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❤ Episode eleven❤

Sophia rushed in quickly without any hesitation, without looking back, without any care.

For as long as the information about the deceased Jennifer Howells still weighed her mind, then there is no way for her to mind anything happening around her.

She bumped into a nurse who quickly held her by the arm.

“Let go of me.” She queried.

“I need to see things for myself. I need to see her body.” She added in a tone full of hurt.

By this time around, tears had started settling at the bottom of her eyelids.

“How did it happen?” She asked the nurse who shrugged.

The nurse tried to explain, but Sophia ran passed her into the private ward where Jennifer was admitted.

She wore a confused expression on her face.

“What the…” She wasn’t allowed the chance to speak as the nurse cut her off.

“That is what I was trying to tell you, Miss.” The nurse said.


I saw someone come out of her ward.

We both bumped into each other but the person quickly left.

I was scared something may be wrong with her so I went inside the ward.

There I saw her convulsing, struggling for her life.

I’m just a ward ox so I rushed to inform the nurse and the doctor about the recent development.

They came immediately and tried reviving her to no avail.

She passed out and so we thought she was dead.

We weren’t feeling her pulse nor her heartbeat.

But some minutes ago, she woke up.


Sophia went towards Jennifer, studying the young girl sleeping peacefully.

“And her dad?” Sophia asked.

“Her dad doesn’t know about it.” The nurse said and she nodded after heaving a sigh of relief.


“How could you forget your appointment with Mr Downs?” Tony’s father scolded Tony who cared less about the whole scenario.

“Dad please!” He cut his dad.

“I had to go and keep your *Daughter in law* at her place and__”

“And you became the good husband to go see her off.” His dad cut him off.

“Now you are in love.” His dad added and he shook his head in disbelief.

“No no you are. If not, tell me why you decided to go and see her off? If not for the fact that you love her.” Tony’s dad asked him,.

“Tell me who is worth so much that you forgo a billion dollar contract if not for someone that you love.” He asked Tony again who shrugged.

His dad was making a point you know, only someone that is worth it, can make you act stupidly.

Tony’s phone started ringing and he picked up the call.

📞”Tony Hartz on the line.”…


📞”For real?”…

📞”Oh God! Thank you very much sir.”…

📞”Ok… I will do just that.”…

Tony hung up immediately with a very broad smile.

“What is it son?” His dad asked. He just smiled to his father.

“Dad, I lost the contract for someone worth it but I got the contract because she is worth it.”

“What do you mean?” His father asked, confused by what Tony just said.

“Dad. I got the contract. MR DOWNS is giving me the contract.” His father smiled.

“Wow! But how did it happen?” He asked Tony.

“Dad I have to go now.” He stood up from the couch and walked away..

“B.. But_” His father tried to talk but Tony had already left.


They say when you get a chip on your shoulder, it is better you keep your shirt on.

That was exactly what Sophia was trying to do.

To be calm when everything around her seemed to be moving in circles and irritating her.

Who wanted to harm Jennifer and for what reason?

She thought of telling Jennifer’s dad but it was no use.

She needed to unveil the mystery on her own.

Sophia sat back on the chair bedside Jennifer’s bed.

She took her face from Jennifer and glanced at the floor.

She saw something and picked it up. It was a syringe whose content wasn’t completely empty.

This might be a lead to finding out if her suspicions were right all along.

She went out but not after sending for guards to keep watch over Jennifer.
And not allow anyone apart from her dad to enter there.

She went into the lab and poured the content of the syringe inside the Petri dish.

After a series of test, the results were out.

“Just as I thought.” She murmured to herself.

“That girl’s life is in danger. I need to do something about it.” She thought again as she walked her way into the office.

“I was waiting for you.” Tony’s voice startled her, making her drop the paper and syringe in her hand to the floor.

“You startled me idiot.” She cursed while picking up the syringe and the paper.

“Too rude.” He muttered.

“Anyways,” He added ignoring the fact that Sophia had actually insulted him.

“I was wondering why you did it.”

“Did what?” Sophia asked.

“Thanks for talking to Mr Downs.” He replied and she nodded.

“Oh that! Well, I just decided to do it since I felt like the cause.” She explained and he nodded simply..

«««««««««««««««« »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»

Cindy looked at Cynthia with extra attention.

Her face told she was scared and worried.

“What if it doesn’t work?” She asked her twin who, was busy pressing her phone.

“Why won’t it work?” Cynthia snarled at her.


“See. Don’t give me that crap. You that can plan to hurt someone and you believe it will work.” Cynthia interrupted.

“Don’t make me punch a wrong digit, else you will receive a punch on that your pretty face.” Cynthia added while Cindy scoffed.


Cynthia dialed the number and it was going through.
The ringing stopped, the recipient answered the call.

📞 Henry Paulson on the line

📞 Hi Henry. This is Cindy Alfredo Devale speaking.
Cynthia lied.

📞 Well I called on behalf of my sister, Sophia. Someone has been harassing her at work.
Cynthia explained.

📞 And she is pleading on you to come and reveal yourself as her fiance.
She added.

📞 But why has she not been picking my calls or calling to tell me it?.
Henry asked.

📞 Like I said. She is being harassed by the man in question.
Cynthia said feigning a sad tone.

📞 Ok. I’ll be coming over to America in the next two days.
He said and ended the call.

The two ladies squealed in excitement.

“Finally. The long awaited day draws near.” Cynthia said in a wicked and menacing tone that Cindy could not comprehend.

Cindy stared at Cynthia suspiciously but decided to shrug it off.




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