This Blend Of Courageous Humility And Righteousness Enables A Man To Go Anywhere And Serve!

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It is an apparent contradiction but it just happens to be so very true. The man who is secure is the man who can act in such a humble way.

Jesus Christ was conscious of His greatness and He knew Who He was and that gave Him the amazing liberty and free to bend down before His disciples and wash their feet. The details of this can be read in John’s Gospel and in Chapter 13.

John was able to see right into the heart of Jesus. John perceived what was really going on as that final night together before Jesus was crucified progressed. Jesus knew where He had come from and equally important where He was going and that affords a man astounding security.

Being aware of who you are allows you to serve others where those around you may be unable to serve or unwilling to serve. Knowing who you are in Christ is inspirational and motivational.

Humility is really a choice. We choose to be humble. By the way, never ask God to make you humble. Humble yourself!

It is not often one comes across a man who is desperately hungering and thirsting after righteousness, but then in our western world we have very little experience of hunger and thirst.

Righteousness is a gift offered to us from God, through the life and ministry and gospel of Jesus Christ.

In the eyes of God, righteousness is a consequence of having one’s sins forgiven and washed away.

It is to hunger and thirst after Jesus Christ, and that can quickly result in our being filled and satisfied, in ways which only Jesus Christ can satisfy.

Flowing on from that, we hear Jesus teach, “Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy”. This is one area where we can take the initiative.

This is God’s way of dealing with sinners. He shows sinners mercy. He is merciful.

That Samaritan, who came across the man mugged on the road, stopped and took time to help him. His aim and purpose was to see him healed and restored.

At that time, Samaritans had very little dealing with Jews, but this Samaritan focused upon needs rather than prejudiced principles.

It is a well known story, but it might be fresh to someone. When the artist was painting the aristocrat, the request came that the artist would do the sitter justice, only to hear the reply, “Sir, what you need is not justice, but mercy”.

God’s justice will be absolutely fair. He is always fair when dispensing justice, but when it comes to mercy He is equally generous with grace and love.

Justice is what I deserve, but mercy and forgiveness and grace is what I can freely receive through Jesus Christ.

Jesus came among us as one who serves and ‘serves’ is almost a word that has gone out of vocabulary. To be called by God to serve is indeed a high calling, but few would recognise that truth.

Jesus Christ not only set us free from our sins and He not only calls us to hunger and thirst after righteousness but he also has set us free to serve. That means we can go anywhere and serve anyone as the salt of the earth and the light of the world.

It would be a most unwise man who would turn down such an offer.


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