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“THE LIGHTHOUSE SQUAD!” ( The sequel to Teacher Chuks)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

“ Will the move of God pass me by?” Chuks asked himself silently. This has been his earnest desire, for the Lord to restore him back to his Original self. Back to that boy with great virtues before Laraba introduced him into sexual immorality. To that young man before the SCA got hold of him.

With tears pouring out of his eyes, he knelt before the Lord with hands raised up towards heaven…

“ God, is there no more hope for me, can’t this destroyed life be repaired anymore? Can’t I recover all that I have lost? Can’t I get back all I have lost through Sex, at least You said if your people who are called by your name shall humble themselves and pray, you said you will forgive us and heal our land. My father, I Anthony Chukwuemeka have been praying for a recovery. I have stopped committing sexual immorality, I have drawn closer to you, therefore please Lord, heal me Lord and restore my virtues, Lord I am not even asking for 100% recovery, if I have just 50%… I will be fine..” Chuks said wailing…

Favour found herself back at the Warehouse, this time around she saw the banner..” DONATED”.

The dwarfs were not around, so she had the time to take a tour around. In the Donated Hall, she saw different compartments that were labeled as well…


“ These virtues were donated through Withcraft either by the victims in exchange of power or someone donated another person’s own as in the case of Gambo” The Angel said to Favour.

“ Hmmm…”

Favour saw another sign….SEX

“ These are the virtues donated through Sex, and I know this is where you are headed on behalf of your friend, Chuks!”

“ Chuks! Yes and any other person at the Lighthouse who may have donated theirs likewise through Sex.” Favour said

“ Okay, But we follow protocols. Now it’s Chuks’ turn. Over there, there and there, and there are his Donated virtues… “ The Angel said pointing to different compartments …

Under the SEX compartment , Favoured realized there were other sub-compartments under it as well…










The list was endless… Favour saw endless compartments and that wearied her…

“ Am I going to search through all of these…?”

The Angel smiled…

“ That’s why I am here!” The Angel said

“ I call upon 50% restoration of all Anthony Chukwuemeka’s DONATED glory by the Authority of the SON….” The Angel said and goldlike bars started flying on their own towards Favour…

“50%?” Favour asked “Where are the rest? I mean 100% is the whole percentage , why give him 50%.?”

“ He only asked for 50%” The Angel replied

“ I don’t understand!” Favour said.

The Angel opened his Upper arm and a screen popped out of it… Favour watched Chuks’ prayer of Him asking for just 50% restoration…

“Lord I am not even asking for 100% recovery, if I have just 50%… I will be fine..” Chuks had said wailing…”

“ Oh My! Why would he do that? Why would he limit his prayers? I have to go tell him to stop that kind of prayer.?” Favour said with concern laced in her voice

“ There is no time, we have other people to attend to, this type of recovery session comes up once in a while. God has his full attention on the Lighthouse at this time. For all those who connect with all of their hearts will have their prayers answered today. God is in attendance at the Lighthouse. He is there in your midst. He just stopped in front of Chuks and Chuks only asked for 50% discovery. God has approved it just the way He approved Samson’s recovery the way he wanted it…” The Angel said and Favour cut in

“ Samson asked that the Lord restore him and let Him die with his enemies!” Favour said with Understanding

“ Exactly!”

“ So Chuks only gets 50% recovery because that was all he asked for!” Favour said again

“ We have to leave now! There are other people to be attended to…” The Angel said

Favour returned back to the physical realm, she saw her image dropping the 50% goldlike bars into Chuks’ Open Hands. Chuks fell down instantly, but Favour wasn’t happy…

“ Why would Chuks cheat himself this way? Why limit himself because of guilt? Why say if you can’t give me 100% recovery , give me 50%. If only he knows how “in charge” God is. He just shot himself in the leg by limiting God’s restoration power. He probably thought God has not forgiven him totally and in prayer felt unworthy to ask God for full recovery…” Favour thought silently in tears and out of that pain she raised a prayer point for the others. She was not ready to shortchange herself in that once in lifetime recovery hour.

