Journey to igbo-irumole.

Episode 16

She conclude her statements and she bid us farewell and safe journey..we start moving towards the mountain till she finally disappeared, we didn’t encounter much problem on our way to ogbon’s place cus he always try to secure his territory..

Finally we get to the mountain, to my greatest surprise, everything is being set for easy climbing, cus we climbed the mountain very fast and with much ease. he is truly the wisest creature here (I said to myself) . We got to the entrance and we saw two identical people standing in the entrance of his gate..

Me :this must be his guards (I said to others..)
Sege : but why are they much alike?…
Cynthia : maybe they are twin
Vincent : na true sha.. see as them resemble.
Kola : abeg make we waka, no time to check time..

We got there, we greet them but they didn’t answer, we greet them for the second time before one of them asked who we were looking for. We are here to see ogbon I quickly replied.. for what? The second asked..
Kola : we are here to seek for his advice
Guard 1 : what advice does a human needs from a gods ?
Me : wisdom advice sir..please let us in we don’t have much time..

They both looked at themselves and let us in, we enter the compound and we walked for almost 5 hours before we could get to his main entrance..

Sege : nawa o, this one self teey pass the one whey we spend from our previous spot to the mountain.
Blanny : nawa for this ogbon self jare. See night don reach before we even fit see him door.
Kola : this one na real ogbon, the name and everything fit am..
Vincent : like seriously..

We got to the door and it opens, but what we saw made everyone of us opened our mouth wide.. everyone in the building look exactly identical, no difference, the same voice, and eyes. everything were the same no different..
Cynthia : How person wan take know who be ogbon among them now..
Me : don’t worry let’s keep walking..

We entered and we keep walking down till finally we saw, a young handsome calm looking guy, of about 25 years old sitting patiently on a sofa chair..this must be ogbon I said.. No am ogbon someone else answered..

To be continued

Journey to igbo-irumole.

Episode 17

We all look back and we saw someone not different from others, he was sitting on a wooden chair busy writing something best known to him…

Me : good evening sir
Ogbon : welcome to my castle, to what do I worth such visit from the outside world?
Kola : we actually come to seek for your help
Ogbon : my help? What help would a human want from a gods who live for thousands years viewing his image day and night?
Me : it’s about the egg of life..

When he hears this, he stop writing and he looked up, his eyes were as white as a snow, so pulsating and beautiful, he doesn’t look like someone who has spent thousands of years one earth, he looks even younger than me..

Ogbon : what did you just say?
Me : we came to seek for your advice on how to get the egg of life out of the hands of ojiji..
Ogbon : do you people know what you are saying? The egg of life is connected to ojiji’s heart, once it’s been touched, he will automatically get there within 30 seconds
Me : yes we know

Ogbon : and you still want it? Do you know how powerful ojiji is? Do you have any idea of what he can do? And what do you all intend to do with the egg of life?
Me : yes we know everything about ojiji, and the egg is to be use to save our dying king’s life.(I lied)
Ogbon : you might know everything about ojiji, but you don’t know one thing
Me : what could that be?
Ogbon : the egg of life is ojiji’s external heart, once someone gets it from him, ojiji will have to wait for another 1000 years before he could get another one, that should tell you how much he will safeguard the egg.

Me : yes we know you are the only one who could help us and that’s why we are here to see you.
Ogbon : sorry I can’t help you guys, go on your own and die alone in the claws of ojiji..
Me : good and fine, if that’s what you want, but before he kill me, will I be able to say a few words to him?

Ogbon : yes, he will let you speak.
Me : good and fine, I will let him know we visit you and you are also part of the plan, let’s see how you survive his wrath this time..
on hearing this, Ogbon stood up with much anger, his eyes turned to red instantly, his hairs began to burn like fire..

To be continued ‎
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Journey to igbo-irumole.

Episode 18

Immediately others started moving back, all his guard surround us, everyone was actually blaming me for saying such word. But I know everyone in this forest is scared of ojiji, so ogbon is also part of them. I know he will surely fall for the trick, even the boldest creature on earth is scared of death, that I know for sure..
Ogbon move closer to me, he starred at me for about three minutes..

Ogbon : who are you? Are you a god or how do you reason like a god, how did you made the wisest creature on earth fall without the help of the creator?
Me : am not a god, my name is Benjamin Watson, but what I told you is what am going to tell ojiji if you refuse to help us.(i said bodly)

At this point others keep mute as they watch me battle in the realm of wisdom with the wisest being on earth..

Ogbon : ok what do you want from me?
Me : show us how to get the egg of life without the awareness of ojiji.
Ogbon : ok I will show you.. but the only way you can enter the gate to where egg of life is, is by solving some riddles by the spirit of riddles..once the riddles is answered correctly, then you will have free access to the egg, you will have to be very fast cus once you get the egg, you will hold your breath before you touch the egg till you get out of the cave, so this is when your oneness works, when you breath ojiji will be automatically alerted. . I will have to go with you but after you entered, I will take my leave..

Kola : thank you sir..
Ogbon : don’t thank me yet, thank me after I fulfil my promise..we don’t have much time, ojiji would be asleep now..lets go..

We all walked out of the building as ogbon lead the journey, one our way going, Cynthia keep asking ogbon some set of funny questions which he answered correctly. This ogbon wise o.. we walked all night till finally we got to ojiji’s cave..
Ogbon : here we are..all of you should stay behind me, and final warning for you all, when I finally leave you , no one should take anything apart from what you are here for..

