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BY: K. R. N



“What are we going to do now? ” I asked weakly
“First You have to rest ” Presley answered
“Lucas has access to the crystal but not your power, once you regain your strength, I’m sure together you’ll be able face him ”
“But there’s no time for rest, Lucas is out there ” I protested trying to get up.
“He’s right ” Rodney said
“But you’re weak now ” Presley answered.
“Um… I’m sorry can you guys excuse us for a moment ” Nirvia spoke up.
“Why? ” Rodney ask
“Let’s give them a minute ” Presley said and they all stalked out leaving only the both of us.
The moment they were out of sight Nirvia pulled me close to herself.
“Nirvia, what are you doing? ” I asked trying to move away but she held me firmly.
“Will you just shut up and stop behaving like a woman ” she said and kissed me.
For a moment I was shocked and confused, I simply didn’t understand why she was doing this here and at such a time, but when the pendant I was wearing started glowing I understood what was happening.
It was like the first time we connected, the light from her pendant and mine became so bright that it engulfed us. I quickly grabbed her hands so that what happened the first time will not repeat itself, she is not going anywhere.
When the lights died down she pulled away and my strength was back, in fact I felt stronger than before.
“What did you do? ” I asked
“Are you that foolish not to understand that I just gave you strength ” she answered
“Yes I feel strong but how? ”
“You marked me remember, our powers are combined ”
“Oh yes I forgot about that ”
“Now if you’re done asking your questions can we go and meet the others now? ”
“Let’s go” I answered
When we walked out of the room the walls snapped shut behind us, and Presley and the rest were in the first room.
“You’re strong again? ” Ciara asked in her tiny voice.
“Yes ” I answered
“What did you guys do in there ” Rodney asked smirking
“It’s none of your business ” Nirvia answered sweetly.
“I’m glad someone finally told him ” Diana said eyeing him.
“Since you’re strong again, why don’t we proceed ” Presley said
“Oh.. Okay what’s the next step? ” I asked
“War” she answered
“War? ”
“Yes war, Lucas is stronger now so I’m sure he’ll be on his way here to get more power, we have to be prepared before he gets here ”
“And he might be able to control you so we must act fast ”
“How are we going to defeat him alone? “. Kane asked
“We’re not alone, help is on its way here ”
“Since Lucas now has access to the crystals power, how are we going to bring him down? ” Nirvia asked
“Good question, you will use that same power to destroy him just like the goddess did thousands of years ago but this time we have to finish him off completely ”
“All of you together as one ”
“I hope we’ll be able to do it ” I said
“That’s why we have to move fast, we have to be ready when he gets here, let’s go outside “. She answered and started ascending the stairs.
We all followed her outside and to our surprise the clouds had turned dark like it’s going to rain but I very well knew that it wasn’t anything close to rain.
“He’s coming ” Presley said.


I knew it, Bryan is the culprit. All along I suspected he was the one who did it but I decided to keep it to myself.
“How are we going to get out of here” Oscar asked.
” l don’t know ” I answered and the cage was shrinking.
There’s no one here, we were in the middle of a forest surrounded by trees and its almost impossible for anyone to find us.
“Help, is anybody there, help” Oscar shouted.
“How do you think anyone is going to hear us? ” I asked him
“Who knows someone might live here ” he answered
“Oscar you’re… ” I started to say but I was cut off by a sound and the tree in front of us rotated.
” Did you see what just happened? ” Oscar asked. Before I could answer a face appeared on the tree.
“Why are people always interrupting my nap” it said
And Oscar gripped me. “Mandy I’m I the only one seeing this? ” he whispered fearfully.
“No” I whispered back pushing him away but he refused to let go of me.
“What are you guys doing here? ” the tree asked . I was too shocked to even utter a word.
“Are you guys deaf? ” he asked when no one replied
“Um…. We.. We.. Were on. .. Our.. W.. Way.. To… The.. Cave… Of.. Ziana ” I stammered
“If you’re were on your way to the cave then what are you doing inside a cage? ” he asked
“Um someone trapped us here” I answered still trying to push Oscar who was clinging unto me.
“Who would.. ” the tree started saying but he was cut off when the cloud suddenly turned dark.
“Oh no” he mumbled
“What’s happening? ”
“He’s coming ”
“Who? ”
“The beast ” he answered
“You may all arise now, its time to fight for our land” he said and I was wondering what he meant by that or who he was talking to because there was no one else here. I made to ask him what he meant but I got my answer when all the other trees started rotating and faces appearing on them. Oscar gripped me tighter I was afraid he would enter me at any moment.
“Oscar let go of me” I whispered pushing him away but he didn’t budge.
“Trees have faces ” he whispered fearfully.
The first tree we talked to looked back at me and next thing I know the cage opened and we found ourselves in front of the tree.
I know magic, I even do magic but this one is too fast.
“I’m Olly ” he said bringing down a branch in front of us.
“Climb, I thought you said you’re going to the cave of Ziana.
I just nodded and slowly climbed the branch with Oscar who refused let go of me.
“Get ready for war, the beast is on his way here” he said.
And to my greatest surprise he got up from he’s position and started moving so did the other trees……


