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We both sat quietly apart after the deed was done. It was Stephen’s first time.

As for me, It came as a surprise that I still bled that night despite the fact that it wasn’t my first time…

I felt so guilty. One, having sinned against God. Two, breaking my vow to stay pure till marriage again and three, having sex with a man who is engaged to another and would be getting married soon.

Stephen too was languished in guilt and regret. We both knew we have offended God already . We didn’t talk to each other. We later dozed off…

As early as 5:00am on Monday morning, I woke up. He also woke up immediately I did. It was clear that none of us had a sound sleep.

“I am so sorry about yesterday Omobonike. I allowed the flesh to overcome me. I am sorry about everything.”

“Never mind Stephen. I was at fault too. We both let down our guards. Don’t blame yourself. It’s my fault too, not yours alone.” I replied avoiding his face.

He had to get back to Port Harcourt that morning. I also had to get ready for work. I asked him where his friends stayed. He said they had all travelled back to Port Harcourt by flight the previous day, that he told them he had to check on an old friend.

He gave me his complimentary card and we exchanged our phone contacts too.

Omobonike, I promise to come back for you after I might have tidied up that relationship.” He assured.

He left the house first. I said a very painful goodbye to him. Painful because I knew the plan I was about to execute in my mind. Yes, my plan of course was to relocate from my present apartment and also to change my phone number. I believed that once Stephen wasn’t able to communicate with me anymore, he would focus on his fiancée and his marriage plans. And that was what I did. I relocated to another part of Lagos. I made sure the new place wasn’t too far from the school where I worked. I changed my phone number too. I stopped being active on social media.

So, I never heard of Stephen again. I was sure he must have come looking for me but I made sure I gave none of my neighbours any clue as to where I moved to, so no one could direct him to my new house. It was a tough decision for me because of the strong love I had for Stephen but I had to let go.

Two months later, I felt so sick and had to take the advice of my boss to go to the hospital to have me checked and get treated. After some series of medical tests, it was confirmed that I was pregnant!

“Jesus! How come?” I questioned myself on my way home. “After Aunty Mopelola had educated me on the safe and unsafe periods in a monthly cycle, I was sure the very day I and Stephen met fell under a safe period for me that month. But how come this pregnancy? Or did I miscalculate? Ha! What kind of problem is this? How could I get pregnant for a man that was planning for his wedding? How do I tell my pastor how I came about pregnancy as a single sister? What a shame!” I lamented till I got home.

“Should I abo-t it? Murder! That is a sin. But it’s only 10weeks. Could that be a sin? God have mercy!” I wept terribly on my bed.

I decided to go and see Doctor Felix, Aunty Mope’s Pastor. Yes, the same doctor that helped me when I fell into Desmond’s trap. I thought within me that if I explained my predicament to him, he might give me some drugs to terminate the pr-gnancy.

“I just have to get rid of it, I will ask God for forgiveness.” I concluded.

I got to Doctor Felix and explained my plight to him in details and how much I desired to terminate the pregnancy because the father, who was my first love will soon be married to another woman.

After a few seconds, the doctor sighed and said,

Omobonike, whatever the circumstance is, no baby deserves to die.
Now, I won’t persuade you too much but before you take your decision, let me give you an illustration of what happens in the womb and what is happening within you right now.

When the spe-m was ejaculated into you, the only one that struggled to reach its destination among the millions that were released at the same time is the one you are carrying right now. After the conception took place, the foetus is implanted and settles happily in your womb, with a sense of fulfilment about achieving its goal at last. That is how it begins its new life, growing gradually. Now, remember that this foetus doesn’t know its father yet, it doesn’t know whether the father was to get married to you or to any other woman. The only person this baby knows right now is you, its mother. It has come to be a part of you, your blood formed it. It has started eating the food supplied from your very system. You two are bonding together, the bond is getting stronger day by day. The baby sees you as its lifeline, its protector, its defender. It recognises your voice, its attached to you comfortably and totally, eagerly awaiting the time to be born when he or she will see your face at last. All these explains the reason why the bond between a mother and child is so strong through their lifetime.

