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(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)
Episode 1

Jovita had been married to Henry for nearly a decade, Henry was a good man, who adored his wife and children and everyday he worked harder to give them a good life.
Jovita and Henry LOVE each other so much but the great problem Henry had was that Jovita was too obsessed with MONEY.
For that reason, Jovita always had issues with her husband for the past few years.

There came a time Jovita had used the money meant for her children’s school fees to play lottery, She lost all that money and Henry was so pissed with her.
“Why are you so obsessed with money, I know that we are not rich but we are not lacking anything, why are you bent on frustrating my efforts, the last time you lost the money meant for our house rent and now our children’s school fees, what’s your problem, why are you so obsessed with money, why?” Henry had thundered angrily.

If not for the love Henry had for Jovita, he had thought of quitting the marriage as Jovita’s obsession with money was tiresome and it’s was affecting their marriage

Most times Jovita even over spends money and it had almost rendered them bankrupt But Henry was a hard worker, he always looked for ways to get extra money, sometimes he would take a loan to meet up with their bills each time Jovita overspends or gambles.

From the day Henry met Jovita, He had realized that she was ambitious and a fierced lady, which was a good thing at first but after marriage he wasn’t finding it funny, He always gave his wife a specific amount of money every month for her own personal expenses but it is never enough money for her, She is always after money. If she can’t make money doing something, that thing is not worth her time. .

One night, Henry so lovingly woke Jovita up in the middle of the night for a discussion. (This Story Belongs to Christabel’s Blog)
“Honey, I don’t like our constant quarrel over money, our children are watching, all these fight and quarrel are tiresome, please for a change, stop gambling, stop spending money lavishedly, please, I’m in so much in debt already, I barely sleep at night please” Henry pleaded but he got a nasty reply from Jovita.

“Your duty as my husband is to provide Comfort for me and your children but I’m not comfortable, I’m suffering, if your salary can not comfortably foot our bills, I guess this is the time to look for a better Job that will be able to take care of our needs, haven’t you notice that we are poor and this is not the life I want for myself and my children, infact I’m tired of your constant nagging, you are always complaining. You don’t know that each time I gamble, I’m only helping you out, who knows i might win and we will become rich, why are you always against whatever I do in this house, is not that you have other plans to get us out of poverty” Jovita responded sharply and hissed.
(This Story Belongs to Christabel’s Blog)

Henry was speechless and at the same time, he was boiling in anger.
” I would do whatever it takes for good money to come into our lives, people win alot of money in gambling and betting, you can’t stop me from gambling, except you go get a better Job” Jovita entered.
“Oh really, I think it’s time you go get a Job too and let’s share the responsibilities, I can’t be working hard and you will be wasting my hard earned money on foolish things, I guess it’s time, you join the work force and stop being a pain in the ass” Henry replied angrily, he picked up a pillow from their matrimonial bed and stormed out from their bedroom and he headed straight to the living room, where he passed his night.

The next day, Jovita got Henry’s sister involved in their matter and to Henry’s displeasure, His sister Blessing, took Jovita’s side. “How could you ask your wife to go get a job, when you can set up a business for her, I don’t want to meddle or interfere in your marriage but the right thing to do is to set up a business for your wife” Blessing had told her brother Henry bluntly

Henry listened, he some how got a loan from the company, where he worked and he set up a business for his wife, to Jovita’s merit, it was a fantastic business which allows her to overcharge her customers enormously. (This Story Belongs to Christabel’s Blog)
Henry had told her constantly to reduce the price for her services and goods, so she could gain more customers but Jovita never listened.

With time, the new business wasn’t progressing, It was almost at the edge of collapsing, when Henry intervened, he was on his annual leave, he handled the business by him self for a month and the new business began to progress.

One-day, Henry was at Jovita’s business location, where a female customer walked in, she was a very beautiful lady, probably in her late thirties.
The Beautiful female Customer stared at Henry helplessly the whole time, she admired Henry’s good looks.
Henry had attended to her and she was about to pay for the goods she bought, when she broke the silence.
“Hey bros, I’m your sister’s good customer, and for a while now, I haven’t set my eyes on your sister, I hope she is okay?” The female customer entered.

“My sister? Who are you referring to as my sister?” Henry replied with a straight face.
“I mean, the lady that owns this store, Jovita” The beautiful lady added as she handed some cash to Henry as payment for the goods she bought
“Oh, point of correction, She is not my sister but my wife, she is fine, she will be here soon” Henry corrected as he counted the cash.

The beautiful lady felt bad when Henry announced that Jovita was his wife, she gradually packed up the goods she paid for and she left quietly.

