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By : Nickkie’maf


Maheera didn’t notice her mouth was agape as she stared at the magnificent mansion before her. Her eyes moved form one corner to another. The compound was very wide as they walked hande In hand to the main building. She mentally count the buildings in the compound, she stopped when she got to six as their were others whose roofs were only visible. The cars weren’t just expensive cars but also latest cars. She knew the Olagunju’s can never know the number of cars present in their compound just like the Raheem’s.

“Sunshine” Enny shaked her a bit.”have your seat. Lemme get you something to drink” he smiled, helping her to a seat. He watched her as she looked everywhere her eyes could land. He had never brought a girl home,she was the first. He dashed into the kitchen.

Maheera stared at her surrounding, the large living room painted in white with white sofas. Music blared softly from the huge TV on the wall. There were different paintings on the wall, mostly of a man and woman. It was obvious they are his parents cause Enny’s resemblance with the man is striking. There was picture of a guy and a lady but Enny wasn’t there. He was only present in a family picture which hanged at the end of the wall.

Enny served her chilled mango juice and cookies, he sat opposite her. He beamed, he enjoyed the way she was watching everything, taking in every details. Her smile radiates, showing her dimple. She was so beautiful, she looked like the human representation of Barbie.  He couldn’t help but marvel at her beauty, her black eyes, pointed nose, cheekbones, a tiny silver adorned her ears. The edges of her hair gelled, her silver chain sparkles making him admire it.

“Wow, your chain is beautiful” he admired not taking his eyes off it.

“It’s a gift from my mum, dad gave it to me” she blushed.

” What about your mum?” He asked staring intently at her.

” She died few days after my delivery” she replied sadly. She doesn’t like talking about her mother because she knew nothing about her. She loved Ayeesha and could boast anywhere that she is her mother. But the Ayeesha she knew wouldn’t care telling the whole world that she’s her step child. Amin took care of his daughter a lot even when he was a student. He had did every work possible to finance his education and his daughter’s own, he did everything just to make her comfortable.

Maheera wasn’t young when her father remarried. She was seven years when her father introduced Ayeesha to her, she remembered announcing to her friends in school that she has gotten a mum. She was shown motherly love and care until Ayeesha got married to her father and tables turned.

She blinked back the tears that already formed, she looked away and sniffs silently. Enny felt bad noticing her tears.
“I’m so sorry,I didn’t mean to make you cry” he moved to her seat. He held her head to his chest and Patt her back. “May her soul rest in peace. She will be so proud of you wherever she is” he continued patting her back.

Maheera sniffed silently, inhaling his scent which was now familiar to her. How can someone be so perfect,she thought. He grabbed the juice and raised it to her lips, she took a sip.

“Uhmm uhmm” they both jerked up to see Juwon with a smirk on her face. ” Look who brought a girl home”

“Juwon leave here now” Enny sneered.

” Come on lil bro, won’t you introduce me to her” her heels kissed the shinning tiles as she walked towards them swaying her hips. Maheera couldn’t take her eyes off her, noticing she is the same lady whose pictures plaster the wall with one other guy. She was beautifully endowed, the red strap gown she wore  barely cover her bum as it clung to her body leaving her cleavage almost popping out. Her whole body reeked of alcohol as she moved closer with a smirk registered on her face. Enny was already standing up, his anger was visible. It was like the last time he warned Stephanie because she insulted Maheera. But his sister was just trying to be nice,or so she thought.

“Hi I’m Juwon his big sis” she said with a coy smile. ” Did he tell you he is a …”

” You’ve aborted for Jones thrice” he whispered into her ears. He smiled knowing he hit her off as she staggered. He knew what she wanted to say, he quickly moved closer to her so as to cut her short before she opened her lousy mouth.

Maheera watched Juwon grow pale. She wondered what Enny said to his sister that made her look like she saw a ghost. “You ..”  she swallowed the remaining words. Stomping her foot angrily.

“I hate you I swear” she shouted breathlessly. No one knew this, not even Jones. She had only confided in the nurse that did the abortion for her. How did he know this, she couldn’t help but fidget at the thought of her father knowing he would throw a fuss.

“I love you too sis” he blew her a kiss. She was furious which made him happy. He quickly grabbed Maheera’s hand. ” Babe let’s go to my room, I’m sorry for this” he was back to his innocent look. Maheera was confused,how can someone switch between many personalities within minutes. She quietly obeyed and followed him.

He apologized, begging her to forget that ever happened. They played PS2, car race and Avatar game. She asked Enny questions just to know him better. She had fallen for him and forgotten what happened with his sister.

Enny was still thinking of a way to take her to his room when Juwon came with her drama. He couldn’t be more grateful to her for giving him such an opportunity. After three hours of playing games non-stop,he had persuaded her to remove her jacket and shirt. He gave her his white underwear to wear. She was shy at first but after telling her it’s a normal thing between people dating she agreed just to satisfy him. He had noticed that she is very flexible and can be easily made to do things,it was to his own favour and he was glad.