“I can help with that ” Loretta answered
“How? ” Pheonix asked
“Here” she said stretching out her hands through the square holes of the cage, a red pebble appeared and I collected it.
“Swallow it you’ll regain your strength, Leah my mother in-law gave it to me some time ago, I guess this is the perfect time to use it” she explained.
I swallowed it and almost immediately I felt stronger than before, strong enough to destroy a whole army if I wish.
I quickly brought out my wand and un did the spell. All the cages opened at once.
“That was fast ” Ralph said stepping out of the cage.
“Thanks to your wife” I replied.
“What’s next” Arman asked coming out of the cage.
“We leave for the cave of Ziana, I’m sure Lucas will be on his way there by now” Pheonix answered.
I created a portal .
“Let’s go” I said and they all entered one after the other with me entering last……



BY: K. R. N



“I guess we don’t have to wait for night to come before we leave now” King Verna said looking at the sky.
The sky had suddenly turned dark and I didn’t need to be told that Lucas is at work.
“Warriors get ready ” King Bernard shouted to the troop of soldiers standing.
We were now at the Vampire Kingdom with all the warriors from the vampire kingdom, mermaid kingdom, dragons, werewolves and fairies.
I doubt Lucas is going to stand a chance against us but I still don’t know what he’s capable of doing.
“Evan, we’re waiting for you ” King Herman said to me.
“Oh ok, I’ll just do what I have to do ” I answered.
I hated this, I hate using the black magic in me, it reminds me of my real identity but if I have to use it to defeat the evil beast then so be it.
I raised my hands up and thick dark clouds started oozing out of me, few seconds later half of the place was filled with it. I controlled it to where the warriors were and it started engulfing them. Any creature it touched will fade into dark smoke. Soon it reached all the warriors and they had all faded.
I turned to the rest and they looked surprised .
“How did you do that? ” Lisa asked
“Who can create a portal that would lead straight to the cave? ” I asked instead.
“I can do that “. Queen Kira answered. Immediately a portal appeared in front of me. I controlled the clouds and it entered the portal.
“That’s done, now let’s go” I said.
One after the we entered and the portal closed up.

๐Ÿ–Š๐Ÿ–‹Writer’s p.o. v๐Ÿ–‹๐Ÿ–Š

The cloud was dark, it was day time but it seemed like night, there’s no need to explain to anyone that a great war was about to start.
The beast (Lucas) was leading a troop of dark phased warriors, they weren’t in their right senses as the beast has possesed their souls and only him had the power to control them.
This warriors cannot be killed unless their master is brought down, and the chances of that happening as the beast has gained access to the crystals power and he was ready to use it to it’s limit.
The warriors destroyed little vulnerable creatures creatures that got in their way as they marched to the cave of Ziana.
Lucas, on the other hand was floating in the the air above the army with Malicia and Morena by his side.
He raised his hands and thunder screeched with flashes of lightening.
“Stop” he ordered the warriors as they got to the cave. No one was in sight and that wasn’t what he expected, he was expecting the chosen one and his partners to be waiting for him.
“Where are they” he growled
“Maybe they fled, since they knew they don’t stand a chance against you” Morena answered.
” That’s not possible, they can’t leave without a fight ” Lucas said landing on the ground.
Just then Presley the guardian of the cave came out.
“What are you doing here? ” she asked
“Is that a question ” Malicia replied
“Anything you call it ” Presley answered
“Whoever you are, all I want you to do is surrender and give me the crystals ” Lucas growled.
“And if I dont do that what are you going to do to me? ” she asked
“This ” Lucas answered. He pick a rock from the ground and crushed it.
“I will destroy you like this rock”
Presley, who came out looking confident now looked scared and confused. Seeing this reaction Lucas smiled and moved forward.
“Now tell me where are the rest? ” he bellowed
“They left ”
“What do you mean they left, how can they just leave?! ” he barked
“I don’t know, they just left, all of a sudden ” she answered fearfully. He observed her for a moment to know if she was speaking the truth.
“I’m going inside the cave and if I disvover you’re lying, then you may kiss your life goodbye ” he said walking into the cave. He stopped when he reached the entrance of the cave and turned.
“Start attacking ” he told the witch sisters and entered.
Presley smiled secretly to herself. “Kiss your life goodbye ” she thought.
Malicia and Morena turned to the warriors.
“Burn down this whole kingdom ” Malicia ordered.
Their plan is to burn the kingdom down to ashes and rebuild a new one of their own, a new one that would look their style.
That very moment a thick cloud appeared, in was dark and it surrounded the whole place.
“What’s happening ” Morena asked.
“We happened ” A voice answered and from behind the clouds Evan appeared with unexpected guests….



