❤Episode six❤

😎 Sophia’s POV😎.

I went back home angry.

Not only had Tony added a table in my office, but he also added a bed.
He even changed the name of the hospital. Can you imagine?

Well I was very angry with him for doing what he did.

But what can I do?
I will surely have my revenge on him someday. I’m positive sure about it.

I came out of the car and walked inside the house.

“Sophia!” I heard my dad call, stopping me from taking another step.

I turned to see him and his face was down.

I suddenly had sympathy on him.

Whatever he did, he did it for a reason justifiable enough.

“Dad!” I called back as he drew nearer.

“Princess can we talk. Please I’m__”

“Don’t say it dad. I might be a freak and a devil when it comes to lashing out but I am still your daughter.” I took him by the hand and made him sit on the sofa.

“Princess. I_” He was whimpering but I shushed him.

“Dad please.” I tried convincing him not to talk but he was adamant to listen.

“No princess. I hurt you so much. You are my pride and after your mom, whom I loved so much, you follow suit.” He said and I shut my eyes.

He just mentioned the one part I never wanted to remember,

The one reason why I became this Sophia.

My mom!

She was my all in all. A woman who loved I and dad so much. She devoted herself to taking care of us.

But what happened?? She died.
She died a miserable wife and mother.
Her death was a painful one.

My dad is the only person whom I am living for.

“Dad please. I forgive you. I have to apologize to you too, daddy. I have been a spoilt brat to you. I lashed out on you rudely. Please don’t be feeling guilty. Whatever you did, you did it for a good reason. I know that for sure.” I explained in whimpers.

😎 Mr Devale😎

I feel very bad at the moment.

I feel as the worst father on earth right now.

Which father will do what I did?

Out of greed, I decided to accept Senator Hartz proposal…

Of marrying Sophia to his son, Tony.

“If you are better now I will be off to my room.” Sophia announced and left the sitting room.

I was left to my thoughts and I.
I made a mistake that can not be corrected.

😎 Tony’s POV😎

I walked into the bar and met them sitting at our usual behind the curtain.

I put on my sunshades to avoid girls drooling over my looks.
But who am I deceiving, they still fall for me. Even Cindy fell for me so easily.

Only one lady doesn’t fall for me. And that’s Sophia, daughter of Mr Devale_ My future “bride”. She’s so rude and bossy, though I am rude and bossy but I’m no way near her. Her level is more than mine since she is a woman in the first place.

I walked to my friends and greeted them each with our usual handshakes.

“Hey bro.” Sammie called and I gave him a smile.

It was already late in the evening and as usual we always meet here on Wednesdays.

Sammie’s girl was seated on him, but momentarily stealing glances at me.

“Hey man. You’ve been quiet ever since you came. Are you alright?” Zayn asked and I shook my head.

“Don’t worry, Tony is perfectly fine. He’s just had a hectic day at work.” Sammie answered and I nodded in agreement.

I don’t know why but Sammie’s girl keeps staring at me.

Not just her, Zayn’s girl too.

They need to back off this pretty face of mine. I understand I am super cute but that doesn’t mean you would be staring at me when you are seated with your man.
Well, that is their problem.

“Uhm! Guys, I have a certain problem.” I snapped them out of their make-out sessions. Zayn groaned angrily.

“It better be a very bad problem oh.” I just rolled away my eyes.

“Well it’s about Sophia. You both know about my en__”

“Sirs, will you like anything?” A female bartender interrupted me and I growled angrily.

“Yes. Will you get your slutty self away and get us a male bartender?” I calmly requested from her with my killer smile.
She rolled her eyes and went away.

“You were harsh.” Zayn pointed out.

“Well,” I decided to act like I didn’t hear him.

“Like I was saying, you both know about my sudden engagement to Sophia.”

“Your girlfriend’s step sister.” Sammie noted.

“Yes. That girl is a pain in the flesh. She is so rude and bossy. I really want to tame her.” I told them.

Sammie and Zayn looked at each other before shaking their heads.

“If you want to make her less bossy, why don’t you apply the principle?” Sammie asked. I looked at him confused.

The principle??

The princi__


The principle!

I smiled to myself.

Well Sophia is in for bigger trouble than the one I’ve been giving her…





❤Episode seven❤

😎 Tony’s POV😎

The principle is a simple one. Just by hearing the word itself, you would have a glimpse on what it is.

Reasons why these past two days I have taken a sudden interest in Sophia?

