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BY Nickkie’maf


“Yes you can’t” he repeated but Maheera hear laughter at the other end.

“Oh really I thought you were serious” she pouts.

“That’s what you get for asking such a silly question. Hurry then lets go have pizza and coldstone”

Maheera chuckles “Tell maami to keep a doughnut for me. Tell her if you want too cause I won’t share like the last time”

“I trust you but I’ll still tell her though. Bye”

“Bye” Maheera chuckles and drop the phone and keep smiling. She thinks about Rasheed and keeps grinning sheepishly as she dress in a ripped high waist jean and red crop top that stops just above her navel combined with a red heel boots and a small cross bag where she drops her phone and ATM card. She let her braids down dropping down to her waist.

She hears her phone ringing as she quickly brings it out thinking it was Rasheed. The caller makes her gasp in disbelief. It’s Enny, she gushes and takes few deep breathe to calm herself down. She picks and hear the deep voice she has been yearning for since the day before

“Hello” he said

“Hi” she replies shyly

“How you doing?” he asks

“Good, thank you. Thanks for yesterday”

“You’re welcome” he said. “I’m sorry I didn’t check up on yesterday, I was a little busy.” He said apologetically.

“It’s fine. I understand” she said quickly

“Hope the pain has reduced” he asks

“Sure, the massage helped a lot” even though she knew she wasn’t hurt at all, it was just a façade to talk to him.

“That’s good. I’ll hang up now. We’ll talk later” he said.

“Aiit, Thanks again.” She said with all smiles. Okay can today get any better. She thought as she shut down her system which has already entered a sleep mode as soon as the movie finished and it was left inactive.

Maheera alight from her dad’s car. Pick her bag and follow him inside where the two brothers are playing video game. They get up and greet each other.

“I bet I can beat you Maleek” Amin Said after exchanging pleasantries

“I dare you” Maleek replies confidently.

“This one you’re boasting like you can play so well” Rasheed said laughing while he shows Maheera to the room she’ll stay.
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Maheera takes her time admiring the mansion she’s in. she has been to the house many times but this is the first time she’ll be spending a night. The house is a very big mansion painted white with different marbles decorations. The main sitting room is very large and painted white with gold decorations. They climb the wide spiral stairs that led to a hallway which is very wide, painted milk color. The hallway has many doors opposite each other but he led her to a door which is closer to three other rooms.

As Maheera stepped inside she lost her breathe. The room is wide with a mini sitting room of its own. A huge LED TV hangs on the wall. The room is all pink with the huge bed covered in pink sheets. She turn back to find Rasheed grinning from ear to ear.

“Do you like it?” he asked

“It’s beautiful” she reply nodding her head severally

“Don’t let your neck remove now” he tease slumping on the couch.

Maheera is wowed, it’s beautiful. “It’s beautiful” she said touching the aquarium beside the door. “Whose room is this?” she can’t hold it in so she asks.

“Kaffy before she got married” he reply. “I asked maami to tell someone to clean it up for you when you said you’re coming” he smiled.

“Wow, You’re such a darling” she grin and blow him a kiss. She puts her bag away into the pink wardrobe and her phone beeps. She picks it to check the message, it’s a “hi” from Enny. She smiled as she quickly replies.

“Let’s go for the pizza and icecream. I’ll come back for the doughnuts” she laughs

“You like fast foods too much I still wonder how you still have an amazing figure” he said factly

“Well not everybody can have that talent” she tongues out at him.

“Talent indeed. Hurry and come downstairs” he said as he goes out.

“Wait let’s go together. I’m ready”

She grabs her side bag and follows him. As they gets out she glanced around as the place is very wide and she can easily lost her way and barge into another person’s room.

She look to the far end of the hallway, it’s decorated with different frames, paintings and pictures.

“Can I see those pictures” She said and points to it.

“When we come back”

“No I want to see now” she whines and dragged him there.

