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I THOUGHT I WAS A VIRGIN 😥💔🌺 By Favour Oroso 💖
Episode 1-3
Prologue 🌺
Complications arises when a young intelligent girl gets pregnant all of a sudden..her parents were heartbroken.. teachers were disappointed..who owns the child?
Find out on this interesting love story*

🌺 Episode one 🌺
Going to the city was all have ever dreamt of but I never dreamt of schooling there..on my final year of senior secondary school..I just can’t believe my dream of going to the city is actually coming to pass..oops I forgot to introduce my self..am Theresa Johnson and this is my story..I grew up living in the village..with my wonderful,caring and supportive parents…am an igbo girl..all have ever wished for was going to the city..and my dreams came to reality..*
(Otuwake village)
(Morning in the Johnson’s compound)
(Mr and Mrs Johnson with emeka..Mr Johnson’s elder brother..)
Emeka:am so happy to see you..my brother..you don’t know how glad I am..
Mr Johnson:am very happy to see you too brother..how’s Lagos?
Emeka:bro..Lagos..is fine o..so..where’s my one and only niece theresa…she’s the main reason why I came here..
Mrs Johnson:she’s still asleep..hope no problem..?
Emeka:not at all my dear..so..what class is theresa now?
Mrs Johnson:S.S.S.3 o..I thank God for my daughter’s life..she’s very serious and intelligent..!
Emeka:I know..I know..that’s why I want her to follow me back to Lagos..next week..since it’s next week school will resume..*
Mr Johnson:but like you said yourself..she has to go to school..so why would she follow you to Lagos?
Emeka:ah ah my brother of course she ll study..I want her to study there..in Lagos..since she’s very intelligent..there’s one of the school I want her to go to there..it’s a very big school and if she attends there and continue to be serious..she might win scholarship to study in abroad..
Mrs Johnson:hmm..but emeka..what of your wife?don’t you think she’ll ve a problem with that?
Emeka:no..nah..and besides its boarding school.. she’ll be staying..so everything will be just fine..please let me take her to Lagos..
Mrs Johnson:hmm..well thanks for..trying to help us..but it’s best Theresa stays here with her mother..(stood up as she exited)
Mr Johnson:women.. women and their wahala..don’t worry brother.. she’ll later accept the offer..
Emeka: okay nah..

Just while I was returning from the stream with my village bossom friend onome..I sighted uncle emeka from far..entering our compound..I immediately dropped my pot and ran to greet him..since he’s back from village..I know he’ll bring some goodies for me.. and also buy me some city novels..that are very romantic..
Theresa:(fair..skinned.. average girl..with curvy shape..dark hairs..pink lips..and blue eyes..dressed in a very long flowery gown..yelling out loud) uncle..uncle..emeka..is back..!
Emeka:(smiling)look at my wonderful niece..
Theresa:good morning uncle emeka..how’s Lagos?
Emeka:Lagos is fine my dear..
Theresa:uncle..emeka you promised to take me to Lagos someday but you haven’t still fufilled your promises o..
Emeka:I will..I will..what if I take you to Lagos..next week..
Theresa:chai..are you joking?
Emeka:no,am not joking…
Mr Johnson:my daughter..he’s not joking..he promises to take you to the city so you can continue with your education there..
Emeka:yes of course my dearest..
Theresa:(excited)e..wo..thank you very much uncle emeka..thanks so much..I promise you won’t regret it..
Emeka:go in..I bought some chocolates for you..and your favourite novels..of course..
Theresa:oh..uncle emeka..you ve done so much..thank you so much..thanks..*

I jumped out of joy as I rushed to my room to see the novel which was titled *love from behindand some chocolates..I sat on my bed… happily..unwrapping the chocolate..*
Theresa:so am actually going to the city..eh..am so excited..at last a whole me..will be going to the city..(licking the chocolate as just then Mrs Johnson barged in)mama..mama..
Mrs Johnson:you are back from the stream so early..what is it?this one that your face is brighten up like this..if it’s those boys..stay away from them and marry your book..o..marry your book..
Theresa:mama..it’s not about that joor..am just so happy because uncle emeka has finally accepted to take me to the city..you don’t know how glad I am..I can’t wait to arrange my things..my books..my clothes.. everything (smiling)
Mrs Johnson:(silent)
Theresa:mama..mama what’s wrong?aren’t you happy for me?
Mrs Johnson:I did not agree with his plans in taking you to the city but the way you are so excited..I’ll agree for you to go to the city..only that am very scared theresa..
Theresa:ah..ah..mama scared of what?don’t you trust your daughter..?you know I won’t do anything stupid na..
Mrs Johnson:I know my dear..my only fear is that he’ll be taking you to boarding school.. there..what if all those city girls get you corrupted..
Theresa:mama..nothing like that will happen..I’ll follow the right friends.. like have always done..*


