Siren, The silent killer (Episode 51 – 60)

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⚔️The beautiful killer⚔️

#Chapter 50✓


Well … Darrel has fallen into coma with no hope of coming out of it any time soon and even if he does,i don’t think he’ll be…normal as he was ” doc Mart dropped the bomb.

“What!” Nath exclaimed.
“Oh…no!” Katy cried.

I stood shocked, trying to comprehend what he just said.
My whole body felt numb, i couldn’t move nor talk.
Tears filled my eyes and i felt like killing myself right here. I feel angry at myself.

“Doctor it was just one bullet” Katy cried more.
“Yeah, the potency of the bullet is strong,it almost spread to his kidney plus he lost so much blood. To be sincere,I’m surprised he’s still breathing” doc said.
“Can i see him?” Katy asked.
“Not yet. Till tomorrow, i guess” doc said.

For the first time,i saw Nath cried even though he was trying so hard not to.
“I swear down! I’m gonna kill that bloody bastard when next i see her” Katy screamed.

I slowly walked out of the office.
There’s no assurance to when he’ll be out of coma and even if he’s out if it. He might not be normal.
Am i still worthy of living then?

I dragged my feet to the reception and sat down.
I stared on with my heart heavy as ever.
My heart feel broken,slithered into pieces.
I almost killed the only guy I’ve ever loved.
Almost killed?
I’ve killed him already cause he may not even be okay when he wakes up, that’s good as dead.

"Are you okay Ms. ...?" I heard and glanced up to see a young man dressed up in suit.

The glare i sent him made him took to his heels.

I covered my face back with my palms and cried silently.
I feel like hitting myself, i wish i can swap positions with Darrel.
I’m the one supposed to pay for this.

It’s high time i stopped this killing of a thing.
If i hadn’t gone out to kill, Darrel wouldn’t have gotten hurt.

I’m freaking tired of all this.

📺 Lawyer Jude Thompson was murdered overnight in his home by the infamous anonymous assassin.

I raised my head up and glanced at the TV.
I realised everyone was watching the news too.

I cried even more when i saw the lawyer’s dead body,his white singlet is soaked with blood,his beautiful kids in tears beside him.
Is this the pain I’ve been causing people over the years?
I derived pleasure in that?

Something must be wrong with me.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦This is so sad, he was an honest lawyer.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Heard his wife divorced him two years ago,he does not have any family.

👩‍👩‍👦‍👦Who’s gonna take care of this kids?

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦This assassin needs to be caught! She’s causing tragedy into people’s home.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦I wonder how one kill non-stop for years without any humane feeling….” The chorus went on and on.

My face was buried in my palms as i remembered the lawyer’s words;

🔖”Please don’t kill me, there’ll be no one left for my kids”🔖

I’m so cruel.
I’m damn cruel.

I stood up when i couldn’t bear the people’s chorus anymore.
It’s breaking my heart the more.
I walked to the restroom and broke down completely.

At least no one will see me crying my eyes out here.
I couldn’t stand any longer. I sat on the toilet seat when my legs started wavering. I feel weak.

My whole body shook as i cried more.

For my parents.
My brother.
The people I’ve killed.

My heart yearned for my brother and mother at this moment.
I loved them so much and all they could do is leave me in this cold world.
Well…they were killed by the beast i call a father.

I feel like disappearing forever…
I feel like murdering myself like i did to others but Darrel needs me, i guess.


I stopped crying when my head started aching seriously.
I’m still seated on the toilet seat.
I’ve been here for hours and I’m not willing to leave.

I stared at the wall for a long time, looking at nothing in particular.
I just feel lost.
The thought of losing Darrel is really affecting me.
I’ve never felt this guilty.

A knock on the door startled my thoughts.

“Who’s in there? Please you need to come out,the workers need to clean up” I heard a feminine voice said.
I stood up and walked to the sink.
My stomach rumbled and that i remembered i haven’t eaten anything today.
I didn’t even had my bath before coming here.

I turned on the faucet and rinsed my face thoroughly.
I adjusted my rough ponytail and then walked to the door.
I opened it and came to face a nurse.

“Ma’am are you okay?” She asked but i walked past her to the reception.
I saw Nath and Katy sitting,they were both looking sad and depressed.
Nath stood up when he saw me approaching.

“Mia, are you okay?” He asked and i nodded.
“Where have you been to?”
“The restroom” i answered.

I noticed how red Katy’s eyes were but i guess mine will be redder.
“Your eyes are bloodshot” Nath said confirming my guess.
“Yeah” I said.

He led me to a chair and sat beside me.
“Do not cry anymore, Darrel will be fine. He’ll come out of coma soon and everything will be alright okay?” He said and i nodded.

My stomach rumbled again and i glanced at the wall clock.

It’s 5pm already.

“Mia, you need to eat” Nath said.
I’d be a fool to eat now.
“I’m not hungry” I said.
“Your stomach is saying otherwise” He said .
“Nath, im not eating, i don’t want to eat” I said.
“Please, it’s for your health” He said.
“Have you eaten?” I asked.
“Hmm … No” He said.
“Then don’t dare convince me to eat” I said and he sighed deeply.


It’s night already and we all did nothing than sitting and crying all long that anyone would believe Darrel is dead already.

I stood up from the chair and faced Nath and Katy.

“I need to go home,I’ve not had my bath” I said.
Katy nodded while Nath handed me the gate key.
I turned, about leaving when Katy called me back.

“Can you please prepare a meal when coming..I’m … Starving,ive not had anything” She said and i nodded.
“Nath,you want something too?” I asked and he shook his head.
“I had tea in the morning,I’m not starving yet” He said.
“Just tea? ” I asked.
“Well…I’m gonna prepare something for you too” I said before walking away.


Even though it was so dark yesternight, i caught the color of the assassin’s eyes and it’s almost the same as Mia’s.
I had to look into her eyes intensely when she came into the hospital.

The eyes are exactly the same…
Well, a lot of people also have that same colour of eyes but looking at her eyes now is giving me mixed thought.

I watched her leave after telling her to prepare something for me on her way back.

Well…the person i should bother about now is Darrel.
He’s in that critical state because of me.
If only i had stayed back home, he wouldn’t have been shot.

He was pissed when i was scratched in the face and wanted to collect the pistol from her…
Those foolish cops just stood there without doing anything!

I will write a petition against them.
They all need to be fired!

So incompetent.

I wonder where the lady got such strength from.
Her kick is something else, and how dare she leave a scar on my face.

I’m gonna kill her when next we meet!!

🔖🔖Next morning 🔖🔖


We sat round the dining table to have our breakfast before going back to the hospital.
We came home this dawn to freshen up and eat before going back to the hospital.

I bit into my toastbread and stared at Nath and Katy across the table.
We all haven’t really spoken much to one another since yesterday.

Of course there’ll be nothing to talk about when everyone is depressed.
I can’t wait to see Darrel today, i won’t leave his bedside.
I miss him, this whole house feel empty without Darrel.

I’m sorry D.

I fought back the tears trying to cloud my eyes and managed to finish my breakfast.
We were all done with our breakfast, Nath offered to wash the dishes while i quickly cleaned up the house.

He assisted me with the chores when he was done washing the dishes.
We all left for the hospital after we were done.


“Doc Mart is not around at the moment, his resumption time is 8:30am” A nurse told us when we asked after Mr Mart.

We glanced at the wall clock.
It’s 8:09am.

“You can sit” The nurse said before walking away.
I’ll rather stand till it’s 8:30.

We were still waiting when my phone vibrated in my hand.
I turned it on and it was a message from boss.
I clicked on it .

💬He’s in coma now with no hope of ever coming out of it, why don’t you just kill him or I’ll come do it myself.

“To hell with you boss” I fumed inwardly after reading the message.

I stormed out of the hospital and headed outside the gate..

I stopped an approaching cab….
“Pine estate!” I said harshly and entered the cab.

I think it’s time he knows the stuff I’m made of..

⚔️The beautiful killer⚔️

#Chapter 53✓

⚔️Katy⚔️ said Mia was once admitted here right?”
“Can i see the CCTV footage?”

“Huh!” Doc Mart exclaimed.
“Yeah, i need to see it” I said.
“Why?” He asked.
“It’ll help my investigation about Mia”
“I’m sorry but i can’t allow you see it. Not just anyone is entitled to see our CCTV footage. I’m sorry” He said.

“And you think I’m just anyone?” I said tapping my ID card in my pocket.
“I allowed you use my laptop the other day does not mean I’ll let you see the CCTV footage,that’s way too extreme” He said.

“Well…you can check out my ID card” I said and handed it to him.
He gasped. “You’re a CIA agent?”
“Yeah” I said.
“So it’s better you cooperate with me. You said it yourself that you’re also suspecting Mia so let’s work together” I said collecting my ID card back from him.