(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)
End Of Episode 1
To Be Continued
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(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)
Episode 2

All through that day, the beautiful female customer by the name Rhoda, couldn’t concentrate, her thoughts were with Henry, She had never felt that way with any man before.
The fact that Henry announced that he was a married man, made Rhoda feel terrible, She decided to find out for herself if Henry was actually telling the truth or if he had said that to push her off

“Maybe he had noticed how I stared at him helplessly and he decided to push me off, I don’t know why I can’t control myself, whenever I see him, this is the third time, I have met this man and I don’t think that handsome man is Jovita’s husband” Rhoda concluded.

Rhoda was a Rich lady, who had everything Jovita loves, money, classic cars name it and she was from a wealthy family but she lacked a man in her life, she was in dire need of a man who will become her husband. Rhoda’s father had mounted so much pressure on her to bring a man home. (This Story Belongs to Christabel’s Blog)
“My daughter age is no longer on your side, bring a man home” Rhoda’s father had said countlessly.

But when the pressure was so much, Rhoda concluded on hiring a man who will pose as her Fiance, so her father will let her be. Rhoda’s father had given her an ultimatum of a month or else she will freeze her bank account and sieze her cars. She was already working on getting an actor who will pose as her Fiance, when she met Henry.

She fell for Henry the first time she met him and when she saw him for the third time, she lost her mind completely.
Rhoda decided to go back to Jovita’s store the next day and tell Henry how she had fallen for him.

The next day, Rhoda arrived Jovita’s store and she was disappointed when she met Jovita instead.
“Rhoda, my sure customer” Jovita hailed her immediately she saw her walk into her store. (This Story Belongs to Christabel’s Blog)
The two ladies exchanged pleasantries and finally Rhoda asked.
“where have you been lately? each time I stop by, I always met your absence, the last time I came here, I met a man And if I may ask, how is that man related to you?”
Jovita smiled before she responded
“I have been relaxing at home oh, business was so bad, I almost got discouraged, you were the only sure customer I had and my husband decided to take over for a while and I must admit he did a fantastic job, I have so many customers now” Jovita replied innocently.

“So you mean that man is truly your husband?” Rhoda asked at once
“Yes, he is…. Rhoda what happened?,, Did you have issues with him?”Jovita asked when she saw disappointment clearly written on Rhoda’s face.(This Story Belongs to Christabel’s Blog)
“No, it’s just that I had thought he was your brother, I had a business proposal for him, but since he is actually your husband, no need” Rhoda replied calmly

At the mention of business proposal, Jovita knew it would involve money.
“Business deal?, what deal is that? Will it bring money?” Jovita asked sharply.
Rhoda told Jovita everything how she wants to hire someone who will pose as her Fiance but she skipped the part where she had fallen for Henry, her husband.
Jovita was not finding the deal interesting untill Rhoda mentioned money.
“If your husband agrees to pose as my fiance for just two weeks, I will pay him 2 million naira” Rhoda added and Jovita shivered at the thought of having 2 million naira in her bank account.

“My husband will do it!” She entered at once and Rhoda smiled faintly
“Are you sure?” She asked
“I will convince my husband but you have to add more 500 hundred thousand naira, to make the payment more attractive, I will surely convince my husband, he is currently on a work leave, and he has all the time in the world, is it not for 2 weeks?” Jovita asked at once
“Yes if your husband can pose as my fiance for just two weeks, I will pay him 2.5 million and I will personally give you another 500 hundred thousand naira for your trouble” Rhoda entered while Jovita lost words, she was so excited within in her that it felt as if she had won a lottery.
(This Story Belongs to Christabel’s Blog)

“Please Jovita, help me, convince your husband, it’s just for two weeks, my father had threatened to take away my cars and froze my account till I present a man to him and I don’t know when this will happen because every man I have met, are not reliable, no man had truly love me, they all seemed to care about my money but if your husband can do this for me, it will reduce the tension and pressure, that my father always mount on me, I’m just tired, please help me, 3 million is yours, please convince your husband” Rhoda added and Jovita promised to deliver.
Oh what a foolish woman!

(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)
End Of Episode 2
To Be Continued
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(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)
Episode 3

In the past two days, Jovita was at her husband’s neck.
“Since we got married, you have never made 1 million naira at a go , you are always taking loans to meet up with our bills and here we are talking about a deal for 3 million and you are saying no, any sharp man that knows what he is doing, will grab this opportunity”; Jovita entered

“Jovita, can you hear yourself talk? Why are you so obsessed with money that you don’t reason properly anymore, how can you ask me to do this? You my own wife, any sensible wife will turn down this unholy deal, what’s your problem? Why are you bent on troubling me with your insatiable quest for money, please count me out, I’m not interested” Henry replied but finally, somehow Jovita got through to her husband, Henry who loved his wife Jovita so much, gave in, just to make her happy. Jovita was so excited.
‘I love you so much” She told her husband as she kissed him.

