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“THE LIGHTHOUSE SQUAD!” ( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING  WORD.

“ Hello!”

“ Uncle! Where are you?” Rosy said very excited as she received the phone call.

“ Erm… Rosy… there is a little problem!” Fred said

Rosy knew that voice!

“ Auntie?” Rosy replied. She knew her Uncle’s wife was very selfish and was always against Offerings, tithes, seeds, vows and First fruit. She remembered an argument she had witnessed in their house about three years back…

“ Fred! What do you mean you want to give your First profit to Minister John as your first fruit?” Her Aunty had said angrily…

“ That is what God commands! First fruit is for the Levites; that is the priests that work at the altar. And Minister John is a minister, I am blessed by his ministry. I choose him… I have been paying my tithes to him before now  and paying my first profit from this new business is not a big deal!”

“ Your first profit from this business is 8 million, and you want to give it to one man? Isn’t that too much?” Bolaji said almost screaming

“ How can we expect men and women of God to devote themselves to the work of God, If we don’t meet their needs by giving them our tithes, our first fruits as instructed by God?” Fred replied

“ You keep saying as instructed by God, show me where it is written in the Bible that you should give your tithe and first fruit to your pastor or minister ?”

“ I didn’t say to just my pastor alone, I said to any minister, be it a man or a woman who is serving the Lord; inclusive of my pastor. Anyone who has separated themselves for the service of the Lord…who is blessing our lives Spiritually…or how else do you expect them to pay their bills…They  are meeting our Spiritual needs, we should meet their physical needs..” Fred had said

“ They should get a side job!” Bolaji had replied

“ And you think they will be very efficient? Bolaji, when was the last time you had two hours personal bible study?”

Rosy remembered Aunty had been quiet…

“ In case you can’t remember, I will remind you, I think it should be over 3 years… Bolaji, how can we know the heart of God if we don’t study His Word. Unfortunately, we all live busy lives jumping from one work to the Other trying to make money.. God understands this and He therefore made provision for men and women of God who can be Ministers to his people. These ministers therefore have to get closer to him, devote their time to Him so that as He Opens up to them, they relay His messages to us… Hence it is our duty to take care of them… Besides all God is asking from what He has blessed you with is 10%.” Fred had said

“ I still want to know where it is written. Show it to me..!”

“ A lot of places but let me give you 2nd Chronicles 31: 4-6” Fred had said

“ Rosy do you have  a Bible on your phone?” Aunty had asked Rosy knowing her to be someone who was against the church. Bolaji was looking for someone to join her in the Shaming of the tithe theory…

“ I don’t have, but on this matter I will download it!” Rosy remembered saying excitedly.

Rosy had downloaded the Bible App and opened the scripture her Uncle had mentioned…

She read…

“He ordered the people living in Jerusalem to give the portion due the priests and Levites so they could devote themselves to the Law of the Lord. As soon as the order went out, the Israelites generously gave the firstfruits of their grain, new wine,olive oil and honey and all that the fields produced. They brought a great amount, a tithe of everything. The people of Israel and Judah who lived in the towns of Judah also brought a tithe of their herds and flocks and a tithe of the holy things dedicated to the Lord their God, and they piled them in heaps” Rosy read out…

Aunty Bolaji had been quiet…

“ So ? That was King Hezekiah speaking.. One of the best Kings that ever lived. He followed the way of God and my best part of that verse is where He stated that the portion due to the priests and Levites should be given to them , so they could DEVOTE themselves to the Law of the Lord!”

Rosy remembered her uncle had won the conversation that day, but Aunty Bolaji made sure he did not give the minister the total 8 million. 

Rosy remembered her uncle also read a chapter in Deuteronomy to support his stand, but Bolaji was not interested.

“ Auntie!” Rosy asked again from the quiet Fred…

“ I am sorry for the disappointment! I pray God finds another helper for the Lighthouse!” Fred had said disappointedly

Fred hung up very dissatisfied. He knew what he was doing wasn’t right but Bolaji was threatening to leave him and knowing who Bolaji was, she would carry out the threat!