BY: K. R. N


๐Ÿ–Š๐Ÿ–‹Writer’s p. o. v๐Ÿ–‹๐Ÿ–Š

“We happened ” a voice answered and from behind the clouds Evan appeared with unexpected guests.
The look on the two witches faces told it all. The were shocked to the core to see the kings and queen and hundreds of warriors.
“Wh.. What are you doing here? ” Morena stammered.
“What kind of a question is that ” another voice said making everybody’s eye dart to the direction where the voice came from to see Arora and the rest.
“We’re obviously here to finish you ” Ralph added.
“And you think you’ll be able to do that? “. Malicia retorted levitating herself to float in the air.
“Attack!! ” she shouted and immediately the dark warriors started attacking, but other warriors retaliated.
” This is not going to be like thousands of years ago Malicia, this time we are going to fight ” Ralph shouted running into the battle field with everyone except Arora and Evan.
“Not so fast mother” Evan said also raising himself to float in the air.
“I think we have unfinished business ” Arora added facing Morena.
“Unfinished business indeed ” Malicia drawled bringing out her wand……

The cave was dark when Lucas entered but he could clearly see, he was darkness anyway and funny enough he didn’t and couldn’t sense anyone.
Where are they? He thought as his eyes roamed the entire area. He noticed a staircase and he started descending it. Reaching the last step he was met with a wall, but he knew something is behind it, he was already feeling the power. So he raised his ferocious hands and brought down the wall with just one blow.
” Fools” he muttered. “do they think they can bring me down ”
He stepped into the room and behold the nine crystals, no the crystals of harmony rather, because they were now joined together as one.
Lucas gaped at the sight before him and slowly a sly smile crept to his ugly lips.
“This is definitely easier than I thought ” he said to himself walking to the middle of the room where the crystals stood.
“Maybe they fled out of fear ” he thought believing what the woman he met outside the cave said.
He reached to touch the crystals but the sharp sting he felt made him retreat, almost at that instant Drex, Nirvia and their seven accomplices appeared in the room and the exit walls snapped shut.
“No no no Lucas or should I say devil, it’s not as easy as you think ” Drex said….

“They’re not dying!! ” Meg shouted after several attempts to kill the dark warriors who kept on reincarnating every time they were killed.
“I think they’re connected to Lucas ” King Herman answered
“The only way to kill them is to kill Lucas ” Queen Kira added.
Suddenly a long vine appeared out of nowhere and trapped five warriors together and Eliza appeared afterwards.
“Eliza ” Ralph exclaimed trying to dogde a blow.
“They can’t be killed but they sure can be trapped. ” she said stretching her hands forward and long strong vines emerged from her hands tying a bunch of dark warriors together.
The ground suddenly started shaking like an earthquake was about to occur.
“What’s happening? ” Lisa asked.
“Look” Pedro answered.
From afar a whole forest of trees were marching upwards with two people at the fronts who everyone recognized to be Mandy and Oscar.
“Sweet ” Amaya said out loud.
“Now this is a battle ” Pheonix said charging towards the dark warriors.

Lucas was shocked, but not scared. He still had it at the back of his mind that these people were lurking around but he just wished he got his hands on the crystals before they decided to show up.
“Sorry, that wish cannot be granted ” Rodney said, reading Lucas thoughts.
“Who said that? ” Lucas answered “it’s just a matter of time, once I’m done with you I’ll see who will stop me”
“And how are you planning to be done with us? ” Kane asked stepping forward.
“That’s for me to know and for you to find out. ” Lucas replied splitting himself to nine places.
“Were you guys planning to fight me at once? ” the real Lucas asked smirking at their shocked expression.
“How can the nine of you face me at once, that’s cheating, but since I’m now nine each of you can take one Lucas.
“Now let’s see how I’m going to be done with you “. He concluded running to attack…


