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BY: Nickkie’

“Graaaahn! Graaaahn!! Graaaahn!!!” The alarm didn’t have to ring the second time before she jumped off her soft bed and ran to her bathroom. Today is one the happiest day of her life. She is resuming to Star Quest International College, one of the best schools {if not the best}. She had won herself a scholarship in a presidential high school in Lagos. Even though her dad is rich but not to the extent of affording a presidential school, she was just too happy.

Fifteen minute later, she sat on the stool facing the dressing mirror as she rubbed her soft skin with lotion. She picked her phone and checked the time, it was 5a.m. “yeee!” she jumped off the stool and ran to the kitchen. “what essence will it be if the food is not ready on time” she complains to herself as she prepare rice and fish stew for breakfast, singing and smiling happily to herself.

6:30a.m. she was done, served breakfast and packed her siblings lunchbox and ran to her room. She could hear Mateen and Mahada ’s voice in the living room. She quickly dressed up in a blue denim jean, black long sleeves, off shoulder top, low heel sandal as she powdered her face and applied lip gloss.

“Yes” she smiled as she looked into the mirror “Am good to go now”. She couldn’t help but marvel at her own beauty. Yes she is extremely beautiful, the real African Barbie with her skin color. She is a Nigerian but with a foreign skin and hair, sometimes she wonders if she wasn’t switched at birth. Maheera is tall, slim with curvy hips, very long dark hair, oval face, a pointed nose to compliment her looks and a dimple on her right cheek which gives her a killer smile. Even at just fourteen years she has a long list of guys who would die just to date her. She was still checking herself out when her father called her.

“Maheera, you want to be late on your first day right?” Amin said “and you know I have to return to work today”

“Almost ready dad” she shouted from her room as she picked her school bag and ran out of the room. She met her dad, step mum and siblings.

“Wow” Mateen exclaimed “you are so beautiful, if you weren’t my sister I would have married you right now” he said and Amin and Maheera burst out in laughter.

“You sure say things way bigger than your age” Amin said.

“Morning mum, morning dad” she greeted and knelt down. “Morning” they both replied her as she walked to the dinning to make tea for herself.

“Mummy I don’t want to wear my uniform” Mahaada complained “See Maheera is not wearing hers and Mateen said she’s beautiful” she said trying to pull off her uniform.

Ayeesha gave Maheera a scornful look, she didn’t know why she just hate the girl right from when she married her husband.

“Is that how you’re her going to school?” she questioned with a raised tone.

“Yes, I will just get my uniform today” she replied politely looking at her shoes.

Mahaada tried to complain again but the look she got from her mother was enough to keep her quiet even though she was just three years old while her brother was six years old.

Maheera and her dad left for her new school at 7:45a.m. Amin mouth was wide agape when he saw the massive building erected in the name of school. After spending 10 minutes at the school gate due to the number of cars entering and leaving the school compound

“Wow! This school is so beautiful” Amin exclaimed

“you can say that again dad” Maheera said glancing at every possible angle she could lay her eyes on.

The school was very big, like a colony with different buildings all painted in white. There are two three storey buildings which were very far to each other. Different bungalows and the school hall will never go unnoticed as it was the largest building in the school, a very tall and long building. The walk way was decorated with different species of beautiful plants and flowers. Metal seats were erected in different angles. It was just the most beautiful thing Maheera had seen even though she wasn’t seeing the school for the first time. After seeing the school Principal and making every necessary payment, Maheera was given stacks of books.

“Thanks so much Mrs. Allwell” Amin said shaking hand with the principal. “I really appreciate this”

“It’s a pleasure” she replied with a smile.

“Feel free to ask for help anytime you need anything, you will really enjoy this school” she said to Maheera who was smiling sheepishly. A female student entered the principal’s office.

“Good morning Mrs. Allwell, Good morning Sir” the girl greeted politely, bowing her head slightly.

“Morning Miss Johnson, this is a new 10th grade student, Art class. Take her to her locker and please show her round the school. She is your responsibility now.” Mrs. Allwell said. “Do have a nice day Mr. Salam”

“Thank you so much ma.”Amin replied and left the office with Maheera and the other girl. “Be a good girl baby” he said and pecked her forehead and left for the car park.