“ Rosy, What is wrong?” Favour asked as soon as she saw the look on Rosy’s face when she stepped into the office…

Tina and Chuks were also present.

Rosy could not find the right words but a scripture popped up in her head …

“ For a great door and effectual is opened unto us, and there are many adversaries.” Rosy said

The trio understood what that meant immediately. Disappointment filled the room.

“ I am sorry!” Rosy said as tears flowed

“ No, it’s not your fault… I think it is my fault, I saw a vision pertaining to disappointment but I didn’t pray about it!” Chuks said

Tina knew she was to be blamed as well…

“ Same here, I had the feeling to pray but I felt like it was a blessing from God, So there was no point in praying.” Tina said

“ Rosy, are you saying the door is closed?” Favour asked

“ Yes, I am afraid so because if my uncle’s wife closes a door, no one can open it except she does by herself!”

“Hmm… Well, I guess we need to talk to God about your Aunty, since she is the one standing in the way of the blessing!” Chuks said

“ I doubt it! Even if God speaks to her, she won’t listen!” Rosy said…

The room was filled with silence as the disappointment hit them really hard…

Bolaji sat on her desk typing the minute of the last meeting… She suddenly felt the urge to cough..

She coughed and right on her paper in front of her, she saw the stain of blood from her mouth…

“ Blood!” Her colleague said in shock.

To be continued

To follow up on this series, Follow the author on Facebook @ OPEYEMI OJERINDE AKINTUNDE-OFFICIAL Feel free to share this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let’s be mindful of others.

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

“THE LIGHTHOUSE SQUAD!” ( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING  WORD.

“ Hey! Are you okay?” Claire; Bolaji’s colleague said

“ I don’t know… I am feeling okay, so I am a bit surprised at the blood thing!” Bolaji replied

“ Sometimes, we may be looking okay or even feeling okay, but some of our organs may need immediate attention. Coughing out blood is not something to take lightly. You know none of the other staff members should see this… You will be under the big spotlight…” Claire said

Bolaji stood up quickly to freshen up, but Claire stopped her…

“ Or was the dream for you?” Claire said

“ What dream?”

“ I saw a big angel throwing a spear at a lady’s heart. I hope you haven’t done anything to attract God’s punishment?” Claire said

“ Claire, sometimes I wonder why you are White, you should be black from Africa. You believe so much in demonism that you are beginning to suspect a mere cough to be the work of an angel…Why would God send an angel against me… I am not a demon” Bolaji said laughing

“ But you are a demon!” Claire said jokingly “When Someone doesn’t give you what you want, you always unleash. You need to work on your temper…” Claire said once again, laughing really hard.

“ Thank you, I am a good demon not a bad demon!” Bolaji said laughing as well as she walked towards the toilet, but as she stood up, she felt her leg was wobbly…

“ Am I really a demon?” She asked herself

“ No, you are not !” She replied herself “God can not send an angel against me, this is just something I need to see the doctor on” She encouraged herself

“ I believe we were at ease In Zion, that is a big lesson. I hope we didn’t disappoint God on this. Considering the major assignment on our hands; Akanbi Damino” Favour said as she stood by the window gazing out through the window…

“ I don’t believe we have lost the property, our God is a God of recovery. He found the lost axehead from the river. He can give us back the property…” Chuks said “Remember, he found the lost me!” Chuks said smiling…

“ Hmmm… And God takes recovery very seriously… I woke up reading Luke 15 this morning about the extent a Shepherd goes to look for the lost sheep and how the woman goes to any extent to find the lost coin… I believe we need to pray that God Should go to any length to recover our lost property in Jesus name.”Tina said

“ Right! Don’t let’s waste that prayer point!” Favour said

The trio joined hands together. Firstly, they asked for forgiveness for their negligence and afterwards for 1 hour they prayed in words and in tongues, asking the Lord to go to any length to recover what they had lost…

The prayer was simple…

“ Oh lord, go to any extent and help us recover all that we have lost consciously or unconsciously. Just the way the woman looking for the lost coin would have swept everywhere to look for that coin, Lord sweep the world and recover this lost property in Jesus name…”

Unknown to the trio who were praying about the property. Bellarose, one of the new intakes at the lighthouse was praying the prayer with them. She was seated outside Favour’s office…

She repeated the prayer seriously… Bellarose was one of the teenagers Gloria had met and had referred to the lighthouse.

