mum, you are the best!”

“You are welcome my dear, promise me you will be a good girl at work. You know you are all I have got, do not let me regret making this decision.”

“Yes mum, I promise.”

“Alright dear,” she replied yawning. “Let us pray, I need to go to bed, it’s getting late.”

So, we prayed after which I got my dress ready for work the next day. Bye bye to loneliness, I thought as I laid on my bed for the night.

Meet me in episode 3 by 3pm.

So, OMOBONIKE was able to convince her mum at last. What happened after she started work? The story hasn’t started okay? Let’s unravel it in bits.


  • Episode 3

I got to work at exactly 8:50am the following day. My boss was already there. She greeted me with a warm smile. I just liked her warm personality.

“Come over here Bonike,” she called after I have entered the shop.

“Let me show you the prices of each category of goods and their arrangements.”

She explained all the goods to me in details, some already had price tags on them. I was very fast in catching up with the mastery of the prices to the surprise of my boss . She was also impressed with the way I attended to the customers. One or two of them passed some compliments about my politeness. In short, my first day at work was quite an interesting one and my boss liked me a lot.

At around 4:30pm, my boss told me she had to see someone down the street, so I was left alone in the supermarket. Some minutes after she left, a young man walked in. I quickly stood up to attend to him.

“Good evening sir,” I greeted cheerfully, “what will you like to buy?”

“Errmmmm… shaving stick,” he responded simply and quickly added, “you are new here, I am sure.”

“Yes,” I replied, handing him a packet of shaving sticks.

“Oh! That’s nice. My name is Stephen, it’s nice to meet you

. I do come here often to buy get one or two items whenever I am around, in short, I am a regular customer. How is madam?” He asked.

“She’s fine, she went out some minutes ago to check on someone,” I replied while searching for a nylon bag to package his purchase.

One thing about me is that I didn’t usually give guys my attention. Right from when I hit my puberty stage, I have had a whole lot of toasters but I never gave heed to anyone of them. One, because I believed I was still too young for a relationship and two, because I was a virgin and I intended to keep it till marriage. So, guys to me were meant to be handled on a platonic level, no strings should be attached whatsoever.

But one thing I noticed about Stephen was that somehow, for the first time, i got attracted to someone of the opposite sex. Yes, I felt attracted to Stephen. Not because he was extremely handsome, No. Though he was moderately good looking, dark in complexion, averagely tall with a fine set of teeth, but all these I was sure was not the real thing that drew me to him. I have met countless guys who were more handsome. I couldn’t really place the reason why he seemed kind of special but I knew the attraction was real.

“What is your name?” He asked just when he was about to leave.

“OMOBONIKE,” I replied.

“Wow! Such a nice name for a pretty face. I do hope to see more of you”

“Thanks for your patronage,” I responded, deliberately ignoring the personal compliment.

And that was how I met Stephen. A 25year old, 200 Level Electrical and Electronics Engineering student in the University. Stephen is a very cool headed, well behaved, caring, sweet, and above all a God fearing guy, a born again Christian. Another virtue he has is the fact that he is really hardworking. His aged parents lived in the village at the time he gained admission into the University, he is from a humble background. The second child in the family of three children, he had an elder sister and a younger brother.

Stephen had to do a lot of menial jobs at school such as car wash, laundry and others after lecture hours and on weekends to pay for his rent on campus, school fees and to keep body and soul together.

Some days after we met at the supermarket, I longed so much to see him again but he didn’t show up. I was really disappointed. The fact that we didn’t even exchange contact pained me the more…

A week later, I was alone in the supermarket one evening trying to write down a list of goods that were out of stock.

“Hello Omobonike,” came a voice from the entrance of the store. I looked up sharply from where I was seated. His voice had already registered in my memory so I didn’t mistake him for someone else. Stephen, of course. He stood at the entrance beaming with smiles, then finally entered. He came to get a loaf of bread for dinner.

My joy knew no bound. The first thing that nearly escaped from my mouth was “where have you been all these while that I have been longing to see you?” But I quickly restrained myself and greeted,

“Hi Stephen, it’s been a while, how are you doing? You haven’t been patronizing us, why? Did we offend you?” I asked shyly, trying to avoid his gaze.

I’m good and you? It’s not like that oh, I travelled last week to check on my parents, it’s my uncle that stays here in Lagos. I just arrived last night.”

“Oh, I see. It’s good to see you again.”

“Same here, Omobonike. How is your family and work?”

“We bless God.” I replied

We chatted for a while after which he begged to take his leave because his uncle would have been expecting him. I really enjoyed his company. It was as if I was with a friend with whom I have been so close for a long time. I felt neatly heart broken when he finally stood up to leave.

“See you some other time Omobonike, I will be going back to school tomorrow morning. Our strike has been called off and we have all been asked to resume with immediate effect.”