Maheera couldn’t help but notice the girl beside her; she was really pretty and well composed. She wanted to start a conversation with the girl but she has a really mean look. The principal’s office was on the first floor; they took the stairs and got to the third floor. The hallway is wide; lockers were all on opposite sides as she held tightly to her books. Maheera couldn’t help but stare around and also noticed the look she got from the students she meets on the way, they all turn back to steal another glance and whispers in pairs which is making her uncomfortable. The hallway is long and wide with lockers on both sides, it was really neat. They got to a locker and the lady stopped abruptly with a look of disdain. ”Here is your locker” She said and made to leave almost immediately which surprised Maheera and made her call her back

“Excuse me” she said in a low tone.

“What?” the girl yelled back.

“Can you please wait a bit, let me drop all my stuffs in the locker, so you can show me to my class” she said politely. All the girl could reply was “Whatever” while Maheera managed to mutter a thank you. She thought about how rude the girl is and how much she doesn’t like her as she arranged her books hurriedly. When she was done, the girl took her to her class and said

“This is your class. I am sorry I won’t be taking you round the school” she said eyeing her. “I am allergic to white rats” she hissed and walked away leaving Maheera with her mouth agape. This girl is a bad person to start a day with she thought as she entered the classroom and got herself a seat in the second row. All the students gave her a weird look; she was beginning to think the school might not be fun as she had thought.

By: Nickkie’maf


All the teachers don’t seem to like her because she was a scholarship student. There wasn’t much work since it was first day at school, she got her time table from the class rep and kept quiet all through. She was happy when the bell for lunch rang and couldn’t wait to take a tour round the school by herself. She saw the football pitch, the basketball court, theatre hall, laboratories, workshops and many more.

The pool was the last place she visited. it was massively big and neat. She continued to enjoy the sight till she saw something moving very fast in the water. She screamed and ran back before she noticed it was a guy. She couldn’t stop herself from admiring this guy she was seeing. “OMG!” Maheera gasped in astonishment as she has a closer look at the dark god before her, he was just too handsome beyond description. Tall with broad shoulders, chiseled shining face, ebony skin with the perfect teeth to match his cute smile.

“Hey!” he called out and snapped his fingers jerking Maheera out of her thought.

“Uh” she stammered “I am sorry, hi” she replied timidly looking embarrassed which made the guy smile. The guy had caught her off guard, she knew he must be a teacher, he is too good looking to be a teen just like her.

“ I am Raheem Rasheed ” he said as he wrapped a towel around his waist. “Grade 12 science” he said with a smile revealing his perfect teeth. So he is a senior after all, she thought.

“Salam Maheera Wurami” she replied politely. “Grade 10 art, scholarship student”

“Wow” he exclaimed. “Then you are beauty with brain” he said while Maheera blushed.

“Nice to meet you” he said stretching his wet hand forward.

“Same here” Maheera replied with a cute smile enjoying the coldness of his palm. “You are such a good swimmer” She said sincerely gazing at her shoe.

“Really” Rasheed asked with a smile. “Thanks but do you also swim?” he asked

“No am afraid of water” she replied

“Wow! Should I be scared? Don’t tell me you are a mermaid cause with your looks you will be mistaken for one” he said laughing.

“Hell no! moreover mermaids are supposed to like water” she said laughing. She felt so free with this senior like they’ve known each other before.

“Welcome to Star Quest high. Hope you enjoy your stay here” he said with the cutest smile she has ever seen while she only manage to nod her head in response. “See you around later” he said grabbing his bag as he made to the changing room.

“You too” She replied. This senior just made her day. The rest of the day went smoothly for Maheera as she made herself invisible to all her classmates and even teachers. After closing hour she went to collect her uniforms, sports wears and her school identity card.

The next day wasn’t any different; she wasn’t having any fun in her new school as she hoped. She really missed Atinuke, her best friend. They had been in the same class since middle school and liked each other since the first day they met. It really hurt her she left the beautiful and peaceful Almond high school for this school that seems like hell, the handsome senior she had met yesterday was the one that made her day. Yes the senior, Rasheed, she couldn’t get his face off her mind. She really hopes to see him today.

It was the third period and she had literature, she picked her book and textbook from her locker and finds her way to the literature class where she sat quietly. The teacher was a middle aged man who introduced himself as Mr. Julius. He was introducing them to the subject when he noticed a White girl in the second row.

“We have a new student in the class that’s rare in senior class” he smiled. “Introduce yourself please”

“I am Salam Maheera Wurami, scholarship student” she replied standing up. She noticed the smile on Mr. Julius face quickly vanished as if something was wrong.