“But you’re a CIA agent of California not New York City” He said.
“Does that matter?” I asked.
“You should know the law better”
“I do but this is a secret investigation. No one will know about it” I said.
“What if anyone finds out. I can lose my license over it” He said.
“I promise you won’t. Trust me, please” I said and he sighed.

“Okay, come with me” He said and i smiled.



“Why is the footage of Mia’s ward and hallway blank on the the second night she was admitted here” I said while checking the footage.
“Really?” Doc Mart asked before coming over to look at it.

“Yeah, Someone must have tampered with it”
“Of course”
“Now this is getting more suspicious, the footage suddenly went blank by 7pm and started working fully again by 10pm. What went on from 7pm to 10pm? and why is it only Mia’s ward?” I asked.
“Check the hallway” Doc Mart said.
“It’s blank too”
“Woah! What are we gonna do?” He asked.

“You should have the list of nurses who were on duty that night right?”
“Yes i do”
“Then we’ll have to question them all”
“You said this is gonna be a secret investigation”
“That was what i thought but keeping it secret won’t help, i promise it’s not gonna get outside the walls of the hospital”
“Okay then, let’s proceed”


Ten nurses were on duty that night and I’ve questioned five of them,it turned out negative.
I glanced at the list before calling the sixth one in.

“Nurse Beatrice” I called and the door opened.
A young nurse walked in and closed the door behind her.
Most of the nurses has blonde hair and common set of eyes.

“You’ve been informed about what’s going on right?” I asked and she nodded.
“On that night,did you suspected anything? Or did you caught any glimpse of Mia Cunnane” I asked.
“Nothing. Absolutely nothing” She said.
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah, i was behind the desk that night attending to patients and i didn’t suspect anything.” She said.

“You don’t have to be scared of telling the truth, nothing is gonna happen to you. Trust me” I said.
“I swear down, I’m telling nothing but the truth, if i had noticed anything strange,i would have reported to doc Mart immediately” She said.

I sighed and glanced at Doc Mart.
He nodded.

“Okay you can leave and don’t hesitate to come back to me if you remember anything” I said and she nodded before walking out.

I glanced at the list and called on the next.
“Nurse Chloe” I called and she walked in.
I thought she’d look like other nurses but no.
She has short black hair and pretty blue eyes.

She bowed in greeting and i nodded.
“So, you know what you’re called for right?” I asked and she nodded.
“Good, so,i want you to be truthful,do not lie”
“I won’t” She said.
“So, that night, did you noticed any strange thing or did you caught any glimpse of Mia Cunnane?” I asked and it took a while before she spoke up.

“Well…i saw her”
“Yeah, she was putting on a facecap while walking down the hallway.”
“What!” I exclaimed and glanced at Doc Mart who was also looking surprised.

“I told her boyfriend about it but he didn’t believe me and told me to face my work instead” She said.
“Her boyfriend?” I asked.
“Yeah, the handsome guy that brought her here” She said.
“Yeah it’s Darrel” Doc Mart said and i felt stings of jealousy.

I won’t allow mia take Darrel from me and i won’t let go of my suspicion about her. I’ll dig till the very end.

Thank goodness i now have a lead.


“Geez! Finally they are gone” I said walking back into the ward.
The CIA leader and some agents just left.

“Why did you walked out Immediately they walked in?” Darrel asked.
“You know how they are, they take everyone as suspect and i don’t have that time to answer unnecessary questions. I have more important things to do” I said.
“And you think I’ll allow them question you? when i know you’re not even a suspect not to even talk of the assassin we wanna apprehend” Darrel said.
I smiled and took his hands in mine.

“You need to eat now” I said.
“Yeah, i was hoping they’d leave fast” He said and i laughed.
“Where’s Nath?” I asked.
“In the restroom” He said.
“Oh..” I said and started dishing out the meal.
“You prepared Katy’s portion too right?”
“Of course” I said and he smiled.

“Thank you” He said.
“For what?”
“For everything. Mia, i can’t wait to make you mine” he said.
“Then, what’s the delay?” I asked.
“This case. I wanna solve it then concentrate on you, i don’t want anything bugging me while I’m with you.” He said and i sighed.

‘Then, you might wait forever’ I thought sadly.
I already quit so there’s no way Darrel will capture me again cause i won’t be going on missions anymore.

“It’s fine but do you think you’ll ever solve this case?” I asked.
“Of course, I’m gonna put in more effort because of you” He said and i smiled a little.
“Should i feed you or you can ea…”
“Just feed me. I’m too weak to eat myself” He said and i nodded.

I helped him sit up, I scooped some meal in his spoon and gently passed it into his mouth.
He smiled. “Yummy”

My mind is in great distress.
I’ve quitted and i should feel at ease but… I don’t just know.

“Com’on Mia, what are you thinking?” Darrel broke into my thoughts.
“I’m sorry” I said and continued feeding him.
“What’s the matter?” He asked.
“Nothing” I faked a smile.
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah” I said.

He continued eating in silence…

“Darrel” I called,when he was halfway his meal.
“What if you find out that someone close to you is the assassin you’re looking for?” I asked and he surprised me by laughing.
“Someone close to me? and i wouldn’t have found out all this while?” He said.
“Just answer my question, what will you do?” I asked.
“Hmmn” He sighed.

“Why do you ask?”
“You know it happens in movies” I said.
” It can only happen in movies” He said and urged me to continue feeding him.
“No, not only in movies. It happens in reality too. Please tell me what you’re gonna do if you’re in that situation” I said.
“Of course I’ll hand over that person to the cops” He said and i quickly covered my gasp with cough.
“You shouldn’t break the law because of how close someone is to you. You should do the same you would if it was a stranger” He said.

I nodded and continued feeding him in silence.

“I thought you weren’t gonna come out anymore” Darrel said and i turned to see Nath walking out of the restroom.
He laughed and headed towards us.

“I already dished out your meal,” I said pointing to a covered plate on the stool.
“Thanks” He said, carried it and went to sit beside Darrel.
He also started eating.

“You want more?” I asked Darrel after i scooped the last spoon into his mouth.
He shook his head. “I’m okay”
I dropped the plate and poured him some water.
He gulped it down and muttered thanks.

I helped him lay back on the bed and covered him properly with blanket.
He smiled and kissed my hand.
Even with everything going on in my mind, I was forced to smile back at him.

“You should eat too” He said and i nodded.
I dished out my meal and also started eating.

“When did the Doc said you’ll be discharged?” Nath asked.
“He has not told me yet but i don’t think I’ll be discharged soon, my body is not yet as strong as i’d love it to be” Darrel said.
“You’ll still go ahead with case right?” Nath asked.
“Of course” Darrel.

Why can’t he just desist from my case.
I wish he can also let go already, I’ve also let go but Darrel is so stubborn.

The door opened and Katy walked in.

“Katy you should dish out your meal too” Darrel said to her.
“No” She said.
“Why?” Darrel asked
“Darrel i need to see you privately,there’s something we must talk about” She said sending a cold look my way.

“What could that be?” Darrel asked.
“I’ve found a clue about the assassin” she said and my heart pounded in my chest.

⚔️The beautiful killer⚔️

#Chapter 54✓


“I’ve found a clue about the assassin” Katy said and i sat upright.
“Really?” My eyes widened.
“Yeah” She said, glaring at Mia..

I wonder when her hatred for Mia will subside.

“Go on and tell me” I said.
“With these people around?” She asked.
“Of course. We’re all in this together”
“Nah! We’re not in this together. What the hell have they done since you started this case” Katy said.
“They’ve contributed a lot Katy, they are just like my second family here in New York” I said.

“Oh.. really?” She asked.
“Like seriously what the hell is wrong with you? What has come over you? You were sent here to solve a case but you started off with love instead or should i say lust. You’re lusting after your housekeeper!” Katy said angrily.

“I’m not lusting after her! I love her” I said.
“That’s what you think, you’re only lusting after her cause she’s beautiful with nice curves” Katy said.
“No, you’re wrong. I love her and I’m even still gonna love her even if her beauty fades, I’m gonna love regardless of whatever..” I said and saw Mia glanced at me.

Nath shifted beside me on the bed before clearing his throat.

“I guess i should excuse you” He said, about getting down from the bed.
“Nah, just stay” I said.

“You’re gonna love her regardless of whatever?” Katy asked and i nodded.
She smiled sadly.

I want Katy to also go on with her life.
She should just stop loving or crushing on me.
I don’t feel anything for her than just friends.
Eric told me about the guy head over heels in love with Katy, she should go set up something with the guy too.

“I guess there’s no need to tell you anything then” She said and turned to Mia.
“I don’t know what your aim is yet but i promise you i’ll dig it out. You this bloody pretender!” Katy yelled before storming out of the ward turning deaf ears to my calls.