Just like Gloria, she was introduced to promiscuity as early as 13 years old. She became a full blown prostitute by 15. Bellarose knew before she got into prostitute, she was very talented In singing but at the point she had lost the voice. Bellarose was 19 and she knew she was empty so she knew she needed that prayer more than anything…

She left where she was seated and went to one of the common rooms…

“God, I thank you for life and I thank you for bringing me here. God I heard you take recovery seriously… please I know I have been scattered all over the world, I know my glory has been extracted from me by virtue of different men I have slept with… I want you to help me recover all I have lost… God search everywhere and bring them to me… “ Bellarose cried out loud….

Favour’s Inner Eye were opened… she found herself in a storehouse that looked like a supermarket. She looked on the racks for the tags, she saw tags like “STOLEN” “ LOST” “ DONATED”. The products on display were not earthly materials but it looked like gold bars…On the goldlike bars, names  of the owner of the goldlike bars were written on it and what they represented in the physical world…Favour knew what she was looking for; it was the property that the devil had stolen from them.

Favour kept looking for the property but as she passed by the “ LOST” section, she saw one of the goldlike bars that had her inscription on it…

“ Favour Aribisala:

Favour stood transfixed asking herself where this place was….

“ You are asking where this place is?” A tall handsome man appeared beside Favour..

“ Yes…!” Favour said

“ It is the devil’s storehouse. Where he keeps things he stole from humans, things humans lost by themselves and others!”

“ Jesus!”

“ Yes, He is your saviour, keep saying that name here and you will be able to take out some of your things you lost here…!” The man said smiling

Favour snapped out of her vision back to reality.

“ Jesus!” She screamed

“ What!”  the other two said

“ You wouldn’t believe what I just saw now!”

To be continued

To follow up on this series, Follow the author on Facebook @ OPEYEMI OJERINDE AKINTUNDE-OFFICIAL Feel free to share this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let’s be mindful of others.

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

“THE LIGHTHOUSE SQUAD!” ( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING  WORD.

“ You don’t need to worry, it’s not much of a big deal. It is a Chest infection… With the right medication, you will be fine!” Doctor Hilary told Bolaji…

“ Thank Goodness… I thought it was worse!”

“ Hey! Never think of the worst whenever you are ill, Optimism has a way of prolonging one’s life. I had a patient who under normal medical diagnosis was suppose to die in six months, he lived for 7 years before he eventually died. Anytime he came for his treatment, he would always say “My time isn’t up yet, I must live to see my daughter get married” and this man died the night his daughter got married… So Bolaji, always be optimistic about life…” Doctor Hilary said…

Bolaji was however lost in thought, she couldn’t wait to rub it in Claire’s face that her coughing blood was not a punishment from God…

Her phone rang.. It was Fred calling…

“ Hello Fred, How are you, tell me what I want to hear!”

“I have told them …” Fred said with no enthusiasm in his voice…

“ How are the kids?” Fred asked

“ They should be fine, I am at the hospital!”

“ Hospital? Doing  what?”

“ I was coughing blood at the office… Doctor says it is nothing serious. Says it is a chest infection.”

“ Ok. I pray you will be fine.”

“ Fred, I will be fine, this is New Jersey. The health system here is topnotch, before a devil can even kill someone here, the devil will try hard…” Bolaji said laughing confidently as she joked.