It was as if I had just been dealt a big blow. My countenance changed, I just couldn’t hide it. Why I felt so much at home with this stranger, I couldn’t understand but I knew I had feelings for him already, his going back to school was such a bad news…

He noticed my changed mood and said, “Huh huh, don’t tell me you are missing me already, Shalewa.”

I tried to conceal my feelings. I thought within me, “of course I will miss you, can’t you just ask for my contact?”
Then, I said aloud “well, I really enjoyed your company today.”

“Don’t worry, we will talk and chat more on phone. Can I have your number?”

“Yes!” I was excited within me.

But instead, I replied, “though I don’t give strangers my number, but I hope if i give it to you, you won’t be one of those guys that disturbs with both necessary and unnecessary calls, especially in the middle of the night?”

“Haba Omobonike, I will respect myself okay? And besides, we are no more strangers to each other.”

We exchanged contact, I felt so happy. We called each other regularly. Our friendship got stronger. A few months down the line, he asked me to pray about us, that he believed God was leading us to each other. I prayed, I was convinced and that was how we started a relationship when I was 19years old. I didn’t tell my mum about our relationship, though she got to know Stephen later when he came visiting at our house and I introduced him to her as my friend.

Our relationship was a wonderful one. He was the best guy in the world to me. I loved him with the whole of my heart. He called me often, we did chat on WhatsApp too.

. Stephen is a very caring young man, whenever he comes to Lagos when school is on break, he would have saved some money from the jobs he did at school and would shower me with little gifts…

We did spend time together during the weekends by hanging out either at a restaurant or garden. We avoided being together in private places. Stephen respected my desire to remain a virgin till marriage. He told me already that he was a virgin too, so we made rules that guided our relationship so as not to fall into temptation.

Whenever he came to our house to say hello mostly on Sundays, he would help me out with house chores and at times, wash my mum’s car. Mum wasn’t at first comfortable with our friendship because she believed such friendship will make me lose focus on my academics but as time goes on, they both got along when mum also observed that he is a nice and decent guy. My mum even liked him a lot more than I expected.

“He is a good guy, he will make a good husband,” just make sure you both stick to your rules to remain pure. God hates formication, I’m sure you know that Bonike,” she counseled…

Our love for each other grew by the day. I made a lot of sacrifices for Stephen too. There was a time I gave him all of my savings for 3 whole months to pay for his accommodation at school when his landlord threatened to give him a quit notice. It was one of the many things I did for him. Our care for each other was mutual, though he didn’t have enough money to show how much he cared for me but he tried his best most times…

In short, I couldn’t really say that Stephen loved me more than I did or vice versa, all I knew was that the love was a genuine one, pure and sacrificial…

But, little did I know that our love wouldn’t last…….
See you in episode 4

Okay, my dear friends, what do you think really happened? Who else once had a relationship like Omobonike’s own, probably your first love?


    Episode 4

A year later, I gained admission into one of the Universities in the South West to study Guidance and Counseling. I was exactly 20 years old at the time.

The day I found out I was on the admission list was the happiest day of my life. The first person I called after telling my mum of course was Stephen. I was so happy to share the news with him . He was really happy for me too. Mum likewise was over joyed.

My boss was partly happy and partly sad. Happy because it’s a good news that I am moving on to the next stage of my life, sad because I will be leaving which means she will need to find someone else to manage her business.

“Bonike dear, keep being a good girl, you are one of the best sales girl I have ever employed here. You are honest, decent, polite and beautiful altogether. You have never taken a single dime from my money since 2years now, I have tested you several times and you have passed all through… Continue to be good okay?” She admonished me on the very last day I was to quit working with her.

To my utmost surprise, she gave me an envelope that contained my salary and an extra #10,000 as pocket money at school. As if that wasn’t enough, she brought out a small ‘Ghana must go’ bag filled with beverages and provisions of different items: custard, tea, milk, oats, cornflakes, sardines, imported biscuits of different kinds, etc.

I was really delighted, I went on my knees and thanked her profusely. And for the first time since I started working with her, she gave me a big warm hug and said,

“That is what you get to gain when you are honest, keep it up dear.

I pray God be with you. I will always keep in touch with you okay? Feel free to come around whenever school is on break.”

“Thanks so much ma, God bless you,”I answered delightfully.

In no time, mum ensured that all my school fees were paid and I started preparing for my stay on campus. Mum applied for a one week leave from work so as to have enough time to purchase all the things I would need at school and also to secure a good accommodation for me. She made sure she bought everything I would need for at least a whole semester. She also secured a one room self contained apartment for me off campus.

