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BY: K. R. N




We have been waiting for Nirvia to return for hours but there was still no sign of her.
“I hope everything is okay ” I said mostly to myself.
” Don’t worry Pheonix she’ll be fine ” Arora assured me.
I never wanted my daughter to be involved with anything concerning the ravaging beast. But it was the only way she could live.
Elena, my wife had problems with giving birth. She had lost three pregnancies before Nirvia was born. When she was pregnant with Nirvia I made a deal with a goddess that my daughter would fight against a beast that would emerge years after she was born. That was the only way she could live.
At that time I was desperate to have a child so I didn’t really think about the consequences of my decision.
Elena died five years after she gave birth to Nirvia, leaving our only child in my care. Arora her best friend also knew about the covenant I made with the goddess.
Nirvia grew up as a warrior, infact she is the best fighter in Nirvana.
This is because I made sure she started training right from when she was three years old.
She had special powers apart from the powers Elena and I passed onto her so it increased her ability to manage the task of a warrior.
Now that the beast is back I can’t help but feel scared. What will happen to my precious child now? Although she’s not in this fight alone, she’ll be fighting alongside the chosen one. A thought jus crossed my mind.
” Arora” I called
” Yes”
” The person Nirvia will connect with is going to be her… ”
“Is going to be her mate”. She cut me off.
I sighed, my daughter will not even get a chance to choose her life partner.
” I wonder how she’s going to take it ” I said in a loud whisper
” Nirvia is a wise young woman, I’m sure she’ll understand ” Arora said.
” Don’t worry yourself too much” she continued ” I’m sure everything will happen the way it’s supposed to happen ”
Just then the portal that Nirvia entered appeared and reopened….

   ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™„Unknown P. O. V๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™„

So Nirvia has a mate? Is that why she has been turning down my proposal?
No, I love her too much to let another man take her away from me. I can’t let that happen.
She must be mine and only mine, even if it means betraying everyone’s trust in me.
I must get her!!!!!

๐Ÿ‘น๐Ÿ‘ฟ Malicia ๐Ÿ‘ฟ๐Ÿ‘น
” That was fun!! ” I exclaimed as I glided out of the portal and arrived at Morena’s Lair, followed by Greg. The moment he flew out of the portal it closed up.
I almost forgot how powerful the kingdom of the supernaturals make me feel. The serene aura of the kingdom increased my powers as there was no obstacle to disturb me.
I looked around but Morena was nowhere in sight. I was hoping she would be here to welcome me when I arrived.
I really missed her but I be foolish enough to admit it. We have always been cold towards each other, well.. It was for the best anyways.
” Look’s like your sister’s gone off to who knows where” Greg’s voice interrupted my reverie.
” Yeah ” I replied. ” We better get to work now, it’s not like we came here for a vacation ” I added.
I strolled through the Lair observing the whole place. I trust that Morena would keep everything in order, though somethings looked old and unused but everything was in it’s right position.
I raised my up and my bag appeared floating in the air and started unpacking on it’s own.
” Mistress ” Greg called ” Do you think the princess and her father have arrived yet? ” he asked.
” No, Nirvia has to connect with someone in this world before they can get here and that would take up to a day or two ” I replied.
” That means we’ all get the crystal first ” he squeaked happily.
” If luck is on our side, then yes we will get the crystal first, now let’s get to work “……..


Tor…… Malicious Malicia don land oooo.
Kai Nirvia you too slow… Mtcheeeeew….

