Surrender to Wholeness

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I’ve discovered something that works for me that I would like to share. Feel the energy behind the words. Please remember that for all that I give in expression, understand that I’m providing a menu of opportunity, not any dictate or limiting positionality. Nothing is up for debate. Debate comes from duality consciousness. I’m speaking from, to, and about unity consciousness. So use what resonates, or is helpful, and allow the rest to pass through for now.

I’m going to describe an application of surrender that I have found useful. Surrender of the separate self is a function of calibration of part to whole. Calibration to me, means centering with the center of all centers. It is attunement with God. It is fusion with Spirit. It is part of consciousness, or individualized Spirit, becoming fused, or one with, infinite consciousness.

When I surrender to God/Source/Spirit, I offer up the body, the mind, the heart, and the soul. I ask Spirit to integrate into every aspect of my being, or every dimension of my individuated sense of self. First, I address God, or Spirit, directly. I tell God things like, “use my feet to take me to where you want to go. Use my voice to speak Your words. Use my heart to radiate unconditional love. Use my hands to do Your work. Use my mind to deliver your immaculate ideas. Use my soul to deliver Unconditional Love. Fully integrate Spirit into my being so that I perceive, reflect, and radiate Spirit purely.”

Secondly, I put each dimension of this being in order. I surrender body to mind, mind to heart, heart to soul, and soul to spirit. I do it genuinely with a deep love for God. I can intuitively perceive that body is a radiant aspect of the mind. The mind is a focusing or expanding aspect of consciousness, like an eye, that is subservient to the heart. The heart symbolizes the core, the doorway to the infinite, the instrument that perceives feeling, or direct communication with the soul, or Spiritual dimension of the Divine. The heart is the place of zero point. It unites all aspects of Self and is a portal to other dimensions.

Thirdly, I let go of consciousness limitations. I surrender my own selfish desires; I offer up my old thought patterns and feelings for purification. In a state of complete humility, I see that everything I thought was “Me” or “Mine” was an illusion based on a limited perspective and distorted perception. I really feel humility deep inside. The old concept of ego-self flies away and I see Spirit within me as the Life that I AM. The truth is I know who I truly AM. We all do when we go to the depths of our being. The cause and sustainer of Life is behind everything.

Fourthly, I practice gratitude. I feel grateful for every experience I’ve ever had. I’m no longer condemned by judgment or guilt or shame. I’m swimming in the unconditional love of True Self. True Self, or Spirit, knows the purpose for everything. Judgment is not even possible in this space. The eye of observation transmutes the energy of experience, or lead of dark unclaimed potential, into the everlasting joy and bliss of wisdom exposed. Let there be light!

Although some may interpret surrender as weakness, or defeat, it is not. It is the ultimate act of accepting the greatness of whole Self. It is the victory of the power of Spirit. The nature of Spirit is truth. It is perceived as an inner knowing. There’s a feeling of conviction. This sort of surrender provides a conscious union with the whole of Spirit and expands consciousness. Awareness of insights and revelations opens a great bandwidth, or channel, into the perception of genius creativity and ideas.

There is union through communion. The humble spirit takes no credit for what it receives. It realizes that what was once thought of as “I” is not. What was once thought of as “Mine” is not. What was once thought of as “Me” is not.

Awareness of intelligence births the light of the innermost being. The change agent of love transforms self-referencing. It eradicates taking credit for the doing by the creature, or instrument, of the Divine intelligence. It’s a higher awareness that advances perception. In the course of our evolution, this will be attained eventually.

There could be a long esoteric discourse on the holographic universe and how it uses alliteration, or duplication of sound patterns and its fractal display of light in a torus flow, but that is not necessary to use this inner technology for positive purposes. You could understand part to whole resonance and expansion of awareness if you want to go deep down the rabbit hole of scientific understanding. However, simple works. You don’t have to be an electrician to flip a switch and turn on the light.

Repetition helps to anchor in the new consciousness that attunement, or calibration with the whole, generates. It is very powerful. Sustaining higher vibrations and activating inner technologies that increase intuitive knowing is vitally important.

Setting intentions backed by will power also works well. Set an intention such as this: “I intend that I AM attuned, centered, integrated, aligned, and balanced with the whole of Spirit that I AM.”

Blessings on your path to full and permanent enlightenment. Glory and Gratitude to God!


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