🌺 Episode Two 🌺
Theresa:I’ll follow the right friends like have always done..there’s nothing to be scared of okay?
Mrs Johnson:you know I’ll miss you so much my dear..
Theresa:I’ll miss you even more mama..though it isn’t easy o..but I’ll try to adapt to the city lifestyle..
We both hugged each other.. despite the fact that I want to go to the city so badly..deep down I’ll really miss the village..my bestie onome..my mama of course..my papa..I’ll miss them so much..I can’t wait to tell my bestie onome..about my travelling to the city..

Two days before my departure to the city..I went to onome’s place to give her the good news..of going to the city..my mother already accepts for me to go to the city with my uncle emeka..*

(Onome and theresa gisting..)
Onome: really?so you are going to the Lagos the day after tomorrow..ugh..am so happy for you o..
Theresa:yes..o..at last am going to the city..
Onome:I’ll miss you o..by the time you are back..link me to those handsome Bobo..wey dey for city..o..!
Theresa:hmm..onome onome..bad girl..wey get innocent face..I don’t think I can ever see a guy.. there since I’ll be going to all girls boarding school..
Onome:ugh..that one ke?I thought it was a mix up..school sef..Stanley will miss you so much o..
Theresa:yeah..Stanley hmm..I just can’t wait..to go the city..and marry my book like my mother said..that’s all..I really don’t think I ve time for guys..now..
Onome:but you had time for Stanley…tessy..tessy..!
Theresa:ehn..we were just friends though..he was the one crushing on me after all..
Onome:hmm..Na u Sabi..Sha find me all those handsome boys for city..
Theresa:you and boys..na so fuck dey hungry you reach?chaii..onome and Dem boys..
Onome:(laughed)na so..e hungry me o..my dear..anyways..I won’t lie..I’ll miss you so much..so much my friend..
Theresa:I’ll miss you even more onome..(hugged onome)*

The day finally came..I couldn’t sleep through out last night…over anxiety wants to kill..me..I woke up as early as possible as I arranged all my things for my journey..I took my bathe..very fast..and dressed up..waiting for uncle emeka in..the living room..just then mama joined me with my father in the living room..
Mr Johnson:my Lagos daughter..you ve woken up so early..(sits beside theresa)
Mrs Johnson:(sits beside theresa)let’s pray..before your uncle..gets here..
Theresa:sure mama

We sang our usual morning song which every Nigerian knows..”in the morning..early in the morningafter that mama took the lead in prayer..she prayed for journey mercy and also prayed that I receive favour were ever I stepped my feet on..we prayed for like 45minutes..and when we were done..mama and papa gave me words of wisdoms..they advised me..so well and I promised to keep to their words…

Finally uncle emeka arrived with his latest range over car as I hugged mama and papa..uncle emeka packed my luggages inside the boot of the car…
Theresa:I have to go now..
Mrs Johnson:God bless you my daughter..
Mr Johnson:be a good girl..

I rushed into the car with excitement as uncle emeka talked to my parents for a while..and finally he entered the car..as I bidded mama and papa from the window..tears rolls down my cheeks..I can’t believe a grown up sixteen years old girl like me can actually be crying for leaving her parents aside..uncle emeka zoomed off..

The journey to the city took us..hours..to reach the city…I was sitting at the front seat of the car..as I couldn’t remove my eyes from the windows admiring the nature..and how beautiful Lagos was..musics have never heard of and girls and boys walking round the streets..I didn’t see anything like clay pot..I saw tap water..for the first time..though I was been thought how to use it in school..when my home economics teacher explained to us..how to use it..I was enjoying the Cool breeze coming from the windows as uncle emeka broke the silence..he had asked me earlier if I was hungry and of course I told him yes.. despite being a big girl..I don’t joke with my stomach..so we dropped by at a restaurant..I offered for Egusi..soup popularly known as melon soup and akpu..aka fufu..with cold minerals..while uncle emeka offered for jollof rice and chicken..which isn’t my type at all..After we ate..we headed off to uncle emeka’s mansion in Lagos..