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BY: K. R. N


๐Ÿ–Š๐Ÿ–‹Writer’s p. o. v ๐Ÿ–Š๐Ÿ–‹

“You thought you could fool everyone didn’t you? ” Evan said to Malicia dodging a ball of dark clouds from her and sending the same t her. Meanwhile Arora was busy with Morena and the whole place was seriously moving. Just a glance at the chaotic sight you would know that this is a battle that only the fittest will survive.
“I didn’t think, I fooled everyone ” she replied equally dodging the ball he sent.
An outsider would think this was just a fight between two warriors one on the good side and the other one on the bad side, but they knew better, this was a fight between a mother and her neglected son. A son who hated himself for being born into darkness, he wished seriously that he could cut himself off but at some point he accepted it and the day he got the chance to escape her torturous clutches he willingly obliged.
“Well Malicia or should I say mother you’re going down ” he shouted , and taking Malicia unaware he used another spell to bring her down.
Just like a flash Malicia found herself back on the ground unable to move.
“How did you? ” Malicia chocked out and coughed out blood.
“How did I do that? ” Evan asked squatting beside her.
“Malicia, you are not as smart as you think you know ” he said with venom in his voice.
“No matter what I am still your son and I still have powers like you ” he added making a knife appear in his hands and made to use it on her but she stopped him.
“Wait, Evan if you kill me now how will you know who your father is” she said still coughing blood.
That statement halted Evan, all his life he wished to know his father but his wicked mother never told him, and deep down he hoped that his father would be different , maybe nicer than his mother but he never got the chance as Malicia always changed the topic whenever he brought it up.
“Who is he? ” he asked bringing the knife down to her neck.
“You want to know him? ”
“Yes of course ” he spatted out
“He’s someone you know, in fact you’re fighting against him ” she drawled with a smirk on her face.
“Just tell me who he is and stop playing games with me woman!! ” he yelled digging the knife deeper into her skin.
“He’s….. ” Malicia started to say but was interrupted by a bang and the next moment Evan was lying on the ground and Bryan appeared in front of him.
“Good job my boy”. Malicia breathed out trying to regain her strength.

“Now we’ll see how I’ll be done with you ” Lucas running to attack followed by the his clones.
The real Lucas ran straight attack Drex but he was fast enough to dodge bringing out his sword.
“You want us to do this hand to hand” Lucas said also making a sword appear in his hands.

Diana and Rodney stood back to back facing Lucas’s clone.
“Don’t worry Diana I’ll protect you ” Rodney said playfully.
“And who said I can’t protect myself ” she retorted defending herself from fake Lucas blow.
Ever since the kiss incident the both of them have not said a word to each other, they pretended as if they could not see each other and avoided eye contact. And now, right in the middle of a battle, out of all the other places and other people they found themselves standing back to back defending each other from danger that might come from any angle.
“I’m just trying to let you know that I care for you and I wouldn’t want you to get hurt ” Rodney answered.
“Look Rod, you better face the situation at hand now and stop pestering me ” she replied trying to dogde a blow but she was was not fast enough and she came landing on the ground.
“Are you okay? ” Rodney asked running to her side.
“That’s it ” she answered getting up.
“Lucas you’re not the only one that can divide yourself. ” she growled and immediately split herself to four.
“Wow!! ” Rodney exclaimed.
“Let’s get down to business ” she said swinging her sword..

“I didn’t know that the gods are stupid enough to make you the chosen one” Lucas said trying to gain the upper hand.
“And I didn’t know you were stupid enough to think that you can defeat me, the chosen one. ” Drex retorted fighting back.
The whole place was shaking seriously and looking at it the forces of good were gradually winning, the clones that were initially eight were now six.
As Lucas saw this he felt like it was time to unleash his ultimate power.
He abruptly stopped fighting Drex and disappeared with his clones.
“Huuhh!! ” Kade exclaimed as his sword passed through the air instead of the beast head.
“What just happened? ” Jane asked
“Maybe he got scared and disappeared ” Ciara answered.
“No, he can’t just flee, he must have a plan” Nirvia said.
“We must be at alert. ” Drex added and almost at that instant Lucas reappeared in front of Drex.
Before he could defend himself Lucas grabbed him and placed his hand on Drex head. All these happened so fast that if a person did not witness it with his eye he would not believe.
Lucas started draining Drex’s power, slowly and painfully his power started leaving him and entering Lucas who not only aimed for the power but also his soul.
“Aaarrgghh” Drex shouted trying to free himself from Lucas’s grip but it was useless.
Rodney and Diana launched at Lucas using their swords on his hands. The effect made him loosen his grip on Drex. Seeing this the rest of them excluding Nirvia, started thrusting their sword into him.
Lucas knew that he couldn’t beat them all at once he disappeared again and reappeared few seconds later behind Drex with a sword.
“Drex!!! ” Rodney shouted
“Watch out” Diana added running to help Drex but before they could meet him he thrusted the sword forward.
“No!! ” they all shouted, not because the sword entered Drex, but because his mate ran forward taking the sword right inside her stomach.
“Nirvia!!!!!! ” Drex shouted.
There in a pool of blood she lay almost lifeless……..