I sighed and rested my head.
There was silence, neither Mia nor Nath were talking.

“When did the Doctor said i can leave the bed?” I asked.
“Tomorrow” Nath answered.
I nodded and glanced at Mia, her eyes were red and watery with tears.

Ah !
Is she hurt by what Katy just said?

I pulled her to my chest and she let out the tears she was holding.
I saw Nath stood up and quietly left the ward.

“It’s okay” I said patting her back gently.
“You shouldn’t mind the words Katy said. She said it out of anger”

“That’s not the reason I’m crying” She said.
“Really? Then why are you crying?” I asked.
“You said you’ll love me regardless of whatever i do” She said.
“Is that why you’re crying?” I asked and she nodded.

I never knew she was this emotional.

I wiped her tears with my palm and smiled.

“You will keep loving me even if i do the worst thing on earth?” She asked and i nodded.
“Are you sure?” She asked.
“Yes Mia”

She smiled and rested her head on my chest comfortably.
“Do you know Katy has feelings for you?” She asked with her eyes closed.
“Of course i do”
“And you don’t feel the same for her?”
“We would have gotten married if i feel the same for her. Katy has been harboring her feelings for me for years”

“Her hatred for me is understandable but she doesn’t know that in life, you can’t have everything”
“I wish she can hear what you just said. I wish she can move on, i feel bad not to have returned her feelings, i really wanted to but it didn’t work out”

“She’s beautiful,she should give other guys the chance” Mia said drowsily.
She’s about to sleep.

“I wish she could” I said and the next thing i heard was Mia’s heavy breathing.

She’s asleep already..

I chuckled at her slightly opened mouth and crooked eyebrows.

My phone.
I carefully picked my phone on the stool.
I took few shots of her and ended up laughing which stirred her.

She rolled off my chest to the bed and her face looked more funny.
I laughed and quickly took more shots .

She’ll be so mad to see this.

I smiled and dropped my phone before pulling the blanket over her body.
She made me laugh even in her sleep.
I don’t have any other wish than to spend the rest of my life with her.

She’s just so perfect.

Katy should just tell me whatever clue she has.
I wanna finish up this case and go ahead with my plans for Mia.

Darrel, you have been on this case for two months without even getting a lead.
This is unlike me.
Very unlike me.

I poured myself some water and gulped it down my throat.
It didn’t made me feel better.

I dropped the glass cup and laid beside Mia.
Some sleep should do the trick..

I closed my eyes but opened it back when i heard the sound of the door.

“Oh … Doc Mart” I said.
“Darrel, how are you feeling now?” He asked walking closer, he spared Mia some unfriendly glances before turning back to me.
“Why did you look at her that way?” I asked.
“Darrel, you need to understand something” He said.
“What?” I asked. “And don’t ever look at her in that degrading manner again” I added.

“Oh..I’m sorry about that but there’s something you need to know” He said.
“What is it?” I asked.
“This lady here is not who you think she is” He said.
“What do you mean by that?”

“She’s a dangerous person and I’m damn sure there’s a lot going on under that innocent eyes of hers. I came to tell you this so you won’t fall into her trap. You can remember when you asked me to check the scars on her arm, i told you they are bullet scars and you also knew they were bullet scars but she lied to you and you believed her. Well, we’ve started investigation. Katy and i. Can you believe she left the hospital on the second night she was admitted here? The CCTV footage in her ward and hallway was blank but we found out from one of the nurses on duty that night that Mia left the hospital. Isn’t that suspicious? We’re making more findings on her and I’m sure you’ll also detest her by the time we dig out whatever she’s hiding ” He finally concluded.

“Are you done?” I asked.
“Huh?” He asked.
“Are you done?”
“Yeah” He said.
“Get out.” I said.
“What!” He exclaimed. “Is that what you’ll say to everything I’ve just said?”
“Get out!” I nearly yelled but stopped cause of Mia.

I wouldn’t want to disturb her sleep.

“OMG! You’ve been bewitched” Doc Mart said before walking out of the door.
I sighed in anger and sat up on the bed.
I picked my phone.
How could Katy do this?
How could she investigate Mia?
I never knew her hatred for Mia had gone this far.

I placed a call across Katy but it directed me to voicemail.
‘A message will do’ I thought but then message won’t express the anger I’m feeling right now.

I was about getting up from the bed when Mia cuddled me.
I smiled and drew her closer before kissing her forehead.

We all laughed heartily to Nath’s joke…..
Caroline is here too, to check on me and Nath is looking as happy as ever.

“What would you like to have Carol?” Mia asked, she woke up minutes after Caroline arrived.
“I’m perfectly okay for now” She said.
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah, I’m glad agent D is fine. I was so scared” She said.
“I should have visited before now but Nath didn’t inform me, i was in Paris and I’m just returning from the airport now. Hi ish on+233544142683 to read more stories from story headquarters room, Novela and story room,house of stories room,fresh stories kingdom. Nath is just telling me now” She said.

“I knew you went there for business and i wouldn’t want you to lose it” Nath said.
“Yeah, i wouldn’t even have allowed him call you” I said.
“Anyway, seeing you in good condition is giving me great joy. I’m glad you survived” She said..

“I’m glad too, how would i have coped. I was almost loosing my mind” Mia said and i smiled happily, she cares a great deal about me.
“Wow!” Carol smiled.
“We ladies cares a lot” She added.
“Of course” Mia said and Nath tapped his feet on the floor loudly with a hard look.

We all laughed.


I sat in Darrel’s office drowned in thought while listening to kiss me by Ed Sheeran.
I’m confused.

Who the hell are you?

Darrel once said he has never seen her receive calls in his presence.
She doesn’t have a picture of her family.
She looks like she’s hiding a lot..
There’s this bad aura surrounding her.
And the most puzzling thing is about the CCTV footage.

It only affected her ward and hallway.
I tried to wave off the thought I’m having but it won’t go away…

The assassin…
Mia has the same eyes as the assassin and with the way she is so secretive…
Could she.. could she…
There are lots of people with the same colour of eyes, but …

My thoughts are never wrong.
I could remember the night i went to join Darrel, i couldn’t find Mia in her room and there was no sound coming from the bathroom either.
I had thought the bathroom was soundproofed but now I’m convinced it’s not.

I should go into Mia’s room now to back up my thoughts but her door is locked.
Why will she lock the door to her room?
She just convinced me that there’s more to her.

Well…i should do what i came home for.
I powered Darrel’s laptop and inserted the password.
It opened.

I wanna check if the date the CCTV footage was tampered with corresponds with any date of murder here.
If it corresponds, then….?

I clicked on Darrel’s files and held my breath while scrolling through the dates.!
It corresponds.

The date, the exact time and…

Could Mia… be the assassin?

⚔️The beautiful killer⚔️

#Chapter 55✓

It corresponds.

The date, the exact time and…

Could Mia… be the assassin?

But this is evidence that she is.

She has the exact eyes as the assassin.
She was seen walking out of the hospital that same night.
She acts strange and now the same date and time her CCTV footage was blank was the date someone was murdered.

Could it be coincidence?
Even if it is, what exactly made her CCTV footage blank that night and it was only her ward affected.
The whole hallway footage was blank too and i know there’s definitely something behind that blankness.

What exactly is it?
Cause i don’t want to believe yet that she’s the assassin.

Nah! She can’t be .

As much as i dislike her, i don’t want her to be what I’m suspecting her to be.
If only i can get hold of her phone to clear my doubt.
There’ll be so much clue on her phone, i know she might not be assassin but she’s also someone dangerous.

I’ve never seen a complicated case like this.

We should extract the bullet from the man recently killed and examine it in the lab.
I clicked on the power button on the laptop before closing it.

I stood up, picked my drink and walked back to the living room..
The song has stopped playing already.
I sat down and stared into space.

It’s so obvious I’ve lost Darrel to Mia.
Darrel doesn’t love me upon the years I’ve loved him.
Just in the space of two months,he fell in love with someone else.
Isn’t that lust?
It isn’t.

Even the most dumb person will see the love between them.
Then what am i still here for?
I’ve lost completely.
All my hope has been wiped off.
I feel empty right now.

I wiped my tears and sipped a little out of my drink.

Is he even aware of my feelings for him?.
I actually blame myself for all this, i should have told him when Eric asked me to, now it’s late.

An incoming call interrupted my thoughts.
I picked my phone and glanced at the screen.


I cleared my throat before answering the call.

📞 Good day Boss.

📞Katy, what’s going on? Even with you there, you are not able to solve the case. It’s past two months already.


📞What the hell is going on? ” He interrupted me harshly. “Just a mere lady,you couldn’t capture,to the extent she shot Darrel right in your presence.