“Okay okay big head” he smiles

“Anything you call me just show me”

The wall has many paintings. It even have that of some white women which is confusing, the only people Maheera recognize is Rasheed and his older brother Maleek. “Do you care to show me everyone. I’m not a witch that knows all” she said glaring at him while he just chuckles

“Okay, first of all my grandmother is a British Princess who got married to my Yoruba grandfather who’s also a Muslim that went to England to study. Her parents who are royals kicked against it but you know love can make you do things” he points to their pictures while Maheera watch with keen interest.

“They moved to Nigeria after having my mum and my uncle, Tammy’s dad. My mum also got married to my dad who’s her childhood sweetheart. She has Kaffy, Maleek and Me. Kaffy is also married with a kid and stays abroad. Uncle Tokunbo has Tammy and her siblings.” He explains, pointing to each person in the different pictures.

“Wow” Maheera exclaims. You’re not just half blood but also half royal. Your highness” She said and bows while Rasheed smack her chuckles.

“Now let’s go I think you’re dad already left”

“He hasn’t. He’ll call me if he wants to leave.” She said as they go to the sittingroom.

“I was about to call you. I’m leaving” Amin said

“Alright dad” she smiled and hug him. She watched Maleek sitting grumpily. “Is he okay?” she asks Amin.

“He will be, I just beat him thrice” Amin said wile Rasheed and Maheera laugh

“Twice, we didn’t finish the third game” Maleek defends.

“Doesn’t make a difference” Rasheed said mockingly.

“Alright guys, take care of my princess” he says and they followed him to his car while the driver took Rasheed and Maheera out.

By : Nickkie’maf

Chapter 12

Maheera had the best weekend ever. The two days she spent with the Raheems was so lovely she wish it never end. Maleek had picked them from Domino’s pizza on Saturday and they had gone to watch a movie with his girlfriend, Zeenat. Bonding with everyone in the house was so easy that she felt she has always been a part of them. Everyone who works there treat her so nicely like she was actually part of them.

Rasheed had been the best part of all, playing video games, watching movies with a big bowl of ice cream, having to fight on who will have the last chocolate doughnut Maami made for them. She had slept off in the sitting room on Saturday but Rasheed had carried her to bed. He was just too perfect and Maheera will never trade him for anything in the world.

Having all those thoughts as she put away her books in her locker her mind drifts off to Enny. He has also been a part of her weekend but the fun was so much she rarely replies his chat. The phone calls she received was that of her dad and Atinuke her best friend back at her previous school, she had also promise to visit her the following weekend.

She really likes Rasheed. He’s like the big brother she never had. Always looking out for her and making sure she is okay, she knows how much he adore her and she appreciate it which is why she feels like she’s hurting him by crushing on Enny after everything he had done to him but she has no control over who she likes or love. Luckily she isn’t allowed to have a boyfriend until she’s eighteen. As much as she really wants to have a boyfriend she feels the rule will keep her in check until she’s eighteen.

Maami had told her that Rasheed had no friends except Enny. They grew up together and practically did everything together because they almost have the same stories, lonely rich kids who found solace in each other just that Rasheed’s parents were loving but rarely had time for their kids while Enny’s parent weren’t just busy they never cared about him. Maami didn’t tell her more than that as she asked her not to hurt Rasheed because every friend he had made actually hurt him in the end.

She walked down the hallway taking a left turn leading to the stairs. She took the stairs one at a time gracefully her skirt swaying to the rhythm of her hips. Her braid was packed in a bun while her lips wet from the romance of the lip gloss she applied in the morning. She had been engrossed in her own thoughts as she didn’t see the person coming opposite her.


She jerked up hearing the soothing voice “Hi”

“How are you?”

“Fine thank you” Maheera replied looking away shyly

“Ain’t you going to the cafeteria?” Enny asked.

“I’m on my way there” she replied

“Oh can we go together? Like have lunch together” he suggested

“oh I have lunch with senior Rasheed” she replied lowly. Maheera noticed he looked sad and quickly rephrased what she said.

“I would love to have lunch with you but I only have lunch with Senior Rasheed I’m sorry” she chirped in

“oh, it’s okay” Enny said giving a smile.

