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Episode 17

Sister favour refused to be defeated. She had to go all the way to the headquarters to see DADDY G.O

——————DADDY G.O’S OFFICE—————-

-Daddy good afternoon sir.

-God bless you sister, you’re welcome.

-Thank you sir.

-i haven’t seen this face before

-yes sir, i worship at city of praise parish sir.

-oh really, that’s good. You’re welcome.

-sir, i came because of the said marriage between pastor Ebuka and Tonia.


-sir, that Tonia can’t bare children. She damaged her fallopian tube with so much Abortions. I am her prayer partner. She confessed during one of our prayer meetings of her immoral life. Pastor Ebuka deserves a better person. Tonia lived a pretentious and lying life. She turned a new leaf only recently.

-hmmm, did you say so many abortions?

-yes sir. So many, uncountable.

-hmmm, what’s your name?

-Favour sir. Favour umoh sir.

-favour, are you sure of what you’re saying?

-yes sir. Very sure sir. I am in the house of God, how can i lie?

-favour, have you spoken to your pastor about this?

-yes sir.

-And what did he say?

-He didn’t say anything reasonable say. He was defending her. Daddy, pastor Ebuka doesn’t know what he is about getting himself into. If he ends up marrying that girl, it will be disaster o. All the guys she slept with will start scandal o. It will be former prostitute now pastor’s wife. Daddy please save Pastor Ebuka from this danger.

-hmmm, this is terrible. It’s ok. Thank you for the information. I will pray over it.

-Daddy, i’m not lying. This one you want to pray over it. I’m not lying sir. Save my pastor from the evil about hitting him.

-sister favour, thank you. You may now leave.

Sister favour did not stop there. She started spreading the rumour all over the place, telling whoever cared to listen. The rumour kept spreading till it got to Bro divine’s hearing. Bro divine was very angry. He called a meeting for the whole youths.

-Halleluyah !!!!


-i called this short notice meeting because of the rumour spreading like wildfire in this fellowship. Who is doing this? Who is the devil using as instrument of destruction? I put it to us that all the rubbish flying all over the place about sister Tonia are nothing but lies.

(Sister favour stood up to leave)

-favour, where are you going to? Bro divine asked.

-i want to ease myself sir.

(she left)

-(bro divine continued) whoever has decided to give him or her self as instrument for the devil to use to destroy this union, the judgement of God will come upon such person. Let this evil stop. We are children of God, one body in Christ, why should we destroy the good thing God is about doing in our pastor’s life? Please enough is enough. This baseless and irritating rumour should stop. God bless you as you obey.

Tonia has been crying her eyes out. Her mother too. At home……

-mummy, (crying ) why me? Who is doing this to me? Who is spreading this rumour about me? Just when God has set his crown of honour on my head, they have gathered to take it away mummy, please help me oooo. God help me ooooo. (Crying and rolling herself on the ground)

-Tonia my child, get up please. Don’t hurt yourself. What God has written, he has written. No man has the power to take the crown of honour God has placed on your head. Your hands are clean. God will fight for you.

-mummy, he hasn’t called me since yesterday. Mummy he hasn’t called. I’m scared. It’s so unlike him. He calls everyday. Since yesterday he hasn’t called. Mummy, oh God!!!! I’m finished. Lord please help me.

-Tonia, don’t worry. Pastor Ebuka is a man filled with the spirit of God. He will not abandon you.

Tonia’s phone rang. Tonia took her phone.

-mummy, it’s him.(she wiped her tears) it’s him. Mummy, who knows What he wants to say to me. I’m scared.

-pick first na. Just pick.

-ok mummy. (She picked)


-MY ANGEL. How you? Why’s your voice like like that ? Sounds like you’ve been crying? Have you?

-when i haven’t heard from you since yesterday, what do you except.

-hahaha, see this girl o. Just yesterday? Ok I’m sorry. I should have told you, i went to camp. I’ve been in the camp. I just came back. I’m sorry.

-it’s ok. How are you?

-I’m good. Angel, i hope you are not crying because of the stupid rumour your prayer partner has been spreading?

-Jesus!!!!! Favour? So it’s favour? Oh my God.

-listen to me Angel, i know what i heard from God. God gave me your name and your state. So there’s nothing anyone will say that will make me change my mind. Don’t let it get into you. Don’t cry for the devil.