Now, when a mother decides to abo-t her unborn child, it is like a child being chased by murderers from outside his home and quickly ran into his mother’s house for help, for defence and protection only for the mother to chase the child back to those evil people who in turn hacked him to pieces with cutlasses…

Hmmmmmm, Omobonike. See it in that light and tell me how you will feel if you were that baby. You are here for an abo-tion now. Probably, the baby just took its lunch and is resting contentedly inside your womb which is its safe and peaceful home right now. You then agree to open your legs for the abo-tion process and I dip those sharp objects into your womb to terminate the innocent life. Or I gave you some drugs that would shred it into tiny pieces, the baby sees the death coming and pleads to you for mercy because it trusts in your care and loyalty to it, but what do you do? You spread your legs further for the doctor to hack him or her to pieces…”

“Noooooo, doctor! Stop please. I can’t take this any longer.” I cried.

The doctor continued,

“See Omobonike, no one is a saint. “The Bible says, ‘Let he who is without sin first cast the stone…’ I am not condemning you for getting pregnant out of wedlock but if you go ahead to abo-t that baby, then you have condemned yourself already. You see, seated right here before you is a man who was once a murderer too. I mean I abo-ted a lot of babies for my clients in the past, too numerous that I lost count before I met with the Lord Jesus who changed my life. Till now, I still regret terminating the life of those babies. Whenever their lifeless bodies came flashing back at me, I couldn’t just hold back the tears. But I thank God for His saving grace.

Omobonike, abo-tion is murder, don’t abo-t this baby then live to regret it later. Only God knows tomorrow, maybe he or she would be the one to give you joy after your numerous woes, at the end of the day. Please keep it. God owns your future in His hands, He will surely take care of you. Ask for forgiveness and trust in him.”

I wept so much in his office that day, asking God for mercy over and over again. Doctor Felix prayed with me and after the prayer session, he advised me to come and register for my antenatal care in his hospital as soon as possible if I wouldn’t mind. I agreed.

The pregnancy was kind of tough for me both physically and emotionally. There were days I really wished my mum was alive to go through this journey with me. I resigned temporarily from my job when I couldn’t cope with the stress any longer.

The shame and ridicule I also faced at church was out of this world. After I had confessed my sins to my pastor, he prayed with me and mandated me to make an open confession before the whole congregation. It was a tough thing to do but God helped me.

It was such an embarrassing and shameful moment especially before those who had been looking up to me as a role model. I made my confession amidst tears. Some felt for me and wept along with me while some felt I only got what I wanted and was faking the remorse.

I was suspended from taking part in any activity at church and also from receiving Holy Communion. I was made to sit at the back row like an outcast buy I humbly endured the disciplinary stage with the help of the Holy spirit.

My doctor was there for me all the way for both medical and spiritual attention. I never missed any of my antenatal appointments with him. He was really a ‘God sent’ to me, encouraging me all the way.

When my Estimated Delivery Date came close, doctor Felix advised me to come over to stay with his family till I have my baby, because of the distance between my house and the hospital. The fact that I also stay alone may be risky especially if my labour starts in the middle of the night according to him. I agreed and moved in with them.

Doctor’s wife was another angel in human form, very nice and hospitable. She took good care of me as if I was her very own daughter.

Three weeks later, I fell into labour. I brought forth a bouncing baby boy after three hours of active and painful labour. I forgot about my pains when I held my cute baby in my arms. He is a perfect replica of Stephen. I named him Stephen (Jr) after his father. I forgot about all the sorrows and shame of the past months. I thanked God I didn’t abo-t him after all. Stephen is such an adorable baby! Even those who once mocked and taunted me at church couldn’t resist admiring him. He got a lot of gifts too numerous to count.

I was so grateful to Doctor Felix and his family for being there with me all the way.

Aunty Mope became Stephen’s godmother even before she got to meet him…

So, that was how I continued my life as a single mother, enjoying the joys of motherhood all the way…So, what next? Stay tuned for the next episode.

No one can condemn you aside God. Congratulations to OMOBONIKE.

Send your greetings! So, what next? Stay tuned…


    Episode 17

Life as a single mother was a bit stressful for me but the joy I derived from looking into the eyes of my son superseded it all. Money wasn’t my problem though. I still had some money left in my account, the money my mum left for me.

I resumed work at my former workplace when Stephen clocked 5months. I needed to work so that I could sustain myself and my baby, since my expenses had doubled up.

Stephen (Jr) grew into a healthy, active and cheerful boy, just like his father . I never heard of Stephen, his dad anymore. I was very sure he would have tried by all means to find me and would have given up his search. I was also sure he must have been married by now, I was certain about that.