“ Hmm… It’s fine… As long as you are okay… I will call the kids…” Fred said as he wasn’t yet over his refusal to give the property to the lighthouse…

“ Fred!” Bolaji said before Fred could hang up…

“ My coughing blood has nothing to do with the property!” Bolaji said affirmatively…

“ If you say so!” Fred replied “but since it crossed your mind, don’t you think that is the Holy Spirit giving  us a sign of warning…”

“ FRED! I said this has nothing to do with the property and even if it does, let me be the one to bear the consequences!” Bolaji said

Favour had explained all she saw in her vision to Tina and Chuks.

“ Did you see what I may have lost, or what was stolen from me and most importantly what I donated to the SCA.?” Chuks asked with keen interest

“ No… I had not explored the whole place…but I believe if we pray well and harder, we might be shocked at how many of our things we can recover…”

“ I need to recover my marital life… I know I should be married by now, but SCA took that from me…” Tina said

“ Well, I guess we shouldn’t keep this to ourselves alone…Also, we should not concentrate on someone giving us the property, Chuks what if you recover all that you have lost to the SCA, who knows you might be the next billionaire who will be the one to buy us hectares of land for the lighthouse… Do you get?” Favour said excitedly.

“ I mean, if we all are in the place God originally wanted for us, if we recover all that we have lost or donated or was stolen from us, we will become financially independent.  We will begin to bless people and not just waiting to receive from people. Those who even get to give us, will see it as an opportunity to be blessed…” Favour said with excitement

“ I get and I believe all that I have lost to Sexual immorality, all that I have donated through willing Sex, all that was stolen from me from demonic girls , and all that I lost by deliberate casual sex, I believe I can recover them. I believe I can recover my strength, my health and who knows I can recover my marriage. I may be able to find my wife…” Chuks said in tears as the realization that he could recover all he had lost overwhelmed him. He remembered Tina had told him, he was on a 0% virtue level after Tina had sent Risi to drain the 1% he had left …

“ Let’s all assemble in the Big Common  room.” Favour said

“ Hello everyone, God bless you all real good. We are all to assemble at the Big Common room immediately. Thank you!” Favour said over the public address system.

As Chuks and Tina were stepping out, they bumped into Kenneth and Mercy.

“ Mercy… Thank God you are both here!” Favour said

The prayer was ongoing. This was after Favour explained what she had seen. The teens and youths were also excited. Different discovery expectations were popping out of the mouth of the teenagers…

“ I hope to recover my brain back!”

“ I have to recover my fluency and boldness, before committing Sexual immorality, I used to be very bold.”

“ I hope I gain back my voice!”

As the prayers became very intense, Favour entered the realm again…She found herself in a big warehouse this time around. It was bigger than the Supermarket. Favour turned round looking at the goldlike bars that filled the Warehouse…

“ God give me back everything I have ever lost!” Favour heard a loud wailing voice. The voice was very familiar… As the voice got louder. A mighty warrior looking Angel invaded that warehouse.

Favour saw some dwarf like warriors approaching where the Angel stood. They were angry at the invasion…

“ What dost thou look for in our territory?” Said one ancient looking dwarf

“ I am here by the intervention order. I am here for a recovery. Give me anything that belongs to Bellarose Akanji, daughter of Michael Akanji.” The Angel Spoke…

“ We don’t have anything stolen from her, What we have is what was lost and donated.!”

“I know… Give them to me… She lost these virtues in the time of ignorance. Now she knows better…”

“ Not without a fight!” Said a big looking creature. He looked like the head of the warehouse. He was twice the size of the Angel… Favour knew the creature would overpower the Angel…

“ God, help this Angel to get all that belongs to Bellarose!” Favour thought

Favour snapped out of the realm. She looked around…

“ Where is Bellarose?” Favour said

No one knew where she was …

“We need to pray for Bellarose, seems she has gone ahead of us to pray this prayer, because I found myself in a massive warehouse. An angel was about to get what belonged to her, but a creature twice his size appeared to hinder him… We are going to pray….”