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BY: K. R. N



I kissed him, why?
I don’t know. When I closed my eyes to connect with the pendant, I reopened them to find myself in another place with a handsome looking young man, I think he should be around my age and he was wearing the same type of chain I was wearing.
I understood that he was the one I would connect with but what baffled me was the fact that I kissed him. It was like I was told to do so. I just kissed him as if I was told to. Everything just happened so fast I didn’t have time to comprehend.
When I opened my eyes again I found myself back in the first place I landed.
But there was a straight clear path that started from the portal that was in the center of the place but I couldn’t see where the path led to.
I stalked to where the portal was and entered it. Almost in an instant it reopened and I was back to Arora’s lair.
” Nirvia ” my father exclaimed and pulled me into his hands.
I hugged him back. I was physically back in the human world but I felt like a part of me was missing, like my soul just left my body.
” The connection has been made” I heard Arora’s voice. ” Now we can begin our journey but this time it’s going to be fast…. Well-done Nirvia ” she said.
I wanted to tell her about what happened. I need answers because everything felt real.
” Arora” I called ” something happened back there… I… I don’t understand ”
” Nirvia, everything that happened there was real” she answered.
” And that was how it was supposed to happen” my father added.
I still did not understand, I wanted to ask more questions but I couldn’t.
” Listen Nirvia, we don’t have time to explain things to you, but when we get there you’ll understand everything. ” he said.
” We should get going now” said looking at me.
” I created a portal that would take us straight into the kingdom since I now access had to the barrier ”
Just as Arora wanted to enter the portal a voice stopped.
” Wait, I’m coming with you”
” Me too” another voice added.
We turned to see Bryan and Evan at the doorway.
” You guys are not planning leave without us are you? ” Bryan asked playfully.
I almost forgot that these two people exist. They were my two best friends. After my father and Arora, they were they the only people in my life.
Bryan is Arora’ s son and only child while Evan…. Well his parents are dead he was to like with us in the palace when he was seven years old, then I was four and Bryan was five.
“We’re coming with you ” Evan said walking to where the portal was, he looked serious. Not that he ever joked anyways. Unlike Bryan who was always taking everything as a joke, Evan always takes things seriously he hardly ever laughed or smile it despite his grumpy attitude he was like the big brother I never had always looking out for me.
” Okay you can come with us, there’s no time for arguments “. Arora said
” Let’s go” my father added and we all entered the portal…


I arrived at my lair to find Malicia rampaging through my things, she stopped when she noticed my presence.
” Welcome my queen ” she drawled sarcastically.
” I think I should be the one saying that ” I replied in the same manner.
I missed her so much, seeing her here now, I felt like hugging her but I have too much pride and ego to do that.
” Since you we’re not here to welcome I thought I should show the courtesy of welcoming you, you know I don’t like paying evil with evil. ” she said
Humphh Malicia and her stupid talks.
” Listen Malicia I’m not in the mood for your stupid word games, let’s just get to the main reason you’re here’.
” ohh Morena, is that how to treat your poor younger sister you abandoned for so many years ” she said placing her hands on her chest and feigning a sad face.
” Oh really, I’m so sorry ” I replied ironically and we both bursted into a long hysteric laughter.
After I finally caught my breath I immediately resumed my serious face and said
” Welcome to my beautiful world, black witch ”
” Your beautiful world indeed” she answered.
” What have you been up to? ” I asked trying to man my voice as cold and emotionless as possible.
” I’ve been trying to locate the crystal ”
” Any result so far? ”
” yes, a positive one in fact”
” Hmm, where is it? ” I asked eager to get it and free my love.
“It’s here ” she said pointing her wand to the mirror that hung on the wall and a house appeared. A house that I never expected. Actually the house was a ship. The ship that Leah’s son and his family lived.
“That’s Ralph’s house “I exclaimed
“When I tried looking for the crystal this house appeared, but the crystals power has died down because it’s not shining ” Malicia said
” How can the crystal be there? ”
” Are you asking me that? ” she snapped ” this is your kingdom right? ‘”
” l know but.. ” “Hah ” I gasped, my eyes wide with shock as I realized who the crystal must be with.
” Drex” I said aloud.
” Who’s Drex? ” she asked.
” He’s Ralph’s son he’s a fire bender ”
“Hmm” she hummed ” that explain why he was able to find the crystal, fire accepts only fire” she mumbled mostly to herself.
“How can we get it now? ” I asked
” Wait.. Wait.. Wait Morena” she said sounding pissed ” Why are acting like a newbie, what other way do you think we can get it apart from killing ourselves “. ” We can’t get the crystal because the holder has the power of fire”. She said, her voice growing louder with every word.
” Okay.. I get it don’t shout at me ” I snapped
” I had to shout to get your brain back into your head ” she retorted sharply.
I wanted to reply her with something harsh but I was stopped as the window flung open and a bat flew in.
When it got to where she was standing it transformed into a human. Oh its Greg her minion, I thought he was dead.
” My Queen ” he greeted curtly slightly bowing his head and faced Malicia.
” Anything new? ” she asked.
” I looked around the house but I didn’t find anything, apparently the last time the crystals power was felt was a day ago but there’s no sign of it” Greg explained.
” Where could they have hidden it? ” Malicia asked looking at me.
” I have no idea ” I answered ” But if Ralph knows his son has the crystal then I’m sure he has hidden somewhere far”
” Then we’ll have to get closer and spy on them” she said
” How? ” I asked
She didn’t say anything she just whispered some words and immediately she transformed into a dirty looking old lady.
” I’m sure they’re nice enough to accommodate a stranded old lady ” she said in a frail voice and laughed evily.
I smirked as she transformed back to her real self. Mouthing a ‘see ya ‘ she disappeared followed by Greg.
Meanwhile, I’ll talk to my son so that he can prepare the warriors because a bomb ๐Ÿ’ฃ is about to explode๐Ÿ’ฅ….