“Come here” he beckoned as he sat on the bed. He saw her hesitation and assured her it’s fine. She sat down between his legs and he rubbed her back and legs slowly. She tried moving away but he held her back. “Come on baby,I love you” he kissed her neck, his breathing was ragged and he found out he’s losing it.

” No, I love you too but please stop this” she was beginning to get scared, she tried getting away but he held her back.

” Come on, I can’t stop this. Please relax I won’t hurt you” he said pressing her against his body. Why was she acting like she’s never done it before,he wondered.

“Please stop” Maheera cried struggling out of his hold. Her face was wet with her tears. Enny pushed her off the bed in anger making her fall off the bed hitting her head on the bed.

“What is wrong with you” he yelled. “Why are you acting like you’re a damn virgin” he was furious as he ran his hand through his hair. He thought it would be easy but she isn’t making it damn complicated. All he needed was the video

“I’m sorry, I …. “

“Just shut up and stop acting like mother Mary” he yelled, glaring at her and panting like someone who just finished a marathon.

She sobbed as she hugged herself. What had she gotten herself into, is it a crime to love someone. His look was murderous so she just sobbed without saying a word. Maheera had no doubt that Enny is suffering from Split Personality, how could one change from one face to another, one attitude to another. She wanted to talk but she kicked against it.

“Look here mother Mary, you agreed to be my girlfriend that means we can do it.” He yelled pointing a finger at her.

”  I’m sorry I just lost it” he said calmly, trying the other method. He needed this on video. “But it’s actually not a crime I promise no to hurt you” he moved closer to her. He saw her moving backwards, shaking her head sideways, her tears fell freely,her hair that was in a bun flow freely and glued to her neck from the sweat and tears. He saw the fear in her face but he didn’t care his secret was all that matters.
” If you won’t agree then get out” he said seriously, his eyes were on fire. “Don’t think of calling me or chatting me, don’t even come to basketball practice till your senses are back in place. Now get dressed and get out” he yelled.

A/N : lemme go and come back. Maheera must have receive her sense like this.

By : Nickkie’maf

Chapter 17

Saturday to Thursday seems like forever. Maheera lifted her heavy legs through the hallway, she had grown pale within the space of six days. She skipped the whole day’s class as she slept in an empty classroom, she was very weak to listen to any teacher’s ranting.

She thought Enny’s action the previous week was heart breaking but she thought he would come around. She remembered his look that fateful day, she had been so scared she felt he would hit her. She ran all the way from his room to the gate in tears. She was grateful he gave her the chance to dress up before throwing her out. She met some people who were possibly workers in the house on the way as she ran out of the house. They all gave her questioning look but she was too embarrassed and scared to say anything. He had blocked her on every social media and doesn’t pick her calls either.

She entered the cafeteria and ordered for a pack of juice. The stares her fellow students gave her were questioning but who cares. She saw Enny sitting at the centre of the cafeteria. He looked handsome as always, he doesn’t look like a guy who broke up with his girlfriend. Maheera still wondered how he could be loving and monstrous at the same time. He was sitting with three girls from Grade 11, the smile on his face was so ravishing. He lifted his face only to find Maheera staring at him. Their gaze locked, Maheera grabbed her juice and hurried out.

“Are you okay?” Rasheed queried, he was worried about Maheera.

“Sure” she said forcing a smile.

“I know you’re not so don’t lie to me. You look like you’ll break into two” he frowned. He sat beside her on the lawn feeling her temperature with the back of his palm. “You’re burning up. Wurami what’s wrong? Is there something I should know”

Maheera saw the concern on his face, he was so caring and never jokes with her well-being. He dropped his plate of jollof rice and chicken  as he move closer to her. He held her hand and stare into her eyes. “Come on talk to me sweetheart”

“I’m fine Abdul” she forced a smile. ” I think I miss dad, he won’t be coming home this weekend” she wiped the tears that dropped from her left eye. ” lying became a perfect thing to her. She doesn’t think before coming up with one perfect lie. “I’m not feeling too fine too” she added when he doesn’t look convinced with her.

“Come on don’t be a baby” he chuckled. “Your small dad is here now”

” Okay dad” she smiled.

” Let’s have lunch so I can get you to school clinic” he offered picking up his lunch.

“Mum already got me some pills. I’ll be fine” she assured him with a fake smile. He noticed she was just with a pack of juice and asked her why she ordered that alone. After stating that she doesn’t have appetite to eat,he forced her to have little from his lunch. She haven’t eating any food since the scenario with Enny, she forced herself to take drinks after thrashing her foods for three days she stopped making her own meals. She only make food for her step mother and siblings, she doesn’t even taste what she cooks. He escort her to the class after lunch.

