This Have I Done For Thee – What Doest Thou For Me?

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Today the cross is a symbol. Many years ago it was not thought of anything more than a hideous instrument of death. Those who had seen a crucifixion died off, and the cross became a symbol around the 2nd century. The resurrection of Christ accomplished salvation, and verified Christ’s victory over death. The cross shows us the grace of God, and what God wants us to know about Himself.

Jesus was doing these things up on the cross:


The revolutionary Barabbas, was released to the people, instead of the innocent Jesus. The cross where Jesus hung in between the two revolutionaries was for Barabbas. Jesus took the place of Barabbas, as well as every other person, past, present, and future, to pay for the sins of all mankind, once and for all. Jesus satisfied the just demands of a holy God, allowing us to be forgiven. God demonstrated His love for us that day. The love, and thanks, that should pour out of our hearts for what He has done should be incredible.

For our sake He made Him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God. 2nd Corinthians 5:21


The cross of Jesus Christ is an outrageous offense. A crucifixion may be the most shameful, painful, awful death, and the people wanted it for Jesus. A scandal is something that causes a public outcry, and produces an expression of malicious sentiment. So why the irrational hatred of Jesus Christ? You can be passionate about anything, and applauded for your commitment, but when others find out that you have given your life to Jesus Christ, and that He is your greatest treasure, be ready to experience hatred, and irrational behavior. It’s a scandal!


The appearance of Jesus Christ was so mared, He did not look like a man (Isaiah 52:14). Crucifixion seems to include all of the pain that death has to offer: Dizziness, cramps, thirst, starvation, sleeplessness, traumatic fever, shame, publicity of shame, continuing torment, horror of anticipation, mortification of intended wounds, all intensified up to the point of endurance, but stopping short of unconsciousness. The word excruciating, comes from the Latin term out of the cross. The greater suffering of Christ, however, may well have been His separation with the Father. Jesus said, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?” that is “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” To do nothing wrong and be abandoned by God the Father, must have been great suffering, especially if He knew only perfect unity with the Father.


Jesus’ death, satisfied God’s wrath for sin. Jesus died as an atoning sacrifice for sin. He suffered, was substituted, and satisfied the wrath of a holy God. God wanted us to know that something had happened; there was an earthquake, the curtain in the temple was torn in two, from top to bottom, and tombs were opened, and coming out were the resurrected bodies of saints, and many people saw them. God wanted us to know that something had changed for all time, and that nothing like this would ever happen again. God is satisfied in the cross of Jesus Christ! God hates sin in a way we can’t comprehend, and He has done something about it.

When the centurion and those who were with him, keeping watch over Jesus, saw the earthquake and what took place, they were filled with awe and said, “Truly this was the Son of God!” Matthew 27:54

How can a murderous revolutionary dying for his actions receive the promise of eternal life, just because he comes around at the last moment? (Luke 23:42)

Because of grace!

Why would a man stop to help his sworn enemy, who had been robbed, and beaten, (the religious guys all passed) and then spend himself to see his health, and strength restored? (Luke 10:33-35)

Because of grace!

How can a guy who shows up for the last part of the day, after others had been slaving for hours in the hot sun, get the exact same pay? (Matthew 20:8-15)

Because of grace!

Why does the son who lived like a pig, and then moved in with the pigs, get to be forgiven, restored, and have a party thrown in his honor? (Luke 15:11-31)

Because of grace!

Grace is what we get from God, and it’s unearned, undeserved, and unmerited.

What does grace do?

Grace redeems!

Apart from God’s grace, where would you be?

God chooses to give us His love.

God chose to pay a price for us.

God chose to give us redemption, forgiveness of sin, so no wrong can be held against us!

Grace releases!

God releases us from the power of sin.

God gives us freedom to choose what is right.

It doesn’t matter what others say about us when we are under God’s grace.

Grace reconciles!

God has broken down the walls of hostility.

God gives us a better relationship with Him.

God reconciled us to Himself through the cross.

With God there is no prejudice. When we meet people who are different than we are, we love them!

Grace removes!

God cancelled the debt that we owed.

God removes the shame of our past.

To those deformed by sin, God says, “I wish you were Mine.”


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