“ My Father, I don’t want 50% recovery, I don’t want 80% recovery, I don’t want 99.9% recovery… Today, I want a Full recovery of everything that ought to mine that has been held hostage in the Warehouse of Darkness. Today God, By your Mercy, give me full recovery in Jesus name . “ Favour cried out hoping she could get a new Womb.

“If God was in your front right now, What would you ask Him? I want everyone to ask God for what he / she wants to recover or get and imagine He is right there in front of you! Please don’t shortchange yourself… This time may not come back in another few months or years or decades…Don’t let Him leave your front unless He settles you. Angels are on standby for you to recover whatever you want recovered… “ Favour said in tears to everyone

“GOD, I want….” Favour was saying silently to God , Unknowing to her, God was actually standing in her front to give her whatever she asked…

To be continued…

To follow up on this series, Follow the author on Facebook @ OPEYEMI OJERINDE AKINTUNDE-OFFICIAL Feel free to share this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let’s be mindful of others.

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

“THE LIGHTHOUSE SQUAD!” ( The sequel to Teacher Chuks)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

Favour found herself in the LOST hall. There were lots of goldlike bars in there. There were no dwarfs in the Hall as well. Favour decided to take a tour . After leaving the goldlike bar segment, Favour saw crying babies hung upside down. Favour shut her eyes in horror. She didn’t need anyone to explain to her that the babies in the LOST Hall were aborted babies.

“ I only aborted one baby!” Favour said in defense to the Angel as he walked towards her…

“ Yes, and there he is…” The Angel pointed to a handsome looking boy. Favour reached out for the baby

“ Please let me have him back!” Favour said

“ First things First, don’t you think you need your womb back? You need your womb to carry this baby and others Jehovah might want to give you.” The Angel said.

With his Mighty Arm, the Angel picked up Favour and flew really high.

“ They hide the LOST wombs really high and far where only few prayers can reach. They know when a woman has a womb, it means she can give birth to another soldier of the Lord who will trample upon the head of the devil, so he doesn’t allow any woman who loses her womb get it back so easily, but Favour , God has ordered the release of your womb today….” The Angel said

As Favour and the Angel got to the highest point of the Warehouse. Favour looked around and saw nothing but in the twinkle of an eye, the Angel broke down a wall . Behind the wall were wombs of all sizes locked in a big Iron cage.

The sound of the wall crashing drew the attention of the dwarfs, they came in droves like little ants. Favour became scared but the Angel picked her up and hid her under one of his Wings. The Angel brought out two long swords that had liquid fire on its blades. Favour watched as the Angel slaughtered all the dwarfs. Whenever the liquid fire sword touched them, they disintegrated.

That single Angel was able to slaughter thousands of those dwarfs.

When they lay dead on the ground, the Angel broke the Iron cage open and called out Favour’s womb. The womb came out on its own and with Favour hands she carried the womb and placed it on her stomach. The effect was tremendous. Favour staggered in the realm , it felt like a tornado hit her. The Angel held her from falling from the great height.

Favour’s body hit the floor suddenly. Everyone stopped praying as she was the one leading them.

“ Don’t stop praying! “ Chuks said to everyone as he rushed towards Favour…

“ Thank you Jesus! Thank you Lord, I got it back…!” Favour said before returning back to the realm.

“ Be strong and let’s get back to other things you are here for!” The Angel said to her.

He lifted her and went back to the LOST babies segment. Favour picked up the boy she had lost through abortion.

“ So can I still give birth to a Male Child?” Favour said smiling

“ Yes if you want to… !”

“ Or maybe Mercy can give birth to him among the ones God has given her already. I don’t know if I can still give birth at my age.” Favour said laughing

“ Sarah gave birth after 90 years old!” The Angel said

Something caught Favour’s attention… A baby dropped on one crowded segment. The owner of that segment must have committed a lot of abortions. There were lots of babies under her name… Over 25 babies..