(Emeka’s mansion)
(Gate opened by the gateman as emeka droves in..)
Gate man:oga..oga..welcome..o!
Emeka:(gets down from the car)saliu..my guy..
Theresa:(gets down from the car)
Gate man:oga..oga..wetin you bring from village for me na?(staring at theresa while licking his lips disgustingly)
Emeka: hmm..saliu..I’ll settle you later..pack the luggages in the boot and take them to the guest room..meet theresa my niece..
Theresa:good afternoon..sir..
Gate man:so you mean say she be your cousin..omo..she too fine o..hope sey no be mermaid you carry come here so..
Emeka:cmon..shut your mouth..tessy..*

Author Favour Oroso

🌺 Episode Three 🌺
Emeka: cmon..shut your mouth.. tessy..better remove ya eyes from my niece o..
Gate man:no na..I just dey joke..na..oga mi..!(opened the boot as he collected the luggages from the boot..)
Emeka:let’s go in..(exits with Theresa)

Wow the city is so full of life..I talked to my self while I entered the guest room..I took my bathe..and just sat inside the room quietly as I grabbed one of the novels in my luggages..to keep my self busy.. though I would ve gone to the sitting room but I didn’t like the expression..emeka’s wife gave to me when I arrived..aunty Florence abi wetin Dem call her sef…I don’t even have her time.. she gave me thisdon’t snatch my husband lookand it was just so annoying..maybe I shouldn’t have come to Lagos..I started lamenting while reading


(Emeka’s room)
(Emeka and Florence laying on the bed)
Florence:(facing the other side of the bed..)
Emeka:(moved closer to Florence as he wrapped his hands around Florence’s waists)
Florence:(removed his hands as she shifted farther to the end side of the bed)do..nt…touch me..!
Emeka:my love..what is it?why are you acting so strange?last night you were telling me you missed me so much..what happened to that sweet voice of yours..while talking to me through the phone..
Florence:eh..well..you never told me your niece was coming to Lagos..and to even live in this house too..I don’t like it o..I don’t..at all..what is it na?if it’s not your niece..it’s your brother or sister..can’t I live in this house in peace..?
Emeka:Flo..honey..calm down na..please relax..so that’s the reason you are upset..
Florence:of course..at least you should ve informed me..but you didn’t..you just brought her here..telling me she’s going to be schooling in the city from now on ward..in my matrimonial home..
Emeka:relax na..my baby..my darling..my love..(moved closer as he pecked her round her cheeks)give me that thing tonight na..am sorry..no vex..Biko..
Florence:i..I..don’t like it o..I don’t like it..(faced emeka)
Emeka:(kissed florence)I missed you..
Florence:(hissed)have..forgiven you..but don’t ever try that kind of thing again o..
Emeka:sure my wife..so are you giving me that thing or what?
Florence: you and that thing sef..you no dey ever tire..(laid on emeka)
Emeka:eish.. bombshell (grabbed her full buttocks with his hands)
Florence:(riding on emeka’s dick slowly)

The following morning was a brand new day and also the first day of school..I cant wait to see how Lagos..school was like even though it was just girls boarding school..it would be just like a mini university..I had woken up very early..I arranged the house and even prepared something delicious for breakfast..I dressed up in a long gown..as I packed my well plaited hair which mama made me for me before coming to the city..I already back my bag pack..seated in the dining room..eating as I saw aunty florence and uncle emeka emerge from their room holding hands together..I could see happiness in aunty Florence face this morning.. I’m sure uncle emeka has scored some goals throughout the night..but I really wonder why they haven’t still had a child up till now..hmm only God knows..I spoke to my self..as I finally woked up from my thoughts..I greeted them..
Theresa:Good morning aunty florence..good morning uncle emeka..
Emeka:good morning..my dear..I can see you already woke up so early..for school..(sits as he saw two plates covered on the table)
Florence:good morning..(sits as she opened a plate to see yam and fried eggs)who made this?
Theresa:I..aunty florence..am sure you are going to love it..
Theresa:you are welcome..

