Is God Moved by Need or Faith?

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Don’t ever let anyone tell you that Jesus is not moved by your need. You have probably heard this statement in church or from preachers you see on TV. “God is not moved by your needs, He is only moved by faith.”

I believe that statement is meant to explain why we don’t see more answers to prayer. But how many of you have really found that statement inadequate? Actually it misrepresents God. I know that anybody who really loves God is not trying to misrepresent Him. Often we use statements like the one above out of tradition, but we really need to take a closer look.

If God is not moved by need, how can we be sure God loves those with need? How can I believe God loves me when He is not affected by my pain? I know the statement above is not meant to tell people, God does not love them, but we must be careful that we do not misrepresent God unintentionally.

Well if God is moved by our needs why don’t we see more answers to prayer? That is an honest question that needs an answer.

First of all we must realize that God is not reluctant, or indifferent, concerning our need. In Genesis we see God creating a planet that would meet all of Adams physical needs even before He created Adam. So God created the answer to the need even before there was anyone who had a need. So God is not reluctant and He is certainly not indifferent to our need.

God demonstrated His love in that Christ died for us while we were still sinners. Scripture says that Jesus is moved with the feeling of our infirmity. It also says, Jesus being moved with compassion, healed all those with need in the crowds that followed Him at times.

If it is true, that He is moved with compassion concerning our need, then why not more answers to prayer? Really it is simple. He has already provided!

God gives unto every man the measure of faith. Faith comes as a gift from God by hearing the word. Living by faith is, hearing the word of God and being convinced, we put our trust in God and obey His leading in expectation that He will fulfill His promises to us. We are the ones who are moved. God gave faith as a gift so the we might be moved in concert, or in tune with what He has already provided, so that He can bring it to manifestation in our lives. We are the ones moved by faith!

This is what we must become convinced of, Everything we are trying to get has already been done!

Think about the woman with the issue of blood who pressed through the crowd to touch the hem of Jesus’s garment. Jesus was already there. The Spirit was already upon Him. The anointing to heal was already present. That woman’s faith moved her not Jesus. Her faith moved her to reach out and touch what was already there. When she did, she made a connection to the power that was already present upon Jesus to heal. How sad that so few in Jesus day took advantage of what was before them.

One important key then is in realizing that everything we need has already been done. Think about the gospel. The gospel is about what Jesus has already done. When we are moved by faith in response to the message, we will enter the reality of what had already been provided.

When we become convinced that we have already been provided for, we will stop trying to move God with our faith. We will then be ready to be moved by faith. As we are moved in faith to obey the instruction, we receive in prayer, we will see God answer those prayer mightily.

Faith is not about moving God to do something for us. It is about moving us into what He has already done!


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