“ This person has aborted over 25 babies!” Favour said

“ Yes, unfortunately for her… About four of the Children would have made her a force to be reckoned with in the world. One of them would have been an aeronautical Engineer that would come up with a new innovation in the field, Another one would have been the First Female Marine engineer from her town…”

“ Who is she?”

“ You don’t know her, her name Kamila Johnson. She is in a different country from you!” The Angel responded.

“ Can’t anyone reach out to her?”

“ A lot of people have been reaching out to her!” The Angel said

“Victor Osanobor!” Favour saw victor’s name on the Lost babies segment

“ Boys?” She asked the Angel

“ Any man or boy who encourages a lady to abort is also guilty of losing their babies as well!” The Angel replied

“ Wow! 7 babies… He has encouraged 7 abortions” Favour said in shock

“ He paid for 5 of the abortions, he denied one of the pregnancies and the final one, he ignored the lady. He changed his line and out of desperation, the girl aborted the child.” The Angel said

Favour shook her head. Victor was one of the boys in the lighthouse. He was just 17 years old. He came to Lagos to live with his Aunty, but because of his promiscuous case, his Aunty sent him out of the house, as she was scared he could rape her daughters. Victor had been in the lighthouse for 6 months and had been going through orientation and Spiritual growth. Favour didn’t know he had a terrible past like that…

“ Can he get these babies back?”

“ Sure, But I don’t know If that will be today, Because he is not serious with the prayers..”

The Angel opened his arm again and he showed Victor at the lighthouse somewhere at the back of the hall, chewing gum and constantly checking the time…

Favour came out of the realm and Like someone under a strong influence, she stood up , walked briskly towards where Victor was standing…

Favour gave him a hot slap on the face…

“Really? Chewing gum when you should be chewing prayers… Do you know what you have lost? 7 glorious destinies … I am sure you know what I am talking about or should I make it Loud?” Favour said and she moved closer to him whispering in his ears…

“ 7 ladies have been pregnant for you, and you made sure they aborted the babies, or didn’t you?” Favour whispered

Victor stood still, his face white in shock!

“ How did she know that? I have never told anyone ever, not even my friends!” Victor wondered

“ You are wondering how I got to know? It is called divine revelation, you had better start praying for divine recovery. 7 glorious destinies can still be recovered…” Favour said as she walked away from him…

Victor felt embarrassed and was walking out but Tunde stopped him…

“ You don’t want to walk out on God because your leader or pastor slapped you in anger! Sometimes our leaders in the Lord go beyond what they should do , but if you search within, it was done out of Love… Victor, you were not serious with the prayers…Get serious ! It’s for your own good!”

To be continued…

To follow up on this series, Follow the author on Facebook @ OPEYEMI OJERINDE AKINTUNDE-OFFICIAL Feel free to share this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let’s be mindful of others.

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

Photo credit: Internet

“THE LIGHTHOUSE SQUAD!” ( The sequel to Teacher Chuks)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

Victor walked back to where he was standing initially…

“ You are very stupid!, you wanted to walk out on God because of a slap, meanwhile your life was revealed to you clearly… !” The sensible side of Victor told him

“ God, I am sorry for trying to walk out on you! I am sorry for all my past errors that has led me into problems. Please forgive me for the abortions I have sponsored… please Lord…recover all that I may have lost in Jesus name.!” Victor prayed silently

Favour got back into the realm..

“ Wow, why do humans need to be pushed before they do the right things!” The Angel said to Favour… “That slap was hot!”

Favour laughed…

“ Sometimes, these teenagers and youths need to be chastised.. I mean even God chastises us when we are wrong!” Favour said

“ I agree…” The Angel said

An Angel flew towards them …

“ I guess your boy’s prayer has touched Heaven… Do You know most people’s prayers don’t get to heaven, it stops halfway… but fortunately your boy’s prayers has touched heaven right now… A Messenger is here to take his goodies for Him…” The Angel said

When the Angel landed, the two Angels used their wings to touch each other’s wings. Favour realized it was a way of greeting each other like the human hug or handshake…

“ Very Well Lord!” The Angel said suddenly. Favour wondered who He was talking to…

“ I didn’t get that!” Favour said

“ I wasn’t talking to you, I was receiving further instructions. We have to go somewhere right away for one of your girls… Gloria.”

