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Episode 6-7


🌺 Episode Six 🌺
Mr Okoro:abeg..let me hear..word..
Mr Amadi:okay o..(exited)
🌹School library 🌹
(Theresa and Mary discussing)
Mary:ehn ehn..you don’t mean it..
Theresa:I swear to God who made me..that stupid man..tried to grab me in my waists..I gave him a very hard slap..
Mary:I trust you..
Theresa:wo…(opened her text book)let’s read jare..
Mary:yes o..let’s continue giving them good grades..

At the girls backyard hostel..oluchi..Vera and Juliana..kept on with their bad acts..*

Vera:you must give us good grades or else will show this to the principal..
Mr Okoro:okay.. okay..fine..I’ll give you good grades..
Oluchi: perfect..I trust you..
Mr Okoro:hmm..so what’s in for me?
Vera:you suppose know na..let’s go inside the school toilet..that’s where it’s more done..well
Mr Okoro:I trust you..(grabbed vera ass)hope sey una no go record this one o..
Oluchi:no joor..of.. course..not..
Mr Okoro:okay..o..let’s get to business..
Oluchi:can you be able to handle us three?
Mr Okoro:why not?
Juliana:you be bad guy..na..
Vera:let’s do this already..(grabbed his dck with his trousers.. smiling)
Mr Okoro:eiyee..totori..me..one times..to..totori..me..two times..to..to..

The following day..was another brand new..to be frank..I really missed the village and the mixed school but most of all..I missed Stanley..deep down..I had a soft spot for him..and I can’t believe am actually missing him so much right now..I stood up from the bed..grabbed my towel..ready to take my bathe..before other girls wake up from the hostel..and just then three of them surrounded me.. oluchi..vera and juliana..
Vera:how are you doing darling?
Theresa:am not your darling..and as you can see am perfectly fine..so please excuse me..I don’t want to be late for class .
Vera:ugh..that was so harsh baby..can I help you..here..let me help you with your towel..
Oluchi:ohh..I’ll help her set her water..
Vera:(grabbed theresa towel)I know the reason why you sounded harsh..am sure by now..you ve known us to be the baddest girls in the school but don’t be afraid..we are not as bad as you think we are..
Theresa:okay..I can help my self to the bathroom..and yes..have learnt not to judge a book by it’s cover..but you guys are really showing your bad acts..it’s so obvious..I think you guys..should change from this bad habits..like smoking and who knows what..
Vera:hmm we have promised to change..
Oluchi:yes..theresa..from today enforce..will be good girls..
Juliana:yeah..we just want to be your friend..and since you want us to change..then we are ready to change..
Theresa:okay girls..(smiling)it’s good you girls finally wants to change..I know it might not be easy but you can count on me..I’ll help you with whatever you may need..now I have to go.. shower..you guys should do same..(collects her towel as she exited)
Oluchi:I can’t believe it’s so easy to convince that fool..that we will change..change kor..A.P.C..ni

That morning..we were having biology and Mr Okoro was our biology teacher.. Remember I slapped him the other day.. since that day he has been acting strange..but who cares..?I entered the class room and was amazed to see Vera and her friends already in class reading..hmm..maybe they ve really changed..I told my self..as I went to sit with my padi..Mary..who was busy reading as well..
Mary:what took you so long ?
Theresa:(sits)those girls .(points at vera and the other two girls).
Mary:eh..what did they do to you?you know how bad those girls are..
Theresa:they want to be my friend..and I told them the only way they can be my friend..is for them to change their bad habits..and they promised to change..
Mary:change fire..they can’t change for anything..that’s how they say..they only want to use you..because you are very intelligent..my friend..I’ll advice you to stay far away from them..
Theresa:I..I..don’t think so..look at them..they seem very serious..when have vera and her friends come early to class last?
Mary:hmm..okay..o..I think they are just faking..it..but if you think they’ll change for the better..then it’s alright..
(Just then Mr Okoro walked into the class)
Mr Okoro:good morning students..
Students:good morning master..
Mr Okoro:so..on our last topic we stopped at reproduction…but before we continue with the notes..theresa..
Theresa:(stands up)sir..
Mr Okoro:i now replace you with Mary.. Mary shall now be my new class captain..
Mary:(stood up)sir..thanks but..you see..I really don’t need it..you can give it to someone else..in the class..
Mr Okoro:I ve choosen you..and nothing will change that..settle down..
Theresa:hmm..na you know..(sits)
Mr Okoro:next week.. we’ll be having a very big practical..and all students must pay twenty thousand naira each for the practical..it’s compulsory mostly for the science students..and it will be added to your waec scores..
Mary:so..tell us about the practical…sir..