She finally took me to school in her car one Saturday morning and helped me to set up my room. She spent time with me till evening. When she was about leaving, I wasn’t really prepared for the moment. It was then it dawned on me that henceforth, I would start living alone. I have been used to life with my mum since when I couldn’t remember…

Well, she just had to leave. I was in a different phase of my life that moment, now a student.

I said a painful goodbye to her as she ignited the engine of her car.

“OMOBONIKE Abeni, don’t forget all I told you. Remember the child of whom you are. You know you are all I have. Please stay out of trouble my dear, and it shall be well with you.” She said.

I noticed her teary eyes. She brought out her handkerchief to get rid of the tears before it became noticeable.

“Thanks mum, I promise to be a good girl.” I replied trying to fight back the tears too. “Drive carefully mum, byeeee!”

I watched the vanishing figure of the car and then went back to my lonely room.
That was how I started my life at school…

I got a loaf of bread and took some fresh eggs from my small fridge to fry for dinner. As I was about to ignite the cooking gas in my kitchen, my phone rang. I remembered my mum’s warning about receiving calls while the cooking gas is on. I immediately switched off the cooker and went to the room to pick my call. It was Stephen.

“Hi Stephen, it’s so good to hear your voice. What happened to your phone? I have been trying your line.”

“So sorry dear, I had a flat battery what’s up with you? Are you at school now?”

“Yea. Mum brought me to school in her car. In fact she left not too long ago”

Wow! That’s nice. So, how is the apartment? Hope it’s nice and comfortable.”

“Sure. You can trust mum for that. I am in one of the best houses off campus.”

We talked for some seconds more…

“I have to go now Shally. I have a Prayer meeting at fellowship tonight. I wish you God’s best all through your stay at school. Please, remember that ‘out of sight shouldn’t be out of mind.’ Always keep in touch okay? Don’t forget that I love you a lot and I wouldn’t trade you for any other.”

“Of course dear, it is you that I am even scared about. I hope you will stick to your promises lover boy.”

“Sure my dear. Trust God in me. Have a nice rest. If I return early from fellowship, I will chat you up. Bye”

“Bye, take care” I replied and he ended the call.

Sunday morning, I went to the branch of my home church that was on campus. I enjoyed the service and I made new friends…

Lectures had started in earnest, so on Monday morning, I woke up early and was off to class. I had completed my registration process already a week before I finally moved to school, so I settled down for classes immediately. Both the lectures and lecturers were interesting and I was glad that I chose to study the course.

I made a lot of new friends both male and female.

Everyone kind of want to associate themselves with me. Some of the ladies said I have the figure of a model with a pointed nose!

Well maybe, maybe not, I am not flattered, I have always been contented with who I am and the way God created me.

One Thursday evening, I was coming back from lectures when I met Tope on the way near my house. Tope was my next door neighbour. He was walking towards me with a guy beside him. We greeted each other. He introduced the young man beside him as Desmond. We said hi to each other and I walked to my room.

I was lying on my bed with a book I was trying to read in preparation for a short test I would be having the following day when I heard a knock on my door.

It was Tope, my neighbour, the same guy I met on the way earlier. I was surprised to see him in my room because we never entered each other’s room.

“What could his mission be?” I wondered…….. you will be surprise in the next episode.

So, what do you think Tope’s mission is?


    Episode 5

“Won’t you at least ask me to sit?” Tope asked smiling.

“Oh! Pardon my manners, I was only surprised to see you. Do have your seat please.” I welcomed him.

We chatted for sometime, then there was a sudden silence. I was still wondering in my mind why he came around when he finally spoke up.

“Errrmmm, Bonike . I came to see you on behalf of my friend, Desmond. He is so much interested in you. He’s been seeing you around for sometime now whenever he comes visiting me and he had been pestering me to talk to you on his behalf. Not that he is too shy to approach you, far from that. He just preferred that I should speak to you first since you are my neighbour. Desmond is a very nice guy, you won’t regret it if you give him a room in your heart.” He concluded, as he watched my facial expression, expecting a response.”

“What is wrong with this one?” I thought. Did I post it on my fore head that I needed a boyfriend?”

Then I replied him, “thanks for the interest your friend has shown but I am not interested in any relationship now.”

“Really? Why? You are matured enough now, and besides, I have never seen any guy around you ever since you moved into this apartment.”

“Matured? Indeed.” I laughed.
“Do you know my age? Anyway, I have my personal reasons and I will appreciate it if you allow us to leave it that way. Thanks.”

“Okay. I will let him know your decision.”

He left my room and I slammed the door. I was angry within me but I controlled it because I didn’t want to have issues with someone who stayed in the same house with me.

“What exactly is really wrong with guys? Anytime they see a fine girl like this, they must go out with her and most of the time, it’s for selfish reasons. Once they get her into their beds, they are gone. Nonsense!” I hissed as I settled down to take a cup of ice cream that I bought when coming home.