“ Oh! Gloria… but I don’t think she is at the Lighthouse right now!” Favour said

“ Yes! She is… Her Spirit is with you all! Ajaara called her over the phone and she is connected. She is praying as well . There is no distance in the Spirit!” The Angel said

Just like a whirlwind feeling, Favour found herself at a graveyard…

“ Oh No! I do not like graveyards, please take me out of here!” Favour said

“ I am here with you!” The Angel reassured Favour.

“ What are we doing here?” Favour wanted out of that place. The place gave her chills.

“ Kalejaye was buried few minutes ago, but before He died, he was did a terrible thing to Gloria. He was the Vulcanizer that used to sleep with Gloria as a young child. He gave her little money in exchange for perverseness. One day, Kalejaye met a friend who introduced him into Money rituals. “ The Angel said

Favour’s Eyes popped as she didn’t like where the conversation was headed…

“ In his search for wealth, he was told he needed to sleep with a girl who had a lot of virtues. He thought of no other person than Gloria. After committing the act of perversion with Young Gloria, the Herbalist took 90% of her Glory and handed it over to Kalejaye. Kalejaye became wealthy using Gloria’s Glory…!” The Angel was saying but Favour was angry at the wickedness…

“ My God, rain your judgement over any man or woman using my Glory to prosper in the name of Jesus…” Favour said

Favour voiced out that prayer and everyone joined in the prayer, including Gloria who was over the phone…

Tamunodiepiriye’s body hit the floor suddenly…. The prayer had hit her as well….Tamunodiepiriye was the daughter of a politician who ran away from home because of the dreams she kept having about her father. Her father would always appear in her dream every month to scrape her hair bald in the dream…

Tamuno knew something was not right! She had met Sammy at one of his ministrations and he had recommended she go hide in the Lighthouse. Sammy had pleaded with Favour to receive her for few months. Tamuno was a well behaved child, so Favour didn’t see the need to send her away.

Favour returned back to the graveyard…

“ The prayer you just called out has liberated someone else!” The Angel said smiling

“ Yes, I noticed Tamuno fell under the power of God!“

“ We will get back to that! Let finish up what we came here for! Kalejaye has just been buried few minutes ago. He died taking Gloria’s Glory with him to the grave.”

“ So we are here to take it back?”

“ Yes! before the dwarfs come here to take it and store it at their Warehouse!”

The Angel moved towards the rich man’s well decorated graveside…

“ Kalejaye, arise and give back to me all that you stole from Gloria !” The Angel said

The man who was dead rose up, and vomited 10 goldlike bars with Gloria’s name on them. The Angel received it from him and together with Favour flew to Gloria’s campus where she was praying over the phone. As the Angel dropped the goldlike bars on Gloria, she felt something electrifying passing through her body…

“ Jesus!” Gloria shouted

Her shout made Haddasah, her roommate look towards her…

“ Gloria are you Okay?” Hadassah asked

“ Yes… I am fine… I am praying!”

“ Ok! but hold on babe… What cream have you been using recently.. Your face is glowing all of a sudden ..!”

“ Same old cream I have been using for the past two years!” Gloria replied

“Really, you are glowing!”

“ That must be God, Can we continue this conversation later. I am praying…” Gloria said as she wanted to continue her prayer with the Lighthouse…

Favour returned back to the Lighthouse all smiles…

“ Thank you Jesus!… We will round off this prayer session now, but I want you to pray this last prayer earnestly… “ Favour said as she opened her eyes… but then she saw Tamuno on the floor… That reminded her that the Angel had not completed his Work on Tamuno…She needed to buy more time…

“ Say this loud and Clear… Anyone who has taken my glory to the grave, Oh Lord my God, Locate them and recover all they have taken in Jesus name!”