Author Favour Oroso

🌺 Episode seven 🌺
Mary:so tell us about the practical..sir..
Mr Okoro:I can’t..until you pay the twenty thousand naira..first..
Mary:but sir..we can’t just go to the calling room and tell our parents to send us money just for a practical we barely no something about..
Mr Okoro:then you ll fail..that’s enough..by next week Monday..I want the money for the practical..else..you all won’t be allowed to enter my class..back to our lesson for the day.. reproduction..*

*I didn’t enjoy throughout the class..it was just too boring for me..for the first time..I lost interest in a subject..maybe because of the way Mr Okoro has been acting recently and to top it all how will I get the money for the practical..ugh..I don’t even know where to get the money from..God help me..I kept on thinking on until I heard the bell for lunch time..I and Mary stood up as oluchi.. vera and juliana interrupted
Vera:hi girls..
Vera:what’s wrong with your friend Mary?
Theresa:don’t worry about her
Oluchi:so..would like to sit with you for lunch..if you don’t mind..?
Theresa:sure..it’s cool
Juliana:alright girls..let’s go..am starving..

We all exited to the dining hall as we were served our food..I felt a little bit prejudiced with not sitting next to Mary..on our usual spot but nevertheless..I think I need to go a day off from Mary..she’s just too over serious..with what she does.. where as vera and her friends..or would I say..my new friends..are very funny..and cool..
Juliana:that stupid man..how on Earth how we gonna get twenty thousand naira ehn?
Vera:it’s easy..
Theresa:its not easy..for me..
Vera:well..there’s an ushering job on Sunday..and they LL pay us..fifteen thousand naira per night..I think we should go for it..
Theresa:ushering job..?but how?

*Just then the lunch bell rang for lunch over as I stood up from my seat..and headed back to the hostel..on my way I sighted my bestie..you know na..Mary *
Theresa:why the hmm?don’t tell me you are jealous because I didn’t sit with you at the dining hall..
Mary:why would I be?just be careful with those girls..that’s all I can say..
Theresa:so when are we gonna get the money for the practical..?
Mary:I’ll call my dad..you should do same..I have to go now.. principal martha sent for me..see you later..
Theresa:alright girl..

*Hmm how on earth will I get the money for this sudden practical that’s coming up.. Mary’s case is settled at least she’s from a wealthy background..what about me?my parents haven’t even eaten enough and I want to ask for money from them..hmm uncle emeka..oh jeez..I don’t even have his phone number..my God..and even though I do..I don’t think he’ll be able to give me..so quickly..because it’s too sudden..what will I do ? Different thoughts kept running into my mind until I remembered the ushering job..vera was talking about..yes.. the ushering job..at least even if I give mr okoro fifteen thousand naira.. he’ll hold done for the remaining five thousand naira..or what should I do?and how am I even sure they LL pay me the money completely..?

(Girls hostels)
(Vera..Juliana and oluchi discussing)
Oluchi:come which one be the ushering job wey you dey talk about ?
Vera: Micheal’s birthday..is on Sunday and so..I’ll collect some money from mikky..and so would you guys..
Juliana:but that’s not an ushering job..
Vera:well Micheal is going to be inviting his male friends..you know what I mean na..
Oluchi:oh..oh..so you mean..we will sleep with his friends..?
Vera:bam..!!yes of course and you ll even be paid..one might eventually fall for you girls..
Juliana:then why did you call it an ushering job and why were you telling theresa?
Vera:I just want to decieve the idiot..at least if she sleeps with one dude there..ogbeni.. she’ll be paid..I can see she’s really helpless..so it’s best if we help her..out..
Oluchi:if..that’s what you want..I dey on your side..
Juliana:hmm..well..I hope it all goes well..because I don’t want wahala in my life..o..
(Just then a knock on the door)
Juliana:come in..
Theresa:(walked in)hey girls..
Vera:hey Tessy..
Oluchi:how far na..?
Theresa:am good..so girls..what’s the ushering job you were talking about..vera and when is it?
Vera:this Sunday..
Theresa:Sunday?wow..so..how much do they pay?
Vera:15k..cash..!are you in?
Theresa:hmm..I don’t trust you guys..are sure it’s an ushering job?
Juliana:Biko if you don’t trust us..pack ya self out..abeg..I no get time..
Vera:relax..it’s just a wedding and we’ll be there to serve though it’s in the night..and I know you need the money so well..and besides..it’s compulsory for you science students..or do you want to fail biology?
Theresa:God forbid..
Vera:then what’s there ehn?So you don’t trust us..it’s not by force o..you can think about it..if you want.. there’s still time..today’s.. Thursday..
Theresa:I don’t think I have anything to think about..