“You mean a scholarship student in grade 10” he said angrily.”The school is just too nice, well low life like you cant survive here for long” he scoffed. “Which country are you from?”

“Nigeria, Yoruba” she replied amidst tears while her classmates were laughing out loud much to her dismay

“What do your parents do?” Mr. Julius asked

“Your dad is a gateman I guess” a light skinned girl said and the students roared out laughing.

Maheera could feel the tears pouring down her face, while would her mates derive joy in mocking her and even a teacher. She felt out of place, she never belonged here in the first place but now its too late to quit.

“I asked you a question young lady” she heard Mr. Julius roared.

“My dad is an engineer while my mum owns a beauty salon” She replied amidst tears.

“Just the regular story, you can have your seat” he said “Introduction to literature. Who can define literature?” he said writing on the white marker board.

The rest of the class was nothing to Maheera as she couldn’t grab a thing the man was saying. She was in hell not a school. Saying she regrets applying for the scholarship was an understatement, if there is another word higher than regrets she would use it. During lunch break she had ordered jollof rice and chicken. The cafeteria was beautiful. There were round tables each with five chairs. Almost all tables were occupied. Knowing no one will be willing to share a table with her. She saw an empty table at the centre of the cafeteria and sat there. She had hardly started her food when she saw three girls staring at her. They were so pretty. But the one who seems to be there leader is the prettiest who has a mean look.

“The new Lowlife is sitting on our table.” The leader said looking at Maheera scornfully.

“Am sorry I didn’t know the table was taken” Maheera pleaded she just didn’t want any more drama today and made to stand up.

“Not so fast white witch” The leader said while the two other girls pushed her back to the chair.

The whole students were watching with their mouth agape, everyone knew the infamous BSQ {Beauties of Star Quest} which is made up of Stephanie, Evelyn and Amarachi . They are teen models and exclusively rich kids. Stephanie there leader was signed to a modeling agency in United State of America. She was the cover of many magazines. She was famous both home and abroad, thanks to her parents fame abroad she didn’t strive before making it big. Evelyn is the face of the famous sanitary pad in the country while Ama models for a clothing line. No one will ever go against them in the school except for two guys. Stephanie’s ex boyfriend and his ex best friend, Rasheed. The two gods of Star Quest High
Stephanie picked the plate of food before Maheera. “This is a reminder that this seat is taken from now till BSQ are around” She said and poured the food on Maheera s white uniform. Maheera gasped in disbelief as she fought back her tears.” Can this school ever get worse?”

A/N : Hi guys, who else feels like Maheera made a mistake applying into SQH?? We’ll grab your popcorn as it’s just beginning.

BY: Nickkie’maf


Finally Friday, a day she has been looking forward to. One week in Star Quest High seems like years in hell, Maheera was alone and bored. She hummed silently as she listened to faded by Alan Walker in an empty room she has discovered and hid mostly during free periods. Since the incident at the cafeteria, she has her lunch in the school field under the shed alone. Not alone she thought, she had lunch with Rasheed the senior from the pool on Wednesday. She remembered she was silently crying not touching her lunch as he sat behind her.

“Hey” he called out with a smile. Maheera just nod her head while wiping her face with the back of her palms. “Gosh! You still look pretty even in tears” he breathed while Maheera couldn’t help but stare at his handsome face .Gosh how can someone be this handsome? All she could mutter was a thank you.

“Maheera, I heard what happened to you yesterday and am sorry about it” he muttered

“Thanks” she replied

“My advice for you has a welfare student. You have to fight for yourself or else you will never survive. Strive hard, be the best at whatever you do and play by the rules. And don’t worry about the cafeteria even I don’t eat there” he said with a chuckle which relieve Maheera a lot. “Thanks a lot,I appreciate” she said

“Anytime” he said and left the field.

Rasheed saw as Maheera walked into his alone room. “This girl really knows how to ruin my privacy” he thought as he smiled. He loved to be alone every time except when his elder brother is with him. He used to have a best friend but that was then. He just felt drawn to this new girl he didn’t know why, he wasn’t really drawn to girls despite his good looks and status. He had only had two girlfriends before; one broke up with him for no reason why the other slept with his best friend. He had decided to be alone till he has grown even though he looks way older than his age he was just 17 years old. He made to stand up has he heard the girl making a call, she hadn’t seen him because the bench he is actually sleeping on is covered by a large cabinet in the room. He laid back and listened.