“Maybe some other time”

“Definitely” she quickly said.

“Like after practice today?” he said but more of a question. He noticed the contemplation on her face and pressed harder. “Come on, please. Just ice cream after school” he pleaded with a baby’s look

Maheera sighed. No harm in just been friends right even though she really like him. “Okay but we won’t be long” she said

“I promise we won’t” he quickly added.

She watched his face lit up instantly and she was so glad she had caused it.

“Thank you” he added and she nod. They kept staring at each other. Enny couldn’t help but notice her fiery black eye, it was soul piercing and he feels his whole body igniting just staring at her. He had never seen her that close. He couldn’t look into her eyes the day he massaged her foot but now he felt like staring into those eyes forever.


The two regained composure when someone clears throat. Maheera’s face was flushed as she didn’t know what happened to her. She had totally forgotten she was still on the stairs staring into the perfect eyes ever, she had fallen into a dream staring and her brain was damn empty.

“At least you could have gotten yourself a secluded place and stop showing how cheap you are.” Steph said sizing maheera up.

“Stephanie please walk away with your problem” Enny’s tone was hard.

“Oh, you’re also speaking for the white whore. Sleeping with two guys who used to be best friends and forming holy holy. isn’t that pathetic?” Steph said mockingly

Maheera couldn’t look up, she felt bad and wanted to walk away. Sometimes the best get back you can ever give a bitch is letting go and having the last laugh. She wanted to walk away when she heard Enny’s voice.

“She’s not a cheap whore like you bitch.”

Steph gasped while Maheera was surprised, he was standing up for her.

“Okay this is lovely” Maheera thought.

“She isn’t like you who have slept with almost every guy on the football team, bitch. Don’t feel jealous cause Rasheed never liked you and I dumped your sorry ass so I won’t get infected again” his face was burning with rage as the veins on his neck turned green.

Maheera watched the horror on Stephanie’s face and the rage on Enny’s face. She was sure Rasheed would have been worried she wasn’t at the pitch yet but she couldn’t just leave like that.

“Next time you see her just bounce, when you see me skip away or the whole school will know of how many guys have gotten down with you” he threatened while Stephanie nod her head in understanding.

Of all people she had met in her life Enny was the scariest. He was lovely and sweet and when angry deadly. So was Rasheed that was why they were formidable until they had a huge fight and stopped talking.

“Now bounce” he yelled, Maheera shudder while Steph ran down the stairs.

“I’m sorry you have to see that. I just couldn’t stand here and watch her insult you when you’ve done nothing wrong” he run his hand through his hair

“It’s okay” she said timidly. If she said she wasn’t scared that would be a lie. She was surprised as to how someone could switch character and faces within minutes. “I gotta go”

“Yea sure” he smiled. “After practice, right?”

“Sure” Maheera replied.

“See ya” he said as he watched her figure descend the stairs

By Nickkiemaf


Rasheed sat on the lawn smiling as he awaits Maheera. If he had been told that he would fall in love with another girl before leaving high school he would never have believed it. He had grown so used to her that he couldn’t imagine a day passing without hearing her voice. She had become a part of his routine and her face always in his dream.

The past weekend had made him fall hopelessly in love with her, watching her beautiful face while she fell asleep on the couch. The dimple on her right cheek whenever she smiles was heavenly. The way she throw her head back whenever she laughs, making silly jokes, fighting over doughnuts, all those little things make up his memories.

He didn’t even feel this for Tana his first girlfriend. They knew each other since they were kids but not close. She is Maami’s last child, she was sick when they were fourteen and Rasheed’s mum suggested she moved in so that Maami could take care of her very well. They got along pretty well and started dating. The feeling was mutual but she broke up with him in tears saying she’s sorry. He still didn’t get why because he knows very well how she felt about him.

What he feels for Maheera was way stronger than that. He feels it and he knows it. What he didn’t know was if she feels the same for him, he’s going to try but not now. They are still very young. Maheera is just fourteen, too young to be in a relationship. He is just seventeen too. He couldn’t ask her out now; he can’t jeopardize their friendship not for anything. He will wait till she’s eighteen by then he will also be mature enough. He’ll just make sure that their friendship wax stronger.