Episode 8-9

Author Favour Oroso

🌺 Episode Eight🌺
Theresa:if you are sure they’ll pay me my money then yes..I accept to go for the ushering job..
Vera:that’s my girl .

I don’t know if am making the right decision right now..but all I want is that money and nothing..else..why has money always be an issue..to me?hmm I told my self while walking out of their hostels..I met Mary while she was coming out from the principal office but I decided not to tell her anything about what I discussed with the girls..I want to keep it as a secret to her..because if I tell her..she might discourage me from going there..and on the other hand she will also pay for the practical exam while I will be left..out..so it’s best if I just keep my mouth sealed..
Mary:what were you doing at vera and the girls hostel?
Theresa:I went to study..
Theresa:yes of course..
Mary:but..see your self..you mean you went to study with Vera and those her bodyguards?
Theresa:yeah..they told me they don’t understand some of the mathematics..miss Roselyn taught us the other day so they decided to send for me..so I could put them through .
Mary:wow..this is unbelievable..
Theresa:well nothing is impossible my dear..so..what were you discussing about with the principal..**

(Emeka’s mansion)
(Dining room)
(Florence eating with emeka)
Florence:(phone ringing)
Emeka: won’t you pick up the call..someone has been calling you for more than five times..
Florence:emeka..do you want to eat or do you want to keep on counting who and who is calling me?emeka..please let me enjoy my food in peace..o..
Emeka:hmm…Flo..pick the call..it might be something important..
Florence:and I said I don’t want to..is it by force..?
Emeka:hmm..okay o..
Florence:infact ve lost my appetite..(grabbed her phone as she exited)
Emeka:hmm..(sighed..phone rings..)hmm..Cletus..(picked the call)hello Cletus..
Cletus:oga..good afternoon..you get one visitor..for shop o..you go know am..he say he name na benjamin..
Emeka:ohh.. Benjamin.. okay..I ll be there..shortly..(hunged up)honey..am o..(exited)
(The kitchen)
(Florence calling Benjamin)
Florence:pick up you idiot..
Benjamin:(picked up the call)hello..baby..
Florence:don’t you baby me..?are you insane..how many times have I told you not to call me whenever am at home..do..do you want to spoil my marriage for me?this should be the last time you ll call me..
Benjamin:and who’s this man sef?who is he that made you so love him that you can’t even see or talk to me?
Florence:my husband..he loves me and I love him too..I don’t want you to ever call this number again..(hunged up)my God..(sighed)

*Days went by and finally..it was Sunday..I  woke up..a bit late since it was a Sunday..I prayed..and took my shower..I prayed for everything to go well today*

(Emeka’s mansion)
(Living room)
(Emeka seated watching TV as Florence comes out of the kitchen)
Florence:baby..the food is almost..ready..so who’s this your friend that’s coming to spend the evening with us?
Emeka:it’s a surprise..
Florence:how ?tell me about him..
Emeka:when you see him..you ll know more about him..
Florence:huh..why so much mystery..?(sits beside emeka)
Florence:wats it baby?
Emeka:I don’t know..I just wish God could bless us with a child..even if it’s one..
Florence:but you know your medical problem..is first..the doctor said you can’t produce a child..
Emeka:I know..but miracle happens you know?
Florence:yeah..I believe in miracles..and I know very soon.. we’ll have our own baby..
(Just then a knock on the door)
Emeka:seems it’s my friend..I’ll go open..
Florence:I’ll quickly go and get dressed..am a mess now..(rushed to her room)
Emeka:(stands up as he opened the door to see Benjamin)guy..come in..
Benjamin:(walked in)how far..na..
Emeka:I just dey o..please settle down..
Benjamin:(sits on the couch..)
Emeka:so what will you like to drink?
Benjamin: anything..padi mi..!
Emeka:alright..I’ll go get you some juice..(goes straight to the kitchen..opened the refrigerator as he brought out a cold hollandia yogurt..drink and two glasses cups..as went back to the living room..sits)
Honey..honey..my padi is here o..
Benjamin:hmm..I can’t wait to see this your wife you ve been bragging about..(served him self some juice)
Emeka:she bam..bro..I think you should think of settling down..you need am..any girl dey?
Emeka:I know na..bad guy..
Benjamin: unfortunately she’s married..
Emeka:ugh..eyaa…that’s bad..anyway..she no be the only girl wey dey for this world na..
Benjamin:I know buddy..but this lady..is so damn beautiful..I love her like..my life depends on it..
(Just then Florence walked in)
Florence:honey.. am here..(walked straight to join emeka..on his sit..pecked him as she turned to see Benjamin)b..
Emeka:so..Florence..meet my child hood friend have been telling you about..Ben..jamin..!
Florence:(lost in thought)