Rasheed’s driver dropped Maheera at home, she was tired and clutched her tummy which gives her pain from lack of food. She was weak but she must prepare dinner. She rarely fall sick even as a child so her step mother was used to meeting dinner whenever she got home. She dragged herself to the kitchen to fix dinner. She search through for what to cook. She saw spaghetti, prawns and fish in the freezer. Mixing everything together she prayed it turn out well because she didn’t know what she was doing, she felt pain in her tummy as her legs wobbles. After an hour of intense pain, she set the table and lay on the black settee.

“Maheera! Maheera! You bastard” Ayeesha yelled making Maheera scramble around. Her eyes was very heavy and she couldn’t think of what was happening. She traced the voice to the dinning to see Ayeesha and her kids sitting. Her vision blurred, she couldn’t feel her limbs as she walked towards them.

“You bastard. You want to poison my kids and I right” she said fuming. For someone who calls herself a mother, she didn’t notice the horrible State the girl was in, she only cared about food.

Maheera understood her, the food didn’t turn out well. “I’m sorry mum, I’m a little sick I didn’t know it will he bad” she apologized.

Ayeesha stood up carrying her plate of food, she moved towards Maheera who didn’t see her well. “Did you eat from this” she asked suspiciously.

“No mum,I have no appetite” she replied lowly.

“That says it all. You want me dead,before you kill me I’ll kill you” she dragged Maheera towards her making her loose her balance. The girl hit her head on the glass table giving her a very deep cut. Ayeesha still made sure she scope two spoonfull of spaghetti into Maheera’s mouth. Mateen and mahaada cried pulling their mother away from their sister. Maheera’s blood ooze from her forehead, she lay down where she fell spitting the awful spaghetti in her out. She couldn’t stand up as she was too weak. Mateen and Mahaada tried pulling her up before their mother took them out for dinner.

She summoned all her energy, using the chair as aid to stand on her feet her right hand scratched the glass table giving her another deep cut. She cried out in pain as fresh blood ooze out of her hand. Can life be more unfair? Is it wrong to love someone? She thought about Enny, the murderous look on his face on Saturday, the cute smile on his face today. She wanted to make it up but he won’t pick her call, he doesn’t even look like he cares.

The door seemed far, but she managed to get there. Getting to the gate in her blood soaked state, the security man who was on call saw her and ran to her aid. He didn’t bother to ask what happened because he heard noise but he couldn’t intervene. He locked the house and took her to a pharmacy outside the Estate.


Enny was lost in thought wondering how to get Maheera back to him. He had no time to waste, chewing a gum, he rested his back on his seat as he stare at Rasheed who was writing his note. He thought Maheera would be back to him by now seeing how much she was into him but he was wrong. He huff and sigh. He pushed his luck by telling her not to show her face to him. Maybe if they meet during practice she might not be able to resist him. He grabbed his phone, unlocked it to see the pictures they took two weeks back. His face twitched into a smile, she wore a red flare gown in the picture, she had chocolate on her lips with the most genuine smile he had ever seen. He had to do something, the girl he saw yesterday was something else. She looked pale and fragile like someone who hasn’t eaten for days. Did she love her that much he wondered.  The bell for lunch rang, he walked out hurriedly.

Rasheed walk woriedly towards Grade 10 classroom. He didn’t see Maheera coming for lunch, even though lunch break was fourty five minutes and ten minutes just passed. He called her non-stop the previous night but she didn’t pick. Students watched him, his ebony skin radiating. The white uniform clung to his body outlining his perfect abs. He entered the class and what he saw broke his heart.

His Gold looked like a ghost, her back against her seat looking lifeless. There were dark circles under her eyes. A big bandage attached to her head and right arm, her skin looked like blood weren’t flowing under it. Her ran towards her with tears in his eyes. He sat on her locker without her even noticing. Staring at the freckles on her skin, he hugged her while she stiffened.

“What have you done to yourself” he asked sobbing silently. She shakes gently and he let her go, she looked at his face and smiled.

“Don’t tell me you’re fine. What happened to you Gold” he asked searching her face for answers. He was scared, is she abused? Did she fall? Who hit her? He asked himself but he got no answer. “Please talk to me” he pleaded.

Maheera watched him, she sobbed loudly. How come someone will care so much about her while another treat her like thrash. Concern written all over his face, he’s even crying, she wondered if she looked that terrible. As much as she wanted to tell him, she had betrayed him and she wouldn’t survive without him not after what Enny did. She remembered Enny again and burst into fresh tears.

“I can’t tell you. You’ll hate me” she said with all sincerity and tears. She couldn’t tell him, even she won’t ever forgive someone like herself.