The next day, Rhoda handed 3 million naira to Jovita in cash and she almost ran mad.
“It’s all yours” Rhoda told Jovita as Henry stared at them speechlessly.
Jovita came closer to her husband and planted a kiss on his lips. (This Story belongs to Christabel’s Blog)
“My love, I will deposit 1 million into your account, while the remaining balance into mine” Jovita said and Henry was speechless still. He felt pity for himself, he remembered how his mother warned him sternly not to marry Jovita, now see.
“This woman would have used me for money rituals, if I had refused to play along with this unholy deal, I have never heard of such in my life, Women don’t joke with thier husbands but mine is hooking me up with another woman for money. sometimes, I wonder why I love her so much, Jovita doesn’t deserve my love” Henry thought

Later that same day, Rhoda took Henry to her wealthy father and she introduced Henry as her fiance. The old wealthy man liked Henry immediately he saw him.
“You are welcome my son” Rhoda’s father said as he exchanged greetings with Henry.
“For how long have you known my daughter?” Rhoda’s father threw in
Henry stared at Rhoda before he replied chat MartinMartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his WhatsApp group.
” a year sir” and Rhoda nodded in smiles.
“And why did it take you this long, to show yourself?” Rhoda’s father added
“I’m just waiting for the right time, Sir” Henry responded.
And Rhoda’s father smiled.
“I like you, you should consider yourself lucky because you have just gained a father in me” Rhoda’s father added and Henry smiled nervously

Rhoda fell more deeply for Henry as he defended their fake relationship in the presence of her father,
“I must make him mine” Rhoda told herself within.
As Henry was fulfilling his own part of the deal, His wife Jovita was spending money lavishedly on expensive things, that she barely thought about her husband and what he might be going through.

Two weeks passed, and there was no sign of Henry, Jovita had called Henry’s number uncountable times and it was turned off. She became very anxious when she also called Rhoda’s number and it was switched off as well.

Out of anxiety, Jovita almost gave Blessing, Henry’s sister, a call but when she wondered how she was going to explain the situation to her, she ended up not calling her. (This Story Belongs to Christabel’s Blog)
“How can I explain things to Blessing, I was the one who introduced the deal to Henry, I hope my husband is okay, I don’t know Rhoda too well, I only knew her as my customer, I don’t even know where she lives” Jovita thought in tears.

With time Jovita began to regret every thing, She kept trying her husband’s phone number and it was still switched off.
Jovita almost died of guilt and that was when it dawned on her that her obsession with Money may end up ruining her life.
” Where is Henry? Where is my husband? I hope he is okay, oh God what have I done?” She had thought
Her children were not helping matters as they kept asking for their father.

Few weeks later, Henry’s boss called Jovita to know why her husband had not shown up for work and why his phone was turned off.
“Your husband’s leave is over, why has he not report to work” Henry’s boss said at the other end of the phone and Jovita was speechless but she managed to dismiss her husband’s boss with a filmsy excuse. (This Story Belongs to Christabel’s Blog)
“My husband is not feeling well, please sir, he will call you” she had responded

Then one-day, Blessing’s call came in and Jovita picked up at once and the first thing Blessing asked was
“Is my brother there?, I have been trying to get hold of him since yesterday but his phone is switched off, where is he?” And Jovita’s heart sank.

( A Story By Christabel Nwoko)
End Of Episode 3
To Be Continued
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(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)
Episode 4

Jovita ignored Blessing’s Question, she quietly ended the call and turned off her phone.
As days went by, Jovita was losing her mind, she had inquired from all her customers, if they knew Rhoda and where she lived but no one seemed to have a clue on how to find her.

Jovita got more worried as days rolled bye and constantly she pleaded for God’s mercy and she also prayed for her husband’s safety.

At the other end, Rhoda had succeeded in winning Henry over, infact she had turned Henry against Jovita, his wife.
“No good wife will agreed to sell her husband off for just 3 million, Jovita your so called wife, doesn’t love you like I do, Henry I love you so much, the first time I saw you, I fell deeply in love with you, please marry me, I can do anything for you, my father likes you too and I’m sure my father will make you his heir, I’m the only child of my parent, my mother had died long ago, please marry me, I love you, I will do anything for you, please be mine ” Rhoda had told him and out of spite for Jovita, Henry reluctantly agreed to marry Rhoda.

One-day news came to Jovita that Rhoda was getting married, When Jovita saw the names printed on the wedding invitation, she almost collapsed. The supposed wedding was scheduled to happen in four weeks. Jovita lost her breath as she looked through the wedding invitation card. The invitation card proved to Jovita that Henry was safe. (This Story is written by Christabel Nwoko)
“Rhoda Weds Henry?” She uttered in tears.
“Oh my God, Henry? I hope it’s not what I’m thinking, oh it’s all my fault, oh see where my love for money had landed me, oh who will I turn to?.. no Rhoda can’t snatch my husband from me, no way!” She said in tears.