-thanks so much. God bless you for coming into my life.

-you’re welcome. Hope you observed your quiet time?

-no i didn’t

-wow, Angel, why? Listen to me, do not allow anything, whatsoever, disrupt your relationship with God. 1Inch of space is enough for the devil to reck one million worth of havoc. Please my Angel.

-ok. I won’t fail to observe it again.

-Alright. And emmm, i think you should look for a special name to call me too.

-Tonia smiled. Pastor Ebuka, my TREASURE.

-awwwwwww. Beautiful.

-that’s how i saved your number too.

-i can’t stop smiling. Thanks so much Angel.

-you’re welcome

-how’s mum?

-mum is fine sir.

-ok. My regards to her. Angel, we are having chain prayer tonight. 12am, I’m flashing you. We just end by 2am so you can sleep before waking up to prepare for school ok?


-Alright, take care of yourself for me.

-you too.

The call dropped.

-mummy, i am blessed. What did i ever give God to bless me like this.

-my dear, it pleases God, that’s why it is that way. We won’t say it is because of our righteousness, bible says it is like a filthy rag before him. It is just his mercies. We thank God for everything. And we were killing ourselves with worry.

-mummy, wonders shall never end. Do you know it is favour spreading all these rumours ?

-which favour? Your prayer partner?

-yes o. Hmmm, you know i shared it with her so we could pray together. This girl now……infact eheee, i am just…….i don’t even know what to say. Mummy, i must confront her.

-my dear abeg leave that girl. You think she has peace wherever she is? God will disgrace her. Don’t mind her. If you see her now eheee, greet her very well. Don’t frown, don’t keep a hate face. Show her all she said didn’t get to you. That’s how to win that kind of devil.

-hmmm, ok mum.

Daddy G.o could not sleep. He prayed and prayed asking God to reveal the truth to him. So on Sunday he came to city of God parish.

-praise the Lord. children of God, the best way to kill gossip is open confrontation. And that’s why I’m here. Sister favour, the one that visited my office, are you here? If you are please come forward.

Sister favour matched forward to the altar.

-good. Sister Tonia, please come forward.

Sister tonia came forward.

-favour, please can you boldly, before tonia repeat what you said about her in my office?

Favour started fudgeting

-sister favour, I’m waiting. Can you say it all before her?

(favour bowed her head in shame)

-meaning that all you said are lies? Even after saying you can’t lie in the house of God? Brethren can you see? How agents of darkness cause unnecessary confusion in the house of God? I’m highly annoyed. How can somebody fabricate such lies and be telling it to everyone just to cause problem. Favour henceforth, please i don’t want to see you anywhere around Glorious invasion church. This is evil and evil is not allowed here. Let this serve as a lesson to everyone. This is a church. Do not come here and start working for the devil. Favour leave this premises now!!!!!!!

Sister favour started crying and pleading accusing the devil.

Wedding date has been fixed. Preparations are going on. Tonia went to school on Wednesday and did not come back. Her wedding is on Saturday. TONIA IS MISSING.

Episode 18

The whole church was eager to know what happened to Tonia. Very early the next morning, Tonia’s house was filled with people. Pastor Ebuka was first to Arrive. Tonia was still sleeping. He only needed to see her to be sure she is back, indeed she is back. He waited patiently till she woke up, freshened up and came out to the sitting room.

Everyone shouted when they saw her. Songs were rendered unto the Lord then Tonia started her testimony.

-praise the Lord!!!!! My brethren, i want to first if all say a very big thank you to this Great God. Who showed me undeserved kindness and saved me from the fiery darts of the enemy, who did not allow my enemies to rejoice over me. May his name be praised. I want to thank you all for your prayers, my daddy G.o, and special thanks goes to MY TREASURE here who stood in the gap all the while for me.
God bless you all. We closed from school at about 4pm, my friends and me were coming home so i saw sister juliet. She walked to me, i was so excited to see her. She offered to give us a lift, my friend Eno dragged me aside and told me not to, that her spirit doesn’t accept juliet. I told her it was fine, she is our church member. We entered juliet’s car, eno was to stop along the way, she lives off campus, very close to the school. After few minutes we saw a police check point. The police flagged Juliet down and started harrassing us. They told us to come down and asked us to get into their vehicle. I refused. I was like, for what ? What was our offence? One of the policemen now said i am the suspect, he collected eno’s phone, juliet’s phone and other girls phones and asked them to leave. He insisted i joined the van. I struggled, all to no avail. The next thing was handkerchief over my nose and that’s all i could remember till i opened my eyes and found out i was tied to an iron chair. When i opened my eyes, all i,saw were masked people standing and looking at me. Then two men walked in.

