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❤Episode twenty-one❤


“Don’t be surprised to see me Sister… If you are, then what more of my guests that are on their way.” I told Cindy with my sly smile as I walked over to where she was standing, passed her and went to sit on one of the men she hired to kill Sophia.

I smiled because i know they’ve seen my lead already and will be here any minute from now…

Tiberius Paschal is very smart, he leaves a lead for the police to come get him for a reason ….

Only he knows…. 😎😎


“Who did you invite?”

“And what are you doing here?”

“What do you mean by you are the boss?”

“Why is one of my hired assassins on bended back?”

“And why are you seated on him?” Cindy asked ceaselessly and I just smiled…

Well well well…..

“Cindy you ask too many questions.”

“Well my questions are not many kiddo. I am older than you.”

“For a minute.” I retorted.


So this is it, the last day I will be alive. But in all these I got to understand one thing…

Never you come back to a home like mine😒…

Seriously, I mean it.

Looking at the situation that I’m in at the present moment, and looking back to the day I got back,

Isn’t it too early that I got myself in this mess?

“S… Sophia, are you alright?” Tony asked in whispers and I just nodded.

“You don’t look alright to me. You are shivering.” He whispered again.

“I.. I have this fear in me. Tony we are going to die.” I cried to him.

“No we are not…. Look on the bright side.”

“Tony there is no bright sight. I don’t know why you keep this optimistic behaviour of yours, always cheerful, maybe it’s because you’ve never had the opportunity of living with monsters as sisters.” I explained to him.

“Tony, I spent 13 years of my life in a living hell with those girls and their mom. I’ve suffered all my life. You are always cheerful because you don’t know what it feels like to experience pain.”

“Do you really think that way?”

“Yes! Yes I do.” He shook his head while chuckling and I wondered.

“You don’t know. Maybe you are just been too clouded by your own worries that you’ve never thought of other people.”

“What? Is that how you think about me?”

“Of course that’s how I feel about you. Not just me everyone else does same.” He paused and I looked at the faces that gave me stares.

Cynthia and Cindy both nodded in agreement.

The tears just started building up all of a sudden.

It’s a habit i have to cry unnecessarily. But this one is not unnecessary.

How can he say that I careless about other people.

“You see that. Now you are crying when no one has hurt you.” The tears just added.

“You are just so egocentric.” The tears fell again.

“So self centred. You never care about others.” The tears kept falling.

“Tony stop it.” I whimpered but I don’t know if he got to hear what I said, because he wouldn’t stop talking.

“So childish.”

“I said STOP!” I cut him shut.

“Please don’t say anymore. It’s hurting.” I added.

“That’s how everyone feels around you. Hurt! Sophia, you are not the first person in this world who got maltreated by her stepmother. Hi omeano on+233544142683 to get more stories from Unlimited story platform,fresh stories kingdom, house of stories room, Novela and story room. You will not be the last either. If you acting all bossy and annoying was your own way to prove to Millicent that you are not going to chicken up then my dear you got it all wrong. You don’t have to act cold, bossy, bitchy, irrational, all because your mom died and you were left in the care of a woman who literally hates your guts. There were better ways to do so, besides you had your dad’s support and it wasn’t that terrible.”

He breathed out…

I let out a little cry…

“That’s unlike her. She doesn’t cry.” Cynthia commented.

“Yes. She only cries in her dreams.” Cindy added back in nods.

“Stop it girls. Look here Sophia, if you have to be the one carrying a curse that requires the weirdest of humans to break the curse, won’t you have every reason to give up on life?” He asked and I shrugged.

I didn’t understand him.

We later on heard gunshots and I got scared.

So were the others except for Cynthia who took out her gun and shot one of the men there.

We all looked at her and definitely our minds speaking out the same thing.

“Don’t give me that look. I just did it because I’ll send him to a health care.” She turned to the man,

“Make sure they don’t come here to fight me. I’ve changed my mind, there’s something I’m so eager to hear. And I won’t want them to interrupt with gunshots so tell them to walk in here quietly and sit.” She then turned sharply towards Tony.

“Go on kid. I’m eager to listen to your story.” She added and we all shook our heads.

She’s one hell of a girl.

She might be the devil, the one you think will kill you at that very minute, but she definitely is the same devil you can dine with.

Unlike her sister who is so desperate for Tony all her miserable life.

You can be dining with her but believe me, she is the devil in person and the person you will hate to dine with.

Though I am wondering why the cops are here.

I wonder how they got to know of my kidnap case.


I’ve been standing here for long now and I don’t know if I can stand any longer again.

I am sure this is the address my informants had given me.

“Ehem!” I heard a voice clear the throat.

It startled me a little and I turned to see him.

It was really him, though looking all shaggy.

He looked really surprised seeing me standing in front of his door.

For a second, he looked like he was going to run into my arms for a hug.

I would have been happy if he does that but no, he looked away and adjusted himself.

He climbed the stairs and was about opening his door.

He literally ignored the fact that I was standing there.

He turned the door knob when I held back into his hands. I was already in tears, I know I’ve hurt him these past years and I am here to correct my mistakes.

“What do you want?” He asked icily.

“I thought I warned you to stay away from me.” He added.

“You were tired of calling my number so you decided to come over, huh?” He asked and I shook my head instantly.

He’s been avoiding my calls and when I heard he was around, I had to come over and see him.

“No! No I d_”

“GET LOST!!” He scolded and I staggered back.

I failed again.

I’ve lost him, I’ve lost my son.

But I’m not giving up on him.

I need to amend my past errors.

“My son please. Henry, I am sorry!!” I apologised and fell on my knees.

I held on tight to his feet, not ready to let him go, not now and not ever.

I failed to be a mother to him but now I am back to assume back that role.

It’s too late I know, but I hope Henry finds it in his heart to forgive me…

I had no choice back then….

“HENRY please…”




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