“A penny for your thought”

Rasheed chuckles “Just thinking of when I’ll have lunch since you decided not to show up on time”

Maheera felt bad. She had stood him up while dreaming about Enny. “I’m sorry. I had to finish up” she lied. She sat down opposite him and unwrapped her lunch of chicken and chips with a pack of juice while Rasheed unwrap just salad and a pack of juice. They talked about random things after lunch before the bell for the next class went off.

Enny dragged a chair out for Maheera as she sat down. He ordered for a medium size bowl of strawberry ice-cream for her while he ordered for just youghurt. He noticed that she was shy and uneasy so he decided to start a conversation.

“So I hope strawberry is your favourite flavor?” he asked referring to the bowl of ice cream

“Not really” she stutters

“Oh” Enny’s face fell. “Why didn’t you tell me? I would have changed it”

“No, I like it. My favorite is just chocolate” she quickly added.

She wasn’t free with him, why couldn’t she be like she is with Rasheed. All the past weekend her face was permanent in his mind. His dream was filled with her, he had gone to her house on Sunday but no one was home except the gateman. He said she wasn’t home so he left, he didn’t know where he got the courage of visiting a girl at home from, moreover they aren’t friends.

He knew Rasheed would have told her stuffs about him but he knew Rasheed not to be a hater. He was at fault, he wronged him and now he’s in love with his girlfriend again. “My life is just screwed and bad” he thought.

He noticed she only stared into her bowl of iceream which made him feel bad.

“Maheera” he called

“Umm” she raised her head but avoided his gaze

“I know you’ve probably heard one or two things about me and you already have your thoughts about me” he said and she raised her gaze to meet his.

“I won’t tell you they’re lies, I know I’m a bad person. And I wish everyone will see how sorry I am” he saw the pity on her face, he knew he was saying the right words so he pressed further.

“I just want to be your friend. I know I’m not on your boyfriend’s good book but I wanna make things right with him” his tone was sad and low

Maheera felt she misheard him.

“boyfriend?” she asked confused

“Yes now, Rasheed. I know he’s your boyfriend.” He said holding her gaze

“What!” she laughed. “He’s just my friend. Let me say my best friend and my favorite person” she smiled and looked down.

“But you spend the weekend in his house” Enny said confusedly

“Cos I was bored at home so my dad took me there to spend the weekend.” She explained. She saw that he was confused and wanted to ask more questions but he kept mute. “My dad and Maleek work in the same place” she explained further.

“Ohkay, now I get it. I was actually surprised when you spent the weekend there” he said

“Wait, how do you know” she was surprised.

“I kinda heard you guys talking” he stammered embarrassed. “I wasn’t eavesdropping. I passed by when you were having lunch”
“So what do you say, can we be friends?” he asked raising a brow

Maheera looked away, she wanted to be his friend but that would be hurting Rasheed and she didn’t want that. “I really want to be your friend but you ain’t friend with my best friend so it can’t work” she said still looking away.

Enny’s heart fell. Just when he thought he was getting it right. There is no way he’ll do it, the whole school will definitely find out is secret, his greatest fear. The thought alone made him shudder and his face fell into the looms of sadness. He was used to using people to get whatever he wants but it was never his fault.

Virtually it was his fault but he won’t accept it, this was what was made of him, what he was made into. A cold hearted who doesn’t really care about how others feel as long as he is okay.

“But I wanna get back with Rasheed. I wanna apologize for the wrongs I did him” he said remorsefully. “Only you can help me do that. Please be my friend. He doesn’t have to know now. Get to know me yourself and judge if I really deserved to be forgiven” he pleaded.

Maheera couldn’t say no to him again, he was sorry, he wants to make it right. He wants his best friend back and she will do it not just for Enny but also for Rasheed. They will be the three best friends then maybe Enny will fall in love with her in the future and Rasheed will be happy because they are friends. She will keep this a secret from Rasheed till the right time. She nod her head in affirmation.
“Thank you so much” he smiled at her and she smiled back.