“I promise you Gold, I won’t hate you.. whatever it is, it’s eating you up and I can’t bear this. You’re hurting yourself. Remember we are best friends, when you hurt I hurt to” he said lowly patting her back. Maheera told him everything from the beginning till the end. She never thought she could see him so mad. “You’re just an idiot Maheera. At just fourteen he yelled.” Fortunately no student was in the class at the moment.

“I thought you were smart but you turned out to be stupid. After everything I told you about him, you still went behind my back to date him. That makes you nothing but a snitch and a betrayal.” He spat angrily. ” Why did you run? Uhn? Why didn’t you just sleep with him and make him happy madam crusher”

” I’m sorry. I knew you would hate me” she cried shaking vigorously. “I’m sorry”

Rasheed felt his heart break at the sight before him, his breathing was hard and fast. How could Enny do this, is he cursed? He looked at the girl he loves with his whole heart crying her eyes out for another guy. He couldn’t bear it again but he wouldn’t let it slide that fast too. He stared at the bandage on her head. “Did the bastard do that to you too?” He asked pointing to her head and arm. She shakes her head sideways.

“It’s mum” she replied

“What!” Why are they all treating her badly, can’t they see that she’s a rare gem . ” Let’s go for lunch or forget that am forgiving you” he threatened, he stood up knowing that she will follow him. He heard footsteps and soon crashing. He looked back and saw Maheera on the floor passed out.

“You have limited time or your secret is out” Thomas smirked evilly. Enny just stare at nothing while Thomas and his friends walked out.

” You son of a bitch” Rasheed cursed punching the hell out of Enny. ” I told you to stay the fuck away from her” he dragged Enny out of his chair punching life out of him. Enny fought back, it was fierce as they exchanged punch. Two guys separate them pulling them apart. It was a sight, watching the two hottest guys In school fighting. Rasheed tasted his blood as his lower lip bleeds.

he wore an evil smirk as he dressed Enny’s rumpled shirt which was blood stained. “If I see you with her again, the whole school will know how much of a bastard you are” he whispered with an evil smrik while Enny grew pale. Rasheed meant that, he knew him. He doesn’t make empty threats.

A/N : somebody should just advice Enny now. What should he do?

By : Nickkie’maf

Chapter 18.

Rasheed carried Maheera in bridal style into the house. Maleek lead the way holding her bag and shoes that was removed at the school clinic.

Rasheed didn’t feel her weight, he will do anything just to make sure his Gold is okay, he was broken and hurt. He entered the room she stayed the time she visited them, the room was now hers.

He placed her gently on the bed, raised her head and put a pillow underneath. He sat beside her after covering her with the pink duvet.

How can someone be so innocent and naive all together, he love her a lot but she didn’t even notice. He pushed away strands of hair from her face, staring at how peaceful she looks. Her pale skin, long nose and thick eye lashes made him sigh. He missed her smile, her melodious voice and laughter. He will never forgive Enny for this.

Maleek sat on the couch deep in thought wondering what Maheera could have done to warrant such treatment from her step mother. The little time the girl spent with them shows how hardworking and well trained she is. After much persuasion her father had agreed to stay back at Port-Harcourt, he felt Amin’s pain. He promised not to allow Maheera go home until her father is back to set things right with his wife.

The door bell rang and one of the maids opened the door. A young doctor and nurse entered, Maleek quickly welcome them and took them straight to Maheera’s room. After much check-up and scribbling down, drugs was pescribed.

Rasheed didn’t leave her side for once. He only removed his shirt and sat on the couch in the room. She woke up when the doctor entered, after administering drugs she slept off again almost immediately.

It was six in the evening, Rasheed woke up with a slight pain in his neck due to how he slept on the couch. Walking closer to his sleeping beauty, she was still sleeping snoring a little bit. He touched her forehead and neck, her temperature had subdued a bit. He needed to change his uniform and have something to eat. Tiptoeing out of the room so has not not wake Maheera up, he met his brother coming inside.

“Hi Lil bro” Maleek smiled

“I’m fine, wanna change” he said exhausted.

” She’s safe now, she’ll be here till her dad returns. No one will hurt her here” he assured.

Rasheed nodd, close to tears he hugged his brother and sniffed, blinking back his tears. ” Why will they hurt her, can’t they see how fragile she is. I won’t forgive anyone who hurts her, no matter who it is,  I’ll hurt them back in ten folds”

Maleek patts his brother’s back, he was confused by what he meant by ‘they’. He only told him that her step mother had push her making her hit her head. There was more to the story but he won’t ask until Rasheed is ready to tell him.

The emotions Rasheed felt was more than his age,love, anger, infatuation and friendship all towards one girl. He noticed how lonely he got since Maheera stopped coming over for the weekend. He tried involving him with him but he wouldn’t oblige and prefer to stay at home alone.
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“Come on nobody will hurt her intentionally, she’s a rare gem everyone will want to keep safe” he smiled. ” And nobody will want to get in trouble with you by hurting her” he chuckled while Rasheed half smiled.