We all echoed okay, then we followed him as he entered the cave..
Me : why don’t ojiji have soldiers?
Ogbon : ojiji is like me, we don’t trust anyone aside from ourselves.. that’s why you see everyone in my castle looks identical..
Me : ok..but why ain’t there no door here?..
Ogbon : cus there is no need for one..

I was still wondering why there were no door on the way down to where egg of life is, when something tall and huge appeared..oh! This is the monster we saw one our way down here..

To be continued……

Journey to igbo-irumole .

Episode 19

We all step back, and ogbon step forward and face him.
Ogbon : that’s why there is no need for door here..
Me : but we met this monster on our way here
Ogbon : yes, did you wait for him?
Me : no we ran
Ogbon : you guys are lucky, cus if you wait before he attacks you, he will ask you some couple of riddles, if you get it correctly, he will leave you alone, but if you get it wrong you have your stars to blame..

The spirit of riddle move forward

Spirit of riddle ; to what do I offer the wisest being alive for his visit..
Ogbon : free entry for my friend
Spirit of riddle : ok, are you ready for the test?
Ogbon : bring it on
Spirit of riddle : I am something, I don’t have live, no one see me, no hear from me, but I am the hope of the poor, the rich and everything alive, what am i?

Ogbon think for a while and answered

Ogbon : faith
Spirit of riddle : wrong..
He hit ogbon very bad.. Ogbon fell and roll in pain.
Ogbon : power
Spirit of riddle ; wrong..
He gave him another punch and this time ogbon was actually bleeding

Me ; stttoop!!! Please give him last chance … Ogbon please calmdown and think like human, if you keep thinking like gods you will fail the question..

Ogbon calm for a while and he thinks deep! Then finally he answered..
Ogbon : tomorrow..
Spirit of riddle : correct…you have the free access to pass..
Immediately he vanished out of our way..
Me : ogbon I trust you, I know you can do it,..
I hugged him, as he smiled..finally the door is opened, and ogbon says it time for him to leave..he turned and leave us to decide our faith on our own..we entered and see the egg, but right beside it were golds diamonds and all kinds of beautiful and glittering chains, bangles and jewelries..

Vincent : mehn! This is great..
Blanny : omo! This one no be here o!
they both try to pick out of the jewelries, but I quickly cautioned them about what ogbon said, they turned deaf ears to my say and started picking the stuffs..
Me : Blanny, Vincent you guys should drop those stuff before its too late..
Blanny : tarrh.. for where? Do you want my suffering down to this place to be in vain? Never
Me : you two should stop na..kola talk to them..

Kola : ben free dem na..let them enjoy themselves..
Blanny : don’t you get the message?..i promised my dad that the next time I will visit him would probably be with a car, so this is my chance of making it big..

As they continue picking the jewelries, suddenly the jewelries in their pockets began to transform to scorpions..

To be continued ‎……….

Journey to Igbo-irumole.

Episode 20

Those scorpings began to increase, within a short period of time.. both blanny and Vincent were consumed to skeleton by the scorpions..cynthia wants to scream but I quickly caution her not to try such, cus it might be very dangerous..

Me ; kola, shey you know it’s your fault?
Kola : how?
Me : if to say u support me, dose guys go still de alive now .
Kola : oga it’s their choice, that’s what they wished for so stop blaming me..
Me : listing to yourself, wetin you talk make sense for your ears abi..?
Kola : wetin, shey u wan come beat me ni abi why you de shout like goat self?

We started exchanging strong words as we were about to exchange punches, cynthia and sege intervene.. they quickly summon us about what we were there for..i looked at kola and hissed, I lead the group to the egg, on getting to the egg I hold my breath and lift it, I start moving fast and I stretched it to sege, he instantly collect it and walked for 5 minutes, he stretched it to kola, kola also hold it for another 5 minutes, and he gave it to cynthia, she also moved for 5 minutes..

This continued simultaneously till we get to the exit door, at this time the egg was with me, we walked out of the cave and head straight to the forest, as we were moving, I heard a loud roar…

Me : let’s run faster guyz, ojiji is awake..
Immediately we started running, suddenly it starts raining..ojiji is chasing after us let’s keep running. I said at the top of my voice..

Cynthia : ben abeg, I no get strength to run again, I don taya..
Me : tire for this kind time?please try we will soon be out of this.
Cynthia : no I can’t! Please let’s hide..
Sege : cynthia try nah, u can do it
Cynthia : no I can’t..
Kola : ok let me back you..

Kola immediately backed cynthia and we start running till we get to a river bank, at first we wants to enter the river, but I told them not to cus, ojiji might caught us in the process of doing that..

Sege : ok what’s next now?
Me : calm down, am looking for an idea..
Kola : ben abeg be fast o, we are running out of time..
Me : chill nigga..
Cynthia : let’s enter this water, we don’t have much time .
Me : you guys should trust me on this, muna chill
Cynthia : ok o..

I start thinking of what to do..then suddenly two old women appeared, one was standing in front of the water whilst the other was standing in her opposite.. who are those one’s again?.. I asked myself..but I Can’t find a profitable answer to that..
The one standing at the bank of the river asked us to swim pass the water, while the other asked us to wait and face ojiji.. wetin man go do now ooo…

To be continued



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