It’s not like anyone really sat me down to orientate me about men and their behaviours, but I learnt about men through the experiences of people around me, my mum inclusive.

I have vowed in my heart never to have sex with any man until my wedding night, and the first man that ever have s-x with me would be my first and last, my husband till death do us part, no other man would see my nakedness… And that is why I was very okay with Stephen. Since I met him, he had respected my wish to remain chaste till marriage. The kind of love he had for me wasn’t the selfish one, it’s a genuine love. Not that we were never tempted to ‘have’ each other since I met him but God has been helping us to overcome the temptations…

“Stephen, a very nice and caring guy, I will never leave him for anyone…” I fantasized.

I picked my Android phone which was lying on my bed. Stephen’s smiling face stared back at me. Yes, I have used him as my wall paper picture for a long time. Then I dialed his number…

“Hi sweetheart,” I greeted.

“Hey Princess! I was just about to call you. How are you doing and how was your day?” He responded cheerfully.

“Fine and yours?”

“As stressful as ever my dear. Lectures upon lectures and I have some laundry and ironing to do because I must deliver them latest by tomorrow evening.” I just pray I get through with schooling on time and get a good job, so that my hustling and struggles will be over.”

“E ya! Sorry, the lectures are part of school life, it’s the same here. And as for these hard jobs you are combining with academics, don’t you think you need to pause a bit? You need to focus on your studies more, I have promised to help you, we can share my pocket money, Steve, that’s what love is all about.”

“Omobonike! I appreciate your efforts and sacrifices okay? But a real man must be able to cater for himself and even his fiancée. If I can’t give you what I should for now, I shouldn’t be a burden to you either.”

“Okay ooo. Your Highness, God is your strength. Don’t worry, you will get a good job and we will have a beautiful life, God has our future in His hands, it shall be well… I miss you Stephen.”

“Amen dear, thanks for the encouragement, that’s one of the reasons why I cherish you a lot. I miss you more my Angel. Shalewa, please don’t leave me, aside God, you are the air I breathe, if you leave me…”

“Sssshhhhh! Who is talking about leaving someone here, Stephen we are together all the way, relax. Don’t even entertain such thoughts.”

“Thanks dear. Don’t worry, school will soon close for the Christmas and New year break, we shall soon get to see again. So cheer up my Angel, should I sing for you?”

I smiled, I did enjoy his songs…

“You and this your singing. Okay o, I’m listening.”

He sang one of the love songs he had earlier composed specially for me. He is a very good singer with a fine vocal texture.
I clapped for him, I felt flattered by the lyrics of the song…

“I have to go now Stephen. I have a test tomorrow morning. Sweet dreams dear. Bye. Love you. Remember to pray before you sleep.”

“Okay dear. Love you too. Good night.

The following day after lectures, I decided to withdraw some cash from the ATM of one of the banks near the campus before going home but the machine was not dispensing cash. I checked the time, five minutes to four. I decided to quickly enter the banking hall to withdraw some cash directly from the counter before bank closes. I was running out of cash and I needed to get some foodstuffs for the weekend.

I filled the withdrawal slip and joined the long queue. I was getting tired of the slow progress on the queue. I was famished, because i haven’t taken lunch, yet there was no where to sit….

Then, I heard someone whisper my name from behind. I turned and saw a handsome young man dressed in a navy blue suit and trousers with a white shirt and tie to match. Yes I have seen this face, I stared at him as I tried to recollect…
Yea! Desmond. It was the same Desmond that I met just yesterday evening, Tope’s friend…

I said hello to him and quickly concentrated on the line on which I was standing.

“Do you want to deposit cash or you want to withdraw?” He asked.

I was pissed. “Why does he need to know?” I thought, then replied,

“I want to withdraw some cash.”

“I see. Can I have your withdrawal slip? Let me help you out. You will be worn out from staying on this long queue.”

He collected the slip from me while I still wondered what he was up to.

He went to one of the cashiers behind the counter and under three minutes, my transaction was completed and he brought the money to me.

Sincerely, I was so grateful and I couldn’t hide it…
He walked me down to the gate of the bank premises under the envious glare of the other customers on the queue.

“You work here?” I asked.

“Sure. He simply replied. “I am one of the Customers service staff here but I have never seen you around before.”

“Yea. I do make use of the ATM always. I entered the banking hall today because the machine was unable to dispense cash.”

Oh, so sorry about that. I have to go now. See you around some other time and thanks for banking with us!” He replied as he quickly walked towards the entrance of the banking hall.

I was about to stop a bike to take me home when I heard someone called my name again. I turned sharply to the direction from where the voice came to check out who it was…

“Wow! Am I dreaming?” I nearly screamed……… see you soon in the next episode.

And who did Shalewa see again?.


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