” I went shopping, she’ll have to change when she wakes up. Mammi said dinner is almost ready, go change so you can help her down” he said handing over the shopping bags to him.

” Thanks bro, I love you Man but not as much as my headphone” he grinned.

“Wow, I’m flattered” he gasp dramatically fanning his face. “I can’t believe I just blushed”

Rasheed laughs as he head towards his room. ” You guys should be down in thirty mins” Maleek shouted from his room.

“Okay” Rasheed replied pulling off his uniform trouser. He quickly changed into a blue shirt and body fitted round neck that outine his muscles.

“Hey, wake up” he sat on the bed tapping Maheera gently. She stirred up, murmuring in her sleep. He tapped her continuously and watch her eyelids flutter open.

“Come on, wake up. You gotta eat and take your pills” he cooed.

He helped her sit up, she was still weak but she looks better than she looked in the afternoon. “How are you feeling?” He smiled at her.

She studied her environment, she wasn’t unconscious but still too tired to notice where she was the few times she opened her eyes. Seeing the innocent smile on Rasheed’s face, she felt bad all over again. “I’m sorry” her voice came out as a whisper.

“Just forget it happened already” he held her hand. She looked down, he used his finger to raise her chin up to look at him.
” It’s okay. Just don’t keep secrets from me anymore. You should know that no matter what happens I will always be there for you” he smiled at her. ” Forget this happened and just get well for me and your dad, okay” he said.

Maheera nodded with tears in her eyes, he forgive her even though she knows how much she hurt him. “Thank you” she said.

“Stop that, go change let’s go have dinner” he said giving her a black gown to change into.


“Go tell the idiot that dinner is ready” Juwon told the cook that set the dinning table. The lady stared at her in awe, nobody cares about Enny in the house, no one cares if he eats or not so Juwon telling her to call him was surprising.

“Do what you’re told and stop staring at me like a picture that just came into life” she glared at the lady who hurried away taking the stairs.

Juwon made sure no one was in sight. She had chosen a perfect day for her plan, a Sunday when only three workers are left in the mansion. She knew Enny couldn’t escape this. The idiot felt he knows everyone’s secret she will show him who the master is.

She opened Enny’s food and sprinkled the rat poison she bought in the traffic three days back in the traffic at Mainland. After sprinkling it, she hurried upstairs to wash her hands. Even though she’s sure her hand didn’t touch anything of it she had to be cautious as she was told.

She met Enny and the maid half way on the stairs.

” Hi bro” she faked a wide smile. ” Wait for me let’s have dinner together”

“Why will I want to have dinner with you?” Enny asked clearly disgusted by her request.

” Come on, just a harmless dinner with you now” she pleaded with a puppy look.

” Okay, I’ll wait then” he shrugged, pressing his phone as he walked down the stairs.

He just keep staring at Maheera’s pictures, the plaster on his face still hurts. He will always remember not to get into a fight with Rasheed again. He missed her, they would have hanged out on Saturday. He’s now between the devil and the deep blue sea. If he doesn’t hurt Maheera his secret will be out. If he hurt her, his secret will be out. “Seriously, I’m all alone” he thought as sadness looms over his heart.

“Where the fuck is Juwon, I’ll start eating” he yelled.

” Sorry dear, I’m here” she sat down with a big grin. She saw the confusion on Enny’s face but she couldn’t care less.

She smiled, he’s having his last dinner and she didn’t want him to have it alone. She watched him take the first spoon, second spoon, third spoon then she started with her own meal.

“Sorry Dad, you’ve just lost a child” Juwon chuckles.

BY : Nickkie’maf

Chapter 19

Juwon sat on the sofa staring intently at her brother pressing his phone. She kept smiling but she felt slight discomfort in her stomach. She winced in pain,  holding her lower stomach.

“Are you okay” Enny asked when he noticed his sister wincing in pain.

” Yeah am fine” she cut him off. The pain got intense, she rolled on the floor lying on her stomach. Her breathe became ragged as she tried to take a deep breath.

Even if she didn’t wash her hands properly after poisoning Enny’s food and it got into her mouth by mistake the pain shouldn’t be that much. Enny consumed much, so he should be in pain and not her.

“Juwon are you okay” Enny asked again  kneeling beside her. She couldn’t breathe properly and she held her stomach in pain. Enny hurried to his feet and called for help. She was in so much pain and her cries fill the mansion.

“Juwon talk to me” he grabbed her head and place it on his thigh but it didn’t help matter as she keep rolling around the floor screaming.

” Get the car key” he yelled to the maids. They all scramble around while he just cried watching Juwon in pain. He might hate her but he wouldn’t wish her death, never will he. He didn’t hate them that much.

“Did you eat my food” Juwon sputters as blood gushed out of he mouth.