” Aaaahh” she groaned as she found her orgasm.
I pounded harder reaching for my own relief and with a loud grunt I climaxed and collapsed on top of her. After a few moments she pushed me off her, and went into the washroom.
“I’ll be back for round two” she said seductively as the washroom door closed.
Hmmph women, the only place they’re useful is in bed. I smiled triumphantly, I’ve finally knelt in between the legs of the most beautiful vampire in the kingdom.
” Not bad Rodney ” I praised myself.
Just the my bracelet beeped and started flickering. Oh gosh, what does my father want now. I quickly got off the bed and pulled my clothes on.
Morella walked out of the bathroom naked and looking ready for the next round she promised but I no time for that now and after all, a one night stand was all I wanted.
” Where are you going? ” she asked
I didn’t reply I just walked to her and planted a hot wet kiss on her lips.
” Duty calls baby” I whispered seductively and winked.
” I’ll see you ” I said and walked out of the room not waiting for a reply.
With my Vampire speed I ran back to the palace and went straight to the throne room.
I was surprised to see six more pair of eyes turn to my direction as I walked into the throne room, I ignored the visitors and went to my father.
” Good evening father ” I greeted, he didn’t reply instead he said
” Rodney, it is time ”
” time for what? ” I asked
” I received a message that the fire crystal has been found, the chosen one and his mate will need our help soon” he explained
” These are the holders of the rest of the crystals” he said gesturing to the six people standing like soldiers. Three of them we’re females and the rest three were males. They looked serious although the females looked really hot in their warrior uniforms.
” You guys have to be ready when he summons you” my father continued, interrupting my erotic thoughts.
” You shall leave now for the cave of Ziana” he said
” Alright father ” I replied turning to face the angry looking warhorses standing behind me…..

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Tankiu ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜


BY: K. R. N


” what’s wrong with him? ” I heard an unfamiliar voice say
” I think he’s still sleeping ” this time it was my father’s voice
” wake him up ” another voice said.
Few seconds later, I felt someone shake me and tugged lightly at my foot.
” wake up” an angelic voice said.
I peeled my eyes open and almost fainted.
” Aaahhh” I screamed and fell off my bed.
It was her, the angel I saw in my dream.
” Are you alright? ” her sweet voice asked.
I slowly got up and looked at her, she looked more beautiful now although she wasn’t wearing the dress she wore in my dream, she was now dressed like a warrior and she was carrying a bow and arrows.
“Kpmh kpmh ” someone cleared his throat. I looked up and realized that she was not the only one in the room. They were five.
A man about my father’s age, a woman in white , and two muscular young men about my age though one of them looked a bit older.
” I’m Pheonix ” the man around my father’s age introduced himself, stretching out his hands for a handshake. I nervously shook his hand wondering why they were here.
” The king of Nirvana the greatest kingdom in the human world ” he added.
” You’re from the human world? ” I asked.
” Yes” one of the young men answered. ” I’m Evan ” he introduced and also stretched his hands to shake me.
” I’m Bryan ” the other man said but he didn’t offer his hand to shake.
” I’m Arora the white witch ” the woman wearing a white gown said, not moving an inch from where she sat cross legged on a stool.
” And I’m.. ” the sweet beautiful voice of the angel said when my father who I didn’t even remember was in the room interrupted.
” She’s Nirvia ” he completed.
Nirvia hunh, a beautiful name for a beautiful angel.
A small smile started to form on my lips but it was wiped off when my father added
” Your mate”
” My mate? ”
” His mate? ”
” Her mate? ” me, Nirvia and the Bryan guy chorused at the same time.
The only people who didn’t react were The king.. Whatever his name was, the witch lady and Evan who just kept staring at me.
” Yes your mate” the king answered.
” How? ” Nirvia asked.
” You’re connected ” the white witch lady answered.
” How are we connected? ” I asked.
” Nirvia connected with you before we came here don’t you remember? ” she answered.
” I only saw her in my dream, that’s all, I don’t even.. ”
“It wasn’t a dream ” my father cut me off. ” it happened and that’s why you’re connected. ”
” Please tell me this is all a joke ” I said.
” Father, why didn’t you tell me? ” Nirvia asked turning to face her father.
“I’m sorry dear, I didn’t know how you’d react. ” he answered .Hi oscar on +2348132129841 to be added for more interesting stories.
“Father you should have told me… When I accepted to embark on this mission I was ready to take any baggage that came with it. ” she said.
“I’m sorry sweetheart ” he replied and hugged her.
Huh ๐Ÿ˜•, what the hell is going on? These people just popped out of nowhere and started blabbing bullsht and to think that my father is with them infuriated me.
” Hey.. Hey.. Hey hold on” I bellowed, anger with a burning flame was already building up inside me.
” You can’t just come to my house, wake me up, start spitting sh
t and you expect me to accept it. ”
” How can you just bring a person here and say she’s my mate”
” it’s part of your mission ” my father answered.
“And what kind of a stupid unreasonable mission is that ” I spat out.
I could feel heat emanating from my body.
“Calm down and listen Drex”
” Don’t tell me calm down ” I shouted and punched the wall.
Now I’m feeling really angry, I’m trying all my damn best not to burn down this ship.
” Will you just calm down and listen ” I heard Mandy’s voice as she appeared in front of me.
My anger reduced when I saw her but I still felt like hitting something.
” Drex calm down ” Mandy said hugging me.
I hugged her back and felt my fury die down until I was calm.
After a while I let go of her and glared at the other inhabitants of the room.
” Now can anyone explain this so called mission to me? ” I asked calmly.
” I’ll tell you ” Pheonix said. He sighed before he continued.
” It all started the night you both we’re born.. ”

FLASHBACK ๐Ÿ•‘๐Ÿ•‘๐Ÿ•‘๐Ÿ•‘๐Ÿ•‘…



BY: K. R. N


It all started the night you both we’re born”.
“Elena my wife was in labour for two days and she was in serious pain.. So I decided to go in search for something that would relieve her pain..
๐Ÿ’™ Pheonix ๐Ÿ’™

” where is it? ” I asked no one as I searched frantically for the flower that would relieve my wife’s pain.
Elena might die soon if I don’t get the moon glow flower.
The moon glow flower is a mythical flower that is believed to have special powers that can heal any ailment.
It can be seen only at night and since today is a full moon night, i have a better chance of finding it.
Arora the white witch gave me a clue on where to find it and I immediately teleported myself here, but I’ve been searching for hours now.
Suddenly a wave of light flashed, followed by another then another, it happened eight time before it stopped.
I became conscious of the surrounding, I felt like something had changed and I was proved right because the moon had turned red.
I looked around and noticed that everywhere had changed, I wasn’t in the same place I was before , it was still a forest but it was different.
I heard sounds coming from behind me then I heard a voice.
“Where is it? ” the voice said.
It was a male voice, I couldn’t see him but I could smell him. He smelt different, this person is definitely not a human.
“Who’s there? ” I asked
The sounds seized. Then he came of from the bushes, the moment I saw him I knew I was nowhere close to my kingdom.
” Who are you? ” he asked hoarsely
” I’m Pheonix ”
” Are you a human? Because you smell different ”
“Yes ” I replied
” How did you get here? ”
” I don’t know, moments ago I was in my kingdom and the moon was not red.
” That’s not the question I asked you, how did you get here? ” he said, his voice was louder now and his hand had already transformed into claws.
” I brought him here ” a sweet melodious voice answered.
We both turned to the direction the voice came from to see a beautiful woman bathed in light.
One look at her I knew she was a goddess.
“Who are you? ” the other man asked
” I am Ziana the goddess and keeper of the crystals of harmony. ” she answered
” why did you bring me here? ” I asked.
” I brought you here because you have a problem and he also has a problem ” she said.
” Ralph” she called turning to face the other man.
Oh his name is Ralph.
” Your wife will give birth to a boy but he will die before he even comes to life” she said and turned to me.
” Pheonix, your wife shall give birth to a girl but she would also die before she comes to life”
” What? ” I exclaimed
” Why? ” Ralph added. ” That’s how it was written ” she answered .
“But because you both are loyal and kind hearted, the gods have decided to have mercy and change what is supposed to happen.
” Does that mean my child is going to live? ” I asked
“Yes” she answered ” But only on one condition ”
“What’s it? ” we both asked at the same time.
” A beast will rise in many years to come, but you would have to fight against it. ” she said.
“The only way both your children will survive is if you promise to prepare them to fight against the beast”
” Can you do that? ” she asked
” I can ” I answered
” Yes I will ” Ralph chipped in.
” Good” she said
” Both your children’s birth will bring pain to your family because of the gift that will be given to them by the gods, but you mustn’t give up on them. You will teach them how to fight and train the into warriors, and you will also teach them the Zia dance. ”
” Zia dance? “. I asked.
” Yes, as it will be both your children will be holders of two different crystals, when the beast emerges, your children together with seven other creatures who will be holders of the rest of the crystals will come together . All of them will have to put the crystals together but before they can do that they would have to perform the Zia dance”
” Each person has different dance steps just like each crystal has its own power ”
” How do we teach them when we don’t even know the dance? ” Ralph asked.
“Don’t worry about that, just agree to the conditions” she answered.
” We agree ” I said
” That’s not all, your children are going to be born on the same night, the same time and from the same life, that makes them connected. ”
” what does that mean? ” I asked
” it means they’re mates and when the time comes your daughter can only have access to this world if she connect’s with him” ” And if she tries to mate with someone else she would face extreme consequences. ”
” Since you have both agreed, then my work here is done” she concluded
” Bye”
Before I could ask any other question a bright light shone and I found myself back in front of my palace and strangely dance steps were juggling in my head. I suddenly knew the the Zia dance.
When I walked into the palace , people were rejoicing… Elena had given birth…