Weeks passed and there was still no word from Henry nor Rhoda’s where about. Jovita still held the address of their upcoming wedding venue, and she was waiting eagerly for that day to come, so she could ruin that wedding. Jovita had lost so much weight due to worry and crying, She was now a shadow of herself. She had lost appetite for food and her insatiable thirst for money had disappeared. She couldn’t spend the millions Rhoda paid her anymore. Life has been meaningless to Jovita ever since she got that wedding invitation card. Jovita’s children have had a clue that something was going on between their parents.

Jovita was gradually dying in deep regrets, She regretted all her actions and she asked God to show her mercy, she told God to bring her husband back to her and she vowed never to be money conscious but to love and cherish her husband, It was a very hard time for Jovita.

It was over two months that Rhoda took Henry away. Henry’s family especially her sister Blessing had started asking her about him, she had lied to Blessing countlessly that Henry went on a business trip and would be back soon. But Blessing didn’t buy that lie for too long.
‘Business trip? Since when did my brother become a business man?, I thought he is a civil servant, I went to his office, last week and I was told that he hasn’t shown up to work for two months” Blessing entered and Jovita’s heart skipped several beats. (This Story belongs to Christabel’s Blog)

Things were getting out of hand and Jovita decided to come out plain, She told Blessing everything.
“How could you do this to my brother? A man who loves you so much, He worked hard always for you, since he married you, he had not sent a dime to our mother in the village, you consume all the money he earns, yet you are not satisfied, you ended up selling my brother, in as much as I like you, I won’t spare you, if anything bad happens to my brother, if you know what is good for you, you better start looking for him because you will see the other side of me, if any harm comes to my brother, what rubbish!” Blessing uttered angrily and walked away.

Jovita sat on the bare floor crying. She thought of all the times her husband was good to her but she didn’t appreciate him because she was overshadowed by Love for money and material things.
“God I’m so sorry for under-valuing what I had because of money, Henry is too good a man to lose and I pray he forgives me because I don’t want to lose him, now I have realized that Money does not bring happiness, Henry and my children are worth more than gold or money, please Lord, I have learned my lesson” she said sobbing.

As Jovita sat there crying, she didn’t hear when her children returned from school,
“Mom,Why are you crying?” The children asked innocently.
“Your daddy had left us” Jovita said in tears.
“But Dad came to our school today, he bought us so many snacks and fruit drinks, he told us that you sold him off, but will be back for us” Jovita’s first child said and Jovita almost died of shock.

“Your Daddy, told you that? Are you sure” Jovita inquired in tears and her children nodded and said “yes”.
“Mom, You never told us that you sold our daddy, that means you know where he is, please take us to Daddy, we don’t want to live with you but with Daddy, we are scared of you, we don’t want to be sold like you did with our Daddy” The children said innocently.

Jovita stared at her children speechlessly as tears were just falling from her eyes.

(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)
End Of Episode 4
To Be Continued
Stay Blessed

(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)
Episode 5

On the scheduled date for Rhoda and Henry’s wedding, Jovita stormed the wedding venue but she was not permitted to come into the wedding hall.

Rhoda was a very cunning lady, she had instructed the security men at the entrance of the wedding hall to be on the look out for Jovita, she had saved Jovita’s WhatsApp display picture and she had send the picture to all the security men at her wedding venue.
Jovita was so devastated, but she waited around. The wedding was indeed a big wedding as lots of guests trooped into the venue.

When the wedding was over, Jovita followed the car that conveyed the couple home, Jovita stared at a big duplex situated in a peaceful crescent, As the car drove into the compound, Jovita watched from Afar, her heart was bleeding. She wished she could have a chance to speak with Henry. She blamed herself for all that was happening.

She waited for hours and when she couldn’t wait anymore, she quietly walked away in tears, she stopped a cab at the bus stop to take her home, all through the drive home, Jovita cried her eyes out, The cab man was a kind hearted man, he heard Jovita’s cry.
“Madam, I don’t know what had happened but I want to assure you that everything will be fine, please comfort yourself and have Faith” The cab driver said calmly as Jovita wiped her tears.

Just to feel better, Jovita bare her heart as she told the cab driver everything and the young man said something Jovita will never forget in an hurry.
“Respect a man who don’t have it all but will do everything for you, you pushed your husband away, there are some ladies, who doesn’t want a man to provide for them, all they want is to be married, and you are blessed to have a man that love you and at the same time provides for you, even though it’s not enough, you should have appreciated the little he brings to the table, I think your husband is angry with you, that’s why he agreed to marry that lady, look for a way and apologize to him”
(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)

“Apologise? There’s no need, Rhoda had succeeded in snatching my husband, I don’t know what she did to my husband, the Henry I know will never leave me like this” Jovita entered still in tears.
But still the Cab driver insisted that Jovita should apologise to her husband.