Favour said as she walked towards Tamuno. Tamuno also had to be delivered.

To be continued…

To follow up on this series, Follow the author on Facebook @ OPEYEMI OJERINDE AKINTUNDE-OFFICIAL Feel free to share this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let’s be mindful of others.

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

“THE LIGHTHOUSE SQUAD!” ( The sequel to Teacher Chuks)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

Tamunodiepiriye’s Father; Tonye felt like someone hit him on his head…

That feeling was strange. He waited a while to get a second feeling, but nothing came. He stood up after a while, not wanting to take things for granted. He went into his power room to find out what was happening.

On entering the room, he saw his wooden Effigy on the floor broken to pieces. This was his power and wealth idol.


Tonye was young and interested in politics. He had great dreams of someday changing his nation. He hoped he could become President someday. To fuel his dream, he joined one of the popular political parties.

As part of the induction process, he was introduced into occultism. He refused blatantly telling them he was not interested in Occultism but he was told if he didn’t joined the Occult he would have to pull out of the party.

He was torn between two choices. It was either he joined and achieved his political dreams or he refused not minding that his political aspirations would die.

Tonye agreed after several months. Part of the requirements was for him to donate the glory of one of his children. Tonye wept when the oracle chose Tamunodiepiriye amongst his Children. She was the smartest amongst his children.

Every month, he was obligated to submit something that belonged to her to the Occult.

For 12 years, he had been doing that every month. Tamuno had complained once to her mother that she saw Tonye shaving her hair in the dream. Tonye had deceived her that maybe she ought to be on low cut.

Tamunodiepiriye refused having a low cut, hence she lived with the monthly dream of her father shaving her hair…

Tonye realized as Tamunodiepiriye grew up and met Christian friends, she realized the dream was not ordinary. She started questioning Tonye and that made them grow apart.

Tamunodiepiriye left home 6 months earlier and despite several futile efforts to find her, he gave up on looking for her as her clothes were still at home. He presented a cloth per month to the Occult through his Wooden Effigy…

Here was the Effigy lying on the ground broken…

“ Who did this to me?” Tonye screamed

Earlier, the Angel took Favour to Tonye’s power room. The moment the Angel descended into the room, the Effigy fell to his face immediately. The scenario reminded Favour of Dagon that fell before the Ark of Covenant…

Out of the Effigy, came out 22 goldlike bars with Tamunodiepiriye’s name on them…

“ 22! Tamunodiepiriye is meant to be a great child… What a wicked father! “ Favour said

“ A lot of humans prosper with other people’s glory!” The Angel said “ They trade with people’s glory in exchange for power. “

“ Why can’t they trade With theirs?” Favour asked

“ Theirs may not worth anything …The dark world trades in valuable glories. Glories are the golds, diamonds of the spiritual kingdom. The higher the glory they are able to present, the higher the power they get. Unknown to them that the power the devil gives to them is however, only a short term lease.!”

“ Short term lease?” Favour asked

“ Yes, the devil only gives them the power for a while, remember, all Power in heaven and earth belongs to Jesus, but Satan is trading with the little he had before he fell. He therefore can not afford to give to anyone for a long time. He will lease it to the person and collect the glory. “

Favour nodded …

“No wonder, most rich, diabolical people die on time” Favour thought

“ Exactly!” The Angel replied obviously hearing Favour’s thoughts…

Favour returned to the physical realm. She didn’t waste anytime in calling these two prayer points to the members of the Lighthouse as Tamunodiepiriye laid on the floor…

“Lord, locate any man or woman trading with my glory, recover my glory from them and do as you please with them in Jesus name.”

“ Lord, let all idols housing my glory, release my Glory and fall down before you in Jesus name”

No one wasted any minute…. They screamed the prayer points loud and clear….

