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Journey to Igbo irumole
Episode 1.

My name is Benjamin Watson, but my friends call me ben10 , Am a boy of 24 years old, no parents, I actually stay with my street friends and we are about 6 guyz staying in the same room, this story is all about my experience in the quest of getting rich and making it in life.

At first, when I lost my parents, life became hard like oluzo dickson lol, cus my family reject me with the excuse that, my dad doesn’t care about the other family members when he was alive, so I should carter for myself. Even the landlord sent me out of his building claiming I don’t have enough resources to retain the room.then I meet with some of my street friends who stay alone , and they let me in, at first their kinda life was a bit too rude and dirty but time they say it heals pain faster than anything else, I come upgrade.

It all started around 5pm in the evening, when me and my friends where busy conversing outside our building., we noticed 3 guyz coming towards our direction
Me : who dose guyz de find come for this arena nah
Jahrul : I no know o,make we just de look dem first..

Immediately I compose myself and sit calmly, they got to our place and we all exchange greetings..three of them were actually tall and bold looking, fear don begin catch me maybe dem be sSs, cus na sSs we fear pass for that area..i could recall when sss came to arest jaga the baddest boy in our area that time, jaga is a brutal cultist guy who commit different type of evil, he rape, steal and even kill, but when sss come catch am,carry am go for 6 months, my brother jaga is now a pastor…but I was totally quoted wrong when one of them finally table the reason for their visit..

Tochukwu : hello guyz, my name is tochukwu but my friends call me tk, this is jude (he said tapping the other guy shoulder) and this is emmanuel..the reason why we are here is very simple, and I can bet you guyz this will brought you all cool cash I mean cool cash

Before he stop speaking, the other guy broke in
Emma : yes, am sure if you guys agree to do it, you will become millionaires…
Me : abeg, muna no vex o, wetin una de talk no clear for my ear o, abi you understand am ni jahrul?
Jahrul : no o,make una tell us the koko,cus others de inside and na wetin una tell us we go take clear them
Jude : ok, it’s about a simple ultimate search, a company is sponsoring a search in one of this forest around, and if we successfully find what they asked us to, you all will become millionaires…
Me : oga no vex wait make we call others, jahrul abeg call them Chris brown come

Immediately jahrul ran inside to summon others..
Jahrul : blanny, sege, kola, Chris brown muna come outside cool deal don land o…
four of them actually came out to see what jahrul was calling them for..
Kola : jahrul wetin na, why you de shout like fowl whey snake de fight so?
Jahrul : alaye sitdown make u hear latest..
Blanny : ok we de listing..
Me :oya oga continue

Emma went ahead with his explanation, and they give us sometime to think about it, they dropped their number and they left..we all think about it overnight and we plan to visit them the next day…but when we got there what we actually meet was far beyond our imagination

To be continued…..

Journey to igbo-irunmole

Episode 2

When we get to the destination, jude and Emma usher us in and we actually meet two white men accompanied by some black guyz..we got in and we all look for a place to sit, the white man stood up and address all of us congratulating us for being so wise to grab such beautiful opportunity ,he went ahead to explain more about the search to us, right from that hour I started having bad feelings towards the search,I excuse my friends out and I told kola and others that we should turn down the search and move on , but they were too deaf to hear me…

I tried all my best to convince them, but they fink am trying to be a lazy coward
Me : kola, guyz my mind no free with these people o..
Jahrul : alaye go sitdown jorh, u too lazy..
Kola : ben 10, nothing go happen
Chris b : ben 10 why you no de like to do hard work self, abi you the expect angels to carry money come give you ni?

Me : guyz muna listing, no be say I de fear hard work but I no just trust these oyinbo people, you self see tk and him guyz, them no go follow us go and na igbo irumole we still wan go find that stuff..muna reason na
Blanny : see nigga, nothing go happen tk and him guyz don make am, shebi dem talk say one baba go give us wetin we go use, ?so that one no be issue
Sege : tell am o..
Me : ok I don hear una if una no wan hear me..

After our conversation we all went inside and the oyinbo guyz warned us that at this stage there is no going back cus we have signed an agreement, so they gave us the clue of what we were actually searching for and it’s a hidden treasures which is called egg of life..