The next day, Jovita stormed Rhoda’s house with the police, Jovita was shocked when she saw her husband’s younger sister, Blessing there.
She felt defeated, Blessing couldn’t look at her in the face while her husband stared at her speechlessly. Jovita felt like dying but the presence of the policemen she came with, gave her a ray of hope.
“Officer, this is the kidnapper, this woman kidnapped my husband” Jovita said immediately Rhoda came out of the house.

At the sight of the policemen, Rhoda smiled mockingly and turned to Jovita and said
“What do this foolish woman wants here?”
“You shameless woman, husband snatcher, with all your money, you couldn’t buy a husband instead you want mine” Jovita entered angrily
“What are you saying? Fool! Have you forgotten that I gave you 3 million, I did buy myself a good husband” Rhoda entered at once

“Hey, madam, enough” one of the police men entered
“Are you miss Rhoda…” The police man added
“Officer point of correction, I’m Mrs Rhoda, I got married yesterday, I got married to this gentle man yesterday and we are planning for our Honey moon” Rhoda said pointing to Henry who was as cold as ice.
Jovita wondered why Henry was not talking. (This Story Belongs to Christabel’s Blog)
“Rhoda, what have you done to my husband, he is quiet, what have you done to him, officer this woman had charmed my husband, she is desperate and everyone knows that desperate ladies are dangerous” Jovita said immediately

“Common shut up, you foolish woman, you keep saying, my husband, my husband, Henry is now my husband too and there’s no going back, you don’t know that I was desperate, when I offered you 3 million? Are you that foolish?” Rhoda added and Jovita felt like strangling her. She then turned to the police men and said “Officer you heard her, she kidnapped my husband….”
“Enough, woman we don’t have all day, you brought us here that some one had kidnapped your husband, but you are not giving us a chance to do our Job..” One of the policemen said

“Officer, my brother is not kidnapped, these two women are his wives, the person you should arrest is Jovita, this stupid woman sold my brother for 3 million…” Blessing uttered and Jovita picked her jaw, she couldn’t believe that Blessing will one day turn against her.
“Enough, officer, Do I look like I was kidnapped?, these two women are my wives” Henry finally spoke as he stared Jovita in her eyes. (This Story Belongs to Christabel’s Blog)
“Infact officer, my first wife gave her consent before I married Rhoda” Henry added and he was still staring at Jovita who was now in tears.

The police men finally left and Rhoda walked Jovita out of her house. As Jovita walked out of the compound, Henry stared at her speechlessly.

(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)
End Of Episode 5
To Be Continued
Stay Blessed

(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)
Episode 6

That day was not a pleasant day for Jovita, she wallowed in deep regrets and she wished she never agreed to Rhoda’s deal.
She wished her life could go back to normal.
“Please Lord bring my husband back to me, I promise I will never trouble him again, I will adore him, please Lord I love Henry so much and I can’t live without him” Jovita thought as she went back home in tears..

Few weeks later, Rhoda was doing all she could to leave the country with Henry. Each day she would go out of her way to impress Henry.
But Henry was always cold around her. Henry had not been intimate with Rhoda and that worries her.
“What if Henry returns back to his first wife Jovita? What will become of me, I need to act fast, I’m leaving this country with Henry as soon as possible” She had thought.

Rhoda had became so close to Henry’s sister, She had won Blessing over with lots of expensive gifts and cash gifts.
And all Rhoda wants was for Blessing to convince Henry to leave the country with her.

And everyday all Blessings does was to convince Henry to accept Rhoda as his wife and forget about Jovita. (This Story belongs to Christabel’s Blog)
“That your first wife, Jovita is dangerous, because of money she pushed you into the arms of another woman, that means she could have you killed for money, Mom warned you against marrying Jovita but you never listened, now see, this woman had complicated your life, if I were you, I will forget about her and move on with Rhoda” Blessings said calmly

“Blessing, what about my children?, Blessing what happened to you?, the blessing I know will never advise me to forget my family, what has come over you?” Henry responded
“You are my only brother, I know what will be good for you, Rhoda is now a part of our family, why don’t you leave the country with her, leave this country and you can come back later for your children, is not like they will lack anything, if you leave, they will be fine, their mother still has the 3 million, with that money she could take care of your children and invest the remaining balance to her business. So you see, your children will be okay with out you, focus on Rhoda, please that lady loves you so much, even more than Jovita, the mother of your children. Because no woman that loves her husband would intentionally push him away, I know how you toiled and struggled to make Jovita happy, but she doesn’t appreciate you or what you do for her” Blessings added and Henry listened speechlessly. (This Story belongs to Christabel’s Blog)

Few weeks had passed and Blessing had succeeded in convincing Henry to leave the country with Rhoda.
Rhoda was so happy when Henry finally agreed to leave the country with her.
In no time their travel documents were ready.