🌺 Episode nine🌺

Benjamin:hello .
Florence: please excuse me..for a while honey..(exited quickly)
Emeka:what’s wrong with her?
Benjamin:maybe she’s just shy..you know..
Emeka:shy..Flo..has never been shy..
Benjamin:hmm..or maybe she’s uncomfortable with my presence..
Emeka:no..I don’t think so..
(Just then Florence interrupted)
Florence:guys..I already set the dining table..
Emeka:alright..honey..let’s go and eat ben..
Benjamin:no..I’ll just go..
Emeka:go where?you not going anywhere..
Florence:no..honey..maybe he has other things to handle..
Emeka: really Ben?
Benjamin:yeah..I want to go to somewhere very important..so am so sorry..I’ll join you guys some other day..
Emeka:hmm..okay o..
Benjamin:alright..nice meeting you Flo..
Florence:same here..
Emeka:you don’t seem good..what’s the matter with you ?you look pale..and disturbed..
Florence:nothing..am just fine..let’s go and eat something..
Emeka:are you sure?
Florence:yeah..my love..(grabs his arms around her neck as they walked to the dining room)

(Brain field high school)
(Back yard)
(Vera..oluchi and Juliana discussing).
Juliana:I can’t wait for this evening..
Vera:(carrying a bag..as she brought out sexy dresses)this one is for you Julie..
Juliana:ugh..thank you..!it’s pretty..is this what we will be rocking to the party?
Vera:yeah girl..(gives oluchi the same kind of gown)have yours oluchi..
Oluchi:the gown is nice though..but why do we have to wear same dress..?
Vera:because of that girl..Theresa.. remember to her it’s an ushering job..but to us..it’s a party..
(Just then theresa joined them)
Theresa: so why did you guys sent for me..am very busy with study..
Vera:have you forgotten today’s the ushering job day?
Theresa:oh..oh..yeah..I almost forgot..yeah..so is it now?I thought you guys said it’s in the night..
Vera:yeah but this is almost night..it’s 6pm girl..that’s why we brought you the uniform to wear..for the job..(gives theresa a short pink dress)
Theresa:but..this is just too short..for a job..and where did you get the job from..how did you even get the uniform in the first place..
Vera:well..there’s no explanation for that..it’s not too late..will you still do the job or you want to back off… remember it’s your loss..
Vera:we will be putting on our school uniform when we want to go..then when we get to my friend place will change and go to the place for the job.. sounds good right..?
Theresa:I have no choice…

(Emeka’s mansion)
(Dining room)
(Florence and emeka eating )
Emeka:this is so tasty..
Florence:yeah.. very..(feeling sharp pain in her stomach as she stood up..and rushed to the bathroom)
Emeka:Flo.. Florence are you okay?
(The bathroom)
(Florence throwing up as she washed her face)
Emeka:babe..what’s wrong?
Florence:I don’t know..maybe it’s fever..
Emeka:you need to go see the doctor..
Florence:no..I don’t want to go to the hospital..
Emeka:but you don’t look too good..
Florence:I’m fine..am fine..you don’t need to worry too much..

*The night finally came for the ushering job..it was around 10pm in the night..I wore my prep dress and backed my bag..in the bag was the short dress vera gave me..which felt uncomfortable..the time I tried..it..I went to vera and Juliana hostel..were we all headed out of the hostel..from the hostel to the teacher’s apartment..till we finally got to the gate side..as..the gate man pointed his torch at us..
Gate man:where do you think you are going to..at this hour?
Oluchi:ah..ah..my man..you know na..
Juliana: please just let us go..please..abeg..
Vera:yeah..we don’t have enough time..
Gate man:to where?
Vera:for an ushering job.. we’ll be back before Dawn sef..please na..


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