Well all my past life, in all my 27 years that I lived, I have never met one as daring and bold as her. She is beautiful with a unique eye colour, yes. But that wasn’t what made me take a special liking in her.

Remembering vividly, I met her the day she was returning from India. Her dad had hosted a mega party at their domicile.

Even from her ego that she carried on that particular day, one could have guessed right that she was bossy and irritating. I heard it from Cindy tons of times too.

Her dad engaging her on the very day that she returned was a massive blow to her. She didn’t see it coming.

My dad insisted it should be done that way because he wanted my peers, the young and old, to back off.

But of what use was it for her to pour her anger that followed suit an arranged engagement, on me.

Well, it is in her nature, to act rude when right within, she’s just a cry baby.

That’s what I want from her, I want to take away her self seeking Sophia and bring her down to nothing. I want to make her literally beg me for anything.

And there is no better way than the PRINCIPLE.

Girls will remain girls! It is in their nature to fall naturally for flatters, love notes and beautiful romantic words expressed poetically.

Girls have a tendency to fall naturally for a man that loves her just as she is.

Especially those as Sophia! The rude ones are rather the easier ones to get unlike the soft ones.

Those ones are too soft hearted that whatever a man is telling them, it is just making no difference to them.

Sophia is a girl, she is a woman, and like many others, her downfall will be very easy…

So that’s it about the Principle.
It is mostly applied to rude girls like my dearest SOPHIA!!!!!!

I couldn’t wait any longer for tomorrow so I could start.

Too fast? Yes it is. I just feel eager to watch her beg me.

My crazy imaginations were broken when my door was opened.

I live alone in this penthouse so whou could it be?

I jerked up my head only to see Cindy in a tempting attire. She was in a shiny black gown dat was very short. It barely descended her b**t. She walked up to me smiling devilishly.

“How ever did you know my house?” I asked her as she crawled on the bed to my arms.

“Does it matter? We are dating and I ought to be in my boyfriend’s arms at this late hours.” She explained licking the bottom of her lips seductively.

She is turning me on and she won’t like that side of me.

“I’m sorry but you can’t stay, Cindy.” I announced to her disappointment.

😎Sophia’s POV😎

I was called up for an emergency surgery.
I was told it was a case of an accident and I needed to be present.

I hurriedly wore my flip flops, took one of my car keys and rushed out of the house. I didn’t change my pyjamas since it was in the night. I left all my phones at home because the case was an emergency.

After a fast drive to the hospital, I rushed to the emergency theatre. I met my seniors already in their ward robes.

I quickly wore mine, put on my plastic net, and wore a pair of gloves.

I bumped into Major Ruth, a surgical nurse here.

“You are finally here, Miss. The case we have at hand is a complicated case. It involves the mayor’s daughter who had an accident nearby. She was rushed by the people that witnessed the accident. The doctors already opened her up and managed to seal the broken veins and capillaries. But her heart beat kept increasing. We’ve cheked for any injuries around the brain but found none. She has no injury anywhere and as such she is supposed to show signs that she was reviving. But she is not.”

The nurse explained everything while I listened carefully.

Turns out the girl is Jennifer Howells, daughter of the Mayor of Alabama.

But what on earth was she doing here in Atlanta?

Also, her dad has been informed and he’s threatened to ban this hospital if anything happens to his daughter.

“Who the hell does he think he is?” I snorted angrily.

“Let’s go.” I told her and she took me to the girl.

I looked at her face that was covered in blood.

Just by looking at her, you could tell she is a beauty queen.

But death was trying to play tricks on her. I studied her opened body.

I looked at her heart which was beating abnormally fast. When heartbeat rate is faster thanthan normal, then the person is dying.

“How long has her heart been beating like this.” I asked

“For over thirty minutes.” Senior Doctor Ambrose answered.

“Well it seems she was brought here with an accelerated heartbeat.” Senior Doctor Jill replied.

I looked closely at her organs and discovered something.

But will they allow me touch her body?

I am just a graduating doctor and they are my seniors.

“Sirs! Did you check her organs?” I asked.

“Look here young lady. You are a new surgeon here and we’ve checked everything already. Don’t teach us our profession. You might be the owner but we are the professionals.” Another doctor said.

Just as I thought.

They won’t allow me touch her but they won’t touch her either.

This girl will just die here, thereby tarnishing my name, my dad’s name and worst of all, the Hartz family since they are our legal partners.

I won’t have them disrespect our honour.

I need to do something, but these doctors…

Tbc 💕




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