📞Boss I’m deeply sorry but it’s not as easy as you think.

📞It’s not as easy as i think? That assassin stood in front of you both for minutes and you couldn’t devise a means to capture her. Were you both drunk? And is that how incapable those cops over there are?”

📞Boss, if those cops had helped,we would have captured that lady but they just stood back shivering, leaving only Darrel and i to face her and Boss to be sincere, that lady is skillful.

📞Are you guys not also skillful? What are you saying Katy.

📞Boss, you know I’m not officially signed as Darrel’s assistant so I’m restricted to some things.

📞 Even without you there, i believe Darrel should have solved the case. What the hell is distracting him!

📞Well…his housekeeper” I blurted out before i could stop myself.

📞His housekeeper? How?

📞 Darrel is in love with his housekeeper and that’s a huge distraction.

📞 Really?

📞Yes Boss.

📞 Okay, I’ll call the CIA leader to terminate the appointment of the housekeeper.

📞 Okay Boss.


The call disconnected and i sighed.
Is this supposed to make me feel happy?
Even if her appointment is terminated,that doesn’t stop their love for each other but I’m a bit glad she’ll be out of Darrel’s sight for a while.

My phone started ringing again..
Who the hell is calling this time.


I ignored the call and laid on the couch.
I don’t love someone that loves me, i keep going after someone that does not have any feelings for me.
That’s crazy.

The call came in again and this time, i decided to answer it.

📞Hey Mark” I said.

📞 OMG! Katy, you answered my call!

I smiled at the excitement in his voice.


“Get well soon Darrel though i can see you’re okay already” Carol said, picking up her bag.

She has spent enough time with us already.

“I may look okay but I’m not, i don’t feel as strong as i used to”
“It’s just a matter of time, you’ll still feel as strong as ever” Carol said holding his hands.
He nodded.

“I’m sorry i wasn’t able to get you anything, i headed here Immediately i got to New York”
“It’s fine” Darrel smiled.
“It’s not fine with me. I’m still gonna get you something and come back here to give it to you” Carol said.

“Nah! It’s fine” Darrel said.
“It’s not”
“You should take a lot of rest for today, you look stressed out” I said.
“I look stressed out but I’m not. Has Nath ever told you I’m the strongest lady he has ever been with?” She said and we all turned to Nath who scratched his hair, obviously trying to hold a chuckle.

“Com’on Nath, tell them” Carol said.
“Of course, Carol is the strongest woman” He said and she smiled happily.
“On earth” Nath added sarcastically and we laughed.

“Well, i should be leaving now. I’ll be back to check on you” She said.
“Okay, thanks for visiting. I really appreciate” Darrel said.
“Goodbye” She bowed.
“I should see you off” I said getting down from the bed.

“Nah, stay with agent D. He obviously doesn’t want you out of his sight” She said.
Darrel smiled “She should see you off”
“Nah, I’ll be fine with Nath. Bye” she pecked Darrel on his cheeks and me too before heading to the door with Nath.

“She’s so lovely” I said after she walked out with Nath.
“Yeah” Darrel said.
“Do you want anything?” I asked sitting down beside him..
“No, but i wanna show you something” He smiled mischievously.
“What?” I asked.

He picked his phone while i waited.
He bursted into laughter while staring at whatever was on his phone screen.

“Com’on Darrel. I’m waiting” I said and he handed his phone to me.
On the screen is a picture of me, sleeping with my mouth opened and my eyebrows fused together.

There are even more of it.
I stifled my laughter and wore a fake frown.

He was still laughing when i hit his shoulder hardly.
“Ouch” He said.
I hit him again knowing well that the first one had no effect on him.
“Ouch” He said,still laughing.

I hit him more and more and ended up laughing too.
“I’m gonna take shots of you too whenever you’re sleeping” I said.
“I sleep cutely, you also know that” He smiled.
“I’m gonna move the pictures to thrash” I said and picked his phone but he pulled it from my grip.

“Com’on” I pouted.
“No one else is gonna see it, just me” He smiled.
“Dar..” I was saying but the door opened.

I thought it was Nath but Katy walked in instead.
I noticed Darrel’s frown instantly.

“Mia, can you please excuse us” Darrel said and i nodded before standing up from the bed.
“No need to excuse us. I’m not here for chitchat, all i wanna say is Mia,get ready cause your appointment will be terminated soon” She said and it was just like a bomb.

“What!” Darrel exclaimed.

“Katy what the hell did you do?” Darrel yelled.
“What the hell did i do? Well…the hell i did was loving you and you knew it but you never cared about my feelings” She said.
“I’m sorry about that Katy, i tried severally to feel the same way for you but it didn’t work. I don’t love you and i can’t force myself to do so” Darrel said.

The news of my appointment being terminated soon occupied my sense of thinking.

“Really?” Katy asked.
“Yes, you need to understand that in life, you don’t always get everything. Just go for the guy that loves you” Darrel said.
“Oh..i wish it was as easy as you said it” Katy said.
“You can make it easy” Darrel said.

“Well…I’m not here for that. Like i said earlier, your appointment will be terminated soon Mia” Katy said.
“Why?” Darrel asked.
“Boss called me, he was so pissed about the delay in this case. He asked what was distracting you and i said it’s because you’ve fallen in love with your housekeeper”


“Katherine!!” Darrel yelled.

I just had to stop there, my phone is almost dead and the reason i didn’t posted more than one chapter yesterday was because my phone went off.
The little i was able to charge yesterday was used to type this chapter and now my phone is almost dead.
The battery is not as strong as before.

⚔️The beautiful killer⚔️

#Chapter 56✓


“Katherine!” Darrel yelled and i stood up.
“How could you tell your boss I’m Darrel’s distraction” I said slowly, building up my anger.
“Aren’t you?” She asked.
“Do you know you just tarnished Darrel’s image, oh…you think he’ll ever be given a mission like this again? He’s your friend,how could you do this to him” I said and for a few minute,remorse was written all over her face.

Darrel sighed deeply, pushing his fingers into his hair.
“Katy,why are you doing this?” He asked calmly.
“Cause i love you” She said and for the first time, i saw tears filled up her eyes before she turned and walked out.

I can feel her pain.
That pain of loving someone who doesn’t love you.
It hurts.
I won’t blame her for anything she does, but she’s unleashing out her pain in a wrong way.

I slowly sat back on the bed staring at Darrel.
One wouldn’t know what’s going on in his mind cause his face seem expressionless.

So…I’ll be leaving that house soon?
Where will i go to?
I have enough cash to Lodge in hotel for months but Katy shouldn’t have done this.

“Darrel,what to do?” I asked.
“I..i don’t know cause i know my boss to be someone that hates distractions, he’ll do whatever it takes to make you leave”
“Yeah and i should be expecting his call any time from now but don’t worry I’ll try to convince him okay?” He said and i nodded.

“Com’on don’t be sad, even if you end up leaving the house,that doesn’t stop our love right?” He asked and i nodded.
“Smile for me” He said.
“You’re not smiling either” I said.
He smiled, pulling my cheeks.
I ended up smiling too.

“I wonder where Nath is” He said.
“With his dear lover” I said and we both chuckled.

Darrel’s ringtone interrupted us..
“My boss” He said on picking his phone.
I sighed nervously.
“Could you place it on loudspeaker?” I asked.
“I will” He said and answered the call.

📞 Darrel! ” His boss said with a deep voice.
It can’t be compared to my boss’s though.

Have i really left boss?
He let me go just like that?
I still can’t believe this.
I’m not dead yet?

📞Good day Boss” Darrel said into the phone.

📞I wouldn’t want to yell at you because you’re bedridden. I believe Katy should have conveyed my message to you.

📞She has boss, but…

📞No buts!” His boss yelled. “How dare you fall in love on a mission,to the extent that it distracted you”

📞Boss, it’s not my wish to fall in love on a mission but i couldn’t help it and Boss it has never distracted me. What Katy said is false.

📞Who will fall in love and not be distracted. Anyway, I’ve called the CIA leader over there and ask him to terminate the appointment of your housekeeper.

📞Boss, you can’t do this.

📞Oh, really? Go ahead and tell me what to do. The fact that you’ve been on one case for over two months is just pissing me off. Now i wanna help you clear out your distraction but you’re still telling me not to. Do not make me regret ever choosing you for this mission”

📞I’m sorry boss but please do not terminate her appointment. She’s not my distraction and if you think she is,I’ll try hard not to be distracted, I’ll be more serious with this case. Please boss.

📞Say all that to the thrash cause I’ve called the CIA leader and he said he’ll terminate her appointment once he finds another replacement which will be in a few days, so tell your so called lover to get ready to leave.



The call disconnected and i heaved a sad sigh.
I’ll be leaving Darrel soon.
Nath too and the house.