” Your food?” he asked puzzled. Why will she talk about food in this condition.

“Yes, your spaghetti had more prawns so I exchanged it with mine. Just shut up lemme get you to the clinic” he shush her.

” I ate my poison” she whispered in pain but Enny heard her clearly.

“You tried to poison me?” He asked suprised, amidst tears. His own sister hate him this much? “Juwon why? What have I done wrong?” He sobbed holding her head in place. Did she hate him that much. Not loving him was obvious but wanting him dead is something new that break his heart into a thousand pieces if he had any.

She started gasping as Enny carried her in bridal style to the car. It took him half minute to locate the car which remote was pressed. Maleek was to thank for teaching him how to drive even before the age of fifteen. He would drive him and Rasheed to the stadium to teach them how to drive with his old car. He loves driving even though his parents weren’t aware until after a year.

The drive to the hospital was rough as Enny couldn’t waste any moment, Belinda held onto Juwon at the back seat, she already called Sefiyah the mother of the house.

Juwon was rushed into the theatre immediately, Enny told the doctor that she had consumed poisoned. He sat in daze staring at nothing in particular. It’s really a blow to find out that your own blood wants you dead, he really wished he had consumed the poison at least he would be able to rest from all the hatred in his life.

His world revolves around this same people who hate him more than anything and he couldn’t say why. His siblings were citizens abroad but he only went to Los Angeles once courtesy of The Raheems.

His parent told the media when they wouldn’t stop asking why the last child of the family never travelled out, they said he’s suffering from a Medical condition he doesn’t remember which prevents him from using flight.

Sefiyah heels clicked  the floor as she walked into the hospital lobby. Two guards strongly behind her with three Police officers. She didn’t spare Enny a glance as she walked straight into the doctor’s office.

After another one hour the doctor came out, walked straight to his office while Enny quickly followed.

“She’s safe now. Thank God she was brought on time before the poison made much damage” he stated.

” Thanks” Sefiyah replied, she brought out her phone from her handbag and made a call. The three Police officers entered the doctor’s office.

“That’s him. Arrest him and I want no word of it outside” Sefiyah warned sternly.

“Mum, what are you doing? ” Enny panicked walking backwards.

” Madam what’s happening, you can sort this issue at home ma” the doctor interjected.

” No child of mine will try killing each other and will go free. Enitan, you’ll be punished” she shouted.

” But mum I swear it wasn’t me. Juwon poisoned my food”

” And she ate it you idiot” Sefiyah cut him short. ” Enitan if you insist on be rebellious not under my roof. Take him away” she stood up.

” Mum please,you can ask Belinda and the others. Juwon poisoned the food,I didn’t know I just exchanged it” he pleaded crying.

” And doctor not one of this should get outside here or you’ll have me to face. Warn your staff, I don’t want to be in the news tomorrow because of that idiot”

” Yes ma” the doctor quickly replied with so much doubt in his mind. No mother will do this, sending a son to jail without even listening to him, Not even once but the Senator is different.

“Mum please” Enny cried as he was dragged away into a black tinted Camry.

By : Nickkie’maf

Chapter 20

Ayeesha called her husband for the hundredth time and he isn’t picking up again. Maheera didn’t come home the previous day, not like she really care but her husband wouldn’t take it lightly with her. Her friend kept talking on and on about how beautiful the Aso-oke Oluronbi used for her second child’s naming ceremony was.

Her friend noticed her lack of concentration. “Ayeesha are you okay? Mama Idris asked.

” Huh” she jerked. Realising she has been caught she decided to open up to her friend. ” It’s my husband, he has not been picking my calls since yesterday” she complained.

” Why? Are you sure he’s okay” Mama Idris asked with concern.

” That I don’t know” Ayeesha said confusedly. She actually need to tell her husband that his daughter is Missing before he gets back.

“Have you tried calling him with another number” Mama Idris asked.

” That’s true dear, lend me your phone” she quickly collected her friend’s phone as realization dawn on her. She dialled her husband’s number and he picked on the second ring.

“Hello” she heard from the other end.

“Amin why haven’t you be picking my calls, what have I done?” She asked almost in tears. This isn’t her husband she wondered as she got no reply from him.

“Don’t you dare keep silent on me, tell me what have done wrong?” She asked sniffing. Mama Idris was suprised as she didn’t expect it was something big that was happening.

“You did nothing wrong. I’ve been busy, how’s Maheera? I heard you pushed her and she hit her head, is she better now?”

The silence on the other end was taunting, he wish he could see his wife’s face right now. Mama Idris watch her friend grow pale as her eyes grew wide, as a gossip lover she shifted on her seat to be more comfortable so that she can get the full gist.

“Ayeesha cat got your tongue? She fainted yesterday in school did you even hear?”