-fool, he said as he slapped me. You want to marry PASTOR EBUKA, you won’t. So long as we live, you won’t marry him. Then i replied them, “THEN PREPARE TO DIE BECAUSE WHAT GOD HAS JOINED TOGETHER, NO MAN CAN PUT ASUNDER. EBUKA IS GOING TO BE MY HUSBAND. EVEN THE DEVIL CAN’T STOP IT” he slapped me again saying he didn’t ask me to talk. He said my freedom lies in EBUKA’S hands, if he does what he is asked to do, i will be free, if not, i should consider myself dead. I replied, “I SHALL NOT DIE, I WILL LIVE AND DECLARE THE GOODNESS OF GOD IN THE LAND OF THE LIVING”. FOR THE LORD WILL FEED YOU WITH YOUR FLESH AND YOU SHALL DRINK YOUR OWN BLOOD AS SWEET WINE”. The man slapped me again and asked me to shut up. All of a sudden the people standing, wearing mask were no longer seen. I was wondering who they were. I started praying. They sealed my mouth. I was praying in my spirit. After few hours, the two guys came back. The placed objects placed before me were knife, gun and a liquid substance boldly written poison, and the other, acid. because pastor Ebuka refused to comply, i have just ten seconds to choose one or they choose for me by themselves. The people on mask came around again, this time they spoke. That was how i got to know they were actually ladies. They were shouting “choose one. If we can’t have him, nobody can,,choose one and die in peace”. I could not hold back my tears. One of the ladies took the acid. She said she won’t allow me die in peace, she will make me live in pain and suffer rejection because no matter how spiritual Pastor Ebuka is,he will never marry a deformed woman. Brethren i lost hope. I felt it was all over. I closed my eyes to receive the Acid bath when we heard “YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HEAD NOW ” The person walked into the place, it was a soldier. “If you move, i scatter your brain ” they dropped the weapons. The other soldiers joined him. The unmasked the ladies, my brethren, when i saw their faces, i fainted. They were sister juliet, sister Ruth, sister jane and my prayer partner, the one daddy G.o dismissed from church. I couldn’t believe it. In the house of God? One of the soldiers brought me home. He told me a man came to them and told them he saw policemen carry a lady into an uncompleted building. The lady has been shouting. The man actually sleeps in that uncompelted building. That was how i came home.

Pastor Ebuka fell to the ground with tears in his eyes and started worshipping this great God. Miracle working God. The defender of the defenceless, rescuer of the hopeless, life saver, life giver, he continued to worship the Lord, the whole brethren with him.

After everyone left, pastor Ebuka pleaded with Tonia not to step out of the house again until the wedding. Infact, Daddy G.o’s personal driver came to pick her, she will be coming from there to the church. Mummy G.o was so excited to receive her. That Friday night, mummy G.o called her….

-Tonia dear, she smiled,congratulations once again. Newest bride in town.

-(she smiled ) thank you mummy.

-daughter, i am doing exactly thesame thing my own mother in the Lord did on my wedding eve. Same thing i have done for every sister especially the ones marrying ministers of God. To be frank, it is not easy being the wife of a minister of God, especially those who have refused to compromise their faith in Christ Jesus. I can proudly say to you my dear daughter that your husband to be, pastor Ebuka, is one of them. Listen to every word i am about to say to you. Write them on the table of your heart, let it sink deeply. If you can abide by them, my dear daughter you will laugh.
1, from tomorrow he is no longer pastor Ebuka to you o. Find one sweet name you will call him. He is now your husband. Allow him touch you. From the way i see Ebuka, he doesn’t know how to pretend. Forget spirituality, he is a man o. He has blood flowing through his veins. Yessss, you know church people like to pretend . Be sweet to behold. Look fresh. I hope you have sweet looking things you will wear at home for him. Your armpits, you have to shave, look neat. Wear Anti-perspirants each time you are done with bathing.