Thank God..o.. she’s happy with me preparing the dish for her and my uncle..Few minutes later we were all done..with our delicious meals as I packed the plates to the kitchen..uncle emeka went upstairs to dress up for work..he was a business man and aunty Florence worked in the bank as well so they went to dress up while I waited for them in the living room..some minutes later they joined me as we all both headed to the car
(Inside the car)
(Florence and emeka discussing while my eyes were stocked on my romantic novel)
Florence:uhm..theresa I packed in some beverages..and goodies inside your luggages and also your toiletries..as well..so manage it..well and be a good girl o..
Theresa:sure aunty florence..thank you..very much..
Emeka:and any visiting day..I’ll come to your school to give you pocket money.. though you ll be well treated there..but it’s good to ve your own savings..as well..please don’t fall my hand o..
Theresa:of course uncle emeka..I’ll marry my book..
Florence:that’s my girl..*

The name of the boarding /day school was Brain field high schoolFinally we got to the school as uncle emeka droves into the school compound..through the window I sighted some girls dressed in milk colored shirt and red striped skirt with a red beret on their hair..hmm Life*

Episode 4-5

Author Favour Oroso

🌺 Episode Four🌺
Hmmm life..I and uncle emeka got down..aunty florence was busy chatting with her phone inside the car that she didn’t even noticed when we left the car to the principal’s office..who was a female..
(Principal Martha)
(Emeka.. Martha and theresa discussing)
Martha: we’ll have to test her since she’s new here and it’s final year as well..you know it’s not easy to be in senior secondary school and most of all..in the last class were they’ll be preparing for the senior waec..
Emeka:no problem..I put Theresa..under your care..please look out for her like your daughter..please..
Martha:sure..Mr emeka..and if she’s very very serious like you claimed she is.. she’ll be awarded a scholarship..to study abroad..
Emeka:okay..ma..I have to go now..am so late for work..Tessy..
Theresa:yes uncle..
Emeka:be a good girl o..!
Theresa:sure uncle..
Emeka:okay..God be with you..alright Mrs Martha..
Martha:alright..take care..sir..
Emeka:bye..behave your self Tessy..
Theresa:sure..uncle emeka..
Martha:so..Theresa..Johnson right?
Theresa:yes ma..
Martha:am Martha okonkwo..nice meeting you..
Theresa:same here ma..
Martha:I’ll take you to your hostel..but first..you need to go change to your uniform..so let’s go..
Theresa:(stands up)
Martha: follow me..!(exited with Theresa)

(Back of the Girls hostels)
(Mr Okoro..and a young girl aged 17..dressed in the uniform too.. smiling and holding hands with Mr Okoro)
Vera:(seventeen years old girl)you and that thing sef..na so you like am reach..?
Mr Okoro:(trembling as he took off his shirts quickly..and brought out his dick from his already unzipped trousers)let’s just get to business my ice cream..the last time we did it..I couldn’t sleep..I was just thinking about you..
Vera: really..?well you know your part o..no be say I go remind..you again..after this..you ll give me good grades in my biology test..
Mr Okoro:sure let’s just get to business.. already..
Vera:relax..na..!(grabbed his dck..hard as she..romances his body)
Mr Okoro:(kissing Vera..as he dragged her skirt up)sexy..!
(Just then two girls also aged 17 stood behind with their phone videoing Mr Okoro..as they both finally broke the silence)
Oluchi:I talk am..!(still recording)
Mr Okoro:(removed his hands from vera immediately)w..ha..t..are you two doing here?but..vera..you told me this place was safe na..
Vera:cmon..shut up..there..fool..
Juliana:see am..pig..so you want to ve sex again after what you did to us last term..abi?
Mr Okoro:but I already apologized na..
Oluchi:(stopped recording)will you shut up?
Vera:no..come and take..na..you know see sey I be like ashawo for ya eyes..idiot..
Mr Okoro:(quickly wears his trousers)I’ll.. report you guys..to the school authorities..you ll see..
Vera:ah..you can go..after you get us expelled.. we’ll also play our card..by showing them this video of you trying to play the bad boy.. now let’s see which is worse..a whole school grown up man like you..want to have sex with me..chai..he goat..go and report na..you know see him mouth..onyanra…(mad man)let’s go..girls..
*They all shaked them selves as they exited

Mr Okoro:chaii..this girls won’t put me into trouble..o!