“Hello dad……am fine and you?…how is work?….i really missed you dad….mum has been good to me……yes dad, I love the school so much, such a nice place dad” he could hear her sniffing, about to cry. He wanted to stand up but kicked against it, she might not like it. “No dad, why will I cry? I have a little cold and it’s been taking care of” she lied. “Alright dad, I just wanted to hear your voice now I am so much better than before. Yes dad. Love you too. Don’t forget my chocolates please, see you tonight and safe trip” she said as she ended the call. Yes she felt much better. What would she do without her dad, the love was just too much. Even though her step mother hates her but her father makes up for both sides and she was grateful. She wasn’t going for anymore class today as she grabbed a chair and unplugged her head phones and listened to Another Sad love Song by Khalid. After few minutes, she drifted off to sleep.

Rasheed couldn’t help but stare at her beautiful face from where he stood. He couldn’t say why but he feels drawn to the new girl. He always wants to see her, and when she is crying, he wants to kill the people that make her cry. He stared at her for a while before he lay back on the bench and also slept. He finds solace in being alone but knowing she is in the same room with him makes him feel at peace.

Saturday morning, she was dressed in black joggers, red crop top and black sneakers waiting impatiently for her father in the sitting room. Every Saturday was father and daughters day. They both hang out and visit nice places. They will be visiting the sport house first as usual, her father plays football with his friends every Saturday morning and she enjoys watching him play and she also plays basketball.

After what seems like ages, they got to the sport house. She followed her father to greet some of his friends as usual. Her father colleagues both in Lagos and Port Harcourt branches always meet every Saturday to engage in different sports, not many of them bring their kids to the sports house but they all like Maheera.

She was watching some men play when her father called her over to where he was standing with two people, an elderly man and a young man, she could tell he was way younger than her father.
“Good morning sir” she greeted as soon as she got to the men. She could see the look on the men, they look impressed or astonished she couldn’t really say.

“Good morning my dear, how are you?” the older man replied with a smile.

“Sir, this is my daughter Maheera” Amin said proudly. “And this is my boss Mr. Daniel and also Mr. Maleek one of our staffs” he said pointing to the other young man.

“Its nice to meet you”

“Your daughter or your sister” Maleek asked confused. The girl is all grown up, a teenager but this man should be in his early thirties. He was confused as he stared at them both.

Amin laughed while Maheera smiled, they get this a lot. “I had her at a young age and she is just fourteen” he cleared all misunderstandings as he knew people mistake her for a real grown up and he is always proud to have her around him always.

“Wow!” the two men chorused.

They are all engrossed in the match they are watching when Maheera suddenly heard a familiar voice. She looks sideways and saw Mr. Maleek talking to another guy. She couldn’t see him cause his back was turned to her, she was eager to know who it was. Immediately she stood up, the guy turned back making her lock eye with the guy. “its you” she almost screamed.

“Wow! I cant believe I am seeing you here” he replied with a charming smile.

“Do you guys know each other” Mr. Maleek asked which called the attention of Amin as he looked in their direction.

“He is my senior in school” she giggles happily. She was really happy to see the senior. “What are you doing here?”

“Am here with my brother, this is Maleek” he said

“Yeah, I just met him earlier, he works in the same place with my dad” she said pointing to her father who waved them happily.

“Your dad works with BAMZ oil?” Rasheed asked with a surprised look while she nods. “And you allow them treat you like thrash in school” he asked with more confusion which made Maheera chuckles.

“Its not like my dad owns BAMZ oil and no one actually asked about my parents.” She shrugged. “They just concluded that am probably poor cause I am a welfare students. And its not like my dad could actually afford Star Quest High” she said with a half smile.

“So you actually attend Star High, and friend with my little brother” he ruffled Rasheed hair while he pushed his hand away playfully. “I like you even more”

Maleek grinned as he noticed her face was flustered.

She introduced Rasheed to her father and they both left to the basketball court where she plays with some guys. She was the only female on the team and Rasheed couldn’t help but marvel at the way she plays skillfully. After an hour, she ran out of the court to meet him waiting patiently with a smile plastered on his face.

“You are very good” he said handing her bottled water.