2, Respect his spiritual decisions. He might be on a fast and decide not to eat all the delicious you prepared, accept in good faith. Help him through it. It is for your own Good. He might wish to have quiet time with God, allow him, help him achieve it.

3, follow his lead. Don’t look at other wives of pastors. Look unto Jesus and follow your husband. Join your faith with his. Be physically involved and spiritually relevant. Don’t relax and allow pray alone. Bible says, one will chase 10000 but 2, 20,000. Never seize to speak out if you see him derailing. Not shouting at him like a small boy o, he will even derail more. Correct him with love and the one your mouth cannot, your knee can.

4, if he is not fasting, and not on any spiritual exercise,please my dear daughter give him good food. Yes o. They eat once in a while. Like my own husband he will say, this week, I’m eating just one in a day and very light, i will be doing more of fruits. Don’t you see how fitted he is looking? People sometimes say he doesn’t look like G.o atall because he has no protruding tummy. (Laughter) yes ooo.

5- learn to forgive easily. Men of God are human beings too o. They can be annoying. They are not perfect. So learn to forgive easily. Pray for your husband. Be an example. Soon they will start mummying you too. Be careful. Some are coming close to use you to destroy your husband. Yessss, they will be coming with gifts, expensive clothes, seed of faith, some are for evil purpose. Test every spirit. Be careful what you discuss. Stand on the truth, nothing but the truth.

The rest, you will learn by yourself. May God bless your union.

-Ameeeen. Argh. Thanks so much mummy.i have really learnt alot.

It’s saturday morning !!!!!!

To be continued.


Episode 19

At about 3:30am, Daddy G.o called pastor Ebuka.

-hello, daddy

-hmmm, you’re not sleeping ?

Pastor Ebuka laughed.

-daddy, I’m kind of nervous. I have been praying too. It’s like a dream. We fought this battle and we came out victorious. My Angel and me will be pronounced man and wife few hours from now.

-yes son and i must say, i am the happiest person after both of you. Dear son, apart from the general marriage course both of you attended, i want to tell you exactly same thing my own father in the Lord told me as a young pastor about getting married and by God’s grace, i have been keeping to it and it has helped me in my life and ministry. My son, number 1…

-you are spiritually higher than your wife, yes. You are of more spiritual strength and stamina, yes. You pray more than her, yes. Listen, don’t forcefully drag her along. Allow her to be herself. Find out the length she can go and try a bit to come down to her level then travel up with her together in love and understanding. My son, my wife wasn’t fire brand atall when i married her, it was my follow up that helped her up. Infact, we are almost same level in spiritual things now.
My father in the Lord said to me, if you run faster than her and she tries to catch up with you but because she is not as strong as you are SHE WILL FALL. You will now run back to help her up.

2- sister tonia is now your wife. I thank God for the sweet name you call her but be ready to continue it after 25years of marriage. When she won’t be looking this young anymore. Try as much as you can never to make your wife cry. Hmmm, my father in the Lord said, the cry of a virtuous woman tears the heart of God apart. God’s heart bleeds when a woman who serves him in spirit and in truth shed tears of pain, maltreatment and anguish. I can confidently say, i am my wife’s best friend, she is mine too. Woman love clothes. Don’t wait till she asked for them. Don’t wait until the ones she has starts wearing out. Be in charge of her wardrobe. Tell her sweet words. Sweet words that you mean o. Not because you need to……you know, that’s what most men do. Only when they have need to be satisfied that’s when their wife is beautiful. Don’t be tired of telling her you love her. Listen son, devil has wrecked havoc in so many homes today because these things that might look childish are not practiced. Don’t mind all these pretenders. They claim they are too spirited and spiritual but there is younger sister behind the curtain they mess around with. That’s nonsense. Bible says, DO NOT GIVE PLACE TO THE DEVIL. Hope you’re following ?

-yes daddy, i am.