Tears filled my eyes and i quickly stopped it from scrolling down my cheeks.
I sniffed and brushed back my hair.

“Com’on Mia, I’ll find a way around this. Don’t cry” he pulled me close and it was then my tears rushed out in full force.


He smiled and kissed my forehead.
“I love you” He said, hugging me tightly.
He wiped my tears and made me look into his eyes.

“I know what to do” He said.
“What?” I asked slowly.
“I’ll tell the doctor to discharge me soon. Tomorrow” He said.
“Darrel, you’re not strong yet” I said.
“Yes i know that but listen to my plan”
“What if i try all my possible best to capture the assassin before your appointment will be terminated”

“You can’t do that Darrel”
“Mia, i will. I will be very serious and focused now”

I breathed out deeply.

“Darrel you can’t capture the assassin within few days, just let go of that thought” I said.
“Trust me, i can. I’ve been lenient enough,now i gotta get back to my old self. I feel energized right now, like continuing the investigation immediately”
“Darrel they’ll find a new housekeeper probably tomorrow, how will you do it?”
“Nah! Not tomorrow, probably in a week time and with the new flow of energy in my veins, i bet i can get that assassin within a week”
“Darrel, you can’t!” I said.

“Why are you not happy about it, i expected you to be happy. Don’t you want me to finish up this case so we can take our relationship to the next level”
“I..I’m happy about it, its just that I’m scared for you, i don’t want you to getting shot again”
“I won’t, i promise” He said.
“Must you finish up this case, Darrel just let go of this case, please” I said.
“I can’t. Once i bite, i don’t let go. I’ve never let go of any case and i particularly wanna see the end of this case”

I’ve quit.
Why can’t you also quit.

“What’s up?” Nath said coming in, he stopped walking when he saw our faces.
“What happened? You guys are not looking as bright as i left you” He said.
“Well… Katy came” Darrel said.
“Ohh!” Nath sighed before sitting.

“Mia’s appointment will be terminated soon” Darrel said and Nath nearly jumped out of the chair.
“What!” He exclaimed.
“How? What the hell happened?” Nath asked.
“They assume she’s a distraction to me” Darrel said.
“Damn!” Nath swore.
“What are we gonna do?” He asked.

“I have plans and I’ve told Mia about it. I’m gonna try to solve the case before another housekeeper is employed”
“How are you going to do that? Another housekeeper will be employed in just few days and you can’t possibly solve this hard case within a few days” Nath said.
“Exactly what i told him” I said.

“Nah, another housekeeper can’t be appointed within days, probably after a week and i should be able to solve this case by then, i don’t mind having sleepless nights”
“Mmmm. Just call on me whenever you need my help, I’ll be right there for you. Remember we’re in this together” Nath said.
“Thanks Nath” Darrel smiled.

“So, what next ?” Nath asked.
“Help me get Doc Mart” I said.
“Why?” Nath asked.
“Are you feeling pains?” I asked.
“I wanna be discharged now!” He said.

“Agent D. You’re not well eno..” Nath was saying.
“Doctor Mart!!!” Darrel shouted loudly.

❤️⚔️Few days later❤️⚔️

“Darrel, please come have your lunch” I said knocking on Darrel’s office door.
He has been in there working his ass off.
Yesterday,he didn’t leave his office until late in the night.
He’s doing all this for me, not knowing I’m the one he’s yearning to apprehend.

I would have been so happy if the assassin wasn’t me.
I would have worked alongside with him.

Should I tell him?

What if he finds out himself that I’m the assassin. Cause the rate he’s working hard,i bet he’s gonna fish me out soon.
What should i do?

He’ll be less hurt if i told him than him finding out.
He said he’ll keep on loving me even if i do the worst thing on earth.
Should i tell him then?

“Delicious” Katy said beside me, jolting me out of my thoughts.
She was holding a tray containing her lunch, and a glass cup of juice.
She cooks her meals separately since we got back from the hospital.
She doesn’t help Darrel in his office anymore and they dont even interact like they normally do.
She distanced herself from everyone.

“He’s not eating again?” She asked.
“Yeah” I nodded.
“Maybe your meals are not delicious enough” She said and laughed to herself before walking away.

I knocked on the door again.

“Darrel, your lunch is here” I said.
“Keep it, I’m gonna eat it when I’m done” He said loudly.
“Darrel i want you to eat it now” I said.
“I’m busy Mia”

If only the door isn’t locked.

“I’m not gonna eat either and Nath too” I said and i heard him sigh loudly.
I smiled when i heard his footsteps.

The door opened and i quickly walked in.
“Damn! Look at your eyes, you’re so stressed out” I said while he walked back to his seat.
“I’m not but my eyes are” He said and sat down.

Looking at him made me feel guilty that it almost bought tears to my eyes.
I’m tired of seeing him like this everyday when i know I’m the same person he’s working so hard to get and I’m also the same person he’s working this hard for.

“I’m sorry” I said.
“What are you sorry for?” He asked.

Did i said that aloud?

“F .. for making you work this hard”
“Com’on,I’ll do anything for you and what I’m doing right now,is the least i can do for you” He said.

Not that.
I’m sorry for making you work this hard when i know I’m the assassin you’re looking for, I’m right under your roof.
I’ve betrayed you already.

“Thanks, would you please eat now” I said.
“Okay, you can leave. I’ll call you when I’m done” He said.
“No, eat it now. I will wait till i see you finish everything on this plate”
“I ca…” He was saying.
“No argument” I interrupted him.

He nodded and started eating…

“Good news, I’m close to getting the assassin” He smiled and even though my heart raced in fear. I had to fake a laughter too.
“Thank goodness” I said.

“Make sure you come out of this place before dinner or I’ll knock down this door” I said and Darrel laughed.
“Don’t worry, i will” He said walking me to the door..

I made sure he finished his lunch and even drank the whole water.

He opened the door for me and i stepped out.
“Must you lock the door?” I asked.
“Why?” I asked.
“Cause i know someone like you can just barge in and force water down my throat” he said and i laughed.

“See ya later, i gotta go back to work” He said and pecked my cheeks.
He closed the door and then locked it.

I smiled and started walking back to the kitchen, i heard Katy’s footsteps behind me but i decided not to stop.

She suddenly blocked my movement by standing in front of me.

“You’re the assassin, aren’t you?” She asked and my whole system stopped.

⚔️The beautiful killer⚔️

#Chapter 57✓


I’ve been pondering on it since i suspected Mia to be the assassin.
I have some proof that she is but they are not concrete enough.

Could she be the assassin? And yet live under the same roof with a CIA agent, transferred from California to apprehend her?
The more i think of it,the more confusing it gets.

I’ve tried sneaking into her room severally but her door is always locked,even if she’s just downstairs in the kitchen.
Who does that?
Obviously she’s hiding something and it’s definitely a bad thing one mustn’t hear of.

And her phone, she never drops it,even if she finally drops it,I’m damn sure it’s gonna have a password but I’m gonna apply one of the tricks Eric thought me.

I miss him though.

I plan to leave here tomorrow but i don’t think i can anymore, i need to figure this out.

How will i do it?
Should i confront her?

That won’t work but that’s the only thing i can do.
By confronting her,I’ll watch her expression.

Hmmm…I should think of another way..
If im also accused to be an assassin,i wouldn’t hesitate to scratch out the person’s face.

I packed my dishes and stood up from the couch.
I started heading to the kitchen at the same time Mia walked out of Darrel’s office.
The plate she was carrying was empty and i felt jealous immediately knowing Darrel does not like eating when working,no matter how one forces him but he just finished Mia’s meal.

What the hell have she enchanted him with?
Could she be an enchanter?

I felt like smashing the whole plate on her head as i walked behind her.

I’m a bit glad, i distanced myself from Darrel.
I need to let go of my feelings for him, if i keep getting close to him, then my feelings would never erase.

I think this is the best time to confront Mia.
I breathed out deeply before rushing to block her movement and without thinking, i blurted out the question.

“You’re the assassin, aren’t you?” I asked and was shocked to see her frozen.
The Mia i know would have yelled at me the moment i said that but she just stood, looking ashen like someone whose deadly secret has been revealed.

Her whole face had turn pale and she didn’t even moved.

This can mean only one thing…
Mia is the assassin!!!
She just confirmed my suspicion.


“W..what did you just say?” She finally asked, slowly dropping the tray in her hand.
I noticed her breathing was uneven.
” I asked if you’re the assassin and no doubt you are” I said and turned to leave but she pulled me back roughly with my hair.


“Are you nuts!” She yelled.
“I’m not! You are” I yelled back, dropping my tray.
“How dare you accuse me of something I’m not!”
“Don’t try to cover it up, you are.” I said.
“Your proof?” She asked.
“I saw it in your expression just now! You were looking like someone whose deadly secret has just been revealed”

“Ohh…my expression?” She laughed. “That’s the only proof you have?” She asked mockingly.

