The Perfectly Imperfect

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In my imperfection, I ask that you see my perfection! I am a design of the Creator, completed with the words, “It is good,” written all over me!

I know you may find these words hard to swallow, but nevertheless, they are comprised of truth. Each of us is designed differently for a purpose. God ordained, that we should be alike, yet different.

Were we each born of the same mold, there would be no enjoyment to this thing we call life. We would know what the other was thinking without having to ask, or waiting for an answer.

Just as God permitted that there should be, “Law,” in order for us to know, “Grace,” there is imperfection, that we should know perfection.

When you have a good example of imperfection, hanging around, be certain to give thanks, for only then will you truly know how much God loves you. The Creator loves you so much, that He wants you to be able to appreciate His perfection, He brings you, contrast!

Remembering, as you walk through life, that not only do you have to tolerate another, who is not the exact replica of your greatness, but that that, “other” has to tolerate you!

Were we to analyze in truth, the character qualities of the one we have chosen to be our life partner, we would find that in the physical housing of that spirit, lies the Spirit of God! Now who could not live with the Spirit of God? You may ask! When you ask, however, remember that the life partner you have chosen, has to answer this same question.

Take a memory lane run, what were some of the character traits that attracted you to your mate in the first place?

Have some of those very traits turned into the issues you now consider as imperfections?

What if you could turn back the hands of time, look forward to this day, would you really trade the experiences you have shared with this perfectly, imperfect, example of God’s creation? Remember, after all, you are who you are, do in part to this person’s influence and involvement in your life!

As long as we draw breath, we are permitted the ability to choose, who and what we shall become. In this choosing, we have drawn this very person to be present in our lives at this moment in space and time.

Nothing is stopping you, from turning this experience into one of the greatest examples of God’s love to have ever existed on earth! There still remains an opening for, “The perfect couple!”


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