Bellarose walked into the Common room…

“ Where were you?” Chuks asked

“ I am sorry I was praying in one of the other common rooms, I needed privacy…”

“ There is more power in corporate prayer… You are almost recovering what you have lost, but your Angel has not be empowered enough…”Favour said

“ Together in one accord, let everyone pray for Bellarose, that the work of restoration which the Lord has started, He should please complete it in Jesus name. We are to pray that the Lord empowers the Angel on assignment with more power to defeat the opposing forces in Jesus name.”

Bellarose did not wait for more instructions, she was tired of the life she was living… She wanted a change. She wanted to go to school, she wanted to be a great woman….

“ Lord, empower the angel on my case so that he can win my battles and recover all that I have lost in Jesus name.” Bellarose screamed the prayer Like there was no tomorrow

Favour entered into the realm again. She began to hear the multiple voices of all the teenagers and youths of lighthouse praying for Bellarose and just instantaneously the Angel began to grow in size, his muscles became bigger, his sword became longer… The  More intense the prayer got, the larger in size he became. He doubled the size of the creature and as he charged towards the creature, the creature moved back in fear…

“ You can have whatever you came for, there is no need for chaos here…” the creature said

“ Very Wise Of you!” The Angel replied

A dwarf stepped on a machine that took him really high. The machine stopped and the dwarf took about 10 goldlike bars that had Bellarose’s name on it…..

He gave them to the Angel…

“ This is not all, you have 5 of this left..Bring THEM ALLLLL” the Angel said fiercely

The dwarf obeyed and brought out 5 more goldlike bars ….

The Angel took the bars and flew away  to the Lighthouse. Favour found herself back at the Lighthouse, she saw how the Angel restored the bars back to Bellarose. He dropped it on her and the impact was so strong on her that physically in the prayer meeting she fell down…,

“ Halleluya! She has recovered them!” Favour said with excitement

She recounted what she saw and that got everyone serious…

“ What about me? I hope the Angel on my case is not sleeping?” Chuks said desperately….

To be continued…

To follow up on this series, Follow the author on Facebook @ OPEYEMI OJERINDE AKINTUNDE-OFFICIAL Feel free to share this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let’s be mindful of others.

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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“THE LIGHTHOUSE SQUAD!” ( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING  WORD.

Everyone continued with the prayer. Mrs Uyai and Gambo walked into the hall to meet everyone deep in prayer. They had gone out earlier to the pharmacy to restock Mrs Uyai’s medications.

“ What is happening here?” Mrs Uyai said as the duo entered the Spiritually electrified room.

Gambo walked close to Ajaara…

“ What is happening?”

“ Recovery Prayers. Aunty Favour had a vision where she saw a big warehouse where the devil has kept stolen, lost and donated virtues or glory! So we are praying for God to recover anything belonging to us there.”

“ Oh!” Gambo being a former Muslim didn’t understand deeply what it meant, but since everyone was praying, she joined in…

“ God, in the name of Jesus, anything that has been stolen from me, I recover it back in Jesus name…!”

A sudden invisible whirlwind took Gambo from where she was and kept turning her anti-clock wise, like she was being untied…Gambo tried to stop the movement but it was beyond her….She couldn’t understand what was happening to her… but Favour saw it…

Favour saw herself again at the Warehouse… This time around a much bigger Angel was standing asking for Gambo.

“ She was donated!so we have every right over her!” A dwarf replied

“ I know, but I am not here for stories, I know it was her Maternal grandmother that donated her to you for her Witchcraft elevation! But I have been sent to free her!” The Angel replied

Favour wondered how Gambo had been donated and yet was alive…

“ It was her Spirit Man that was donated, Her grandmother wanted more power, and she was asked to get someone who would do Spiritual work for her. To gain new heights in the evil kingdom they have do a lot of spiritual chores like attacking people in their dreams, feeding people in the dreams…” Another Angel was explaining to Favour

“ You are saying , Gambo’s spirit man has been kept here to do dirty spiritual jobs for her Grandmother?”