One morning, Henry and Rhoda were set to leave for the Airport and Blessing was so excited to see them off to the Airport.
Immediately they drove off to the airport, Jovita was sighted coming down from a cab, she walked to the gate and when the gate keeper open the gate, She recognized her immediately.
“Madam, what do you want? I hope you are not here again to cause trouble because no body is at home at the moment” The gate keeper entered

Jovita gave him a quick stare and uttered “I’m here to see my husband, please call him out, I’m not here for trouble but for peace, please call my husband out”
“Madam, like I said earlier, no body is at home even aunty blessing left with Madam Rhoda and her husband, please go away” The gate keeper added.

Jovita stomach boiled in anger, immediately The gate keeper referred to Henry as Rhoda’s husband but she comported herself.
“Where have they gone to, please it’s important I see Henry” Jovita said
“To the Airport, Madam Rhoda and her husband are leaving the country” The gate keeper revealed and Jovita almost had an heart attack.

Immediately, She flagged down a taxi
“Please take me to the Airport” She told the cab driver and they drove off immediately

A Story By Christabel Nwoko
End Of Episode 6
To Be Continued
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(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)
Episode 7

All through the ride to the airport, Jovita instructed the cab driver to drive faster and in no time they got to the international Airport.
Jovita wondered how she would find her husband in the midst of the crowd packed inside the Airport but fortunately for her she sighted Rhoda and Henry, immediately she walked towards their direction, as soon as she saw Her husband holding his travel documents on his left hand, her heart sank.

Jovita walked closer to where Rhoda stood with Henry, tears started to fall from her eyes.
“So Henry wants to leave me?”Jovita thought
Immediately Rhoda saw Jovita, she hissed while Henry stared at Jovita, his beloved wife.
Jovita was now a shadow of herself, Henry ran her eyes on her.
He had thought Jovita loved money more than she loved him. (A Story By Christabel Nwoko)

Jovita was looking tattered and she had lost so much weight.
Henry felt so bad to see Jovita looking so emaciated and sickly.
“My husband, please don’t leave me, please I’m sorry” Jovita pleaded.
“How are you Jovita and our children?” Henry managed to ask while Rhoda rolled her eyes in anger. (This Story Belongs to Christabel’s Blog)
“My love let’s go, we will miss our flight, let’s go” Rhoda entered to make Jovita feel worse but to Rhoda’s displeasure, Henry ignored her.

Instead he turned to Jovita.
“How is my children?” He inquired yet again.
” They are fine but they miss you, please don’t leave us, I know Its all my fault but I promise if you come back to me, I will never trouble you, I will support you and stand by you please” Jovita said in tears.

“Jovita, you should be happy, you have gotten what you always wanted, you have 3 million, you are rich, you always told me that money brings happiness, I saw pure excitement when you got that 3 million from Rhoda, for a minute I was so scared because your obsession for money could have landed us in trouble, but I’m happy you got the money, 3 million is not a small money but I will advise, you use that money well, you don’t need to cry, I will definitely send lots of money to you from time to time, so you could take care of our children” Henry said

“Henry, my love, i don’t need money, I want you, I have come to realize that money doesn’t buy happiness, I don’t want to be rich anymore, I miss you, all I want is you, please don’t leave me and your children, please” Jovita pleaded
Rhoda watched the scene in envy, it was obvious Henry and Jovita still love each other.

Jovita was still in tears pleading for a second chance, when Blessings walked into the scene.
“Jovita is too late, my brother will never return to you, he has a good wife now, Rhoda would never think of selling my brother off like you did, Jovita, Please leave here, I don’t want my brother to miss his flight” Blessings entered
Henry gave Blessing a Quick stare that stopped her from uttering anymore word.

“My husband, I know that I have never disclosed to you why I became so obsessed with money, I was born with a silver spoon, everything was going great, I even had a dream of becoming a Lawyer, but after my father died and his wicked brothers took over my father’s properties and they threw us out of our father’s house, the burden to cater for 4 children fell on my mother, when the suffering was too much, I had to give up on my dream of becoming a Lawyer, just because there was no money, I also lost my mother some months after because there was no money to take her to the hospital. I vowed to make money and disgrace poverty and to proof to my Wicked uncles that they are not God, I was bent on achieving my vow, but when we met,
many years ago, we fell in love and we got married but still I wanted to be rich and famous, yes I never regretted marrying you because you are the best thing that has happened to me but I wanted riches too, to proof to my wicked uncles that I have made it big, please forgive me, don’t leave me and your children, please, I can’t live without you, I’m ready to accept the fact that Rhoda is also your wife but please don’t go, don’t leave me, I will die, if you leave, please” Jovita added.

Henry wiped two tears from his eyes, while Rhoda and Blessing watched the scene in disdain.
When Jovita noticed that she was creating a scene at the Airport, she stood up, wiped her tears and walked away quietly. (This Story Belongs to Christabel’s Blog)
Rhoda smiled within her as she watched Jovita leave.
And then she turned to Henry
“My love, let’s go, we will miss our flight, please hurry let’s go” Rhoda uttered.

