Exposing the Devil’s False Doctrines in the Churches – Part 1

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The GOSPEL TRUTH series is the exploration of basic Biblical Truths which has been hidden from man for more than 1300 years. The Divine Creator and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is our God and our Father, as well, in his infinite mercy, has chosen to make these hidden facts known to mankind through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to some Devoted Christians, who committed their lives to the understanding of the undiluted truth of the Holy Bible and the Christian Living without any compromise whatsoever.

The GOSPEL TRUTH series exposes the Devil and his Evil Machinery “the false teacher and the false prophet”, who has led Christians astray by deceiving them to accept, propagate, and practice false Doctrines in the Churches, leading them to profane worship of Angels and consequently, the Devil himself, while thinking that they are worshiping the Divine God and Creator.

In these series, these Devoted Christians that were inspired, received a Divine Mandate from the Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, to expose all the hidden methods, teachings and false Doctrines of the Devil and his human, Spiritual and metaphysical agents in the Churches. These agents have intimidated, suppressed and subdued sincere seekers of God’s mercy to accept these Doctrines and profane practices, which can only bring condemnation.

As a result, Christians have been blindfolded and have been kept in the darkness because of these false teachings and Doctrines for more than 1300 years now. The modern generation is deceived to view and accept these false doctrines to be the teachings of the fore fathers of the Christian Faith, but unfortunately, these teachings and doctrines are contrary to the teachings and Doctrines of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Apostles.

More over, Jesus warned that these false teachers will come in his name and deceive Christians, even the elect (Chosen Christians who have special gifts). Christ called them “Bad Shepherds” or “False Teachers” or “Blind guides” and so on. The Apostles Paul and Peter confirmed that as at the time they were still alive, these “False Teachers” have already started their devilish assignment to misguide people seeking the face and mercy of their Creator. When Christians accept these false doctrines and practices, they will automatically be blindfolded by the Devil – “Blind man cannot lead a blind man or they will both fall into a well” – JESUS CHRIST.

Without fear or favor, the “GOSPEL TRUTH” series exposes the activities of the human agents of False Doctrines, who parade themselves as Pastors, Reverends, Evangelists, Prophets, Men of God and so on. Such people that practices the falsehood outlined in these “GOSPEL TRUTH” series are “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing”

It is true that they have developed a strong tap root in the Churches and they seem to have developed a thick skin as well, but it is all because they have been operating in an atmosphere of darkness. For this reason, they thrive.

But now, the time has come for them to be uprooted. Like a time bomb, the Divine Creator has already pre determined that the Light of the undiluted truthful gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, will once again be ignited in the Churches, to dispel the darkness that has been covering the spiritual eyes of understanding of genuine seekers of the Divine God and creator of the entire spiritual and physical manifestations.

The “GOSPEL TRUTH” series provides the undiluted genuine answers to the mysteries associated with the Christian Religion, which the “False Teacher” and “The False Prophet” (the two major Spiritual agents of the Devil, who are also referred to as the ‘Two Beasts of the Devil’), capitalized on, twisted and falsified in order to lead Christians astray.

Having established this Doctrine of Falsehood in the Churches, The False Teacher and The False Prophet (the two Beasts of the Devil), conceals the truth taught by Our Lord Jesus Christ and early Christians. In fact, modern Christians seem to have discarded completely the truthful teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. The doctrine of materialism and sensory perception is the order of the day in the Churches.

The Divine Lord have decided to use this series to provide the answers to some basic and fundamental doctrines of the Christian Faith, as originally taught by our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. In these series, deep insights have been drawn from the Scriptures, without diluting or substituting any truth in its original form. The major questions that include the following:-

  1. Is Jehovah the Creator and The Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ? If ‘YES’, was Christ and the

Apostles teaching the wrong Doctrine? If ‘NO’ then who is Jehovah, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

  1. Is the Holy Spirit the same personality as the Divine Creator, or a Working Force of God?      

    If ‘NONE OF THE ABOVE’ then who is he?

  2. Are there Three or more persons in one Devine Godhead?
  3. What is Christ's original teaching about the Doctrine of "Born Again?
  4. "Speaking in tongue", Is it every believer's right or Is it the right of the Church, as a Body?
  5. Did Christ teach the doctrine of "Tithe?"
  6. Who are the "Seven Spirits of God" that is mentioned in the book of Revelation?
  7. "The Millennium (1000) years of Christ's reign on earth with the saints and the simultaneous 

    imprisonment of the Devil Has it taken place?, Is it taking place? Or Is it yet to take place?

  8. Can the intercession of the Saints or people that lived a holy life while on earth change the mind          of God, on the judgment day, towards a person who died in sin?
  9. The number 666, Can it be calculated logically or be seen physically.

Everyone reading the GOSPEL TRUTH series is advised to read without biased mind because the series is not written to embarrass any selected individual, sect, group or organization. However, anyone who works evil in the dark will be afraid or embarrassed once the light comes up, because they will be exposed.

If perhaps, for any reason or maybe in any way, some individuals or sects or groups or organizations notice that what they have been teaching for so many years NOW, is contrary to the truth revealed in these series, they need to quietly retrace their steps and be a party to the truth. This is our candid advice. If perhaps, on the other hand, they are so stubborn and blindfolded to the extent that they might decide to contend the truth, we hand them over to the Holy Spirit and to the Guardian Spirit to prove them wrong in accordance with the standard of The LORD AND MASTER, JESUS CHRIST, WHO IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE.


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