Ayeesha stared at her feet in embarrassment, fiddling with her right fingers. She knew what happened, she should have suspected it already. Noticing that his wife was not ready to talk,

“Oh you wouldn’t care since she’s not your daughter right?” He yelled. ” I told you I have a daughter before even asking you to be my girlfriend Ayeesha. You said you were cool with it, I won’t watch you spoil the relationship between my daughter and I. A fourteen years old didn’t come home from school and you weren’t even bothered a bit.”

” I wanted to tell you but you weren’t picking my calls” she quickly defend. ” And stop acting like she’s….”

“If you finish that statement walahi talahi you’ll hate what I’ll do to you for the rest of your life” he thundered. Ayeesha heart nearly jumped out of her skin even Mama Idris felt the anger.

“I love you but don’t make me choose between you and Maheera cause you already know who I’ll chose. If you can’t be the mother she wants don’t be the step mother she doesn’t need” he hissed and hanged up leaving Ayeesha hanging.

Ayeesha slumped on her seat short of words. She stared at nothing in particular, her husband is the best any woman could ask for. The only problem they have is Maheera, her issue will always cause problem for her.

“Ayeesha why don’t you just start acting like a mother to the poor girl, is it that hard?” Mama Idris tried to makes findings so she can have more to talk about.

“Treat the girl right and your marriage will be the best” she advised while Ayeesha rolled her eyes, as if she didn’t know.

Noticing her friends countenance ” why do you hate the girl?” She chirped in.

“I don’t hate her, she just keep reminding me of something I want to forget” she replied sadly.


Rasheed dragged the big leather box into Maheera’s room, she followed behind pressing her phone. Her yellow short skirt clinging to her hips with a red camisole. Rasheed dumped the bag on the big bed, falling flat on the bed he took a deep breath.

“Gosh, you’re too lazy. I can lift two of that without breaking a sweat” Maheera scoffed.

” Says the girl who can’t even change her bandage” Rasheed mocked.

Maheera threw the pillow at him and he dodged sticking his tongue out. “You miss”

“Just shut up lemme dig into the box already.” She grinned.

Rasheed’s mother arrived from Paris that afternoon. She was so nice that Maheera found herself wishing she was her mother even though there was a slight resemblance with her and Rasheed’s uncle. Just kidding,they have the same nose and smile. She called the doctor to come check-up on Maheera again to confirm her health status.

Maheera found herself blending into the family like she had always belong there. Rasheed mother Nadra, who Maleek looks like was just like a white woman with her glass skin. She just finished a Fashion Show as she owned a fashion label in Paris, America and India. She bought different things for Rasheed and Maheera was suprised when she was also given a leather box as her own gift.

“But how did your mum know am here and my size too” Maheera asked suprised.

” I might have told her about you and that you’re here too with us” he said with an innocent smile.

” Thank you Rasheed, you’re the best” she hugged him while he blushed.

Designer bags, gowns, shirt and shoes filled the leather box. She gushed as she tried them on. She quickly took pictures and sent it to her father who called her immediately. She told him about Rasheed’s mother and his Uncle who came to drop her from the airport, how nice they were to her.

Rasheed watch as she talked to her father in excitement, just two days and she’s back to her old self. He found himself wanting her more and more as he stare In admiration his phone rings. It was an unknown number. He answered it

“Hello” he heard the familiar voice

“What” he shouted.

” Please I need your help. I’m in jail”

A/N : what  do you think Ayeesha is trying to forget?
Is Rasheed going to help his caller who we all know?

By : Nickkie’maf

Chapter 21

“Thanks mum” Enny bowed avoiding everyone’s eyes. Rasheed’s mother and Maleek had come for his bail not up to Two hours he called Rasheed. He had given up when Rasheed hanged up on him until he was called out by an officer and he met Maleek and his mother waiting for him. He didn’t know what happened or how they even met the Police officers but they gave him his clothes quickly. Nadra (Rasheed’s mother) brought new set of clothes for him to change into.

“I’ve talked to your parents you can stay here if you want dear. Since Juwon is fine you have nothing to worry about my dear” Nadra assured him.

” I swear mum, I didn’t poison her. I only changed the food cause her shrimps were much than mine” he cried.

” It’s okay dear, I believe you. You might be a rebel but you have a good heart” she hugged him as he cried. He wondered how she wasn’t his mother, she knew him too well.

Rasheed stood behind Maheera who sat on a sofa beside Maleek staring at him with no expression  on his face. Maheera looked better than the way he saw her on Thursday. Her head and right hand bandaged. He saw the pity in her eyes as she looked at him while he felt guilt- tripped for acting towards her like a beast.

“I’ll just go home today and prepare for school tomorrow” he said. He can’t stay among this angels, Rasheed’s look told him he wasn’t welcome there. He couldn’t face Maheera,not yet she will still hate him. Going home is the best option for him.