“I don’t want to travel anymore, you can go ahead, if you want”Henry entered
“What are you saying? Henry how could you change your mind at the last minute, don’t tell me Jovita had succeeded in her wicked plan, her plan is to cause confusion between us, can’t you see, that Jovita is cunning and she had succeeded” Rhoda said at once

(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)
End Of Episode 7
To Be Continued
Stay Blessed!

(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)
Episode 8

Henry smiled faintly and he uttered
“Confusion? Cunning?, Rhoda you are the one causing confusion here, how could you be so unreasonable, I’m a married man with kids but you lured my wife into selling me off to you, like I’m an object or something, how could you come up with such stupid deal in the first place, you are also cunning, do you think I don’t know you have won my sister over with expensive gifts, Let me tell you the truth, I can never be yours, I know where my heart belongs to, yes Jovita doesn’t deserve my love but i still love her and my children, the reason I agreed to marry you was to make my wife suffer and to teach her an important lesson, Don’t you ever tell me what to do, I’m no longer interested in embarking on this trip, good bye” Henry entered and walked away.

Rhoda held her heart as it felt like her heart was breaking.
“Blessing, your brother can not do this to me, I love him from the first day I set my eyes on him, Blessing I love your brother, tell him to come back, so we could embark on our trip, how could he change his mind when we are at the airport already” Rhoda said in tears. (A Story By Christabel Nwoko)
Blessing managed to take Rhoda home before she looses her mind completely at the airport.

Few weeks later,
Rhoda who couldn’t bear her pain, came up with a plan to have Jovita and her children killed.
“The only way, Henry will be mine is when Jovita and her children are dead, he still adore his family, despite everything I did to turn him against Jovita, I even bought his sister over” Rhoda thought (This Story Belongs to Christabel’s Blog)

That evening Rhoda had sent her thugs to Jovita and they aim was to kill her and her children.
“Make Jovita and her children disappear from the face of the Earth, no traces, do a clean Job” Rhoda had said

That Evening, Fortunately for Jovita and her children, They were not at home, Jovita and her children had gone to the church for a night vigil, The church had became Jovita’s favorite place ever since Henry married Rhoda.
When Rhoda find out she almost died of heart break.
Then she decided to go spiritual.

The next day, Rhoda visited a spiritualist, who recognized her immediately.
“Rhoda! Where have you been, you remembered me today”The young man said while Rhoda smiled faintly and said “Guru, You are always on my mind” Rhoda replied (This Story Belongs to Christabel’s Blog)
“What brought you to my shrine, this hot afternoon?” The spiritualist inquired
“Guru, A lady wants to snatch my husband, I want you to take the lady off my path, make her disappear” Rhoda replied

And the spiritualist was mute for a while and then he said ” who is this lady? And how did you know that she wants to snatch your husband?”
“Guru, I’m not a child, I know when someone is a threat to me, please make her and her children to disappear” Rhoda replied
“Do you have a photograph of this lady and her children?” The spiritualist asked
And Rhoda nodded yes.

One morning, Rhoda’s cry of pain, alerted Henry and his sister.
“I’m on fire, my body is burning, please help, I’m dying, I will confess” Rhoda said in tears.
Blessing and Henry stared at her in confusion.
“I wanted to kill Jovita and her children, Henry, I wanted to have you to myself, I went to a spiritualist and the man gave me an enchantment, and he told me to call Jovita’s name, three times And strike her picture with a knife 7 times but it back fired on me, please help me” Rhoda added

Henry and his sister didn’t utter a word, they couldn’t believe their ears.
“Rhoda is even worst than Jovita, imagine she wants to kill innocent children, my own flesh and blood” Blessing thought.
Blessings and Henry went in pack their things and left.
When Henry got home, Jovita rushed into his arms.
“I know you will never leave me and your Children, you love us so much, not because I deserve your love but because you are a good man and your kind is rare” Jovita said in tears, while Henry consoled her and he told her everything even Rhoda’s confession.
“What did I do to her? I will return the 3 million she gave to me, I don’t want her money and Henry nodded in agreement.

The next day, Jovita and Henry arrived Rhoda’s house to return the 3 million she paid Jovita, Fortunately for them, Rhoda’s father was there when they came and when the old man learnt about the atrocities her daughter had committed, He apologized to Henry and Jovita.
“It’s all my fault, I mounted so much pressure on Rhoda to bring a man home, I’m sorry for everything my daughter had done wrong, please, you both should find a place in your heart to forgive her” Rhoda’s father pleaded.