“That’s what happened Drex” my father said.
” Now do you understand? ” Pheonix asked.
I was speechless, I didn’t know what to say. All my life, I had hated myself but now I know the reason for my look and powers and something in me snapped, I suddenly felt alive, I felt the urge to fight, I found myself accepting the mission but the only part I found myself not accepting is the mate part.. Nirvia was beautiful and angelic but I still couldn’t accept her, but I brushed the thought out of my mind and decided to focus on the present.
” What do we do now? ” I asked
” You and Nirvia will go to Eliza, she’ll tell you the next step to take. ” my father answered.
” You should go now we’ll come later” he added.
” Okay father ” I answered
I created a portal and we both entered…….

๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿค”Unknown p o v ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ™„
So they are soulmates, I can’t accept it.. I will never accept it.. I have to do something to break them apart.. I will have to act fast.


Hmm so that’s what happened.
I arrived just in time to hear Pheonix story… Well I’ll see how they’re going to succeed when I enter thief midst and make them destroy themselves …..

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BY: K. R. N



“So how did you guys end up being the holders of your crystal? ” I asked to break the awkward silence.
Since the journey no one has uttered a single word, it was as if they were on a word fast. The longest they had spoken to me was when they had introduced themselves to me and that was because I even asked.
” Wait, don’t you guys have names? ” I asked when we were about to start the journey, I wanted to run to the cave but my father said we were not allowed to use our powers unless we were in danger or when there’s no other way. When he said that they just started walking away like they were programmed to do so.
I had to ask for their names because I can’t be with six different strangers without knowing at least their names.
“I’m Elvis ”
” I’m Kane ”
I’m Kade” the three guys said
” I’m Jane ”
” I’m Ciara”
” I’m Diana ” the ladies introduced simultaneously and ever since nobody spoke only when Elvis who suggested we should rest a bit.
Now we were sitting down in a circle with a fire Kane built in the middle. I’m not a person who keeps quite and the silence was killing me.
” I fought for it” Kade spoke up after a while.
“You fought for it? ” Ciara asked
” Yes, I earned it by fighting, performing different tasks and I even had to embark on a spiritual exercise to test how strong I am spiritually. ” he explained.
” I had to the cross seven sacred seas ” Jane said.
” What? ” I asked. ” just for the crystal ”
” I had to build a castle in the spirit world ” Elvis said.
” How? ” I asked. It baffled me that a crystal I was given free of charge was earned by others.
” I went to the spirit world and built it, you can’t imagine how hard it was” he said.
” Well I just had to watch over some baby fairies ” Ciara said in her tiny adorable voice, she should be the youngest amongst us.
” That’s easy” Jane said.
” Yeah, it was very easy” Ciara answered.
“What about you Kane? ” Jane asked
” I went through rigorous physical and spiritual exercise ” he answered.
” And you Diana? ” I asked.
She stared at me for a while before she answered.
” I gave away my heart” she said , her voice was so cold I could almost feel it.
” How can you your heart away? ” Kane asked
“I thought we can’t live without a heart” Ciara added
” I became emotion less ” she answered.
” So you can’t feel anything? ” Jane asked
” I feel physical pain or pleasure, but nothing that concerns emotions, I don’t cry or laugh but I smile when necessary ”
“What kind of a task is that? ” Elvis asked
” And why would they give you? ” Kade chipped in.
“I chose it” she answered
” Why? ” I asked
How can a beautiful, strong young lady choose not to feel emotions. She stared at for a while again before she answered.
” There was nothing to feel for” she said getting up.
I made to ask what she meant by that but she cut me off.
” Let’s continue our journey, the faster we go the better ” she said and made for the path that would lead us to our destination.
I felt intrigued by what she said, I just don’t understand why a person would want to be like that, my curious side was activated already so no matter how hard this lady is I must know what’s under that beautiful face of hers……