5 minutes later the herbalist man came in and he gave all of use some set of magical stuff that will guide us to the egg and he gave us some kind of warning also

Herbalist : you all should listen and listen carefully, you have 7 days to locate this egg, within this 7days no one of you should have sex with any girl, you should drink no water and no food from the forest ,one of you will have the ability to see things when ever something bad is gonna happen, you all must always listing to what he or she say..
Me : haa!no food keh
Chris B : shut up, no be for just seven days you wan tell me say you no fit fast for seven days?
Kola : baba shey dats all?
Herbalist : yes..
Kola : it’s okay den, we will do it…

The man went ahead to give us all we need for the journey, then we all set for the quest, when we got to the entrance of igbo-irumole my mind started beating faster than a samba drum, but as a man na once I go die, so I calm myself and follow others, we keep walking till the herbalist and tk and others got out of sight, at first the journey was kinda interesting as we chilled with others and mingled,
As we were discussing, I saw something with red eyes looking at us from our opposite, I called the attention of others but they never listen to me, before I could spell nun the light went off

To be continued…..

Journey to igbo irumole

Episode 3

Cynthia and bola the two girls amongst us grab me from behind out of panic, Immediately kola stood up and turn on his touch, but he see nothing,

Kola : guyz calmdown, it’s nothing maybe it’s the air work
Bola : kola are you sure?
Kola : yes trust me, it’s nothing

Before kola could complete that sentence, we heard yet another sound, but this time it’s very loud and clear. Yet the same sound come again and again, immediately everyone started running heading straight towards the same direction but actually we don’t even know where we were heading to, jahrul looked back and he saw some set of masquerade chasing after us..

Jahrul : see them o! Them de behind us o…
‎We all ran as fast as our leg could, till we get to a certain
point where we no longer see them..

Sege : guyz make we stop, them no fit see us again , Cynthia : no o them fit catch us if we wait for this time na..
Bola : na true o, them fit hide for one place de wait make we relax so that them go catch us ..
Kola : muna relax them no fit see us again

We all agree to his suggestion since kola is the boldest among us, We all sit and relax, eventually we started sleeping one after the other Cynthia was the first to sleep followed by blanny, then Chris, bola, jahrul and I while kola and Vincent didn’t sleep, cus they stood to watch and guide us for the night…

Around 4 o clock in the morning bola woke up and she asked jahrul to follow her cus she wana urinate, the two of them went out of our gathering, both of them started discussing some irrelevant stuffs..

bola was the first to make the move, she stood up and undress herself infront of jahrul, jahrul on the other hand respond immediately by giving her a wet kiss of which bola welcomed by holding jahrul’s head, she knelt down and unbuckled jahrul’s belt she pull down his shorts and she brought out his solid hard c–k, she kissed it at first and then started sucking it, as this drama was going on vincent also excused himself from kola, he trailed them down and he hear some romantic sound coming from the other end…

Vincent : jahrul, bola!!! What’s happening here?
Immediately he landed a hot slap on bola’s face and he gave jahrul a hard punch on his nose, jahrul also punched him back and they started fighting, bola ran down to inform us of what’s going on and we all rushed down there just to find out that jahrul is lying in pool of blood.. I screamed haaaaa!

To be continued

Journey to Igbo irumole

Episode 4

Then I woke up and saw everyone starring at me..

Cynthia : oga, nawa o wetin make you begin shout like person whey dem they chase so?
Blanny : guy wetin happen?
Me : chai! So na dream?
Kola : no nah reality, abeg tell us wetin u see jare…
Me : nothing, where jahrul de?
Vincent : e go pee
Me : bola nko
Kola : she go pee self..
Vincent : e don Tey whey dem two don go self mah go check them..
Me : no no, chill dem go soon come

I tried my best to stop him from going but he never listen

Chris : ben10 wetin de worry u dis days? Person say him wan go check him sister out u de stop am, nawa for you o
Sege : ben free am na abi which one be ur own self
Me : guyz una no go understand, I know why am doing this
Kola : benji just shut up and sitdown, your wahala self too much…

I tried to hold Vincent down but all of them turn out to pull me back, but before he could go bola was already on her way coming as we all see them even jahrul was coming from the other side, I started thanking my stars on behalf of jahrul cus I know if Vincent actually caught him, he won’t live to tell the story..