“ Yes, and your prayer has made an angel to be released for her freedom!” The Angel said

“ Where is she?” The Angel on assignment to deliver Gambo said…

Favour snapped out of the realm again. She opened her eyes and saw Gambo on the floor. Her father, Chuks was with her….

Favour pulled Chuks aside and explained briefly to him what she had seen so he could know the right prayer to pray for Gambo…

“ Oh my God!, Maybe that’s why we find it hard to wake her up when she sleeps off and that must explain why she is always exhausted after a long night!” Chuks said

“ Yes! She has been labouring Spiritually for her grandmother!”

“ And maybe that is why people have been seeing as a witch in their dreams..!” Chuks said

“ Exactly, her grandmother uses her to perpetrate evil in people’s dream.”

Chuks shook his head in anger against the devil. After Gambo became his daughter, he was always praying for her. He had been bothered about her sleep pattern and how exhausted she was always after waking up. He had also noticed how she would sit and with eyes wide open she could be blank for over 30 minutes. He also noticed, she was not mentally sharp. It all made sense to him. Gambo had been a vehicle for her grandmother. She had been donated to the kingdom of darkness as a vessel…anyone could use her to perpetrate evil…

“ May I not be a vessel the enemy uses to hide their true identity, May I not  be an unknowing vessel of the devil in Jesus name!” Favour said under her breath…

Favour decided to call out the prayer. She didn’t want to give the full story to the other teens and youth so as to keep Gambo’s  self esteem.

As they all prayed the prayer, Favour went back to the realm.

Favour saw one of the dwarfs bringing out a replica of Gambo from one of the storerooms, she had been tied all round. The Angel loosened the rope that was around her and with his Mighty hand he picked her up and flew back to the lighthouse. Favour followed him and saw how he dropped Gambo’s original into her body….

“ God, wherever my original has been tied down, untie me that I may become my best and maximize my full potential in Jesus name!” Favour prayed again and everyone chorused after her…

“ Gambo is also free, who is next ?” Favour wondered silently…

To be continued…

To follow up on this series, Follow the author on Facebook @ OPEYEMI OJERINDE AKINTUNDE-OFFICIAL Feel free to share this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let’s be mindful of others.

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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“THE LIGHTHOUSE SQUAD!” ( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING  WORD.

“I’m free indeed
In Christ I’m free indeed
No chains are holding me
It’s who I choose to be
I’m free indeed”

Mercy was singing this song by Timothy Reddick so loudly in tears. Her eyes were shut. It was obvious she was having an encounter.

“ I am free from you Master, no more do I have anything to do with you!” Mercy kept saying as she wept in prayer… Favour moved closer to her. She wondered who the Master was.

“ Who is she referring to as Master? Is Mercy possessed?” Favour wondered

Kenneth moved closer to Mercy and was praying for her.

Favour burst into tongues asking the HolySpirit to let her know what was happening to her daughter.

Favour entered the realm. She found herself in a strange place. She looked at a sign post, she saw Saudi Arabia. She looked around and saw Mercy tied to a Saudi Arabian man. They stood facing each other, whatever movement one person made, affected the other person. If Mercy bent her head, the man bent his head likewise. Whenever the man bent to the left, Mercy followed suit. They were literally breathing into each other.

“ Who is he? Is this a Spiritual Husband?” Favour asked

“ No, this is the man who was always sleeping with your daughter in Saudi Arabia. A soul tie covenant had been formed between them through Sex. Your daughter had not broken the soul tie before marrying Kenneth. Though she has a marital covenant with Kenneth, but the unbroken soul tie is still keeping her tied with this man. Ask your daughter, she has constant headaches… The man has a Migraine problem. So because of the soul tie,  whatever is happening to the man happens to her, just the way she easily perceives when something goes wrong with Kenneth. Favour, if your daughter doesn’t get free from this soul tie with this man, she might never have children with Kenneth.!”  The Angel said and disappeared

Favour moved closer to Mercy and the Saudi Arabian man, she looked for a means of untying the rope, but on touching the rope. It felt like Iron. Favour stepped back confused as to what to do..