I knew it is needful for me to contact him and inform him about his son but I was not ready for that now. I don’t want to destroy his new home and I still want my son around me too…

I took very good care of baby Stephen. I was never ashamed of being a single mum, God really helped me through it all. I have been reinstated at my church too, all the shame and ridicule was over. Junior brought so much joy and happiness into my life such that I can’t explain…

I got a small car from the remaining part of my mum’s savings when commuting between home and work with Junior became a bit difficult. I wanted my baby to live a comfortable life. The passion I had for teaching would not make me stop working either, I love children

I enrolled Junior into Pre-nursery class in the same school where I worked when he clocked 2years. He is a very intelligent and inquisitive child. He became my one and only friend and companion such that I did miss him even during school hours. At times, I would go check on him while he played during break time…

One afternoon, I was tidying up my workspace, ready to close for the day when Junior’s teacher walked into my class. Junior was not with him, so I was a bit worried, hoping all was well.

“Sister Omobonike, have you seen your son’s latest friend?” She asked.

“Who? A new student?”

“No, the person came to see the Principal, this same time yesterday. Junior was playing with his friends on the playground, while I sat at the corridor watching them when the man walked in through the gate. Immediately Junior sighted him like this, he just ran to him and was shouting “uncle, uncle, I like your wristwatch!”

I even thought he knew the man somewhere. He isn’t one of our children’s parents either. I later learnt he came to sign a contract with the owner of the school.

He came back again this afternoon and came to ask after Junior. When Junior saw him, infact you need to see how he ran up to him like they have known each other for ages, you know how lively and jovial Junior can be. That your son enhh? He is too matured for his age. Here is the gift the man brought for him, an ice cream and a wristwatch. I didn’t allow Junior to take the ice cream since it’s from a stranger, that’s why I brought the gifts to you.”

“Omo, you need to see the wristwatch, it’s not a yeye one oh!” She exclaimed as she unwrapped the gift.

I was surprised too.

“Eeenhhhh? What kind of a man is that?” I asked. “He is so nice. I hope he is not a ritualist oh! Strange things happen these days, may God deliver us from evil men. Anyway, you said he is still with the principal?”

“Yes. I suppose.”

“Okay then, I will check on him before I leave. I need to say ‘thank you’ to him for the gift.

I picked my bag and dashed out. I was on my way to the Principal’s office when I came face to face with Stephen Martins again after close to four years since we parted. My heart nearly jumped out of my mouth. We both froze on sighting each other.

“Fate always have a way of reconnecting me back with this guy. Can I ever run from him?” I thought.

I was the first to speak,
“Is this you Stephen?”

“Yes Bonike. Long time no see. How has it been with you?”

“I am good, and you?”

“Same here. I bless God.” He replied solemnly.

I didn’t throw myself into his arms like the last time we met. A lot of things have changed about us. I am now a mother, and he is now married, I was sure, so we both were restrained somehow.

“You work here, I guess.” He said


“I see.”

Then silence…

He then spoke. “I actually came to see the Principal for a business deal. I have resigned from my job. I am currently into real estate, here in Lagos…”

“I see.” I replied quietly.

Then he continued, Omobonike, you were so unfair to me. Why? You relocated, changed your phone number without informing me, all of which I am very sure was intentional.

Why? Do you really hate me that much? I suffered a lot of depression when I realized I had lost you again. Omobonike, why do you keep tormenting me knowing that I love you so much? One minute, you are here, the next you have disappeared.” He lamented painfully

“I don’t hate you Stephen. I am sorry about all I did. But it was for your own good. I wanted you to focus on your wedding plans and…”

“Mummy! Mummy! My mummy!” Junior’s screams interrupted me.

He was coming along with his teacher right behind him.

“Mummy, see the uncle that gave me a fine wristwatch,” he shouted gleefully.

“Yea, that is your son’s latest friend,” his teacher puts in, then left.
After she had excused us, Stephen spoke,

“Mummy? Omobonike, you are married with a kid already?” He asked.

“Yes….eerm, No,” I stammered. I knew it was time the truth had to be revealed.

“It’s a long story, let’s sit somewhere to talk,” I said.

I held Junior’s hand but he snatched it back and ran to Stephen.

“Uncle, carry me,” he shouted.

“Sure my boy, why won’t I?” He replied smiling at the excited young fellow.