“Thanks” she replied happily. She was glad he had watched her play, she has never cared about how she played but today she really did. She didn’t know what was wrong with her. Anytime she is with him, she feels safe and natural. She could be herself without worrying. She had even cried in his presence. They sat on the lawn opposite each other.

Rasheed couldn’t help but admire the creature before him, he has seen lots of pretty damsel but she was different, he couldn’t say how but he knew it. Looking at her face makes his heart leaps in excitement. He had actually followed his brother here because he couldn’t get his mind off her since yesterday. After seeing her in the empty room, watching her sleep, it was a lovely sight. Just like watching an angel. He was lost in admiration when he heard her melodious voice.

“Can I ask you a question” she asked him

“Anything” he replied as he gulped his water. He was actually nervous being with this girl.

“Am sorry if am prying but I have never seen you with any student in school. Don’t you have a friend” She asked puzzled?

Rasheed couldn’t help but laugh at her question, revealing his perfect teeth and making him more handsome. “Because I don’t need one” he replied flatly

“Why” she queried. She was surprise at his answer, Who doesn’t need a friend. She wonder

“Actually don’t get me wrong” he said with a smile. “I used to have a best friend but they only turn to hurt you at the end. Stabbing you at the end” he said sadly. He looked so sad.

“Am sorry” she apologized for no reason, what his friend did had really hurt him. She could see it in his face.

“Its okay” he gave a half smile. “He slept with my girl friend and my cousin also”

“What” Maheera gasped in disbelief? Who could be such a jerk, a big jerk at that, betraying his friend to that extent? She knew it will be one of the idiots that tried kissing her on Thursday; he had ended up getting a slap from her. She knew she needed to say something but she was short of words.

“He is the one at a loss. He just loses a very good friend.” She said rubbing her palms while Rasheed blushed. “But that doesn’t mean you should stop making friends, not all are friends are bad. And you should keep that your jerk friend at arm length and tell him all you want him off from or he might end up hurting even your dog” she said while they both laugh out loud.

“But you are my friend now” he said but more like a question

“Of course senior Rasheed” she replies blushing

“Just call me Rasheed” he is happy they are now friends.

“You should forgive your friend, even if you won’t continue to be friends. It helps a lot and don’t forget to keep him at arm length” she advised

“I should get going now, it’s almost time to leave” she said standing up as she wipes her butt with her palms. “See you on Monday” Rasheed didn’t know if he could survive till Monday without talking to her. He has grown to like more her within few hours, he thought as she waves him goodbye.

“Maheera, can I have your contact.” He asked. She was happy, she thought he wouldn’t ask. She was smiling as they exchange contact.

“I will call you” he said grinning from ear to ear as he waves her.

BY: Nickkie’maf


Maheera couldn’t help than look forward to Monday. She had a fun filling weekend, shopping with her dad, making her hair at her mum’s salon, dinner at a classy restaurant with her dad, visited the cinema with Atinuke who had complained about her forgetting her since she moved to Star Quest International. She had told her about her ordeals in the school. Atinuke pitied her friend. Chatting with Rasheed was the biggest fun of the weekend, it felt like they had known each other for years, she had even told her friend about him.

Maleek noticed how happy his little brother has been since Saturday, he knew it was about his boss daughter. He couldn’t remember her name but can never forget the face. It was difficult to tell that she was just fourteen years old and actually his boss daughter, the girl looks like a white teenager probably the mother was a white or half caste. Even though his boss was very handsome and he really likes the man, he treats him like they are friends. He enjoys working at BAMZ oil, he really didn’t need the money cause it was peanut compared to what he would be earning if he had taken the job at Los Angeles but he couldn’t leave Rasheed all by himself since their parents are never home especially their father and their elder sister was married and settled in California. He decided to check on his brother in the second living room. He could see him grinning like an idiot to his phone which is unusual.

“Is there something I should know” he asked tickling him which made him squeals happily.

“Stop bro, it’s nothing” he replied amidst laughter. “Just chatting with my new friend”

“You have a new friend and I don’t know” he sat beside him as he put on a fake frown
“Really, is someone jealous” he smirked

“Tell me about your new friend now,” he said with a baby face which made his brother laughs

“It’s Maheera, your boss daughter”

“Are you kidding me, she is the one giving you these chills. Making you happy” he feigned innocence. “I should pay her for that” he said smiling

“Get out jor, abgaya” he said replying his chat. The girl is just lively, just a day chat he feels he has known her for ages. He has never felt these chills since his first girlfriend broke up with him. He still wonders what mistakes he made because he knows she still loved him but had insisted she cant continue the relationship. They had celebrated her previous birthday today, as friends. She schooled in a federal government college and was the last child of their nanny.