Favour got out of the realm…

“ Amen…!” She said wanting everyone to be silent.

Mercy’s story was not a hidden one in the House. She used her Saudi Arabia story to lecture the teens, so Favour knew talking about it was not out of place…

“ We thank God for what He is doing here today. You know sometimes God might allow the devil to give us a punch but that punch might be to wake us up . We started this prayer of recovery because of the disappointment over a property someone promised us, but as that got us praying, other recoveries are happening… Can someone tell me why we call Mercy and Kenneth the inseparable twins…!” Favour asked

Everyone smiled. It was common knowledge in the House.

“ Because whenever something goes wrong with any of them, even if they are not together, the other party feels it!” Ajaara said

“Good, But the bad news is that it is not only what happens to Kenneth that affects Mercy. By revelation, she is in a soul tie with the Saudi Arabian man who used to molest her. Her Migraines is like a photocopy of what happens to the man… We therefore must join her in prayer that the Lord will break the soul tie covenant between her and the man….Let’s pray!” Favour said and the room immediately moved from quiet to extremely loud…

Favour saw a glimpse of the answered prayer, she saw a light from above melting the ironlike rope around Mercy and the man. Mercy became free and in that realm was running far away from the man towards Kenneth.

Favour opened her eyes and saw Mercy still with her eyes shut singing the song…

“I’m free indeed
In Christ I’m free indeed
No chains are holding me
It’s who I choose to be
I’m free indeed”

Everyone joined her in the song….but Favour decided to use the opportunity to speak to the teens and youths.

“ This is exactly what we have been trying to make you young ones understand. Sex is beyond the enjoyment, Whoever you have Sex with, there is an unconscious soul tie with them. Some soul ties can be obvious; affecting your life while some can be hidden. The effects of the hidden ones are those you experience in your life without knowing; like failure, curses inherited from your sexual partner and so on. I therefore want you all to pray especially those of you who have ever had sexual intercourse or any sexual activity even as little as kissing. By kissing, you have exchanged your saliva…” Favour said to the teenagers

The teenagers started praying, but Rosy had a question in her mind…

Prior to her coming to the Lighthouse, she used to be involved in lesbianism. Is it possible to have a soul tie with the same sex…?

“ Listen, I am sure some of you are wondering can soul tie be formed only by sexual activity with the opposite Sex, not just that, even through lesbianism or Homosexuality, you can form a soul tie with another person…” Favour said and Rosy was shocked

“ Did she hear my thoughts?” Rosy wondered as Favoured had answered her…

“ Thank God I don’t see Mathew physically, all we do is Sex chats…” Yetunde said within herself.

Yetunde was the newest lighthouse intake. She was still one leg out and one leg in…

“ And I suppose some of you feel, since I don’t do physical Sex and all I do is sex chats and texts, I am safe. No you are not, it’s still the same, your souls have been the one engaging in the sexual intercourse. You are not exempted. You are already in a soul tie…”

Yetunde opened her eyes checking to see if Favour was looking at her, but Favour was lost in prayer and was speaking as inspired by God.

“ God, please forgive me and deliver me from any evil soul tie covenant in Jesus name.” Yetunde prayed in a rush.. She imagined how many soul ties she must have, no wonder people called her weird. Sometimes she would feel like a part of was far away in another place. If she wanted to be modest, she had slept with over 50 boys, but ever since she moved into the Lighthouse, she had started getting used to Sex chats…

“God free me from every sexual soul ties, I have gotten myself into in Jesus name…!” Yetunde prayed aggressively.

To be continued…

To follow up on this series, Follow the author on Facebook @ OPEYEMI OJERINDE AKINTUNDE-OFFICIAL Feel free to share this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let’s be mindful of others.

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde


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