The portal reopened in front of Eliza’s house and we both entered.
” Grandma Eliza” I called
But there was no answer, so I decided to go into the inner room . I was shocked to see her lying on the bed with blood stained sheets.
” Grandma Eliza!! ” I yelled and ran to her side. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at me.
“Drex” she called weakly “You’re here”
” What happened to you? ” I asked. She didn’t answer, she just looked behind me
“Is this your mate? ” she asked, I cringed slightly at the mention of that word.
“How you doing grandma? “Nirvia said stepping forward. I was surprised she called her grandma.
” I’m doing fine my child” she replied weakly.
” How did this happen? ” I asked
” Queen Morena punished me ”
” Why? ”
“It’s a long story”
“Where is Grandpa? ”
” He’s gone to get some herbs ”
” I can heal you ” Nirvia spoke up
” You can? ” I asked
“Yes” she replied and immediately she started whispering some words.
A flower appeared in her hands, she knelt down beside Grandma Eliza.
” Open your mouth”
She squeezed the flower and a gold color liquid oozed from it into Eliza’s mouth.
Right before our eyes all the, bruises and wounds disappeared from her body, she looked brand new.
” Thank you my child ” she said to Nirvia as she sat up.
” You’re always welcome ”
” Now to the main reason you’re here ” Eliza said, now she was seated.
” You know why we’re here? ” I asked
” Of course Drex, there’s only one reason you would come here with your mate, I believe you’ve found the crystal and you’ve also received your grandma’s message, I’m I right ”
“Yes ” I answered.
” Now the reason you’re here is to know the next step to take right? ”
” Good, you both are to go to the cave of Ziana. When you get there you will call upon the holders of the rest of the crystals and combine them together. ”
” But before you can combine them, you must perform the Zia dance, I believe you both know your steps ”
” Yes” we both replied together.
” Good, you should start the journey as soon as possible, because it’s a very long journey and theres no time”
” And, I hope you both know that you’re supposed to combine your powers before you can start the journey”
” No” Nirvia answered
” How do we do that? ” I added
” You need to combine your powers by mating ” she answered.
” What!! We can’t do that ” I half yelled.
” That’s what you’re supposed to do ”
” isn’t there any other way we can combine our power.? ” Nirvia asked
” There is another way ” Eliza answered and I sighed, I can’t imagine myself mating with Nirvia yet.
” But it might be a little painful ”
” What is it? ”
” You’ll have to mark her ”
” How? ”
“You’ll mark her by using your claws to cut her and take at least a drop of her blood ”
” Is that all? ” Nirvia asked
” Yes”
” Then I’m sure we can do that ” I said.
” Alright you may go now, remember that you have a long journey to embark on ” she answered.
“Okay Grandma ”
“Bye ”
” Bye my children ”
I created a portal and we entered….


I smiled, as I accomplished the mission I came for, it didn’t exactly go as planned but it definitely is the best plan and tonight I’ll get the crystal and free Lucas ..
“Ha ha ha ha”โ€ฆ………….



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