As a CIA agent, I’m not allowed to tell my suspect the proofs I’ve acquired.
But is Mia truly the assassin?
I can’t just judge with facial expression.

I need concrete evidence.

“I know you hate me but i never knew the hate was so strong to the extent that you’d accuse me of being an assassin. I was shocked and disappointed at the same time and that explains my expression okay?” She said..


“Well i’m sorry for accusing you and i don’t hate you” I said.
“Whatever” She said before heading towards the stairs.
“Why do you always lock your room?” I blurted out.
“Because of some relentless insects like you” She said and walked out of my sight.

I sighed and picked up my tray, i continued my journey to the kitchen.

You need to do some thinking.

Great thinking.


Damn!” I swore as i walked into my room.

I almost gave way for her suspicion.
I never knew it was just suspicion at first, and as soon as i knew,i quickly acted up.

I was scared outta my wits.

I just had to quickly act up and i guess i did well cause it seems she believed me.
So she could fall for my cheap lie, despite how clever she is.

Is that how good my acting is?

I smiled and walked to my window,i parted the curtain and peered out.
It’s chilly.

For Katy to have suspected me,confronted me, then she must have gathered enough proof .
I must admit she’s damn good in her field of work, she’ll do everything she can to confirm her suspicion about me.

What do i do?

I heard little sounds on the rooftop and then saw the atmosphere change, it began drizzling,the water droplets began growing wider and falling frequently.

“It’s raining” I shouted excitedly before rushing out of my room…
Even with how excited i am, i didn’t forgot to lock my door.

I rushed down the stairs to the living room and then outside.
I surrendered completely to the rain as i walked under it.

Droplets of water hit my hair, my skin and my dress.
I had gotten drenched in seconds as the rain grew heavy.

I laughed happily, brushing my wet hair off my face .

Rain have always been my only source of comfort.
It comforted me even when my brother and mother left me in this cold world.
Well…the world doesn’t seem cold anymore when i met Darrel.
I discovered there’s more to life than we think and i wish i never became an assassin.

And just like i normally do when i was little till my teen age.

I cried in the rain.

I walked back inside when the rain stopped, my clothes and hair was dripping wet.
No one was in the living room, i walked to the stairs and started climbing it to my room .

“Geez!” I exclaimed when i nearly slipped.
I laughed till i got to my door.
I inserted the key into the lock and twisted it.
It opened and i walked in, i closed the door after me and started pulling off my wet clothes as i headed to the bathroom.

I dumped my clothes in the laundry basket before filling the tub with warm soapy water.
I slide in and sighed satisfactorily.
I smiled as i played with the bubbles.

I feel happy whenever i get the chance to be under the rain.
Though it brings back some memories i would love to forget but i feel so relieved and stress-free whenever I’m under it.

I thought about my future with Darrel while i was under the rain and i wish wishes come true.
Even if we spend hundreds of years together, Darrel will one day find out about me.

Shouldn’t i just tell him,to make things easier?
No, i can’t.
There’ll be disaster. But it’ll be more disastrous if he finds out himself.
He would never trust me again..

I shivered at the realization.

My warm water have gone cold..
Well,I’ve stayed long enough in the tub.

I sat down on the breakfast bar in the kitchen,clad in Darrel’s t-shirt and shorts. It feels so free on my body and i love it.
After i got out of the tub, I didn’t felt like putting on my own clothes, i don’t know what pushed me to Darrel’s room.

I took one of his shirt and shorts and then put it on.hi fresh ome on+233544142683 to get more of this stories from storybaze, storyline,house of stories room, Novela and story room.
I had feel so good and i still do.

I smiled as i sipped my hot coffee.
The cookies should get baked already, I’m hungry.
I had started baking it at the same time i was making my coffee and now my coffee is ready but the cookies is not.

Well … I don’t expect it to get ready at the same time.

I stared at the oven wishing the timer would go off and yes it did!

My first wish that ever came through.
Who said wishes doesn’t come true?

I stood up eagerly and walked to the oven.
I opened it and checked the cookies.

Brown like i always love it.
I put off the oven and brought out the cookies.
It’s in two trays.

We’re gonna eat the cookies in the first tray and then I’m gonna store the ones in the second tray.

I picked my phone and placed a call across Nath.

📞Mia” He said.

📞Come have some cookies.

📞On my way” He said excitedly and i laughed.

I disconnected the call and returned my phone to the pocket of Darrel’s shorts.

I picked a cookie.

So hot, but i didn’t let it go.
I threw it into my mouth and chewed it fast.
I opened my mouth wide, blowing out the hot breath while eating the cookies. My tongue felt as if it was on fire.

I regretted eating the cookie that hot, it has burnt my tongue already.
It’s tasty though.

I opened the refrigerator and poured myself some cold water, i quickly gulped it down..
It eased some of the pain.


I walked out of the kitchen to the living room.
I met Katy seated.
I wonder why she’s always on her laptop , what does she do on it.

“Katy do you care for some cookies?” I asked.
“Huh?” She asked, obviously surprised.
“Do you care for some cookies?” I asked again.
“No” She said.

“Okay” I said walked back to the kitchen.
I walked past Darrel’s office door and decided not to disturb him.
He’s gonna have his when he’s out.


I closed my laptop and stood up.
I’m feeling so pressed.

I walked to the door and unlocked it, i stepped out and closed it right behind me.

“Wow” I grinned as i perceived the aroma of cookies.
I headed to the kitchen instead of the restroom.
The aroma deepened as i neared the kitchen.

I got to the door and smiled when i saw Mia sitting on the breakfast stool while eating cookies and sipping coffee.
She was all smiles.

And isn’t that my t-shirt and shorts.
I chuckled lightly, it’s looking so good and free on her.
Her hair is just in a simple ponytail and her face free of makeup,yet she looks so beautiful.

I smiled happily, knowing how lucky i am to have secured her heart.

I cleared my throat and she turned.
“Darrel” she smiled wider and my heart raced with her love.
“So,you never planned to call me to join you” I teased as i walked closer to her .
“Nah! Look, i already packed yours” She said pointing to the plate beside hers.
i didn’t want to disturb you” She added.

I nodded and picked a cookie from her plate.
“Yummy” I said as i chewed it.
“Thanks” She smiled.

“Look, I’m putting on your clothes” She giggled.
“I know, i will go put on yours too when I’m done with these cookies” I said .
“My clothes are gonna tear off even before it gets to your shoulder” She said and we both laughed.

My phone’s ringtone interrupted us.

I brought it out from my pocket..

CIA leader.

I cleared my throat before answering the call.

📞Good day Mr Lance.

📞 Good day Darrel. Luke is on his way to the house .

📞 Okay.

📞With your new housekeeper” He added.

⚔️The beautiful killer⚔️

#Chapter 58✓


I cleared my throat before answering the call.

📞Good day Mr Lance.

📞 Good day Darrel. Luke is on his way to the house .

📞 Okay.

📞With your new housekeeper” He added.


“What?” Mia asked in a whisper..
I swallowed hard.

📞What is wrong?” Mr Lance asked.

📞Huh… nothing?

📞I hope your housekeeper left already? If not,she better start packing her things now.

📞Mr Lance can you give my housekeeper more time? Please.

📞No, i can’t. And like i said earlier, your new housekeeper is on the way…

📞Mr Lance…” I was saying but the call already disconnected.


“What’s wrong?” Mia asked looking worried,she already stood on her feet.
I blew out a breath and brushed my hair with my hand.

Mia can’t leave .

“Darrel, what happened?” She asked worriedly.
“Luke is on his way here…”
“And?” She asked anxiously.
“With the new housekeeper” I said and saw her face turn sour..
“W.. what!” She exclaimed with a shaky voice.

“I’ll be leaving here today?” She asked, her eyes teary.
“No, you’re not leaving here” I said.
“I knew they’ll quickly come up with another housekeeper. I knew!” She said.
“Don’t be sad okay? I won’t make you leave here”
“What can you do when they already made order. ” She said.
“I know what to do Mia”
“I knew your plan won’t work” She sniffed back tears.

“Com’on Mia, just trust me this time okay? If only they can be more patient, im almost done with this case. And I’m damn sure to capture her on her next mission.”
“I should better start packing” she said.
“No, don’t. You won’t leave here. I won’t allow that” He said.
“You won’t allow what?” We heard and turned to see Katy standing by the kitchen door.

“Darrel what has come over you? They’re trying to help you by putting your distraction away yet you keep pulling it back”
“She’s not a distraction! And it’s better you shut up cause you caused all this in the first place” I said angrily.
“Darrel i was trying to help you” She said.
“I don’t need your help!” I yelled drawing Mia close.