By : Nickkie’maf


Enny entered the massive sitting room and saw his parents and two siblings. “Good evening dad, mum” he greeted as he headed up the stairs.

“Where are you coming from” his mum asked.

“School” he replied non-challantly

“By this time?” Juwon asked which earned her a glare from Enny

“Stop frolicking around with girls you idiot.” His mum yelled which surprised him.

“Do you think I didn’t see you with a white girl from your school” Feranmi asked with a smirk

“I’m sure you do since you have no job than to go around Lagos with anything in heels” Enny fired back

“Are you crazy?” Feranmi thundered

“Oh sorry, I forgot you’re classless”

Feranmi rushed forward and gave Enny a slap.

“How dare you? You bastard do you think I’m your mate, huh, next time you raise your voice or talk back at me I’ll put you in your place. Bastard” He sat down fuming while Juwon couldn’t hide her smile.

“Just don’t get in trouble since that’s your middle name, I won’t have you tarnish the image I’ve been building for so long” his mum said.

Enny held his check which he was sure will be red from the slap.

“I don’t give a fuck about your God forsaken image mum and stop trailing me around Lagos” he met his father’s gaze but he quickly look away.

“Yea dad, look away cause you are nothing but a coward” he yelled taking the stairs two at a time.

“Are you talking to me like that?” his mum asked surprised.

“And yea, take care of Feranmi. The drug he snuffs is now affecting him” he said as he felt everyone stiffen. No one knew except him, he knows everything going on in the house. He entered his room and locked the door behind him. He threw his bag on the floor, slumped on his bed and thought about his life.

He grew up in a home without love and care. He knew he was a bastard before he knew any other thing. As a child he always thought his name was bastard because that’s what his siblings call him.

The person he knew as his father was never there too. All he cared about was his career, he was the former President of the biggest commercial bank in Nigeria and also into politics. His step mum is a full time politician who wouldn’t let anything come in the way of her career.

He thought about Rasheed, the only person that actually care about him and not his family background. Rasheed’s family took care of him like he was their son. They showed him what love meant and he appreciated it. But Que Sera Sera whatever will be will be. He had made a great mistake, he thought they were his friends but they kept blackmailing him. He was actually a monster that the Raheem had tame but his so called new friends brought back the monster in a more fiercely manner.

Maheera crossed his mind, he smiled. His mind find peace whenever she crosses his mind, he knew he will never hurt her. He will just do the deal and give Brian the proof, his secret will be kept but Maheera would feel a little bad. The thought alone made him sad but he couldn’t care less, as long as his secret was safe.

Maheera watched as her friend laughed, it was obvious she was enjoying every bit of their discussion.

“I can’t believe you’ve passed through that in your so called dream school” Atinuke mocked. “So much for SQH”

Maheera rolled her eyes. “Continue to mock me now. Foolish girl”

“So tell me about this your crush and his friend too” she said enthusiastly.

“Aproko girl, I’ve told u all you should know” she hit her friend playfully.

“I’m eager jor, this one you’re befriending your friend’s enemy. I hope you don’t like this guy” Atinuke winked.

Maheera scoffs
“Shut up jor. I’m only getting to know him so I can get them back together” She defended.

“Ha, Maheera I forgot to tell you” Atinuke laughed.

“What is it?” Maheera turned her attention to her friend who was still laughing hysterically.

“Do you remember Boye, the son of Chief William security man, in Almond High?”

“Yes, the one in Grade 12” She replied with a mouth full of Pringles.

“Imagine that one saying he likes you and wants to ask you out before you changed school” she spilled.

“What!” Maheera exclaimed, with wide eyes as she almost choke.

Atinuke grinned. “I also got the shocker news when he found out you’ve changed school. He almost
cried when I told him.”

“Wow I cant believe that” Maheera uttered with disbelief.