BY: K. R. N



“Bryan? ” I called as looked at who hit me.
I can’t believe that he can do such a thing.
“Good job Bryan, I wish you were my son ” Malicia said coming to stand beside him.
“Bryan, it was you all along? ” I asked shocked.
“Yes it was me” he answered humourlessly
“Why? ” was the only thing that escaped my mouth.
I still couldn’t believe it, Bryan of all people, my best friend,, my little brother. Even though we were not biological siblings, I still love him like my own.
“Why did you do it Bryan? How could you? ”
“Why did I do it? I did because I love Nirvia, you know how much I love her, did you expect me to sit back and let her be with someone else?! ” he yelled
“That’s why you did all this? ”
“Do you realize what you’ve done? ” I yelled back getting up, I felt rage surge through me. The anger seemed to be helping me regain my stance.
“You betrayed us Bryan, you freed the beast, you think Malicia is going to help you get Nirvia, is this how you love a person? By hurting her? Do you think Nirvia would be happy when she finds out about this, Bryan how could you? “
“Evan, I don’t Care about what you say or think all I know is that I want Nirvia and the only way to get her is by doing this ” he replied nonchalantly.
“What about your mother Bryan, didn’t you think about her? Do you think she would be happy? ”
“Look Evan, I know no one is happy about what I did, but you should try to understand, look at it from my perspective, is it fair? ” he answered
This is unbelievable, now my anger is increasing.
“Evan listen ” he continued “I made a deal with your mum, if you surrender now nothing will happen to you, in fact Lucas is ready to work with you guys as long as you cooperate ”
“Bryan ” I cut him off. “Are you even listening to yourself? Look around, look at what is going on, innocent people are dying, you think Lucas and Malicia will keep their word, all this is happening because of you”
“I know and I want it to stop, just surrender and all this will stop”
“What? Surrender? Bryan I don’t think you’re in your right senses, perhaps this love you claim to feel is getting to your head ”
“Get this straight Bryan ” I added stepping closer to him. “If anything happens to Nirvia or any one of us because of your stupid stunt, I will personally kill you ” I said and brushed passed him, I need to finish Malicia off, I don’t care if she tells me who my father is or not.
I have always hated my mother but never for once did I think I’ll be the one to end her life, but if its the only way to stop all this and hopefully bring Bryan back to his senses then I’ll gladly do that.
“You evil witch!! ” I shouted taking her by surprise , before she could do anything I grabbed her by the neck and brought down my head so that my temple is touching hers.
I closed my eyes and used the same spell she created to suck out her powers.
She tried to wrigle out of my hold but I held her in place and her powers left her body in dark clouds. Once everything left her I quickly brought out the ring I was wearing and made the clouds enter it.
“Evan ” she called.
I glanced at her and the sight before me was disheartening.
Her real self was out now, she looked a thousand times older than before, and I realized that she was the old woman I saw that day but now she looked even older and uglier, her skin was wrinkled and she looked frail. I should have just killed her instead of letting her live so I can see the real beast inside her.
“What have you done to me? ” she asked fraily.
“What I should have done a long time ago” I spat out.
“I can’t believe you gave birth to me, because I hate you so much”. I added and walked away.
I looked around and Arora was nowhere in sight.
“Where could she be? ” I asked myself, my eyes roaming over the commotion below me, our warriors seem to be losing.
Just then I heard a blast and the next moment the cave blew up.
“Holy Molly ” I gasped at what I saw next.
A huge ugly looking creature who I think should be Lucas came flying into the air followed by… By…. Is that Drex?
“Goddess!! ” Drex was on fire, no.. no fire was emanating from all over his body and he was after Lucas….


Rage is an understatement understatement of what I feel right now. This impeccable beast just stabbed my mate… My mate.. My Nirvia.
The more I think about it the more fire gushed out of me.
I looked at myself and I couldn’t believe that I was the same person standing. I just blew up the whole cave and sent the beast flying in the air.
“How dare you!! ” I roared fire flaring up with every word.
“I’ll make sure I end you for good this time ” I shouted walking towards him.
He got up on his feet and posed a stance.
“Come and end me ” he said sarcastically, fueling the fire.
I made a chain of fire and walked faster to him.
He jumped into the air to pounce on me but I used the chain to tie him instead and sent him back to the ground.
The force I used in throwing him made his body enter deep into the ground forming a pit.
Good, when I’m done with him I’ll bury him inside that same pit..
I stretched one of the chains into the pit and brought him back up and used the other chain to send him back into the pit.
I kept on repeating the same thing until I was a bit satisfied and threw him to the ground.
“Any last words Lucas ” I drawled.
He whimpered and stirred up, blood dripping down his frame.
I remembered Nirvia and I felt like stabbing him to death, I just hope nothing happens to her else I swear by my life even Lucas is dead I’ll bring him back to life and kill until he can’t be killed.
I used the chain to lift him up in the air.
Presley said ‘use that same light to finish him off completely’ and that’s what I did.
I gathered all the light I could muster and sent him into him.
“No.. No.. No… Not again ” Lucas groaned trying to run from the light but I held him back.
“Aaarrgghh ” he groaned as the light entered him.
I saw another light flash and I turned to see Rodney and the rest except my love sending their light into Lucas.Hi Oscar on +2348132129841 to be added to the home of super stories for more interesting stories.
Together we all used our lights..
The light continued entering him until his screams seized and his lifeless body landed back on the ground.
Immediately, all the warriors under his control came back to their senses and stopped fighting.
The rest of the warriors started cheering happily.. The beast is dead.
But for me there was nothing to be happy about. I turned and made my way back to where she lay.
“Nirvia ” I called softly taking her body in my arms.
She looked pale and felt cold.
“Please Nirvia open your eyes ”
I felt liquid streaming down my face and for the first time in my life I cried not because of the pain of rejection but because I just lost someone dear to me… I Just lost my one true love…
Maybe I should kill myself, if I die I’ll be with her.
Yes I should kill myself ‘ I concluded and grabbed a sword near me…….




