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“Drex… Drex” Loretta yelled her sons name for what seems to be the hundredth time this morning.
“Yes” Drex finally answered sounding frustrated.
“Can’t this woman give me some breathing space he muttered angrily to himself.
“Come and have your breakfast it’s getting cold”
” coming ”
“Aahh” he sighed finally getting up from his bed, not that he felt like anyways.
As he stalked down the stairs he took his time studying his house.
” It’s getting old “he said to himself “I think it needs a makeover ” then he chuckled lightly amused at his own choice of words and how he referred to the house like it was a living thing.
Then his eye darted to the painting on the wall next to his sister’s bedroom door.
It was a picture of a man standing alone at the shore of a river at dusk πŸŒ†.
The painting was really beautiful and somehow he felt connected to the man in the painting, he felt like the image described how his life was, feeling alone when there were so many people around you, feeling like an outsider in your own territory and just like the man in this painting he would always go to the fountain at the back of his home alone and ponder on the outcome of his life.
He sighed again “I wonder how it would feel or be like in the human world ” he said talking to no one, as it was now a habit of his to talk to himself since there was no one he could freely talk to.
Their house was not actually a house it was a wrecked ship but him and his family had gladly turned it to their home.
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He shook his head trying not to remember what brought them here.
The ship was brought here by the humans thousands of years ago when they had come destroy the kingdom of the supernatural now called Amazona, when they were wiped away by the goddess everything they came with except for the ship.
It’s a good thing it didn’t disappear else we wouldn’t have a home now ” and his mind traveled back to the incident that left them no other choice to live here.
Five years ago…
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BY: K. R. N


Five years ago….
“Stop it ” I half yelled to the Noles brothers trying to calm my nerves.
will these people ever stop bothering me I thought to myself.
“Why” Jax the eldest of the three brothers replied.
“Seems like someone’s getting angry Wren the second one added.
“Ooo we’re so scared ” Corbin who was the youngest of the three brothers teased and they all bursted into annoying laughter.
“What do you people want”I asked feeling frustrated.
“We want you out of this kingdom “Jax replied.
“We don’t like seeing cursed faces because it might affect us”Corbin chipped in.
“Look don’t make me angry I don’t want any trouble “I said trying my best not to break them and burn them to ashes.
“If we don’t stop what will you do plainyy” he said and pushed me.
I staggered backwards and missed a step and I fell down, I headed a crack, the glass pendant I got for my sister just broke.
Whaaat okay!! I’ve had enough.
Every single time I come across the Noles brothers they do nothing but piss me off just because their father ruled our clan they grab every opportunity to rub salt on my wounds.
In Amazona there are different clans there are fairies, elves, Animals and many more. But majority of them were animals who could take the form of humans. The Lions ruled the animals but they lost all their respect thousands of years ago when their king aloud humans into our kingdom. So the Tigers we’re respected and feared the most.
My great grandfather was the leader of the animals and he later passed it on to my grandfather. Then my grandfather was in love with a tigress called Leah but his father wanted him to get married to his friends daughter so he forced Rogan (my grandfather) to mate with Morena (his friends daughter) but few weeks later Leah discovered that she was carrying Rogan’s child. Organ had no other choice but to take both of them as his mates but he loved only my grandma (Leah) and that made More a really jealous so she hated Leah.
Months later Leah and Morena gave birth both to male tigers.
That stirred up problems when it was time for my grandfather to pass his tittle, there was a lot of argument about who should take the position but because of how kind my father treated the other creatures they chose him to be the leader that fueled the hatred Morena and her son Noles had for my father but they had to accept the decision of the people.
Years later my father was yet to have an heir because my mum had given birth to four girls it made him worry because without an heir there would be no one to carry on his legacy or he would have to transfer the tittle to my uncle. But he never lost hope he believed that he would have a male child πŸ‘Ά, several years later I was born.
My birth was supposed to bring joy to my family and the kingdom but it turned out to be the opposite. I was born on the night of the red πŸ”΄ moon. That was the night the people of Amazona mourned the demise of the creatures who were lost thousands of years ago when the humans invaded our kingdom before the Goddess cleansed our land.
On that night I was born, that alone signifies a bad omen because no child had ever been born on that sacred night and to make it worse I was born stripe less.
Yeah!! I was born without stripes not even a single one.
My father and every other creature in our clan were shocked. I was called an abomination, a curse and as if on cue Morena and her son Noles took that opportunity to lash out their hatred on my father. They instigated the others against us and my father was asked to kill me and throw my body far away from Amazona but my father refused, so in exchange to keep me he gave up his position to my uncle.
My father managed to convince them to allow us stay in our house but would not be given any power or authority whatsoever. We stayed in my fathers house till when I was three years old, my parents discorved I had the power to control fire, whenever I got angry everything around me starts to burn until when I calmed down before the fire would stop.
My family tried all they could to keep my powers hidden because if other creatures found out it would stir up more problem. My powers stayed hidden until when I was five, I got into a fight with some kids at the play ground. The play ground almost burnt to ashes before I was able to calm down. That increased our problems my uncle who was now the head of the tigers wanted us out. Still my father managed to persuade the other creatures to let us stay and promised to keep my anger in check.
We lived like that for years, I always controlled my anger whenever my cousins or other kids taunted me about my looks or power. The Animals in Amazona could take the form of humans and transform to animals whenever they wished, so mostly I stayed in human form because I was too ashamed of how I looked. I lived like a shadow of myself for years and stayed away from my peers in order to avoid getting into a figh until this very afternoon I was coming back from Wilbur the goldsmith’s house where I went to collect a glass pendant for Meg it was her birthday and I had gone through so much trouble to get. I was returning home when I ran into my cousins who did no other thing but get on my nerves, I always ignored their nasty comments but today they broke the last straw by breaking the precious pendant.
“Enough ” I roared by then I had already transformed into the stripe less Tiger that I was flames πŸ”₯ coming out of my body and they were starting to spread.
“Ooh oo” the three of them said at once and tried to run but it was too late because fire had already surrounded us, there was no way out.
I made a ball of fire and threw it at Wren, he managed to dodge it and they started running, but I wasn’t done yet I followed and ignored the fact that I had set everywhere ablaze.
“I must teach them a lesson ” I said to myself.
At the end of the day half of the kingdom had burnt to ashes with three roasted Tigers.
My uncle who never fails to grab opportunities, used it against us. I was banished, but my parents refused and tried to beg but all their pleas fell on deaf ears as other creatures had claimed that I was a threat and if I was not sent out I would eventually burn down Amazona so my parents and siblings had no choice but to follow me and this ship, the ship that stood just out the walls of my kingdom became our home ever since…
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BY: K. R. N