He thought he will never liked a girl till he is actually a real grown up until Maheera showed up, she was just too beautiful, too nice, too smart and innocent, he could tell that by the way she was open minded. He thought about her words
“You should forgive your friend, even if you won’t continue to be friends. It helps a lot”


“Huh” he glanced up from his phone smiling sheepishly

“Its like you are chatting with Zeenat” he hit his brothers shoulder while he just grin.

“Maheera said I should forgive him, that it helps. Do you think it’s a good idea” he asked innocently.

“Yes of course” he replied dropping his phone on the couch. “You know I told you when we forgive it lift a great burden off our hearts. When we hate someone, we tend to be more hurt than the person we hate. And when we forgive our enemies God also forgives our sins.” He said as he watched his brother sighed. He could feel his brother’s sadness; he is too young to be unhappy.

“Rash, you are too young to be unhappy. You have to forgive him even though it hurts, belief me you will be more relieved” he watched as a tear slipped down his cheek.

“Rash you are just 17years old, you still have a long way to go. Belief me you will still see lot of betrayal so you don’t want to be unhappy from now” he smiled as he pulled him into a warm hug. “I love you”

“More than Zeenat?” he teased

“I will think about that” he rolled his eyes.

“Thanks bro you are the best, I love you than my headset”

“Really, that’s great. Am so happy” he replied sarcastically while they both laugh.

“Just go to hell” Juwon yelled in large sitting room

“After you sis” he smirked as he change the channel the tenth time. He was bored but he knew his sister was pissed and that is what he wants.

“You never stop behaving like the bastard that you are” she sneered

“And that’s why I standout” he pouts which made Juwon more angry. Her stupid little brother will never change, he was just a bastard. She thought as she stands up and made her way to her room.

“Fuck yourself little idiot” she said raising her middle finger in the air.

“I will love that sis” he said and blew a kiss into the air as she sneered and left.

Now that she is gone, he should just have dinner and also go to his room. He wasn’t feeling it again, he was bored. He was never home during weekends since childhood but he fucked up big time. He was the biggest jerk he had ever seen but it’s too late to regret. He had his dinner and left for his room as he browsed on his laptop. His phone beeped and he picked it up. It was a message; he opened it as his jaw drop open.

“I FORGIVE YOU” he read the message over and over again. Now he can go to school tomorrow. He was so happy but he knew his friend was stone hearted. Forgiving him doesn’t mean they are friends again but it’s okay, thank God he has other friends. He replied “THANKS’.

“Star Quest High, here I come”

Evening lovely people. Who’s this new character? Hmm… you’ll know in the next chapter.

BY: Nickkie’maf


“Salam Maheera”

“Yes Miss”

“See me in my office immediately” Miss Jonathan Grade 10 class teacher said as she walked out of the class.

“I think the white Witch is in trouble” Abigail said with a mocking laughter while the whole class laughs. Maheera just pack her books as she found her way to her lockers with other students in the hall way. She took a glance at the grade 12 lockers hoping to see Rasheed. He had promised to check on her as soon as he got to school but he didn’t. she walked with her head bowed to Miss Jonathans office.

“Come in” she heard amidst laughter after she knocked. She entered and found Mr. Julius also in the office.

“Good morning sir” she greeted Julius who only have her a scorn look

“You asked to see me ma” she said in a low tone

“Yeah” she said. “As a new student, you have to join an activity in the school. Find something you are good at in the school, either sport, theatre, music, anything. Just be occupied” she finished with a smile.

“Do you by any chance know what she is talking about?” Julius asked mockingly

“Of course yes” Maheera replied with a mocking smile while Julius flinched. She was determined not to cry any longer in front of all this bullies.”All these activities take place in my previous school”

“Which school is that?” Miss Jonathan asked surprised

“Almond high” she said proudly

“Really my niece attends there” she said.

“were you also on scholarship there” she asked more surprised while Julius was more confused.

“Not at all Miss” Maheera replied.

“What does your parent do?” she asked.

Maheera is enjoying every bit of this conversation. She cant wait to answer this question. Mr Jonathan had brought his wife to her step mother saloon on Saturday and was actually given a discount for patronizing for three consecutive months. She had laughed when he said the saloon was the best in town.