“Drex!! What are you doing? ” Rodney asked when he saw me carrying the sword.
“Can’t you see? She’s dead, tell me why I should live, its my fault she died, why should I live? “. I answered raising the sword up.
“No… No…. No.. Drex stop!! ” he shouted but I didn’t listen, I pointed the sword at myself.
Just as I was about to commit suicide her voice stopped me.
“You moron, will stop this nonsense! ” she yelled.
I turned around immediately and behold, it was her. Never in my life have I been this happy to see someone.
But wait how am I sure its not her ghost. I looked back at where her body lay few moments ago and it was still there. What?
I turned again and she was standing. How’s this possible, she was two.
“Nirvia? ” I called stepping forward. “Is that you? ”
“Yes ” she answered calmly.
“But.. But…. Look you’re here ” I said pointing to the corpse, but it started fading away.
“That’s not me its just… ”
Before she could complete whatever she wanted to say I pulled her to me and hugged her.
I was relieved, glad and happy, I don’t know how she became two but as long as it’s not her that died, then I don’t care.
“Um.. Drex… I can’t breath ” she choked.
“Oh.. Am sorry ” I said letting go of her.
“It’s you.. You’re fine… Oh thank goodness ” I gushed out touching her, my eyes roamed over her body for any wounds or abnormalities.
“Yes I’m fine ” she answered
Satisfied that nothing was wrong, I stepped back. “How did this happen? ” I asked. Looking at the corpse which was now dust and it was fading away.
“This ” she replied bringing out a ring.
“This? ” I asked and collected it.
“Yes it belonged to my mum, she gave it to me before she died, I never used it because there was no need to, but when I saw what Lucas was about to do, it was the perfect time to use it. “. She explained.
“Thank goodness you’re fine ” I breathed out hugging her again.
“So you wanted to kill yourself because you thought I was dead? ”
“Um.. Yeah ” I answered running my hands through my hair.
“Why? ” she asked stepping closer.
Come to think of it I don’t really know why I wanted to do that, I just felt useless without her. I mean what’s the point of living without my love. Wait.. My Love.. Yes I think I love her…. No I don’t think, I know I love her. But I don’t think I’ll be able to tell her that.
“I wanted to end my life because… Um… Because…. ”
“Because what? ”
“Because I ” I said wrapping my hands around her waist and pulled her closer.
“Because you what? ” she asked in a loud whisper.
“I….. L” I started to say but I was stopped by a fierce haul against me. I staggered back and almost fell down letting go of Nirvia.
“What the!! ” I exclaimed at what happened next.
I regained my stance to see Bryan holding Nirvia with a knife pointing at her neck.
“Bryan, what are you doing? ” I asked
“I’m sorry Drex you can’t have her she’s mine” he replied coldly.
“What are you saying? What do you mean? ” I asked moving forward.
“Don’t come any closer or I’ll hurt her ” he breathed out moving backwards.
“Bryan let go of me!! ” Nirvia yelled struggling to free herself but her effort seemed fruitless under his strong hold.
Wait.. What is this guy saying? I just killed Lucas and I wouldn’t mind killing him too.
“Look Bryan let her go and we’ll talk things out” I said calmly but I was already boiling up inside.
“Talk? There’s nothing to talk about, I want her and it’s final ” he retorted nonchalantly.
“Bryan what are you doing let me go ” Nirvia yelled again still struggling.
“Nirvia don’t worry I’m doing this for us, I want you to be happy, I promise to make you happy ” he said to her moving back and dragging her along.
“Bryan stop this nonsense ” I heard Evan shout from behind and the next second he was beside me.
“Non of you should come closer or I’ll hurt her ” Bryan said bringing the knife down to her neck.
“What is all this Bryan? What has gotten into you? ” Evan asked
“What has gotten into me? Nothing, I just want my woman, Nirvia is mine, I’ve loved her for so long, then just like that she’ll just go and be with someone else, someone that doesn’t even love her, and you expect me to just…. ” he stopped and his eyes went wide enough to pop out of their socket.
The knife fell from his hands and he released Nirvia who came running to me. Slowly his hands traveled to his back and when he brought it back it was blood stained.
What just happened?
He staggered forward towards us and just few inches away from where I stood with Nirvia in my arms he stretched his hands forward and touched Nirvia’s shoulder.
“I…. L.. Love.. You …. N.. Nirvia ” he choked out with blood gushing out of his mouth. He went still for a moment and slumped face down to the ground, revealing a sword thrusted into him from behind.
“Arora? ” I heard Evan’s voice.
I looked up to see Arora standing where her son stood few moments ago, with tears in her eyes.
That was when it dawned on me that the white witch just killed her only son.
“Arora!! ” Nirvia called surprised running to hug her.
“You shouldn’t have done that” Evan said looking at Bryan
“He wasn’t thinking straight ” he added.
“That’s how it was supposed to happen ” Arora replied, her voice quivering.
“If I hadn’t done that he would have hurt Nirvia. ” she added and broke down in tears.
“It’s okay ” Nirvia consoled her.