He led us to his car which was parked somewhere near the entrance of the school. As soon as we were seated in the car, Junior started consuming his cup of ice cream.

I sighed and said,

“Blood is indeed thicker than water.”

“Of course, people say it. Why did you say that?”

“Stephen,” I called out in a shaky voice, then pointed at Junior who was busy with his ice cream at the back seat of the car.

“Meet Stephen (Jr), the result of the intercourse we had the last time we met. That is your son.” I quickly vomitted the words almost in a whisper and awaited his reactions………. next episode.


    Episode 18

“What?!” Did you just say you had a baby for me? I mean, wait! Omobonike, you mean to tell me that you bore my baby in your womb, gave birth to him and nurtured him alone without deeming it fit to inform me? Haba Omobonike, this is too much! This is so unfair. So, if I didn’t bump into you today, when exactly will I get to know that I had a child by you? J-e-s-u-s!” He exclaimed slowly in great surprise.

“No wonder, no wonder,” he repeated as he looked admiringly at Junior who was now fast asleep. “Blood is indeed thicker than water . I was strongly attracted to him the very minute I saw him yesterday. It was quite strange and I wondered why. Oh my boy! I am proud of you, I am so glad. Omobonike, God has indeed proved to me again that He is involved in our relationship. Do you know that I initially planned to send one of my staff to this school for the business deal? But somehow, for no reason in particular, I felt inclined to come here myself. After I met Junior yesterday, I had the urge to see him again today, so I brought the gift along, not knowing is my son. Oh my God!”

“I am so sorry Stephen, I didn’t want to destroy your new home. I went through a lot. The stress of the pregnancy, the shame of getting pregnant out of wedlock and the pains of labour. It wasn’t easy at all Stephen, but I thank God today,” I replied, tears trickling down my face as I recollected all that I went through.

“Oh God, Omobonike, you should have informed me. I feel so bad right now that you bore everything alone. I should have been there all the way with you to encourage and comfort you.”

He drew me into his arms and gave me a warm embrace.

“I am so sorry about all you have been through for the sake of our child. But I am so happy right now. I thank God for bringing us together again. This time around, Omobonike you are going nowhere, I am marrying you right away!” He announced.

I pulled myself off his embrace and looked at his eyes. “Marry me? What are you talking about?” I asked

“Yes, my dear. You heard me right. I am not married yet. You avoided me so that I could go ahead and marry Juliet, the lady I got engaged to back then, but you have forgotten that except the Lord buildeth the house, they that buildeth laboureth in vain. Hmmmmmm, Omobonike Abeni mi, it’s a very long story but I will try to be brief.

After we parted and I returned to Port Harcourt, I was really heart broken because of what happened between us that very night. I went to God in prayer and fasting, asking him for forgiveness. I also asked God to shed more light about the relationship I was in at that time. I wanted to be convinced about Juliet, whether she’s to be my wife or not. I prayed that God should give me physical confirmations. After I concluded the seven days fasting and prayer, I decided to visit Juliet one day. I made up my mind not to end the relationship just like that, I didn’t want to break her heart, so I decided to allow God to have his way, and allow events to unfold in accordance to God’s will.

I set out for her place that Saturday morning. She wasn’t aware I would be coming because her line has been unreachable since the previous night, so I couldn’t tell her about my coming but I was sure she would be at home…

I was about to knock on the door of her apartment when I started hearing voices from within. It was like an heated argument between two people. I could hear Juliet’s voice and that of another man. I was curious about what was going on so I placed my ear on the door to eavesdrop into their conversation.

To cut the whole story short, Juliet was not who I thought she was after all. According to their argument, the man was laying claims on the two daughters that Juliet had for her. He said he was back to pay her bride price so he could have access to his children. The girls were staying with Juliet’s mum at the village… I was shocked beyond expression.
“So, Juliet already had children for another man?” I thought. “I was about to knock on the door when it flew open. The man stormed out furiously with Juliet shouting after him that he should go to hell because she wasn’t going to release her children to him.

Immediately the man sighted me, he said, ‘Oh very good, thank God you are here. You better stop that wedding plan and leave my wife alone. She has two girls for me already, so forget about her or face the wrath of God,’ he warned and left angrily.

Juliet was shocked to see me. I looked at her and demanded an explanation. She only murmured that the man was lying. She couldn’t even look at my face.

