Beware of the 5 Deadly D’s

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Ephesians 4:27 Do Not give the devil a foothold.

The storms of life roll in, threatening to overwhelm you!

Disappointment after disappointment leads to discouragement and depression!

The Foothold

Does this sound familiar? Have you ever found yourself in a pity party, wondering why God was being mean to you? You may have even asked yourself is God was even real? And if God is real and if He is suppose to love me, then I don’t want to have anything to do with this God. The “love” of God hurts too much! I have been in this pity party many times, and it’s been know to grow into a full fledged temper tantrum. Why do we end up in this pit of fear, disillusionment, and frustration? We gave the devil a foothold, and slid down the deadly D’s slop!

First of all, what is a foothold? According to the dictionary, a foothold is a secure position from which further progress may be made. The devil wants to settle in within our thought process to kill, steal, and destroy our future. He is the father of lies, and when we side with him – believe things contrary to the truth in God’s word – we are carrying out the devil’s plan. I don’t know about you, but this just knocked the wind out of me! If we don’t remove satan from the secure position within our minds, we will carry out his plan. What is his plan in a Christians life? To Kill, Steal, and Destroy our future! We are rendering ourselves powerless, because we don’t trust in The Word of God!

5 Deadly D’s

Disappointments are part of life; part of this sinful world. Just because we are a child of God does not mean we will live a perfect, painless life! We will have trouble, but because we have Jesus Christ as our savior, we should respond differently to those troubles!

What we need to do is be aware of the devils schemes. God uses disappointments as His Appointments (this is for another article) where Satan uses disappointments to push us down a slippers slope of the Deadly D’s.






For those of you that find yourself discouraged, depressed, or even in the grips of despair, there is hope and it is found in God’s word. Do you know what God’s will for your life ultimately is? To KNOW Him, Trust Him, and obey Him! Disappointments in life give you a chance to practice all of this, and grow in your relationship with Him.

God Loves You!

God Is For You!

He Wants The Best For You!

He Has A Plan To Prosper You, Not To Harm You!

God’s Promises, God’s Truth

Where do we find all these promises and more? In the greatest success books ever written – The Bible! We need to be in His word DAILY to keep the truth in our minds and hearts!

Do not give the devil a foothold, means DO NOT believe his lies! If you start to believe his lies over God’s truth, then he can penetrate your heart and mind with even more lies and pretty soon you can find yourself spiraling down into the 5 Deadly D’s!


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