The doorbell rang interrupting further talk.

“I’ll go get it” Katy walked away..
“They are here” I said and Mia nodded.

“You’re welcome Luke” we heard Katy said.
“Come” I took Mia’s hand and led her to the living room.
They were already seated.
It’s a guy and he kinda looked skittish.
Brown spiky hair, huge black eyes,oval face and medium sized body.

Well…my plan should work.

“What do you care for?” Katy asked.
“Drink will do for now” Luke said.
“Okay, I’ll be right back” She said and i wonder what’s making her excited.

“She has not left yet?” Luke asked referring to Mia.
“Yeah,she has not and she won’t” I said firmly.
I made Mia sit before sitting beside her.

“So, he’s the one right?” I asked Luke who nodded.
“Darrel, Mia shouldn’t be seated here with us. That is against the ethics” Luke said .
“Sh..” I was saying .
“I’ll leave Darrel. It’s truly against your work ethic” Mia said standing up and before i could say anything,she walked away.

I sighed.


I stood in the dining room, placing my ear close to the curtain to eavesdrop.

“So what’s your name?” Darrel asked..
“Joel Bricks.”
“Are you the only child?” Darrel asked.
“No, i have a sibling” The guy said.

“Ohh…I guess you know what you’re here for” Darrel said.
“Yeah, housekeeping”
“Do you know who i am?” Darrel asked.
“Uhh…no. ”
“Okay then, have you heard about the anonymous assassin murdering people in this city?” Darrel asked.

“Y..yes” The guy said and i could sense fear in his voice.
I held back my laughter.
I slowly shifted the curtain aside and peeped.
“Well…I’m the secret CIA agent in charge of the case” Darrel said.

The guy shifted uncomfortably in his seat, glancing at Luke.
“But this wasn’t what you told me” Joel said to Luke.
“That is not all. The assassin do come here every night….” Darrel have not finished talking before the guy jumped up in fright..

He ran out of the door and this time i couldn’t hold my laughter.
I laughed out loud.
“Darrel! Why did you do this!” Luke yelled.
“Well, i simply filled the housekeeper in on what he should prepare for or is that against the ethics too?” Darrel asked.

“Luke sighed angrily before standing up.
He walked out.

I stepped out of the dining room,the same time Katy fumed out.
I guess she was also eavesdropping.

“Darrel! How could you!” She yelled.
“Hey! You’re not entitled to interfere in any matter concerning this case okay?” Darrel yelled back.
“Ohh… really?”

” I’m not entitled to that truly but i guess I’m entitled to call boss!” She smirked, bringing out her phone.
“Go ahead!” Darrel said.

“Katy, please don’t” I pleaded but Darrel stopped me.
“Let her be Mia” Darrel said.
“Katy, Darrel might lose his job. Please” I pleaded.
She sent me a glare as she dialled their boss’s number.

She placed it on loudspeaker.

📞Boss” She said.

📞Katy, how are you?

📞I’m fine. Boss, Darrel’s housekeeper is still in his house”

📞 Really?” The boss said.

📞Yes Boss.

📞! what the hell is wrong with Darrel!

📞That’s not all boss, a new housekeeper was brought in now and Darrel scared him away.

📞What! Why’s Darrel so bent on ruining our reputation. I’m on my way to New York now.


📞And if the housekeeper is still in the house. I’ll make sure Darrel lose his job” He said angrily before disconnecting the call.


“To hell with you Katy!” I yelled…
“You’re the worst friend I’ve ever seen” I said.

She has a sober look on.

“I’m sorry dar..”
“Hey!!” Darrel interrupted her harshly.

“Darrel, I’m leaving. I won’t want you to lose your job” I said.
“No, Mia. ” He said.
“Just let me go”
“Please Mia, stay”
“I can’t. Loosing your job is just like loosing your dream. It’ll wreck you Darrel and i don’t want that to happen. I know how much you love your job. Please just let me leave, we’ll still get to see each other” I said and quickly ran to my room to start packing my things.


“Bye Darrel” Mia said walking to the door with her luggage.
Her eyes were red and i know she already cried before coming downstairs.
I felt pained.
She’s leaving for me.
She doesn’t want me to lose my job. She cares for me,she cares for my future.

I sent Katy a deadly glare,right from this moment she already cease to be my friend.

“Mia…” I said.
“Please just let me go Darrel, I’ll give you a call” she said.
“No..” I was saying.
“Please, do this for me” She pleaded.
“It’s raining” I said and she smiled sadly.
“You know i love rain”
“Take my car” I said.
“It’s an official car, i can’t” She said.
“I have to leave now. Your boss will arrive any time soon” She said.

She walked to me and kissed me fully on the lips.

“Bye” she said and walked out…
I feel so hurt watching her leave.

I turned to Katy who stood, looking sorry.

“She’s gone, what are you also waiting for? Get the hell out of my sight, pack your things and leave too!” I said.
“Of course i will leave but i need to tell you something before i leave”
“Say whatever you wanna say, im going after Mia now” I said.

I can’t let her go alone in this harsh rain.

“Don’t waste my ti…” I was saying but was shocked by what she said next.
“Mia is the assassin you’ve been toiling to apprehend” She said.

“I have my proof” She said, shocking me further.⚔️The beautiful killer⚔️

#Chapter 59✓


“Don’t waste my ti…” I was saying but was shocked by what she said next.
“Mia is the assassin you’ve been toiling to apprehend” She said.

“I have my proof” She said, shocking me further.

I rested my hand on the nearest couch still looking at Katy.

“I never knew your hatred for Mia has gone this far” I said.
“Darrel! Hatred aside, and i don’t even hate her. When did you turn this Darrel?” She asked with pain in her voice but i was less concerned with that at the moment.
“You don’t hate her? Yet you’re accusing her”
“I’m not accusing her! What I’m saying is the truth. I have pro…” She was saying but i stopped her with my words.

“I don’t want to hear anything else you have to say. Pack your things and leave” I said and started walking to the door.
“Darrel” She called just as i was about pulling the door open.
I turn and saw her eyes,watery with tears.

Normally, i would have rushed to her,wipe her tears and comforted her but Katy messed up big time. She’s no longer the Katy i know.
Even if she almost had me loose my job, i still feel sympathy for her.
“You don’t believe me?” She asked sniffing.
“Leave before I’m back” I said and with a final look.
I pulled the door open and stepped out.

The rain poured down heavily and my heart itch in pain.
Mia is under this rain, probably looking for shelter just because of what Katy did.
I gritted my teeth as i tightened my fist almost breaking my car key.

Where will i find her?
She never told me her home address.
I’m just realizing that i don’t know much about Mia. I know so little about her .

“Agent D.” Nath called loudly, trying to make his voice clear in the rain.


The rain is getting heavier.

He was holding an umbrella over his head as he made his way to me.
“You’re standing in the rain” He said, trying to raise the umbrella higher so it could cover the both of us but i stopped him.
“Did you see Mia?” I asked.

“Yes, she left some minutes ago. She refused to tell me anything. All she said was i should tell you not to look for her. What’s going on agent D. I’m so worried”
“You’ll get to know later, now i need to go in search of her. It’s raining pretty hard ” I said.
“I offered her an umbrella but she declined”
“I know how much she love being in the rain but not this time” I said, moving to my car.

“Open the gate, i need to go after her now before she goes far. She’s coming back into this house and i don’t mind loosing my job! Open the gate!!” I said and unlocked my car .
I got in and felt warm immediately, my clothes are drenched and my hair too.

I grabbed my dry napkin from the backseat and dried my face and hair before inserting the key into the ignition.
The car roared to life and i drove speedily out of the open gate.
“Maintain your driving rules” Nath shouted after me.

I drove back into the compound sadly after hours of futile search.
It’s getting dark already.

I picked my phone and dialled Mia’s number for the 40th time..
I groaned when it directed me to voicemail again.

What if she’s hurt and damn it!

It’s now snowing.

Me being in the car,I’m still damn cold,not to talk of someone out there, probably in the streets.

I parked my car in the compound and rested my head on the wheels in frustration.

Where could she be?
She’s not even picking up my calls.
What if those bad guys have her.


Why did i allow her leave in the first place.

I almost sprang up when i heard my phone ring, i pick it up, hoping to see Mia but i was disappointed to my bones when i saw;


I nearly smashed my phone against the windscreen.

What the freaking hell does he want again.
If he’s in New York,he should better find a hotel.
I won’t accommodate him!
He caused all this.

I watched my phone ring till the call disconnected.
I hissed before picking up the second ring.

📞Darrel , i cancelled my flight because of the weather. I’ll be in New York whenever it’s safe to fly .

📞 Okay” I replied numbly.