“Well there’s nothing i can do Change it “Drex soliloquised as he steped into the kitchen.
“Change what? ” Amaya his younger sister asked.
“Nothing” he replied curtly realising that he was thinking out loud.
“Morning Mother” he greeted his mom.
“How was your night son”Loretta answered as she gazed at her son, her eyes filled with love.
Yes her son, she had always wanted a son although she never expected that his birth would change their lives this way. When she was younger she had always imagined herself as the Queen, she always wanted the respect that was given to mothers whose first children were males but the gods did not favour her.
When she gave birth to Lisa her first child she was dissappointed because she thought it would be a tiger instead of a tigress but Ralph her husband did not seem the least bothered so she felt there was no need to panic but when Imelda was born followed by Meg she lost hope that she wour ever have a male child.
When she discorvered she was pregnant for the fourth time she decided not to put her hopes high, and just wish it would be a male and Ralph had also supported her, comnstantly assuring her that it would be a male and alas it was a tiger but unfortunately she gave birth to him in the worst circumstances. It was then that she really concluded that the gods have forsaken her and were bent on making her life miserable. She hated the child, just giving birth to him on the sacred night was bad, then being stripeless made it worse, not even bothering to glance one time at her child she hated him.
“Why” she screamed and asked no one in particular, that night when she was left alone with him.
“Why would you give me a child like this? ”
“This is even worse than not having a male child ”
Even when the issue of killing the child came up she had concured with the idea but her husband, Ralph never agreed.
She fed him and gave him the necessary things he needed but she didn’t give him her love, she deprived her only son a mother’s love ❀️. It was the day he ran to her crying because no body wanted to associate with him , it was that day she realized what her little boy was going through.
“Mother “he cried and ran into her arms , she reluctant at first but she hugged him anyways.
“What’s wrong, why are you crying “she asked even though she didn’t really care to know.
“They hate me, they said I’m cursed “. “Is that true mother? ” he asked looking at her with pleading eyes. The moment Loretta looked into her son’s eyes all she saw was sadness πŸ˜žπŸ˜žπŸ˜”πŸ˜₯, pain of rejection and a yearning for love and care, it broke πŸ’” her heart into a thousand pieces, he was just three and he already felt the worse kind of pain.
Right there and then all the stupid hatred she had nursed was thrown out the window and she vowed to give her son all the love and care she had, she realized that the gods had given her what she deserved, she had always been inside her own bubble and fantasized that nothing can ever go wrong in her life. Since then she made sure that he received nothing but the best even though she knew it was never enough to heal the wound in his heart.
Ralph’s voice brought her back from her memory trance as he stepped into the kitchen.
“Hey family, morning ” he greeted cheerfully. Ralph had always been the cheerful type that’s mostly the reason why he was prefered to Noles. He never allowed any situation to weigh him down and whenever he was pulled down by an issue he always came bouncing back up. That trait was passed down to his children and he made sure of it.
“Morning father ” Lisa, Imelda, Meg, Drex and Amaya all chorused as they dug into their meal.