*After testing my uniform..it really looked good on me..as I emerged to the classroom..where I saw other girls of my age seated..on their separate desk and table..all eyes fixed on the board listening to a female teacher teaching.. obviously she was their mathematics teacher.. because I sighted some sums on the white board…I entered the class as all eyes were on me..I could hear some students whispering at the back as I didn’t even care..I took the empty front seat beside another girl of my age…
Mary:(the girl sitting beside me)hi..am Mary somadina…
Theresa:(smiled)theresa Johnson..

The whispering of the students..the teacher could not take anymore as she turned to face the students..her eyes finally met mine
Mrs Roselyn:hmm I knew the reason behind your noises..so there’s a new student..(smiling as she walked straight to me)
Theresa:(stood up)Good morning ma..
Mrs Roselyn:good morning dear..what’s your name?am Roselyn the mathematics teacher..
Theresa:Theresa Johnson..
Mrs Roselyn:wow..what a lovely name for a beautiful girl like you..welcome to brain field high school..you know what final year means right?I hope you are the serious type..if you need anything you can come to me..okay?
Theresa:okay thanks ma..
Mrs Roselyn:you may now take your sit..and copy the notes from Mary…Mary you can also put her through..
Mary:okay mistress..
Mrs Roselyn:alright..class..Class work..or writing on the board solving mathematics..?
Some students raised their hands for class work on their notes while majority raised their hands up for..writing on the board..Mary had given me her note so I copied all they ve written for today mathematics..just then a girl walked in
Oluchi:(walked straight to her sit)
Mrs Roselyn:hey..hey come back here

Author Favour Oroso

🌺 Episode Five 🌺
Mrs Roselyn:hey..hey..come back here..mannerless girl..
Oluchi:good morning..o..!(sits down)hmm…(hissed)
Mrs Roselyn:see her head..!
(Just then Juliana walked in)
Juliana:good morning..(walked straight to her sit as she sat down beside oluchi)
Mrs Roselyn:look at them.. birds of thesame feathers..keep your greetings to your self.. nonsense…
Vera:(walked in)good morning ma..
Mrs Roselyn:here comes..the ring leader..is this the time you supposed to come for class..?just because cane was restricted in this school doesn’t mean I don’t have hands to beat you people..late comers..
Vera:(whispered)na you know..(sits near oluchi and Juliana)
Mrs Roselyn:what did you just say?(points at vera)
Vera:nothing ma..
Mrs Roselyn:it better be..(walked back to the main front of the class)open your past questions..I’ll pick a question and you ll solve..it on the board..sounds cool right?
Students:(chorused)yes mistress
I was just staring at the drama going on in the class..those girls am sure will be the baddest girls in the class..and I’ll find a way to stay far away from them..
Mrs Roselyn:are you guys in page 160?
Students:(chorused)yes mistress…
Mary had the maths past question so we shared together..the school will bring my text books and past question the next day
Juliana:abeg do..make we dey go..joor..(whispered as three of them laughed silently)
Mrs Roselyn:my serious student..number one..question..A woman looking out from the window of a building at a height of 30metre,observed that the angle of depression of the top of a flag pole was 44°.if the foot of the pole is 25metre..from the foot of the building and on the same horizontal ground,find ,correct to the nearest whole number ,the( I) angle of depression of the foot of the pole from the woman..(sighed)that’s the one we should answer for now.. because the period will soon be over.. so class who can solve that?

My eyes were fixed on the questions..I tried to figure out ways to calculate just to get the answer as I started solving it in my book..
Mrs Roselyn: anyone..want to answer or do you want me to start calling names?
Mary:I’ll try..mistress(stood up as she took the marker)30_25=tan _k°_1..uhmm..
Mrs Roselyn:you getting it..you getting it.. anyone who wants to help..?

And just then I raised a finger high..I didn’t even know how I raised up my finger..but I saw my self walking straight to the board..
Theresa:I’ll try..(took the marker)
Mrs Roselyn:hmm..good..!
Oluchi:this one na new person sef..
Vera:look at her..face..
Juliana:am sure she’ll be the good girl type Sha..she looks very serious and confident..no how..no how..we must get close to her in other to get good grades..**
Theresa:30÷25=tan k°÷1
25 tan k °=30
Tan k°=30÷25
Tan k°=1.200
Mrs Roselyn:oh my God..around of applause for this young lady..
Theresa:(smiling)ma am not done yet..
(School bell rings)
Mrs Roselyn:I know dear..the period is over..on our next class will continue from..there..look at all of you..shame on yourselves..cmon clap for this intelligent girl..
(Students clapping)
Mrs Roselyn:let’s call it a day..(exited)

I was overwhelmed..by the teacher praises..that’s it..you should ve seen the smile on my face while I walked back to my seats..with Mary
Mary:nice one..you must be a science student right?
Theresa:yes of course..I wasn’t even done with the sum..sef..what are we having next ?