She and Boye are not friends neither are they enemies. He was one of the few people she had only few conversation with. She was very popular in Almond High for her beauty with brain. But if Boye had liked her why not talk to her only to be asking after her when she already left.

Atinuke noticed her friends look and smiled.”Don’t you trust me,I already gave him his reply” she said as she patted Maheera back.

“What!” she whisper-yelled, staring daggers at her friend. “What reply Atinuke? You didn’t even tell me a thing”

“What now” Atinuke asked confusedly. “I only told him you cant date someone of his level and class.”

“What do you mean by that” Maheera hoists herself up. She was confused and surprised with her friends reply.

“What do you mean by what?” Atinuke gave her a baffled look. “ I only told him you don’t belong to the same class .You can never date a gateman son” she scoffed.

“Subuanallahi” Maheera exclaimed. “Why will you say that to him? That’s harsh”

“What are you saying?” Atinuke said, surprised at her friend outburst.

“that’s too harsh, why will you say that to him. You would have hurt his feelings” She frowned.

“Maheera, the truth hurts.” She rolled her eyes. “ Why would he even think you can actually date him?”

“Why cant I date him?” Maheera questioned. She wasn’t getting her friend. Boye is a very good person even though they hardly talk. He is smart, cute and very intelligent. She saw how most seniors look at him back at Almond High but she never crushed on him not even for once. But its very wrong for her friend to judge him because of his fathers status.

“You are asking the obvious question” she chewed on her Pringles. “Boye is smart but he cant even take care of you, his status alone is heartbreaking. Don’t you get it?” she spread her palms staring at her friend.

“I am fourteen for crying out loud” Maheera raised her eyebrows, surprised at her friends lame excuse. What does she need that her father doesn’t give her, why would she need a boyfriend for material things. “What can a guy give me that I don’t have already?” she questioned with a smirk.

“Don’t ask me o” Atinuke stood up, cleaning her butt. “I will deliver your message that you like him too”. She winks.

“what is wrong with you. I cant date him”

“You see. After all the mouth making” Atinuke mocked.

“That’s because am not allowed to have a boyfriend till I am eighteen.” She stood up and stretched her body. “I can date him if not for the rule I am to follow. He is smart,intelligent and cute. His father been a gateman doesn’t mean he wont be successful. My dad isn’t from a rich home too and he is doing well now. Only his zeal and determination matters and if I love him sha.” She grinned.

Atinuke starred at her friend in awe. “Madam motivational speaker, Miss love,I don hear you o” she laughed.

“But wait,if your crush asked you out now will you tell him to wait till you’re eighteen years old” Atinuke asked with a smirk.

Maheera found herself confused but she quickly cover it up. “I only have a crush on him. If he can wait till then I’ll be glad” she grinned.

” You wish” Atinuke smirks. ” You better have fun, it’s not like your dad will know”

” I don’t know” she shrugged.

“I have done enough o, I am going home “ she said, drawing out her phone to check the time.

“How many hours did you spend, since all this times you are enjoying with your senior and crush” she said feigning anger.

“If u don’t praise me I will praise myself jor” she smiled. “I will make it up to you. Just see me off already please” she pleaded.

“okay, Okay”

Author Nickkie’maf

By : Nickkie’maf


Maheera applied her lip gloss as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. She was clothed in a blue denim Jean and jacket,white shirt and a white sneakers. Her twisted hair was wrapped in a bun, with light make-up she knew she was ready to go. Her bag hung on her left shoulder.

Amin was seated on a three seater watching Super Sports 3, he glanced up to see his daughter. He couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she had grown. He watched as she walked graciously towards him.

“Dad, I’m leaving” she announced.

“Since Rasheed has decided to steal you from me finally,I won’t take it anymore o” Amin said feigning anger

Maheera felt bad but she quickly found a way to defend herself.
“Haha Dad, you know he is the only friend I got” she pouts.

She had been lieing to her father for three weeks now. She would lie to her father that she was hanging out with Rasheed while lying to Rasheed that she was hanging out with her father. But in the actual fact, she was hanging out with Enny.

“Don’t come home late or you’ll be grounded” Amin warned.