“Rhoda is still my husband’s second wife, I have forgiven Rhoda because i was at fault too, if I was not obsessed with money, I wouldn’t have accepted such deal, I have learned my lesson in a hard way and henceforth i will be contented with whatever I have, please sir, here is the three million Rhoda had paid me, I don’t want this money, this money brought me so much pain and sorrow” Jovita said calmly

“It’s not the money that brought you pain and sorrow, it was your obsession to have money, keep the money, it’s yours, here is also a cheque for 10 million” Rhoda’s father added

“For what sir?” Henry threw in immediately
“It’s for your troubles, my daughter really troubled you both, please forgive her, my lawyer will annull your marriage with Rhoda”Rhoda’s father added and Henry smiled within.
But to Henry’s utmost surprise, Jovita rejected the cheque and left the bag containing the 3 million beside Rhoda’s father. The Old man was also surprised.
“I don’t want money, all I want right now is my family and I’m glad that my husband had to returned to me, and I’m happy that their marriage will be annulled, Thank you sir for being fair and truthful, God bless you sir and how is Rhoda now?” Jovita asked
“She will be fine, all she needs to feel better is your forgiveness” Rhoda’s father replied.

“I have forgiven her, she is healed” Jovita uttered immediately.

(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)
End Of Episode 8
To Be Continued.
Have a great day!

(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)
Episode 9- (Second To Last Episode)

Jovita was so glad to have her husband back. Henry had seen how much she had changed, Jovita was so excited when Henry disclosed that he was never intimate with Rhoda. Chat MartinMartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his WhatsApp group.
“Really? Are you sure?” Jovita asked
And Henry told her how Rhoda tried so hard to seduce him but failed.

“When I saw that Rhoda might end up forcing herself on me, I called my sister Blessing over, but to my greatest shock, Rhoda won her over instead but still I never got intimate with Rhoda” Henry revealed. He reassured his wife of his love and they shared a passionate kiss.

When Blessing asked for Jovita’s forgiveness, she forgave her immediately.
“It’s all my fault, my obsession for money, almost ruined our lives, I forgive you my darling sister in-law, I’m sorry too, I never knew Henry doesn’t send money to my mother inlaw, but I promise it will never happen again, hence forth, my husband would always send money home” Jovita Said calmly and the two ladies hugged each other so tightly

And when they disengaged from the hug, Blessing uttered,
“I never knew I was obsessed with money too till Rhoda began to give me lots of expensive gifts and cash, I lost my self, I began to speak in Rhoda’s favour, so you see, everyone is somehow obsessed with money but we should never allow our obsession for money overpower us” and Henry nodded in agreement.

“Money is meant to serve us and not the other way round” Henry added

Everything went back to normal quickly. Henry got a new Job and Jovita handled her business more seriously. They both worked harder each day to better their lives. (This Story Belongs to Christabel’s Blog)
And then one hot Saturday afternoon, The unimaginable happened.
Henry got a call and after the call, he leaped for joy and he gave a loud scream that alerted Jovita.

“My love, what happened? Who called you? Jovita inquired
“Talk to me please, I’m so scared” Jovita added.
” I won a contract that worth over 50 million, honey we are rich” Henry said in smiles
Jovita was shocked, she couldn’t believe her ears, she burst into tears.

Henry held her hands and then he explained how he met an old friend and how his old friend promised to help him get a contract with the government.
The couple were so happy and from that day, their life changed for the better

(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)
End Of Episode 9
To Be Continued
Stay Blessed

(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)
Episode 10- (Last Episode)

Jovita and Henry owned numerous businesses but still they lived a very low-key and reserved family life. Jovita doesn’t spend money lavishedly like she used to, instead she invested in her businesses and she never held back any opportunity to show kindness to anyone she came across.

For her peace of mind, she had forgotten all about the past and the pain her wicked uncles inflicted on her late mother and siblings, Jovita doesn’t want to proof anything to her wicked uncles, all She desired was to live a good legacy behind. A good name is better than riches and gold after all.

The motherless baby home was Jovita’s regular hangout, as she visited almost every week. Her husband was so proud of the woman Jovita had become, Henry fell in love with Jovita the more and each day he showered her with love and care.

The man you don’t appreciate is another woman’s Dream, While u are looking at him as an idiot or a failure another woman sees him as a King.

Be contented with what you have.

Be patient!

Respect a man who don’t have it all but will do everything for you.

Don’t be a selfish wife, ensure that your husband send money to his own mother or parents Don’t eat alone, to avoid condemnation!

You need a lot more than just money to be happy.
It all starts with gratitude.
If it takes money to make you happy, your search for happiness will never end

Money can’t buy happiness because the things that bring long term satisfication and contentment can not be bought. Money may allow you do some fun things and bring some enjoyment but long term happiness comes from things like spirituality, ( example_ your service to God and your service to humanity) relationship, (Your love for your family) and friendship.

Money can’t buy family, money can’t buy true love, you aren’t wealthy untill you have something money can’t buy.

Please remember:

Money is not everything, count your blessings that money can’t buy, (be grateful to God for your good spouse and wonderful children or family), because most people don’t know what they have until it’s gone!

A Story By Christabel Nwoko.
Thank you for your time.


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