Author Favour Oroso

🌺 Episode Five continuation 🌺
Theresa:what are we having next?
Mary:recess..!let’s go out for recess..am starving..!

Days later..I started getting used to the school routines..I didn’t need any one help again..I already knew everywhere in the school..and I was known to be the most serious student in the school even with the few days I just spent there..I was popularly known as the all rounder because I was good in almost all subjects and all the teachers loved me for that..which made me very happy..I was the brightest student in brain field high school..and I even helped teacher’s in marking students scripts..everyone in the class started drawing closer to me..so as Mary who was my number one padi…*
(Girls hostels backyard)
(Vera and Juliana discussing as oluchi interrupted looking very upset)
Vera:wetin do you?why you kan spoil face like this?you bring the stuff?
Oluchi:eh..don’t get me angry o..is not that stupid mathematics teacher Martha..or whatever they call her useless name.
Juliana:eh..eh..wetin happen na?
Oluchi:she insulted me and even told me I scored 15/100 in her welcome tests..
Vera:so that’s why you are crying..?ah oluchi..no dey fall my hand na..what of me that even didn’t do the test kor?abeg forget that shit..
Juliana:I dey tell you..you bring the stuff?
Oluchi: sure..(gives Juliana and vera cigrattes)
Vera:how you take whine that foolish gate man to buy the stuff for you?
Oluchi:I promised him sex tonight..that old fool..(hissed)
Vera:wey lighter?
Juliana :(gives vera the lighter.. smokin)
Vera:(lights the cigarettes.. smoking)so girls..girls..guess what?
Vera:well..next week Saturday is Micheal’s birthday…
Oluchi:wow.. really..I already forgot about it..
Vera:what do you mean so?
Juliana:are we sneaking out of school next week?
Vera:yeah girls..
Juliana:hmm..you know that isn’t easy at all..last week we tried it..next week again..hmm..I don’t want to be caught o..
Vera:shut up there..fear..fear..abeg go sit down..nothing dey happen..
Oluchi:so Micheal is celebrating it right?
Vera:yeah..it’s his 20 years birthday..and I really need to be there..na..I miss him so much..I can’t wait to just write this nonsense waec and go stay with him forever..
Oluchi: Awwwn..!!
Juliana:lover girl..!
Vera:abi na..!
I and Mary were passing through the teacher’s quarter..as Mr Okoro the biology teacher interrupted us..
Mr Okoro:Tessy Johnson..
Mary:how can we help you sir?
Mr Okoro:I said theresa..madame busy body..I didn’t call you..so please excuse us..
Mary:ah sorry o.. girlfriend..see you at the library..!
Theresa:so sir.. any problem?
Mr Okoro: not at all..my dear..I just want you to be careful with the kind of friends you make..in this school..(placed his hands near theresa breasts)
Theresa:(removed his hands)sir..
Mr Okoro:you know..you are a very fine girl..and very brilliant..I really really like you..so much..(drags Theresa by her waist)
Theresa:(pushed him off her as she slapped him)sorry are you okay?Don’t you ever..I mean ever..touch..me..again see me see trouble o..
Mr Okoro:you..you..slapped..your teacher..?
Theresa:(hissed as she exited)
Can you imagine..what kind of rubbish is that..I thought he was even a good master…I never knew his even the worse..ever since my stay in the school..I have noticed some signs in the way some male teacher treats me..but I never expected it from Mr Okoro..what nonsense..he better not try that with me again or else..he ll get more than a slap..I will tell him am an igbo girl..onyanra..
(Just then Mr Amadi laughed out loud at Mr Okoro)
Mr Okoro:why..why are you laughing..?is it funny?
Mr Amadi:ah…ah..can’t I laugh again..look..at you..so you want to sleep with your student..?do you think all girls are like Vera and her girlfriends..they there.. you ll just get your self fired..am telling you..
Mr Okoro:I don’t know what you are talking about..you better mind your business..
Mr Amadi:okay o..a word is enough for the wise..have said my own..!

What hides behind?how is it guys?


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