“I can’t believe Bryan could do such a thing “. Nirvia said lowly.
All of us were now sitted together in a circle and Arora just told us about how Bryan agreed to help Malicia and in return he would get Nirvia.
Malicia had seen Bryan’s reaction when my father said I and Nirvia are meant to be. She went to him with an offer to help him get Nirvia but he would have to help her get the crystal.
Because he was desperate to have her he obliged willingly.
“Why did it have to be him? ” Evan asked
“Light will give birth to darkness and darkness will give birth to light remember? ” Arora answered.
“Yes, that’s why Evan has a pure heart despite being Malicia and Lucas son” Pheonix added.
“Evan is Malicia and Lucas’s son? ” I asked shocked
“Yes we found out just yesterday ” he answered.
“Evan how come you kept such a big thing from us! ” Nirvia half yelled.
“I couldn’t bring myself to tell you, I was scared you’d reject me ” Evan answered lowly.
“No Evan, you have a good heart and that’s all that matter’s” she answered soothingly.
“Thanks ”
“Wait.. Wait.. Wait ” Lisa spoke up “If you’re Malicia and Lucas’s son that means you we’re born thousands of years, are you not supposed to look a bit older than you look now? ” she asked.
“Good question Lisa, I was also wondering Mandy said”
“Long story cut short my mother froze me into a statue ” he answered.
“Statue? ” we all exclaimed
“Yes, Nirvia remember that statue that stood behind your room window years ago? “. He asked facing Nirvia.
“Um.. Yes” Nirvia answered.
“That was me”
“What! How? ” she exclaimed
“Malicia felt I was a burden to her, and she could not bring herself to kill me so she froze me and kept me there, when you were born she wanted to know what was going on in the palace so she unfroze me and sent me to the palace to get information. I took the opportunity to escape from her clutches but when she called me once to know what the king was planning , I threatened to expose her. So she didn’t try to bother me since I was out of her way and she could always send her minnion to spy on the king ” he narrated
“How could she be so cruel ” Nirvia spoke up after a while of silence.
“That’s her nature” Arora answered.
“Well that’s all over now ” my father (Ralph) said getting up “Let’s head back to the palace, there are things that have to be settled there.”
“You’re right ” King Bernard said also getting up
“Let’s help the injured warriors, Evan you’ll help them get back there ” King Herman added and we all got up.
Everyone headed to where the other warriors were.
“Wait ” I said pulling Nirvia back.
“What? ” she asked.
“Um… You wanted to know why I tried to end my life when I thought it was you who died ” I answered pulling her into my arms and her hands rested on my shoulders.
“Its because I love you and my life would be meaningless without you in it”
The moment I said that her face flushed crimson and a she smiled shyly.
“Really? ” she asked.
“Yes I love you and I wish you came into my life sooner, I was just being stupid when I said I don’t want you as my mate. I want you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side. ”
“I love you too” she replied “And I also want to spend the rest of my life with you”
That moment I forgot about everything and everyone else, it was just me and her, just her and me, just us and no one else.
I bent my head down and our lips met halfway.
A week ago, if someone told me I’ll be standing in the middle of a field, kissing an angel, I wouldn’t have believed.
Apart from my family and Mandy, no one else mattered to me but now this woman I met a few days ago means the world to me.
We were brought back to reality with coughing and clearing of throats.
“Can’t you guys just wait till we get back home ” Meg said.
“Yeah, at least you’ll have her to yourself ” Rodney added and winked at me.
I really like this guy, though just with the little time I’ve spent with him I know he’s a flirt.
“Nirvia I thought you would play hard to get after Drex said no to you ” Mandy spoke up for the first time since we sat down.
‘”But look you’re all over each other ” Lisa added and Nirvia blushed again.
“Hey you guys should leave us alone, can’t I kiss my woman in peace? ” I half yelled.
“You should kiss your woman in the confines of your room ” My father answered and winked .
“Okay let’s go ” I breathed out.
“Let’s go so I can have her all to myself. ”
“Awwwnnn” My sisters hummed and I rolled my eyes.
Will they ever change?.