I sat at my favorite spot behind my house, admiring the beautiful view of the water fountain and enjoying the peace and serenity around me. I wonder if there are places as beautiful as this in the human world. I was somewhat obsessed with humans, even though I knew how they looked I could even change myself to look like them, I still want to see a human in person. But that would be like wishing I had stripes because its impossible, humans can never find us. The goddess, Amazona created a barrier between us and the humans, they can’t find us and we can’t find them .
After few minutes of sitting down I decided to take a walk down the bank of the flowing river to get the view of the fountain from afar.
I was admiring the pleasant view when I heard a sound, I listened carefully and noticed that it was coming from behind the bushes. Immediately a became alert because as far I know only me and my family know about this place it was well hidden, the only person apart from my family that know about this place is Mandy my one and only friend, after my immediate elder sister Meg, Mandy was closest person to me. Among all other tigers she was the only one who talked to me even after knowing the kind of destruction I can create, in fact she’s the only one who can come close to me when I’m angry.
After I was thrown out of the kingdom and we moved into the ship, she always came to see us, we come here and play, sometimes practice and do other stuff but it’s been two weeks since I last saw her and anytime she to comes to visit she doesn’t follow this path.
I gathered all the courage I could muster and walked towards the source of the sound, when I got closer to the bushes the sounds I heard were not that of living things, it was as if doors were cracking open and rocks were breaking.
I swallowed hard and gathered more courage and used one of my hands to remove the vines that curtained the pathway and I was shocked at what I saw.
It was no longer a path, behind the bushes was a cave that was never there before, it was dark and just after the entrance of the cave was a staircase made of rocks that led to what looked like a tunnel.
I thought of running back home and inform my folks but something just kept pulling me, it was tugging me forward I didn’t even know when I entered the dark tunnel using a ball a fire as my torch. I took slow cautious steps into the tunnel, I walked for a few minutes until I got to the last step and it was a dead end, it annoyed me that after wasting my precious time and endangered my life I found nothing.
Just as I was about to turn around and leave the wall in front of me snapped open.
“What the!! ” I almost screamed, the wall in front of me just opened up, I wanted to turn around and run home as fast as I could, but I still felt the urge to go further.
I ignored the part of my mind that was shouting “Drex, turn around and get out of this place ” and went further into the tunnel.
After a few steps into the wall I sighted a faint light, that made me increase my pace cos I really wanted to know who lives here.
The further I went, the brighter the light became until I got to where the light was coming from. It was an open space, like a room made of smooth flat rocks and some beautiful designs we’re imprinted on the walls, but that was not what caught my attention. It was the crystal πŸ’  that sat on an erect stone pedestal that stood right in the middle of the room shining so bright I could hardly look directly at it.
Right now the voice in my head was screaming louder “Drex!! get the hell out of here” but I still ignored it. I felt attracted to the beautiful crystal πŸ’ , it was as if it was calling out for me to take it. Without even thinking I stretched my hands and grabbed it.
Almost immediately I heard a crack, then another and another before I knew what was going on , the walls had started closing up, the whole place started to collapse…….