To be continued…

To follow up on this series, Follow the author on Facebook @ OPEYEMI OJERINDE AKINTUNDE-OFFICIAL Feel free to share this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let’s be mindful of others.

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

Photo credit: Internet…

Disclaimer: Photo has nothing to do with story..

“THE LIGHTHOUSE SQUAD!” ( The sequel to Teacher Chuks)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

Everyone could testify the day was a day Heaven kissed the earth at the Lighthouse.

Favour was exhausted, she laid on her bed. Something felt different in her body. She didn’t know what it was, but she knew it was something good.

Usually, dinner was always served by 6pm, but almost everyone had theirs around 10pm. There were lots of recoveries. Teens were discussing what they had felt or seen during the period of the prayers.

Tina also experienced God differently. Due to her work at the SCA, she had a man who constantly slept with her in her dream every night. Even after becoming born again and living at the Lighthouse, he visited her in her dreams. She never shared it with anyone, not even her new best friend; Favour. In the middle of the prayer, she felt like something was trying to crawl out of her private part. She rushed into the restroom to do the minor, but nothing came out…

Tina knew something had happened as well, but she was waiting for the hour of the night to know if the nighttime stranger would show up again to molest her…

Tina dozed off in the Common room where everyone still sat to have dinner… She saw the male figure standing faraway from her eyeing her wickedly. He was pissed at her…After staring at her for a long time, he hissed and turned… Tina woke up… Segun, one of the youths had tapped her..

“ Aunty Tina, you should go to your room, we want to clean up the Common room… Some of these boys will find it hard waking up very early tomorrow…” He said laughing…

Tina stood up. She understood Segun. The prayer session had been intense. Most of the teens and youths were worn out. As she walked towards her room, she remembered the short dream she just had… The stranger had visited her and couldn’t come near her…

“ He must have seen the fire of God around me!” Tina reasoned. “ God, turn my entire body to the fire of God, God Let my breast, my private body parts be on fire!” Tina said casually before crashing into her bed.

He Opened the door. Tina was sure she had closed the door. She turned towards to him…

“ What do you want from me?”

“ You! You are mine!”

“ I am not yours! I belong to Jesus now!” Tina said

The stranger laughed so loud.

“ Thank you for cracking me up! Really, you can’t belong to Him and have things that belong to me with you!”

“ I don’t have anything that belongs to you with me…!”

“ My ring, My money!” The stranger said

“ Your money! “

“ The random money you find in your bag… Did you put it there? I send you gifts of hair weaves without knowing who sent it!”

“ That was from my secret admirer!” Tina said

“ I am that secret admirer!” The stranger said … “Thanks for wearing my ring always” He said

“ Your ring?” Tina looked at her fancy ring she always wore…

“ I didn’t get this from you, I bought it from Benita!” Tina said

“ I took the one Benita sold to you and replaced it with mine….” He said smiling

Tina saw what had happened… She saw Benita selling the ring to her and as she wore it on her finger, the stranger removed it and replaced it with the exact replica of the ring…

“ So you see that you are still mine?”

“ I am not yours!” Tina said angrily as she tried removing the ring from her finger.

“ You can’t…. quit wasting your time. Now to the business of the day!” He said as he moved closer to her….

The stranger touched her lips only for him to feel burnt.

“ Arrhgg…!”
He pushed her to the bed…

“ What have you done?” He asked angrily

“ Nothing !”

He moved towards her fiercely and tried to grab her breast, this time again, he burns his hand…

“ Why did you set yourself on fire?” The Stranger asked… “ I hate you!” He said before leaving the room.

Tina woke up from her dream startled and shaken.

She looked at her hand, the fashion ring she had bought from Benita was still in her finger. She tried removing it and because she had been wearing it for a long time, it was stuck in her finger. She tried forcing it out but was failing terribly at it. She looked across her room and saw a bottle of olive oil she had. She poured some oil on her hand and Prayerfully she removed the ring….

“ Thank you Jesus!” Tina screamed

To be continued

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde


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