I told her how I heard everything they both argued on since I arrived. The fact that she already have children wasn’t the issue but for her to hide such a big secret from me, definitely shows that she couldn’t be trusted. I told her right there that I couldn’t go ahead with the wedding plans anymore. And that was how the relationship ended. She pleaded and made several attempts to come back to me but to no avail. She even went as far as reporting me to my parents in the village. They were really angry with my decision but when I told them the truth of the matter, they supported me too.

So, Juliet’s case was like that of the person who is meant to be burnt with fire and still went ahead to rub fuel on her body, it made the work faster. That was the end of my relationship with Juliet.

I was really grateful to God for hearing my prayers and revealing the secret else I would have entered a false marriage.

After I parted ways with Juliet, I came looking for you when your number was not getting through. When I couldn’t find you, I was more confused and heart broken. I went into a state of emotional depression. I prayed that God should help me find you, I tried all my best to no avail. After I relocated to Lagos, I made several attempts to find you. I even went to Aunty Mope’s shop, she was no longer running the supermarket, I was told she now stayed abroad, no one had her phone number.

I asked God if I should give up on you, but God was silent. I tried about two relationships among the sisters in my church, but none of them worked. Besides, no one is like you Omobonike, I couldn’t just get another woman to replace you in my heart. I really give glory to God for a day like this. I won’t let you disappear again this time. I have been through a lot because of you…

Bonike mi, my first love, you are God’s choice for me, will you marry me?

“Stephen, this is destiny! Of course I will marry you my love, the father of my child I will marry you!” I replied excitedly. I was so happy that Stephen wasn’t married after all. We were both excited. At last my sorrows and loneliness was over, joy has finally come. I shed tears of joy. It was such a great reunion.

We started preparing for our wedding. We did the introduction ceremony first, it was a small one. The wedding day was fixed for four months from the day of Introduction, and all preparations started in earnest. I seemed to be the happiest woman in the world. I thank God I followed doctor Felix’s godly counsel about not getting rid of the baby. Jesus is so good to me, He has rewarded me for my obedience.

Two weeks to our wedding, Stephen told me he wanted us to go somewhere together. When we got there, I received the greatest surprise I have ever received in the whole of my life time…… see you in the next episode.

Who can guess the surprise?


    Episode 19

    ( Final Episode)

Stephen drove to one of the finest areas in Lagos, then pulled up at the front of a building painted in cream and brown. We both got down from the car while I was still wondering what he was up to . It was a two storey building. I looked at the top of the building, “OMOBONIKE ABENI GROUP OF SCHOOLS” was written in bold letters.

I turned sharply to Stephen immediately I saw the name. I was trying to process the information, wondering if what I was thinking was the truth.

He nodded with a smile as if he read clearly my thoughts.
“Yes, Bonike. This is your school. You remember I used to say it when we were still young that when God blesses me, I will build a school of your own for you. Here is my promise of many years Bonike, you deserve even more than this. I actually bought this property two months ago but I delayed informing you about it because I wanted to ensure I paint it in your favourite colour and put the finishing touches, so here we are.”

It was such a huge surprise for me. I felt as if my heart was about to explode. I jumped at Stephen excitedly. I was overwhelmed with unspeakable joy. A school of my own? I never envisaged such a huge accomplishment even in the next five years. I opened my eyes wide again to be sure that I wasn’t dreaming.

Stephen led me into the big compound, I really loved the structure. Behind the building were two other small bungalows for crèche and nursery classes, then two other offices. He had even furnished the classrooms with chairs, tables and other educational/ instructional materials. The play ground was also equipped with different toys.

“Are you surprised at what you are seeing?” He asked

“Of course Stephen, surprise is an understatement, how did you come about the materials and equipment?”

“I engaged the service of one of my friends who is a Principal in one of the schools here in Lagos, he helped me to furnish the classrooms with the essential items appropriate for a good and conducive learning environment.”

“Wow! You are a darling! Thanks so much my love. I am short of words right now.” I cried.

The joy was just too much. Tears of joy streamed down my face as I entered the classrooms one after the other. I bless the very day I met Stephen Martins. He is such a wonderful person. I really thanked God for this great and sudden blessing, a dream come true it is.

“Omobonike, you have done so much for me in the past. You were there for me during the hard periods of my life. You really made an impact during that short relationship we had, such that can never be forgotten. How will I ever forget the days you provided for my dire needs? Except if I am an ingrate. You deserve to be happy Omobonike, you are an Angel!”