” Yes daddy” she nodded with a smile.

” Once I can’t get through to you I’m calling Maleek to bring you home” he said.

She had to do something,she already told the Raheem’s that she was going out with her dad. Her dad calling them would be bad for her. “Dad please don’t. Stop treating me like a child” she pouts. ” You’ll definitely get through to me, I promise”

” Okay then,take care baby”

” I will dad” she moved closer and pecked her father on the forehead. She walked out of the house and took a cab.

The cab dropped her in front of a massive building. She spent almost five minutes arguing with the cab man that he brought her to the wrong address. The security in the estate was very tight,she answered lots of questions before she was allowed into the Estate. It was just like the Estate the Raheem’s lived.

Enny came out of the building cladded in a black short. His chest was bare, revealing his light broad chest. Every muscles on his chest was visible, his six pack looked like they’ve always belong there. A Blue Headphone hung around his neck. All this beauty just in a seventeen years old boy. Gosh! This is too much. She thought.

She was so proud to be his girlfriend, Yes, girlfriend. She agreed to that the previous week. She couldn’t hold it any longer. Hanging out for three weekends and after basketball practice has made her know how cute and nice he could be. She had realized how much he liked her.

The ringing phone brought Maheera back to her senses, Enny walked towards her as she searched her bag for the ringing phone. Glancing at the screen, the caller was no other than Rasheed. She bite her lower lip, feeling bad cause she knew he was missing her while she was with his ex best friend who is now her boyfriend. She looked at Enny who was getting closer to where she stood. “How can someone be so irresistibly handsome” she thought.

She slide the green button to the right and took a deep breath.
“Hi Wurami” the same soothing voice greeted from the other end.

“Hi” she replied. “How are you”

“I’m not fine.”

“What!” She panicked. “What happened?”

” Calm down Gold” he chuckled. “Just missing you. Can’t I get Maleek to talk to your dad for me,I’m bored here. This guys are acting like they are on their honeymoon”

” Really” she laughed, She knew he was referring to Maleek and Zeenat. “Then tell them to get a room” she laughed harder.

Enny was stood before her, his intense gaze boring into hers. She couldn’t help but look away, fiddling with her left fingers. “I’m sorry, I’ll make it up to you. I’ll skip basketball practice on Monday so we can hangout”

She could feel him grin and she felt happy a bit.

” Okay then, have fun. Bye.”


Enny walked closer to her making her hold her breathe. He wasn’t clothed but he smelled so good. She studied all his feature, his brown eyes staring intensely into her fiery black eyes. His face held the biggest smile Maheera had ever seen.

“Babe,how are you?” He asked, hands in his pockets.

” I’m fine” she replied shyly.

Enny noticed she was shy, he pulled her closer and hugged her. “Please stop being shy around me” he pleaded. She nod her head against his chest. ” Hope you weren’t stressed before you got here?” He held her hand as they walked into the house.

Maheera smiled, she gaze at his hand that firmly held hers. She enjoyed the tingling sensation she got whenever they hold hands. They’ve been together for a week now but she’s still shy around him.

“Who called you earlier” he asked.

“Rasheed” she replied. She felt Enny’s grip tightened on her, as he made a deep sighed.

“So you’ll be hanging out with him on Monday” he said lowly.” You shouldn’t tell him about us yet”

” Why?” She asked baffled, she wasn’t ready to tell him yet, she didn’t know how he would react but she wanted to know Enny’s reason for asking her not to tell him. “I think I should talk to him on Monday”

“No not yet” he quickly said. He noticed the confusion on Maheera’s face as he quickly thought of something to say so as to make her trust him fully.

“I know Rasheed,he won’t be happy with thisand its not his fault. We have to find a way to tell him together. I won’t forgive myself if he stops talking to you.” He said sadly.

Maheera understood him well.she wouldn’t trade the two guys for each other.

“I understand you” she said giving him a reassuring smile.

” Good. Thanks baby” he said as he kissed her forehead and watched her blush. Yes,he will do it today and his secret will be safe.


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