I would have been so happy if Mia was here with me.
The person she left for is not coming anytime soon. Why didn’t she wait?

She cared so much about me, she does not want me to lose my job. She’s far better than the one i call my best friend,she’s simply the best thing that has ever happened to me.

📞 Darrel are you okay?” Boss asked.

📞 Yeah” I said tempted to disconnect the call.

📞 Okay, bye then” He said and i think he waited for several seconds for me to say bye.
He disconnected when he didn’t hear anything from me.

I stared down at my phone and was about ringing Mia once again when i head a gentle knock on the windscreen.
I glanced towards it and saw Nath.
He gesticulated for me to open the car door.

I sighed and did.
I stepped out of the the car and locked it.
My phone went into my pocket,so as my car key.

“You didn’t find her?” Nath asked and i nodded.
He sighed sadly and patted my shoulder.
“I believe she’s somewhere safe” He said.
“She’s not picking my calls” i said gently but screamed in my inner mind.
“Sh.. she’ll be back agent D. I know that” Nath said reassuringly.

“You really need to change into dry clothes”
“Yeah” I said walking in.
“Katy left too” He said and i stopped walking.
“With her things?” I asked.
“Yes” he said.

I should feel satisfied she left already but i didn’t know why I’m feeling bad, like i treated her the wrong way.
Like she don’t deserve what i did to her, when she actually do.

Sending her away justifies what she did.

I walked into the house with my mind occupied with the thought of Mia.

She’s having problem lodging and she’ll call me back when she’s settled right?
Yeah.. that’s it.

Well…i hope that’s it.

I climbed the stairs and headed to my room.
I should do what Nath said. I should change into dry clothes. I’m starting to shiver.

I walk into my room, dropped my phone and car key on the shelf before heading to the bathroom.
I pulled off my wet clothes and took a warm shower.

I walked back to my room with a towel around my waist.
I feel i should call Katy to know if she had a safe trip back home, considering the weather but i won’t. She really upset me..

I opened my wardrobe and selected a pair of blue jeans and white t-shirt.
I made them land on the bed before closing my wardrobe.

I proceeded to put on my selected clothes when my phone started ringing.
I rushed to the shelf with high hopes but my hopes dashed when i saw the caller ID .

It’s Eric.

I’m not picking up.
Katy has surely narrated the ordeal to him.
I’m not in the mood to batter words.

I left the phone ringing and stared putting on my clothes.
My body felt better and warm but my heart is as cold as ever…
Eric should just stop calling already.
He should know I’m not picking up.

I walked out of the bathroom after hanging my damp towel on the rail .
Thankfully, my phone has stopped ringing.

I picked my phone and sat on the bed.
I resumed calling Mia and it kept directing me to voicemail.

I groaned,almost hitting the bedstand.
I stand up and walked to the door,still dialling Mia’s number.

It kept referring me to voicemail till i got downstairs.
I don’t just get myself anymore.

I walked to the kitchen and poured myself a liquor drink. I’m starving but I’m sure i won’t even be able to eat any meal if i was offered one.
I gulped down the whole drink in my glass cup.

“Ah!” I sighed as it burned my throat.
I poured more into my glass cup and gulped it down my throat.
I’ll go continue my search for Mia once I’m done with the drink.

I know she’s not lost but not even hearing from her is driving me crazy.
I need to see her.

I dropped the empty glass cup in the sink and walked out of the kitchen.
I need to take a coat before stepping out.

I started walking to the stairs but a knock on the door stopped me.
Nath should just come in. Why knocking.
The knock came again.

“Nath, come in” I shouted rubbing my forehead.
“I can’t, you need to open the door ” He said and i sighed.

I’m not in for his pranks right now.
I walked to the door and pulled it open.

And there is Mia, looking unconscious in Nath’s arm.


My breathing stopped for a few seconds when i grabbed her from Nath.

Her body is so cold.

So cold.

The last time i had touched a body cold as this, it belonged to a dead person.

My mum.

Oh, no!

Tears welled in my eyes as i ran to my room with Mia in my arms.
My face did not leave her face,which almost made me stumble on the stairs.

I kicked my door opened and stepped inside.
“Turn on the house heater” I told Nath.
“Okay, but I’ll make fire in your room first” He said and headed to my fireplace.
There’s so much worry in his eyes.

Hearing her breathings reassured me.
She’s alive.

I got to the bathroom and placed her in the tub.
I started peeling off her wet clothes.
Even though I’ve imagined seeing Mia naked, i wish there was a lady to do this for me.
I feel like I’m invading her privacy but if i don’t do this now,I’m afraid I’ll lose her.

The cold must not eat deep into her body.
I just hope she understands why i did this when she’s awake.

I finished peeling off her clothes and forced my eyes not to linger on her body.
Mia has the most beautiful body I’ve ever seen.
The nice curves i do see whenever she’s clad in clothes is now bare to me and i must confess it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

It’s irresistible.

I swallowed hard and cursed my body for reacting to an unconscious woman’s body.
And i cursed myself more for staring at her when i should have filled her body with warm water.

I blinked severally and finally removed my gaze from her body.
I fill the tub with warm water and stared at her face as i held it in my palms.

She’s beautiful.

Very beautiful.

My heart ache for the love i have for her.
How did i eventually end up falling for Mia.
I did not have this sort of feeling the first day she was here and suddenly after weeks, my heart started feeling funny whenever I’m with her.
I thought it was because of her looks but no.

I would still love her regardless of what she looks like.
Her heart is the only thing more beautiful than her face.
After my mum, Mia is the sweetest person I’ve met and i can’t afford to lose her.

It’ll break me completely.

Her movement jolted me out of my thoughts.
Her body moved just now?

Yeah it did.

I noticed the water has stated getting cold.
I quickly renewed it with another warm water.

Her eyelids started flickering and i couldn’t be more happy when she finally opened her eyes.
She closed it back immediately and i guess her vision isn’t stable yet.

I brought her out of the tub and wrapped a towel around her body.
I carried her in my arms back to my room.

Nath has lit the logs in the fireplace and the whole room is warm.
Where’s he though?

I gently place her on my bed before tucking her in the blanket.
Her long black hair spread on
my making her face look so small and smooth.

She stirred and i hold my breath, not able to take in all of her beauty.

All I’m concerned about now is her health.
I’m glad she’s now conscious.

I sat beside her and felt her body temperature.
I think my touch on her skin made her open her eyes again.

“D..da..rrel” she called, slowly lifting her hand to my face.
Her vigorous eyes is now looking weak and dark.

“Mia” I call happily kissing her forehead.
“Are you okay?” I asked and she nodded.
“You sure?” I asked and she nodded again.

“I’m so sorry f..” I was saying but she stopped me.
“I just want to sleep” She said….
“Please” she added weakly before closing her eyes..

I smiled, my whole body zapping with excitement.
She’s now conscious and she just spoke to me.

That was what I’ve been hoping for all day.
I should just leave her to sleep now.
I peck her cheeks before getting up from the bed.

Nath walked in with a steaming coffee in hand.

“She’s now conscious” i announce excitedly.
“Yeah, i can tell with the huge smile on your face. I’m so glad she’s awake” He said.
“Me too. She said i should leave her to sleep”
“I should better return this coffee to the kitchen then and tomorrow you must tell me everything” He said.

“I will”


It’s past midnight and im still watching Mia sleep.
I took a sip of the liquor in my hand.

I just finished a whole bottle, I’m now on the second one.
I’ll do anything to keep me awake, i need to watch over Mia and i need to be here when she opens her eyes.

Though I’m getting intoxicated with the liquor but im glad it’s keeping me awake.
My eyes feel drowsy and i rubbed my palm over my face.

I’ve been doing this but i don’t think it’s working anymore.

I took six cups of coffee before starting the liquor but it didn’t help.
This liquor helps better than the coffee do.

I gulped more and sighed.

“Darrel” I heard Mia call and i sat up on the chair.
“Mia” I said, walking to the bed.

No, staggering.

I’m drunk.

“Are you okay?” I asked, sitting beside her. Trying to behave normal.
“I’m fine, Darrel you’re drunk” She said holding my hand.
“I’m not,” I said even though objects have started looking double in my eyes.

I shifted closer to her and hugged her.
She hugged me back tightly.

I smiled as i sniffed her hair, i really miss her scent.
I kissed her fresh neck, holding her smooth hair in my hand.

We disengaged from the hug after a long time.

“There’s something i want to tell you” She said and is that tears in her eyes.

No, i guess it’s my drunken state.
And now I’m feeling sleepy.
I can’t control it anymore, i yawned loudly.

“Darrel there’s something i want to tell you” Mia repeated.
“What?” I asked, halfway asleep..

“I am….

“I am the…

I am the assassin you came to New York to apprehend.


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