“Oh, thank you darling! Thanks so much. This is just too much!” I repeated over and over again…


Two weeks later, I got married to Stephen, the love of my life. It was the second happiest day of my entire life. A lot of friends, families, colleagues and neighbours were there to celebrate with us. Even Aunty Mopelola arrived Nigeria two days to my wedding to grace the occasion. We went to the registry early in the morning, then proceeded to my aunt’s house for the engagement. I wept so much when the farewell prayers for the bride were offered, my mum would have been happy to witness a day like this but she was no more…

The reception/entertainment of guests took place immediately after the engagement at one of the very big events all in the same community. There were lots to eat and to drink. I looked so beautiful in my wedding gown and Stephen was sparkling handsome in his smart black suit. At last I was married to the love of my life, I had the marriage of my dreams.

We travelled to Abuja for our honeymoon. We spent two weeks there. We left Junior with his god mother, Aunty Mope.


I was seated in my office at Omobonike Abeni School, going through the files of some applicants. We were trying to recruit the first set of both academic and non academic staff that will work in the school. Resumption is in three weeks. A lot of parents have started coming to enrol their children. Applicants too have started submitting their credentials.

I opened a particular applicant’s file, the name is so familiar. I checked the name again and the institution attended. Yes, I was sure she was the one. Stella, Ngozi’s friend, Oyinkansola’s room mate at school. I called her number and told her to come for an interview the following day.

She entered my office the next day, expecting to be interviewed by the Proprietress of the school. She was shocked to see me.

“Omobonike, are you Mrs Martins, the Proprietress?”

“Yes Stella, by God’s grace. I am happy to meet you again. I saw your name on one of the C.Vs, so I intentionally called you yesterday, so we could meet…”

We hugged each other joyfully.

“Wow! Omobonike, you have made it oh! I can’t believe this”

“Well, let’s just give all the glory to God. What’s up with you?”

“Nothing much oh my sister. When I searched for job and I got tired, I decided to apply for teaching, at least to keep body and soul together.”

“Hmmmmmm, it is well. How about Oyin and Ngozi? Do you still hear from them?”

“Ha! Omobonike, you have just asked for a long story oh. Oyinkansola is married to Desmond.”

“Which Desmond?”

“The same Desmond of Rainbow bank back then. You see, after you left Desmond, Oyinkan forced her way into his life. They started a relationship like play like play. To cut the long story short, she got pregnant for Desmond during her service year. Desmond was forced by his parents to marry her but their marriage was nothing to write home about. She beat Oyinkansola almost everyday despite the fact that she was pregnant. She gave birth to a premature baby that couldn’t survive at the end of the day. I later heard that Desmond lost his job after the wedding which turned him into a worse and bitter husband. My dear, what Oyinkansola did enh? I am very sure she is regretting it now. I am not even certain that they are still together. I have lost her contact. Ngozi on the other hand is living and working in Abuja. She is still single too.”

I sighed on hearing her story. “So, Oyinkansola could be that desperate?” I thought.

“Stella, such is life.” I replied. “As for me, my own testimony is that the stone which the builders rejected later became the chief corner stone. The same Stephen that we thought will not achieve much in life is the one I am married to now. He is the brain behind the school you are looking at today.”

“Really? Omobonike, same Stephen?”

“Yes, my dear.”

“Ha! I have learnt a lesson oh,” she replied shaking her head solemnly.

I employed Stella but I gave her as salary almost double of what other members of staff were receiving…
So, that is life for you my brothers and sisters, one knows tomorrow except God. Those who have no God in their lives are undertaking serious risks.

Oyinkansola got what she wanted. Her desperation to hook up with a rich handsome banker led her to a miserable life.

None of the other ladies were married yet. The same Stephen they thought wouldn’t make it has not only made it but his blessings are like that of Abraham. His real estate business is flourishing day by day.

There was never a day I regretted getting married to Stephen. He is such a wonderful husband and father, above all godly and responsible. I had peace all round in my marriage. Jesus is so good to us all the way. He blessed us with a beautiful baby girl, two years after our wedding. Our lives keep getting better and better by the day. I give all the glory to God! I hope you have all learnt from my story?”

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge him, and he will direct your paths.” – Proverbs 3:5-6




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