-good. Number 3, bible says your wife is your help meet but do you know you are to help her to help you. Yes!!!!. How can a woman you don’t care about, you don’t cherish, you don’t show love, you don’t carry along, you call names like idiot, animal, fool, goat, empty head and many more RENDER HELP? Infact, how would can an idiot, and a mumu help you? She don’t know anything ? Then you caused it. You won’t know what wonderful woman you have as wife till you treat her well. Even when there is nothing, let her know it won’t be forever. Encourage and appreciate her because it is your problem she accepted don’t make it look like it is her fundamental human right to suffer.

-make her need you all the time. Don’t allow her to be comfortable in your absence. My wife, in this our old age? Ha!!!! She will call 20times a day if she is on macedonian call or travelled to see the children. She won’t stat more than one week, she will run back to me. This is because, i make every moment with her memorable. Till now, i take my wife out. I take her to the gym. I take her to do workout. No space for second thoughts, no space for second party. Same with her too. Don’t allow her purse to be dry. No matter how little. Any dime that comes into my hand, my tithe first, then my wife.

-when there is nothing, TELL HER. Don’t go about borrowing just to meet up. No that’s not love, that’s PRIDE. Do not allow anybody speak trash about her, not even yourself. Yes, it starts with you .

-Do you know that after trying to observe all these, there MUST be MISUNDERSTANDING? Hahaha, are you surprised ? Of course you are not an angel, you must offend her. She is not an angel, she must offend you. Manage it well. It is called DISAGREE to AGREE. It is not DISAGREE to fight and exchange blows. I have never for the past 33years laid my hands on my wife. It is an act of cowardice. You are not a man if you try that and, once you start it, you have started it. It is a spirit, very bad spirit.

-son, Do not cheat on your wife. Be faithful to her. Listen, don’t say I’m a pastor na, how can do that? Satan is not a respecter of TITLES. All these demons in human flesh coming to offices of men of God with skimpy skirts and revealing tops. Me, i don’t counsel those ones o. I will send you back. Go and dress well. Daughters of Jezebel. Nonsense. So my dear son. Be faithful.

-lastly for now, PRAYERS. Son, i can confidently say, my wife has been my prayer partner. In the midnight, afternoon, anywhere i am, anywhere she is, and i encounter something, i call her, honey please pray ooo, see, see, see, …..she starts immediately and God hears us. I have never visited any prophet to see for me, or for oil of anything. Prayer has been my open secret. It works for me, it will work for you.

-Amen. Wow!!!!!daddy, i must say i am more than ready to be a husband now. Thank you so much sir.


Sister Tonia walked down the aisle with her elder brother. She was looking so beautiful behind the veil. She just kept smiling. Pastor Ebuka couldn’t take his eyes off her. The hall was filled to the brim.

After the marriage vows were exchanged, Pastor Ebuka slide the ring on sister tonia’s fourth finger and so did SISTER TONIA.

-ladies and Gentlemen, i present to us the newest couple in town PASTOR AND MRS MAXWELL UZONNA EBUKA!!!!!!!!!

Pastor Ebuka carried sister tonia, paparazzi everywhere. He just planted that special first kiss on her lips and whispered, I LOVE YOU

He took the mic……

-(starring directly into sister tonia’s eyes) sweet, we won!!!!! Now you are officially mine. We crossed seas, we climbed mountains, we fougt demons, we even fought death, but he gave us victory. My Angel, i make this solemn promise to you, before the altar of God and before the people of God. I will always love and cherish you. Sweet, it’s just you and me. No one else, no space for anyone else. God helping me, i will not let you down. I LOVE YOU ANGEL.


Daddy G.o and his wife shed tears of Joy. Tonia too was shedding tears. It was too Good to be true.

Reception was wow!!!!
Pastor Ebuka and his wife received massive gifts. The youths bought washing machine and 8 burner gas cooker.

Daddy G.o blessed the couple with a brand new lexus Jeep.

So many gift. So much love, so much fun, so much excitement.

Tonia’s mum couldn’t hide her Joy. Everyone was happy.

Sister Tonia discovered she was pregnant 2 months after their wedding!!!!!

Creator of all universe
What can’t you do
What can’t you do


Name above everyother name
What can’t you change
What can’t you change


You are able
Great and mighty king
You are able Lord Jesus

There is nothing, nothing you cannot do
Nothing you cannot change
Nothing you cannot turn around

You are able
Great and mighty king
You are able Jesus!!!!


Thanks for following
The end!!!!!

Please share what you have learned from the story. Thank you


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