Why Would Anyone Want A Weak Ineffective Insipid And Powerless Bloodless Gospel?

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In the book of Revelation where I have been spending time reading and studying and wrestling with the challenging text in Chapter 10 John appears to be back to earth, when he sees that great and mighty angel. There are those who think this is a Jesus Christ, but Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is never depicted as an angel.

This angel is a representative of the One upon the throne and the Lamb, and we can more safely and more accurately say he is a representative of the sovereign Lord Jesus Christ, robed in sovereign splendour.

God is sovereign over the land and the sea, even though the earth and the inhabitants of the earth are in rebellion against him.

The angel is depicted as being mighty, and they in the Church of Jesus Christ and we today were and are particularly small in number. The angel represents the saving Lord Jesus Christ, and we read of the rainbow of reassuring faithfulness, depicting God’s covenant saving mercy, and also how God takes the initiative.

The fiery pillars we read of – does this not refer to and signify the fiery pillars leading the people of God in Exodus. God rules in order to save. There is much of the Old Testament imagery and visionary language in the book of Revelation, and this where sometimes it can be most challenging.

We read in verse 4 of Chapter 10 that John is told not to write certain things. Why is John told not to write this down?

There will yet be mysteries that have not yet been disclosed. John, this is not the time for it all to be written in detail.

We do not know everything, but we can know all that we need to know.

John saw more than can see! This is where we have to wait and to trust.

There are things in the will of God and in the mind of God that He is pleased to reveal to some but not to everyone.

There can be occasions when we have to say to people, ‘be careful where you say that’. It is too precious just to throw around anywhere.

Jesus Christ taught us in Matthew Chapter 7 verse 6 that we should not throw your pearls before pigs. It might be trampled on and laughed at and mocked and ridiculed, and that can hurt, and it might be the consequence of our lack of wisdom. It might be totally wasted, and God does not want certain precious truths and revelations and experiences to be trampled on and wasted.

Verses 5 and 6 teach us that time is running out. There will be no more time one day. There will be no more delay. This is the day of mercy. This is the hour to come to Jesus Christ and make your peace with God through Jesus Christ. This is the hour for a man to wash away all his sin, and be cleansed in the blood Jesus shed for us on Calvary’s cross.

I hear today that people in various parts of what is still called the church do not like to hear of or sing about the blood of Jesus Christ. That is quite tragic, because it is the saving blood of Jesus Christ shed on the cross that cleanses and washes and rescues a man from his sin and his sins.

I also hear that in some places references to the blood of Jesus Christ are being removed from certain hymns and songs and singings. Why do some people want to remove the blood of Jesus Christ? There is not such thing as a bloodless Gospel so please do not remove references to the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ shed on the cross of Calvary to wash away the sin of the world. Jesus is our Passover Lamb and the Passover Lamb was certainly slain and it shed its blood. Do not try to re-write part of the Old Testament nor attempt to edit part of the New Testament.

The Bible is not like a supermarket shelf where we can pick and choose!


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