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BY: K. R. N


I was so exited to see Drex, it’s been two weeks now since I last saw him.
I need to tell him I’ve finally gotten the attention of Alvin my long time crush and he actually likes me. Oo I feel butterflies dancing in my stomach when I think about him and he also has feelings for me too.
I’ve been to Drex’s house but he wasn’t there. So I knew he would be at the fountain but on getting there I didn’t see him. Where else could he be.
I was still thinking of the list of places he could have gone when I heard a rumbling sound it felt like an earthquake.
“Oh my what was that? ”
“Drex, “I yelled, he was the only person capable of starting a fire, theres smoke so that means there is a fire, but why does it feel like an earthquake.
I started running towards where it was coming from. It was behind some vines. When I got closer I heard another explosion πŸ’₯, “Drex “I called out and pushed myself through the vines.
“Holly molly!! “. I exclaimed, I was shocked to see a cave, where did it come? It was never there.
Inside it was a staircase made of rocks that led down to a tunnel, and it was collapsing
No no not collapsing it was sinking into the ground, more smoke was coming out. That means Drex is in there.. Oh no πŸ˜±πŸ™€.
“Drex ” I called out again but there was no reply and the cave was sinking faster……….

The whole place was sinking into the ground, the walls had closed up. I tried blasting myself out but it only seemed to speed up the sinking process.
I still kept on blasting the walls with fire balls but it wasn’t working and now the whole place is filled with dust and thick smoke. I managed to find and old rusty rod to keep the walls from crushing me up but I knew any moment from now I’ll be dead.
Oh no, is this how I’m gonna die, I didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye to my family and Mandy my best friend. I want to tell them how much I love them, all my life they’ve showed and given nothing but love but I never told them I love them not even once.
And now moments to my death I wish so bad that I could trap them all in a big warm hug and tell them I love them so much.
“I love mum ” “l love you dad” “Lisa, Imelda, Meg, Amaya, Mandy.. I love you guys.. So much ” I shouted with all my strength. I was out of breath, choked with a mixture of smoke and dust, the walls would crush me in a few seconds. Everywhere was becoming blur, my eyes slowly closing I could no longer breathe, and drifted into slow painful death.
*The walls closed up against him and he died.
Lol.. πŸ˜›πŸ˜œπŸ˜œ just kidding *

I heard a blasting and cracking, as if someone was throwing blows at the walls.. Oh is this how death feels like?
“Drex.. Drex ” I heard my name, it was Mandy’s voice. Wait I’m dead right? If not.. why am I hearing Mandy’s voice.
I was jerked back to consciousness by a piercing pain on my left cheek. I opened my eyes to see Mandy looking at me with a worried expression on her face.
“Phew” she heaven a sigh.
“Sorry I slapped you, you were drifting away.
“I’m not dead? ” I asked
“No you’re not “she replied “but we’ll both be if we don’t get out of here”
That was when I realized that I was still in the cave. But the sinking had stopped. I was about to ask how it had stopped when I noticed that Mandy’s hands were balled into a fist. Oh I totally forgot that Mandy make everything still for a few minutes just by fisting her fingers, it was one her many powers.
“Come on Drex” she called impatiently.
” Yeah , but how do we get out? ” I asked because there was only a small space between the walls.
“See if you can blast us out” she replied
“I tried that before but it didn’t work ”
“Then try hitting the wall on that side maybe we’ll get more space to pass through ” she said referring to the small open space between the walls.
I tried and it worked, I continued hitting the wall with my fire shielded fists until it was big enough for one tiger to pass through.
“That’s enough we should transform and pass through ” Mandy said
Immediately I changed into my tiger form followed by Mandy.
The moment she changed the walls started closing up again but we we’re fast enough to pass through.
Outside the tunnel, the stairs were already falling apart, we both ran as fast as we could ascending the stairs, occasionally jumping empty spaces until we got out of the cave.
The moment we jumped out of the cave it sank completely into the ground, swallowed up by the sand you would swear that nothing was ever there.
“That was close ” Mandy sighed and slumped to the ground, I did the same because I was exhausted.

Somewhere in between the realm of the living and the dead..(Limbo)
An ugly creature stirred awake. It stood up for the first time in thousands of years.
It’s claws were bounded by chains, long fangs hung on each sides of it’s mouth, two long twisted horns stood upright on it’s over large head which held it’s red eyes and long ears.
In fact if this beast is compared to the beast in the movie’ beauty and the beast ‘ the beast in the movie would be referred to as handsome.
“Finally ” it growled “I can feel the power.. The crystal πŸ’  has been found. ” it said, his voice as horrible as he looked.
“Get ready stupid supernatural creatures I’m back and this time I’m coming back stronger….