I glanced at reflection on the mirror again and damn I look hot.
Five days later and its like five years later, we have been staying in the palace since Lucas was killed and today is Drex’s coronation day.
I heard a knock.
“Yeah come in ” I answered and sat on the bed.
I got back up immediately I the person entered. It was Diana and my.. my she looked hot, she was wearing a blue gown that stopped right above her knees revealing her sexy long legs.
“Will you ever change? ” she asked as my eyes stripped her.
“Maybe” I replied still checking her out.
Truth be told, I really like this girl, but I know I can’t get her, I mean she’s the first girl that slapped me.
“Can I sit? ” she asked
“Of course ” I replied tapping a spot on the bed and we both sat side by side.
“I saw your letter and I just came to say apology accepted ” she said.
Ever since the kiss incident in the cave we didn’t speak to each other. I decided to send an apology letter to her because of the undying feelings I have for her, though I never expected her to accept. And she even came to tell me.
“Really? ”
“Yes, what’s the point of being malicious ” she answered.
“Thanks, so we’re friends? ”
We sat silently for a while.
Now we’re friends I have to start plotting how we’re going to be more than that, with the way I’m feeling I don’t think I’ll be able to just stay friends with her.
“So you wanted to know if I’ll stay emotion less forever ” she broke the silence
“Um.. Yeah ”
“Well if I find someone that makes me feel and yearn for love, then the state is broken ” she answered.
“So in other words you’re saying if you fall in love then you’ll begin to feel” I asked.
“I hope you find that person and be happy ” I said after a while.
“Actually I’ve found the person ” she replied.
What? When? I wanted to scream, gosh I’m so disappointed, I was already planning to woo her.
“Um.. You’ve found him? ” I asked trying to sounds calm.
“Yes ”
“Well good luck with him, I hope he makes you happy “. I blurted out almost angrily. I just hope she doesn’t see it on my face.
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“Aren’t you going to ask me who? ” she asked. That was when I noticed that her voice was warmer than it used to be.
“Who is it? ” I asked
“It’s you”. She answered immediately surprising me.
“Me? ”
“Yes you, I don’t know how it happened but I know I started having strange feelings since the day I met you and I confirmed it when you kissed me ”
“Really? ”
“Yes and I want to thank you for making that happen and I also want to let you know that if you want to go out or something I am…. “. She didn’t finish what she wanted to say when I covered her lips with mine.
She stilled at first but she opened up and I kissed her passionately. We eventually broke the kiss in need for air.
I quickly moved back and covered my cheeks with my hands just incase she wants to slap me again.
“What are you doing? ” she asked arching her brows.
“I’m protecting myself, just in case you want to slap me “. I replied and she laughed.
My goodness she laughed, gosh is this not an angel on earth, she’s just too beautiful.
“Is there something on my face? ” she asked
“No why? ”
“You were staring at me “.
“I was just wondering how someone could be so beautiful ” I replied and she blushed.
Oh my my I’m going to be seeing many wonders soon.


“And I present to you King Drex and his beautiful bride queen Nirvia “. My father said as he crowned me and Nirvia.
The people cheered and shouted so loud I thought my eardrums would burst.
“All hail the king and queen!! “. They chanted.
I got up from the throne and held Nirvia’s hand, together we walked outside.
I gasped at the sight before me, the whole palace was filled to the brim and people we’re still struggling to get in.
Last night was the red moon night in our world and the full moon night in the human world, Arora and Evan broke the barrier between the two worlds and now we have agreed to live together in peace and harmony.
“See Drex, there’s more to life than you think ” a voice said and I turned to see Mandy and Elvis holding each other.
“Yes Mandy, there’s more to life than I thought” I replied
“I thought it was Alvin ” I added giving her a knowing look.
“Nah I changed my mind, this one stole my heart ” she replied snuggling closer to Elvis.
“Did I now? ” Elvis asked gazing at her.
“Yes you did” she replied and kissed him.
“Can’t you wait till you get to your room? ” Lisa half yelled from behind.
“Why didn’t you wait till you get inside before sucking Evans face ” Mandy retorted sharply.
Gosh will these two ever stop fighting?
Well I’m glad Lisa is with Evan now, I’ll have some breathing space at least.
I glanced at Nirvia to find her staring at me, she looked away immediately.
“What were you doing? ” I asked teasingly.
“I was just looking at my husbands face ” she replied shyly.
“Well this husband of yours can’t wait to get you inside the bedroom and have you all to himself ” I whispered and she blushed.
I bent my head and kissed her.
“Awwwn” different voices hummed.
I looked up to see Imelda and Pedro, Amaya and Oscar, Meg and Phil the werewolf prince, Lisa and Evan, Ciara and Kade, Jane and Kane and even Diana and Rodney.
“What can’t you guys just allow me kiss my woman properly ” I bellowed.
“Yeah.. Yeah.. Yeah you can kiss her all you want” Lisa answered.
Making everyone laugh.
Wow in just ten days my life took a complete turn.
Then I remembered my grandma’s words ‘one day you’ll become a hero’.
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Yes and that’s what happened.
I wish she was here now.
Maybe I was born plain, maybe I was born different but that difference is what changed everything. And now my life will be filled with beautiful plain colors….

And they lived happily ever after….


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