Christianity’s Seven Deadly "Sins" the World Will Not Forgive!

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There are things about Christianity the world will not forgive. These have to do with the things Christians say and do that the world hates. This should not come as a surprise to anyone. The world is being led by another set of rules.

The seven deadly “sins” the world will not forgive are:

That God is the only Creator of all things – including us. The world knows to acknowledge God as the only Creator of the universe would obligate it to be under God’s control. To say God created everything would mean only God has the right to make the rules that we are expected to follow.

There is something in us that rebels against this. We want to make our own rules. We do not want anyone telling us what we can or cannot do. This also runs counter to the world’s theory of evolution. How dare those crazy Christians act like they know more than our “leading scientists” do! This refusal to forgive especially goes for those “Christian hypocrites” who bang people over the head with their Bible all the time.

That Jesus Christ was the only perfect God-man Who walked upon this earth. This means the blood of Jesus Christ is the only means of finding peace with God. God needed a perfect sacrifice to pay for the sins of this world. He needed someone Who was without sin. The way this was accomplished was for God the Son to become flesh and dwell among us. Heaven and Hell are eternal dwelling places for the saved and the lost respectively. Only those who accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord are going to Heaven. The Holy Spirit is the only One Who connects us to God’s love and grace.

This idea of an exclusive way to fellowship with God in heaven and on this earth which is only reserved for Christians is another “sin” the world hates about Christianity. To the world, this is a “sin” it refuses to forgive. The world is calling upon the Christians to repent and believe its message of “all are going to heaven; enough of this nonsense that tells us there is only one way to God.” To some, all is God and God is all. To them, we are not lost. Why would we want to “be saved?”

That the Judeo-Christian Bible is the only inspired Scripture. As such, it is the only safe guide for us to follow. All other religious writings are not trustworthy. The Bible is the only Scripture that comes directly through our Creator-Redeemer God. The Bible is God’s only written Word for the whole human race. Christians believe if it is not found in the Bible it should not be used as a rule of faith and practice.

The world thinks, here they go again, banging us over our heads with their ancient book of fables, contradictions and unrelated concepts that have nothing to do with my real world. This they cannot forgive. They think this is a real waste of time and energy that could be used much more productively in doing good things for others.

That works without faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is useless in God’s sight. Christianity is the only religion that shows God reaching down to us. All other religions have us reaching up to God with our good works. The problem comes when this approach never reaches Him. It always comes short. Christianity has God the Holy Spirit enabling us to reach God through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

This idea disgusts the world. It wants to feed Christians to the lions for this one. They think, how dare those Christians tell me they are more righteous and holy than I am because they know God better than I do. After all, isn’t my money just as good as theirs?

That Christians are converting everyone to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ alone. The world feels, why do Christians think they have this right? Why don’t they just try to get along with all the other religions? After all, aren’t we all trying to get to God using different roads? Isn’t one way as good as the other?

That Jesus Christ rose from the dead and is alive today. The world thinks, what is the big deal? So Jesus Christ rose from the dead nearly 2000 years ago. This won’t put food on my table.

That Jesus is coming back to be King of kings in this world. To the world, this is one of Christianity’s power plays to get people to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. It is their way of making converts. If this does not do it, then they make people feel guilty and tell them they are going to hell if they do not get right with God through the Lord Jesus Christ. Well, they also can tell you if you do not get this right before you die, you will go to hell. But no one has any assurance that they will not die before the day is over. They like to quote Bible verses to us to put the “fear of God in us.”

In summary, there has always been a battle going on between Satan’s unholy trinity of the world, the flesh and the devil, versus God’s holy trinity of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. We are not fighting against flesh and blood (people) but we are fighting against the forces of Satan. The world is only a pawn in Satan’s hand. The world is the visible part of the unholy trinity. The flesh and the devil are the spiritual parts of Satan’s trinity. We cannot be neutral in this battle. We must decide which one we will enlist in. If we follow God and His ways, we will subject ourselves to the “wiles of the devil.” If we follow the devil, we will subject ourselves to the wrath of God.

As the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ comes nearer, Christians will face great persecution from many fronts. All the fury of the unholy trinity will be turned loose on born-again, Spirit-filled Christians. Christians will be used as “scapegoats” to prop-up a failing satanic system. They will also be accused of “holding up progress.” This is happening in many parts of the world right now. It is starting to heat up in America. This has been building up from the beginning of time.

The Christian that is following God is outnumbered but not “out-gunned.” If God is for us, nothing can overcome us. The way of truth and right always wins. God is more powerful than Satan and his cohorts. We are on the victory side. We have read the last chapter and we win. We will overcome by the Word of God and our testimony. Look up child of God, your redemption is coming soon.


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