Hmm guess who just came back.. And what that crystal holds?
One mind is telling me that the man goddess destroyed did not die.
But it is just a thought ooo…
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BY: K. R. N



I tossed the blanket off me, and got up from my bed.
l’ve been feeling strange,i can’t even sleep, l feel trouble, something was amiss but i simply can’t point my finger at it all I know is that I’m burning up inside.
I strolled to the window at the end of room and pushed the curtain aside. It was past midnight and the weather was still very much cold but why do I feel like a fire has been set inside me, my whole body was heating up.
” What could be going on ” I asked myself.
Just then the screeched open and my father and Arora the white witch walked in.
“Nirvia ” my father called out.
“Yes” I answered surprised to see them by this time of the night.
“You’re awake? ” my father asked.
“Yeah I couldn’t sleep ”
“It’s good you’re awake ” Arora spoke up, with a certain urgency in her voice.
“Is something wrong? “I asked
“Yes Nirvia, the crystal πŸ’  has been found and the beast is awake ” she answered.
“You mean Lucas? ” I asked trying to understand what she just said.
“Yes my dear Lucas is awake ” my father answered.
“What! How? ”
“The fire crystal has been found and apparently the effect of the crystal awakened him but he’s in a state of Limbo ” Arora spoke up.
“And if we don’t find the crystal soon, Lucas might get out of Limbo soon” my father added, I could sense fear in his voice.
“But I thought he was powerless, I mean even if he gets out he can’t do anything right? ” I asked hoping I was correct.
“No Nirvia, he was powerless but goddess Amazona used part of the crystals power to trap him, at that time the power was too much for him and turned him into a beast, but I’m afraid that since the crystal has been found he might be able to control it” Arora explain, her voice was calm but I knew she was scared.
“What can we do to stop him, there should be a way to stop him from controlling the power ”
” Yes dear, there is a way but it might be difficult ” my father answered.
” And what’s that? ” I asked feeling eager to know how we could stop this ravaging beast who rejected death and was kept in a state of Limbo.
” we have to find the crystal and use it to lock him away forever ” Arora answered
” where are we going to find it? ” I asked.
“As I’ve detected it’s not here it’s in the realm of the supernatural ” Arora said.
” How do we get there? ”
” That’s where you come in Nirvia ” my father said. ” you’ll are to use your powers to take us there and before you can do that you’ll have to try and connect with someone or something in that world “.
” okay ” I answered not sure of how I was going to do that.
” How will I do that? ”
” Leave that to me ” Arora said this time she was sounding more relaxed ” I’ll prepare everything we are going to need, just make sure you get some rest it’s going to be a tedious journey ” she said already making her way to the door.
“Okay” I answered
” Get ready Nirvia, it’s time to put your power to test, it’s going to be very hard ” my father added and followed Arora out.
I starred blanky at the closed door trying to digest everything I’ve just been told.
πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΉMalicia πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘Ώ
I was adding the last ingredient to prepare my memory wiping potion when my window opened and Greg my minnion flew in.
” Mistress I have news” he announced excitedly while transforming from a bat into human form. ” what news is that? ” I asked impatiently so he can get out and let me continue my work.
“I was spying on the princess as you instructed me”.
” So? Is that why you’ve come to disturb me”. I drawled. ” Look if you know you have nothing important to say to me then… ”
” The beast is awake ” he cut in before I could complete my statement.
” Lucas? ” I asked, finding it hard to believe that my master is alive.
” Yes mistress, he’s alive but right now he’s in a state of Limbo. he said ” And the crystal has been found.
” The crystal? ”
” Yes mistress, the crystal has been found and that’s the only thing we can use to get him out of that state”
” where is it? ” I asked eager to know where it is so I can free my master.
” Arora said someone in the realm of the supernatural has taken it., ”
“Then we must find the person and get the crystal before anyone gets it”. I said wondering why it to be in the land of the supernatural creatures.
” yes mistress but its going to be hard. ” Greg answered.
“Indeed it’s going to be a hard task, that’s why we have to start as soon as possible, get all the things we need ”
” As you wish mistress ” he said and transformed into a bat and flew out the window.
” Get ready, supernaturals the black witch is about to pay you a visit ” I said to no one and smirked 😏😏………



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