We relax for 20 more minutes to prepare our stuff then we proceed with the quest, we were about crossing over a foot bridge when something told me to warn everyone not to look down from the foot bridge, I told everyone this and they all agree..the water was actually as red as blood.. we all were passing over when jahrul had a voice similar to his late mum’s own the person was actually drowning in the river screaming jahrul’s name for help..

Me : jahrul no look down o
Jahrul : but na my mama voice I de hear so nah.
Me : just de go no look down
Jahrul : make I leave am make e drown for this red water ni
Me : jahrul shut up nah, abeg no look down if you want to live
Jahrul : ben shut up, I go look am and nothing go happen, who even give you the right to lead self, you whey lazy pass fowl so

After saying this he looked down from the foot bridge then he slump and fell into the water, the person who was calling him turned to a big crocodile and tore him apart..others screamed and I samba the warning to them that none of them should look down until they drop from the bridge, immediately everyone started running till we finally cross the bridge, we stood there and watch the crocodiles feed on jahrul with eyes full of tears..

Everyone looked at me and they were very surprise to see that am the choosing one the wise herbalist man was talking about.. We all cried a lot cus one of us is gone and what this mean is “death is waving over ours heads” but the question is who next…?

To be continued

Journey to igbo-irumole

Episode 5

Five minutes later, every where became dark and noisy we heard a strange sound coming from the east like that of lion..

Me : something is coming,let’s get out of here
We all started running,but everywhere was still dark, I check my watch and it’s 2pm, but everywhere was totally dark, my mind keep telling me there is light after the this very dark edge, I asked everyone to keep running till we get to a place of light..

Then finally we are out of it, but one of us is missing OMG! It’s bola vincent ranted with much anger that can part a bridge,I could feel his pain cus it’s not easy to loose your blood sister to an unknown monster,most expecially when you don’t have the power to save her, we all sympathise with him and for ourselves also, cus we see ourselves as brothers..but deep down inside of me, I know that the reason behind their death is not far fetch, it’s all about sex..

Finally we set off for the search, we walk for about 3 hours then kola call for a resting time, we sat under a huge strange tree, but we ain’t scared of if cus we already know where we are and monsters are familiar with us, vincent went ahead to sit alone starring at bola’s picture I stood behind him as he soliloquies

Vincent :bola I could remember when we were young, when I use to scold you for wrong doing, and when our parents died, I always promise to be there for you but I failed..(sobbing) bola I can’t see you anymore, now staring at your pictures morning and night has finally took the place of my real bola,it reminds me of those days we spent together at the school ,how we discussed about many things, how we exchanged stuffs and how your calls keep my mind alive, how the thought of you and our discussions gave me hope and reminded me of who I was,and my place of authority in GOD,how I always long to see and be with you,everything is like yesterday when actually in the real sense its now over 20years.i never believed everything could turn this way,the abadonement and neglect.many times i was down and needed to speak with someone,but you were no where to be found,that was one of the numerous reasons why i find it had to give you enough audience when you wants to join the search but you won’t listen .iron sharpeneth iron,so does a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. Bola I miss you…(crying)

Me : hmmm hmmmm(coughs)
Vincent : benji how are you (he said while he used his left hand to clean his face)

Me : am fine, I have been standing right behind you for the past 20 minutes, but you didn’t notice.I also miss my friend jahrul, I miss him as much as you miss bola, cus we have been together for years, but what can we do about it, she is gone but I believe she is still with u…you have to take heart and act like the strong man you are, be strong brother…I believe you can do it ( I said tapping him from behind)

Vincent : ok, thank you ben ,you are such a kind person (he stood up and walk away)

I stood up and follow him then we heard a loud noise coming from where others gathered..OMG I shouted
vincent : ben what’s wrong?
Me : I fink something is happening down there,lets go..

We both rush down there but to my greatest surprise what we saw made us dumb for almost 5 minutes

To be continued


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