“Are you sure?” Maleek asked. “Just stay over, you can’t skip school tomorrow” he suggested, concern written all over his face.r

Rasheed glared at Enny, giving him the ‘dont you dare ‘ look.

“I’ll be fine. I promise” he said rising to his feet.

“I’ll ask the driver to drop you dear” Nadra said.” Enitan if anything happen don’t hesitate to call me. Come here” she pulled him into a motherly embrace which Enny has never gotten in his life.

“Call your friend if she isn’t around, he’ll get through to me. Stay safe champ” Idris (Rasheed’s Uncle) said huggng him too.

Nadra told him the boy’s story and he pitied him. He wish there was something he could do to help the boy. If he only he knew the same boy had slept with his first daughter he will want his head.

He pulled from the hug and went outside. After the driver was ready, Rasheed moved closer to the black sports car, his hands in his pocket.

“Thanks, you’re the the only one I can count on” he sighed.

Rasheed scoffed.

Enny knew he deserves everything he was going to say to him. “I’m sorry about Maheera” he apologized.

Rasheed felt a new surge of anger rush through him. “Just Stay away from her” he said through clenched teeth and walked out.


Since Enny got home, the mansion has been unusually quiet. He fell asleep after a warm shower, he didn’t eat even after been offered food by one of the maids. Spending a day in jail isn’t one of the best experience, despite been given special treatment by the officers because of his father. He still didn’t believe how much hatred his family has towards him.

He increased the volume of the music that blast from his TV as Memories by Maroon Five played. His memories with the Raheem’s bring tears into his eyes, they care so much about him but all he did was hurt Rasheed. Even Tammy’s father, Uncle Idris didn’t know that he had slept with his daughter, reverse would have been the case. Even though most times, he has never had a choice.

He grabbed his Apple laptop and plugged it to the socket. Carrying it to his bed, he sat down to check on the amination he did last. Being talented is common but his talent is rare in this part of the country. Operating system came easy to him, developing small software came easy to him. Manipulating images, editing and all other technology came easy to him like breathing.

Even though the mansion is monitored by CCTV he had his own camera installed in every angle which made him know everyone’s secret. Connecting to the camera in the living room, he watches the previous day. Watching how Juwon poisoned her food, how he first pick a shrimp from her food and later exchanged the foods. He checked the day’s activities. After watching how silent the house was, he fast forward to the afternoon.
He watched as his friend’s mother barged into the sitting room screaming his stepmother’s name.

“Sefiyah order the boy’s release” Nadra commanded.

“Nadra, this isn’t your husband’s house.” Sefiyah rolled her eyes as she adjusted her blue turban.

“Sefiyah you don’t want me to get angry, do you?” Nadra smirked.

” You can’t blackmail me” she said defiantly standing akimbo. ” He poisoned my daughter” she shouts.

“Come off it Sefiyah, we both know he didn’t. I’m sure by now you’ve watched the CCTV footage in this house” Nadra said pissed.

” I’m going to the station now, he should be released to me Sefiyah. You don’t want to dare me” Nadra threatened glaring at Sefiyah.

Immediately she left, Sefiyah slumped on the chair and sighed. She called the DPO and ordered Enny’s release.

There is definitely a secret between the two women. Enny felt in heaven, knowing someone definitely loves him this much. His eyes moist up but he was definitely happy.

On instincts, he connected to his parents bedroom. He never spies on his parents, he felt they needed their privacy. He wanted to install the camera in Feranmi’s room but his father sent him to get a file from his room. He thought of it as an opportunity and attached the mini camera to the door. He did the set-up on his laptop but never checked it for once because he was scared he might find out what might break his heart forever.

He switched to the previous night and watch his parents argue. His father was in rage, he has never seen his father in so much anger since he was born. He is the quiet man who never argued with his wife.

“You are testing my patience. How dare you lock up the poor boy? ” He yelled while his wife just hissed. She Knott her night wear around her bossom, walking away.

“Don’t you dare walk out on me”he yanked her hand.

” You’re hurting me” she Yelp. “He deserves everything he’s getting, how dare he wants to destroy my marriage.” She shouted. ” He will pay for your sins, for his mother’s naivety, for believing he can share my children’s hard earned inheritance. He will have to pay for everything” she finished breathing heavily.

” What do you want?” He asked in desperation.

“I just want him to die like his mother” Enny gasped, even his step mother wants him dead.

” But it’s my fault, punish me. Sefiyah please, it hurts when you hurt my son” he was almost at the verge of tears.

” Yeah, that alone gives me the joy I want. You won’t dare me or else” she threatened

” Or else what? You’ll kill me like you killed your father” he said. He saw the surprise on his wife’s look but she quickly masked it.

“Yes, I’ll kill you and your bastard son”  with that she walked out of the room.

A/N : maybe Enny should just run away. Or what’s your thought?


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