“My dad is an engineer at BAMZ oil in Port Harcourt while mum owns EESHA Beauty Parlor and Spa, I saw your wife on Saturday Mr. Julius. She is really beautiful” she watched as their jaws dropped and a smile crept to her face. “I should get going ma, I have Music class now” she said as she walked out beaming with smiles and her shoulders high.

“But you said her parents are poor” Miss Jonathan asked

“Thats what I heard” he said still surprised.

“Oh double work for me, a welfare student in grade 10” the teacher mocked while Maheera scoffs.

“Is there any instrument you can play?”

“She can only play ten ten” Natasha mocked while they all laugh including the teacher.

Maheera clears her throat and the laughter subdued. She walked to the one of keyboards positioned in a corner of the large classroom and sat down.

“What are you doing young lady” the teacher queried

“I belief you can watch quiet well sir” she replied. She took a deep breath, encouraging herself. “You can do this, you can do this” she repeated. She closed her eyes as she played her favorite song faded leaving them all stunned for five good minutes.

The teacher was mesmerized, her good look is coupled with good and angelic voice, he was lost in her golden brown eyes as she snapped her fingers.

“Sir should I also play the guitar” she said proudly. “I can also play the flute”

“Where is your previous school?” the man was more than surprised, he was disappointed in himself, why was he mean at first.

”Almond high” she replied with a grin. He knew it will be a very good school at that, even not all the students in this class can actually play an instrument that he was sure of.

“What does your father do?” he questioned as Maheera rolled her eyes
“He is an engineer” she answered

“No wonder, he cant be known” Natasha said with a smirk

“Not all fathers depend on the nations money to train their manner less children” Maheera replied sarcastically.

“Enough of that” the teacher commanded as the two girls send dangerous glares towards each other.

The rest of the class was a blur, she decides to check the theatre hall during recess maybe she can join the theatre group. The bell for recess made her sigh happily as she made her way to her locker. She checks her phone and saw two messages from Rasheed, saying they should meet during break. She smiles and returns her phone and made her way to the theatre hall. The hall stood erected behind the school hall. She saw some students as she enters and mutters a good morning. A plump girl sat on a chair going through clothes that looks like costumes.

“Excuse me, please who is in charge here” she asked.

“There” the girl point to a direction, she follows her finger and saw the BSQ. Not this devil she said as she made her way out. “Thanks” she said to the girl

“Hey white rat. Cant you greet” Steph asked. “Or are you blind not to notice us”

“No, you are the deaf one not to have heard the greetings” she smirked and turned to walk out.

“Who are you talking to” Amarachi asked while the three of them walked to her. She stopped on her track and turned to face them. Yes she is up for a challenge.

“You know what I can do to you right? Or have you forgotten so soon? How you cried for my mercy. You know what I can do to you right now” Steph asked with a wicked grin.

Maheera chuckles “You are just like a male mosquito, all you do is make noise meanwhile your bite is useless” The Steph couldn’t belief it, she was actually talking back at her, no one dare. She really hate her, everyone was seeing her as the real beauty now. She couldn’t let anyone take her place.

“No” she screamed causing panic which made Maheera chuckles. “I am your senior and I will always be before you” she screamed.

“Yeah, you are. But news flash, you are as useless as the P in Psychology while am dominant as the S. chew on that senior” she smirked and walked out. Stephannie couldn’t belief it. She was just disgraced, it will soon be all over the school that the welfare girl insulted her, she couldn’t allow that. “Do something you idiots” she yelled at her two friends.

Like flash, Maheera felt someone pull on her braided hair making her scream in pain. Rasheed jump from his seat, this bitches wont just let him sleep in peace. I should have just gone to the lone room, he thought as he rubs his puffy eyes. He had decided to let Maheera fight for herself and he was really impressed but now steph got to pay for pulling her hair.

“Bitch. Let me go” she screams as she was been pulled.

“You white Witch, am sure your father threw your harlot mother out after he saw the bastard she gave birth to” Steph said.

Maheera couldn’t take it as they insult her mother. Rasheed took large strides but before he could make it, Olaitan the head girl was there.

“A new student Fighting with a senior doesn’t speak well of you” she said as she separates them. “I will let you go this one time” she said dragging Maheera out before she could even see Rasheed.

Watch out for the next episode


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